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hellslinger_where can I download the system images for my aquaris m10 FHD? mine won't boot anymore and cache reset won't do the trick03:05
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mardyjamesh: hi! Do you have any idea about this error? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274063910/buildlog_ubuntu-vivid-amd64.account-polld_0.1+16.04.20160627-0ubuntu6_BUILDING.txt.gz07:05
mardyjamesh: I get the same error locally, if I build with dpkg-buildpackage; however, pdebuild works -- I'm clueless07:05
jameshI haven't touched account-polld since the very early days.  Looking though.07:05
mardyjamesh: it's not about the code, must be some dependency thingie07:08
jameshmardy: it looks like a Go package that was provided by older versions of golang-ubuntu-push-dev but not the latest release07:11
jameshmardy: yep.  Looking at the debdiff for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-push/0.68+16.10.20160718.4-0ubuntu1 the cblacklist package has been removed.07:13
jameshthat landed yesterday07:13
mardyjamesh: thanks a lot! I'll see if this package can be removed, or I'll file a bug07:14
mardyjamesh: ah, actually it was fixed on trunk already, silly me :-)07:15
mardyjamesh: do you have a project where you tear down and restart libqtdbus{test,mock} at every test, which I can use as an example? I can't seem to get it working, it crashes when I call startServices()07:44
jameshmardy: we do in the thumbnailer test suite.07:47
jameshmardy: e.g. this test suite does it in SetUp/TearDown: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/thumbnailer/trunk/view/head:/tests/dbus/dbus_test.cpp#L6807:47
jameshmardy: the actual logic is wrapped up in a DBusServer helper class: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/thumbnailer/trunk/view/head:/tests/utils/dbusserver.cpp07:48
mardyjamesh: thanks!07:50
sergiusensoSoMoN https://support.google.com/recaptcha/?hl=en#622382807:53
jameshmardy: if you are adapting that code, the Shutdown() bit in the DBusServer destructor was there to help with coverage checking08:23
jameshmardy: we found that killing the subprocess resulted in incomplete coverage data, while asking the subprocess to exit itself ensured the counters were updated08:23
mardyjamesh: OK, now I'm struggling with a much more basic issue, with startServices() crashing. Still debugging it...08:24
mardyjamesh: you are not using libqtdbusmock in that project, are you?08:24
jameshmardy: no.  We were just using libqtdbustest to set up the private message bus and manage an instance of the server process08:25
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oSoMoNogra, seen bug #1604611 ?09:14
ubot5bug 1604611 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "[webapp-container] Undocumented command line option --no-australia-mode" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160461109:14
ograoSoMoN, yes, mzanetti just pinged me a second before you09:14
ogra(in #ubuntu-ci-eng09:15
mzanettiyeah, sorry, not sure why I picked that channel...09:15
mzanettiwanted to hit app-devel, missed :D09:15
ograheh, quite so09:15
* ogra wonders if he should now click "this bug affects me" ... it kind of starts to ... :P09:18
ogra(waiting for the news article relating to that ... "Canonical employee lies to developer about app commandline options")09:19
ograOhYash, a joke i made kind of went out of proportion due to the person i made it to not understanding it is a joke ... https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg21542.html09:21
ograbug 16046109:21
ubot5bug 160461 in Kildenett "The wizard doesn't support attachments with særnorske letters" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16046109:22
ograbug 160461109:22
ubot5bug 1604611 in webbrowser-app (Ubuntu) "[webapp-container] Undocumented command line option --no-australia-mode" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160461109:22
OhYashWill surely try that argument once I get ubuntu touch ;)09:23
OhYashUm, I got a question.09:24
ograask away09:25
OhYashI've never ported android/cm to any device before and now Ubuntu touch is here and its amazing. I, sadly cant buy one now and dont have any device it supports. So, the option left is porting myself. I read the porting guide, it's old (I guess same from 2013), does it still work? What all guides do I need to follow to get my first port, also where do I start? Thanks09:27
