philipballewhey theShirbiny19:19
theShirbinyHeya philipballew, how's it going?19:20
philipballewtheShirbiny, it is okay.19:28
philipballewIm just working away at life. You?19:28
theShirbinystudying for my rhce :)19:31
philipballewtheShirbiny, what is that?19:37
theShirbinya redhat certification19:47
philipballewtheShirbiny, oh cool, is it hard?23:03
theShirbinyphilipballew, nothing really _that_ hard, I just don't have that much real-world experience with some topics23:07
philipballewtheShirbiny, ah, I dont either.23:19
philipballewoh, theShirbiny want a free beta invite to my cms I have been working on?23:19
theShirbinysure :D23:19
philipballewtheShirbiny, fyi, if you use it, and let us know the things and problems you find, as well as actually deploy a site, I will probably be able to send you a tshirt23:22
philipballewtheShirbiny, https://accounts.zesty.io/developer-pilot/phil1 when you sign up you will get a free invite to a SLACK channel, but dont join since its currently broken...23:23
philipballewuse the forum page for everything atm23:23
theShirbinyI'll make sure to report any bugs or problems :)23:23
philipballewtheShirbiny, Im not sure how long it takes to ship a package from California to there, but we can do it.23:24
philipballewSo like look at the forum page and see the posts people have been making.23:24
philipballewIf you make that kind of stuff on things you find, I will really love it...23:25
theShirbinyDon't bother with the tshirt, I don't go out that much lol23:26
theShirbinyPlus I might change where I live next month or so :D23:27
philipballewtheShirbiny, haha, alright.23:28
philipballewtheShirbiny, but seriously, please let me know what you find.23:34
theShirbinyI will, looks really great btw23:35
theShirbinyphilipballew, I can't setup a domain using "Zesty.io Vanity URL"23:42
philipballewtheShirbiny, It should be a sitename.zesty.sites23:43
theShirbinyyup, I still get "No Domain" option when i refresh the page23:44
philipballewtheShirbiny, Can you maybe post that in the fourm and I can answer it so I can see a screenshot maybe?23:45
philipballewwe just moved cloud providers so thats maybe why23:45
philipballewI say that so in case someone else runs into it I can help them with the link23:47
philipballewthe project is soo fresh theShirbiny23:47
philipballewso new23:47
theShirbinyyou planning to release it as an open source project?23:47
philipballewtheShirbiny, I think something like that soon. What we need to do is go over the best os lisance to use.23:48
philipballewlike gpl or apachie and such23:48
philipballewThey have a free version and a paid version, so I am not sure how that will work23:53
theShirbinyah, maybe they'll take gitlab's way23:58
theShirbinycommunity/self host vs pro/managed23:58
theShirbinydone, https://forum.zesty.io/t/cant-change-options-in-manage-domain-name-section/6823:59

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