slangasektsimonq2: you're looking for yakkety daily images, not xenial daily images?00:00
tsimonq2slangasek: correct00:00
slangasekMissing debootstrap-required makedev00:00
slangasekCD1 missing some packages needed by debootstrap00:00
slangasekmake: *** [/srv/cdimage.ubuntu.com/scratch/lubuntu/yakkety/daily/tmp/yakkety-pow00:00
slangasekerpc/packages-stamp] Error 100:00
tsimonq2slangasek: wait, relating to this problem?00:00
wxlwe're testing xenial for .100:00
tsimonq2oghhhhh I'm stupid :(00:00
slangasekchecking if the errors are similar for the other lubuntu dailies00:01
wxlit happens to all of us00:01
slangasekthey are00:01
slangasekanyway, yeah, that dir is for the yakkety dailies, not the 16.04.1 candidates00:01
wxli asked adam earlier if we had a timeline for the TRUSTY respin XD00:01
slangasekwxl: we do! "next week"00:01
tsimonq2welp, Xenial is good to go00:01
tsimonq2slangasek: but a good time to look at Yakkety XD00:01
tsimonq2sorry all :P00:02
wxlno worries00:02
wxllooks like you caught something at least00:02
wxlit's just not as urgent :)00:02
tsimonq2yep :)00:02
tsimonq2sorry for the pings infinity :)00:02
wxljust keep on pinging him while you tell him sorry for pinging him00:03
wxlsheesh, the nerve of some people :)00:03
tsimonq2yep, that's how that works ;)00:03
tsimonq2anyways, I'm testing for that libfm fix00:03
wxlin yakkety or xenial?00:04
wxloh well get that thing zsync'd then :)00:04
tsimonq2I'm grabbing the Xenial image to test and see if the libfm fix is good to go for 16.04.100:04
tsimonq2wxl: that's what I'm doing ;)00:05
slangasektsimonq2: so regarding the oversizedness, who is going to fit this back down to CD size and when?  This is listed on a daily basis as an error in my email, it's tagged as a warning on the index of every daily image, yet it hasn't gotten attention for the past two releases.  An error message that no one pays attention to isn't useful00:05
tsimonq2slangasek: I see - how do I get this error message? XD00:06
tsimonq2slangasek: but in all serious, Julien00:06
slangasekwe can sign you up to receive the daily emails ;P00:06
tsimonq2slangasek: he's our development head and does the metapackage manipulation00:07
slangasek(and it's also in red on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/xenial/daily/current/)00:07
tsimonq2wxl: can we sign lubuntu-devel or lubuntu-admins up? :)00:08
tsimonq2slangasek: I'll address it at our Lubuntu meeting tomorrow00:09
slangasektsimonq2: cheers00:09
tsimonq2slangasek: anyways, where did you find those errors?00:09
slangasektsimonq2: the ones about the image builds?00:10
slangasekI found them on nusakan... let me remember where the public mirror is00:10
tsimonq2slangasek: are these part of the emails that get sent out?00:10
slangasektsimonq2: build failure mails also get sent out, yes00:10
tsimonq2I mean, with the logs?00:11
tsimonq2slangasek: could you just forward me today's email? tsimonq2@ubuntu.com00:11
slangasekand http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/ doesn't have anything newer than utopic, and I think those are only the logs for the old livefs builders... not sure if the cdimage logs are published anywhere00:12
slangasektsimonq2: it's quite possible that the failure emails also only cover livefs builds, now that I look at my mail history00:12
slangasekbut I can dig a log out and post it for you00:13
tsimonq2that would be awesome, thank you00:13
slangasektzimonq: https://people.canonical.com/~vorlon/lubuntu-daily-20160719.log00:16
slangasektsimonq2: ^^00:16
tsimonq2thanks slangasek00:17
tsimonq2slangasek: is the nusakan code public?00:18
tjaaltoninfinity: who are 'the friends'? :)00:19
tjaaltoninfinity: i've been on vacation and sprinting this week, I can test the image at some point today/tomorrow00:19
slangasektsimonq2: yes, lp:ubuntu-cdimage00:20
tsimonq2slangasek: I thought that was only the scripts that called it? where are the actual build scripts (in lp:ubuntu-cdimage)00:21
slangasektsimonq2: ah, then you mean lp:~ubuntu-cdimage/debian-cd/ubuntu00:26
tsimonq2that might be it :)00:27
tsimonq2thanks :)00:28
tsimonq2slangasek: hey, you still around?00:46
xnoxslangasek, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/00:54
tsimonq2OH! thanks xnox :)00:54
xnoxfor some things you would want to see the livebuild info from launchpad, and the start of the log it will have urls to requested livebuilds00:55
xnoxand follow that to see that part of the build log00:55
xnoxe.g. http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/livecd-base/xenial/?C=M;O=A ->00:56
xnoxhttp://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/livecd-base/xenial/livecd-base-20160420.log ->00:56
xnoxdepending which part of build-process one is after00:56
slangasekxnox: oh right, those :)00:56
xnoxgood night.... however it is still too hot to sleep =/00:57
slangasekTrevinho: hi, please see bug #160465705:09
ubot5bug 1604657 in unity (Ubuntu) "[Regression] Unity shows blank desktop with software renderer" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160465705:09
tjaaltoninfinity: I don't see the trusty daily image using lts-xenial stack05:44
tjaaltonjust did an install05:44
tjaaltonor, at least it doesn't install it, maybe the installer ran it05:44
pittiinfinity: urgh, sorry, misunderstanding -- I thought you just asked for confirmation, not doing it05:51
pittiinfinity: trusty langpacks> I requested a full export on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+language-packs ; not sure if I still caught today's export (possible), otherwise I'll get one next Wed; if you need them earlier, I can ping wgrant about running it manually05:53
pittiinfinity: sprint weeks are notoriously bad for paying attention to IRC, sorry05:54
infinitypitti: Yeah, I'm sprinting too, I can relate.06:30
infinitytjaalton: Err, wat?  trusty dailies should have switched.06:30
tjaaltoninfinity: I downloaded from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/trusty/daily-live/current/06:31
infinitytjaalton: Maybe I only did that in a PPA, and I'm braindead?06:31
tjaaltonyou tell me ;)06:31
infinitytjaalton: Yeah, I think I neglected to actually upload.  Derp.  I'll find some time to test my PPA upload a bit, and then push it to the archive.06:32
tjaaltonok, cool06:33
infinitytjaalton: I'll give you a poke when dailies have flipped.06:33
infinitypitti: Next wed should be fine, if that gives you enough time to validate and promote.06:33
tjaaltoninfinity: actually, proposed is enabled06:40
tjaaltonin /etc/apt/sources.list.d/proposed.list. but I can't see xserver-xorg-lts-xenial06:40
infinitytjaalton: Sure, proposed is enabled, but I didn't make the livecd-rootfs change to switch to lts-xenial.  That's sitting in a PPA right now.06:41
tjaaltonand xorg-lts-xenial is not in new anymore?06:41
tjaaltonsurely I should be able to see the pkg with apt06:42
