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dbarthhi trainguards: i'm trying to see what to do about https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1545#audit_log08:05
dbarthin particular, if i need to rebuild / land normally, as i remember this silo having been used already to unblock the arm64 builds08:06
Mirvdbarth: well it surely looks the webbrowser-app build is 4 days old and needs a rebuild. not really sure about the arm64 part but I don't see anything old lingering in the PPA.08:18
sil2100dbarth: IIRC this silo would be nice to have but is not super required as we changed the necessary deps to get rid of the ubuntu-html5-theme old package08:24
sil2100dbarth: this is just for upgrade paths08:25
dbarthok, well, i'll rebuild and push anyway then08:25
dbarthi wanted to avoid pushing something already semi-applied or something08:25
dbarththanks for the confirmation08:25
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mzanettiogra, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webbrowser-app/+bug/160461109:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1604611 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "[webapp-container] Undocumented command line option --no-australia-mode" [Undecided,Invalid]09:14
ogramzanetti, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!09:14
mzanettiwhat a great morning :D09:14
sil2100Oh my09:31
sil2100ogra: now look what you've done!09:31
Mirvuh oh..10:05
MirvI'll let sil2100 handle that mystery triple-really-xenial silo :)10:14
sil2100Yessss, it's 3vil10:15
sil2100Especially that I already sense that address-book-app will require some special handling in the archive in yakkety10:15
Mirvdoh, I'm over PPA size limit, no wonder my uploads didn't show up :( https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-024/+packages10:27
Mirvposted https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/29826310:27
Mirvthanks to Colin11:03
sil2100Mirv: eh, I think I need to publish this silo 'by hand'11:19
sil2100Since I guess it's expecting me to add yakkety and vivid landings for the other packages11:20
Mirvso it is11:21
sil2100That sucks a bit11:22
popeyjibel: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1697 with hugs.11:27
rvrKaleo: ping12:30
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rvrboiko: ping12:56
boikorvr: pong12:56
rvrboiko: Hi12:56
rvrboiko: I'm checking silo 4112:57
boikorvr: hello :)12:57
rvrboiko: Do you know exactly what to look for async_bottom_edge?12:57
boikorvr: salem_ knows more about that one, but I would say to test if bottom edge works in phone mode12:59
rvrboiko: That's working, yes12:59
rvrsalem_: ^12:59
boikosalem_: what was the case to invoke it from the url dispatcher?13:00
salem_rvr, boiko open messaging-app via dialer and address-book13:03
seb128sil2100, hey ... so address-book-service despite my packaging review/need to fix from yesterday?! it's fine but no need to ask me for reviews anymore from this point on this apparently things keep landing ignoring review comments13:16
seb128kenvandine, ^ there is your name on those so just as fyi13:16
Mirvsil2100: I wonder why ubuntu-touch/staging/ubuntu images older than 31 are missing? I'm trying to bisect when the xenial worked13:17
kenvandineseb128, oh? i didn't look at the merge proposal again just the diff13:17
seb128kenvandine, which is missing replaces for files moved between binaries13:18
seb128which I pointed yesterday when asked for review13:18
seb128also the e-d-s-ubuntu naming sucks13:18
seb128it's not descriptive on what that package is or does13:18
kenvandinewhich branch did you comment on?13:19
seb128none, I was pinged on this IRC channel13:19
seb128I don't even know which branch correspond13:20
seb128Lucasz gave me a url to the packaging diff artifact13:20
kenvandineseb128, i'm surprised it updates cleanly without the replaces13:24
seb128depends of the binaries unpack order13:24
seb128it's moving between debs13:24
sil2100dbarth: hey!13:24
sil2100dbarth: are you around?13:24
seb128sil2100, sure ignore me13:24
kenvandineseb128, yeah13:24
kenvandinei just would think it would install the new package first to satisfy the depends13:24
sil2100seb128: uh oh! I didn't land it!13:24
kenvandinewhich would then break13:25
kenvandinesil2100, i did... :/13:25
sil2100seb128: it was broken so I didn't touch it! We don't have any real means to reject it in the train13:25
