dholbachnottrobin, do you think somebody can reply to https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/114818154975936614448/+SnapcraftIo/posts/fJkfPU4CTV9?08:08
nottrobindholbach: I responded, but I'm not sure I know how to help. I'm not very familiar with translations.08:13
dholbachmhall119, for some reason I can't see the "redirects" app in the admin interface13:34
dholbachmhall119, could it be you forgot a 'makemigrations'? http://paste.ubuntu.com/20177731/13:35
mhall119dholbach: no, redirects/migrations/0001_initial.py is in there13:38
dholbachand if you run "makemigrations" afterwards?13:39
mhall119oh, I added help text...13:39
mhall119that wants a new migration?13:39
mhall119dholbach: that's not why it's not in the admin though, you need to run initdb to set the new permissions to the admin/editors group, then log out andback in13:40
dholbachyes, that's working now - thanks13:41
* mhall119 is pushing the 0002 migration13:41
dholbachmhall119, do you think we could add an example to models.py or in the help_text?13:51
dholbachjust so it's clear how it's used?13:51
mhall119dholbach: sure, would a comment in the code be sufficient?13:52
dholbachthat'd be a good start13:52
mhall119if you think having it in help_text would be better I can do that, it just means another migration file13:52
mhall119it would be more helpful there though13:52
mhall119dholbach: ok, put examples in the help_text and pushed changes to the MP13:56
dholbachthanks, checking13:56
dholbachso I added these pages14:13
dholbach -> Old14:13
dholbach  -> ...14:13
dholbachI renamed old to new14:14
dholbach(I know, very original)14:14
dholbachso /en/new/ works now14:14
dholbachI added /old/ -> /new/ in the admin interface14:14
dholbachnow only /old/ redirects to /en/new/14:15
dholbach /en/old/ doesn't14:15
dholbachit gives me a 40414:15
mhall119right, you'd have to add /en/old/ as well14:28
dholbachso that's for every language then?14:28
mhall119this middleware is run before the cms middleware that tries to prepend language codes14:28
mhall119every language you want to redirect, yes14:28
mhall119doing it before the CMS middleware lets us catch it before the prepending and after14:32
dholbachbut it'll require more work14:33
dholbachthat should be documented too14:33
dholbachmhall119, apart from that I'm good14:42

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