infinitytjaalton: Try an apt-get update?06:42
tjaaltonah there it is06:43
tjaaltonooh, and upgrae seems to work too06:44
infinitytjaalton: You're not supposed to sound surprised by that. ;)06:47
tjaaltonright, spoke too soon :)06:47
tjaaltonthe image will build fine, but there's still something with the upgrade, it won't pull everything that's needed06:48
tsimonq2infinity: could you please upload my fix in bug 1574544 to xenial-proposed?06:48
ubot5bug 1574544 in light-locker-settings (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] Light-locker-settings crash on startup" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157454406:48
infinitytsimonq2: Are you going to retest all lubuntu ISOs if we push that through and respin, or are you wanting it as a post-point-release SRU?06:52
infinitytsimonq2: Also, the version in your debdiff is wrong.  Can't use the same version as yakkety.06:54
tjaaltoninfinity: won't pull libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-xenial, i'll look into that06:54
infinitytjaalton: I thought the previous one had that issue too.  I think my wiki instructions explicitly put that on that apt-get install line.06:55
tjaaltonthen it'll complain about deps06:55
tjaaltonprobably a scripted typo somewhere06:55
tjaaltonhuh, works on the installed machine07:01
tjaaltonso maybe it's all fine afterall07:01
tjaaltonI'll check the wiki07:01
tjaaltoninfinity: for ubuntu at least it seems to be enough  to just do 'apt install xserver-xorg-lts-xenial libwayland-egl1-mesa-lts-xenial' and it'll pull the kernel and all. --install-recommends is probaly for flavors that don't install recommends by default? (if there are any)07:06
tsimonq2infinity: let's land in 16.04.1, I'll test the fix, then could you respin once it's in -updates?07:11
tsimonq2that will be the final respin then07:11
flexiondotorginfinity, Yo07:13
infinityflexiondotorg: 'Sup?07:13
flexiondotorgWhere are you hiding?07:13
infinityflexiondotorg: Germany.07:13
flexiondotorgI've tried chasing round.07:14
jbichainfinity: good morning, I'm checking on whether the gnome image will still have gnome-maps07:19
tsimonq2flocculant: ping07:20
infinityjbicha: I need to fix that today.07:20
jbichainfinity: I appreciate it :)07:21
flocculanttsimonq2: quickly - off out the door very shortly07:21
tsimonq2flocculant: the fix to light-locker-settings is landing soon, it affects Xubuntu, if the bug report is correct it makes light-locker-settings completely unusable - Lubuntu is doing a respin07:22
tsimonq2flocculant: I thought I would let you know just in case you wanted to consider doing the same07:22
tsimonq2(for 16.04.1)07:22
flocculantwhat bug is that?07:23
tsimonq2bug 157454407:23
ubot5bug 1574544 in light-locker-settings (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] Light-locker-settings crash on startup" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157454407:23
flocculantmmm not seen that one before07:25
flocculanttsimonq2: we don't install that package07:28
tsimonq2oh really?07:29
tsimonq2alright, problem solved :)07:29
flocculanttoo many things too early - we dob't in yak at least, don't think we do in xenial07:30
flocculantand we don't there either - didn't think so07:32
tsimonq2infinity: how long does it take for a package to be published in proposed after the upload?07:43
infinitytsimonq2: It takes until it's done.07:55
tsimonq2oh okay infinity07:55
infinitytsimonq2: Should be pushing to mirrors over the next 10-15m.07:59
tsimonq2thanks, not being impatient, I was just generally curious how long it takes infinity :)08:00
infinitytsimonq2: The time varies.  Build time, then the publisher can be anywhwere from 5m to 30+, depending on what's pending and in how many series'.08:00
infinitytsimonq2: Then pushing to public mirrors.08:01
tsimonq2infinity: verification-done on bug 157454408:10
ubot5bug 1574544 in light-locker-settings (Ubuntu Xenial) "[SRU] Light-locker-settings crash on startup" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157454408:10
infinitytsimonq2: Ta.08:11
flexiondotorginfinity, Obviously no powerpc with me.08:49
flexiondotorgOne community member reports the PowerPC image boots.08:50
flexiondotorgThey've not done and install.08:50
flexiondotorgThat is good enough for me. You're thoughts?08:50
infinityflexiondotorg: Boots and installs would be ideal.08:50
infinityflexiondotorg: Well, boot, install, reboot.08:50
flexiondotorgI'm not going to get an install test :-(08:50
infinityflexiondotorg: That's the minimal smoketest I require before releasing something to end users.08:50
infinityflexiondotorg: Can be done in qmeu, though it's sloooow on x86.08:51
flexiondotorginfinity, Have you seen my laptop ;-)08:51
tjaaltoninfinity: when is 14.04.5 supposed to ship?08:51
infinitytjaalton: 2 weeks and 2 days.08:51
flexiondotorginfinity, Can you give me 5 mins in a break to teach me the qemu dance?08:52
infinityflexiondotorg: Yeah.  I might also be able to do it remotely on a PPC machine, though poking a hole and forwarding VNC will take some doing.08:52
infinityjbicha: Testing livecd-rootfs fix here https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/xenial/ubuntu-gnome/+build/6972808:53
tsimonq2infinity: seems it's landed in -proposed! \o/08:53
infinityjbicha: If that comes out identical to the current daily, minus gnome-maps, I'll push it to the archive and respoin.08:53
infinityrespin, too.08:54
tsimonq2whoops, -updates08:54
infinitytsimonq2: Not entirely, but yes, I'm watching.08:54
tsimonq2cool, thanks for watching :)08:54
tjaaltoninfinity: will the previous stacks be upgraded to .5?08:54
infinitytjaalton: Automatically?  No.  We'll resurrect the bits we used in 12.04.5 to inform people they need to upgrade, and teach update-manager to do so, etc.08:55
infinitytjaalton: Thankfully, this is the last LTS with that broken thing, since we roll in Xenial.08:55
tjaaltoninfinity: ok, because the thing is that fglrx users might see regressions because amd hasn't made a non-beta hybrid driver yet08:56
davmor2infinity: just refreshing all my images I assume the d-i fix is in the latest image right?08:57
infinitydavmor2: Yup.08:57
tjaaltonbut if it's enough to mention it in relnotes and maybe warn somewhere (update-manager?) then that's fine08:57
davmor2infinity: awesome thanks for the fix08:57
infinitydavmor2: Only respins pending now are lubuntu for light-locker-settings and ubuntu-gnome for the livecd-rootfs fix, everything else is stable (and hopefully final)08:57
infinitydavmor2: Pretty please bug any flavours who aren't testing.08:58
infinityI'd help test for people, but bandwidth at this sprint is awful.08:58
infinityPlus, ignoring Mark is a CLM.08:59
davmor2infinity: oh your at the snappy sprint didn't know dude :)08:59
* mwhudson was thinking this was late for infinity to be awake even by his standards09:08
=== s8321414_ is now known as s8321414
