mate|31880Alright then, I certainly do. And  how much can I learn with Ubuntu MATE?00:00
ouroumovA lot00:01
ouroumovWhat do you want to learn about? How to use an Ubuntu-based system?00:02
mate|31880Yes, that. And everything about linux but first ubuntu.00:03
ouroumovWell, you should definitively read the forums. If you only browse random topics in the support category ( https://ubuntu-mate.community/c/support ) you're sure to learn quite a lot00:06
ouroumovAlso in the tutorials category: https://ubuntu-mate.community/c/tips-tricks-and-tutorials00:07
ouroumov(Actually, start with that one)00:07
mate|31880Well, ouroumov. I have to go and again...thanks!00:12
ouroumovyw mate|3188000:13
ouroumovhi think00:32
thinki like MATE, but, some know how can change start menu?00:33
ouroumovChange how?00:33
fifty-sevenCMATE Tweak?00:33
thinkmete Tweak!, i check now!00:34
thinkthank you fifty!00:35
rahtgaz /disconnect -all02:03
=== sergio is now known as Guest76539
Guest76539hello friends I have an issue with my screen on ubuntuMATE for raspberry pi 3 model B02:25
Guest76539the screen fades randomly02:25
randallsleep mode?02:25
=== Guest76539 is now known as sergioad
sergioadno, it turns black and them it is restored02:26
randallfailed screen saver mode, my desktop does it too02:28
sergioadi see02:28
sergioadthe strange thing is tha it occurs randomly even when the mate menu opens02:29
randallare you messing with it when it does it?02:30
sergioadit does not locks the screen02:31
randallbut are you messing with it when it does it?02:31
sergioadI do not understand you randall02:36
sergioadi DO NOT SPEAK English natively02:36
sergioadpardon me02:37
sergioadI accidentally enabled caps lock02:37
sergioaddo you know how to avoid that brightness and screen issues?02:47
sergioadI forgot to mention that the issue also involves brightness issues02:47
creepI need to install python-wxgtk2.8 to run pronterface problerly. If I run python-wxgtk3.0 it is causing issues06:08
fifty-sevenCThere is no 2.806:19
fifty-sevenCYou can try this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+package/python-wxgtk2.806:21
fifty-sevenCit isn't maintained by Canonical, and might break anything requiring 3.006:21
creepI see... this is very unsatisfieing.06:24
fifty-sevenCIt probably won't break anything but 2.8 was last supported in 14.0406:25
fifty-sevenCoo was last supported 15.1006:26
fifty-sevenCSo try the appropriate .deb file for your arch06:27
fifty-sevenCProbably amd6406:27
zachattack419Any idea of a good pdf view that allows pinch and zome on a  surface pro?06:36
gerdBei der Aktualisierung erhielt ich die Fehlermeldung >>Fehler:BrokenCount >0<<. Wie bekomme ich diese wieder weg? Mit apt-get komme ich nicht weiter.08:38
alkisggerd: english?08:57
gerdWhen you upgrade (Ubuntu had installed) I received the error massage >>BrokenC​ount>0<<. How do I get this under control? Whith >>apt-get install-f<< I am stuck.09:08
fifty-sevenCsudo apt-get install --fix-broken09:23
gerdfifty-sevenC: Then I will ask the terminal for a password. But I can not enter my access password for ubuntu and not get ahead.09:34
alkisggerd: this command gives you root access: sudo -i09:38
alkisgIt will ask for your password. While typing it, you will not see asterisks (*). If you can't get root access, you cannot fix things.09:39
gerdThis is the result: So still error - (Lese Datenbank ... 219577 Dateien und Verzeichnisse sind derzeit installiert.)09:55
gerdVorbereitung zum Entpacken von .../linux-image-4.4.0-31-generic_4.4.0-31.50_i386.deb ...09:55
gerdThis kernel does not support a non-PAE CPU.09:55
gerddpkg: Fehler beim Bearbeiten des Archivs /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-4.4.0-31-generic_4.4.0-31.50_i386.deb (--unpack):09:55
gerd Unterprozess neues pre-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück09:55
gerdExamining /etc/kernel/postrm.d .09:55
gerdrun-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postrm.d/initramfs-tools 4.4.0-31-generic /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-31-generic09:55
gerdrun-parts: executing /etc/kernel/postrm.d/zz-update-grub 4.4.0-31-generic /boot/vmlinuz-4.4.0-31-generic09:55
gerdFehler traten auf beim Bearbeiten von:09:55
gerd /var/cache/apt/archives/linux-image-4.4.0-31-generic_4.4.0-31.50_i386.deb09:55
gerdE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)09:55
alkisggerd: what cpu do you have? is it an old laptop?10:01
alkisggerd: what's the output of this command? egrep 'model name|flags' /proc/cpuinfo10:04
t3kg33kGreetings all10:09
gerdalkisg: I have CPU Intel Pentium M 1,7 GHZ, Memory Base  640 KB, Extended 523264 KB, Cach (Ext) 2048 KB. Is that enough to ubuntu?12:34
wangjunying_hello everyone14:39
wangjunying_anybody here?14:39
wangjunying_could we talk in Chinese?14:47
