andrewlsdHappy Birthday Superfly 04:55
magespawngood morning all05:34
nsnzeromorning magespawn05:39
magespawnhi nsnzero 06:03
magespawnHappy Birthday superfly06:03
thatgraemeguyhappy birthday fly, where's our cake? :-D06:05
paddatrapperMorning everyone 06:09
paddatrapperHappy birthday superfly06:09
anton_mayOne day when I'm big - http://www.samsung.com/za/consumer/memory-storage/memory-storage/ssd/MZ-V5P512BW06:52
inetprogood mornings 07:05
inetprooh and happy, happy superfly!07:05
andrewlsdanton_may: maybe get one for superfly's birthday ;-)08:19
Kilosafternoon everyone12:21
magespawnhi Kilos 12:27
Kiloshi magespawn 12:27
LangjanBack at the grindstone Kilos ? Hoes en al, hoesit?14:28
Kilosso klein bietjie bekomerd14:29
Kiloshulle se ek het14:29
LangjanDis nie mooi om met siekte te spot nie14:29
Kilosen chronic bronchitis14:29
Langjanja ek sien dis nie lekker nie14:29
Kilosmaar ek gaan nie dooi nie so als goed14:30
Kilosmoet net baie minder rook14:30
LangjanJy sal jou longe moet oppas en opbou, ook jou immuniteit14:30
Kiloso en daai ander ding begin14:30
Langjanen nie minder rook nie, ophou rook14:31
Kilosjaja man14:31
Langjanja dis 'n lelike ding14:31
Kilosdit gaan die moelikste wees14:31
Kilosmaar apart van die hoes is ek ok14:31
LangjanDie wil van die mens is die sterkste krag op aarde 14:32
Kilossal julle nog lank treiter14:32
Langjanas jy wil dan kan jy14:32
Langjanjy treiter my net as jy rook14:32
Kilosek moet eers my kind en haar ma gaan sien voor ek even dink van pad vat anderkant toe14:32
Kilosen somer sal help met die hoes14:33
Kiloshoe gaan dit met julle oompie14:33
LangjanAlles wel hier dankie Kilos 14:34
LangjanIets het gebreek14:35
LangjanMy hart oorlat jy siek is14:38
Kilosai! man14:39
Kilosspaar dit tot ek dooi14:39
Kilosek is nog reg14:39
Langjandan help dit nie14:39
Kilosskuus man14:39
Kilosen dankie14:40
Langjanjy kan net regkom as jy ophou rook  14:40
Kilosek sal14:40
Langjandis wat ek wil hoor, dankie!14:40
Kilosmaar ek jaag nog skape elke dag onthou14:41
LangjanSoos ek gesê het, daar is niks op aarde sterker as jou WIL nie14:41
Kilosek stem14:41
Kilossolank ek sulke vriende het is ek goed14:42
LangjanGod het die mens se wil so sterk gemaak dat hy selfs sy Skepper kon ongehoorsaam wees as hy WIL 14:42
Langjanen hy het14:42
LangjanNou luister mooi seuntjie14:43
LangjanWIL om op te hou14:43
LangjanWIL om al die gifpyle in die huis weg te gooi14:44
LangjanWIL om nie weer te koop nie14:44
Kiloshaha dis maklik14:44
LangjanWIL om daat geld te gebruik om jou longe weer sterk te maak14:45
Kilosek koop min14:45
LangjanHet jy dit al weggegooi?14:46
Kiloseen karton n maand en ook nie elke maand nie14:46
Langjanen WIL om nee dankie te sê as ander aanbied14:46
Langjanwat kos 'n karton?14:46
Kilosniemand bied ann nie14:47
Kilosgaan pm14:47
Kilosai ai ai ai ai14:47
Kilosdie ander chat plek14:48
magespawnhome time chat later all16:02
KilosFetched 36.5 MB in 39s (920 kB/s)16:25
Kilosim happy with that speed16:25
Siceloyes, it's nice :)16:40
Kiloschesedo- whats with the tail17:38
Kilosat least its not dragging17:38
chesedo-Kilos: don't know... maybe i'am evolving backwards17:39
=== chesedo- is now known as chesedo
Kiloshow clever are you?17:39
* chesedo thinks clever is a relative word17:40
Kilosif i bring you a .org site thats broken can you fix it17:40
chesedoKilos: depends, but the change is good...17:40
chesedowhat's broken?17:40
Kilosi just need to do some more digging but can most likely get control of it17:40
Kilosits broken17:41
Kilosdont ask me involved questions17:41
chesedook, i'll ask exclusive questions :P17:42
Kilosdid the pro and fly at least show faces here today?17:42
Kilosoh 17:42
KilosMaaz seen inetpro 17:42
