cyberangerminasota: Okay, I think Turkey is off my list for awhile, if some recent reports are true.21:09
minasotacyberanger: source?22:39
minasotacyberanger: do you know the mechanics of how this works? https://github.com/lulzlabs/AirChat23:01
cyberangerminasota: that's the problem with a coup in a dictatorship, even a failed coup, I can't fact check so easily.23:17
cyberangerI have news of TV, Radio and Amateur Radio licenses being revoked, censorship issues before, during and after the coup too23:17
cyberangerminasota: reading it fast, yes I do understand the general mechanics of it23:20
minasotalast week during the coup attempt, there was info coming out that circumvented the alleged block on Internet access23:22
cyberangerThe blocks weren't uniform, barely even blocks23:22
minasotaJust curios if that info was sent out using encryption over short wave23:22
cyberangereveryone there already knows how to switch DNS servers23:23
cyberangeralso they didn't shut down the internet (the president used facetime to denounce the coup at first, for example)23:23
minasotayes, but there was information suggesting that some people didn't even try to use the Internet and instead went to short wave encryption to send out messages23:25
minasotaIf you're part of a coup attempt I doubt you're concerned about a revoked license...23:26
minasotaI'm not educated on what rules apply there concerning ham protocol and who regulates it. Just curious about alternatives23:28
cyberangerWell, what I know was straight up internet from turkey. I know encrypted radio is possible (we've talked about it before, OTP and acting like a numbers station being the most obvious)23:29
cyberangerFor the US it's the FCC, no encryption (for some very specific exceptions that you won't see with this tool)23:30
minasotaWhat about over there, who regulates it in Turkey, do they have an FCC equivalent?23:32
cyberangerYes (every nation has an equivalent) let me see who that is though23:32
cyberangerRadio and Television Supreme Council23:35
cyberangerminasota: Ham Radio is fun23:50
cyberangersomething you might be intrested in getting started with.23:50
minasotacyberanger: reading up on it now... A little overwhelming23:51
cyberangerYeah, It's alot23:58

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