xnoxinfinity, is base the new name for the old core?09:44
* xnox is confused09:44
davmor2infinity: good news netboot is working \o/09:51
infinitydavmor2: I would be shocked if it wasn't.09:52
infinityxnox: Yes.  We were forced to rename it do it didn't conflict with the other Core.09:52
infinitys/do it/so it/09:52
davmor2infinity: indeed but it's nice to know it now there is a real image right :D09:53
infinitydavmor2: Indeed.  I committed the same to Debian, since they'll hit the same bug in a couple of months.09:53
=== rcj` is now known as rcj
xnoxinfinity, shouldn't "ports" .iso images have /ubuntu-ports directory?10:22
xnoxor at least a symlink from /ubuntu-ports -> /ubuntu?10:22
xnoxcause at the moment, one can network install off that iso mount, but one needs to specify three things on ports: country manual; hostname; directory /ubuntu10:23
xnoxinstead of just two on the special snowflake "i386" and "amd64"10:23
* xnox marks offline installation as pass10:23
infinityxnox: Probably.  File a bug.  Won't fix it for .110:35
infinityxnox: It's never been an issue for people installing with the ISO, so I guess we've never noticed.10:36
xnoxbug #160476510:40
ubot5bug 1604765 in Ubuntu CD Images "ports.iso should have /ubuntu-ports -> /ubuntu symlink" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160476510:40
xnoxalso console-setup has a minor regression on s390x -> unit fails and causes install to be "degraded"10:49
xnoxbug #160473710:49
ubot5bug 1604737 in console-setup (Ubuntu Xenial) "s390x installations are degraded due to failed setvtrgb.service" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160473710:49
tsimonq2infinity: what's the status of the rebuild?11:03
infinitytsimonq2: Kicking off lubuntu* nowish.  Had a lunch break. :P11:09
xnoxi should do lunch too i guess, this encrypted install will take forever11:10
tsimonq2ok infinity :)11:12
* tsimonq2 sleeps11:15
flexiondotorginfinity, I'm doing the qemu powerpc dance.11:46
flexiondotorgSlowly. Very, v-e-r-y, s-l-o-w-l-y....11:46
Odd_Blokeflexiondotorg: You're slow-dancing with powerpc?11:49
Odd_Blokeinfinity will be jealous.11:49
infinityflexiondotorg: 64-bit, I hope11:51
infinityflexiondotorg: The 32-bit emu is even slower and buggier.11:51
flexiondotorgNot what I wanted to hear infinity ;-)11:51
infinityflexiondotorg: I'm in an empty slot right now, if you wanted me to come hand-hold.11:52
flexiondotorgTesting Ubuntu MATE 16.04.1 candidate for PowerPC emulating G4 CPU.11:52
flexiondotorginfinity, Thanks for the offer. Making good, but slow progress.11:52
infinityYeah, emulating a pSeries machine would be less vile.11:52
infinityqemu-system-ppc64 -M pseries11:53
flexiondotorgIn actual fact, not that much slow than my real iBook G4.11:53
flexiondotorginfinity, Thanks. Added to my notes.11:53
flexiondotorgIs that a valid emulation to sign off on the image?11:53
infinityIf you have a pseries machine with a video card and it installs MATE, I'd call it good.11:54
infinityAnd less likely to explode than old machines from last decade. :P11:54
infinityUh oh.  I'm down to three more pseudoephedrine.  This cold needs to die in the next 16 hours.11:56
apwinfinity, that sounds fatal ... need to ask a local what they are called12:11
infinityapw: Yeah, I might get someone to go buy drugs for me.12:13
xnoxinfinity, i think you are after sudafed12:15
infinityxnox: That'd be the most common brand, yes.12:15
xnoxinfinity, but take your existing stuff with you, and say "yo i am sick candadian give me more pills"12:15
xnoxas i think it's prescription only in germany, as it's controlled recreational substitute.....12:16
infinityThat would be lame.12:16
cjwatsonIs it one of those countries where it's easier to buy meth and synthesise pseudoephedrine from it?12:16
xnoxcjwatson, =))) yes12:16
infinityI didn't know you could go that direction.12:17
infinityIn North America, we buy pseudo to make meth. :P12:17
cjwatsoninfinity: http://heterodoxy.cc/meowdocs/pseudo/pseudosynth.pdf12:17
infinitycjwatson: Why do you have that link handy? :)12:18
xnoxthat's what i was pondering too.12:18
cjwatsonI didn't, I just have search-fu :)12:18
xnoxthe look up speed is fast with this one12:18
infinityUh huh.12:18
infinityRight.  Well, I'll go find myself a meth dealer and a kids' chemistry set.12:19
cjwatson(I have nowhere near enough chemistry to be able to tell whether the actual synthesis is feasible or chain-jerking ...)12:20
infinitycjwatson: Only one way to find out!12:30
infinitycjwatson: Next up, making coca leaves from cocaine.12:30
infinityCause that's good chewin'.12:30
infinityjbicha: What timezone are you in?12:31
infinityOh, EST5EDT.12:32
apwinfinity, ^ this is something which got pushed out by the incoming shim/dkms stuff for secure boot, it is applied to wily/xenial already; but ... is trusty-proposed still open13:09
infinityapw: Yeah.13:13
infinityapw: For userspace stuff, trusty's still got time.13:13
sil2100Hello release team! We just recently pushed out a new address-book-app version to our 3 series (yakkety, xenial-overlay and vivid-overlay)13:13
sil2100We're working currently on the whole touch xenial-arm64 enablement initiative13:13
sil2100The new address-book-app basically enables building the arm64 binaries - the thing is, since we had to triple-land address-book-app, now the package will be stuck in -proposed for a longer while due to unity8 not available for arm6413:14
sil2100Which is a dependency of address-book-app13:15
sil2100So britney is sad13:15
sil2100We can't make unity8 buildable because we need oxide-qt 1.17 for that, which is planned to be released in ~a month13:15
sil2100It is buildable in our xenial-overlay because we (*cough*) hacked in a arm64-only oxide-qt-arm64 1.17 based package there to make things moving, as we can't wait a month for getting our first testable images13:16
infinitysil2100: So, don't upload packages that depend on packages that don't exist?13:16
sil2100infinity: I would love to, but address-book-app is a triple-landed CI Train package, it's either all or nothing13:16
sil2100infinity: if we only pushed that to xenial, with every new address-book-app our changes would be reverted13:17
sil2100My question now is, how can we proceed? Should we drop the address-book-app part, leave it only for xenial-overlay and rebuild everytime someone triple-lands it?13:17
infinitysil2100: Or make unity8 build in yakkety?  Where is this mysterious "oxide-qt-arm64 1.17" from, and why can't we just upload oxide-qt 1.17 for all arches instead?13:18
infinity(If it's a pre-release, fine, upload 1.17~pre1)13:18
sil2100infinity: it's some oxide release cycle that they follow, we currently have 1.15, in the nearest time there will be a 1.16 released13:18
sil2100So we can't just skip to 1.1713:18
sil2100The oxide-qt-arm64 is an overlay-only package we pushed to the PPA that provides oxide-qt binaries only for arm64 that's based on 1.1713:19
