geeky_boyhi.. can anyone tell me how to enable click on minimise apps in 14.0400:06
LJHSLDJHSDLJHubtuntu 16.04 is not showing any opened file names on the caption/title bar of the application in use!00:16
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orlockWhat application?00:17
orlockAre you expecting it to?00:17
snkcldim having a proble using "sbuild" to build a deb package... it complains about renaming /etc/apt/trusted.gpg to /etc/apt/trusted.gpg~, saying "invalid argument"00:21
bibliojimI am working my way through "Coding Freedom" and need a group familar with Gabriella Coleman00:21
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naccsnkcld: how are you invoking sbuild (pastebin)?00:22
naccbibliojim: wrong channel?00:22
bibliojimYes. Please advise00:22
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snkcldnacc: http://pastebin.com/raw/tWiajSAe00:23
CohedrinHey all, trying to setup an image of ubuntu to be installed on multiple different machines, not all with the same hardware configuringation00:25
Cohedrinif I make one image, will I be able to simply install the drivers needed for the different hardware configuration after cloning the drive?00:25
Cohedrinor will I need to make a seperate image for each hardware configuration we have?00:25
nils_Cohedrin, usually the kernel comes with a truckload of drivers.00:25
naccCohedrin: what do you mean by "image" in this case?00:26
nils_Cohedrin, so unless you have very specific hardware that is not supported by the ubuntu kernel out of the box you'll have to fiddle with the drivers, however that kind of exotic hardware is usually not worth the trouble00:26
Cohedrinnacc was planning on setting up 1 computer's HD and getting everything we need installed on it/ configured properly00:26
Cohedrincloning that image onto the other machines00:26
naccCohedrin: so these are virtual disks?00:26
Cohedrinnils_ my only worry is that these machines are dell computers, ordered with windows originally installed on them00:27
nils_however things like fstab may be different00:27
Cohedrinwhich means some of the graphics cards are OEM only00:27
nils_and the network device names00:27
Cohedrinwhich is my biggest worry with the drivers00:27
nils_what kind of graphics cards?00:27
Cohedrinnacc No they're not virtual disks, they're physical hard drives00:27
Cohedrin1 sec, I'll get the exact models00:28
naccCohedrin: as nils said, i think you'll run into UUID changes on the disks and then network device name changes00:28
Cohedrinnils_ nacc: So doing what I'm trying to do isn't possible/advisable?00:28
CohedrinI'll need to indiviually install each computer?00:28
nils_there are ways to do it unattended and export your selections00:28
nils_maybe check out cobbler?00:29
naccCohedrin: well, just perhaps not exactly as you're suggesting00:29
naccCohedrin: yeah, i was going to suggest  using a tool for htis, for managing configuations/installs00:29
snkcldnacc: any clue whats up>00:31
Cohedrinhm, looks like cobbler needs a sort of hostmachine setup for this00:31
snkcldconsidering its an issue regarding renaming files... could it be an incompatibility with my filesystem? (btrfs)00:31
Cohedrinwhile I see the advantages of this, for the current setup we have its pretty basic, they're just desktop computers used for basic office tasks00:31
Cohedrinideally I would like to not have to keep this as simple as possible00:31
naccCohedrin: yeah it's basically an install-server manager00:31
naccCohedrin: i mean, i guess you could try what you're suggesting; just not sure it's possible intuitively00:32
CohedrinI found clonezilla, would that not fit the needs I would have?00:32
Cohedrinnacc no I agree, I thought I would run into some issues with it00:32
Cohedrinjust trying to figure out the simplest way of going about this00:32
naccsnkcld: are youa ble to build the existing xenial one? or all sbuilds fail?00:33
snkcldi have not modified the source00:33
snkcldif that answers your question00:34
naccsnkcld: there is no 5.37-0ubuntu8 in any ubuntu release00:34
snkcldi pulled the yakkety one, though,00:34
naccsnkcld: yakkety is at 5.37-0ubuntu500:34
snkcldyea, sorry, let me be more clear: i did not modify the sources, but i did create an empty commit00:34
snkcldfor no reason in particular00:35
naccsnkcld: can you try building the stock ubuntu version?00:35
nacc(just to santiy check)00:35
snkcldgood idea, ill do that now00:35
snkcldsame error00:35
naccsnkcld: i just build it in my sbuild env and it worked fine00:35
snkclddo i need some special configuration set?00:36
snkcldlike, in my .sbuildrc etc?00:36
snkcldit should "just work" right?00:36
naccsnkcld: let me check mine00:36
naccsnkcld: hwo did you build your schroot?00:36
suicideboysYo anybody on here00:37
qenghoThere's a few cafes in my city with the same name. They set they same SSID on their Wifi, but each location is in charge of the password, and they vary. I think this is a flaw of Wifi, assuming that the same SSID is the same authority, but can Network Manager make my life tolerable nevertheless? I want the Wifi password to be keyed to the the BSSID or link-level identifier.00:37
snkcldnacc: mk-sbuild xenial00:38
naccqengho: maybe through some steps like http://askubuntu.com/questions/40038/how-can-i-force-network-manager-to-associate-to-a-specific-access-point/4008300:39
naccqengho: where you'd just have multiple connections names with the same SSID and different BSSID?00:39
naccsnkcld: hrm, ok, that's basically what i do too00:40
qenghonacc: Right, nice. Thanks.00:40
snkclddo you know why its doing that rename?00:40
naccsnkcld: unfortunately not, i'm thinking about it though00:42
naccsnkcld: you might ask in #ubuntu-devel00:42
blahdeblahAny NTP aficionados around?  I'm looking for some volunteers to add these test NTP servers to their config: "pool ntp.ubunut.com iburst"00:49
tatertotsblahblahblah ok then what?00:50
blahdeblahtatertots: Ping me if you notice any issues with them. :-)00:51
blahdeblahThey're some test instances that run the same code that controls ntp.ubuntu.com, and I just want some real traffic so that I can see how it goes before unleashing it on the main servers.00:52
blahdeblahNo guarantees; I play around with them a lot, so there will sometimes be restarts; YMMV; IANAL; etc.00:53
blahdeblahtatertots: They're in our London DCs, so results will be best for those in EU, but they should work from anywhere.00:54
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geogtsi understand that this channel is for official ubuntu support but i'm not sure where to ask this question.  i was hoping to learn how to code as a hobby.  it's something that'll probably be short lived for me but at the moment i'd like to try.  so what language should i attempt to learn?  sorry for the off-topic question.01:10
michaelcullengeogts, any background in programming whatsoever?01:10
blahdeblahgeogts: python01:10
michaelcullenOr scripting?01:10
tatertotswhen the software you're trying to install, fights you the whole way through01:10
geogtsmichaelcullen, my background is negligible.  i learned some basic html in college and have retained none of it.01:12
geogtsblahdeblah: thank you, is that quite common?01:12
michaelcullenBit of an odd one here; deploying Ubuntu on a Portege R400, and the wifi device (Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG) is detected as a wired interface by Network Manager in the Live environment; anyone know if this is a known bug and fixed in current master, or something I'm going to need to address somehow post-install?01:12
blahdeblahgeogts: and as an added bonus, lots of the scripts you see in Ubuntu & many other distros are written in it (along with bash & perl, but IMO python is easier to start with)01:13
michaelcullengeogts, it depends on what sort of thing you want to build; if you're interested in doing console apps and server-side backend stuff, Python is a good shout these days01:13
blahdeblahgeogts: learnpythonthehardway.com is what my son used01:13
michaelcullenIf you want to make actual applications, I'd say go with C#, possibly through Xamarin so you can target multiple platforms from a single codebase01:14
geogtsblahdeblah: a quick google search returned some basic tutorials on codecademy01:14
geogtsblahdeblah: oh, okay.  i'll check that out instead01:14
tatertotsthat's weird you're like the second person i've seen say that today michael, unless you're the same guy that said it earlier01:14
blahdeblahgeogts: codecademy has a good reputation as well. And it's learnpythonthehardway.org, not .com - sorry01:14
michaelcullenThe C#/Python comment? Just joined the chan so wasn't me earlier haha :) Unless you meant the Wifi thing, which also wasn't me, but I'd be interested to hear if anyone came up with a solution haha :P01:15
geogtsmichaelcullen: not sure where it'll go with it.  i'm on a work trip so i have lots of free time in my hotel.  this sounds more fun than going to the hotel gym :X01:15
tatertotsyeah the wireless thing01:16
DoNotBeGayI am the messenger of His Majesty the Great Clown, Allah himself01:16
tatertotssome guy earlier said his WLAN adapter was showing as a wired nic01:16
DoNotBeGayWe must cleanse the world of fags, jews, niggers, and pigs01:16
michaelcullenTo be honest, I wouldn't even know where to start fixing it, been a long time since I had to touch hardware detection in Linux, and last time it was all dealt with by reconfiguring the Kernel haha01:16
tatertotsi think i have that same wlan adapter in my lappy, going to double checfk01:16
tatertotssorry my typing gets bad at this hour01:17
michaelcullenPretty sure it was the standard Centrino one in the Core (1) Duo days01:17
geogtsblahdeblah and michaelcullen thanks for your responses.01:17
michaelcullenNo problem geogts01:18
blahdeblahgeogts: you're welcome!  FTR, I would agree with michaelcullen on the console/server vs. frontend apps issue as well.  Python may not be the best tool for that.01:19
michaelcullenC# is definitely worth a shout, although personally I use Visual Studio as an IDE, so not sure what sort of standard Xamarin is in right now01:19
CodeMouse92Is there a difference between putting a script in /etc/init and /etc/init.d?01:19
michaelcullenCodeMouse92, different format for the scripts... init is Upstart isn't it?01:19
tatertotsI have the 4965AGN01:20
blahdeblahCodeMouse92: /etc/init is config files for upstart; /etc/init.d is scripts for sysvinit - both still work, but they are different formats01:20
nils_also consider /etc/systemd/system ;)01:20
CodeMouse92Okay, so if I need to run a bash command on startup, that'd be /etc/init01:20
tatertotsalso from the core duo days01:20
nils_CodeMouse92, /etc/rc.local is the easiest way01:20
michaelcullentatertots, ahhh that'll be the model up01:20
blahdeblahCodeMouse92: you must support the correct arguments to use /etc/init.d; there's a template in that directory to show you how01:20
michaelcullenWith draft N support01:20
CodeMouse92blahdeblah: Yeah, I think I'll just use /etc/init01:21
blahdeblahyou need to follow the template for that, too01:21
blahdeblahif you just want to run a basic script, use rc.local like nils_ said01:21
CodeMouse92Okies. That runs as root, right?01:21
CodeMouse92(And ONLY on startup?)01:21
nils_yes & yes01:22
sacarlson2CodeMouse92: I've also used cron to start things at boot time just so you have more options01:23
michaelcullenRight, here we go... Ubuntu installed, time to reboot and see if the Wifi is still allegedly wired01:23
CodeMouse92sacarlson2: I've never exactly figured out where cron *is*01:23
michaelcullenDoes anyone know where Cron actually is?01:24
sacarlson2CodeMouse92: like were is the bin that runs it?01:24
sacarlson2CodeMouse92: or the file that controls it?01:24
CodeMouse92sacarlson2: In other words, I've never used it, don't know how to (but kinda need to)01:24
michaelcullenCrontab is somewhere in /var/, if I recall correctly01:24
CodeMouse92(Also, is there a similar file to run a script before shutdown?01:25
sacarlson2CodeMouse92: I think there is shutdown in network scripts I'm not sure if they pertain to power down01:25
michaelcullenIf I remember rightly, Upstart scripts are RIDICULOUSLY simple01:26
michaelcullenYou specify a trigger, and then a command01:26
CodeMouse92One person suggests /etc/gdm/PostSession/Default....?01:26
CodeMouse92Which doesn't sound right01:26
CodeMouse92another says /etc/rc0.d01:26
CodeMouse92Hum. Turns out VirtualBox already has a script there to handle shutting down the VM. Nevermind THAT01:28
michaelcullentatertots, well I booted into Ubuntu (non-live), and it detected it perfectly as a Wireless interface01:28
michaelcullenThis is why Linux frustrates me at times lol.01:30
blahdeblahCodeMouse92, michaelcullen: the cron binary is almost irrelevant; what you're really interested in is /etc/crontab, which is the master control for all the cron.* directories, and /var/spool/cron, which is where user crontabs are stored01:33
CodeMouse92Okay, next question about cron then...01:34
michaelcullenThat's the one I was thinking of, the user one01:34
CodeMouse92I have to set up a cron for Let's Encrypt that runs "twice per day", but using a "random minute within the hour"01:34
CodeMouse92I have never set up a cron before in my life, so I'm entirely and totally lost01:34
Ben64CodeMouse92: that makes no sense01:35
blahdeblahCodeMouse92: try this for starts https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto01:35
blahdeblahBen64: It makes perfect sense to run twice per day but randomise the time over 1 hour01:36
blahdeblahIn fact, the unattended-upgrades package in xenial does something very much like that01:36
Ben64blahdeblah: no it doesn't01:36
CodeMouse92(Makes sense to me - prevents server overload when everyone uses the top of the hour)01:37
Ben64letsencrypt certs last 90 days, doesn't make sense to do something twice every day01:37
CodeMouse92Ben64: Their recommendation. https://certbot.eff.org/#ubuntutrusty-other01:37
CodeMouse92Ben64: "(it won't do anything until your certificates are due for renewal or revoked, but running it regularly would give your site a chance of staying online in case a Let's Encrypt-initiated revocation happened for some reason)"01:38
blahdeblahBen64: if you've got a lot of certs, you don't know which ones need renewing, and the LE client is smart enough not to renew the ones which don't need it01:38
CodeMouse92blahdeblah: What's the time-and-date field for this situation?01:39
CodeMouse92(Reading that page, btw...still not making heads or tails. need coffee)01:39
michaelcullenWell balls, turns out that this old R400 is an Active Digitizer model01:42
michaelcullenAnd came minus the stylus, which means I can't configure it in the event that they find one at a later date lol01:42
CodeMouse92NM...I figured it out. I don't *actually* need to use a random number generator. According to #letsencrypt, I can just pick something.01:45
drose379Hey guys, I'm wondering how window managers handle cursor clicks01:48
drose379How do they decide what was clicked on the display?01:48
drose379Is there a coordinate system?01:48
drose379I'm just trying to picture how everything works01:51
qenghodrose379: "cursor clicks"?01:52
drose379Yeah, like user input01:52
drose379Mosue click01:52
drose379qengho: ^01:52
michaelcullenX server wizardry01:52
drose379Could you explain a bit?01:53
michaelcullenThe little gremlins that live in Xorg, who used to live in XFree86, follow your cursor around01:53
michaelcullenHonestly I'm not actually sure these days, things have changed so much on the X side of things01:54
drose379michaelcullen: if we keep it basic, is there a grid system?01:54
michaelcullenAs far as I'm aware, it's literally just X and Y positions01:54
qenghodrose379: The window manager know where it put windows. It renders the pointer. With every movement and click, it test the known x/y of the pointer with the rectangles it set as the windows' boundaries.01:54
michaelcullenBased on your screen resolution01:54
qenghodrose379: run "xev"01:54
blahdeblahqengho: +101:55
drose379michaelcullen: so the window manager keeps track of.. all open window positions01:55
michaelcullenOoooh that's a nice tool, hadn't seen that one before01:55
michaelcullenxeyes is fun as well01:55
michaelcullendrose379, in addition to actually drawing them as well, yeah01:56
drose379michaelcullen: does it also keep track of cursor position?01:56
michaelcullenThese days they also handle composition for hardware acceleration, and then hook back into the X server01:56
drose379WM keeps track of cursor position also?01:57
michaelcullen... I THINK so. Although I could be wrong, since in the olden days even if your WM crashed, you'd still have a pointer just running in your X11 client01:57
michaelcullenBut I'm not sure whether the X client handles hardware input and passes it to the WM, or whether the WM directly hooks the hardware layer01:58
drose379Lets just assume the WM ends up with click event info01:58
drose379And knows the position of all open windows01:58
drose379When the WM receives a click event, what happens?01:58
michaelcullenI would assume it checks boundaries, then performs an appropriate action01:59
michaelcullenBased on trigger areas and offsets etc01:59
qenghodrose379: It puts a event in the event buffer for the window program to read and interpret.01:59
drose379An appropriate action may be... passing that click event to the application running in the window?01:59
michaelcullenYeah, which would likely be through hooks into GTK/QT02:00
drose379Pretty much what qengho just said ^02:00
drose379Ok, so I think we are all on the same page about that02:00
drose379Now what about when you hook in a second monitor02:00
qenghoNot relevant.02:00
qenghoIt's just more X02:00
drose379More space on the x axis you mean?02:01
drose379And the WM keeps track of this?02:01
qenghoEr, no02:01
qenghoTHe x server does.02:01
drose379What exactly is X server?02:01
michaelcullenqengho, so WM still takes its inputs from X client and server like in the olden days?02:02
michaelcullenEven with composition?02:02
michaelcullenThat's the bit I wasn't sure about, myself02:02
qenghoIts the thing telling the window manager about the properties of the display, and giving the clients like your web browser, a place to send info about what they look like.02:02
drose379So it provides a WM everything it needs to know?02:02
qenghoWith composition, there's an extra layer, but it doesn't change anything except that clients draw more often.02:03
michaelcullenAhhh right02:03
michaelcullenX server also handles output to the display itself, right?02:03
qenghoYour X server could be an etch-a-sketch.02:03
drose379So does the WM tell the x server what to output?02:03
drose379Now I'm just unsure of what the WM does02:05
qenghodrose379: Think of this way. It used to be clients --data--> x-server-interface. Now compositors pretend to be the x server, and they themselves act like x clients to the REAL x server.02:05
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michaelcullenI miss GDI :(02:06
drose379Clients --> Data02:06
drose379What is that "Data" ?02:06
qenghoThe arrow is data.02:06
k1ldrose379: that whole topic is very komplex. and the old x-server got a lot of security issues with that (like what window can read what key and mouse inputs etc) that they try to make better with wayland/mir. but in general its a grid with x and y and the WM does the magic of making the click becoming a command.02:06
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qenghoThe arrow is data about what to drat=w.02:06
drose379So x-server sees everything as a grid02:07
michaelcullenHere, this should make you feel worse: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/The_Linux_Graphics_Stack_and_glamor.svg02:07
drose379Please no02:07
k1ldrose379: and its not relevant how many monitors you got. its always just one big resolution of x and y02:07
michaelcullenMuch, much worse :P02:07
drose379So lets say I have a single monitor02:07
drose379Just my main display02:07
drose379What does the job of creating a grid on top of it02:08
k1ldrose379: is there a support issue behind that? (or are we doing someones homwork :X )02:08
drose379No man this just hit me today02:08
michaelcullenUnless you're running remote X02:08
drose379And I was like damn, I literally have no idea how this seeminly basic thing works02:08
michaelcullenIn which case your remote X client also grids it up, the syncs with X server02:08
drose379Now I've had a headache all day trying to figure it out02:08
drose379Ok, so x-server creates a grid02:09
drose379And it receives a click at (x,y)02:09
drose379Now, it passes that Click object with the x,y args to the WM02:09
drose379WM says "ok, this click occured on this window, which happens to be Google Chrome"02:10
drose379So, it passes that click to a buffer, which google chrome then picks up and processes as a click?02:10
qenghoAfter it gets an event at a position looks at its list of windows, and sends that event into the connection that window's client has open.02:10
ubuntu281hey everyone02:10
drose379That does make sense02:11
michaelcullenHowdy 28102:11
drose379So now, I hook up another display02:11
drose379What tells x-server to re-calibrate its grid?02:11
qenghodrose379: Yes. That enlarges the space of the grid, but that's all.02:11
michaelcullenModprobe maybe?02:11
k1ldrose379: the hardware driver makes an event.02:12
drose379And x-server actually pushes the output to the new display?02:12
michaelcullenYou used to have to change your XFree86 config file, these days it's all more or less automatic02:12
k1ldrose379: from that there will be the new resolution, which is just a bigger grid now.02:12
drose379So its all just one big grid for x-server02:12
k1ldrose379: basically: xserver and the video driver.02:12
