snkcldwhen i run "sbuild -A -d xenial-amd64 bluez_5.37-0ubuntu8.dsc", i am getting an error at "renaming `/etc/apt/trusted.gpg' to `/etc/apt/trusted.gpg~' failed: Invalid argument", i tried stracing (following forks) but i can not seem to find the error... any clue why this is happening? the fact that its related to a file rename makes me think it might be a00:45
snkcldfilesystem issue (im on btrfs), but im able to create files with a ~ just fine00:45
naccsnkcld: i wonder if /etc/apt/trusted.gpg maybe doesn't exist for some reason?00:49
snkcldon the it seems to exist on the host and in the chroot00:50
naccsnkcld: yeah, i meant in the schroot; ok00:51
naccsnkcld: sbuild-update --keygen is mentioned at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SimpleSbuild00:53
snkcldok let me run through those steps once more00:54
naccsnkcld: sure00:54
naccpitti: if you're around, had a samba question for you (re: MR: #293440 and LP: #1604630)00:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1604630 in samba (Ubuntu) "16.04 SAMBA missing winbind packages during install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160463000:55
jbichapitti: or whoever, why does oslo-sphinx's 'Testsuite: autopkgtest-pkg-python' fail with 'SKIP no tests in this package'00:56
jbichait also says autopkgtest: build not needed and doesn't look like it even installs the oslo-sphinx binaries00:56
snkcldnacc: same thing00:59
naccsnkcld: strange ...01:00
snkcldi entered the chroot, and was able to install e.g. vim just fine01:00
snkcldbut that wouldnt invoke gpg anyway01:00
snkcldany idea what command might be running, which is invoking gpg, to have it rename trusted.gpg?01:01
snkcldOH, i think i am onto something: "mv: cannot move '/etc/apt/trusted.gpg' to a subdirectory of itself, '/etc/apt/trusted.gpg~'"01:02
snkcldit seems that trusted.gpg~ is seen as... a directory?01:03
snkcldthough its a file, when i look at it01:03
snkcldeh, that may have actually been me invoking "mv" incorrectly, ignore that01:06
snkcldnacc: do you happen to be using btrfs or not?01:27
snkcldi noticed this, too, btw: "This does not work if /tmp is mounted under btrfs due to incompatibilities with aufs"01:28
snkcldfwiw: /tmp does not seem to be mounted as tmpfs01:28
pittinacc: I have no clue about samba I'm afraid06:01
jamespagepitti, hey - would you have a little time to help me figure out why I managed to bloat out the ceph packages with debug symbols with my last upload?08:13
jamespageI thought that dropping the dh_strip overrides and the -dbg packages would be sufficient to kick in the builds based stripping08:13
jamespagebut evidently not08:13
infinitydh_strip_nondeterminism <-- Did dh_strip get renamed in a recent debhelper?08:21
infinitypitti: ^08:21
infinityOh, no, that's different entirely.08:22
infinityjamespage: dh_strip doesn't seem to get called in your build at all now...08:22
* infinity scratches his head.08:22
jamespageinfinity, I do have an override_dh_strip in .PHONY still08:23
infinityjamespage: That could be it08:23
jamespagethat's my suspicision - but with a 4 hour build turnaround atm I'd like to have a high confidence that's all good08:23
infinityjamespage: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20154493/08:25
jamespageinfinity, ta08:26
infinityjamespage: Store --no-act away somewhere for future use.  Very handy. :P08:27
jamespageinfinity, great tip - thanks08:27
* jamespage ties a load of builder up for a bit08:28
pittijdstrand, tyhicks: I'm trying to update /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/dbus-session-strict for the dbus peer address /run/user/<uid>/dbus (which replaced the abstract @/tmp/dbus* thing)08:32
pittijdstrand, tyhicks: however, I keep getting "unix rule: invalid value for addr='/run/user/*/bus'" errors08:32
pittiwith peer=(addr="/run/user/*/bus"),08:32
pittiI also tried with changing * to 1000, or with /run/user/**, nothing works08:33
pittiand the manpage doesn't say how to specify path based sockets; halp?08:34
pittiinfinity: yes, dh_strip_nondeterminism is for reproducible builds, replacing time stamps etc.08:34
infinitypitti: Yeah, I realized after reading the manpage. :P08:35
infinitypitti: Also, peer=(addr="@/run/user/[0-9]*/bus"), ?08:37
pittibut @ is wrong08:38
pittiit's not an abstract socket, it's a path08:38