infinitysil2100: Well, what you're asking me to do is let you have uninstallable packages, which is exactly the opposite direction of where we should be heading to.13:19
sil2100It's a hack we did to speed things up for our testing13:19
sil2100Well, yeah, but arm64 will be installable once we have all the bits in place, right now we didn't even have any arm64 binaries for address-book-app13:20
sil2100Currently we simply cannot (or I can't think of an easy way)13:20
infinitysil2100: If oxide-qt 1.17 is to be final in ~1mo, I don't see why a pre-release can't land now.13:20
sil2100chrisccoulson: ping13:21
sil2100infinity: chrisccoulson would have to give us some input here, since if we land a pre-release now, they won't be able to land their 1.16 which they have planned right now and in the works13:21
infinitysil2100: If the goal is 1.17 for yakkety, we should just work on that.13:22
infinitysil2100: If the goal isn't 1.17 for yakkety, then your bits will remain uninsallable, and you shouldn't upload them.13:22
infinitysil2100: I don't see a whole bunch of grey area here.13:22
sil2100Yes, it is the goal13:22
sil2100But a goal that will be achieved in a month or so13:23
sil2100With a few other sub-goals mid-way13:23
infinityBut it clearly sort of exists already, or that oxide-qt 1.17 package you have in your PPA would be vapourware. :P13:23
sil2100I guess there are some branches out there yes, but 1.17 we have was tailored just for us, with love etc.13:24
sil2100I need chrisccoulson to back me up on this one13:24
sil2100Or dbarth13:24
xnoxsil2100, why can you not upload oxide-qt 1.17 for arm64 only into yakkety, they way it is done in the ppa?13:30
xnoxor why triple-landing packaging cannot do special things in xenial-overlay only13:30
xnox(i.e. have arm64 only in xenial and not other series...)13:31
sil2100xnox: well, would the archive admins be happy about a oxide-qt package only for arm64?13:31
sil2100If yes, we can do that no problem13:32
infinitysil2100: For release?  Absolutely not.  For now, maaaaybe?13:32
sil2100hm hm hm13:32
chrisccoulsonyou can upload whatever version of oxide you like to yakkety. I don't care ;)13:34
sil2100Ok, let's leave the address-book-app in -proposed for a bit, I'll try to somehow re-check our options13:34
chrisccoulsonthe -arm64 hack was because we didn't want to ship a bleeding edge build in an OTA just in order to enable arm6413:34
infinitychrisccoulson: Right, then I'd rather see that pre-release 1.17 be all arches, not some arm64 hack.13:34
infinitychrisccoulson: Assuming >= 1.17 will be the final shipping version.13:34
sil2100That would be nice13:35
infinity(in yakkety, I mean, not the overlay)13:35
sil2100Of course13:35
sil2100chrisccoulson: do you have any pre-release binaries of oxide-qt 1.17 for yakkety anywhere?13:36
infinitysil2100: I'm assuming you can take the oxide-qt-arm64 package, rename it, and Bob's your uncle.13:36
infinity(And enable it on all arches, if it's arm64-specific right now)13:36
* sil2100 shrugs13:37
xnoxinfinity, so apart from console-setup degraded bug all looks good. needs ConditionArchitecture=!s390x on the setvtrgb.service13:37
xnoxhowever, i'm slightly confused why it fails on s390x even in KVM13:37
sil2100Last time I was re-packaging the source package of oxide-qt it was thrashing my whole laptop for 2 hours13:37
infinityxnox: Ugh.13:37
infinityxnox: Is that critically broken?13:37
sil2100That's why I always tend to ask if we have some version ready somewhere already ;)13:38
infinityxnox: I don't really want to respin the world. :P13:38
xnoxinfinity, nothing is broken, apart from $ systemctl is-system-running claims "degraded" which imho is cosmetic13:38
xnoxso i don't want to respin because of that13:38
infinityxnox: Ahh, so that can be fixed in a 0-day SRU on Friday or whatever.13:38
xnoxi'll SRU it post .113:38
infinityThough, I'm always annoyed by systemd telling me I'm degraded.13:38
xnoxyeah, but if you do happen to respin, squeezing this in might be fun.13:39
infinityxnox: Well, if you're sure disabling it on s390x is the right answer, upload.13:39
xnoxcd /tm13:39
infinityxnox: But if it's more fundamentally "doesn't work on non-vga consoles" or something, we might have a more generic bug to fix.13:39
xnoxfocus follow eyesight stopped working again13:39
chrisccoulsonsil2100, I don't have any builds for yakkety. And the version in the overlay PPA is quite out of date now13:40
xnoxinfinity, it's all really weird, on kvm i get pretty nice full vt capable console on serial, yet i don't get pretty colors at all.13:40
xnoxe.g. dpkg-reconfigure debconf -> is just black & white rather than aubergine like it is on x86_64 kvm13:41
sil2100chrisccoulson: but we can use the 1.17 from the overlay for an upload to yakkety, right? Or would you prefer not?13:41
chrisccoulsonsil2100, I'd prefer not. it contains known regressions on other architectures (eg, bug 1599236)13:41
ubot5bug 1599236 in Oxide "Tooltips in Flash content have stopped working" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159923613:41
xnox"Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console"13:42
infinityxnox: Is the console actually a vc, or a different type of tty?13:42
infinityxnox: The right fix might just be to ignore failure.13:43
xnoxhow to correctly query the actual console?13:43
xnoxw says i am on ttysclp013:43
sil2100chrisccoulson: hmm, so which version of 1.17 should we use for the pre-release for yakkety?13:44
infinityYeah, that's not a vc.13:44
infinityI wonder if this thing works on serial at all.13:44
infinityProbably not, given the name.13:44
chrisccoulsonsil2100, the latest revision https://git.launchpad.net/oxide/commit/?id=57e72d85310e5a3b45c56a5ae9f5c98540b8d87813:45
infinityxnox: I'd suspect the right behaviour is just to ignore failure, rather than try to guess which consoles may or may not work.13:45
infinityxnox: Or, perhaps, for /sbin/setvtrgb to learn to behave better when asked to mangle a console it can't.13:45
chrisccoulsonAlthough you'll probably need me to create a tarball13:45
infinityxnox: Maybe the latter, since it's poor form to have || true in init jobs.13:46
xnoxit does have an array of things it tries13:46
xnox /proc/self/fd/0, /dev/tty, /dev/tty0, /dev/vc/0, /dev/systty, /dev/console13:47
* xnox ponders if adding ttyslcp0 to that will make things "work"13:47
sil2100Ok, so I think I'll just look into making address-book-app temporarily using the bileto hooks13:47
infinityxnox: Really doubt it.13:47
infinityxnox: Given that /proc/self/fd/0 is already going to be ttyslcp0 in your case, and it failed to love it.13:48
infinityxnox: Pretty sure it's doing things the linux vc driver itself can handle, and serial consoles can't.13:51
infinityxnox: So, yeah.  Might want to test the type of console before it acts, or something.13:51