michaelcullenGuys, should we tell him about Xinerama? :P02:13
ubuntu281i have a question about editing /etc/openvpn/server.conf its not there do i create a blank and edit the rules from there and save it then do i run the conf file or does it work automatic02:13
qenghoubuntu281: Thank you for saving us from this interminable topic.02:13
michaelcullenDo you know what drove me away from Linux like, 15 years ago? X.02:14
drose379I actually think I get it now though02:14
drose379Can I explain to you guys what I think is correct, and you guys can either pass or fail me?02:15
k1ldrose379: didnt we agree already how it works?02:15
drose379I just wanna go over it once and for all02:15
drose379So I can put my mind at rest about it02:15
ubuntu281topic change is good evem tho my question is about openvpn02:16
michaelcullen£20 says he has a sadistic university lecturer who has set him the task of explaining the X11 stack02:16
drose379I dont I dont02:16
drose379I'm just stuck on this today for some reason, wont be able to let it go until I feel I know how it works02:17
qenghoubuntu281: You don't "run the configuration file". That part doesn't make sense. But, you can start openvpn if it's not running, or if it's running you can send a signal to the running openvpn to ask it to read the configuration again.02:17
michaelcullenYou've pretty much got it, if it helps02:17
k1ldrose379: i guess the guys in #xorg will help you out on the details. this is quite out of the scope of this channel if we keep repeating it or go any deeper.02:17
qenghoubuntu281: I'm not sure about the file name you mentioned, there. You should have a reason for that name.02:19
qenghoubuntu281: I do'nt know openvpn enough to say.02:19
ubuntu281gengho: i can get on just fine but my connection drops after inavtivity so i found a fix the said adding a line to /etc/openvpn/client.conf adding the line 'keepalive 10 120' seems to do the trick for most people but i already created this file and left vpn idel and still fail02:20
qenghoubuntu281: I see. Okay, let's assume that advice is good, for the moment. If you stop your VPN and start it again, that should be enough.02:21
ubuntu281gengho: so i was thinking a command like --interactive client.conf command like debian02:22
qenghoubuntu281: changing the file and waiting isnt't enough. It only reads that file on start or upon geting a "HUP" signal.02:22
michaelcullenIs the Ubuntu Software app ONLY supposed to show you stuff that's already installed?02:22
k1lmichaelcullen: no02:22
michaelcullenOkay, got an issue here then haha02:23
ubuntu281gengho: so making the file and restarting it would have the file on start and i could run openvpn without losing connection02:23
ubuntu281well rebooting02:24
qenghoubuntu281: rebooting is extreme, but that's fine.02:24
michaelcullenAny idea why it might not be showing me anything outside of what's already installed? And before you ask, yes, I'm on the "All" tab ;P02:24
qenghoubuntu281: I can't comment on the accuracy of the advice you got.02:24
qenghomichaelcullen: open a terminal and run "sudo apt update". Look for errors.02:25
michaelcullenqengho, no errors, still nothing showing up in Ubuntu Software02:25
ubuntu281gengho: well i guess ill give it a test run now and see if it losses connect  but to be a 100% im using arch linux and the advice is at the very bottom of the page https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/OpenVPN02:26
michaelcullenFetches all the package lists from the repositories fine02:26
* qengho shrugs.02:27
FuzzySockets"Cannot add PPA: 'ppa:nginx/stable'" -- anyone know why this would happen every few times I run it on a fresh machine?02:28
ubuntu281gengho: thanks for the info so i dont need to run a .conf file it just uses it02:28
FuzzySockets"Please check that the PPA name or format is correct."02:28
ubuntu281gengho: a cheap fix might be leaving this chat running haha02:28
k1lFuzzySockets: run a "apt update" before?02:31
qenghok1l: no02:31
k1lFuzzySockets: and make sure the network works. especially if there are proxies or vpns involved. or firewalls filtering02:32
qenghoFuzzySockets: if your machine can't read the descripton off launchpad's web site, you get something like that.02:32
FuzzySocketsk1l http://imgur.com/a/m8R0x before and after actually -- is any of this redundant? I put both before and it installed an earlier nginx version02:32
qenghoFuzzySockets: "apt policy nginx"02:33
FuzzySocketsqengho: what is that?02:33
qenghoFuzzySockets: debug your package policy. Open a Terminal and run that.02:34
FuzzySocketsqengho "invalid operation policy"02:34
michaelcullenOn LTS releases, should I be running apt-get upgrade, or apt-get dist-upgrade?02:35
qenghoFuzzySockets: That must be an old Ubuntu. Fine "apt-cache policy nginx"02:35
k1lmichaelcullen: apt-get upgrade doesnt install all updates.02:35
Ben64michaelcullen: not LTS specific, but you should always be doing dist-upgrade02:35
michaelcullenSo LTS is just a separate repository?02:36
k1lmichaelcullen: no02:36
Ben64michaelcullen: LTS is just a version of ubuntu with Long Term Support02:36
k1lmichaelcullen: LTS is a specific ubuntu release. every 2 years there is a LTS02:36
michaelcullenYeah, but what I mean is, dist-upgrade won't push you from 16.04, say, to 16.1002:36
Ben64michaelcullen: it does't ever change versions of ubuntu02:37
k1lmichaelcullen: it will never push you to another ubuntu release. ubuntu uses update-manager or do-release-upgrade to go to new releases. not apt02:37
michaelcullenAhhh right, cheers :)02:37
michaelcullenI'm more used to rolling releases these days02:37
k1lmichaelcullen: better use the new "apt" command. it doesnt use the old "dist-upgrade" wording which confuses some users02:38
* michaelcullen Googles02:38
qenghomichaelcullen: "dist-upgrade" is a bad  verb. It lets a upgrade drag in a new package you don't have yet.02:39
k1lbut will be again 50 years until people will use apt instead of apt-get. like it still confuses people that back in the very old days one usesd apt to do the version upgrades on debian.02:39
qenghoOkay. I'm out.02:39
michaelcullenk1l, could be worse, I still remember having to manually install RPMs on RH 5.002:40
orlockmichaelcullen: dependency hell before yum02:40
orlockmichaelcullen: ever try to compile E back then?02:40
michaelcullenE16 or E17? ;P02:40
michaelcullenManaging to get the old alpha running was like a badge of honor haha02:41
tatertotsgrr i hate dns sometimes, but when it's configured right i love it02:44
michaelcullenWell if it wasn't for DNS, we'd all be trying to remember whenever we sat down at a new machine02:46
meggercattrying to download EA Origin for Sims 3 game download. Any suggestions?02:46
michaelcullenWell actually, not that, was supposed to be Reddit's IP, but they're Cloudflare'd02:46
michaelcullenmeggercat, EA? Try bending over a bit more?02:47
meggercathuh? Really though.02:47
michaelcullenIn all seriousness, you're going to need something like Wine to use as a wrapper02:47
meggercatmichaelcullen, I have tried that first thing.02:48
michaelcullenNo luck with it? :(02:48
meggercatmichaelcullen, no nothing. I downloaded playonlinux as recommended by various online sources02:48
avis-i hear that ahr3c guy falsifies truths about me in references to how he treats others based on his initials02:49
michaelcullenYeah, I was just going to suggest that02:49
avis-through suggestion as such02:49
meggercati know I could get the game going if I could bypass the origin download02:50
michaelcullenavis-, hmm... thought you were a bot for a second there02:50
michaelcullenmeggercat, do you already own the game?02:50
=== hayden is now known as Guest88101
avis-just as i stated before thats all this network does when i have a complaint.  accuse me of being a bot02:51
meggercatmichaelcullen, I have the original sims on disk, download version of sims 302:51
michaelcullenmeggercat, in that case, there's always... alternative means of getting a disc version of Sims 302:51
michaelcullenMight have better luck that way02:51
yoshifanI am having a problem playing back music in Rhythmbox02:51
michaelcullenavis-, that comment just came completely out of nowhere, and out of context, so I was confused lol02:52
meggercatmichaelcullen, alternative ways? just trying to order the disk you mean?02:52
yoshifanWhen I right click my music file and go to Open With > RhythmBox, it opens but doesn't do anything02:52
michaelcullenmeggercat, I was very softly implying piracy02:52
michaelcullenSince you already own the game, I'd say it was a moral gray area02:52
yoshifanThen when I hit play, it says "Couldn't start playback (null)"02:52
meggercatmichaelcullen, after what i've been though today I am not shunning it02:53
CarlFKapt --assume-yes ... "E: Command line option --assume-yes is not understood"  that worked with apt-get, what is the apt version?02:53
meggercatmichaelcullen, is it horrible to ask for suggestions?02:53
michaelcullenBut yeah, there's actually a guide for Sims 3, Ubuntu, and PlayOnLinux using the CD/DVD version here: http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2014/11/how-to-install-and-play-sims-3-using.html02:53
meggercatmichaelcullen, this is the exact tutorial ive been playing with.02:54
sarbojitfolks, anyone kind enough to help me decide on QEMU or vbox ?02:55
meggercatmichaelcullen, the issue is Origin in order to download the game02:55
m5wHello. I'm having some trouble with my GeForce 940M on Xubuntu 16.04. When I used nvidia-361, X would crash whenever I logged out and at other random times. I realized my card had Optimus, so I tried using Bumblebee per the instructions at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee#Setup_for_14.04_and_later. This appeared to work; however, when running applications with optirun for long enough, X would crash, and I02:55
m5wwould be forced to power-cycle the laptop. I am now trying to use Bumblebee with nouveau, but whenever I try to use optirun, I receive the following error message: Cannot access secondary GPU - error: [XORG] (EE) Failed to load module "mouse" (module does not exist, 0)02:55
michaelcullenmeggercat, PM'd you02:56
m5wAny help getting any of the setups working would be appreciated02:56
yoshifanShould I try purging and reinstalling Rhythmbox?02:58
m5wIntegrated graphics are working fine, though03:00
neldogzHi all, I am trying to get psensors to see my CPU fan. My motherboard carries a nuvoTon NCT6793D chip that can detect the fan speeds so I tried to load the driver for it using modprobe -v nct6775 but psensor still doesn't see the fans.03:05
Bashing-omm5w: Nvidia recommends the 367 version driver : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/105343/en-us . That driver is available from our trusted PPA for release 16.04 .03:08
m5wBashing-om: thanks, will try it03:08
m5whave tried 36403:08
m5wbtw, about the issue earlier: thanks for the help; it was a BIOS bug03:08
yoshifanUpdate about my Rhythmbox bug, I can play music if it is on my desktop. Is this a permissions issue?03:09
Bashing-omm5w: K. You are aware that BumbleBee, the present driver .. and the xorg.conf file will have to be removed prior to the new install., right ?03:09
Bashing-omm5w: A bios buf .. we kinda thought might be a bios issue .03:11
m5wBashing-om: I keep logs of all my installs, so I'll just purge everything I've installed in reverse. Are you suggesting I install only install nvidia-367 or that with bumblebee, bumblebee-nvidia, etc. ?03:11
Bashing-omm5w: I bet ya get better results with nvidia-prime rather than BumbleBee to control the graphic's sets .03:12
m5wBashing-om: Yes, I install prime. was just clarifying to install all those packages as opposed to exclusively the nvidia driver03:13
Bashing-omm5w: https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa ; purge what is now .. and I expect when you installl the 367 driver, the install will also include nvidia-prime .03:14
m5wBashing-om: ``purge what is now .." ?03:15
Bashing-omm5w: ^^ as anove .. the current driver, BumbleBee and /etc/X11/Xorg.conf ,03:17
saitoh183trying to run a apt-get purge php7.0-common but it wants to remove lots of stuff  http://paste.ubuntu.com/20133715/03:18
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=== arooni is now known as arooni__
Bashing-omm5w: Are you comfortable doing this ??03:24
m5wBashing-om: yes, but currently debugging a java program, so not doing it at the moment03:24
Madhumper69I had a ubuntu external drive mapped as a z: drive in windows, but had to format windows and now i cant add the correct path . ubuntu server local ip   // /media/storage03:25
Bashing-omm5w: :)03:25
Madhumper69\\\media\ ****03:25
unicornjedihey. What is good software for administrating ubuntu server? something like webmin?03:29
unicornjediim like a newb03:29
unicornjedinthrow: :(03:31
nthrowwhy? ot03:31
nthrowit's not complex03:31
unicornjediis that a middle finger03:31
nthrowno it's me typoing repeating after six fingers of scotch.03:31
nthrowseriously tho, why not bash?03:31
nthrowwhat are you trying to do?03:31
Hydr0p0nXwhiskey for me nthrow, but I'm pickin up what your puttin down03:32
unicornjedilol nthrow. I just want to control my server through my web browser rather than ssh03:32
nthrowHydr0p0nX: scotch is a whiskey too. :P03:32
nthrowunicornjedi: what is your webserver running?03:32
unicornjedinthrow: nothing lol. I literally set up my ubuntu server today. I havent messed with ubuntu server for two years so im like lost03:33
unicornjediim skimming through ubuntu manual and its still confusing03:33
nthrowsay you're running a wordpress then. you just need to know vhost syntax, apachectl, and how to import and export mysql dbs.03:34
nthrowthat's maybe six hours of study.03:34
nthrowand i'm slow. :P03:35
unicornjedioh gawd03:35
unicornjediis drupal 8 good?03:35
unicornjediwhich web content manager do you like?03:35
nthrowwhat is a web content manager?03:35
nthrowit sounds like you're overcomplicating it.03:35
saitoh183trying to run a apt-get purge php7.0-common but it wants to remove lots of stuff  http://paste.ubuntu.com/20133715/ .. how can i just remove/reinstall php7.0-common03:35
unicornjedinthrow: yep :| im a white dude. thats what white people do lol03:36
nthrowunicornjedi: sounds like you're victimizing yourself.03:36
saitoh183nthrow, thanks :)03:37
nthrownp saitoh18303:37
nthrowunicornjedi: 80% of shit is knowing how to write a google query03:37
unicornjedinthrow: i think i have my answer...03:37
nthrowno one can remember it all. this is the most complication thing people ever built.03:37
unicornjedinthrow: ajenti and zentyal sound good.03:38
unicornjediyay research03:38
nthrowif it works for you.03:38
unicornjedii hope so. I hope its easy to install too03:38
nthrowbut seriously familiarity with bash and CLI approaches is the long-term solution.03:38
nthrowany website is a webserver, a database, and a interpreter of some sort.03:38
nthrowthe latter is irrelevant unless you're into development.03:38
nthrowapache is a standard. to be familiar, you just need to know httpd.conf and vhost configurations.03:39
paranoidabhihow can I remove something(files,folders) from bash to make it end-up in trash.03:42
paranoidabhithe rm removes it completely03:44
saitoh183ok...if i want to remove php7.0 completely so i can reinstall sudo dpkg --remove php7.0 or sudo dpkg --remove --force-depends php7.0 . I tried to just reinstall just php7.0-common but i get tones of "WARNING: Module sysvshm ini file doesn't exist under /etc/php/7.0/mods-available" "Not replacing deleted config file /etc/php/7.0/mods-available/..."03:49
celery_dare i unlock my kernel from 3.13 on a gigabyte brix?03:52
Blue1I did a fresh install of xubuntu.  When I click on a link in thunderbird, it moves firefox from one desktop, into the thunderbird desktop.  How do I stop that?04:01
Blue1This resolved it.04:09
Blue1crimany -- https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196749904:10
guest-VcEFUS_saitoh183: use apt instead of dpkg... # sudo apt-get purge php7.0*04:12
=== glytch1 is now known as glytch
m5wBashing-om: going to install: bumblebee bumblebee-nvidia linux-headers-generic nvidia-367 primus04:26
m5wthat look right?04:26
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: yap04:27
Bashing-omm5w: Well .. should work .. But I stand by my suggestion of  nvidia-prime .04:28
m5wah, yeah, noticed it's not installing prim04:28
m5wI can revert this easily. What packages would you recommend04:29
=== mohan is now known as Guest80526
m5wThe guide is 14.04 and later, so the documentation might be a bit outdated . . .04:29
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: just checked my bash_history.. i installed nvidia-drivers via additional drivers and then installed # apt install bumblebee* primus04:29
m5wguest-VcEFUS_, what version of the nvidia driver do you have?04:31
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: nvidia-361 from ppa:neon1ks/bumblebee04:32
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: and no X crashes?04:33
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: nope04:34
m5wmy X would crash whenever I logged out with nvidia-36104:34
m5wbut I didn't have bumblebee at the time, so who knows04:34
m5wokay, going for reboot04:34
guest-VcEFUS_have phun :-D04:34
m5wI'll optirun something in the background and see if I crash04:34
m5wis there a way I can boot ro ?04:35
m5wso I don't end up with orphaned innodes04:35
m5wboot ro into X, that is04:35
m5wI've done it with init=/bin/bash, but that's kind of nasty04:35
m5wand doesn't let me do anything with X or course04:35
m5weh, I'll /probably/ be fine04:36
m5wlol, X is just a black screen now04:44
m5wttys work though :)04:44
m5wand I can't even kill it04:44
m5wso, I'm not sure how to restart without power-cycling . . .04:44
m5wHow do I kill an unresponsive process?04:47
m5wit just keeps blocking04:48
Guy1524_is it possible to install amd vulkan drivers on a ps4 w/ ubuntu?04:49
Guy1524_it would be interesting see how well vulkan does compared to gcm04:50
Guy1524_(in doom of course)04:50
m5wwow; this is pathetic!04:50
m5wI tried adding i915 and bbswitch to /etc/modules04:51
m5wand systemctl enable bumblebeed04:51
m5wstill no luck04:51
m5wX is just black and _completely_ unresponsive04:51
m5wno way to kill it04:51
m5wI guess I'll try with nvidia-36104:51
nv_Hi. Is there a list somewhere of computers that fully support linux? I don't mean they support linux if you have a degree in computer science, I mean they are truly open, I can plug in an ubuntu cd or usb and install without problems. Today I gave back my lenovo ideapad, told them to keep it and the windows system it comes with. It has uefi boot nazi which prevents access to basically anything except windows and windows reset. I think it is important to know which05:01
nv_ manufacturer actively supports linux so I don't make an ass out of myself if I recommend Ubuntu.05:01
saigel@nv_: Why don't you turn UEFI off?05:07
nv_I did. The only thing that worked was gparted disk. I tried various 64bit installations, but no joy. In all the old computers, I just stick it in and it works and if I was in a hurry, I would use puppylinux which I could set up in minutes.05:09
saigel@nv_: system76 prides themselves on specifically catering to the Linux gang.05:09
nv_system76? Is that a manufacturer? A brand? I have never seen them anywhere.05:10
nv_thanks. I will have a look. I will not buy or recommend brands that do not fully support linux.05:12
saigelI don't own one. My son told me about them. He wants one. They're a little more expensive than the cheap brands though. But they say you get what you pay for...05:12
nv_Well, I just gave back a 1900Yuan laptop and I wasted days trying to get it going.05:13
StolioOuch :/05:13
nv_So I don't think it can be that expensive to buy something that represents freedom and that you can actually use. Ha..ha..05:13
elias_anv_: "Fully support" is a half way expression especially becausa firmware is not open source.05:16
nv_Well, if I can plug and play without a computer degree, I consider it 'fully supported' he..he...05:17
elias_anv_: Of course there are differences and even open firmware devices. I have never played with such a thing, though.05:17
elias_anv_: Is it laptop you are looking for?05:19
nv_I was looking for a small tablet with keybord so I don't have to carry myself to death, the lenovo ideapad was nice, but Windows...... so now I will just have to wait until next year, ha..ha.. I have checked out the website, they look good, but are quite expensive and very far away from me. Not worth the hassle trying to buy online and import etc.05:22
m5wBashing-om: Okay, so nvidia-367 didn't work at all. X was completely unresponsive such that power cycling was the only option to restart.05:22
elias_anv_: Where do you live?05:23
m5wBashing-om: 361 with bumblebee is no better than without; X crashes upon logout05:23
m5wBashing-om: 364 with bumblebee is the best of the ones I've tried; it lets me use my system normally, and I can even use my GPU for a few minutes before my system completely freezes05:24
nv_I am currently in the PRC .05:24
elias_aAs People's Republic of China?05:24
m5wI think the less to learn here is don't buy from nVidia again . . .05:24
Bashing-omm5w: All I can suggest is to abandon BumbleBee, wipe the graphic's and re-install . All I know to do .05:24
Triffid_Hunternv_: I'm in PRC at the moment too, but using a Dell laptop from 2008 that runs linux beautifully, apart from fingerprint scanner not being supported because dell won't tell anyone how it works05:25
m5wI wonder if it's a /GPU/ BIOS issue . . .05:25
m5wbut I'm not willing to risk updating my BIOS to a version the updates the GPU's BIOS, as there might be another bug that makes Linux completely unusable again05:25
