pauljwdoubt it... :)00:00
Bashing-omAndddd .. here's OerHeks :)00:13
OerHeksit is too hot to sleep, and 3 dogs think i am a cool guy00:14
OerHeksand no, i have no AC, only the natural windflow00:16
daftykins:D same here00:17
daftykinswell, i am not as popular with dogs!00:17
daftykinsthankfully there seems to be a breeze coming through, now - taking the heat away00:17
memguyI am wondering how apt-get traverses to find a .deb or tar.gz source file05:04
memguyFor example something in the sources.list file like this05:05
memguydeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty main restricted multiverse universe05:05
memguyMy understanding is it follows to the http or https site in this cases   http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/05:07
memguythen can look in main , restrict , multiverse , universe  but when i go there i see files but not the .deb or .tar.gz files  In the Sources file it does have a directory ../../pool which if you traverse that the deb files and tar.gz/xz are in05:09
memguySo my question is  how is apt-get traversing the site to find the proper files. I would say its hardcoded to always go to the distro directory then to the version in there but from there not sure probably looks at some Package.gz file and then goes back up a few directories because the package.gz file told it to check /pool sub directories?05:14
memguyI just confused about what metafiles it uses to get to the .deb05:15
memguyHumm interesting enough it has Vcs-Browser , Vcs-Git  paths to git repo's seems as one can git the source in that way as well05:16
memguyIts weird because i think all the versions trusty .... lucid,..etc uses the same pool which has the 4 main sections  main multiverse restrict universe05:23
daftykinsyes the release name is after a space after the URL, so it's a parameter05:29
daftykinsyou can download and read the contents of the packages.gz05:29
memguyya but i have an issue in tracing because there are many different packages.gz05:50
memguyAlso the difference between Sources , package.gz, Contents-i386.gz05:51
daftykinsi don't really see what you can gain05:52
daftykinsi don't have a clue though :)05:52
daftykinsi think there's an #ubuntu-packaging - maybe they know - or you can go to the horse's mouth and talk to debian folks05:52
memguyI just wanted to trace out where apt-get goes to find the packages  how its going to the correct stuff and it seems the .deb files are not seperated by version there all under the /pool directory i think some how the selection of which package.gz restricts what version goes to what deb file in the pool subdir but haven't figured it out yet05:54
daftykinswell they're all ranked by version # of course05:55
memguydeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty main restricted multiverse universe05:56
daftykinsso you only get offered the latest version e.g. "apt-cache policy <package>"05:56
memguya line like this goes to distro/trusty folder on the http address above but from there it has a choices to uses either main , restrict , multiverse , universe subdir to get a package.gz05:57
daftykinsnot choices, they're all grabbed05:58
memguyBut before the in /dists/trusty one has contents-i386.gz05:58
daftykinsright that sounds like 32-bit05:58
memguyit is05:58
memguyis it using contents or package or when is it using what one05:59
daftykinswhy don't you try in the places i suggested?05:59
memguyAm trying it now see if anybody knows. On a related question though that you may know  under the main , universe,  ... 4 folders  i have binary-i386 , binary-amd64 , debian-installer , i18n , source curious what those subfolders do06:04
memguyMy thought was the first 2 selected by apt-get depending on your arch  , next one is if your using a gui installer like software center , but haven;t figured out i18n06:06
memguysource is if you selected a source package download instead of a deb like a tar.gz/xz source06:06
memguySo it must be hard coded in the apt-get to check these directory  specific subfolders to get the proper package.gz file for the 4  dir main restrict multiverse universe06:08
daftykinsi don't really see why a GUI installer would need to obtain a different package06:08
daftykinswell yeah, if you boot a live session it only has main so you can't get all packages06:08
memguySeems like  i18n is the  gui deb installers information in different languages06:09
daftykinssometimes i want something like lm-sensors which is in universe, so i edit sources.list then update to get that package06:09
memguyi understand that you would have to check off or update your source.list with multiverse or universe before those deb become available06:10
memguyI am talking about though figuring out these subdir under each of the 4 branches main , multiverse, universe, restrict06:11
daftykinsyep still the wrong place (:06:11
ducassemorning all!06:20
daftykinshowdy o/06:23
ducassemorning daftykins!06:24
daftykinshow goes?06:25
ducassegood, thanks - you? still persona non grata in #ubuntu?06:27
daftykinsyep not bad here thanks! heat wave here the last couple of days, so glad it's calmed down now - got a wonderful breeze coming through the windows :D06:29
daftykinsindeed, spared the brainache i am06:30
ducassehasn't been very hot up here in norway, thankfully. right now it's a bit clouded and no wind. my cat is really pleased it isn't raining :)06:34
Bashing-omI do ing a pauljw ; gnite all .06:34