Akulii dont know chinese14:48
Akulii mean, i don't speak chinese14:49
saifulaffendyhi guys14:50
Akulihi saifulaffendy14:51
saifulaffendywho have problem with bluetooth ???14:52
saifulaffendyubuntu-mate 16.0414:52
saifulaffendyhi Akuli14:52
wangjunying_i found that the raspberry 3b's wifi didn't work well14:55
saifulaffendywho use ubuntu 16.04???14:56
wangjunying_if it stay a little far away from my Router,it doesn't work14:56
wangjunying_I don't use it14:57
wangjunying_BUT I use its Chinese version14:59
wangjunying_ubuntu Kylin14:59
Akulilast time i used bluetooth i was on 14.04 and everything worked great15:00
saifulaffendyim news15:00
saifulaffendywhich build u use new Akuli15:01
saifulaffendywhich build u use now Akuli15:01
Akulithis system is still 14.04, and will be 14.04 until its support ends15:01
Akulior maybe i'll move to another distro at some point15:01
saifulaffendyoh i see15:02
saifulaffendywhat other distro do you more prefer to choose in future???15:02
Akulimy laptop runs devuan and i'm very happy with it15:02
Akulibut i won't install it on this system, unless i figure out how to set up a mobile broadband connection15:03
saifulaffendynow im using mobile data tethering from my adriod device15:04
saifulaffendyusing easytether pro patch15:04
Akulii have no idea what they are :)15:07
saifulaffendyare u andriod user???15:07
saifulaffendyi can teach  u15:07
Akulino, i still don't have a smartphone :D15:07
Akuliwhen i'll get one i probably want an ubuntu phone15:08
ouroumovsaifulaffendy, can you please limit yourself to a single question mark when you ask a question?15:08
saifulaffendyowh i see now...wow nice to know there are who use ubuntu on phone15:09
saifulaffendysorry ouroumov about that ...it my habit ...15:09
Akulii think you can't install it on a normal android phone, and you need one made for ubuntu15:10
ouroumovI'm using Ubuntu on my phone right now (BQ Aquaris E5)15:10
ouroumovI like having regular updates.15:10
saifulaffendyfrom now on i will explore more about how to change andriod to other linux distro...15:12
ouroumov_Damn I'd forgot to turn off my phone's hotspot15:12
Akuliyou probably can't install whatever you want on an android phone15:12
saifulaffendyourounov why dont u just use andriod?15:12
Akulior maybe you could.. but its going to be hard15:13
saifulaffendywhy Akuli? have u try ?15:13
ouroumov_saifulaffendy, because Android is a mess regarding security updates15:13
Akulii like to have an operating system that i can explore, and i know how it works15:13
ouroumov_saifulaffendy, just google "stagefright vuln" and you'll see what I mean15:13
Akuliandroid and windows aren't exactly like that to me15:13
wangjunying_Chinese  mobilephone company Meizu have sold ubuntu phone15:14
wangjunying_Meizu pro515:14
saifulaffendywow Meizu pro5 64 gb c0st about 648 sgd15:17
wangjunying_is it expensive?15:18
saifulaffendyyeah !!! when it convert to my contry curency it about 1900+-15:19
saifulaffendybut it spec so good and powerfull15:20
ouroumov_Yeah it's about 550€ in France. It's the price of a mid-range laptop.15:22
alkisgIn case gerd comes back: yup, his system is fine for Ubuntu, he just needs to put forcepae in the kernel cmdline.15:23
wangjunying_in china it just sell 2499 rmb15:27
odroidhi to everyone16:30
odroidhi to everyone16:31
Akulihi odroid16:31
odroiddoes anbody know anything about ubuntu mate16:32
SCHAAP137i'm using it as we speak, odroid16:32
SCHAAP137what do you want to know?16:32
odroidand about odroid c216:32
SCHAAP137i'm not familiar with odroid, apart from your username16:33
odroidi have some problems with the plugns from chronium16:33
SCHAAP137if a plugin depends on Google Chrome functionality specifically, it might not work 100% with Chromium16:34
odroidflash plugin_16:34
Akuliyou need chrome if you want to run the latest flash16:35
Akuliand you need a 64-bit operating system if you want to run the latest chrome16:35
SCHAAP137Google's Chrome comes bundles with its own Flash Plugin16:35
SCHAAP137but indeed, no i386 version anymore16:36
odroid tried to download chrome but it keeps on telling me that the structure of the package is amd64 and it can-t work16:36
SCHAAP137that would mean your operating system is i386 / 32-bit16:36
SCHAAP137and indeed, it cannot handle amd64 stuff16:36
odroidThe ODROID-C2 is a 64-b16:38
SCHAAP137the processor's capabilities, are independent from the operating system installed; you can have a 32-bit OS on a 64-bit capable CPU16:38
SCHAAP137ah, it's ARM as well16:39
ouroumovodroid, please type in a terminal: uname -a and give us the result16:39
odroidLinux odroid64 3.14.65-71 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jul 13 23:30:26 BRT 2016 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux16:40
ouroumovSo it's an ARM device16:41