elias_anv_: I have heard that there's a huge variety of linux friendly devices because of Red Flag Linux distro.05:26
m5wunless I have a solid method to downgrade05:26
nv_Yes, older things do work. I like dell.05:26
m5wand Acer's BIOS upgrade software is terrible05:26
elias_anv_: I'd ask around from local Linux enthusiasts.05:26
m5wmy antivirus quarantines it; I run it, and then it crashes05:26
m5wthen upon reboot the screen flashes about 50 times as the fan revs up and down and I think the thing is bricked by the official software, and then it finally boots normally05:27
m5wheaven forbid the company just let users flash the BIOS with a flash drive. No; how terrible05:27
nv_I am trying online, because if what happened to me happens to other people, I can see Microsoft winning the fight and the end of linux pretty soon if we do not have reliable information on which devices are plug and play linux and which are not.05:28
elias_anv_: Laptops I've bough with my own money have always been Thinkpads because of 1) titanium chassis and 2) linux friendliness and 3) trackpoint mouse. :)05:28
nv_I have an old lenovo laptop and with each new Ubuntu, it just gets quicker and especially with the last update it is running like crazy, but it is too big to carry around.05:29
elias_anv_: Oh, you are quite right in that! And if you can spare the extra price it is a good thing to rupport such a manufacturer.05:29
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
elias_anv_: So basically a pad with a proper keyboard?05:30
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: what about xorg.0.log?05:30
nv_Yes. That little lenovo was really good, but honestly with Windows on your computer it just feels morally wrong. I just gave it back.05:31
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: I have no reliable way of pasting that right now, as X could bring my whole system down at any random moment, but I'll take a look05:31
elias_anv_: I'll ask around a little. It is still early morning for nerds in Finland so it'll probably take some time. :P05:32
nv_I am not sure what Ubuntu has done with their software, but my laptop is really much faster and more responsive than before. Do they perhaps sell laptops and things? I need an Ubuntu store on the corner, ha..ha...05:33
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: the interesting thing is: no errors . . .05:33
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: apt install pastebinit05:33
elias_anv_: I know some people who where involved in Meego tablet project years ago and they have been following the scene.05:33
=== skipper is now known as Guest19237
elias_anv_: AFAIK they actualy sell or at least have sold Ubuntu computers.05:34
nv_Honestly, the only negative experience I had with Ubuntu was the "Apport thing" that just instantly gave me the feeling of Microsoft. I will try to find a store somewhere.05:35
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: paste.ubuntu.com/2014407905:35
orlocki want a "new" N900 :-(05:35
orlocki miss my old one05:35
m5wis Xorg.0.log.old05:35
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: paste.ubuntu.com/2014413205:35
m5wis Xorg.0.log05:35
nv_Thanks elias. I have to go.05:36
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: I've also added i915 and bbswitch to /etc/modules, set Driver=nvidia in /etc/bumblebee/bumblebee.conf, and replaced all occurrences of nvidia-current with nvidia-361 in that same file.05:37
m5wand run systemctl enable bumblebeed05:37
tykaynhi folks05:42
tykayni have an issue with my google chrome install, i have an adware on it and i cannot open the extensions config page05:42
tykaynhow can i fix that?05:42
Guy1524_is it possible to assign a keyboard and mouse to an application or monitor05:45
Triffid_Huntertykayn: I'd have a dig in the settings dir, probably ~/.config/chrome or similar05:45
orlockheya Triffid_Hunter05:45
orlockstop following me ;)05:45
Triffid_Hunterorlock: I've been here ages, you're following me :P05:45
tykaynmmk Triffid_Hunter, i see a lot of files in there  ~/.config/google-chrome05:46
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: both logs show 361.. is that correct?! and no crash nothing... how did u install those drivers? via apt/dpkg or "Additional Drivers"?05:46
nv_https://www.unixmen.com/top-5-ubuntu-pre-installed-laptop-companies/ I have found this link. Perhaps this is the answer to my question about supported pcs.05:47
guest-VcEFUS_Guy1524_: u can run another x :-)05:47
Triffid_Huntertykayn: well you could simply rename or delete that whole directory which would return your chrome to stock settings05:47
Triffid_Huntertykayn: then selectively re-import things like bookmarks if you want them05:47
Guy1524_guest-VcEFUS_: ahh, that stinks, can I run an application in a container and feed it seperate mouse and keyboard input?05:48
Guy1524_actually is this something that could be solved w/ mir?05:48
Guy1524_btw, does anyone know if ubuntu will be able to use wayland?05:48
k1lGuy1524_: it will be.05:49
Guy1524_k1l: awesome, w/ unity 7 or 8?05:49
guest-VcEFUS_Guy1524_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX ?05:50
Guy1524_guest-VcEFUS_: thanks05:50
k1lunity 7 is xorg. maybe that will work with xWayland. unity8 is MIR only. but if you want unity, you want MIR anyway. so that question is not really an issue05:50
Guy1524_k1l: so there are no plans of porting unity 7 to wayland or mir?05:51
k1lGuy1524_: why?05:51
Guy1524_k1l: because I like unity 7 lol05:51
k1lthey are making (and on the phone and tablet already using) unity8 for Mir.05:51
k1lGuy1524_: for the user there should not be any difference between unity on xorg and unity8 on mir.05:52
Guy1524_unity 8 from what Ive seen looks like this weird mix between a tablet DE and a desktop DE05:52
Guy1524_oh ok05:52
k1lthat is because you have seen it on tablets and phones.05:52
Guy1524_so on desktop its just like unity 7?05:53
he1kkiHi guys! Starting to feel that "systemctl daemon-reload" is one huge pitfall after configuration changes. My suggestion is that configuration files should be read automatically when services are restarted05:53
k1lthat is the plan. just without all that old xorg security and driver issues.05:53
=== gms is now known as Guest20429
Guy1524_k1l: ok awesome, thanks for the info05:54
guest-VcEFUS_Guy1524_: just checked, that i could passthrough my usb-dev into my vivanti-docker-container.... worked with my webcam....05:56
rajivmarsI have just installed "office 2007" through wine. everytime after opening "ms word" when i am trying to close it, it shows this error ; "this feature requires MSXML 5.0 to be properly installed. Run setup and click repair to restore this component.05:57
rajivmarsAnybody please try to solve it.05:57
Guy1524_guest-VcEFUS_: wow, Ill have to try that out tommorow, I g2g to bed soon lol05:57
Ben64!appdb | rajivmars05:57
ubotturajivmars: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:57
rajivmarsubottu: ok.05:58
guest-VcEFUS_Guy1524_: something like this is a good start... # docker run -t -i --device=/dev/$whatever_usb_dev ubuntu bash05:59
Guy1524_guest-VcEFUS_: thanks06:00
creephi peps06:06
kraiskilI installed 16.04, and the sound system looks pretty strange, coming from 14.04. Does anyone have a pointer to some docs on what changed? Especially, why does 'arecord -L' show a null and two pulse audio devices?06:07
creepI need to install python-wxgtk2.8 to run pronterface problerly. If I run python-wxgtk3.0 it is causing issues06:07
creepHow can I install a old paket06:07
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: via apt-get install nvidia-36106:12
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: hihi, this didnt work here, too... remove/purge all nvidia-packages and use "Additional Drivers" and apt install bumblebee* and primus06:14
rajivmars"sudo apt-get clean" " sudo apt-get --download-only install winehq-devel " "sudo apt-get --download-only dist-upgrade". I would mention these three commands for installing wine. I thought,  that  the command "sudo apt-get clean" removes all the ".deb" package files from the computer. so i wanted to know that after installing wine by using these commands, whether i loose all my .deb package files or not?06:14
m5wwhat does apt-get install bumblebee* do?06:14
m5w(the asterisk)06:14
m5wthe same as file globbing?06:15
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: nothing special.... but my gfx is older than your gt940m... did u already try ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa ??06:16
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: Yes, I have that ppa added currently06:18
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: what card do you have?06:19
pinkstarsGot my brand new kernel last week06:21
pinkstarsand loving all the fresh software in the frequent updates.06:22
pinkstarsCame here to congratulate the first-rate team.06:22
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: nvs 4200m... so u use ppa with nvidia361?06:22
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: I've tried nvidia-361 w/o ppa, and ppa -361, -364, and -36706:22
Peppernrinohey there. anything i need to know about first time install, with regards to hardening and such?06:23
guest-VcEFUS_and the ppa was purged before installing 361?06:23
ducassecreep: don't run old software, wait for what you are trying to run to be updated to work with the new libraries.06:23
m5wppa purged?06:23
m5wno, the latest one I installed 361 from ppa06:24
m5wbut in the past, 361 from official repo06:24
m5wboth same result06:24
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: anything else you did besides the installation from additional drivers and that apt line? any config files changed?06:25
guest-VcEFUS_m5w: full read is here: http://blog.schlomo.schapiro.org/2016/05/ubuntu-on-dell-latitude-e6420-with.html06:25
abhinavwhats the ubuntu alternate for, whatprovides06:28
guest-VcEFUS_abhinav: apt-file06:28
ducasseabhinav: for installed packages you can also use dpkg -S <filename>06:30
m5wguest-VcEFUS_: that site has the user do apt install ... nvidia-36106:32
rajivmarsHow to remove a particular .Deb package file from the system. I am using ubuntu 16.0406:35
EriC^^rajivmars: do you know the name of the package?06:36
rajivmarsEriC^^: wine06:36
EriC^^rajivmars: sudo apt-get remove wine06:37
EriC^^or purge wine to remove config files as well06:37
rajivmarsEriC^^: But it only uninstall the package. How to remove its .deb file as well from the computer?06:38
EriC^^rajivmars: cd /var/cache/apt/archives06:38
EriC^^and rm the file06:38
abhinavrajivmars: select it using mouse and shift delet?06:38
abhinavrajivmars: select it using mouse and shift delete?06:38
rajivmarsabhinav: what does "sudo apt-get autoclean does"?06:43
nomiccan't post on ubuntu forums https://ubuntuforums.org/newthread.php?do=postthread&f=33106:43
nomicwhy not06:43
nomicwhere do I contact someone06:43
nomicYou don't have permission to access /newthread.php on this server.06:43
k1l_nomic: #ubuntuforums06:43
abhinavrajivmars: http://askubuntu.com/questions/3167/what-is-difference-between-the-options-autoclean-autoremove-and-clean06:47
Haugli92Does anyone know how to use piped output as variable in curl? Like:06:50
Triffid_HunterHaugli92: curl -flag $(command that produces output)06:50
Triffid_HunterHaugli92: like that? try it with echo first if you like06:50
Haugli92uptime | curl "http://www/return?result={VARIABLE}"06:51
Haugli92If that made sense06:51
Triffid_HunterHaugli92: try curl "http://blah/$(uptime)"06:52
CrisisI installed sdl, and my compiler is giving me "undefined reference to" errors06:52
Haugli92uptime is a command tho, so that wont work.06:53
Triffid_HunterHaugli92: why not?06:54
Haugli92Okey, thats one way to do it :P06:54
Haugli92Thanks, i was using pipe included06:55
Triffid_HunterHaugli92: echo "$(uptime)" works fine for me..06:55
Triffid_HunterHaugli92: can put pipes in there too if you like, eg echo "$(uptime | grep -o average)"06:55
Haugli92Ye, i was including your lane with mine06:55
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rajivmarsis there any other program except wine for running windows applications in ubuntu repositories?06:57
guest-VcEFUS_rajivmars: wine is awesome ;-)06:57
Ben64wine is _the_ way to run windows programs in linux06:57
abhinavrajivmars: the real solution is to dual boot.06:58
Triffid_Hunterrajivmars: you could install windows in a VM such as vmware or virtualbox06:58
orlockBen64: there was Wabi.. but pretty sure its not a thing anymore06:58
abhinavBen64: wrong. you can use VM! :-p06:58
Ben64orlock: not the right thing at all06:58
Ben64abhinav: that's just running a virtual machine, different06:58
abhinavthis is where it gets philosophical! :-p06:59
guest-VcEFUS_abhinav: dual boot sucks06:59
abhinavguest-VcEFUS_: thats personal thinking.06:59
Haugli92Triffid_Hunter: I got everything working with your help. Thanks!06:59
guest-VcEFUS_abhinav: kvm your m$-disk is awesome for your uptime ;-)06:59
Triffid_HunterHaugli92: you're welcome07:00
rajivmarsguest-VcEFUS_: I have installed office 2007 using wine in my ubuntu 16.04. Now when i try to uninstall it then the terminal shows errors. i have pasted these errors on https://pastee.org/dk7ub. will you please try to figure out those errors?07:02
raspberrypifanso im having issues iwth my ports. I have an ubuntu server installed on the cloud have check ufw and iptables they all show clear ports but when i run nmap the ports are closed07:02
raspberrypifanwhat could it be07:02
Triffid_Hunterraspberrypifan: closed means no program is listening07:02
raspberrypifanwell for the 10000 i get closed but for 5060/udp open|filtered sip07:04
guest-VcEFUS_rajivmars: use playonlinux...07:04
Triffid_Hunterraspberrypifan: do you have asterisk on it? are you scanning the right server?07:06
Ben64rajivmars: did you check the appdb like i sent to you over an hour ago07:06
raspberrypifanyes yes07:06
Triffid_Hunterraspberrypifan: well there you go then, a program listens on 5060 so it reports as open07:07
rajivmarsBen64:I am checking those now.07:07
raspberrypifanbut the problem is it keesp sending out rtp packets but it never gets a reply07:07
Triffid_Hunterraspberrypifan: if you set the firewall to lockdown, it'll report everything as filtered07:07
raspberrypifani get a call that works with no audio07:07
raspberrypifani flushed the iptables nad made sure to ufw07:08
raspberrypifanis there anythign else i could be missing07:08
Triffid_Hunterraspberrypifan: no idea, add some log entries and see what's happening07:09
raspberrypifanlog entries from?07:09
ShotokanZHanyone using xubuntu or just xfce here?07:13
jegarciafound this article about what we were talking about rspec yesterday07:13
abhinavShotokanZH: whats the issue?07:15
ShotokanZHabhinav, using the default terminal emulator if i print a bold, underlined, red string it messes with some chars07:16
ShotokanZHlemme be clear:07:16
abhinavShotokanZH: change defalut font.07:17
ShotokanZHabhinav, http://i.imgur.com/qYm3w6V.png07:17
Haugli92Triffid_Hunter: When using commands like wget. Do you know how i should format this? curl --data "result='$(wget http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test)'" "http://blah/result"07:18
abhinavShotokanZH: tried other fonts ? defalut is ubuntu07:18
ShotokanZHHaugli92, why using wget for that when you can use curl?07:18
ShotokanZHabhinav, gonna try it now07:18
Haugli92I want to return ANY command result to the url.07:19
ShotokanZHabhinav, same with other fonts07:19
ShotokanZHabhinav, but it does not happens in konsole or via mosh07:19
abhinavShotokanZH: installed all the updates?07:20
ShotokanZHabhinav, yep07:20
rajivmarsBen64: I don't found anything on appdb.07:20
abhinavShotokanZH: time to file a bug report.07:20
varaindemianMy 3g modem cannot be detected on ubuntu 16.04. The red light is red blinking. The storage is not detected either07:20
abhinavShotokanZH: or #xubuntu  and #xfce07:20
Triffid_HunterHaugli92: that'll put the terminal output of wget into your data, is that what you want?07:21
Triffid_HunterHaugli92: you can test this easily with echo by the way07:21
Haugli92Triffid_Hunter: I want to return ANY command output to the URL as POST07:22
manyu4rimeHaugli92 yes  i can test with echo07:22
varaindemianlsusb detects it07:23
abhinavvaraindemian: in my case i have to wait longer for it to get detected. also if i install company provided software for that modem, then it intervened in autodetection and only allowed it to be used via that software.07:23
varaindemianabhinav: it used to work on other systems running ubuntu07:24
varaindemianabhinav: it's a fresh install on this machine and I am not sure if the software got updated07:25
LonelyDanbohow do I stop tumberd from screwing over my whole system constantly?07:25
varaindemianmaybe it is missing something07:25
LonelyDanboI've heard it chokes up when you open folders with large files, but I haven't even done that and it's taking 5+ minutes to chew on my HD like a cow.07:25
abhinavvaraindemian: install all latest updates and restart with that moded disconnected. then trya gain07:26
swenssonIs it possible to view the content of trash bin from terminal? (If there's one)07:26
LonelyDanbowhat is tumberd doing? reading my entire Wine directory for World of Warcraft every time I open up the subfolder within it?07:26
varaindemianabhinav: I am using my phone to make a hotspot. I don;t have much data for an update07:27
=== alexandr1 is now known as alexandros_c
abhinavvaraindemian: you must install latest update on a freshly installed os.07:27
LonelyDanbomaybe that would explain why WoW chokes up every time I play it and my HD light turns on for a few minutes.07:27
LonelyDanboalthough looking at iotop, it's coming from the game itself and not tumblerd so... I guess not.07:28
LonelyDanboright now it's tumblerd though... just from opening the download folder with my addons.07:28
varaindemianabhinav: welp 66 mb is not that much07:28
LonelyDanbohow do I fix tumblerd?07:29
abhinavvarikonniemi: :-) then install!07:29
LonelyDanbothe way it operates normally is unacceptable.07:29
varaindemianabhinav: I expected at least the modem's storage to be detected07:29
Haugli92This returns one line, but curl doesnt seems to catch the result line: curl --data "result=$(wget -nv http://cachefly.cachefly.net/100mb.test)" "http://blah/blah"07:29
varaindemianabhinav: not sure why it isn't07:31
abhinavvaraindemian: yeah. 16.04 has some bugs07:31
varaindemianabhinav: what bugs?07:32
abhinavits just a generalized statement.07:33
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Guy1524_are there any obvious ways to increase performance for integrated graphics on a laptop in ubuntu 16.04.  Windows runs about 50% faster with intel hd 4600 graphics07:42
ducasseGuy1524_: you can enable dri3, that could help a bit.07:45
oshekfehHi everybody, suddenly after one of the updates, I restarted my machine to find that top and side panels disappeared! I searched alot to find a solution, I reseted unity using unity --reset, and unity --reset-icon. I used this command which is very recommended "dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ && setsid unity" and the result still same.07:45
oshekfehAny help?07:45
Guy1524_ducasse: ok thanks07:47
ShotokanZHabhinav, found out, it seems like there was an extra \e in that part of code. dunno why the other terminals weren't showing it07:47
varaindemianModem (storage) is not detected on 16.04. lsusb shows it but I cannot connect to the internet or to its storage07:47
ducasseGuy1524_: look at 'man intel', there are a lot of options you can try tuning, but the driver should be set to sane defaults.07:49
Guy1524_ducasse: I dont want to do any overclocking, the laptop fans are already extremely loud07:49
Guy1524_ducasse: how do I enabled dri3, I found a phoronix article but its for radeon cards07:52
varaindemian Modem (storage) is not detected on 16.04. lsusb shows it07:54
varaindemian                      but I cannot connect to the internet or to its storage07:54
=== ejbs__ is now known as ejbs_
varaindemianit is a fresh install. Do I need something special to make the modem work?07:59
Guy1524_newbie question: in a shell script, do I need semi colons at the end of each command?08:01
Guy1524_or will putting a command on the next line make it execute after08:01
xenomaderno, you don't08:03
Guy1524_ok thanks08:04
YankDownUnderGuy1524_: You can always separate the commands with "&&" - that will wait for a command to be parsed, then move on to the next command - as in doing "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt autoremove && sudo apt autoclean08:04
xenomadersomebody tell me08:06
xenomaderam I alone?08:06
varaindemiando I need to install anything to make a 3g modem work under 16.04? Storage is not detected and I cannot use it. lsusb shows it and on other systems it works08:06
YankDownUndervaraindemian: usb-mode-switch08:07
YankDownUndervaraindemian: Have you checked for "third party drivers" after you've plugged in the modem?08:07
varaindemianYankDownUnder: is usb-mode-switch a package?08:08
abhinavShotokanZH: good.08:08
YankDownUndervaraindemian: First - did you check to see if the system required any third party drivers after you plugged in the modem?08:09
varaindemianAdidional Drivers shows only  intel microcode08:09
YankDownUndervaraindemian: Right oh...next is read this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/776497/huawei-modem-does-not-work-with-16-0408:10
varaindemianYankDownUnder: and system is updated08:10
YankDownUndervaraindemian: Right oh...next is read this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/776497/huawei-modem-does-not-work-with-16-0408:10
varaindemianYankDownUnder: and I have an ZTE modem08:11