MaazKilos: inetpro was last seen 10 hours, 37 minutes and 30 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-07-20 00:05:20 PDT], and has been online on freenode since 2016-07-17 02:43:02 PDT17:42
KilosMaaz seen superfly 17:42
MaazKilos: superfly was last seen 22 hours, 11 minutes and 32 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-07-19 12:31:27 PDT], and has been online on freenode since 2016-07-17 23:34:22 PDT17:42
chesedodo not know... first time that mine is visible for the day17:42
Kilosholy molt17:43
Kilosi cant turn my back for a day even17:43
* chesedo trying to finish a jQuery plugin tonight... studies start tomorrow17:43
Kilosyes that comes first17:43
Kilosgive it all your attention lad17:43
chesedolol, will do...17:44
chesedothat server is not responding at all kilos17:44
Kilosill get canonical to see whats wrong but dont know how long it will take17:45
Kilosyou work17:45
chesedoit's ping is entirely dead... port 80 is open though17:45
Kilosi was just looking for a guy that can fis a site and if need be change it to how we want it17:45
chesedoKilos: meaning?17:46
Kilosthis will all be kudos for ubuntu membership17:46
Kiloslook at17:46
Kilosubuntu-pk.org and tell me whats wrong17:46
Kilosyoul need to read up to join us17:47
Kilospeeps will run locos the za way if i can get my way17:47
Kiloswill aslo count for us when we need reverification17:48
Kilossigh also17:48
Kilosstupid fingers17:48
Kilosohi superfly 17:49
chesedoKilos: that page redirects to wiki.ubuntu.com/PakistanTeam for me?17:50
Kilosoh let me find the site link17:50
Kiloseish ive lost it somewhere17:54
Kiloswork in the meantime17:54
chesedolol, ok17:55
nsnzero_evening all 17:57
Kiloshi nsnzero_ 17:57
nsnzero_how are you ?17:57
Kilosok ty and you?17:57
nsnzero_i am fine thanks17:58
Kiloshi SEptic you have broken it already18:03
Kiloswb nsnzero 18:04
Kilosand spinza 18:04
nsnzerothanks Kilos18:04
SEptic:/ perhaps maybe18:07
SEpticnah its alive and kicking18:07
SEpticrunning like a dog on heat18:07
nsnzerodoes anyone have experience in jet databases (MsAccess)18:16
Kilosmaybe magespawn18:16
nsnzeroi forced to use it at work -  i want to migrate it to a open source format 18:17
nsnzerogood night all18:45
Kilosnight  nsnzero 18:45
nsnzerooh i found a way to convert the database 18:45
Kilosty superfly cutting vlc volume sorted the scratching18:49
theblazehen"221 2.7.0 Error: I can break rules, too. Goodbye." Sometimes I wonder why I'm building a SMTP server from a bash script, a fifo and some netcat19:39
Kilosmost likely because you can19:41
theblazehenPretty much; yeah :)19:41
theblazehenAh. In english we use the ',' seperator.. Not ';'. Yes...19:42
theblazehenHmm.. I shouldn't expect the other server to be fast. Not sure if I should make an expect script (which would require expect.. Not quite what I want.) or just add some sleep's to the code19:45
Kilosthink about what would give the best end result19:46
Kilosthen do it that way19:46
theblazehenWell, I want to just use GNU/Linux and netcat (I think there's a GNU netcat?) - so Literally GNU (coreutils + netcat) and Linux the kernel is all that's needed19:48
theblazehenHmm. And something to query dns. But should be gnu, the ones I have19:48
theblazehenAnd the best end result would be from _not_ writing a mail server in bash.. lol19:52
theblazehenHmm.. smtpd as kernel driver..20:02
* theblazehen wonders if you can write kernel drivers in rust20:02
theblazehenWireshark is awesome20:05
Sicelosmtpd as kernel driver sounds like systemd20:06
theblazehenSicelo: I give it a year20:06
Siceloyes, it will20:07
* theblazehen should pay more attention to the spec.. Now lets see if google will listen to me :)20:07
Kilosnight all. sleep tight'20:23
theblazehennight Kilos20:24
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