daftykinsi think a breeze is coming through at last!00:18
zmoylan-pilightning on west coast of ireland according to irish chatroom...00:22
daftykinszmoylan-pi: did you have to dig out the shorts? :>00:24
zmoylan-piit's a geeky chatroom were they can measure the rain by the degradation of their radio links for data...00:24
daftykinswhat kind of data o000:25
zmoylan-pinah, i was covered up today.  i did leave front of my fleece almost unzipped.  sweaty when i got home but i prefer to sweat than lie in bed at night trying not to touch bed with sunburnt skin00:25
zmoylan-pithey provice internet via microwave links00:26
zmoylan-pibeen irish if the moon shines too bright i get moonburn...00:27
zmoylan-pilots of people were walking about shirtless who are now probably whimpering lying in bed now00:28
daftykinsmmm i don't go in for the lazy act of sunbathing00:31
daftykinsi just hung about indoors in shorts00:31
daftykinsjust stepped outside, nice breeze and i can see the full moon!00:31
daftykinsgood morning team04:31
mappsalll hot and sticky again ugh05:39
daftykinsfinally cooled down enough for a shower here05:43
mappsgot my fan on but just feel sweaty and hot05:44
mappshear how trains stopped in the uk.melted tracks05:44
daftykinsyeah, i don't get how they have such low tolerances05:46
daftykins50 deg C and they're bad? wat05:46
mappsya i was surprised05:48
daftykinsah, only a few pages left of a book \o/05:54
daftykinsdunno whether to sleep or try a little work05:56
daftykinsstill fixing up some old PCs :) almost done now05:56
knightwisehey daftykins06:06
daftykinsgood morning sir06:07
knightwiseworkin on some old hardware I see ?06:15
daftykinsyeah, since i did my lovely skylake build i'm selling off my core 2 quad to a friend - and also come to possess a few more core 2 duo era machines06:16
daftykinsbeen fixing them up / finding faults and considering selling on via a local trade site06:16
knightwiseRunning linux on 'em ?06:20
daftykinsmight list it as an option for sale, but i don't think folk would spring for them so much that way06:23
daftykinsi wouldn't fancy the support ;)06:24
daftykinsjust got a DVD writer on order, as right now one has a rather ugly white PATA drive which no longer reads CDs in it06:25
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.06:43
diploMorning all06:56
diploWhat a week to start exercising more often! need a shower at work at this rate :P06:56
daftykinsdiplo: haha oh dear! what form of exercise? sprint to work? ;)07:06
diploEverything, I've been cycling, swimming, jogging and walking07:14
diploSo cycle to and from work ( and other times ) walk 1-2 miles at lunch, jog a little later on, swim as and when  Ican07:14
MooDoodiplo: ah so you're playing pokemon go ;)07:16
diploGod no even!07:17
diploWhen I'm on my walks, the amount of people who just stop randomly and flick their screens, pretty sure they're all playing....07:18
diploGood on them I guess for getting out, but the random stop starts is getting quite annoying07:18
daftykins*Tux no ;)07:19
daftykinsyeah, it's only a matter of time i reckon before someone stops in their car and nobbles a cyclist07:20
diploI was out drinking last night, some guy swooped to a stop as we were wandering down a busy road, picked his phone ( i thought for a phone call ) no, my mate says he heard the distinctive noise of how you catch these things ( I've not played so don't know ! )07:25
diploBut I mean he stopped fairly stupidly, for a bloomin game!07:26
daftykinssuch was the thrill of the chase07:28
daftykinsdid he have a deer stalker on?07:28
davmor2Morning all08:11
MooDoohello davmor208:12
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Wednesday, and happy Moon Day! 😃  🌜08:17
foobarryday off \o/08:23
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pu7AR0-FRro and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B32yjbCSVpU08:24
davmor2JamesTait: I could also quote the titles of the OST for werewolf in London definitely some moon songs there :)08:26
davmor2JamesTait: including this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BmEGm-mraE08:28
daftykinsfoobarry: aww and you still came to hang out!08:30
JamesTaitdavmor2, Cat's in the Cradle though - I haven't listened to that in years!08:32
davmor2JamesTait: you're welcome08:33
davmor2JamesTait: every chorus sings man in the moon :D08:33
JamesTaitLittle Boy Blue and ...08:34
* daftykins slides everyone a cuppa08:50
* TwistedLucidity inspects cuppa...discovers it is not ice coffee...slides it back...08:52