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YankDownUndervaraindemian: Funny - not finding much about ZTE's...however, here's something - it's old, but it might still be pertinent: http://askubuntu.com/questions/308896/why-network-manager-cant-detect-my-zte-usb-3g-modem08:15
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varaindemianYankDownUnder: I am not sure why but on other ubuntu machines it works perfectly08:17
leeyaahi guys08:17
YankDownUndervaraindemian: "Other Ubuntu Machines" - meaning what, they're all running 16.04, or are they running different versions...? Something to consider as well, is HOW this machine interprets data through the BIOS...hmm...08:17
leeyaais it possible to downgrade mysql to 5.5 on 16.04 ?08:17
varaindemianYankDownUnder: ubuntu 14.04 and lubuntu 16.0408:19
varaindemianYankDownUnder: it is not even mounted as a storage medium08:20
YankDownUndervaraindemian: As per what I had just stated...either which, have you looked into the BIOS on this particular machine to make sure all the settings were correct - and if there are any settings for USB? (Like Legacy USB, or 2.0/3.0 and the likes)08:20
YankDownUndervaraindemian: Yes, I know that. You stated that before. Hmm.08:21
varaindemianYankDownUnder: On arch linux it worked08:21
YankDownUndervaraindemian: That doesn't answer my question.08:21
varaindemianYankDownUnder: I haven't touched the bios since it worked under arch08:22
varaindemianYankDownUnder: also usb-modeswitch  is installed08:23
YankDownUndervaraindemian: Right, so, that being said, have you tried to run "usb_modeswitch" to see what happens?08:24
varaindemianYankDownUnder: with what parameter?08:24
YankDownUndervaraindemian: Why not try the "reset" command first?08:25
varaindemianYankDownUnder: the vendor/product id is the hex number in lsbusb, right?08:29
YankDownUndervaraindemian: You'll get a "hex" number, but you'll also get the device maker ID and the likes...you can extend the data you see (check lsusb --help)08:30
varaindemianYankDownUnder: Bus 002 Device 006: ID 19d2:1514 ZTE WCDMA Technologies MSM08:38
varaindemianthis is that I get08:39
Haugli92Is there really a difference between this two outputs? http://pastebin.com/h9y3h3Wj08:41
gnumonkHow to generate /var/lib/dpkg/status manually from install system ?08:41
gnumonkany idea?08:44
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jikzhi guys..09:15
jikzi recently did setup an ubuntu mirror for our office systems so that we can save some bandwidth on updates..09:15
jikzbut recently started noticing some has mismatch errors.09:15
jikzhow can i check the integrity of the data??09:15
jikzi mean the packages whether they are really matching the hashsums.. i will delete those which are not validating and then do a apt-mirror again.09:16
rory_mckinleyI am trying to change a desktop background in 16.04 using dbus-launch gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.background picture-uri. If I look in dconf-editor or use gsettings get I can see that the change has taken effect - but if I logout the change disappears.09:17
rory_mckinleyI am using dbus-launch because Iam trying to make the change via ansible09:17
rory_mckinleyAnybody seen this before?09:17
gamesterwhat's the logic with having the global menu? It's often hard to know exactly what application which makes using it hard, you also don't see which applications have menu bars without searching for it. I highly doubt semi-blind users appreciate this. I also HIGHLY doubt research would show this to be a good feature.09:21
gamesterwhat application is in focus* whoops09:21
OhYashgamester: It saves space09:21
gamesterno it doesn't09:22
ducassegamester: switch it off if you don't like it, or use something other than unity - plenty of choices.09:22
varaindemianwhat is the vendor/product for Bus 002 Device 006: ID 19d2:1514 ZTE WCDMA Technologies MSM09:22
varaindemianvendor/product ID***09:23
ducassevaraindemian: vendor first, then product id.09:23
* swensson wonder if I should setup my sites as /var/www/myDomainName.com or /var/www/html/myDomainName.com09:24
varaindemianducasse: well usb_modeswitch -R 19d2 returns no default vendor/product id given09:24
ducassevaraindemian: never used it, no idea.09:25
varaindemianI see. Maybe someone else can help :)09:27
ducassevaraindemian: is this a 3g modem of some sort?09:31
esd_droidhmm ubuntu channel09:33
gamesterHmm looks like I can't remove the useless top panel. I can only restore normal menu bars, yet can't remove the now completely useless top panel.09:33
esd_droidwhast the best desktop gui for 14 lts server?09:33
esd_droidanyone running odroid boards here?09:35
roryIf you need server install server and use it like a server, if you need desktop install desktop.09:35
soupnanodesukaresd_droid: xfce/lxde/lxqt is likely you're only choice for small computers.09:35
ducasseesd_droid: or just run a wm, no need for a full de.09:36
esd_droidthanks guys. im new in linux .im more in hardware. tinkering small stuff  thefast odroid ux409:37
esd_droidwitha lot of flavors available, sometimes it is difficult to start and waste time09:38
akikesd_droid: you'll be ok with either lxde or xfce, lubuntu or xubuntu09:38
akikesd_droid: hardkernel's web site mentions ubuntu 15.04. i think that's from when the board was released09:39
esd_droidi saw some lubuntu 14 lts in odroid sw09:39
esd_droidwill try that09:39
esd_droidim wasting too much time to run this cloudshell case for this odroidux409:40
esd_droidjust displaying the lcd display (xorg) without hdmi and show system info (cpu temp, utlization etc)09:40
esd_droidanyway thank y'all09:41
esd_droidi think the best bet is start with a release nearer to the version the board was released09:41
esd_droidso i think im in the right track09:42
akikesd_droid: usually it goes the other way. more recent linux version supports more hardware09:44
akikand it has updated packages09:46
gamesterok, my problem with the top panel is that the menu options fade out. This makes it hard to mouse over the right menu, and it makes it hard to identify the options available. Is there a way to always display menu bars?09:58
swenssonHow do I change user for who's running phpmyadmin? got "phpmyadmin: Failed to load /var/lib/phpmyadmin/blowfish_secret.inc.php Check group www-data has read access and open_base" but it's not www-data that should ask for access09:58
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gamesterI was surprised to find out that OS X uses these top panel menus since I found them so useless, but of course the reason is obvious: Unity's menu bars fade out. Why is Ubuntu trying to out-design Apple?10:00
gamestermenu options* not bars fade out10:01
EriC^^!offtopic | gamester10:02
ubottugamester: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!10:02
gamesterEriC^^: I'm trying to get the menu options to always display, to benefit from the billions of Apple dollars that have identified that as the right option.10:06
gamesteroh I found it! nvm10:07
akikgamester: where was it?10:09
akiknever mind grinds my gears10:09
gamesterakik: settings->appearance->behavior10:11
akikgamester: thanks10:11
sushil_join #drupal10:16
sushil_Join #drupal10:17
gamestersushil_: nah, I'll pass10:17
yzTwhere can I check when was a package added to the repository?10:19
yzTspecifically I'm interested in knowing when was python2.7.12 added to xenial-updates10:20
kiraunable to telnet my ubuntu machine from another machine ubuntu 14.04 LTS10:25
akikyzT: try http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/p/python2.7/ there's a changelog file under those directories10:27
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HoloIRCUserஅனைத்து வாழ?10:56
HoloIRCUserஅனைத்து வாழ?10:57
ubottu#ubuntu-in is the channel for Ubuntu in India10:57
HoloIRCUserHow can I get Ubuntu on a customised system?11:09
HoloIRCUser*custom system11:09
HoloIRCUserI used an arm v6 processor 1g ram11:10
HoloIRCUserSo I mean11:11
HoloIRCUserAnybody alive11:12
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ducasseAmul_macho: no idea, ask in #ubuntu-arm11:14
Amul_machoAre they subchannels divided based on processor used? Lol11:16
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest2292
ducasseAmul_macho: why not? seems perfectly reasonable to me.11:17
sgo11hi, if I mv file1 file2, file2 will preserve the same permission as file1. but if I do cp file1 file2 and then rm file1, file2 will have a different permission. my question is how to do the cp/rm way with a single command? is there any argument or flag that I can use to achieve it with mv command? thanks.11:26
Amul_machosgo11:  help mv11:31
\9sgo11: the man page doesn't really reveal any easy way to accomplish it. cp and mv are very different by operation anyway11:31
\9cp copies the contents of the file, mv just updates the metadata of the file so that its location changes11:32
Amul_machoTrue /911:32
\9unless, the file is moved across filesystems in which case it has to do a copy11:32
|TheWolf|Hi! I have a problem with vpnc - whenever I start the VPN, my machine stops listening on the eth0 address. Any clue what might cause that?11:33
sgo11Amul_macho, actually, I am doing mv with samba mount. thus mv is not just updating the metadata. it does cp actually.11:33
\9cp should also be preserving permissions by default11:34
sgo11\9, sorry, I thought you were a bot in the beginning... you just replied the message after Amul_macho issued help mv. I have no idea why Amul_macho posted help mv instead of man mv...11:35
\9sgo11: since you're doing a copy across the network, would it be a better idea to use e.g. rsync?11:36
sgo11\9, I setup some samba rules in smb.conf at samba server. cp is like creating a new file and obey the rules in smb.conf. thus cp does not preserve the permission. mv does preserve which I don't know why.11:36
\9also i posted like 20 seconds after Amul_macho posted11:36
sgo11\9, I am not really doing copy. I want mv. actually cp and rm.11:37
\9rsync has --remove-source-files11:37
blueking#xeon  inviteonly    anyone there ?11:38
r0n1nHi I am new to this. Have not touched anything Linux/ Unix since 1998. Anyone have good references on writing crons?11:38
sgo11\9, I thought that was my network issue. I am in a slow international network country. :)11:39
\9r0n1n: man 5 crontab11:39
r0n1nVery nice. Thank you.11:40
sgo11\9, ok. but I don't think rsync is the solution for me because I am not really doing sync btw two dirs. different files in the same directory will go to different destinations. so..11:40
sgo11\9, maybe I just do cp and rm. :) cheers.11:43
\9or make a script to do it, though rm in a script may be quite dangerous11:44
sgo11\9, ok. :)11:45
Amul_machomv dangerous as well11:45
sgo11Amul_macho, I always use mv -i instead of mv. :)11:46
\9i have rm aliased to "rm --verbose --interactive=once", and mv to "mv --verbose --backup=existing"11:51
\9cp similarily too11:51
Amul_macho\9: good!11:54
Amul_machoSomeone suggested me #ubuntu-arm for my issue.  That  channel is dead always.  Disgusting11:57
OerHekspatience is not for sale either, Amul_macho11:58
\9Amul_macho: i've had enough accidents with rm to alias those in .bash_aliases..12:02
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bhara7Hi guys12:11
bhara7beginner here12:11
bhara7any tips for installing cannon scanner in ubuntu 16.0412:12
swenssonGot problem setting up magento under ubuntu 16...Can the /etc/hosts contain two localhost and mydomain?12:14
OerHeksbhara7, check openprinting.org if it is supported, else see the canon site for drivers in deb format12:14
bazhangbhara7, plug it in try something like simplescan12:14
Amul_machobhara7: read you scanner's manual12:14
OerHekscanon is not that good supported12:14
laserbeak4445bhara7: you can use the lsusb command in the terminal to verify if your scanner has been detected12:16
pepijndevosHow can I convert an image to raw rgb565 format? I used imagemagick to convert to rgb24, and it seems avconv supports going from rgb24 te rgb565.12:17
pepijndevosWhat I have so far:12:17
pepijndevosavconv -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb24 -s 32x32 -i tiles_*.raw -vcodec rawvideo -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb565 -s 32x32 tiles565_%d.raw12:17
pepijndevosBut that gives12:18
pepijndevosUnable to find a suitable output format for 'tiles_1000.raw'12:18
tatertotscanon scanners in linux........brings back memories12:18
Amul_machoI prefer hp12:19
KiritoThe desktop icon for "Home Folder" is labeled "home" instead of "Home". This bothers my OCD >_>.12:19
Amul_machomv home Home12:20
OerHekstechnically it is /home not /Home12:20
KiritoI know, but still12:20
tatertotsi like that hp has the hplip thing and my brother all in one actually had linux software available12:21
Amul_macho!ot > tatertots12:22
ubottutatertots, please see my private message12:22
* zamanf ΑΜΕ12:22
tatertots!ot > Amul_macho12:23
ubottuAmul_macho, please see my private message12:23
Kirito!ot > Kirito12:23
ubottuKirito, please see my private message12:23
Amul_machoHahaha kirito12:24
tatertotsgood day zamanf12:28
zamanfgood day tatertots12:29
=== amalherbe_ is now known as amalherbe
zamanfthe paste from paste.ubuntu.com is permanent?12:32
DJoneszamanf: As far as I know, yes, possibly may be deleted after so long, but not sure12:33
arykleinis is possible to deploy openstack in Ubuntu 16.04? The official docs, only cover 14.0412:34
rangelalguem aqui sabe como conseguir acessar o internet baink12:34
Kiritou wot m8?12:35
rangelda caixa economica Federal do Brasil12:35
tatertotsaryklein try it and let us know if you have trouble....keep in mind the 'official' docs are for 14.0412:35
zamanfDJones, how long is that time?12:36
sgz_comJust wondering what HDDs ubuntu users have these days, need an upgrade and looking at WD Black.12:37
arykleintatertots: ok12:37
DJoneszamanf: I don't know, I'm not even sure if they do  get deleted after so long12:37
Kiritoblacks are the fastest12:37
sgz_comLooking for new HDD, WD Black?12:37
Kirito(not racist)12:38
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BrainBug[BE]Hey, Can anybody tell me I've just shrunk my lv (lv_home) from 250 to 200GB. All works fine. After some file checking I did lvreduce --resizefs -L 200G /dev/vg/lv_home This worked, maybe because the drive was as good as empty, but what happens if the drive is full? Will it give an error or anything like that?12:38
KiritoI have a SSD and whatever secondary HDD came with my laptop12:38
KiritoI have WD red's in my desktops RAID 5 storage configuration because that's what red's are for12:39
tatertotsdepends on your needs in a hdd...5400 vs 7200 rpm , amount of cache , interface sata/pata/scsi/sas12:39
tatertotsget what your money can afford you12:39
Kiritofor just storage I honestly don't think it matters12:39
sgz_com7200rpm, mb cache, sata III.12:39
Kiritoif not for jut storage why are you not getting a SSD?12:40
sgz_comThe only thing I need the speed of an SSD for is to read/write constantly, SSDs have a very limited write to life span.12:41
sgz_comTHerefor a fast HDD is my best bet.12:41
KiritoNo they don't12:42
KiritoThat was true to a limited extent a very long time ago12:42
KiritoBut it definitely doesn't apply to modern SSD's. In fact, a good modern SSD can even outlast the average spinning disk12:43
tatertotsno one with important data would rely on a single point of failure no matter ssd or hdd so it kinda makes it a moot point12:45
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
tatertotsold saying: never put all your eggs in one basket12:46
Amul_machoUs raid12:47
KiritoYes, backups are important, not a moot point though. Both HDD's and SSD's can suffer from sudden failure, though with a good quality SSD it's much less likely to happen than with a spinning disk (as spinning disks have more points of failure than SSD's), but what I was saying it the average lifespan of a SSD under standard desktop usage can last many, many years without issue.12:48
=== CyberJacob is now known as zz_CyberJacob
tatertotsdon't forget the $ per GB....since things aren't free, $ has a huge say in what a user can obtain12:50
Kiritohttp://www.anandtech.com/show/8239/update-on-samsung-850-pro-endurance-vnand-die-size (to provide some good example data)12:50
Kiritoand yes, that's why I have a SSD for my root filesystem and HDD('s) for data storage :P12:50
AnonOSUserTestI am testing some random os12:51
tatertotsI'd love to have a molecular photon particle drive but if it means $100,000 per GB ....no thanks12:51
AnonOSUserTestI put my name as <-- That bc I thot it would be funny XD12:51
sgz_comThe 840 series SSDs started to fail at 500TB of rights and died at 900TB, you are correct that I would not even be approaching this amount of activity.12:51
KiritoSSD's have also become substantially more affordable as of late12:52
KiritoWith 1TB SSD's actually reaching consumer grade now12:52
AnonOSUserTestI rather just have a whole other backup OS...12:52
Kirito(those are still expensive)12:52
AnonOSUserTestOr boot in some old backup save...12:53
sgz_comI back up to two external HDDs regularly12:53
AnonOSUserTestI am just testing an OS not keeping it XD12:54
AnonOSUserTestThough it is nice...12:54
kiraUnable to telnet my ubuntu machine while vice versa is true12:54
Amul_machokira: why12:54
AnonOSUserTestBc PCs12:54
AnonOSUserTestIdk XD12:54
=== jud is now known as Guest2182
AnonOSUserTestty for da info12:55
kira@Amul_macho needed to run one of my drivers12:55
AnonOSUserTestAny1 hav any cool OS I can get? I am bored...12:55
tatertotstry ubuntu12:55
Iamnotgeorgebushis there any channel for sexchat on freenode?12:55
AnonOSUserTestI have that XD12:56
tatertotsit's pretty cool12:56
AnonOSUserTestI have a custom coded versions12:56
KiritoIamnotgeorgebush, try #freenode12:56
AnonOSUserTestSome dood made it12:56
Iamnotgeorgebushthank you :)12:56
AnonOSUserTestWanted me to test it a nd mess with it :P12:56
tatertotsyou could make it even custom(er)12:56
kira@Amul_macho ?? bro have any ideas12:56
Iamnotgeorgebushlooks like an orgy. so many people in there12:56
AnonOSUserTestMaybe I can add a feature for net devs or website devs kind of like progres or something...? Just built in...12:57
DJonesIamnotgeorgebush: Please see the channel topic and stay within channel guidelines12:57
Iamnotgeorgebushsorry for off topic I'll go to #freenode12:57
Amul_machoDid you try telnet server on Ubuntu?12:57
AnonOSUserTestWell I was running windows12:57
tatertotsget your hand off my config file12:58
AnonOSUserTestthen had to get a whole nother pc12:58
AnonOSUserTestSo now I am here :P12:58
Kiritowhy are you trying to telnet on Linux?12:58
AnonOSUserTestI'm not lol12:58
Amul_machokira : telnetd.service12:58
AnonOSUserTestubuntu? Maybe I could do it...12:59
Amul_machoOn ubuntu12:59
AnonOSUserTestWell, I wanna at least try12:59
Amul_machoShut up AnonOSUserTest12:59
ducasse!offtopic | AnonOSUserTest12:59
ubottuAnonOSUserTest: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:59
AnonOSUserTestBe cool...12:59
AnonOSUserTest??? Uhh12:59
AnonOSUserTestI was not off topic? We are still talking about Ubuntu XD13:00
Amul_machoAre all admins on leave today ?13:01
kira@Amul_macho: there is no such file telnetd.service13:01
AnonOSUserTestAmul_macho ;-; i cri XD13:02
Kiritokira, why are you trying to use telnet on Ubuntu? I am curious if you actually have a good reason13:02
tatertotskira is ssd not good enough for you?13:02
tatertotsmy typing is horrid this morning13:02
tatertotskira is ssh not good enough for you?13:03
AnonOSUserTestI am just messing around with stuff on my pc to see how fast I can break it XD13:03
Kiritoa hammer is faster13:03
AnonOSUserTestIma go search viruses brb13:03
AnonOSUserTestWhat name is thatr?13:04
tatertotssubmerge it in water13:04
AnonOSUserTestI was about to leave and I see poop-crapper XD13:04
tatertotsi'm kidding ...not actually do that13:04
AnonOSUserTestYe ik13:04
Kiritothere are actually datacenters that do that as a means of cooling13:04
poop-crapperAnonOSUserTest: LOL13:04
=== marshal0605 is now known as marshal0505
Kirito(it's not actually water)13:04
poop-crapperI poop on the crapper13:04
AnonOSUserTestMy friend is making some os and i test it so i put my name as this D13:05
DJonespoop-crapper: Thats great to know, but please read /topic and stay in channel guidelines13:05
Kiritowell actually it's possible to build a consumer grade desktop with that if you're that hard-core13:05
AnonOSUserTestWell, I am very open to new info and code...13:05
saitoh183_srvhey all, what is the proper command to fully remove php7.0 and variants so that i can reinstall it...i tried sudo dpkg --remove php7.0 but that just removed php7.0. i need to reinstall php7.0-common but the reinstall command isnt working13:06
AnonOSUserTestI would get pregres or something...? I cannot remember but it is with DB Enterprise13:06
AnonOSUserTestIt has this whole download menu and everything13:07
AnonOSUserTestVery nice for web devs net admins etc13:07
AnonOSUserTestrip wRz9313:07
=== poop-crapper is now known as pornography
AnonOSUserTestwell that happened fast XD13:08
AnonOSUserTestomg like every second someone joins13:08
AnonOSUserTestWith everyone timing out...13:09
AnonOSUserTestIma monitor my sys13:09
tatertotsthat's because all the cool kids hang out here13:09
ducasseAnonOSUserTest: if you want to chat, go to #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic - this channel is for support.13:09
mcphailAnonOSUserTest: unless you have a specific Ubuntu support question, please stop chatting on this channel13:09
AnonOSUserTestOh ok13:09
AnonOSUserTestActually, one last question...13:09
Kiritohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BUCTEFaunZc :D13:10
AnonOSUserTestCan Ubunt have like networking stuff? I overheard Kirito or something say something about it...13:10
AnonOSUserTestbut it wasn't Ubunt13:11