xnoxtrying to find on fedora if and where they call setvtrgb13:53
infinityxnox: Is stvtrgb using GIO_CMAP/PIO_CMAP?13:59
xnoxinfinity, https://sources.debian.net/src/kbd/2.0.3-2/src/getfd.c/14:01
xnoxiterates conspaths, and open_a_console must succeed, wtih is_a_consoole14:01
xnoxreturn (isatty (fd)14:01
xnox&& ioctl(fd, KDGKBTYPE, &arg) == 014:01
xnox&& ((arg == KB_101) || (arg == KB_84)));14:01
xnoxno idea what GIO_CMAP and PIO_CMAP are14:01
infinityxnox: I meant to do the color setting.14:01
infinityxnox: But yes, that confirms my suspicion that they probably are, as they're testing explicitly if a Linux VC IOCTL works.14:02
infinityxnox: So, the only error, IMO, is that they exit non-zero if none of the scanned victims are Linux VCs.14:03
infinityxnox: Which would fail on any completely headless system.14:03
infinityie: I could reproduce this on PPC just as easily.14:03
infinityI would suggest that if all is_a_console() attempts fail, you'd want to exit 0, and then later, if setting colours on something we thought should work fails, exit non-zero.14:05
infinityAhh, and getfd exits 1 when is_a_console asplodes, so setvtrgb:main() just needs to test for that and either exit 0 or attempt to apply colors.14:08
infinityJust missing that one branch there, IMO.  It never tests the return of getfd(), it just assumes it got a useful result.14:09
xnoxupdated https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kbd/+bug/160473714:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1604737 in kbd (Ubuntu Xenial) "headless installations are degraded due to failed setvtrgb.service" [Undecided,New]14:10
xnoxwith above irc chatter14:10
infinityxnox: Arguably, the error string from getfd() should be less opaque too, and maybe something more pleasant like "Console isn't a Linux Virtual Console", but meh.14:13
xnoxgetfd does "exit(1)" total failure14:13
infinity"Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console" is about as useful as a kick in the head.  And also a lie.14:13
infinityOh, it exits, not returns?14:13
infinitySo, yeah, that needs to be a return, not exit.14:14
infinityThen main() needs to look for it and act.14:14
xnoxit's not lieing when it says "total failure" either14:14
infinityMy brain read the exit as return, assuming they wouldn't be so silly, I guess.14:14
infinityI guess, alternately, it could just exit 0 there.14:15
infinityWhich results in the same behaviour I was suggesting above.14:15
infinityJust doesn't seem like "Your console isn't a Linux VC" should fail non-zero to me.14:16
* infinity shrugs.14:16
xnoxinfinity, set normal exit to 1 in the systemd unit?14:18
davmor2infinity: should 16.04.1 have the upgrade from 14.04.4 enabled or is that coming in 14.04.514:20
xnoxdavmor2, after we release 16.04.1 that would make sense to enable..... usually bdmurray does it.14:23
xnoxdavmor2, we haven't released 16.04.1 yet14:23
davmor2xnox: yes I know but I'm just checking for timings14:23
flocculantcos I was being lazy ...14:24
infinitydavmor2: It'll be early next week, probably.14:26
infinityDaviey: Yo, is anyone testing mythbuntu?14:35
infinitydavmor2: How's desktop looking?  I don't see any test results on the tracker.14:40
davmor2infinity: there are some refresh14:41
infinitydavmor2: s/any/many/ ;)14:41
davmor2infinity: no issues so far14:41
davmor2infinity: that's cause netboot takes so long but that was good for desktop and server14:42
xnoxinfinity, i thought i used to have permissions to mark ubuntu server s390x as ready14:42
davmor2infinity: I should have amd64 finished today and start looking at i38614:43
infinityxnox: Doesn't matter, I always mark the Canonical products myself based on the testing state.14:43
xnoxlooks like i don't, it's all good across all platforms, variety of disks, etc. with offline/preseed/eltorito/.ins loading14:43
xnoxinfinity, the degraded setvtrgb thing is the only "borked" thing14:43
infinityxnox: Kay.14:44
xnoxi think i might just upload exit(0) to yakkety =)14:44
xnoxhowever exit 1 is kind of right, it's just that systemd job shouldn't fail and make the boot look degraded14:45
infinityxnox: Yeah, I'm on the fence about what's "right" there.14:55
infinityxnox: Maybe a --no-fail-if-not-vc switch, specifically for use in init jobs.14:55
infinityxnox: Cause init jobs shouldn't hack around failures with || true, but maybe the tool itself is doing the right thing when run manually.  I dunno.14:55
xnoxinfinity, maybe setvtrgb.service should not be wantedby sisinit.target14:56
xnoxbut instead be wantedby getty@.service14:57
xnoxthat way when we have "vt" it gets pulled in14:57
xnoxwhen we don't, it will not be pulled into boot at all.14:57
infinityxnox: Isn't getty run on all ttys, not just VCs?14:57
xnoxon s390x i only have serial-getty@* and no getty@.service14:57
infinityxnox: I mean, if it's not, you wouldn't get a prompt on serial. :P14:57
infinityOh.  They're different?  Weird.14:58
infinityThanks, systemd.14:58
xnoxthere is getty.target which consists of getty@ (graphical vgas) and serial-getty@ (for serial thingies)14:58
xnoxgetty.target is "catch 'em all"14:58
xnoxlet me try that14:59
xnoxinfinity, systemd is silly. wantedby getty@.service does not work, because there is always getty@tty1|7.service units generated by the generator.... with conditionpathexists=/dev/tty0 which means15:10
xnoxpretend we will start these, but then we won't.15:10
xnoxmeaning my setrgbvga still gets pulled in15:10
slangasekubuntu-server/xenial/powerpc still oversized; infinity were you going to drop the 32-bit kernel from there?15:10
xnoxso i am pondering conditionpathexists=/dev/tty0 to the setvtvga.service15:11
infinityxnox: FWIW, I'm degraded on a headless PPC install too, unsurprisingly.15:11
infinityxnox: That might be reasonable.15:11
infinityxnox: Err, but I have a /dev/tty0 here.15:11
xnoxinfinity, and what is $ systemct list-units --all getty*15:13
infinityslangasek: I'm not sure how I feel about dropping it in a stable series, but time's sort of running out there too.15:13
xnoxinfinity, and what is $ systemctl list-units --all getty*15:13
infinitygetty-static.service loaded inactive dead    getty on tty2-tty6 if dbus and logi15:14
infinitygetty@tty1.service   loaded active   running Getty on tty115:14
infinity‚óŹ keyboard-setup.service                                                    loaded failed failed    Set console keymap15:14
infinitygetty.target         loaded active   active  Login Prompts15:14
infinityOh, so I have a different failure here.15:14
infinityThanks, systemd.15:14
xnoxso colors did load correctly for you =)15:14
xnoxso all is good15:14
infinityxnox: Though, it's the same code dying. :P15:14
infinityJul 20 11:10:17 ubuntu loadkeys[2092]: Couldn't get a file descriptor referring15:14
bdmurrayslangasek: Could you fully phase php7.0 in xenial for nacc?15:20
infinityxnox: Do you not get loadkeys dying?15:21
