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popeyAnyone know the magic incantation to launch ubuntu-keyboard on the desktop?12:03
faenildandrader: can you kick CI for https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/unity8/u8GestureImports/+merge/299304 ?14:29
faenilunity8 is not building anymore without that14:29
faenilor maybe that needs the UITK to land first14:31
dandraderfaenil, CI will always fail for that MP as pull in UITK14:32
dandraderfaenil, *as it does not14:32
faenildandrader: I see. Yeah I was thinking the needed r2030 is not in overlay yet14:32
dandraderfaenil, that's the case for any MP with dependencies on other projects/packages14:32
faenilso it can't succeed14:32
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bschaeferMirv, hello, i hear you're working on a backport for a bug fix into qtdeclarative15:43
bschaeferfor relative mouse support stuff? Wondering any eta on it since ... would be nice now that pointer confinement is in mir :)15:43
dandraderbschaefer, you mean this https://codereview.qt-project.org/16455215:47
bschaeferdandrader, possibly :) just sort of poking around15:48
bschaeferdandrader, so if its merged, the work is getting that into ubuntu?15:48
dandraderbschaefer, with this in, lp:~dandrader/qtmir/mouseMovement will work15:49
bschaeferdandrader, sweet! I will attempt to keep an eye for that backport15:50
bschaeferdandrader, you're just full of branches ready to go haha15:50
Mirvbschaefer: EOD but since listening to town hall now, waiting for QA to handle https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/silo/001 and then https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/164552/ would be the next landing16:03
bschaeferMirv, thanks!16:06
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