MAMNEHello, I'm on ubuntu 14.14 64bit, I have a problem with qt apps, they look ugly. this happens only for one user (I have 2 users on the system).13:11
KiritoNetworking stuff is extremely vague, but I'm guessing you mean SSH13:11
KiritoIf you're curious about this kind of stuff, I would probably recommend taking an online introductory course on Linux13:12
KiritoI'm pretty sure Coursera has some good ones13:12
AnonOSUserTestOkay, thank you.13:12
AnonOSUserTestIma head to freenode13:12
AnonOSUserTesto ty13:14
ircle_user"/join #ubuntu-offtopic"13:14
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MAMNEHello, I'm on ubuntu 14.14 64bit, I have a problem with qt apps, they look ugly. this happens only for one user (I have 2 users on the system).13:19
Amul_machoqt apps ?13:19
MAMNEAmul_macho: qt apps like freecad, goldenDict, ...13:21
MAMNEApplications that have ui made with qt13:21
ducasseMAMNE: select another theme with qtconfig or whatever it's called.13:21
vltHello. We are using Ubuntu on our desktops and install all the updates from the official repos. The latest updates for Firefox and Thunderbird have made working objectively only worse. The Firefox performance is unbearably slow and Thunderbird (since 45.2.0) shows mail content only in the preview window, otherwise a blank window. What can I do to fix this?13:32
Amul_machovlt, uninstall13:33
vltAmul_macho: And then?13:34
Amul_machodowngrade to previous version13:34
OerHeksthat would be impossible with firefox13:34
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
OerHeksremove the .config for firefox, and restart browser13:35
vltOerHeks: Unfortunately removing .config doesn’t help. When scrolling on a page the data transmitted from firefox to the X server used to ~100 kbit/s, now it’s 300 Mbit/s.13:37
vltAnd users get error messages like these several times a day: "Gdk-WARNING **: The program 'firefox' received an X Window System error. ..." http://paste.ubuntu.com/20178185/13:41
indie__hi any indian here13:42
vltAmul_macho: Can you give an apt-get example on how to downgrade thinderbird to a previous version?13:42
abhinavindie__: yes13:43
abhinavAmul_macho: lol!13:43
Amul_machokya lol13:43
abhinavAmul_macho: nick13:43
indie__is it possible to upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit ubuntu without fresh install13:43
abhinavindie__: why do you need Inidan to answer that question?13:44
abhinavindie__: and the answer is no13:44
Amul_machotrust abhinav13:44
vltThis is the currently installed version of thunderbird: "Version: 1:45.2.0+build1-0ubuntu0.12.04.1"13:44
Amul_machohindu hindu bhai bhai13:44
DArqueBishopindie__: I would imagine that even if it were possible it would not be recommended in any way, shape, or form.13:44
abhinavAmul_macho: thats getting seriously on wrong topic13:44
Amul_machoabhinav are you admin here ?13:45
OerHeksAmul_macho, keep this channel free for ubuntu support, you are not helpfull anyway13:45
jargonmonk#join #debian13:46
indie__hey any help of using graphics.h like in ubuntu  i heard libgraph  but any native13:46
ecsiUbuntu Phone OTA 12 release date?13:46
abhinavindie__: Turbu C in long dead. not a standard. graphics.h is for windows.13:47
Amul_machovlt : not sure but forst uninstall present one and then install as "apt install thunderbird(oldversion)"13:47
indie__i know but any standard alternative13:47
Amul_machodo not use brackets13:47
Piciecsi: not sure if it was announced, but #ubuntu-touch would know for sure13:47
Amul_machoI just used to signify13:47
ecsiPici thx13:47
abhinavindie__: since graphics.h itself is not a standard, i dont think thery will be any other standard alternate. you can try asking in #c and #c++ though13:47
indie__i m currently learning python13:48
abhinavindie__: ok13:48
indie__why indian instution use turbo c anyway13:48
Pici!offtopic | indie__13:48
ubottuindie__: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:48
abhinavindie__: ##linux-india for further discusson13:48
vltAmul_macho: I think uninstalling is not required if I run `aptitude install thunderbird=<oldversion>`. My problem is I don’t know what <olversion> is? Is there a list? A history of ubuntu packages?13:48
indie__ok i got it13:49
Amul_machono just google for the versions13:49
* vlt googles "for the versions"13:49
vltAmul_macho: What?13:49
vuurCan anyone direct me to where I could read up on onboot scripts?13:50
vuurIf thats possible I want a certain script to run when my server turns on, where could I read up on this?13:50
OerHeksvlt, i don't think old version of thunderbird stays on the repos too, have you tried to setup your account in tunderbird again? that could help fixing upgrade issues13:51
raspberrypifanvuur: idk too much but as far as i understand init scripts dont work anymore since thjeyve moved to services13:52
ubottusystemd is the default init system for Ubuntu 15.04 onwards. For information on transitioning from upstart to systemd, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemdForUpstartUsers For a guide to basic service management with systemd, see https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-use-systemctl-to-manage-systemd-services-and-units13:52
vltOerHeks: Haven’t tried that yet. But I can’t manually setup 50+ user accounts now to fix that :-/13:52
vuurraspberrypifan gotcha13:53
indie__how to upgarde from 14.4 to 16.4 in terminal13:53
andrzejindie__: ^13:55
OerHeksindie__, upgrade will be offered as of tomorrow 21st13:55
vuurWait till tomorrow or do it now...13:56
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pbn4Hello, I have a problem with usb device I connect with using libusb, namely: after boot I can't open them, I'm force to unplug and plug them again to get access to them14:02
pbn4Any fast ideas on that?14:03
pbn4I'm opening them with pyserial14:03
pbn4dmesg see them after boot as /dev/ttyACMx14:03
pbn4kernel 4.5.314:03
farblueHi all :) Using Ubuntu 15.10 and am struggling with resolvconf and dnsmasq. I have one machine where resolvconf correctly sets the nameserver to so dnsmasq works and then another server with what I thought was the same config where resolvconf appears to totally ignore dnsmasq and sets up the nameservers from dhcp info. I’ve no idea where to look to try and spot differences - anyone got any ideas?14:09
=== precise is now known as precise|lockness
Amul_machobolo Nasha14:10
Amul_machoDaaru here14:10
NashaHow to Sing In on Freenode?14:10
NashaI mean Join if I registered?14:11
Amul_machoNasha Are you Hindustaani ?14:11
curlyearsheigh hough14:13
tatertotsfarblue are you having issues with name resolution...nslookup and or dig can be used to troubleshoot14:13
tatertotsyou can set a static dns entry if troubleshooting with nslookup/dig reveals that names are not resolving in the manner you expected14:14
AfterDarkI'm seriously considering distrohopping to Ubuntu. :-p14:15
dewwAmul_macho: /quit14:15
farbluetatertots: hello :) I’m trying to work out why resolvconf isn’t correctly setting up my /etc/resolv.conf file to contain ‘nameserver=’ when I have dnsmasq active14:18
ygrthi, i'm trying to install windows10 from ubuntu 16.04 (grub v2.02) onto a gpt drive (uefi). at first I tried to dd the iso, but the usb flash drive did not show up in the list of bootable drives. then i tried to create a ntfs partition, mark it bootable and copy all the contents of the iso over. now it showed up, but when i tried to boot into it, it wouldn't work and i'd just get back to the boot device selection14:19
ygrtso now i was hoping to boot the flash drive from ubuntu's grub14:19
ygrtbut grub-mkconfig doesn't add an entry for the flash drive (sdb)14:19
BluesKajHiyas all14:20
ygrtos-prober is not very helpful :(14:20
curlyearsvgrt:  that'll learn ya!  installing WinBlows 10, indeed.     :p14:22
k1l_ygrt: sounds more like a "how do i make a windows usb" than an ubuntu or grub issue?14:23
ygrtk1l_: tbh, i tried #grub but it's dead14:23
ygrti figured some ppl here might know about os-prober or grub14:23
k1l_are you sure your windows iso is bootable?14:23
EriC^^ygrt: do you have another usb?14:23
ygrtEriC^^: not at hand14:24
ygrti tried both with an mbr and a gpt table14:24
EriC^^ygrt: ok, extract the iso somewhere14:24
ygrtcreated a partition, set the boot flag, rsync'd the contents of the iso from the loop14:24
EriC^^and then from grub chainload the efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi file14:25
akikygrt: for mbr boot you also need to write the mbr on the usb stick with install-mbr14:26
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ygrtakik: i created the mbr myself, on the usb drive14:26
ygrtEriC^^: what does the chainloader entry look like?14:27
=== eggless is now known as alberti
ygrtEriC^^: i guess i have to set the root to 'hd1,gpt1' ?14:28
EriC^^try chainload (hdx,gptY)/efi/14:28
EriC^^maybe not14:28
EriC^^i dont have the entry right now14:29
EriC^^ill brb14:29
ducasseygrt: the grub article on the arch wiki is quite good, maybe try that?14:30
ygrtEriC^^: ty, brb too, i'll give it a try14:30
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
danstapt-get update > W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/multiverse/binary-amd64/Packages  Something wicked happened resolving 'fe80::1%eth0:13128' (-9 - Address family for hostname not supported)14:33
danstfor all mirrors14:33
k1l_your ipv6 is broken. the eth0 doesnt belong into it14:34
danstI don't want ipv614:35
OerHeksdanst, likely the mirror gets updated, try again in a minute14:35
danstI didn't do anything to enable it or something14:35
danstI probably should try another mirror14:36
danstI really don't get it14:38
danstother mirrors don't work either14:38
=== precise|lockness is now known as precise
danststill Something wicked happened resolving 'fe80::1%eth0:13128' (-9 - Address family for hostname not supported)14:38
danstI am able to ping ipv4 hosts from this system and there's no any ipv6 routes14:39
ducassedanst: you could try disabling ipv6 entirely, see if that helps.14:39
danstip -6 a del fe80::216:3eff:feaa:8772/64 dev eth014:40
danstI did this14:40
danstand still same result14:40
danstcan this be a bug in apt?14:41
=== anonymous is now known as Guest18386
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
LibertyWeNeedHow to I delete this folder on my computer which is in the home folder. it has a padlock on it14:45
Guest18386Hey Liberty!14:46
Guest18386Lol I am the anonymousOsGuy XD14:46
LibertyWeNeedHi, I don't know who that is.14:46
Guest18386But I would say when deleting a file;14:46
Guest18386Use bash14:46
Guest18386or as an admin14:46
LibertyWeNeedcan you break it down, I don't know how to do that.14:47
Guest18386Go 2 bash14:47
ducasseLibertyWeNeed: most likely a result of playing around with sudo in your homedir, so use sudo to remove it.14:47
NashaKernel-RT faster regular Kernel for KVM?14:47
Guest18386Yeah exactly14:47
LibertyWeNeedducasse, how do I use sudo to do that?14:47
Guest18386I am used to windows soooo, idk XD14:47
OerHeksNasha, no, rt kernel is more dedicated to audio/video performance iirc14:48
OerHeksbut sure you can try14:48
ducasseLibertyWeNeed: 'sudo rm -rf name-of-directory'. just make _sure_ you actually want to delete it first.14:48
Guest18386windows it is more simple ;-;14:49
LibertyWeNeedThank you :)14:49
Guest18386But I think I get it14:49
NashaAnd on mech?14:49
Guest18386Macs... Cool, Good cmd line14:49
LibertyWeNeedwhere does it put the file? I don't see it in the rubbish bin.14:50
Guest18386Search your admin dir14:50
ducasseLibertyWeNeed: it deletes it.14:50
LibertyWeNeedok, thanks :)14:50
Guest18386Lost data?14:51
tootheHow are snaps different from regular apt-get?14:51
Guest18386Wasn't it some net file?14:51
ducassetoothe: snaps are self-contained with all dependencies, and more isolated from the rest of the system.14:52
Picitoothe: as I understand it, it is a container that includes the packages dependencies. Theres an architecture document out there that explains it a bit better.14:52
Guest18386I'm more of a net dev...14:53
Picidippu: with what?14:53
dippudownload octave14:54
toothePici: is there at document? i'd be interested.14:54
tootheAt this point, if its not on YouTube, its not real knowledge.14:54
ducassedippu: 'sudo apt install octave'14:55
dippudidnt work14:56
ducassedippu: that's a really poor problem description.14:56
k1l_dippu: what didnt work?14:56
Picitoothe: its long, but https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/security-whitepaper/ has a lot of good internals information, the pages here: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/ explain the same thing but at a higher level.14:57
tootheI work in security, so I should know it.14:57
toothealthough, we're a CentOS/RHEL shop.14:58
dippui installede octave to work with my project preparation but it couldnot download all packages and didnt function properly on my pc14:58
ducasse!details | dippu14:58
ubottudippu: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.14:58
=== alberti is now known as Alabama
k1l_dippu: what error do you get? what commands did you use?15:00
dippui used command that i get through a website... n m currently usind ubuntu 16.04 LTS15:01
k1l_dippu: i still dont understand what your issue is. "sudo apt install octave" should install octave on your machine.15:02
dippu! ok i ll paste trhe commands i usede15:03
ubottudippu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:03
_thCan you run a program (putty) as root from the launcher (ubuntu 16.04 LTS)? or is other suggestions?15:03
k1l_dippu: use paste.ubuntu.com for that15:03
ducasse!paste | dippu15:03
ubottudippu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:04
k1l__th: as root? :/15:04
GreenlightI've just installed 16.04. Seems unity is killing my CPU since I've added a 3rd screen, and I've a 4th still to add. I don't need any 3D support. Is there anything I can do to make it less laggy?15:04
rigel_since when did ubuntu switch to suggesting apt instead of apt-get when a command is run that requires a new package to be installed?15:05
_thk1l_: not sure but i think root, yes.  It won't let me connect unless i run from the command line "sudo putty"15:05
k1l__th: that is wrong15:05
ducasse_th: you shouldn't be running programs as root, you have regular user accounts for that.15:05
tootheif snaps create isolated environments for each package, doesn't that mean a lot of redundancy?15:05
ducassetoothe: they can share components.15:06
tootheand each app is silod?15:06
tootheeach component, excuse me.15:06
_thk1l_: I thought so but I can't get it to run any other way.  I tried "chown me:me putty".  didn't work15:06
k1l_toothe: yes. but if you dont want back to the depency hell then that is the only solution. but they guys in #snappy will explain it better15:06
ducassetoothe: they're more isolated than regular packages, at least.15:06
tootheI see...15:07
tootheit seems to be the best in a server environment.15:07
k1l__th: i guess you already ruined file permissions with running everything blindly as root.15:07
dippusudo add-apt-repository ppa:picaso/octave sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install octave15:07
dipputhese commands15:07
naccdippu: why are you using a ppa for octave?15:07
k1l_dippu: ok, why did you use a 3rd party octave and not the octave from ubuntu?15:08
_thk1l_: I uninstalled and reinstalled putty so it's back in /usr/bin/putty15:08
dippui tried that to from app store but it didnt download complete15:08
k1l_dippu: and that ppa is only for ubuntu 12.04. so you did it all wrong15:08
_thk1l_: -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 929104 Mar 24 09:56 putty15:08
whlaihey everyone, I'm telneting into an AS400. When using ubuntu 16, the bash doesn't display the right characters (when I push "S", it displays "sS"). This doesn't happen with U14. Just with U16 maqchines. any ideas?15:08
* toothe wonders if Mint will get snaps15:09
k1l__th: look into your homefolder and see what you already ruined with running stuff as root15:09
dippuok <kill> suggest me the right commands please15:09
k1l_sudo ppa-purge ppa:picaso/octave     << dippu15:10
nacck1l_: if that's true, then probably dippu's `apt-get install octave` would have installed the archive version?15:10
naccdippu: `apt-cache policy octave` in a pastebin?15:10
_thk1l_: sorry, i don't understand that.  I installed putty via "ubuntu software". it came up as root by default.15:10
nacc_th: do you mean you are ssh'ing as root?15:10
k1l_nacc yeah. should have. but that ppa will error if there are no 16.04 packages at all15:11
nacck1l_: ah good point15:11
ducasse_th: of course the binary is owned by root, but you have execute permission.15:11
_thducasse: oh, can you tell me how to do that? thanks!15:12
dippui ve now re installed ubuntu so that i can go through beginning....15:12
ducasse_th: type 'putty'?15:12
_thducasse: no sorry, i get a dialog box "Putt fatal error" Unable to open connection, unable to open serial port (etc) but if i run it as sudo, it works15:14
Piciwhlai: you may want to consider using a tool that you can conifgure the correct emulation options on. c3270/x3270 appear to primarily support connections to an AS/400, but putty can probably also assist here.15:15
ducasse_th: most likely because your user does not have access to the serial port. try adding your user to the 'dialup' group.15:15
_thducasse: ah, let me look at that, thanks15:16
christian_Hello community how do you remove the message icon on the panel and leave only the icons for sound control and network? Im using xubuntu 14.04 xfce 4.1015:16
ducasse_th: you need to log out and in again afterwards.15:16
akikwhlai: have you tried setting the TERM variable to reflect the terminal you're using?15:16
k1l__th: how did you install putty? from the ubuntu repo?15:16
akikwhlai: just a reminder that your telnet connection probably goes in clear text over the wire15:18
whlaiI havbe not tried that akik15:19
whlailet me look into doing that15:19
whlaigooglefu time15:19
AfterDarkI'm planning on distro hopping to Ubuntu for the first time. Should I use the LTS release or the standard release?15:20
k1l_AfterDark: the most recent is 16.04, which is LTS at the same time15:20
dippuis matlab free on ubuntu?15:21
* toothe is looking to see this discussion15:21
tootheI used LTS in the past.15:21
tootheI'm going to switch back from Mint.15:21
k1l_dippu: no15:22
toothebut wanting to see what the discussion-points are on about.15:22
tootheI pretty much just use vim/terminals, so at some point its all the same to me though.15:22
toothebut I wonder if my wife could run Ubuntu easily. She's non-technical.15:23
toothe(well she is, but not like me)15:23
dippusuggest me any useful free applications available for physical science please15:23
ash_workzI know this is *totally* the channel to ask this, but is there a good ms windows channel?15:23
nacc!alis | ash_workz15:23
ubottuash_workz: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http15:23
naccash_workz: iirc, it's #windows or ##windows or something15:23
dippucommands to update ubuntu software please?.... help15:25
k1l_dippu: "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade" in terminal15:27
dipputhank you for octave and update tooo............. octave worked fine now15:27
josh8Hi all. SUSE's zypper shows in its package search output an "i" next to installed packages. Is it possible to show a similar indicator with apt-cache search?15:28
ducassejosh8: dpkg -l15:28
_thk1l_: yes, putty from the "ubuntu software" icon in launcher15:28
josh8ducasse: Thanks, but I would like to search for all packages (not just installed ones) and just have an additional indicator to see which of the found packages are already installed. This seems to be impossible on the terminal.15:31
ducassejosh8: 'apt list' tags installed packages.15:34
mcphailjosh8: use "aptitude"15:36
mcphailjosh8: it will give you a curses interface15:37
=== dev_ is now known as Felishia
FelishiaI installed ubuntu mate15:37
Felishiaand now I don't have any taskbard15:37
Felishiaonly terminal15:38
nacc!mate | Felishia15:38
ubottuFelishia: Ubuntu MATE is a supported !flavor of Ubuntu that uses MATE as the default desktop environment. It functions similarly to older versions of GNOME. For more information, see https://ubuntu-mate.org/15:38
naccFelishia: hrm, sorry, mistyped15:38
josh8ducasse: Thanks, but this is really slow, because it needs to output all packages on the terminal15:38
naccFelishia: you mean you don't have a desktop?15:38
FelishiaI have to open everything via terminal15:38
FelishiaI do have a desktop15:38
josh8mcphail: Thanks, I will try aptitude15:38
Felishiathen mate crashed and now I have no bars at all15:38
masculinityFelishia: frizzier15:38
masculinityjosh8: toured15:38
Felishiaonly terminal15:38
masculinityFelishia: Faisal15:38
FelishiaI restarted the computer but it didn't work15:38
masculinityFelishia: injustices15:38
ducassejosh8: wasn't that what you wanted?15:39
masculinityducasse: Sonya15:39
Felishiathere is however, the space that the bars should take15:39
masculinityFelishia: Mellon15:39
Felishiaso mate is broken15:39
masculinityFelishia: adze's15:39
SP33Dhello my frinds can some one plz maybe help me and tell me if there is any kind of service offering system already for nodejs ??? my goal would be to have workers and each worker does 50 jobs at time not more not less15:39
masculinitySP33D: viticulture's15:39
masculinitynacc: deceived15:39
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu15:39
masculinityubottu: professions15:39
naccplease kick masculinity15:39
masculinitynacc: Erich15:39
okan_Hi guys15:40
masculinityokan_: transposition's15:40
FelishiaI'm going to restart again to see if it works15:40
masculinityFelishia: rucksack's15:40
Felishiahow do I restart via terminal15:40
masculinityFelishia: quintessential15:40