infinityxnox: There might be some weird race where one or the other dies. :)15:21
infinityxnox: Based on the error message, it looks like it's the same getfd() failure.15:21
slangasekbdmurray: as opposed to overriding the phasing and letting it pick back up automatically?15:22
xnoxi'm complaining about setvtvga.service unit failing15:22
infinityxnox: Yes, I know.15:22
xnoxwhich unit you want me to check now? keyboard-setup?15:22
infinityxnox: But keyboard-setup.service appears to invoke the same codepath.15:22
bdmurrayslangasek: oh, yeah that.  I'll find some more coffee.15:23
xnoxit's not enabled on my machine....15:23
slangasekbdmurray: ok, ^C'ing the change-override :)15:23
infinityxnox: Huh.  Kay.15:23
xnoxand on s390x it loads fine15:23
xnoxWe are not on the console, the console is left unconfigured.15:24
xnoxwith exit 015:24
xnoxalso probably should not run15:24
infinityOh, FFS.15:24
infinityI switch from ppc64el to powerpc (EXACT SAME VM), and systemd-modules-load.service fails, while keyboard works.15:24
infinityI love deterministic boot systems.15:25
xnoxinfinity, note the $ /etc/systemd/system/getty.target.wants/getty@tty1.service -> so we always try to start tty1, even on headless systems....15:25
infinityxnox: Yeah.  I'm done talking about this today.  It's making me angry. ;)15:26
infinityxnox: Let's revisit after the point release is out and see if we can make a variety of hardware all boot green.15:26
infinityAnd if not, replace systemd with upstart over the weekend.15:26
* rbasak can see the headlines now15:26
infinityDaviey: If I'm asking the wrong person about Myth testing, can you pass along the message ASAP? :P15:28
infinitytgm4883: Oh, it's you I'm meant to be bugging.15:30
xnoxinfinity, it's getting too hot in britain again.15:30
xnoxi already have all windows open, turned the hot water boiler off15:30
infinityxnox: Pretty annoyingly hot in Heidelberg too.15:30
rbasakxnox: nah, this is nice. Much preferable to the usual.15:31
xnoxand now i'm off to get an ice cream15:31
xnoxhmmm sorbet15:31
infinitySorbet isn't ice cream.15:31
infinityIt's a travesty.15:31
tgm4883infinity: I'm downloading the ISO now15:32
infinitytgm4883: Yay.15:32
infinitytgm4883: I assume that's ISOs, plural. ;)15:32
infinitytgm4883: Based on everyone else's testing so far, I don't expect you to find much to complain about, but at the very least, I need confirmation of boot/install/reboot smoketesting before I'll let you release it. :P15:33
tgm4883yep, it's a slow download currently :/15:34
* xnox BRAINFREEZE15:38
Davieyinfinity: hey.. superm1 is the project lead.. i'm only loosely involved still16:12
Davieyinfinity: i'll talk with him16:12
infinityDaviey: tgm4883 is on the case.16:14
Davieyinfinity: hah, i just pinged him aswell16:15
tgm4883Daviey: I'm the best one to talk to, unless he's changed his mind superm1 is stepping down16:15
Davieytgm4883: sad4us16:17
tgm4883Daviey: true, but hopefully snap packages will work for us and we can drop the ISO16:17
* tgm4883 's goal16:17
infinitytgm4883: Well, if packages of any sort on top of a base OS "worked for you", you could just give your users a metapackage to install on top of, say, Xubuntu.16:18
infinitytgm4883: Not sure how snaps change that equation really.16:18
tgm4883infinity: one way or another, the 16.04.X releases are our last ISOs16:18
infinitytgm4883: You were LTS-only, right?16:18
infinitytgm4883: So, yeah, you have 21 months to figure out the next step.16:19
infinitytgm4883: But if/when you're positive you don't intend to release anything post-16.04.x, lemme know, and we can turn off your dailies and free up some disk space and machine time.16:21
infinity(your >= yakkety dailies, that is)16:21
tgm4883infinity: yep, LTS only16:23
tgm4883infinity: I'm like 99.9% positive. We already have a tool (MCC) that can install what's necessary16:23
tgm4883infinity: and if our snappy packaging works out, my official stance is "install core, add snap package"16:24
infinitytgm4883: Speaking of yakkety, you're aware that mythtv is uninstallable in yakkety, right?  (not to detract from your xenial testing)16:24
tgm4883infinity: no idea. I've not seen any bug reports on that16:25
infinitytgm4883: It depends on a package that's been removed due to bugginess and lack of porting.16:25
* infinity refreshes his memory.16:25
tgm4883I'll take a look16:26
jbichainfinity: the ubuntu-gnome iso build you linked me to adds notification-daemon and libreoffice-style-elementary :(16:27
tgm4883Can someone refresh my memory on the QA page for marking ISOs as good?16:27
infinityjbicha: Yeah, I'm still playing.16:27
infinitytgm4883: The package you depend on is transcode ... https://packages.qa.debian.org/t/transcode/news/20160331T095610Z.html16:27
infinitytgm4883: And http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/363/builds for your other question.16:28
infinityjbicha: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/xenial/ubuntu-gnome/+build/69761 might go better.  We'll see.16:28
infinityjbicha: If this build is good, I can turn around a livecd-rootfs SRU and image rebuild in a couple of hours.  Is that still good enough for you to finish testing, or should we give up the fight?16:32
tgm4883infinity: done, ISOslooks good16:35
infinitytgm4883: Shiny, thanks.16:35
infinitytgm4883: Feel free to help any flavours (other than Canonical ones) that appear to be slacking, if you're feeling helpful.16:35
jbichainfinity: I think we'll still be able to test in time, let me email our main tester16:36
infinityjbicha: Well, you have very few results right now on the current images, so either people aren't testing, or they're saving up their results to surprise us. ;)16:36
pittiinfinity: apparently I caught it early enough, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+language-packs has a new trusty export; so I'll build those in the next days; 14.04.x coming up?16:37
* infinity isn't a huge fan of surprises.16:37
sil2100infinity: as for the address-book-app yakkety blockage - I have a branch ready that will disable the arm64 package builds for anything non-xenial for now16:37
infinitypitti: Shiny.  14.04.x is in 2wk, so that sounds fresh enough to me.16:37
infinity14.04.5, even.16:38
sil2100infinity: (until we get oxide-qt, webbrowser and then unity8 building properly for arm64)16:38
infinitysil2100: *nod*16:38
infinitysil2100: If I find some "spare time" this cycle, I really want to drive the uninstall count to zero on all arches, hence my getting annoyed with people asking to drive it up.16:39
infinity(Plus, britney has a "feature" where it'll trade uninstallables to create a better overall situation, so every time you add one, you create the possibilty of breaking something else)16:39
infinityjbicha: Bingo.  That build looks good.16:40