infinitypitti: Does the dmesg audit have anything interesting to say?08:39
pitti[  159.822302] audit: type=1400 audit(1469003934.773:28): apparmor="DENIED" operation="connect" profile="/usr/lib/telepathy/mission-control-5" name="/run/user/1000/bus" pid=2862 comm="mission-control" requested_mask="wr" denied_mask="wr" fsuid=1000 ouid=100008:39
pittipretty much what you'd expect08:39
pittimaybe we need to give separate permissions for the file08:40
pittithat wouldn't fix the syntax issue, but explain why it still doesn't work with completely dropping peer=08:43
pittiI added   /run/user/*/dbus rw,08:44
pittiand recache/restart, no change08:44
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LocutusOfBorghi, can anybody please have a look at ben?09:27
LocutusOfBorgClicking on "transitions" brings to file://index.html09:27
LocutusOfBorgprobably missing a ../09:27
LocutusOfBorglooks like the issue is fixable here? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-transition-trackers/ubuntu-transition-tracker/ben/view/head:/frontends/ben_monitor.ml09:28
LocutusOfBorgLaney, ^^ :)09:29
LocutusOfBorghi jbicha, do you plan to have a look at libpqxx sadness?09:47
LocutusOfBorgI would like to avoid having a delta from debian that is an epoch bump09:47
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hrwanyone with grub2 knowledge?10:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1603083 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "please provide a standalone grub image" [Undecided,New]10:50
hrwadded test image, renamed bug11:00
infinityhrw: What's the usecase for a standalone image?  We provide an image for netboot.11:11
hrwinfinity: cirros image (minimal one for openstack) needs grub-efi binary to be bootable on aarch64, x86-64/efi platforms11:12
hrwinfinity: initially I used centos grub-efi binaries but smoser (cirros maintainer) prefers to use ubuntu one11:13
hrwI renamed bug in meantime: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/160308311:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1603083 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "standalone grub image does not see GPT partitions" [Undecided,New]11:13
hrwinfinity: ideas?11:28
infinityhrw: Not currently, it was just a drive-by question.  I don't have the time today to think much about it.11:28
hrwinfinity: ok11:28
jamespageinfinity, yeah small debs and ddeb's - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ceph/10.2.2-0ubuntu4/+build/1049215911:31
jamespagethanks for your help11:32
infinityjamespage: NP.11:32
hrwhm. looks like I found solution ;D11:45
hrwhave to test11:45
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hrwdoes ubuntu images contain /.disk/info file?12:16
hrwlong time since I used ubuntu12:17
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naccpitti: ok :)14:30
smosertjaalton, i just filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/160481914:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1604819 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "intel driver (intel_drv) not loaded" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:33
smoserlatest xorg-xserver ends up with me using vesa driver.14:33
tjaaltonsmoser: read my comment, it's not using vesa but modesetting which is the new default14:35
tjaaltonfbev/vesa are lower on the list of fallback drivers14:36
smoserwas just reading your changelog entries, and yeah figured it was related to those.14:37
tjaaltonthe real bug is the flickering screen, which is likely a kernel bug that -intel hid away14:37
smoserpossibly, yeah.14:38
tjaaltonyou can try with newer kernel mainline builds first, and add results there. then use the xorg.conf until there's something else to try14:39
tjaaltonintel will look into all these from now on14:39
tjaaltongot their word on that :)14:39
smoserso how to add that xorg.conf ?14:40
tjaaltonread the comment :)14:40
smoser /usr/share/doc/xserver-xorg-video-intel/xorg.conf just has the single Section14:40
tjaaltonand it's enough14:40
smoserthats all thats necessary ? (been probably 5 happy years since i've looked at an xorg.conf)14:40
tjaaltonsmoser: thanks for testing 4.7-rc7, mind give 4.6 a spin?-)14:55
smoseri was just going to tell you thank you for your help and that i was going on my way :)14:56
smosertell me what to try and i will14:56
tjaaltonmainline build of 4.6.x14:56