DArqueBishopFelishia: sudo reboot15:40
okan_how are we today15:40
josh8ducasse: I want something like "apt list | grep search-term"15:40
ducassejosh8: why not just 'apt list search-term'?15:41
okan_i have a problem15:41
Felishiano luck15:42
FelishiaI still have no taskbars15:42
Felishiaso how do I fix that?15:42
mcphailjosh8: just use "aptitude search packagename"15:42
Felishiaplus I can't even use the space there the bars are supposed to be15:42
mcphailjosh8: an initial "i" means installed, "p" means no trace on your system, "c" means uninstalled but config still present etc15:43
nacc!help | okan_15:43
ubottuokan_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:43
mcphailjosh8: or use "aptitude" on its own to bring up a curses interface with even more details15:44
josh8ducasse, mcphail: apt list "*pattern*" works, but aptitude has much better output15:44
_thOk, for my awesome helpers, adding me to the "dialout" group solved the problem for putty (not) running from the launcher.  thanks so much.15:44
ducasse_th: good :)15:45
_thducasse: it didn't work until I logger out/back-in like you said. you're king!15:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1473021 in ubuntu-mate "No panels visible on restart after install" [Undecided,Expired]15:45
Felishiaokay so it will never work15:46
Felishiahow do I remove mate and get normal unity?15:46
=== precise is now known as precise|tbell
neil_Hi ... I have just installed dnsmasq why is it binding to fe80::7e05:7ff:fe0c::53 and fe80::2c31:48ff:fec5:53 ... I haven't done any ipv6 configuration15:48
Felishiacan someone say somewhere that mate doesn't work well when you have two desktops?15:48
MontoyaFelishia: colonizes15:48
Ben64neil_: those are link local ipv6 addresses, nothing to worry about15:48
MontoyaBen64: waterpower's15:48
rypervencheneil_: Those are the link local addresses.15:48
Montoyarypervenche: applicant15:48
FelishiaI spent all day on this and now it doesn't work15:48
Felishiahow do I remove mate now?15:49
neil_Ben64, rypervenche, thanks15:49
timyprm: cannot remove ‘/var/vmail/vmail1/ypcr.com/y/p/c/ypcrvoicemail-2016.*’: No such file or directory15:49
rypervenchetimyp: Seems you're back. Can you pastebin the entire script, please? And can you show us how your cron is running? (i.e., crontab -l)15:50
timypwhy would that happen in a bash script run as cron whats with the ’ ? if I run the script with sh scriptname.sh15:50
thesubrootHi everyone, is it possible to move my home directory from PC1 (16.04) to PC2 (14.04) ?15:50
timypsure one sec15:50
rypervenchetimyp: My point still stands that you should use find with -delet, as the * will not delete files beginning with a .15:50
timyp# purge ypcrvoicemail mailbox15:52
timyprm /var/vmail/vmail1/ypcr.com/y/p/c/ypcrvoicemail-2016.*15:52
timypthats it thats the entire script15:52
ducassethesubroot: you can, but some programs on 14.04 might have problems with th 16.04 config15:52
timyprypervenche what syntax do you suggest I use ?15:53
thesubroot@ducasse, I am only concerned for the rvm/nvm config and my ssh keys15:53
rypervenchetimyp: find /var/vmail/vmail1/ypcr.com/y/p/c/ypcrvoicemail-2016. -mindepth 1 -type f -delete15:54
ducassethesubroot: ssh keys shouldn't be a problem, dunno about rvm/nvm.15:55
timypokay I'll try that and report back in the AM after the cron runs, I'd manually run it now but the mailbox is already cleared since I ran the script15:55
thesubroot@ducass thanks15:55
timypok next script problem15:56
timypthis script15:56
timyp#cd /root/backups15:56
timyp#archiving maildir15:56
timyp#backuping up user calanders & contacts Sogo users only15:57
timyp#read http://wiki.sogo.nu/backupRestore for restore instructions15:57
ducassetimyp: use a pastebin,please15:57
timypecho "backuping up user calanders & contacts"15:57
timypsogo-tool backup /var/vmail/backup/sogobackups ALL15:57
rypervenchetimyp: Can you PLEASE use a pastbin?15:57
timypecho "SoGo backup complete"15:57
timypok http://pastebin.com/9DvsbfYS15:58
timypsogo-tool backup /var/vmail/backup/sogobackups ALL works from command line no problem15:58
timypwhen I run the script again now problems15:59
timypwhen it runs as crons and I get the output emailed to me "/var/vmail/backup/maildir-archiver.sh: line 8: sogo-tool: command not found"15:59
timypwft up with this one?15:59
rypervenchetimyp: Because the PATH in cron is not set. Use the full path to sogo-tool.15:59
rypervenchePATH it cron is not set the same way it is in your normal environment.16:00
timyphmm thats not a bad idea16:00
timypyour pretty sharp!16:00
timypok same deal i;ll change it and we will see what happens in the AM, hopefully you will still be here rypervenche ??16:01
rypervenchetimyp: If you want to see the differences, either echo $PATH in a cronjob or run the "/usr/bin/env" command. Then run in in your terminal to see the differences.16:01
rypervenchetimyp: I'm here everyday.^^ But you might need to highlight my name for me to may attention.16:01
=== vicky is now known as Guest93156
timypokay thanks modifying the script to /usr/sbin/sogo-tool backup /var/vmail/backup/sogobackups ALL looks good to me. Thanks again!16:04
=== maddawg1 is now known as maddawg2
RoundDuckManI feel paronoid about dpkg and apt-get, how do I reinstall them, while not using the "damaged" tools (probably not damaged, but I'm OCD)16:07
kyle__RoundDuckMan: I have no idea what you're telling me.16:08
RoundDuckMankyle__: how do I delete and reinstall dpkg and apt-get16:09
rypervencheRoundDuckMan: Why do you need to do this?16:09
kyle__apt-get caches the packages it downloads and installs in /var/cache/ somewhere, so you can always re-install packages later.  All of the packages come with checksums, and dpkg -V can be used to verify them.16:09
kyle__RoundDuckMan: You install the newer version, it replaces.16:09
rypervencheRoundDuckMan: You can use dpkg -V, as kyle__ stated to see if any of the files that were installed have been tampered with.16:09
kyle__RoundDuckMan: Since these are the core of the system, I don't think you can forcibly remove them before installing the new version.16:11
sine0seeing as ubuntu is based on debian, If I were to apt-get a gimp/inkscape/filezilla ETC version from ubuntu would that be the same or would it differ from say debian with xfce4 installed16:11
naccsine0: some packages are in sync, some are different16:11
RoundDuckMankyle__: I feel a little paranoid, one time I think after reinstalling linux+drivers, I remember the usual GNOME 3 bug wasn't happening, where there is minor lag in some animations (usually due to vsync I guess), but after reinstalling apt from packages.ubuntu.com, and updating that and reinstalling linux+ the intel MESA driver, things are back to n16:12
RoundDuckManormal. I wonder why.16:12
naccsine0: and it would depend on *which* ubuntu and *which* debian you mean ;)16:12
RoundDuckManis there a driver log16:12
sine0i always use debian netinstall on things, even vms for dev, so quick to drop in, but I have a new laptop with windows 10 on it and i will kill it soon with a hammer if it imposes itself on my again. so i want to know seeing as i always use a desktop manager on my laptop, do i use ubuntu, or debian and just pull in xfce416:13
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
naccsine0: that seems like it's totally up to you?16:14
sine0i suppose i dont really know whats in it behind the scenes from debian to ubuntu16:14
sine0as in benefits16:14
sine0apart from the desktop/wm16:14
rypervenchesine0: I would say that you should read up on the two different distributions. While Ubuntu is based on Debian, there is still a lot that is different.16:15
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
RoundDuckManFine, let me state a different question, what if dpkg was corrupted?16:27
RoundDuckMannot saying it is, but I'm paronoid.16:28
ducasseRoundDuckMan: come back when it is :)16:28
=== precise|tbell is now known as precise
RoundDuckMandebsum hasn't found anything, but what if it's lying to me, because what if apt/dpkg was messed up?16:28
RoundDuckManThe reason is because after reinstalling apt, apt was a bit faster again, plus I wonder that's also why, after a kernel and driver and GNOME reinstallation, things are back to normal now, as in the bug in GNOME where lag is seen in some animations is back again, and vsync is working perfectly again (meaning they're tied together in some form). Howe16:32
RoundDuckManver, before when I tried a reinstall of those stuff, it didn't fully fix vsync, so I'm wondering my package manager was glitching altogether in some form after all and if so, I'm worried dpkg was messed up...16:32
RoundDuckManI got OCD.16:33
naccRoundDuckMan: i don't think there's any evidence of any such corruption16:34
RoundDuckManlet me paste some dpkg logs and apt logs.16:35
naccRoundDuckMan: please don't (or use a pastebin)16:35
naccRoundDuckMan: by that i mean, nothing you've said indicates any apt or dpkg corruption16:35
RoundDuckMannot here, on ubuntu pastebin16:35
ducasseRoundDuckMan: why should we waste time on an imaginary problem?16:36
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
RoundDuckManducasse: well today my internet on my laptop wasn't working for a bit, even though my phone could get internet via the router.16:37
RoundDuckManducasse: that's one reason.16:38
RoundDuckManducasse: I'm just scared, my OCD convinces me of very stupid crap, I know I'm intelligent, but that isn't enough to not be convinced by your fears...16:38
Ben64internet wasn't working for a bit, so apt must be corrupt? wheres the logic16:38
ducasseRoundDuckMan: then deal with that, not a problem with apt there is _no_ indication of.16:39
Ben64and that isn't ocd16:39
RoundDuckManBen64: Because after reinstalling apt I reinstalled the kernel- wait ok yeah why would that happen?16:39
Ben64correlation does not imply causation16:40
RoundDuckManBen64: I'm sorry, I need help, OCD is driving me nuts, hell now I often obsessively check the battery for moisture (even though it's not likely), the SSD, the disc drive, reinstall crap many times, wash my hands obsessively, etc...16:42
Ben64go to a doctor16:42
RoundDuckManYes I'm one. :(16:42
RoundDuckManMy mom though thinks I can fight it myself because she did, but I don't have confidence, and I get scared...16:43
Ben64this isn't the channel to deal with such issues, this is for Ubuntu support only16:44
ducasseRoundDuckMan: we're not therapists.16:44
RoundDuckManOh come on, if Emacs can be a physiotherapist, (there's a quite funny part of Emacs that does that), then can Linux sysadmins can? :P16:45
RoundDuckManJust kidding...16:46
Guy1524_hey guys I need help.  There is a bug when I boot my computer where when I launch an application from the taskbar in unity, the application opens, but the taskbar things it didn't open.  Its not in the ALT+TAB menu either16:46
Guy1524_the only thing that fixes it is restarting lightdm, but I have to do that everytime I boot16:46
Guy1524_does anyone know a solution?16:46
RoundDuckManWell I'll leave from here, bye.16:47
=== jan is now known as Guest56644
CzBobHi, I have problem with internet conection. I am conected to wifi, but internet dont work. I have ubuntu 13.10 run on Thinkpad X200.16:49
ducasseCzBob: 13.10 is long dead.16:50
CzBobPing: unknown host16:50
ducasseCzBob: we don't support eol releases, you need to upgrade.16:51
CzBobok, but without internet conection...16:52
CzBobducasse: ok, but without internet conection...16:52
CzBobOne day everything work as well, but today is internet death.16:53
compdoca man cannot live without a internet connection16:53
OerHekswithout internet, you start smelling people again .. wait, this is not 'offtopic16:53
CzBobcompdoc> :)) Only way is fresh install...16:54
Guy1524_anyone have a solution to my unity problem16:54
Guy1524_am I the only one who got those messages?16:55
ducasse!patience | Guy1524_16:56
ubottuGuy1524_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:56
akikGuy1524_: which messages?16:57
Guy1524_akik: I got spam in the chat16:57
Guy1524_something about #wrongplanet being full of facists16:58
OerHeksGuy1524_, report that in #ubuntu-ops please :-)16:58
Guy1524_ok, thanks16:59
compdocGuy1524_, i got them too17:00
Guy1524_about my earlier question, the restarting lightdm solution only works when I have already logged in17:00
Andyhi i'm using Lubuntu 14.04 and have the latest chrome  Version 51.0.2704.106 (64-bit)17:01
Guy1524_would it be helpful for me to screen capture the problem17:01
trickstersorry guys i have some pb17:01
Andythe chromecast to my samsung seems to have problem now like the sound and video is not smooth...it's stuck after a few mins and normal again and stuck again17:02
tricksterfor the first time i can't install ubuntu with the cd rom i don't know why17:02
Andyi want to revert chrome to the previous version17:02
Andyhow do I do that please?17:02
tricksteri choose in the menu language etc17:02
tricksterand it fail at the partition because i can't select nothing17:02
tricksterthe menu list no partition17:02
OerHeksAndy, chrome is not in our repos, and google does not provide old versions AFAIK17:02
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu17:04
MyrttiOerHeks: ?17:04
Guy1524_guys, idk about you, but Im seeing a ton of spam right now17:06
Ben64yep, it's being dealt with17:06
OerHeksThank you Myrtti, just making screenshots as they used network spam, and channel spam together17:06
Guy1524_ok guys, I just recorded the problem, here is the link:
Guy1524_does reinstalling a package reset its config too?17:15
BackwardsGuy1524 it may. It is better to purge or delete the package and start anew.17:16
Bashing-omGuy1524_: Depends . Is the config files in kernel or user space ? .. user space files will not be touched .17:16
Guy1524_ok, well I used apt remove on lightdm and then installed it again, but the problem I am having is still happening17:17
BackwardsAlways backup important files first.17:17
BackwardsOnce you backup your files then you can destroy or purge command.17:18
Guy1524_why would I need to backup my files17:19
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
BackwardsThat was a suggestion.17:19
Backwardssudo apt-get purge <package-name>17:20
hggdhGuy1524_: we do not back up our file because we are going to do something destructive, but because something destructive may happen17:20
Guy1524_ok, I just purged and reinstalled lightdm, rebooting now17:21
rafaelcenteioHi, my HDMI monitor is not giving output sound, although on pavucontrol everything seems to be working fine (already chose the HDMI stereo as the output device).17:21
rafaelcenteiouname -a17:21
rafaelcenteioLinux 4.4.0-31-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jul 13 00:07:12 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:21
rafaelcenteioAny help? Thanks in advance.17:22
ducasserafaelcenteio: and it isn't muted?17:22
rafaelcenteioducasse: No.17:23
BackwardsRemoving a <package-name> is different from purging a <package-name>17:23
Guy1524_ok purging and reinstalling did nothing17:23
BackwardsDid you sudo apt-get update before purging and after?17:24
kperminovi have a trouble with kernel 4.4.0-3117:24
Guy1524_Backwards: no17:24
Guy1524_I am doing sudo apt upgrade right now17:25
Guy1524_to see if that fixes anything17:25
BackwardsIt may or not.17:25
BackwardsYou may to check if the package needs "dependencies"17:25
kperminovI have WiFi Broadcom BCM43142. Now I'm on 4.4.0-28 and it works good.17:25
Guy1524_when I booted in a minute ago, I got a internal error saying xorg crashed if that helps17:26
BackwardsIs it a server problem?17:26
Guy1524_Backwards: if you are talking to me, no, this is on a laptop17:27
rafaelcenteioBtw, alsamixer does not seem to recognize the device.17:27
Cysc0how goes it everyone, does anyone know how to enable touchpad while typing? I've tried a few options and can't seem to get it to work.17:29
rypervenchekperminov: Check what dmesg says about the wifi firmware.17:31
BackwardsGuy1524 When a lot of people come on any channel on the IRC they always leave out important information so when a person tries to help, they are left in the dark because they don't know all of the specifications.17:32
BackwardsBefore you come to the IRC try Google and first and foremost go to the programmers' website.17:33
Egyptian[Web]hi - i am trying to run pvcreate /dev/sdb and it returns "Device /dev/sdb not found (or ignored by filtering)" i checked /etc/lvm/lvm.conf and all filters are disabled. any pointers pls?17:34
BackwardsGuy1524 if xorg crashed error occurred, perhaps a daemon stopped working to talk to that website.17:38
Guy1524_Backwards: what website17:38
BackwardsYou said above xorg.17:38
Guy1524_also, I recorded the problem in a video above17:39
rypervencheEgyptian[Web]: Can you run: fdisk -l for us please?17:39
Guy1524_xorg is not a website17:39
tgm4883Backwards: xorg isn't a website17:39
Egyptian[Web]https://thepb.in/p/zmh8YLyMQmkhZ fdisk -l17:39
Guy1524_also, sudo apt upgrade did nothing17:40
t3kg33kin 16.04. how do i temporarily boot into console?17:40
Guy1524_have you guys seen the video of my problem?17:40
tgm4883Guy1524: I have not17:41
wingpalI am veeeery new one with backbox.... any good tutorials?17:41
BackwardsI have Googled it: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95567217:41
Guy1524_ok, well here it is again:
Egyptian[Web]https://thepb.in/p/mwh1o27pKp6S5 output of parted17:41
nacc!backbox | wingpal17:41
ubottuwingpal: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.17:41
Egyptian[Web]rypervenche: ^^17:41
rypervencheEgyptian[Web]: If you want to use the entire disk, it must have no partition table.17:42
Bashing-omt3kg33k: Boot parameter ' systemd.unit=multi-user.target ' . Be aware .. one will have to enable and activate all desired services .17:43
t3kg33kawesome. thanks17:43
Egyptian[Web]rypervenche: yes see my parted output -its been deleted17:43
nacct3kg33k: "boot into console" do you just mean view the console (ctrl+alt+f1)? or do you really want to not boot the graphics system at all?17:44
BackwardsGuy1524 I saw the video.17:44
rypervencheEgyptian[Web]: No, there is a GPT on the disk. You have to use gdisk and go into expert options (x) and zap the partition table (z) on sdb.17:44
tgm4883Guy1524: I didn't bring my headphones today17:44
Guy1524tgm4883: there is not audio17:45
=== arooni__ is now known as arooni
tgm4883Guy1524: ok, so then I'm not sure what I'm looking at17:45
Guy1524its just a 10-15 second video clip17:45
Guy1524see the taskbar17:45
Egyptian[Web]gdisk ok .. will look in to that ..thx17:45
tgm4883yea I watched it17:45
Guy1524see how the running applications dont show in the taskbar17:45
Guy1524and how they aren't in ALT+TAB either17:45
BackwardsIt looks like your system crashed or hung.17:46
tgm4883Guy1524: what about for a guest user, does it work for a guest user?17:46
Guy1524_tgm4883: ill check right now17:46
Guy1524_tgm4883: also, if you didn't hear earlier.  Restarting lightdm after logging in temporarily fixes the problem until I reboot again17:47
BackwardsI noticed the screen graphic resolution on that video. It may be set too high for what you are doing. Sometimes that causes failure.17:48
Guy1524_tgm4883: the same problem happens on a guest session17:49
watermarkEarly in the morning of July 19, on all of my 16.04 servers, apache stopped.  I can't seem to find a mention of the issue anywhere17:49
Guy1524_that is until I restart lightdm17:49
BackwardsWatermark check your syslogs.17:49
watermarkBackwards: all it says is that apache stopped17:50
=== JasonMc92 is now known as CodeMouse92
BackwardsDid you try: /etc/init.d/apache2/ restart17:51
tgm4883watermark: anything in your apache logs from around the time it stopped17:51
watermarkBackwards: Apache comes up fine.  It's just strange that it stopped at all17:51
watermarktgm4883: nothing interesting, even systemd just says the service stopped17:51
BackwardsWatermark are you the only person that has access to those servers?17:52
watermarkBackwards: kinda, but technically no.17:52
Guy1524_if this helps, when I log in for the first time, it takes ~15 seconds to log in, but after I either log out or sudo servive lightdm restart, I log in almost immediately, and the bug doesn't happen17:53
watermarkBackwards: they all stopped at the same time, so if it was someone else, it would have to be a scheduled event...which is even more strange17:53
BackwardsYou may want to think about the last command you made and look into the bash files and logs to see what that was and there may be a glitch in it or check as someone said here what was the last thing you did.17:53
BackwardsIt also may not be the servers. It could be a MODEM or Router issue.17:54
watermarkBackwards: I was more looking to see if there was a known update borking things.17:54
watermarkBackwards: I really don't think a router could stop a service17:54
tgm4883watermark: I've not heard of one, but you could check your apt history log and see if any updates happened17:54
BackwardsAlways look at the whole picture.17:54
watermarktgm4883: fair point17:55
tgm4883Backwards: a modem/router issue isn't going to stop apache17:55
BackwardsIf you didn't touch all of the servers and they all have the same issue, then something is amiss.17:55
tgm4883watermark: how many servers17:56
watermarktgm4883: ya, didn't think to check apt logs.  apache was upgraded at the time it stopped.  Guess it broght the service down and didn't start it back up17:56
tgm4883watermark: upgrading apache probably does a restart of apache, weird it didn't come back up though17:57
Rg_I recently bought a domain on GoDaddy and I want to host the site on my Ubuntu Server.17:57
watermarktgm4883: I have the same thoughts.  Hopefully it's a fluke and doesn't happen next upgrade17:57
