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Mirvduflu: do you have a chromebook with the gfxboot issue or just polishing bugs?06:52
MirvI was meaning to try to figure out how to rip off gfxboot from image (like unetbootin does, but unetbootin does not work for 16.04 images anymore), but then again my main problem with my chromebook is that the seabios cannot boot from internal SSD which makes installing Ubuntu there a bit useless.. (even though it works, I used 14.04.4). so I'm using chroot for now.06:54
dufluMirv: Yes I have one, but have other priorities than hacking it right now. My previous experiences told me not to install Ubuntu onto the Chromebook itself. Because unless you can access the hardware write-protect switch it will default to giving you a warning on boot up... and then hitting the wrong key will clobber the Ubuntu setup06:56
dufluBetter to install Ubuntu to USB or SD or something06:57
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Mirvduflu: that's true too, you can't disable the easy-to-push-destroy without disabling the write protect. then again, it seems quite well documented what screw to unscrew to disable write protection. but your idea of using Ubuntu from USB/SD would actually be the solution for my SeaBIOS problem too, so maybe I should actually try to find time to modify 16.04 image to be bootable.. or I could use the unetboo06:59
Mirvtin for 14.04.4/.5 and upgrade that to xenial07:00
MirvI'd like to run Unity 8 / Mir / everything over there since it's a touch enabled chromebook too07:00
dufluYeah Chromebooks are handy hardware. It would be good for Ubuntu if we supported them a bit better07:00
Mirvthe SUSE's gfxboot developer did his best. then again if we would get _UEFI_ boot working (whatever it needs) instead of legacy we wouldn't be using gfxboot in the first place07:01
dufluMirv: Chromebooks have EFI??07:02
Mirvbut it seems it's still TODO and not WIP for eg GalliumOS too07:02
Mirvduflu: AFAIK that's what it tries to boot when pressing "Ctrl+U" instead of "Ctrl+L", but I really do not have slightest idea what kind of Coreboot payloads or such it'd need07:02
dufluMirv: I thought Ctrl+U was for ChromeOS USB sticks only?07:03
dufluU for USB, not UEFI07:03
dufluL for legacy (Ubuntu)07:03
Mirvduflu: well hmm at least some have certainly hacked TianoCore (UEFI) on top of Coreboot and have Xubuntu running https://github.com/GalliumOS/galliumos-distro/issues/11207:04
dufluMirv: BTW don't expect Mir to start just yet: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/116902007:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1169020 in Mir "[regression] Mir gives up too easily - std::exception::what: Failed to find the current VT" [Medium,Triaged]07:05
dufluMir doesn't support VT-less kernels (ChromeOS)07:05
dufluI hope that's the only hurdle07:06
Mirvoh, ok. well Unity 8 on X.org for starters then would be my goal..07:06
dufluAlso Mir has at least two other minor kernel requirements that ChromeOS may not meet07:07
dufluThey would all need workarounds07:07
Mirv...a goal for some rainy day I get that chromebook out of the drawer07:07
Mirvduflu: well if we're booting Ubuntu we're not running ChromeOS?07:08
Mirvonly coreboot + seabios and then normal kernels and everything07:08
dufluMirv: I mean the Crouton option... which is better for armhf chromebooks07:08
Mirvah well crouton is totally else yes, that's what I have at the moment07:09
Mirvmy chromebook is x86, similar to https://www.amazon.com/Acer-Chromebook-CB5-132T-C1LK-Certified-Refurbished/dp/B01GK8URL2/ - 4GB, 32GB, quad-core 14nm Atom with Broadwell era graphics07:11
Mirvwith crouton I only got KDE Plasma 5 working with xenial, and even that needed some hacking. the script is badly out of date but Unity(7) wouldn't start even after removing the unity-2d referrals07:12
dufluMirv: I recall last time I tried the only workable option was either 12.04 or 14.04 and then partially successful upgrade07:14
Mirvduflu: it's still the same unless you do some fixing in /tmp where crouton unpacks its scripts, and run then from there07:24
Mirvbut with a couple of fixes xenial installation is possible07:24
Mirvfor KDE I was simple fixing the plasma-desktop package name to point to the current KDE5  name07:24
dufluI feel Ubuntu should be keeping up with consumer devices like Chromebooks and Windows tablets better than it is...07:24
MirvPlasma is useful for me since I can test Qt 5 with that at least07:25
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alan_gnamecheck for anpok - https://who-t.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/libinput-is-done.html - congrats10:08
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anpokoh wow12:15
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alan_gcamako: this has changed again since you approved, still happy? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/add-mir_surface_spec_attach/+merge/30020216:38
* camako looks16:38
camakoalan_g, LGTM16:39
alan_gcamako: thanks16:40
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greybackalan_g: "placement" is a funny word instead of position. How come?17:26
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