kenvandinedidn't know seb128 had an issue with it13:25
kenvandinebut seb128 was clearly right :)13:25
seb128the train has a "verification" section no?13:25
seb128we could flag it as failing verification13:25
kenvandineseb128, btw... looks like the ppc64el issue is gnome-settings-daemon needing nautilus-data:ppc64el13:26
sil2100seb128: hm, yeah, I could, but it's a QA field, but yeah, I could have just used it - I *assumed* that since it requires a binNEW from an archive admin then no one will publish it withou an approval of an archive admin13:26
seb128kenvandine, that binary is arch all13:26
seb128sil2100, binNEW doesn't need pre-review13:27
sil2100Since no one publishes binNEW packages without an explicit ACK13:27
seb128you are confusing it with sourceNEW13:27
sil2100seb128: in the train procedures we do that13:27
sil2100There's always a warning13:27
seb128coredev can publish new bins no?13:27
seb128kenvandine, ^13:27
kenvandine gnome-settings-daemon:ppc64el : Depends: nautilus-data:ppc64el (>= 2.91.3-1) but it is not installable13:27
sil2100They can, yes, but they should always consult archive admins first13:27
sil2100That's why I did that13:27
seb128kenvandine, dunno what's going on there13:27
kenvandineyeah... i should have caught the issue, but there was no way to track that another dev had nack13:28
seb128next time I just free the silo :p13:28
sil2100Will make sure to always leave a comment13:28
sil2100At least13:28
kenvandinesil2100, i do for new sources13:28
kenvandinea comment would be enogh13:28
kenvandinei look at those13:28
kenvandineseb128, so i think that's the cause for the autopkgtest failures for yakkety ppc64el13:30
sil2100Will do, but there's always a comment on top of the packaging diff " * Please consult an archive admin about adding or removing these packages: " for new binaries13:31
dbarthsil2100: yup13:31
kenvandinesil2100, seb128: i should have noticed the missing Replaces too...13:33
seb128kenvandine, also I pointed out that the e-d-s-ubuntu name doesn't make much sense13:35
seb128even with the description13:35
seb128is that eds on ubuntu ? for ubuntu ? for ubuntuone?13:35
kenvandineyeah, but it matches the eds module name13:37
kenvandinebut i see your point13:37
seb128I still don't understand what is "ubuntu" in this contect13:37
seb128we have -uoa or -goa13:38
seb128but those are modules for eds to integrate to uoa or goa which are part of ubuntu13:38
seb128is -ubuntu superseeding -uoa?13:38
kenvandinei think these are just for sync13:38
kenvandinerenatu, ^^13:38
seb128that landing is a mess :-/13:38
seb128kenvandine, sil2100, that upload is blocking in proposed until those issues are sorted, including naming13:39
renatuseb128, kenvandine , this is an EDS source plugin. To store some ubuntu-phone specific informations into these sources.13:40
seb128the description should say that13:40
seb128and the name should be more specific that "ubuntu"13:40
renatuFor example: Every calendar source has the account-id and application-id that creates that source13:40
renatuseb128, sure I can change that13:41
renatuseb128, any suggestion :D13:41
bregmasil2100, did you manualy upload x.org into the xenial overlay?13:42
sil2100bregma: yes, what's up?13:43
bregmahow is that going to work with the ongoing Xmir work and xenial SRUs of the same package?13:44
bregmawas there full testing by the XMir/libertine teams on both device and desktop? (don't bother answering, we didn't get notice)13:45
sil2100bregma: I'll sync that up for a xenial SRU13:45
sil2100bregma: it was a packaging-only change, adding arm64 binaries which did not exist before - testing is not required as there are no testing devices, am I right?13:46
sil2100If there are, why were there no arm64 binaries built?13:46
sil2100The overlay upload was required as we needed this unblocked ASAP, an SRU with the changes will follow13:47
bregmaOK, if you can guarantee it's only a packaging change and it's been coordinated with Ubuntu distro so it doesn't get lost in the SRU process13:48
bregmagiven there is no QA on our flagship desktop product and it'd frequently broken by overlay uploads, I am paranoid13:48
seb128renatu, not really since I don't understand the detail, but e-d-s-utouch-data-sync or similar if that's what it does13:49
rvrsalem_: Back13:54
