Kiloshi zaki 17:23
* Kilos waiting for pavel to show17:23
zakihi Kilos :)17:24
zakiwhere is pavlushka. 17:24
Kilosi have no idea, i was away most of the day17:25
Kiloshi JediKnight 17:27
zakiwb JediKnight 17:27
Kilosi cant remember if he has ever answered17:50
Kiloshi Tuhin pavlushka 18:25
pavlushkaHello Tuhin Kilos !18:27
zakihttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-bn 18:44
zakimembership request approved18:44
Kilosyaya at least they arent ignoring that anymore18:45
zakijust talked to the owner of that group18:46
zakihmm Kilos :)18:46
Kiloswhy isnt he here as well18:46
zakii messaged him for approvel some days ago. he said he will do it. now i massaged him again. said sorry for delay , and approved my request.18:49
zakii think he is too much busy . :D 18:49
Kilosthats why he isnt here18:50
zakii love that man, cool and funny.18:51
Kilosno one can be so busy they cant spend 20 mins a week with the ubuntu community18:51
Kilosand not in facebook either18:51
zakidon't know. :( 18:52
Kilosno prob18:52
pavlushkaKilos: zaki is talking about the ubuntu translation team leader Mahay Alam Khan.18:53
Kilosoh zaki what do you translate the in that food place18:53
Kilosis it code or just language18:54
zakijust language. :D 18:54
pavlushkahe is active in mozilla, developed a web dictionary, addon for bengali18:54
Kilosi went there but have no idea how to even get started18:54
zakisome days ago he is busy with Mozilla18:54
Kilosoh thats good18:54
pavlushkaI aslo talked to him18:54
zakinow active in iot bangladesh face book group. 18:55
pavlushkahe is a nice person18:55
pavlushkatalks to the point18:55
zakiKilos, ha ha.. :D 18:55
Kilosinvite him here, say we are rebuilding18:55
pavlushkaHe is active in Telegram, as maktrix 18:56
zakiKilos, today i suggest more translation there. 18:56
pavlushkahe replies almost instantly18:56
Kiloseish i only use telegram for family otherwise ill never get any rest18:56
zakiyes, instantly :)18:56
Kilosthats how things should be,18:57
Kilosit would be good to have him here as well18:57
zakiand his karma point is 2. :p18:57
pavlushkaI will request him, lets see, but for today, its late, :)18:58
Kilosanswer what i asked about that translation about the food stuff18:58
Kilosfood means recipes right?18:58
* pavlushka wondering18:58
zakiyes. 18:58
Kilosso where do i find then to translate to english or even afrikaans18:59
Kilosi am here https://translations.launchpad.net/openfoodfacts/trunk/+lang/en_GB19:00
zakilike About me > আমার সম্পর্কে। :D 19:00
* pavlushka on a reboot19:01
zakitry here https://translations.launchpad.net/openfoodfacts/trunk/+pots/common-web/en_GB/+translate?show=untranslated19:01
Kilosive been there but didnt have time to read the guide19:03
Kilosill get there sometime19:03
Kilosnow im busy trying to fix 2 locos19:03
zakiwhich 2?19:04
Kilosbd and pk19:04
zakioh. :)19:04
Kilosi have many locos to sort but been here for 5 months and done nothing on the others19:06
Kilosjust now i get fired19:06
zakireally? 19:07
Kilosno they wont fire me19:07
Kiloswb pavlushka 19:07
Kiloshi AudaciousTUX 19:07
pavlushkathanks zaki 19:08
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: Hellu19:08
pavlushkaKilos: thanks19:09
Kilosyou are welcome 19:09
pavlushkaHelo Tuhin 19:09
Kilosoh pavlushka the doc says im sick19:10
Kilosbut i dont believe it all19:10
zakiwhat happened?19:10
Kiloschest xray shows copd19:10
Kilosthats the major thing that has emphysemia as part of its probs19:11
zakipavlushka, what are you doing?19:11
zakiconnecting, reconnecting :D19:12
pavlushkazaki: eating, I got back to home after 12.00 AM19:12
zakioh. 19:14
zakiKilos, just made a better location icon for pavlushka. :D19:49
zakifor wiki page. 19:49
zakitake a look. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/zaki19:50
zakiha ha.. :D 19:50
zakiyou allready seen it? 19:51
Kiloshaha that read head thing19:52
zaki:D 19:53
Kilosred head19:54
zakiyes. 19:54
Kilosmy main browser doesnt show any pics or icons so i hade to open firefox to see it19:54
zaki16816 png19:54
zaki16*16 png19:54
Kilosyou need to edit it and add a I where you have used i19:55
Kilosmany places you said i this or that19:55
Kilosshould be I this or that19:55
zakioky. :)19:56
Kilosbut its looking good so far19:56
zakithnx :)19:57
Kiloskeep pushing translations and build karma19:57
Kilosthen we start working on membership for you and pavel19:58
Kilospavel ate so much he went to sleep19:59
Kiloshis fat belly pulled his eyes closed19:59
zakii'm thinking about doing a presentation on ubuntu at my campus/department. 20:00
zakiha ha.. :D may be. 20:00
Kilosthats a great idea. keep some pics and info on the event20:01
Kilosthat also helps for membership20:01
zakineed help from pavlushka, i will tell him 20:02
zakiQA, coffee on20:11
* QA washes some mugs20:11
KilosQA coffee please20:12
QAKilos: Righto20:12
KilosQA large20:12
QAIn a beer mug just for you Kilos20:12
zaki:D 20:13
KilosQA with cremora20:13
QAKilos: Excuse me?20:13
QACoffee's ready for zaki and Kilos!20:15
KilosQA  thank you20:15
QAKilos: not at all20:15
zakiQA, ধন্যবাদ20:16
QAআমার সৌভাগ্য zaki20:16
Kilosyou teaching my bot gibberish20:17
zakiQA, where is pavlushka?20:18
QAzaki: I'm afraid I have no idea20:18
KilosQA seen pavlushka20:19
QAKilos: pavlushka was last seen 1 hour, 6 minutes and 17 seconds ago in #ubuntu-bd on freenode [2016-07-20 19:12:57 UTC], and has been offline on freenode since 2016-07-20 19:20:02 UTC20:19
zakiQA, good job, keep it up.20:19
QAzaki: Huh?20:19
Kilosnight zaki and others20:23
Kilossee you tomorrow20:24
zakigood night. :) 20:27

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