sil2100infinity: no worries, I noticed the problem when britney in the silo was not happy with it and I was like "oh crap", but published anyway since I'm really desperate to get our xenial arm64 touch builds working16:40
infinityjbicha: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20196029/16:40
sil2100Like, really desperate16:40
sil2100Desperate enough to fix the aftermath later, like, now for instance ;)16:40
infinityjbicha: So, give me a +1, and I'll SRU that and get the ball rolling.16:40
jbichainfinity: great, yes I'd prefer a re-spin with that change16:41
infinitypitti: Quick review on livecd-rootfs, please.16:42
infinitypitti: Ideally without reading it, because ew.16:42
infinitypitti: So, y'know, "review".16:42
pittiERROR: queue does not have a debdiff16:42
infinitypitti: This is already tested in a PPA to DTR.16:42
pittiinfinity: meh, still no diff -- so LOOK BEHIND -- A three headed monkey!16:49
infinitypitti: YAY MONKEY.16:50
pittihuh, who did that..16:50
infinitypitti: I need to do some sprint thing.  If that builds and publishes and you're still around, can you sru-release it for me too?16:51
infinitypitti: Then I can build jbicha new ISOs when I'm back.16:51
infinitypitti: Or, if you'll be out, hand the babysitting off to Mr Manager.16:51
* infinity points at slangasek.16:51
pittiinfinity: we are still listening to the town hall, probably still here for 30 mins or so16:52
pittiinfinity: i. e. should be able to copy16:52
infinitypitti: Ta.16:52
infinityjbicha: You should have images in probably about 2h.16:52
infinityjbicha: Roughly.16:52
pittiset up a build trigger?16:52
infinityI suppose I could wait-for-package it.16:53
infinityBut that puts undue stress on ftpmaster with the rsync-in-a-loop.16:53
infinityI'll just come back to my laptop and look in. :P16:53
pittialready built, so will copy in ~ 20 mins or so when it published16:54
pittiinfinity: done17:08
davmor2infinity: all the mandatory, all the secondary and 3 of the run once are covered on amd 64 moving onto i386 now17:09
davmor2no massive issues hit which is good news :)17:10
bzoltanpitti: sorry to bug you,  have heard that you were pinged about the ppc64el failures of the ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_77e2ada1e7a84929a74ba3b87153c0ac/autopkgtest-xenial-ci-train-ppa-service-landing-019/xenial/ppc64el/u/ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts/20160718_054019@/log.gz Could you figure out something?17:10
pittibzoltan: no, not yet; on a sprint this week, sorry17:11
davmor2pitti: give jibel a hug I think he needs it :)17:11
pittidavmor2: I would love to, but he's not here in Delft :)17:12
davmor2oh not the snappy sprint then17:12
pittino, desktop startup upstart->systemd sprint17:13
pittinacc: is bug 1604630 something that needs to be squeezed into 16.04.1? ('cause that sounds pretty much "too late" now)17:15
ubot5bug 1604630 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu Xenial) "[FFe] 16.04 SAMBA missing winbind packages during install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160463017:15
naccpitti: i'm not sure ... it's an annoyance, with a clear workaround17:16
naccpitti: it's also unclear to me if it's been broken for some time or not :/17:16
pittinacc: I updated the xenial seed and wanted to update the metapackage, but it's in universe; promoting...17:17
pittifortunately we have a version in xenial-updates which we can promote :)17:17
bzoltanpitti:  no worries, do you know anybody who I could turn to?17:17
naccpitti: ah yes, sorry, i didn't see that until just now17:17
pittibzoltan: I seriously doubt anyone cares about this package on ppc64el, I'd suggest to just ignore the test for now?17:20
bzoltanpitti: I am in. Who can override or change the tests?17:21
pittiit started failing between July 11 and 18, no idea why17:21
pittibzoltan: I don't want to force-badtest it, just land the thing; not sure how CI train's overrides work, does the train enforce no regressions?17:22
bzoltanpitti:  yes, it does.17:22
pittibzoltan: I added a hint; let me know if it works (not sure which hints the CI train uses)17:25
pittii. e. on next britney run for the silo17:25
bzoltanpitti:  thanks17:31
camakoThe (unrelated) failure we saw during britney run (and was overridden) is preventing my silo from migrating out of proposed (http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/yakkety/update_excuses.html#mir)17:57
camakoCan someone help move it along?17:57
camakorobru, ^^ is there a specific person I should ask this to?18:00
robrucamako: whoever is around. Maybe pitti is still here18:01
camakoOh I see in the scrollback pitti was talking about it ^^18:02
robrucamako: if pitti doesn't respond then slangasek is more timezone appropriate18:07
camakothanks robru...18:07
robrucamako: you're welcome18:07
camakoI see this is plaguing a bunch of us, so I guess I'll sit tight18:08
slangasekrobru: so bileto's p-m runs use the main release team hints branch?18:09
slangasekif so, the hint's been added and should clear on the next p-m run18:10
slangasekoh, we're talking about yakkety itself here18:11
slangasekyeah, that will clear on the next run18:11
infinityslangasek: When jbicha comes back, let him know his images are building. :P18:30
* infinity goes back to drinking all the wine.18:30
tsimonq2infinity: Lubuntu images are done right?18:30
* tsimonq2 just woke up18:31
infinitytsimonq2: Built ages ago, not very well tested yet, though.  Please get people on that.18:31
tsimonq2working on it :)18:31
robruslangasek: I think so18:31
robruslangasek: bileto pulls hints from lp:~ubuntu-release/britney/hints-ubuntu18:32
tsimonq2infinity: wait a minute... not tested?!?!?!? http://pix.toile-libre.org/upload/original/1469039594.png18:33
tsimonq2infinity: I mean, it's not FULLY tested, but we're working on it :)18:34
infinitytsimonq2: Last I looked, it wasn't like that.  My apologies. :)19:15
tsimonq2it's fine :)19:15
davmor2infinity: i386 first run things are looking okay will finish it up tomorrow19:15
infinitywxl: Is no one doing Lubuntu PPC testing for 16.04.1?19:18
infinitywxl: If not, we can just not release those.19:18
wxlinfinity: i try, i try. and yes, i agree.19:18
infinityjbicha: Your new images are building.  Should be done shortly.19:19
infinityarges: Erk.  I guess you missed the memo that we're in an RC freeze for xenial, and promoting things to updates is bad. :P19:26
argesinfinity: oh shit19:29
argesinfinity: sorry19:29
jderoseinfinity: just catching up on the conversation above, but are you expecting to respin desktop images due to the samba-server/winbind issue?19:31
infinityjderose: The what?19:34
* infinity scrolls back.19:34
infinityjderose: Nope, not respinning for that.19:36
jderoseinfinity: cool, thanks!19:37
infinityPeople installing that task from the server ISO will be SOL, but oh well. :/19:37
infinitynacc: Should libnss-winbind be included in samba-server as well?19:39
infinitynacc: Adding libpam-winbind only solves half that bug.19:40