popeyOhYash: start on ubuports from mariogrip09:29
OhYashpopey: They got a guide? or do I chat with them?09:31
ograboth ...09:31
ograthere is a wiki and forum on ubports09:32
popeybut there seem to be broken links09:32
popeymariogrip: ping!09:32
ograand mariogrip is usually around here09:32
OhYashhttps://wiki.ubports.com/wiki/Porting-to-new-device gives me 404. Useful wiki :D09:33
ograi guess that is what popey meant with broken links09:35
mariogrippopey: i had some problems with the forum, working on getting it up and running again09:36
OhYashmariogrip: Thanks, *waits*. I thought I'd have to poke the devs time to time.09:38
mardypete-woods: hi! I wonder if you have seen something like this before? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/online-accounts-api/+bug/1603706/comments/411:18
ubot5Launchpad bug 1603706 in online-accounts-api (Ubuntu) "Possible races in tst_daemon tests." [High,Confirmed]11:18
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dondel0hi all, how do you install an app in the puritine container on the phone?13:14
dondel0libertine-container-manager install-package --id puritine --package geany (tells me i need to be root, and i run with sudo it tells me NOT TO USE SUDO)13:15
dondel0Please do not run libertine-container-manager using sudo13:16
mardyjamesh: 'morning (for when you are back) :-) Do you mind adding this to your silo? https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/online-accounts-api/daemon-coverage/+merge/30059313:17
mardyjamesh: about the Shutdown method, I think we don't need it, since we have this: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~online-accounts/online-accounts-api/trunk/view/head:/src/lib/OnlineAccountsDaemon/manager.cpp#L59913:18
lars_Hey, someone achieved installing the ubuntu-sdk on a non-ubuntu machine? I wanted to install it on arch, created an ubuntu chroot, but at the very end I couldn't create any kits with ubuntu-sdk...13:26
ogra_lars_, there is some work going on to provide the SDK as a snap package, but that is far from ready i think13:29
ogra_(that would allow you to run it on any distro)13:29
popeyI've run it under docker13:29
popeyon arch13:29
popeybut yes, the click chroot parts fails13:29
dondel0ogra_, welp :( can't install geany in the puritine container on the phone13:30
dondel0ogra_, libertine-container-manager install-package --id puritine --package geany (tells me i need to be root, and i run with sudo it tells me NOT TO USE SUDO)13:30
ogra_dondel0, well, file a bug and attach all info yu have13:31
dondel0maybe it's not a bug, maybe i'm doing something stupid :D13:31
dondel0i was trying to first check if i'm just stupid :P13:31
lars_ogra_, popey, with the click chroot part failing,I don't have possibility to build it, have I?13:31
popeylars_: to build an armhf binary app?13:34
popeyno, you wont be able to13:35
popeyi dont know a solution13:35
dondel0ogra_,   Yes, you cannot add any additional packages in the Puritine container.  You'll need to create a new container and then install packages in it.13:35
dondel0so looks like i need to make a new vivid chroot, yay thanks all!13:36
ogra_dondel0, i dont actually use the purtine container ...13:36
dondel0but how?13:36
dondel0never mind13:36
ogra_i just created one13:36
dondel0you are level 1000+13:36
dondel0i'm just level 3 at linux :d13:36
dondel0oh :d i have puritine preinstalled13:36
ogra_libertine-container-manager create is your friend13:36
ogra_yeah, me too13:36
ogra_i just ignore it13:37
dondel0i'll make a new one called unicorn13:37
dondel0oh, sorry i red that you _use_ the puritine contaier :D13:38
lars_popey, ok bit sad :P let's see what to do, maybe install alongside arch on a small partition, no idea13:38
ogra_snappy will fix that (one day) :)13:38
dondel0and cancer :D13:38
lars_popey, in case you might know, can I easily install ubuntu after already having installed arch? like, I would like to create a new partition of my extented partion, like, split a piece of it apart13:44
ecsiOTA 12 release date?13:48
davmor2ecsi: soon13:48
davmor2ecsi: soon and not today13:49
ogra_talk to softpedia ;)13:50
ogra_there will be an announcement on the mailing list once it goes out13:51
ogra_thats probbly the better source for getting reliable infos13:51
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mimecargood evening15:24
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NeKitHello. https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono has code for MTK Helio X20 ("Midori" device) as "MTK2" plugin17:14