rvrsalem_: So I have launched messaging app from address book and dialer app13:57
rvrsalem_: "Type message" shows fine, is that the related bottom edge widget?13:58
salem_rvr, yes, actually, when launched from another app, you don't get the bottom edge13:59
kenvandineseb128, is Replaces enough? or do we need a Conflicts too?14:00
salem_rvr, I mean, if the recipient is set, if you for example launch messaging-app from browser, then the bottom edge must be triggered during startup and the input field populated with the link/text.14:00
seb128kenvandine, R,B nowadays I think?14:00
kenvandineoh right14:00
kenvandineConflicts always confuses me... :)14:00
rvrsalem_: Let me check that14:01
rvrsalem_: oSoMoN: Sharing a link with messaging app shows only the title, not the URL14:11
rvr(of the page)14:11
salem_rvr, I think this is a known bug. but a browser bug.14:13
jibelsil2100, ^14:24
jibelmir for arm6414:25
sil2100eh, autopkgtests are failing for ppc14:25
dbarthsil2100: what's up btw?14:28
sil2100dbarth: ah, unping, nvm - chrisccoulson answered already on -release ;) We had some oxide-related discussion14:28
jibelsil2100, hm, there is an issue with ubuntu-system-settings and powerd there14:28
dbarthok nw14:29
jibelsil2100, unrelated to mir but worth having a look14:29
kenvandineseb128, mind taking a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/address-book-service/rename-eds-extension/+merge/30061414:34
seb128kenvandine, need to replaces address-book-service (<< 0.1.2) as well no?14:35
seb128otherwise looks fine14:36
seb128I'm not sure -utouch is better than -ubuntu14:36
kenvandinerenatu, ^^14:36
kenvandineseb128, that's what i said :)14:36
seb128but I'm not going to argue about naming14:36
seb128it's still not descriptive14:36
kenvandinebut i don't have any suggestions for something better14:36
seb128and we are trying to move away from touch14:36
seb128you can as well keep ubuntu...14:36
seb128or -ubuntu-source-sync14:36
seb128that might be long though14:37
renatuI would prefer not use "sync"14:37
sil2100At least the description should be updated14:37
renatuit is not specific for sync14:37
renatuis more to link apps and sources14:37
seb128well I still not understand what that does14:37
renatuin case remove a app, we want to remove the sources14:37
seb128but the name ideally would convey the use14:37
seb128or the function rather14:38
seb128whatever that binary once installed doe14:38
kenvandinerenatu, you need a Replaces for address-book-service as well14:50
kenvandineand a Breaks for eds-ubuntu14:50
renatukenvandine, Replaces?? with the old version?14:51
renatuis that not automatically?14:51
kenvandinereplaces any version14:51
kenvandinesince that package is going way14:52
renatuaddress-book-services does not replaces any package14:52
kenvandineno no no14:52
kenvandine+Breaks: address-book-service (<< 0.1.2)14:52
kenvandine+Replaces: address-book-service (<< 0.1.2)14:52
kenvandinefor eds-utouch14:53
kenvandineand add a Breaks: eds-ubuntu too14:53
kenvandineseb128, ignore what i said about nautilus-data on ppc64el... that was just because i'm messing around with a schoot with --target ppc64el14:56
kenvandinei can't get a qemu image to boot14:56
kenvandineto really know wtf is going on14:56
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kdubhttps://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/ubuntu/landing-036/+build/10493903 has no build log? is this a i386 builder problem?16:23
cjwatsonkdub: A few builds were taken out by a firewall switchover this afternoon, I believe.  I'll dig out the list of build IDs and retry them in bulk.16:26
kdubcjwatson, ah, alright. thanks!16:26
cjwatsonHmm, maybe lcy01 is still sad16:27
cjwatsonkdub: I've retried the affected builds; the underlying issue isn't yet fixed but I've put the affected builders in manual mode for the time being.16:59
kdubcjwatson, thanks, so does that mean that if I re-click the build button myself the i386 builds won't work?17:00
cjwatsonkdub: What?17:00
kdubcjwatson, not sure what 'manual mode' for a builder is17:01
kduband that was my confusing guess17:01
cjwatsonkdub: Firstly, that build has already succeeded; secondly, it wasn't an i386 vs. everything else issue, it was a subset of the amd64/i386 builders.17:01
cjwatsonkdub: So for the time being builds will just go to builders that work instead.17:01
kdubcjwatson, ah, I understand better, thanks for the help17:02