SchrodingersScatRg_: great!  point the domain to your IP and you should be set.17:58
Rg_Can you tell me how can I do it17:58
Bashing-omGuy1524_: Any hints in the log file .xsession-errors in your /home ?17:58
watermarkRg_: that's a big topic.  Too big for IRC IMO17:58
Guy1524_Bashing-om: checking now17:59
tgm4883Rg_: basically, you'd need a static IP address on your ubuntu server, then you'd need to go into  your godaddy account and create an A record in your DNS to point to your static IP address17:59
BackwardsWatermark check this site out: http://superuser.com/questions/38717/how-can-i-undo-or-rollback-an-apt-get-upgrade-command-on-ubuntu18:00
Guy1524_Bashing-om: I have two things lines:  openConnection: connect: no such file or directory18:00
tgm4883Backwards: I don't think he's trying to roll back18:00
Rg_@tgm4883: Ok18:00
Guy1524_and cannot connect to brltty at :018:00
watermarkBackwards: ya, apache starts fine, it just should have come back up by itself after the update18:01
BackwardsTgm wasn't sure, though thanks for the input.18:01
watermarkBackwards, tgm4883, thanks for the help18:01
BackwardsWatermark your welcome.18:01
Lost_alguem do brasil ?18:05
Pici!br | Lost_18:05
ubottuLost_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.18:05
rohanon my ubuntu machine, font rendering in firefox is *much* better than in chrome. is there a way to make chrome's font rendering match firefox?18:06
rohanI mean the rendering in webpages, not the UI elements18:06
BackwardsRohan are you building website or websites?18:09
rohanBackwards:  i am not, i just mean rendering on websites like facebook.com18:09
FelishiaI think that a project in ubuntu was some sort of rootkit18:09
BackwardsWhat do you mean by "rendering?"18:09
Felishiasorry in github18:09
Guy1524so, nobody has a clue about unity not showing running applications?18:10
KiritoIs there a way to have a single application run with a custom GTK theme? I found a reference to GTK_THEME, but this does not appear to work. Is it possibly because this will only work with apps that actually use gtk3 instead of gtk2?18:10
rohanBackwards: what the fonts look like18:10
BackwardsRohan is it with your GUI on your Ubuntu box that you are concerned about? Or on a website?18:11
BackwardsMost websites have a specified <font> that they use and they determine what ASCII or other font to translate it to on web pages.18:12
Egyptian[Web]i used gdisk to delete the partition and same thing. i still see it in fdisk and pvcreate /dev/sdb gives me the same error   Device /dev/sdb not found (or ignored by filtering).18:12
rohanBackwards: um, to rephrase, the text looks much better on firefox than in chrome. (not sure if i'm using the right words)18:13
BackwardsThen use Firefox instead.18:13
KiritoThat's not very helpful18:13
Kiritorohan, This is a known thing18:13
KiritoHang on18:13
BackwardsFirefox and Chrome use their own <default fonts>18:13
rohanBackwards: unfortunately, i am too used to using chrome -- switching to firefox is not a practical option for me18:14
Kiritorohan, http://www.binarytides.com/gorgeous-looking-fonts-ubuntu-linux/ <- I recommend trying out the steps listed there18:14
rohanBackwards: i tried changing chrome fonts to match what i thought firefox defaults were, but they're still bad18:14
BackwardsThen go into the Settings and change the font of your choice.18:14
rohanthanks, Kirito , i'll give that a shot18:14
rohanBackwards: i already did that :)18:14
tgm4883rohan: have you taken a look at this yet http://askubuntu.com/questions/518115/chrome-chromium-fonts-look-bad-starting-from-version-3718:14
KiritoIt's not just the font being used.18:14
KiritoIt's actually the way Chrome renders fonts18:14
Egyptian[Web]rypervenche: i got the same error with gdisk18:15
BackwardsGo to Chrome website and see what they say.18:15
=== john is now known as Guest62912
Guest62912hi how to install linux games18:16
Ben64depends what game18:16
ubottuValve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.18:16
Guest62912oh i think its a penguin driving game18:17
rohantgm4883: i did, but there's nothing really helpful there because of how old the version is18:17
tgm4883rohan: did you check Kirito's link?18:17
rohanKirito: happen to know what the latest font config dir for ubuntu should be? i know that .fonts.config is deprecated18:17
BackwardsRohan Chrome attaches itself to Firefox. Maybe try resetting Firefox fonts and look into Firefox's default settings. You may see Chrome somewhere.18:17
tgm4883Guest62912: tuxracer?18:17
rohantgm4883: in the process of implementing that :)18:17
Guest62912thats it18:18
rohanBackwards: i am not sure i understand what this means -- "Chrome attaches itself to Firefox"18:18
alkisgGuest62912: also check this one: https://supertuxkart.net/Main_Page18:18
OerHeksextremetuxracer, not normal tuxracer :-D18:18
Ben64rohan: nobody understands what that means18:18
tgm4883Backwards: No offense intended, but stop trying to help people.18:18
Guest62912my freind installed ubuntu on my system and i know nothing about it but i like it better than windows18:19
BackwardsRohan when you open Firefox type this in the URL:   about:config    <-----< see what you see and then you can edit Firefox that way. Most people don't know this.18:19
Kiritorohan, https://i.imgur.com/vHBIGkl.png Not exactly the best demonstration but that's how it looks for me18:20
rohanKirito: thanks, that helps! I dropped the fontconfig file in ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf. i'm going to try logging out and back in18:21
Kirito(also for reference I actually use Hack as my monospace font of choice)18:21
KiritoLet me know how it works :D I'm a bit OCD regarding my fonts as well18:22
BluewolfHi all, Could someone assist me in reversing this disastrous effect I have achieved, I've accidentally removed a number of important packages and would like to get them back :D. http://pastebin.com/etqEwEZQ18:23
BackwardsBy the way use: <about:config>  carefully.18:23
=== Egyptian[Web] is now known as Egyptian
KiritoFont rendering is one of the things Ubuntu seems to do particularly well (though Chrome can will display meh)18:23
rohanKirito: thank you so much. fonts in chrome look different now, but better than before. fonts in firefox look really bad now :P but oh well18:23
rohanI'll probably tweak the fontconfig file a bit more18:23
Kiritoahah, ah18:24
Kiritowait one moment18:24
Kiritothe font config posted there is a bit dated, there's a patched version in the comments I used18:24
rohanoh, let me go find that18:24
Kiritohttps://gist.github.com/odony/6173112 here it is18:24
OerHeksBluedid you update before installing?18:25
OerHeksseems like old lists did this ..18:25
rohanKirito: thanks again. that is optimised for laptop displays, right?18:25
rohanKirito: i mostly use an external 30" monitor, so i guess i might have to tweak it here and there.18:26
KiritoYep, it should be anyways. I believe that configuration favors subpixel rendering though, which I've been told is actually sub-optimal for LCD's, but personally I can not decipher a difference between RGB and Grayscale anti-aliasing18:26
Guy1524guys, I need help, I tried resetting everying to default in unity tweak tool to solve the problem you guys couldn't solve earlier, but now unity is completely gone, I just see my desktop background and icons18:26
KiritoI also have a 3k 15" screen though, so that could be why18:27
OerHeksBluewolf, and line 132, UELA not accepted for those funny fonts18:27
BluewolfOerHeks: I'm lost, sorry?18:28
OerHeksGuy1524, removing lightdm is not a normal operation. so hard to say how to fix: apt-get -reinstall ubuntu-dekstop perhaps?18:28
OerHeksBluedid you update before installing?18:28
OerHeksseems like old lists did this ..18:29
alkisgI think having an amd64 installation and trying to force install python:i386 did this18:29
Guy1524OerHeks: Ill try that18:29
KiritoI also have Distance field text enabled in my Chrome configuration, which may or may not help you18:30
Kirito(it may also make things worse, so you'll want to compare)18:30
rohanKirito: what's distance field text?18:30
Guy1524OerHeks: that didn't work18:30
Kiritoit's mostly just related to zooming, but you can enable it by going to the chrome://flags page in Chrome18:31
=== ohyash_ is now known as yash
Kiritohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGZRHJvJYIg is what it is, more or less18:31
BluewolfOerHeks: Sadly I was rather silly, should have asked on the chats before going ahead with what I did, was trying to install https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/1649523?hl=en-GB18:32
BluewolfBut three were some Dependencies, eg: python-psutill - which in tern needed python i386 and well that's where I ended up here.......18:32
BluewolfWhat do I do?18:32
rohanKirito: thanks18:33
rohani'll give it a shot as well18:33
Kiritoalt+q when alt+tab'ing windows is incredibly useful, I just discovered that today :D18:34
OerHeksBluewolf, backup data and reinstall, fixing by hand can take hours18:34
alkisgKirito: isn't that the same as pressing (alt+)esc?18:35
Kiritoalkisg, it closes the selected application while alt+tabbing through them18:36
KiritoMakes it a lot easier to clean out old windows18:36
SchrodingersScatI had a package I was using that had a bunch of dependencies.  I want to remove the package but keep the dependencies (for a more manual install) and was wondering what the easiest way to do that was (so it doesn't autoremove)18:36
alkisgKirito: hmm, ok it doesn't do that on mate, probably due to different WMs18:36
rohanKirito: ever given infinality a shot? is it any better / worse?18:36
KiritoOh, no, I think it's just a Unity thing18:36
BluewolfOerHeks: Well I suppose that's simple then. Any idea if my system will continue to hold up in the state its in, like is it going to crash or something if I reboot?18:37
alkisgBluewolf: you can just run apt-get install "all the programs you removed"18:37
OerHeksBluewolf, i would backup files now, not sure boot will go fine ..18:37
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
OerHeksalkisg, not without removing that plugin and stuff too .. which will certainly break his system18:38
Kiritorohan, I have, several times, I wouldn't bother with it. I'm pretty sure it's worse on Ubuntu. Ubuntu really does have good font rendering out of the box, comparatively anyways. Canonical has their own patched version of fontconfig, which is better than Infinality as far as I can tell18:38
KiritoInfinality has also always been a huge pain for me18:38
alkisgOerHeks: which plugin? python:i386? it will pull the normal amd64 back18:38
Guy1524I found the problem, the unity plugin was disabled in ccsm18:38
KiritoDocumentation is lacking and I could not get any customizations to work with it when I last played with it18:38
Kirito(speaking from when I was using Arch instead of Ubuntu)18:39
Bluewolfalkisg: And reinstalling the packages I removed would simply correct the issue?18:39
BluewolfOerHeks: How long will my system continue running as it is now?18:39
rohanKirito: ah ok. so it really is chrome that's the worst of the lot (everything else in ubuntu looks just fine)18:39
alkisgBluewolf: it might, see if the proposed solution by apt is correct (i.e. that it removes python:i386 etc)18:40
KiritoMore or less, I think. Java apps tend to have poor font rendering as well, unfortunately.18:40
alkisgIf not, you can just be more specific18:40
Kirito(e.g. IDE's such as JetBrains)18:40
KiritoThere are ways to improve font rendering there as well though18:40
alkisgBluewolf: just to be sure, if you run this: dpkg --print-architecture, this says "amd64", correct?18:40
rohanKirito: is it by installing the openjdk-fontfix?18:41
Bluewolfalkisg: indeed that is correct18:41
ne8cfllinux and printing... embarrassing18:41
BackwardsA nice little command is:   sudo uname -a18:41
alkisgOK, then run a big `apt-get install all the packages that you removed` command, and tell us the output before you press OK18:42
rohanon a separate note: I have an intel 8260 wifi chip in my laptop, and wifi is *terribly* slow.. i am getting 50-60kbps when I should be getting speeds in the range of mbps (office environment, strong net). any known solutions?18:43
KiritoI can't remember if that package is linked to Infinality or not. I know there's a patched version of openjdk that applies some improvements there but I don't remember how effective it actually was, it may be worth trying, yeah18:43
KiritoBut in regards to JetBrains IDE's as an example, there are some startup flags you can tweak18:43
Kiritoand it's more or less the same with other java apps18:43
KiritoOne moment I'll find an example18:43
rohanKirito: ty18:44
ne8cflI need to print 1 page and one line is bigger than the other.18:45
Kiritorohan, https://gist.github.com/ank91/1cad0cbf43ca482e233418:46
KiritoBut I would probably set it to -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=lcd instead of on18:46
Cheerymy computer suddenly went to not connecting anywhere18:47
Cheerybut the existing connections still work18:47
Cheeryanyone able to explain why?18:47
Kiritohave you tried turning it off and then back on again?18:47
Bluewolfalkisg: You sure this will not cripple anything?18:47
BluewolfOerHeks: Your still recommending I do a full reinstall, I'm on Ubuntu 14.04, so would it be okay if I downloaded 16.04 (Is it stable enough so soon after release?)18:48
alkisgBluewolf: up to the point where you *don't* press "y", yup, I'm sure it won't install anything without you accepting it18:48
CheeryKirito: at the moment I can't do that18:48
alkisgBluewolf: and, I've done it many many times to fix broken installations if it helps you feel better... it's just packages18:49
Bluewolfalkisg: Okay I guess there's no harm in trying, I've done the damage already after all. I'll just back up a few things, just so I don't completely burst into tears if and when it goes up in flames..18:50
aroonianyone know something about traffic shaping/throttling with wondershaper?18:51
Wald-junge?join #bitcoin18:51
SchrodingersScatarooni: I've used 'trickle' successfully18:53
ritztechanyone know where syslogs dump to  which file  i see it here18:53
ritztechrsyslog.conf for local7.*  /var/log/boot.log18:53
ritztechbutt boot.log has nothing18:53
BackwardsArooni "throttling" is a no no in the world of networking. ISP's do it and it is an absolute crime.18:53
alkisgBluewolf: http://paste.debian.net/783694/18:53
arooniwell i should say , i want to limit my upload bandwidth when i backup to amazon glacier18:54
aroonibecause if i dont, its gonna cause buffer bloat in my terrible at&t dsl modem18:54
KiritoDoes your router offer QoS controls?18:54
Kirito(or what is your router model?)18:55
arooniKirito: it does not unfotunately;  i wish it did18:55
KiritoNo support for simply limiting ingress/egress bandwidth either I guess?18:56
DakoI need it: Vagrant(KVM(First OS)) <-LAN-> Vagrant(KVM(Second OS))18:56
DakoCan I make it?18:56
ad-jnls -l18:59
ad-jnfuck you18:59
KiritoI invested in one of those OnHub routers this week, after much debate >_>18:59
ad-jnno kidding18:59
Kiritoad-jn, calm down, breathe18:59
ad-jneven i did the same thing :D18:59
DakoI need it: Vagrant(KVM(First OS)) <-LAN-> Vagrant(KVM(Second OS))18:59
ad-jnhere take it18:59
ad-jnwhat you want19:00
DakoI need it: Vagrant(KVM(First OS)) <-LAN-> Vagrant(KVM(Second OS))19:00
DakoCan I make it?19:00
ad-jnyou needed somthing dont you?19:00
Kiritotry asking again, I hear the 4th times the charm.19:00
Dakosudo rm -R * /tmp19:02
DakoI mean sudo rm -R * /tmp/*19:03
DakoI mean sudo rm -R * /tmp/* /var/tmp/*19:03
PiciDako: I don't know what you're asking/suggesting, but thats not a command that you really should ever run.19:04
Dakoor just?? sudo rm -R * /tmp19:04
Bluewolfalkisg: Sorry just backing up some stuff, can I run that command and copy over large files?19:04
DakoI need it: Vagrant(KVM(First OS)) <-LAN-> Vagrant(KVM(Second OS))19:04
DakoCan I make it?19:04
PiciDako: Try it?19:04
DakoCan I?19:05
PiciDako: It sounds possible.19:05
DakoVagrans is sandbox like Docker?19:05
PiciDako: no, vagrant is a vm.19:05
Dakolike virtualbox?19:06
PiciDako: it uses virtualbox by default.19:06
KiritoDako, I would recommend RTFM19:07
Kiritobefore you start trying to use it19:07
PiciKirito: please use nicer language when suggesting that users read documentation.19:07
ron__helo I have a probleme with virtualbox19:07
Guy1524how do I get an application to open from the tty19:08
KiritoDako, I would recommend reading that fine manual19:08
Dakoron__, just install vagrant19:08
Dakoron__, vagrant use vbox19:08
Kirito(I like how he is suggesting other people install vagrant when he doesn't even know what it does)19:08
satysinevening all, just heard that 16.04.1 iso will come out tomorrow, any truth behind that?19:09
ron__I can't start dkms :/    The dkms build in 4.4.0-31 but I m on 4.4.0-2219:09
Dakoron__, sudo reboot19:09
ron__Dako, I reboot 3times :x19:09
Kiritoron__, what is the output of uname -a ?19:10
ron__Kirito, last line  http://pastebin.com/AHWcMzer19:10
Dakoneed reboot after installation19:10
PiciDako: when helping, be helpful.  Don't randomly suggest things to users here.19:10
Dakoron__, install dkms then19:11
KiritoYour pastebin suggests you have the headers for 4.4.0-31 installed19:11
KiritoYour kernel image version and headers may not match.19:11
Dakoron__, install from website vbox19:12
Dakoron__, add repo and install lastest version19:12
tatertotsmaybe ron can elaborate on what his actual problem is ?19:12
Kiritodpkg -l | grep linux-image19:12
ron__ok Dako I check19:13
Kiritoron__, please ignore him, can you paste the output of dpkg -l linux-image?19:13
raj_ivwhat if closed terminal by mistake while building kernel19:13
Dakoron__, https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads19:14
naccraj_iv: open a terminal and continue building it?19:14
Kiritodpkg -l | grep linux-image19:14
Dakoron__, just get package and install it19:14
Guy1524guys, I deleted /usr/share/unity19:14
Guy1524and reinstalling unity doesn't get it back19:14
Guy1524aren't packages supposed to remove everything that they are19:14
KiritoNo, not unless you purge the packages19:15
Guy1524and then add them when they are installed19:15
Guy1524I purged the package19:15
Guy1524and I found out that /usr/share/unity still existed19:15
Guy1524which angered me19:15
ron__Kirito, It's probably that I test19:15
Guy1524so I deleted it19:15
raj_ivnacc: ok19:15
Guy1524and installing it doesn't give me it back19:15
Ben64Guy1524: deleting stuff randomly is a good recipe for disaster19:16
tatertotsif you get /usr/share/unity back...wouldn't you just be angry again?19:16
Guy1524Ben64: but /usr/share/unity relates to unity19:16
Guy1524and it wasn't deleted when I did sudo apt purge unity19:17
PiciGuy1524: a bunch of different packages install things into /usr/share/unity, the 'unity' package not being one of them.19:17
Guy1524ill transfer it back from another computer19:17
Ben64Guy1524: so that's a good reason to delete things in system folders?19:17
KiritoGuy1524, Reinstall libunity-core and see if that resolves your issue.19:17
DakoBen64,  Do you work for the money here?19:18
Ben64there's no money here19:18
naccDako: this is a volunteer channel19:18
Kiritothere's not? what the hell am I doing here then?19:18
Guy1524Kirito: that fixed it thanks19:18
tatertotsare you angry that you have /usr/share/unity again?19:19
KiritoGuy1524, as a future reference the command listed there is very helpful in situations like this, "dpkg-query -S" can show you which package(s) own/contain specific files19:19
KiritoBut also as a more important future reference, please don't delete system files randomly because you are angry. That is not likely to end well for you19:20
paranoidabhiHi guys! I am planning to shift from hdd to sdd. How can I create a list of packages in .txt file. And later reinstall them on new sdd.19:21
saigel@paranoid: Why not just backup your hdd and restore to your sdd?19:22
paranoidabhisaigel, how?19:22
Kiritoparanoidabhi, https://askubuntu.com/a/1782919:22
Kiritoor that19:22
Dakocat * / > list.txt19:22
saigelMaybe use clonezilla to make an image of your existing system, then install your sdd, then restore the image onto your sdd...19:22
KiritoI can't tell if this individual is trolling or..19:23
Dakohere error19:23
Ben64definitely trolling19:23
Dakoi not pro19:23
KiritoI've learned not to overestimate peoples intelligence19:23
Guy1524guys, what exactly happens when you restart lightdm when you are logged in.  How is it different from launching lightdm and unity on boot?19:23
KiritoBut I am pretty sure you are right here. </ignore>19:23
Dakocat blabla > list.txt19:24
Kiritodd is one way to clone a drive, though that may not be ideal here19:25
Ben64i used dd to go from hdd to ssd19:25
Guy1524should I use ubuntuforums or askubuntu19:25
DakoJust use TAR19:25
saigel@krito, I think clonezilla uses dd, does it not?19:25
DakoTAR file19:25
KiritoQuite possibly19:25
ron__Kirito,  I didn't have uninstall correctly  http://pastebin.com/e9AAukkV19:25
paranoidabhisaigel, Thanks for the reply! Someone told me to reinstall as restoring would cause problems with disk identifiers etc. Is there tutorial you know of?19:25
Kirito"Uses Partclone (default), Partimage (optional), ntfsclone (optional), or dd to image or clone a partition"19:26
Ben64paranoidabhi: it wouldn't be a problem once you disconnect the hard drive19:26
KiritoClonezilla looks like a solid option19:26
Dakoron__, new vbox work?19:26
paranoidabhiKirito, thanks. I am assuming since the machine is same. No issues regarding drivers would crop up. Any ideas on other things I can restore?19:27
KiritoI just have a fancy HDD docking bay that has a built in cloning feature :D19:27
Kirito..which I've never actually used19:27