ouroumovThat's another problem16:41
SCHAAP137i doubt there is an aarch64 package for Chrome16:41
Akulione option is to run a browser under wine16:41
Akuliits not ideal, but it works16:41
odroiddo you know other browsers to play streaming well16:43
Akuliwindows is pretty well supported, i've seen a tutorial of running wine in windows to watch flash videos16:44
odroidanother problem is that software boutique doesn-t work16:44
Akulirunning firefox in wone16:44
Akulinot wine in windows16:44
odroidfirefox doesn-t work16:44
ouroumovYou should hate on the streaming websites, not the browser16:45
odroidwhen I launch it it starts correctly but then the window just shuts down16:45
Akulihave you ran it from a terminal to see what exactly fails?16:46
odroidno, i-m not that good i don-t know how to do it16:47
Akuliopen a terminal, type firefox, press enter16:47
Akuliterminal commands are simple16:47
odroidit sounds easy16:48
Akulijust type the name of the file you want to run16:48
Akuliin this case /usr/bin/firefox, but just firefox is enough16:48
ouroumov(Because /usr/bin is a common PATH from programs)16:48
odroidsegmentation fault is the answer16:49
odroidthank you for your tips16:49
Akulithats weird, i wouldn't expect it to just segfault like that16:50
Akulido other programs work?16:50
odroidall the ones that i tried are working, but i have had it for only two weeks16:51
odroidbut many things are not working realy well16:52
odroidfirefox, software boutique and flash plugins for chronium16:53
ouroumovodroid, do you have an apport crash report for that segfault?16:55
odroidwhat is it_16:57
ouroumovThe popup that tells you that a program crashed.16:57
ouroumovI'm not sure firefox crashes are collected by that stuff though16:57
odroidin fact there is no popup16:58
odroiddo you know if there-s another browser i can use17:00
Akulichromium? :)17:01
odroidchromium work but not in a streaming site17:11
odroidbecause i can-t update flash plugin17:12
tewardis Chrome an option?  You'd have to go download it and install it, but Chrome usually has an updated Flash (pepper flash) in it17:14
odroidi try download it but during installation  telling me that the structure of the package is amd64 and it can-t work17:25
odroidLinux odroid64 3.14.65-71 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jul 13 23:30:26 BRT 2016 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux17:26
Akulii don't understand why the architecture matters as much as it does17:36
Akulii mean, its a web browser, why does it require a specific processor architecture17:36
alkisgAkuli: most (.deb) packages are compiled for specific architectures, afaik google chrome only provides packages for amd6417:37
alkisgSo it's not possible to get it to run on arm without google adding support for it17:37
Akulioh now i see.. its in compiled form so of course17:38
ubuntu-mateQuiero pedirles un favor17:54
mate|95112Hello there, could you please help resolve issue with dconf-editor. I want to edit the calendar/time format at the tray to show week number18:52
mate|95112but the indicator.datetime does not enable any changes, i enabled custom for time-format18:53
mate|95112but the changes do not come into effect18:53
mate|95112logged in and out, no success18:53
Akulimate|95112, right-click your clock, settings18:59
Akulioh, doesn't show a week number19:00
mate|95112Akuli, now it doesn't show week number in the tray (only inside the calendar), I would like it on the tray19:06
Akulii'm reading through the source and trying to find the clock applet19:07
jesse__Installed Ubuntu Mate 16.04 want to use ROS?23:03
jesse__It looks like ROS cannot work here!23:04
jesse__I want to robot operating system on Ubuntu Mate!?23:06
jesse__Does anyone know anything about ROS?23:07
ouroumovDoes ROS have a website?23:07
ouroumovIt looks to me like their installation guidelines are up to date for Xenial: http://wiki.ros.org/kinetic/Installation/Ubuntu23:09
jesse__using arm23:09
jesse__will check it out23:10
ouroumovIf it's aarch32 (rpi)? maybe that won't work23:10
ouroumovNot sure if armhf ~ aarch32, don't have a pi23:10
jesse__rasbian has been setup for ros23:10
jesse__jessie flavor23:10
jesse__Looks like I'll have to reinstall23:11
ouroumovWorse case, you'll have to build from source23:11
jesse__Too many packages23:11
jesse__Too much time23:11
jesse__Want to start out with the base23:12
ouroumovAlternatively, you may drop your pi down the nearest bin23:12
jesse__There are over 1000 packages23:12
jesse__I am using the pi as the sbc for the robot23:13
jesse__Have the remote computer already setup23:13
jesse__I here Udoo is great for that but I want to try pi firsat23:14
jesse__Any sbc like pi has to work on Ubuntu!?23:14
jesse__Any success from anyone?23:15

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