dholbachhey hey07:00
dholbachyo yo yo07:12
tsimonq2DANIEL! :D07:15
tsimonq2how are you? :)07:15
tsimonq2dholbach: ^07:16
dholbach S I M O N07:16
dholbachgood - how are you! :)07:16
tsimonq2great :)07:19
tsimonq2popey, MooDoo, svij how are you all? :)07:19
popeytickety boo07:23
tsimonq2\o/ popey07:24
MooDootsimonq2: yeah good thanks :D07:30
svijhey tsimonq207:31
svijdpm: ping07:33
Mister_Qgood morning everyone o/08:18
svijhey Mister_Q08:19
Mister_Qo/ svij08:19
tsimonq2o/ MooDoo08:25
tsimonq2whoops Mister_Q :)08:26
Mister_Qhey tsimonq2 :)08:26
tsimonq2o/ Na3iL08:36
Na3iLhiyas tsimonq2 hows your day?08:39
tsimonq2great :)08:40
dholbachall rightie... I call it a day - see you all tomorrow again!15:58
Kilosnight dholbach15:59
Kilostoo slow15:59
hggdhKilos: let's keep on here, more in topic17:00
Kiloscool ty17:00
hggdhI had a look at the -pk ban/quiet list, there is no one banned or muted17:01
Kilosits working fine now with new guys joining all the time17:01
hggdhand I did read your email -- it is an ardours job, and I do thank you for that17:02
Kilosnow id like to see their site repaired so it invites newcomers to join them on irc and mailing list17:02
Kilosi wont give up on those two countries, made so clever friends there17:03
Kilosproper ubuntuteros17:03
Kilosonce they have control of their locos ill move on to the next prob loco17:04
hggdhKilos: both domains ubuntu-bd.org and ubuntu-pk.org are under Canonical. It should not be difficult to reset them17:05
Kilosany leader that doesnt lead or show interest needs to hand over the reigns to someone that will promote ubuntu17:05
Kilosah thats good news17:05
Kilosas long as i dont have objections from you guys ill find a working solution there for the interested people17:08
Kiloseven if it means being the admin guy till there are ubuntu members to hand over to17:10
Kilosi dont know if non official ubuntu members can be the admins17:11
Kilosi have too much still to learn about this17:11
Kilosi can only try get other locos to work like -za does then im happy17:17
hggdhKilos: anyone can be an admin (if this were not so, it would become very difficult to jump-start a LoCo)17:17
Kilosthats saves me months17:18
Kilosnight all20:23

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