memguycurious what is the contents-i386.gz for when you have the package.gz files ?06:36
memguyin the repo06:37
memguythe sizes is much larger 20 times as much as a package.gz06:41
daftykinsducasse: :D06:41
daftykinsmemguy: please just ask in the far more appropriate places mentioned rather than repeating ad nauseum06:42
memguywell just egar to figure this out06:44
ducassememguy: what are you trying to do?06:45
memguytrace apt-gets logic06:45
ducassememguy: but _why_?06:45
memguyand get a better understanding of how the repo's are structured06:46
memguy,what software they uses to create them06:46
ducassememguy: are you trying to build one?06:46
memguyno i already have mirrored on or started to in the passed i know how to do that. I am more curious on how they actually started creating them06:47
ducassememguy: then go ask the people who maintain the repos.06:48
ducasseor read the source to apt-*06:48
memguyis it using a repo software behind the scene  i see git in the package files  and can git clone those git address but the deb files just look like there on traditional ftp folder structure06:49
ducassei told you, ask the repo maintainers.06:50
memguythat apt get uses the package.gz files to find them06:50
memguywhere are they on the irc06:50
ducasseask alis.06:50
memguywhere what channel06:51
ubot5alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http06:51
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BluesKajHiyas all14:20
Ben64OerHeks has the power of foresight?17:05
OerHeksno, in front of the spamrun i guss17:06
OerHeksnetwork spam and channel spam, never seen this combined before17:07
Ben64what do you mean network spam17:07
OerHeksfrom an other channel i guess, see these screenshots, http://imgur.com/a/d1cIb and http://imgur.com/a/dly7D17:09
OerHeks2nd one has got channel name after the user17:10
Ben64oh weird17:10
ducassethese people need to have their fingers broken so they can't type :)17:13
OerHeksthese are just lonely people17:13
OerHeksif they didn't spam just now, they might have done something really stupid to get their own wikipedia page.17:15
tgm4883man backwards really lives up to his name....18:15
pauljwamazing the lengths someone will go to wreck a perfectly good OS18:35
OerHekswell, a 32 bit plugin can wreck something good ..18:36
Ben64thats what happens when you ignore messages18:38
OerHeks!!! don't do this !!! --> *18:42
ubot5OerHeks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:42
OerHeksctrl c ctrl v and hit enter, see what happens18:42
OerHeksubot5, ok, i don't think18:43
ubot5OerHeks: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:43
naccwow, just amazing that some people wonder why `<must be sudo> rm -r /system/dir` breaks things...19:18
tgm4883nacc: I really need to get banned from that channel20:18
nacctgm4883: i'm feeling the same way lately :)20:19
tgm4883nacc: however, if we do, that just leaves those other people in there...20:20
tgm4883this is your classic no win situation20:20
nacctgm4883: it's like an echo chamber20:20
DArqueBishopYou know, I felt like telling that guy that if I was the "caffe owner" and I found out what he was trying to do, I'd kick him out without a refund.20:21
naccalso, "i'm using free wifi in a cafe, i want it to be faster, so help me kick other people off the free wifi"20:21
naccsorry, !language > me20:21
DArqueBishopnacc: sometimes no other words suffice.20:22
tgm4883seriously, IDK why people think they are so entitled to stuff20:23
tgm4883is this a new thing, or am I just noticing it more now in #ubuntu20:23
nacci think it flows from the popularity increase, which is generally a good thing20:23
naccand there are bugs to fix, without question20:23
naccbut users don't want to find / file bugs :)20:23
naccor they want to just apport to file them, and it leads to so many garbage bugs that are unfixable20:24
tgm4883apport has so much potential, but it's way too locked down I think20:25
naccit's a hard problem to solve, too -- how do you magically get the exact data you need to reproduce a bug20:26
nacc"magically" :)20:26
tgm4883nacc: Back at UDS one year, I recall a talk by Evan(?) where developers could see the bug from apport, figure out they needed additional info/logs, then the next time apport was filing a duplicate bug on that, it would see it needed the additional info and gather it for the developers20:29
tgm4883nacc: however, I've never seen that in practice20:30
nacctgm4883: yeah, there is a mechanism to change what gets collected, I think22:35
nacctgm4883: i don't know how it works, though22:35
naccteward has done something like that with some of the common nginx bugs22:36
naccah yes, "100000 problems"22:57
MihasiI guess lots of people come in here with that kind of questions?23:01
MihasiSame as with any support IRC probably.23:01
naccMihasi: i think there was a shipped bug with the software center; but statements like "there are <insert number> of problems" when they have only found 1 or 2... just frustrating :)23:03
MihasiYeah, seems a bit hyperbolic. :P23:04
MihasiI do understand the feeling of "100000 problems" though. It can feel like that if you're coming from an OS that was tested on your hardware.23:06
MihasiI recently made the switch again, and while Ubuntu's MUCH more user-friendly than it was last time I tried using Linux full-time, I remember the pain.23:06

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