smoserv4.6.3-yakkety/ seems latest14:57
smoserok. will try14:57
smoseryou should probably re-title that bug to somethign that is remotely close14:57
tjaaltonI did14:57
tjaaltonback to what it was14:58
tjaaltonleave a note on the bug if 4.6 works, I'm signing off now15:01
naccbdmurray: so 7 of the php7.0 sru 'errors' are these debconf issues I don't have a lead on (and don't seem to be related to the package necessarily): https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/e4de08d8bf5a70d8b04970d2a3823529b7a56706 (and similar)15:14
naccmdeslaur: --^ as well15:15
naccbdmurray: mdeslaur: i'm looking through the other ones15:15
mdeslaurhrm, yeah, I don't think that's related to the actual package. I see those types of errors from time to time, but I've never looked at what was causing those.15:21
mdeslaurbdmurray: do you have any idea what causes those? ^15:22
mdeslauris it when someone cancels an install half-way though?15:22
bdmurraymdeslaur: Nope, I've no idea.15:22
mdeslaurbdmurray: you've seen them too, right?15:22
mdeslaurlaunchpad is full of them15:23
bdmurraymdeslaur: yes, I've seen them for lots of different packages15:23
naccyeah, it's very strange; it does seem like a broken pipe (that line in the perl file)15:24
rbasakI wondered if it was some nuance of how maintainer scripts are supposed to speak to debconf, such as the need for db_stop or something like that.15:25
naccrbasak: yeah, i was putting it on my list to dig, but given that it's kind of everywhere, i think it's not something we introduced (and there have been bugs like that for the php7.0 already in xenial)15:25
bdmurraynacc: I've starting the phasing of php7.0 again15:26
rbasaknacc: sure15:26
naccbdmurray: thanks!15:26
naccbdmurray: i'll keep triaging the reports and reproducing those that seem like they might be real -- a few have all error reporting disabled, so the logs aren't helpful :)15:27
jdstrandpitti: /run/user/<uid>/dbus looks like a named unix socket and therfore should used a file rule instead of a unix rule. eg: owner /run/user/[0-9]*/dbus rw,15:34
pittijdstrand: right, I tried that; does that completely replace the unix (connect ...) rule then?15:35
pittiwe need to allow both for a while15:35
pittijdstrand: because restricting connection to peer=(addr="@/tmp/dbus-*"), excludes the named socket apparently15:35
jdstrandpitti: it would for the session bus if the session bus is now using a named socket, yes. but upstream would use both15:36
pittijdstrand: I added "/run/user/[0-9]*/dbus rw," and that didn't seem to help15:36
jdstrandpitti: the unix rule is for an abstract socket and a completely different rule, so yes, you need the file rule I gave. a system that only uses a named socket would not need the unix rule15:36
jdstrandpitti: with /run/user/[0-9]*/dbus rw, what is the denial?15:37
naccrbasak: fyi, i'm verifying all the bacula bugs are already fixed (by pushing to debian and upstream) in 16.10, will update them accordingly15:37
pittijdstrand: ok, good to know; I'll try again in a few mins15:37
jdstrandpitti: s/but upstream would use both/but upstream apparmor would specify both for cross-distro support and transition/15:38
jdstrandpitti: note that there might be other services that use libdbus that might create an abstract socket that matches @/tmp/dbus-* that would fail without the unix rule. ibus was one (but I patches im-config in yakkety for that), but there might be others (though I don't think in main). it should be obvious from the denial though15:40
pittijdstrand: right, I wasn't meaning to remove the abstract one, just to *also* allow the path based one15:41
pittijdstrand: so that things work with dbus-user-session and without15:41
jdstrandsounds great15:41
* jdstrand nods15:41
naccrbasak: also, did you see my debug of the mysql-server vs. bacula install path?15:42
jdstrandpitti: note I see in backscroll the path is /run/user/1000/bus15:42
naccrbasak: i think, in retrospect, it's not a bug, just a quirk of the way bacula and dbconfig work15:42
jdstrandpitti: your rule is /run/user/[0-9]*/dbus15:42
jdstrandie, dbus vs bus15:42
pittijdstrand: argh, how silly; thanks!15:42
pitti(that was Adam's rule, but I might have done the same)15:42
infinitybus, dbus, whatever. ;)15:47