daftykinsi'll have you know that's Thailand's finest!08:53
daftykinslul, i'm installing Windows 10 on a core 2 duo machine, on my old 150GB WD velociraptor08:54
daftykinsit sounds like millions of bugs are fighting at once08:54
davmor2TwistedLucidity: it's okay leave long enough it will go cold you can drink it then08:55
zmoylan-pi 09:20
foobarryyeah daftykins i#m looking after the daughter at the mo09:31
foobarrybut sometimes it gets dull when she's dressing up dollies09:31
foobarrytrying to decide whether cheddar gorge caves or wookey hole for holiday09:31
diploAnyone else being affected by bt issues today ?09:31
TwistedLuciditydiplo: Just had an alert come through from work, BT are having issues nation wide. Affects those leasing BT lines too (i.e. everyone who isn't on Virgin)09:55
* zmoylan-pi licks finger, holds it in the air to judge conditions and predicts bt will blame the heat... :-)09:56
diploFunny thing was ( this affected half our customers ) was that their lines were still up10:00
diploJust the ipsec vpn's were failing to connect10:00
diploWould love to know why10:01
davmor2diplo: just cause, that's why :)10:02
TwistedLuciditydiplo: Yup, seems to be taking out VPNs10:03
zmoylan-pithe movie industry strikes back...10:04
diploAh right, at least it wasn't just me10:04
daftykinsthe good ol' Virtual Private Notwork10:04
davmor2diplo: possibly down to compression at my best guess if it only took out 1/210:07
diploYeah, not really sure.. not sure how well BT talk about their major outages10:16
daftykinsannoyed me when my local ISP and our major telco decided they would no longer maintain a status page10:29
daftykinsthey didn't seem to realise how many calls they'd spare themselves10:30
zmoylan-pibut the guy who monitored the web page can answer calls AND do stuff when he's not answering calls...10:31
daftykinsi think today marks my 1 month no-going-to-Costa anniversary10:34
daftykinsyes it does! \o/10:34
foobarryi managed 15 years of no costa10:36
foobarrysimilar for starbucks :D10:36
daftykinsit's really been around that long?10:36
daftykinswe don't have a starbucks :)10:36
diploI don't go to either either10:38
diploUnless with someone who wants to, can't understand how people spend so much on coffee!!!!10:38
daftykinsfor me, it's that they have a branch 20m from my front door10:38
diplobut you have coffee in your house ?10:38
daftykinswake up of a weekend and have nothing in the house? panino and coffee it is!10:39
daftykinsnot the same thing.10:39
zmoylan-pipeople spending as much money on coffee per day as do for mobile phone service for 2-3 months... Oo10:39
daftykinsthese are the downsides of living on the capital's high street10:39
daftykinsoh i can certainly say i was never as insane as to go daily... once or twice a week was my limit :)10:40
daftykinsalso, it's all about the carrot cake10:49
diplohehe, the cake is stupidly dear too11:03
daftykinsdoes make you wonder what the entire thing pulls in, profit wise11:03
daftykinssometimes you've just got to go out and live a bit, though!11:07
daftykins...so i'm told ;)11:07
zmoylan-pilike outdoors and stuff?!11:07
diddledan_looks like BT's issues were due to power problems at telecity in docklands12:38
DJonesThats what they say,  I blame everybody trying to do their hair with staighteners and hairdryers so they don't go crinkly in the heat12:39
DJonesThats using all the power12:40
DJonesBT Openreach are pretty useless anyway, been waiting almost 10 days for them to come and fix a fault on our voice line, excuse is there's too many faults and not enough staff.....  Erm.. Isn't that part of the infrastucture planning12:41
zmoylan-piall those selfish people wanting to breath running air con...12:55
zmoylan-pithey might have been looking up what a voice line is... :-P12:59
DJonesYou'd think they'd know, its what spam callers use to send junk messages13:00
DJonesSurely they pay BT to not be banned and prosecuted for ignoring TPS preferences13:00
zmoylan-piif they knew what those were they'd have to do something about it13:00
DJonesAs in backhanders13:01
zmoylan-pione way they get paid, the other they have more work and less paying13:01
foobarrydoes anyone know about bike brakes? i was wondering about the sizes of the barrel/nut that screws into the lever assembly13:41
foobarryits a junior 20 inch bike,13:41
foobarryone of these http://imgur.com/a/uJi6g13:42
davmor2foobarry: they aren't standard you would be better off buying a new or secondhand one for the part15:50