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cjwatson... and they're back now.17:14
Mirvsil2100: unping regarding images, no need to dig, I found a more recent booting xenial image. I'll continue tomorrow pinning down what broke.17:32
Mirv(31 did not boot into unity8, 40 does)17:32
sil2100Mirv: ah! Sorry, saw your ping but forgot to reply - we don't keep too many images in staging for space-efficiency17:33
sil2100I mean, we didn't focus much on staging for now so the fullcount is a bit smaller than usually17:33
camakosil2100, as expected we are seeing the same unrelated failure that we had seen with britney during migration in proposed (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/yakkety/update_excuses.html#mir)17:54
camakocan you help?17:54
sil2100camako: hey! I think kenvandine was looking into that17:55
robrucamako: you should ask in #ubuntu-release17:55
camakoyes he was suffering from it too17:55
camakorobru, ok thanks17:56
sil2100We all are... ;)17:56
sil2100I'll be slowly EODing so I would only be able to take a look tomorrow, but possibly someone will resolve that till that time17:56
rvrboiko: This ticket don't have lander not automated signoff https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1600 :-/18:19
kenvandinecamako, sorry i'm about to give up18:28
kenvandinecan't seem to get a ppc64el environment working enough to try to figure out what depends is broken18:29
robrurvr: was approved on the 14th but then rebuilt on the 18th thus invalidating the approval18:35
rvrrobru: I see18:36
rvrrobru: I tested it and wanted to give the seal of approval18:37
robrurvr: we should talk to jibel about getting trello cards removed from the queue when lander approval disappears18:38
rvrrobru: Or adding comments18:39
robrurvr: really we should roll the trello board into bileto as one unified thing...18:39
robrubut that's on the backburner for now18:40
rvrrobru: Yeah, that should take some time to develop18:41
camakokenvandine, some hint was introduced to get around this problem... Not sure abt the details18:45
camakosee #ubuntu-release18:45
robrucamako: it just means the problem is being ignored instead of fixed18:52
boikorvr: I think salem_ was testing it18:53
boikosalem_: did you mark as ready for QA?18:53
boikoor maybe bfiller did?18:53
rvrboiko: At some point was marked as ready for QA, because a trello card appeared.18:53
boikorvr: yeah, I was not actively testing this one, so it was either bfiller or salem_, let's see what they say about it18:54
dobeyrobru, kenvandine: is this still the system-settings issue?18:55
salem_boiko, can't remember if it was me or bfiller18:55
boikosalem_: bfiller: but in practice it was already ready for QA, right?18:56
robrudobey: on ppc64el, yes18:56
robruboiko: the audit log on the ticket says that bfiller approved it on the 14th and then bfiller rebuilt it on the 18th18:58
dobeystill haven't figured that out? seems like an issue in trying to install gnome-settings-daemon and unity-control-center both, afaict18:58
dobeynot sure why it didn't fail on other archs18:58
kenvandinedobey, i've been try ing to setup a ppc64el environment to try to reproduce18:59
kenvandinetried with the adt tools, qemu, etc18:59
boikorobru: thanks!18:59
kenvandinenothing boots18:59
robruboiko: you're welcome18:59
boikosalem_: you tested the latest version from the silo, right? so I guess we can mark as ready for QA anyways19:00
dobeykenvandine: i guess a chroot with ppc64el as alternate arch wouldn't work?19:00
salem_boiko, I did19:00
kenvandinedobey, no... i tried that19:01
kenvandineit gets really confused :)19:01
dobeywell, make more stuff multi-archable :)19:01
boikosalem_: bfiller: rvr: I'll mark as ready for QA and then we wait for britney, does that work for you guys?19:01
rvrboiko: Sure19:01
salem_boiko, yes19:02
rvrmorphis: Hey. The branch in silo 44 needs review.19:05
ChrisTownsendtrainguards: Hey, any way to free up some silos? :)19:25
robruChrisTownsend: sure, one sec19:25
ChrisTownsendrobru: Thanks!19:26
robruChrisTownsend: ok, there's one free for you, I'll free a few others shortly19:27
ChrisTownsendrobru: k, thanks19:28
robruChrisTownsend: you're welcome19:28
boikorvr: salem_: britney approved silo 4119:35
rvrboiko: salem_: Silo 41 approved22:03
salem_rvr, thanks22:04
boikorvr: thanks!22:51

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