NeKitany idea if Helio X10 is more similar to MTK or MTK2?17:14
altker128Anyone here using the Nokia HERE app for Ubuntu Touch?17:17
altker128davmor2: Just curious, will OTA-12 have any day-to-day performance improvements, or it mostly libertine, etc?17:18
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Acou_Bassim curious about ota-12 too but im wondering if itll bring miracast to other devices like my nexus 4? :D18:57
davmor2altker128: there are a whole bunch of bugs fixed18:58
altker128davmor2: OK, cool.  About to ship some test Nexus4s that have OTA-11, I'll wait for OTA-12 .18:59
davmor2Acou_Bass: no it's kernel is too old and doesn't support aethercast18:59
Acou_Bassahh shame18:59
Acou_Basscould that feasably be fixed or are we looking at too much work?18:59
altker128Acou_Bass: I'm guessing that part of the challenge is Miracast/Ethercast benefits from real-time compression of the display, which is done by the power hungry H.264 CODEC.  I think newer SoCs have H.264 encoders in HW19:00
davmor2Acou_Bass: we don't control the kernels that was done by Google for the nexus4 so we are stuck19:00
davmor2altker128: no it is mostly just driver support in theory we could right one if the hardware supported it but mako is 4 years old and just doesn't19:01
altker128davmor2: Have you used the Ubuntu Nokia HERE app?  Is it a web-app, or like iOS/Android, can it store maps offline?19:02
davmor2altker128: it is a web app, unav can download maps but they are now greyscale due to licensing on the services side but it works well19:03
davmor2altker128: also it gives turn by turn nav19:03
altker128davmor2: uNav I think can't do offline routing, even though the map storage is offline19:03
davmor2altker128: here maps will store preferred route online19:03
dobeyAcou_Bass: it could be fixed if the nexus4 image switched to android 5 base, but there are no plans to do so, afaik19:04
davmor2altker128: pass on that one of the devs might be on here to confirm though19:04
altker128davmor2: Do you know if there's a non-webapp planed for HERE ?  It's overall a great app, but offline navigation is key19:04
davmor2altker128: that would be up to nokia19:04
dobeyor maybe nexus4 just doesn't have the hardware, not sure19:04
dobeyi thought HERE was a mix between native app, with an embedded web view for the map itself19:05
dobeyunav should still be able to do color maps19:06
davmor2dobey: might be I thought it was just a webapp19:06
dobeyjust can't use the mapquest ones any more without paying $$$$$19:06
davmor2dobey: yes unfortunately most of the other tiles are crap so they went with the best mapping experience they could find19:07
davmor2dobey: the devs I think are still looking but less of a priority now they have a solution :)19:08
dobeythere are some decent ones19:09
dobeythe ones from uni-heidelberg.de are pretty nice, actually19:10
dobeystock osm isn't too bad either, but can seem a bit "dense"19:10
altker128I think the issues are maps (which OSM provides), geocoding (address to lat/long) and routing/re-routing19:10
altker128Maybe someone could port OSMAND or use that as a starting point since it does all three offline19:11
altker128(and is open-source)19:11
dobeyactually, OSM has bits for all three19:11
altker128One would hope the unav dev could then make use of all of that.  Caching/using tiles rather than rendering locally from vector database isn't so scalable :/19:13
altker128Would love to contribute $$ for the development of that.19:13
dobeyrendering locally from vector database?19:19
altker128dobey: uNav getting features that HERE for iOS and Android has which are : 100% offline routing, 100% offline navigation, rendering map data locally, dynamic re-routing, etc.19:20
dobeyok, well i've never used HERE on any platform really, so i don't know what HERE may or may not do.19:37
altker128dobey: I don't know if you have a spare Android or iOS device lying around, but it's really worth taking a look.  I've worked on and used GPS nav apps for > 15 yrs, and HERE gets most of it right.  It's only missing on-the-fly re-routing to a gas station, and multi-point routes.  Other than that, it's quite superb.  Even supports offline routing on mass transit systems across the world!20:01
NeKitwhere can I find device-specific ofono configs?21:08
SebthreeBQM10HDanyone about?21:53

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