infinitypitti: ^19:40
naccinfinity: that's an open question, I tried to clarify that in my SRU bug. the user in question is going to test if libnss-winbind is needed or not, but it's goign to take some time19:42
naccinfinity: and libnss-winbind has always been in universe, so it'd need a MIR etc.19:42
infinitynacc: Well, it's needed for one of his usecases (getent passwd foo)19:42
naccinfinity: ah good point19:43
infinitynacc: Doesn't need an MIR, it's from the samba source.19:43
infinityjbicha: ^-- Go sic an army of testers on that.19:43
infinityarges: I'm going to delete that fuse from updates on the off chance I have to do an emergency respin.19:44
infinityarges: So don't delete the proposed one. :)19:44
naccinfinity: ah! ... so in this case, I genuinely don't know if libnss-winbind is "needed" for "samba file server" or not. Is it better to be proactive (given one user's report that it did help them)19:44
argesinfinity: ack19:44
infinitynacc: Yeah, it's more needed for samba clients, probably.  But that's arguably true of libpam-samba too, which we've always included (under the other name).19:45
infinitynacc: So... Meh.19:45
infinityI guess libpam-smbpass also allowed you to change passwords, but do does smbpasswd.19:45
infinitys/do does/so does/19:46
jbichainfinity: thanks!19:46
infinityjbicha: If you get get me quick smoketests ASAP, so I know if we need to respin again, then you can get people on deeper testing.19:46
naccinfinity: ok, i can send new MRs for yakkety & xenial19:46
infinitynacc: Also worth noting that we don't have a "samba domain client" task, so "samba server" perhaps covers both halves of "pretend I'm WinNT".19:47
infinityThough poorly named, if it's that.19:47
naccinfinity: yeah, i'm realizing that myself as I try to figure this out :)19:48
naccinfinity: fwiw, updated MRs pushed out (MR: #300661 and MR: #300660)20:20
naccpitti: --^20:25
naccinfinity: thanks for the poke on that20:25
bdmurrayinfinity, tjaalton:The reason I'd asked about the xorg lts-xenial packages for trusty is that I'm working on adding HWE support to Trusty and having an xenial kernel w/o x packages didn't go to well for me.20:34
tjaaltoninfinity: are you the only one processing NEW?20:34
tjaaltonbdmurray: support for what?20:35
jbichainfinity: boot/basic install/reboot for UG i386 and amd64 on VBox works20:36
tjaalton(just curious)20:37
slangasektjaalton: the 'hwe-support-status' tool, actually - for tracking info about HWE support20:37
bdmurraytjaalton: installing a HWE stack that is supported for a longer period of time e.g. installing the xenial stack instead of vivid.20:37
slangasek(and facilitating upgrades)20:37
tjaaltonah, ok20:38
tjaaltonwell, proposed has then and my testing shows they upgrade fine, now the image needs to be tested when it's available20:39
bdmurraytjaalton: when I mentioned it yesterday infinity didn't seem to know that they upgrade fine20:39
tjaaltonbdmurray: he also didn'tknow the daily image didn't have them :)20:40
infinityYeah.  Derp.20:41
infinityI'll fix that ASAP when 16.04.1's out.20:41
infinityOr tomorrow, while I'm waiting on mirrors, if the sprint isn't all-consuming.20:41
tjaaltonit involves more than just pulling a trigger?20:45
slangasekgetting the lts stack into the image requires changes to a couple of the infra packages, so that they look for the right package names20:46
tjaaltonok, well i should have two hours on friday to test it while waiting for my connecting flight. if the image is available by then20:48
tjaaltonor i'll ask Sarvatt to test :)20:49
infinityThe changes to livecd-rootfs for the package names are trivial, it's the subsequent testing of how that perturbed the install set that takes a tiny bit of time.21:01
infinityAnd then fixing bugs that arise from that can take longer (but hopefully there are none)21:01
infinityBut I'll spin up a ton of test livefses in my PPA tomorrow, where the livecd-rootfs change has been sitting. :/21:01
infinityAnd checn results.21:01
infinitycheck, too.21:01
infinitytjaalton, slangasek ^21:01
* slangasek nods21:02
tjaaltonok, cool21:04
balloonsso I used to know where to check and see what's broken in the archive, but it's lost on me now. Can anyone give help or insight into fixing yakkety for these golang-* depends? the powerpc build completed, but the rest claim the golang-* depends can't be installed: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/juju-core/2.0~beta12-0ubuntu2.16.10.1/22:22
balloonsI can build against yakkety, so it must be something in proposed. I'll have to get a local build using it to see22:23
slangasekballoons: you can use porter-powerpc.canonical.com to try to figure it out; but in general it's going to be a problem caused by powerpc being our lone gccgo-only architecture22:32
balloonsslangasek, in this case powerpc built fine -- everything else did not. It was able to grab the dependencies the other builds are complaining are uninstallable.22:33
slangasekballoons: it also appears that powerpc is the only architecture having a *newer* version of juju-2.0 in yakkety-proposed, so... wat?22:33
slangasek juju-2.0       | 2.0~beta12-0ubuntu1.16.10.1 | yakkety-proposed        | amd64, arm64, armhf, i386, ppc64el, s390x22:33
slangasek juju-2.0       | 2.0~beta12-0ubuntu2.16.10.1 | yakkety-proposed        | powerpc22:33
balloonsslangasek, right.. the rest failed to build the new version.22:34
balloonsI want 2.0~beta12-0ubuntu2.16.10.1 to build, as the previous upload has an adt failure. 2.0~beta12-0ubuntu2.16.10.1 should land properly22:34
balloonssee for example "The following packages have unmet dependencies:" in https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274157286/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.juju-core_2.0~beta12-0ubuntu2.16.10.1_BUILDING.txt.gz22:35
slangasekoh, I see, powerpc was the *only* one that built22:35
slangasekI thought that was the one that wanted debugging, sorry22:36
mwhudsonuh oh is this my fault22:37
mwhudsonah yes22:37
slangasekballoons: so anyway, you'll definitely need to check with -proposed enabled... in general.  or you can just blame mwhudson ;22:38
mwhudsonoh duuuh go 1.6.3 will have broken abi22:38
mwhudson(because the version number ends up being part of the abi, i really need to Do Something about that)22:39
mwhudsonsome no-change rebuilds coming up22:39
balloonsmwhudson, I saw the new go version, but I honestly assumed you wouldn't upload something broken ;-)22:40
mwhudsonit's not broken but the rdeps need rebuilding22:40
balloonsand yea, slangasek, lol, given the fact ONLY ppc built I knew something was up :-)22:42
mwhudsonuh so transitions22:47
xnoxmwhudson, having URLs as ABI is bad enough, but they have version numbers too... how un-go to have any sort of ABI versioning =)23:30
mwhudsonxnox: well it's all my fault23:31

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