m0nkey_Grace Hopper explaining a Nano second.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEpsKnWZrJ816:05
diddledan_I want one16:16
diddledan_is there an official store for purchasing of nanoseconds?16:16
m0nkey_You could always make your own16:16
m0nkey_She gives the length16:16
m0nkey_11.8 inches16:16
diddledan_never mind the length, feel the width16:17
diddledan_something about an actress and a bishop16:17
diddledan_how long is a picosecond then?16:18
diddledan_google's conversion thingy can't grok the correlation16:22
diddledan_"1 picosecond in milimeters" it fails16:23
MyrttiThunder and lightning16:39
m0nkey_Very, very frightening me!16:44
m0nkey_diddledan_, need your regex skill again16:46
m0nkey_from [] (helo=localhost)16:47
m0nkey_need to get the word, localhost16:47
m0nkey_i thought helo=([^\)]*) might get it, but it doesn't16:48
m0nkey_needs to be regex16:51
m0nkey_the received header could also be from: computername ([x.x.x.x])16:52
m0nkey_I have a list of regex to test16:52
m0nkey_which is why regex16:52
m0nkey_nvm.. got it16:54
m0nkey_i hate regex17:32
diddledan_I made a thing: https://uappexplorer.com/app/unofficial-hexchat.diddledan20:35
diddledan_I'm using it right now20:36
diddledan_it works20:36
daftykinswhat's that site o020:53
daftykinsnm read the page :P20:54
balldaftykins: hamsterdance.com ?20:54
daftykins< diddledan_> I made a thing: https://uappexplorer.com/app/unofficial-hexchat.diddledan20:55
daftykinsit would appear mr diddle of the dan made a snappy package for hexchat20:55
diddledan_I did :-)20:56
diddledan_and I'm in it now20:56
daftykinsi've got a box of 3 double chocolate magnum ice creams21:19
daftykinsi think the shrinkening has occurred, because they're a ridiculous size :|21:19
diddledan_pokémon go has doubled nintendo's valuation making them more valuable than Sony21:26
diddledan_does the ubuntu community still use bazaar mostly?21:59
diddledan_e.g. the various maintainers21:59
ali1234depends how you define community21:59
ali1234a lot of the new fangled stuff is being done in git22:00
ali1234like snappy and juju22:00
daftykinshow bazaar, how bazaar ~22:00
ali1234all the old stuff is still in bazaar because nobody got time to convert it22:00
* diddledan_ boshes daftykins 22:00
ali1234launchpad supports git now though22:00
* SebthreeBQM10HD thinks Ubuntu convergence is starting to look more interesting now22:00
* SebthreeBQM10HD by certan videos that seen recently 22:01
diddledan_grr. I wish the encfs package would give alternative options rather than just telling you it is insecure when you install it22:02
daftykinsdiddledan_: DANGER DIDDLE ROBINSON!22:02
ali1234i'm having a word blank. what's the word that means "morally neutral"? as in "science is <morally neutral>, it depends how you use the results"22:03
* diddledan_ diddles robinson22:03
ali1234hmm... not really, but close22:04
diddledan_ambiguous :-p22:04
ali1234no :)22:04
ali1234doesn't really capture the moral aspect. i'm sure there's an exact word for this though22:04
diddledan_^^^^^ that one22:13
ali1234impartial is good22:14
ali1234i mean a good word for it22:14
diddledan_unbiased would be another22:14
ali1234that's the same as impartial. it's still no exactly right though22:14
* diddledan_ has a thesaurus open22:15
daftykinsa Brighton high school excluded some students for wearing shorts on the hottest day of the year22:15
daftykinsgood work schools :>22:15
diddledan_daftykins, they were girls who had been told to wear skirts short enough you can see their difference22:16
diddledan_annoying that girls often get told they cannot wear trousers22:16
daftykinssilly banner at the bottom to complain of adblocking usage, quick firefox inspection and 'node' deletion and bye bye!22:16
ali1234that's it22:17
ali1234that's the word i wanted22:17
ali1234"lacking a moral sense; unconcerned with the rightness or wrongness of something."22:17
diddledanhmm, my hexchat is dead22:32
diddledanit's trying to call fchown syscall which is banned22:32
* daftykins follows the support link22:33
daftykinsi'm quite glad i finished dealing with all these PCs, i hope i don't end up having to give them away though :P22:35
diddledanmoney hopefully22:51
diddledanthey've been a pain for you so hopefully you can get a bit of a reward22:52
daftykinsi was just daft enough to persist with ones that were wonky in the past really22:54
daftykinsi've got 3 asus motherboards that are all funky in some shape or form, to the side of me22:54

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