seb128pitti, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apparmor/+bug/160487215:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1604872 in apparmor (Ubuntu) "dbus abstraction not compatible with dbus-user-session" [Undecided,New]15:47
pittijdstrand: I feel so silly now, thanks :)15:47
pittiworks fine15:47
pittijdstrand: I'll attach to seb128's bug15:48
pittijdstrand: is there an upstream git you want a PR for?15:51
infinitypitti: I apologize deeply for infecting you with my thinko. ;)15:51
pittiinfinity: I already screwed it up before, so no worries :)15:52
infinitypitti: Oh, then I take it back.  No apology for you.15:52
jdstrandpitti: a patch to the https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/apparmor is the normal way. otherwise you can add an upstream apparmor task and the patch to the bug15:52
pittijdstrand: thanks, I'll do that then, as I'm not subscribed15:53
pittijdstrand: done15:56
rbasaknacc: that's OK then I guess. As long as we're no worse than Debian.16:01
naccrbasak: ack16:02
mhall119infinity: there's an email from the CC to the DMB list that is waiting on moderation, can you let it through?16:42
mhall119seb128: willcooke: ^^ same thing for the ubuntu-desktop ML16:43
infinitymhall119: Not sure I have the DMB list password.16:43
mhall119infinity: it's owned by the TB according to mailman, so anybody from that team should be able to approve it16:44
infinitymhall119: That's not how mailman moderation works...16:44
mhall119it's just a reminder that the biannual checkin with the CC is tomorrow at 1700 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting16:45
mhall119if you can't approve it, can you send a reminder yourself?16:45
infinityOh.  I thought we already had one of those.16:45
infinityOr maybe that was to the TB.16:45
mhall119infinity: you have one very cycle :)16:45
infinitymhall119: We got a mail to the dmb list today.16:46
infinityFrom: Svetlana Belkin <belkinsa@ubuntu.com>16:46
infinitySubject: Re: Check-In With Community Council16:46
infinitymhall119: So, I tihnk we're good.16:47
mhall119ah, someone let it through then, thanks :)16:47
willcookemhall119, done16:47
mhall119thanks willcooke16:47
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mterrybdmurray, per bug 1275083, unity-api-team seems better than unity-api-bugs it seems, for the package-subscribers script17:13
ubottubug 1275083 in ubuntuone-credentials (Ubuntu) "[MIR] ubuntuone-credentials" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127508317:13
bdmurraymterry: thanks, I've commented on the bug.17:19
mterrybdmurray, thanks!17:21
semiosishi again.  any movement on my vagrant issue?  bug 156598518:15
ubottubug 1565985 in cloud-images "vagrant vb ubuntu/xenial64 cannot mount synced folders" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156598518:15
semiosisthanks in advance18:15
dobeyanyone know how to make sbuild build unsigned packages? my search-fu is apparently not working so great18:20
dobeyas in, i want it to build unsigned binaries18:21
semiosisdobey: pbuilder?18:31
dobeysemiosis: no, i need to use sbuild. just looking for a way to make it build unsigned, to avoid extra hassle of needing to generate and secure keys18:32
dobey(ie, i'm trying to fix something that runs sbuild in clouds to not build signed packages)18:33
dobeyalso, sbuild-update --keygen doesn't seem to want to generate keys for me18:34
tumbleweeddobey: sbuild shouldn't be caring about signatures on packages18:36
tumbleweedit does need to sign its internal archive, though18:37
dobeytumbleweed: sign its internal archive?18:38
dobeytumbleweed: why does it need this and to sign it?18:38
slangasekbecause apt refuses unsigned archives by default, and sbuild needs to support building packages against other packages that it has built and subsequently published internally18:39
dobeyok. can i make sbuild not use the internal archive stuff then? these are throw-away CI builds in jenkins18:42
tumbleweedI think you should figure out the problem with sbuild-update --keygen18:44
dobeyi guess not because the dummy package it creates is in that archive :-/18:44
naccslangasek: germinate question for you; how serious is it for the seeds to refer to nonexistent packages in your mind? I recently (with pitti's help) fixed an issue in the samba-server task where a non-existent (but necessary functionality-providing) pacakge was listed (smbpass-winbind -> libpam-winbind migration). Looking through18:45
dobeytumbleweed: well, that's not the core issue i was trying to solve18:45
nacchttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/germinate-output/ubuntu.xenial/_germinate_output, I do see it mentions "nknown samba-server package: libpam-smbpass". I also see that for several other packages (including some from server-ship).18:45
sarnolddobey: since packages themslves aren't signed, I'm not sure where sbuild fits in to this; they only get "signed" when they get moved into a repository, no?18:46
dobeyie, distributed management of infrastructure is a lot more annoying/difficult when you have private keys to keep private18:46
slangaseknacc: it is an issue that the seed owners should take seriously, because it leads to problems like the one described here where functionality goes missing from the seed due to an unnoticed package rename18:47
tumbleweeddobey: why do you have to keep them private?18:47
naccslangasek: ack, thanks!18:47
slangaseknacc: if you look carefully, you will certainly find that server is not alone in terms of stale seed contents :/18:48
dobeytumbleweed: well, i guess this specific instance it might be ok if the private keys are in a vcs, since they're only for internal sbuild thing18:48
naccslangasek: yeah, that's why i was sort of asking the relative priority :) I will at least try to get server cleaned up18:48
dobeysarnold: i think we got past that point already :)18:49
sarnolddobey: okay :) hehe18:49
sarnolddobey: are you already using a tool to manage the internal repo?18:50
dobeysarnold: no, i'm not trying to manage an internal repo. just trying to make managing a jenkins instance which uses sbuild to build things for testing MPs, a bit easier18:50
sarnolddobey: the security team has scripts around apt-ftparchive, and by default we leave our internal repos unsigned, so if you haven't selected one already, apt-ftparchive may work alright18:51
dobeysarnold: this is the internal repo which sbuild uses for itself, so i guess that wouldn't help here18:52
sarnolddobey: alright, if I've understood .. in the schroot you're using, change the apt.sources lines from "deb ..." to "deb [trusted=yes] ..."18:55
sarnold(and deb-src too)18:56
slangaseksarnold: that's all pretty deep fiddling with the sbuild setup.  The better answer is just to either put your private creds in the VCS, or let sbuild create them as part of the setup job, and not care18:56
dobeysarnold: i don't have shell access to those. the jenkins jobs currently won't even let me create the chroots, without the keys18:56
slangasekfwiw if we really are talking about signed packages rather than signed changes, that's just an option to dpkg-buildpackage: -uc -us18:57
jbichaLocutusOfBorg: for libpqxx-dev, I'm hoping we can ignore the epoch once bug 1588570 is taken care of18:59
ubottubug 1588570 in libpqxx3 (Ubuntu) "please remove libpqxx3 from the archive" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158857018:59
dobeyslangasek: no, i'm talking about the sbuild keys. i just didn't understand exactly what they were used for when i originally asked how to not use them18:59
LocutusOfBorgjbicha, not sure but I hope so19:00
dobeyso probably the best solution here would be to just let sbuild generate its keys during setup19:02
cjwatsondobey: I've been meaning to make sbuild use [trusted=yes] instead of the local key thing, but there are compatibility issues when building for old releases19:11
dobeyah, entropy is an issue :-/19:26
infinitycjwatson: trusted=yes showed up in trusty, right?  So when precise EOLs, we can go to town!19:51
infinity(Which is coming up)19:51
cjwatsonI think I was still thinking of doing some kind of cheap version detection, but something like that.19:54
infinitycjwatson: Well, -d is passed through pretty much everything, you can just strstr for precise and be done with it.19:54
infinitycjwatson: Assuming anything !precise and !wheezy (or whatever Debian releases don't support it) are fine, and screw people with weird distros.19:55
infinityClose enough, anyway.19:55
cjwatsonCould also just do a version comparison on apt.19:56
naccrbasak: ok, i've submitted a sru debdiff for bacula20:02
dobeycjwatson: having trust=yes would be awesome, indeed20:03
dobeyhrmm, how does one delete an sbuild schroot which somehow still has resources in use?20:04
dobeyie /proc /sys /dev/shm and /dev/pts20:04
dobeysomehow the suggested rm -rf for deleting a schroot on the wiki page, seems like a bad idea20:05
naccwell, those are all virtual filesystems, right? meaning the /proc in /var/lib/schroot/chroots/ is empty20:06
dobeyare they not bind mounts? and either way, wouldn't they need to be unmounted first?20:06
naccdobey: i don't htink they are bind mounts (at least not /proc or /sys, but i might be wrong)20:08
naccdobey: --^ you mean those stanzas?20:08
naccdobey: to be clear /var/lib/schroot/chroots/* is the 'source' chroot (I think); sessions is where a running sbuild/schroot would be20:09
dobey19:59:16 rm: cannot remove '/var/lib/schroot/chroots/vivid+overlay-amd64/dev/pts': Device or resource busy20:10
dobeywell, i just want to know how to get rid of it, on a remote vm in a cloud that i don't have direct shell access to20:11
naccdobey: oh with overlays, it might need to be not running?20:12
cjwatsondobey: schroot -ec <session id>  usually WFM20:15
naccright, that should end the running session; which won't necessarily delete the underlying chroot (aiui). But maybe overlays are different?20:16
dobeyi don't know that there is an active session20:16
naccdobey: are you able to lsof that file (I think that's the command) and see what is using it?20:17
dobeyoh, ffs, trusty umount doesn't have -R option apparently :-/20:22
dobeyok, some fancy mount|grep schroot|... magic and i managed to get everything unmounted, so hopefully this will all do the right thing now20:34
dobey20:43:13 cp: '/etc/localtime' and '/var/lib/schroot/chroots/xenial+overlay-i386/etc/localtime' are the same file20:44
dobeyany idea why that would happen?20:44
slangasekdobey: because you should install the SRU version of ubuntu-dev-tools, 0.155ubuntu220:45
infinity(Or the yakkety version)20:47
dobey20:48:11 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.20:48
infinitydpkg -l ubuntu-dev-tools ?20:49
dobeyslangasek: oh, it's not an SRU on trusty?20:49
infinityOh, no.  Only yakkety and xenial.20:49
infinityPeople use trusty?20:49
slangasekthis bug affects trusty?20:49
slangasekI assumed it was a regression in the released version of mk-sbuild in xenial, didn't look further20:50
infinityThe bug was in new userspace, thus new chroots.20:50
infinityI believe.20:50
infinityWell, "bug".20:50
slangasekif it's a behavior change in debootstrap, then yes, mk-sbuild in trusty might need help20:50
dobey 0.153ubuntu1updates (universe)2016-07-0320:50
infinityAs in, those files changed type, and thus couldn't be copied over anymore.20:50
dobeyerr, paste from lp sucks20:50
infinityWent from file to link, I think.20:50
infinityOr something.20:50
infinityI dunno.20:50
infinity*hand wavy*20:51
infinityBut yes, probably needs fixing in trusty and precise too.20:51
dobeyso it looks like 0.153ubuntu1 is installed20:51
slangasekinfinity: oh, you're right.  I had assumed this was always the case, but now I realize it's an assume-/usr-is-present-ism20:51
slangasekso yes, mk-sbuild in trusty should also get an SRU20:51
slangaseksomebody who runs trusty can drive that ;)20:51
* infinity stares at dobey.20:52
dobeyi'm just trying to put out this firebomb :(20:52
dobeyi guess these clouds are all still 14.04 at least until 16.04.1 (and then until IS gets time to upgrade things)20:54
slangasekit's a one-liner patch to mk-sbuild, fwiw20:54
dobeymk-sbuild is just a text script right?20:55
slangasekyou can probably cowboy patch it in your setup script, if that's what you're thinking20:56
dobeyoh bugger, my entering-commands-in-a-web-form-to-run-on-a-remote-system-fu is not as strong as i'd thought21:03
mwhudsonsooner or later i'm going to have to figure out how to make 'chdist apt' work22:34
naccmwhudson: was about to cobble something together, but yakkety's version has the support :)22:43
nacc2.16.6 added it22:43
mwhudsonnacc: oh cool22:43
mwhudsonwill the world catch on fire if i install the yakkety version on xenial, i wonder...22:43
naccmwhudson: i'm pretty sure (in quick testing) that apt also accepts APT_CONFIG as the env variable, so it's just a matter of adding apt as a command option22:43
mwhudsonyeah, i'm assuming it's not hard22:44
nacci think itmight be literally adding:22:44
nacc    when ('apt') {22:44
nacc        aptcmd('apt', @ARGV);22:44
nacc    }22:44
naccto the parser22:44

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