saigel@paranoid: I think as long as your new drive has enough space to contain everything, it should work. I have used it to image a system from one hard drive and then re-image it onto a new drive, and everything worked perfectly. I've done it several times.19:27
ron__Dako,  I boot on 4.4.0-22-generic19:27
Dakou will have problems with the mounted disks19:27
Kiritoparanoidabhi, Should be, I assume clonedrive will take care of copying the bootloaders over as well19:27
Dakojust install new Ubuntu19:27
Ben64Dako: stop19:27
ron__Dako, I m purge19:28
Dakoron__, ok19:28
=== edson is now known as edsoncanto
KiritoI personally always prefer to just start with a new/fresh installation when it comes to that. It makes me feel liberated :D19:29
paranoidabhiBen64, I am not sure I understand. Disconnect after creating the backup?19:29
saigel@paranoid, as far as tutorials is concerned, the clonezilla web page would be a good source.19:29
Kirito(rather I'm too lazy to clean anything up on my system after so long so I just nuke everything and start fresh)19:29
Ben64paranoidabhi: if you boot and two partitions have the same UUID, it could cause problems19:29
Kiritoit would be a different drive here though, so it should be fine, right?19:31
KiritoOh, maybe not19:31
ron__re, I am always  4.4.0-22-generic   -->  pastebin.com/n2Z63cyT19:32
Dakoparanoidabhi, sudo tar -cvpzf backup.tar.gz '/media/ubuntu/patch_to_disk'19:32
Dakoron__, its Ubuntu 16.04?19:33
Kiritoron__, Please post the output of dpkg -l | linux-image19:33
Kiritothat doesn't show us anything19:33
Kiritooh nevermind, I missed your message above19:34
Dakoron__, ?19:34
ron__Dako, yes 16.0419:34
Kiritoron__, can you post the exact error you get when trying to build dkms?19:35
Dakoron__, all work for me You crashed OS19:35
Kiritoron__, please ignore him, he's trolling, or at the very least giving irrelevant/bad advice.19:35
InfectWhat laptops do you guys use? I want to get a nice linux machine. Thinking of picking up an old thinkpad19:36
DakoKirito, seriously?19:36
KiritoInfect, http://www.aorus.com/Product/Features/X519:36
DakoKirito, I installed Ubuntu 16.04 KVM and VBox and all work19:36
ron__Kirito, I don't have error dkms build on 4.4.0-31-generic   -->http://pastebin.com/5rqxAQhk19:36
DakoKirito, He just cradhes Ubuntu19:36
Infectwow that is pricey19:37
InfectGuess I'll just hound longer on ebay19:37
BrainBug[BE]Hey, Can anybody tell me I've just shrunk my lv (lv_home) from 250 to 200GB. All works fine. After some file checking I did lvreduce --resizefs -L 200G /dev/vg/lv_home This worked, maybe because the drive was as good as empty, but what happens if the drive is full? Will it give an error or anything like that?19:37
ron__Kirito,  uname ---> 4.4.0-22-generic #40-Ubuntu SMP Thu May 12 22:03:4619:38
DakoInfect, SmartPhone + Android19:38
ron__It is very strange19:38
InfectDako, what do you mean?19:38
Bluewolfalkisg: Here we go - http://paste.debian.net/783715/19:38
DakoInfect, just buy it19:38
KiritoYes, expensive but it's a very nice laptop :D19:38
InfectI have an android device already dako19:38
Infectkirito, yeah looks very sleek.19:39
KiritoI don't have any sensible recommendations though unfortunately19:39
DakoInfect,  minimalistic Linux distribution19:39
Infectandroid is?19:39
KiritoI can say that 3k/4k on 15" screens is godly though19:39
Dakoron__, you crashed Ubuntu Reinstall it19:40
KiritoI believe more laptops are starting to come out with UHD screens now19:40
Kiritowhich are more reasonably prices19:40
arooniSchrodingersScat: ;; so is trickle better than wondershaper?19:40
ron__I believe that I have understood,19:41
ron__I come again19:41
SchrodingersScatarooni: never tried the latter19:42
KiritoInfect, https://amazon.com/Dell-i7559-5012GRY-Touchscreen-Generation-Microsoft/dp/B015PYZI8E/ looks possibly decent19:42
Dakoneed read bash history19:42
ne8cflwell I'll get my typewriter from 1950. that will do the job better19:42
arooniSchrodingersScat: you used trickle for what purpose?  does it allow you to limit specific apps/processes ?19:42
Dakoand fix or reinstall19:42
Kirito(that's probably the lowest price you'll get on a UHD 15" laptop though)19:42
ne8cflwhat a joke19:43
SchrodingersScatarooni: I use it to throttle my backups to somewhere between 1/2 and 1/3 my actual upload speed so I'm not angering the other people on the line for days.19:44
InfectI was thinking of an old laptop, I'm just gonna browse and (try to) program.19:44
KiritoOh, sorry :D19:44
Infectno prob19:44
DakoKirito, ok19:44
arooniSchrodingersScat: exactly what i want to do;  so can you only set up overall upload speed limitations or specific ports/processes/destinations19:44
InfectI mean, most people game anyways19:44
Infector do hardware intensive stuff19:45
KiritoI don't even play games much anymore, hahah19:45
Kiritoand I can't even use my second GPU on Linux!19:45
Kiritobecause Nvidia doesn't support mobile SLI >_>19:45
DakoUse PlayOnLinux19:45
ne8cflI can't even print 1 page it just spits out nonsense crap!19:45
* Infect steals kirito's graphics card19:46
zombie_baitI have a ethical question: im on a lan house machine and found some 3rd party files left in here: may I read them?19:46
ne8cflI installed the correct driver19:46
Dakone8cfl, need configure19:46
ne8cfllinux is not even good for office use.19:47
Dakone8cfl, use Mint19:47
nacc!ot | zombie_bait19:47
ubottuzombie_bait: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:47
ne8cflDako: haha like that would help19:47
naccDako: please stop.19:47
Dakone8cfl, what your problem?19:48
naccne8cfl: sorry, reading scrollback; what's the issue?19:48
ne8cflI configured everything. the test page comes out fine19:48
ne8cflBut only the test page19:48
Dakone8cfl, you about what?19:48
Whiskey`Is there a support way to install openjdk7 ? only 8 is available but i need 719:48
\9Whiskey`: you'll need a ppa for that19:48
Whiskey`ahh. happen to know what it is?19:49
ne8cflnacc: We have an HP ENVY 4520 here. I installed the correct driver. Test Page comes out fine. I write my Text I want to print using LibreOffice. and only crap comes out19:49
MonkeyDustWhiskey`  a ppa is an 'external' software source19:49
Whiskey`i know that19:49
\9Whiskey`: http://askubuntu.com/questions/761127/ubuntu-16-04-and-openjdk-719:50
\9first hit on google..19:50
ne8cflDo I need to use my Typewriter from 1950?19:50
Whiskey`\9: thanks19:50
Bray90820_What's a good way to communicate with a headless ubuntu server?19:50
naccne8cfl: is that true of other applications than libreoffice?19:50
Dakone8cfl, screenshot?19:50
naccBray90820_: ssh19:50
SchrodingersScatarooni: the manual says that trickled can act as a global limiter and have things throttled by running them with trickle, but I actually couldn't get that to work, so I just run trickle followed by the command, then you set the upload limit, trickle -u $uploadspeed19:50
BarnabasDK_Bray90820_, what are you trying to do?19:50
ne8cflnacc: Yes I tried printing with gedit too. I only get a blanc page19:50
=== BarnabasDK_ is now known as BarnabasDK
neil_when doing a "ltsp-build-client --arch i386" I get the error message "error: LTSP client installation ended abnormally" ... this seems to be caused by "Setting up grub-pc (2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.1)" which complains about "/dev" not being mounted... as far I can see an ltsp client would never need grub ... why is it being installed?19:51
naccne8cfl: which driver did you end up trying to use?19:51
ne8cflinstalled driver
ne8cflI also updated the driver but still doesn't work19:52
Bray90820_BarnabasDK:  Just basic management like install software update the system etc...19:52
Bray90820_right now it's running ubuntu desktop 16.04 so it's not technically a server19:52
BarnabasDKssh then19:52
naccne8cfl: how did you install it? I think in 16.04 (at least) hplip is up to 3.16.319:52
ne8cflnacc: Yes I updated to this one too19:52
SchrodingersScatarooni: my duplicity example is "trickle -s -u ${nspeed} -t .1 duplicity"  I get ${nspeed} from another script using speedtest-cli19:52
ikoniaBray90820_: running ubuntu desktop does not "not" make it a server19:53
naccne8cfl: you did both?19:53
Dakone8cfl, write to support of your hardware19:53
Whiskey`\9: and it doesnt work, E: Package 'openjdk-7-jdk' has no installation candidate19:53
naccDako: please stop19:53
ne8cflnacc: yes I did both drivers19:53
Bray90820_ikonia: I meant I was using it as a server19:53
Dakonacc, I will help19:53
ikoniaBray90820_: thats fine19:53
ne8cflresults were the same19:53
ikoniaBray90820_: ubuntu desktop is a great server platform19:53
Dakoikonia, yes19:53
Bray90820_Does everything i need19:54
BarnabasDKif it is a desktop distro I think you need to install sshd19:54
Dakoikonia, but centOS bester19:54
BarnabasDKbefore you can use it to remotely manage it19:54
ikoniaDako: it's just personal tase19:54
BluewolfIf a system is broken and it is upgraded, will it still be a problem? - Eg if 14.04 ubuntu is a problem and it is upgraded to 16.04, will the issue transfer over or is it best to do a complete reinstall?19:54
naccBluewolf: depends on what you mean by "broken"19:54
ne8cflthe funny thing is I printed one page before and It came out fine. I didn't change anything and the 2nd page 1 line bigger than the other, a second try only gave me blank pages, or black lines19:55
naccne8cfl: how did you install 3.15.11 ?19:55
ne8cflnacc: Over the printer Option in Ubuntu19:55
DakoBluewolf, do reinstall19:55
ne8cflit's weird Test pages always come out fine19:56
ne8cflright color everything19:56
naccne8cfl: hrm, thinking about it19:56
ne8cflbut if I actually want to print something... it's a different story19:57
Dakone8cfl, use USB keyboard19:57
Dakofor test19:57
=== BarnabasDK_ is now known as BarnabasDK
ne8cflwhat has a usb keyboard to do with it?19:57
ne8cflusing a laptop19:57
Bluewolfnacc: This will explain my blunder :D http://pastebin.com/etqEwEZQ - http://paste.debian.net/783715/19:57
DArqueBishopBluewolf: call me old-fashioned or anal, but I always take the attitude that a backup/wipe/install is better than an in-place upgrade whenever possible.19:58
ne8cflf it. going back to windows. my typewriter works better. sorry guys. it's true19:58
Bluewolfnacc: I fear it cant be fixed19:58
naccDako: please don't try to help if you are not able to.19:59
Dakonacc,  I can!19:59
BluewolfDArqueBishop: Yeah I kind of know, I just keep asking the same question every time just to be sure. I feel a reinstall is better overall, clean...19:59
Dakonacc, his computer is pice of s...20:00
naccDako: that's not being helpful.20:00
DakoOny Windows20:00
DakoI try to be useful to people20:01
ikoniayou're failing - please stop20:01
Bluewolfnacc: Do you see my issue?20:01
naccBluewolf: well, if you want to go into it, how did you get into a state where python2.7 is being removed?20:01
ne8cflnot very friendly though20:01
naccBluewolf: and you probably should not have done that :/20:01
Dakone8cfl, use Fedora then20:01
naccne8cfl: so you only get the bad characters from libre? can you try to print a pdf from evince or something?20:02
naccikonia: thanks20:02
\9Whiskey`: looking at the ppa, looks like the package name is openjdk-720:02
\9maybe the askubuntu.com answer is outdated20:02
Bluewolfnacc: I realize that now, I was trying to install - https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/1649523?hl=en-GB20:03
BluewolfThen the the dependencies lead me astray and my lack of knowledge and half asleep state. Alas here I am..... Lesson learnt. An annoying one.20:03
Guy1524hey guys, so as you know I am having a massive problem w/ unity.  Would it be a good idea to switch to unity 8/mir?  I am using integrated graphics20:03
DakoIf Ubuntu no work then need test Fedora20:03
naccBluewolf: ah ... hrm, it is *probably* easier to reinstall, tbh20:03
Guy1524and unity 8 is pretty much the same thing as unity 7 just using mir right20:03
naccGuy1524: i believe unity8 is not really supported yet20:04
ne8cflDako: If I need to use the same driver it won't make a difference wich OS i'm using. with windows I get a 1-1 driver that will work. and I don't need a Computer Science degree do get my stuff done.20:04
lord-ragnarockI'm actually using Arch here, but the folks on the IRC are a bit preoccupied :/ My networkManager keeps making new profiles/connections whenever I try to connect to my new router, and these profiles always get stuck at "acquiring network address." Here's the pastebin of one attempt: https://bpaste.net/show/98b2d5df832120:04
Guy1524how bad are the bugs?20:04
Bluewolfnacc: Yeah, I'll get around to it. Finishing with back ups.20:04
naccGuy1524: it's a preview, aiui20:04
ne8cflubuntu - linux for humans with a computer science degree20:06
ikonianot at all20:06
ikonialinux is linux, you can't change the reality of that20:06
ikoniasomethings just are not mature yet, or have good solution20:06
Bluewolfnacc: Seeing as I am not an experienced user, what did I actually do. I feel embarrassed to ask.20:07
naccne8cfl: we are trying to help (if you believe me or not). it's not an obvious issue20:07
ron__Kirito, I'm stuck in 4.4.0-22-generic. I think it's the boot and update-grub say "/usr/sbin/grub-mkconfig: 5: /etc/default/grub: /etc/default/grub: Permission denied"20:07
Bluewolfnacc: Got to learn somewhere right?20:07
naccBluewolf: i think you sort of forcibly installed a 32-bit python20:07
naccBluewolf: which maybe did something funky to the system python20:07
ne8cfllike I said my typewriter does better20:08
DArqueBishopne8cfl: pardon if this has been answered already, but what version of Ubuntu are you using?20:08
Bluewolfnacc: Python's use and purpose is?20:09
k1l_ne8cfl: i think you ranted in here enough then. you are frustrated, but that is no excuse to show that attitude to volunteers who even want to help you solve your issue. if you are just interested in ranting then please leave.20:10
BarnabasDKwell whats the purpose of perl php and regular shell?20:11
naccBluewolf: so python is just a language & interpreter for that launguage20:11
MonkeyDustne8cfl  to help you calm down: http://malaysiandigest.com/technology/482848-linux-is-everywhere-we-show-you-exactly-where.html20:11
naccBluewolf: but python in particular (compared to php, at least) is used by many core applications in ubuntu20:12
naccBluewolf: removing it can lead to a pretty broken system easily20:12
BarnabasDKnacc, Python is a great language .. compared to many of the other alternatives20:12
tatertotsI'm back, had to add some memory to this system20:12
ne8cflk1l_: job's already done. I know thanks for all your help. I'm a linux user too you know, for the last 3.5 years. It's just dissapointing to see20:12
naccBarnabasDK: neither here nor there (even if I agree :)20:13
BarnabasDKnacc, well suffer perl then ..20:13
daxdax89hello all20:13
naccBarnabasDK: not sure you're point, but back to Bluewolf's question.20:13
daxdax89anyone here?20:13
Bluewolfnacc: I see, this is not the first system I wrecked. Formatted my drive one, still not sure how I did that. Anyway, thanks for the help.20:13
tatertotshi daxdax8920:14
daxdax89anyone good with networks?20:14
naccBluewolf: my advice, if you're doing anything as root (sudo or otherwise) and don't know exactly why you are doing hte command, and what all its side-effects are, don't do it.20:14
BarnabasDKnacc, no I am not, sorry about that20:14
ikoniadaxdax89: if your question is to do with ubuntu, just ask, people will help if they can20:14
tatertotsi'm no CCIE but i can hold my own ...what's up daxdax89?20:14
daxdax89well i am trying to use something like NetCut but netcut is for windows and it wont work in virtalbox , all i wanna do is kick couple of users from caffe20:15
daxdax89got so many of them connected and it makes me lag20:15
ikonia from caffe ?20:16
daxdax89caffe AP yes20:16
DArqueBishopdaxdax89: do you own the cafe? If not, stop asking and get out.20:16
Bluewolfnacc: I usually don't, seriously. I just thought I was installing a package anyway, its done.20:16
BluewolfI read up on it now.20:16
daxdax89no but i rented a room in caffes owner rooms20:16
naccBluewolf: fair enough :)20:16
daxdax89and he gave me pass20:16
daxdax89so i am connected20:16
ikoniadaxdax89: then talk to the cafe owner20:16
ikoniadaxdax89: we are not going to help you abuse a network20:17
DArqueBishopdaxdax89: unless you have the owner's explicit permission, what you are proposing his highly unethical.20:17
daxdax89ok how do i kick someone from my network then? :D20:17
ikoniadaxdax89: no20:17
tatertotsif you're the network admin of this caffe AP you probably wouldn't be asking I'm guessing20:17
daxdax89without log in into router20:17
ikoniadaxdax89: talk to the owner - please don't ask again20:17
tgm4883daxdax89: you do it from the router20:17
k1l_daxdax89: you dont.20:17
daxdax89netcut does it without router acces ?20:17
ne8cflMonkeyDust: maybe server based. but as an OS I think just north korea is using it20:18
tatertotsfrom what a quick google could tell me this caffe is a public wifi thing...keyword being public20:19
naccne8cfl: please stop with the FUD.20:19
Bluewolfnacc: Cheers20:20
DArqueBishoptatertots: he meant a cafe or coffee shop.20:20
naccBluewolf: good luck, i didn't read too thoroughly on the link you sent, but if you need help with it after reinstall, feel free to ping in here20:21
MonkeyDustne8cfl  yes, *something* has to be the mainstream, for the desktop, it's currently windows20:23
ne8cflMonkeyDust: sorry I do like ubuntu, sometimes like you said, I just get frustrated when things don't work the way I want to. don't take it seriously pls. I usually don't need to print much. for the rest what i'm doing it's good20:26
ne8cflIf it wouldn't, I wouldn't have used it for so long20:27
sruliquick question... i want to restart network interface on remote machine, once its down i wont be able to bring it up, will this do the trick? "sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0"20:28
compdocpersonal feelings, best way is: sudo reboot20:29
k1l_use the init to restart the network20:30
ChucaraCan anyone spot what I am doing from here (/etc/fstab): nas:/volume1/Gitlab /mnt/nfs/gitlab nfs username=x,password=x 0 020:31
Chucaramount.nfs: an incorrect mount option was specified20:31
akikChucara: there are no mount options username and password for a nfs mount20:32
akikChucara: man mount.nfs20:32
tatertotsYo Chucara  https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/3/html/System_Administration_Guide/s1-nfs-mount.html20:32
ChucaraOh.. Stackoverflow lied to me then: http://serverfault.com/questions/750497/fstab-entry-to-mount-nfs-with-password20:33
akiktatertots: that documentation is for redhat and can be a mismatch with ubuntu20:33
srulik1l_: what is the service name? i tried network, network-manager.. unrecosgnised20:33
sruliubuntu 14.04.2 server20:33
tatertotsakik let me see you post 'official' ubuntu documentation then20:34
Kiritonetworking, if it's the same as Debian20:34
tatertotsas outdated as some of it can be20:34
tatertotscome on do it fast i'm timing you20:34
k1l_sruli: erm, network or networking on cli20:34
akiktatertots: cut the crap, please20:34
akiktatertots: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo20:34
k1l_i cant test that on my servers right now :)20:35
srulik1l_: netwrok, not recognised, networking gives me an error "stop: Job failed while stopping, start: Job is already running: networking"20:35
tatertotsthere you go Chucara now you have a general idea of the correct/proper syntax to use with plenty of resources to reference20:36
turbo64rickatickatick tock tick tock tock20:36
Chucaratatertots: Thanks. Apparently my nas is not showing the share on the export list. I'm reading and working on it.20:37
srulik1l_: question is, will "sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0" follow through after ssh has been disconnected?20:37
k1l_sruli: yes, that might work. i cant test that from here right now20:38
srulik1l_: it did work, intersting thing is ssh did not disconnect, i saw it realease and renew ip.. how can that be?20:38
turbo64that was a really dumb reason to kick someone out of a channel20:39
turbo64you must be some kind of sad loser20:39
tgm4883sruli: it didn't change IP address20:39
k1l_sruli: ssh got some timeout limits.20:39
srulitgm4883: no it didnt (thats kind of my problem, it should have, but that a different matter20:40
srulibut even if its same ip, if interface is down how can ssh remain active and display the output while dhcpDiscover?20:41
bricoMaybe it uses the MAC (shrug)20:41
tatertotsbtw do you have any links to support that ect fstab in linux has got distribution specific syntax because i' would love to see it @akik20:41
tgm4883sruli: did you flush your lease?20:41
srulitgm4883: "sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0"20:41
tgm4883tatertots: that's not what he said20:41
DarkwellHey there20:41
tgm4883sruli: 'dhclient -r'20:42
tatertotsi hope that's not what he said20:42
tatertotsor was suggesting20:42
srulitgm4883: i tried that erlier today, did nothing, no output either20:42
tatertotsbecause etc/fstab and it's syntax is pretty standard20:42
tatertotsacross distributions20:42
akiktatertots: the link you pasted was about mounting nfs file system, not only about /etc/fstab20:42
tgm4883tatertots: While the syntax might be the same, the options may not be20:43
tatertotsMounting NFS File Systems using /etc/fstab20:43
OerHeksif you would have pasted debian pages, oke, but redhat, come one tatertots ...20:43
tgm4883in any case, this is all very OT20:43
Kirito"openssh-client-ssh1 - secure shell (SSH) client for legacy SSH1 protocol"20:43
Kiritoo.x why?20:43
Kiritoit's just the client20:44
tatertotsand if anybody has any info about ect/fstab beginning to be distribution specific PLEASE by all means pm me the article20:45
avis-i use ubuntu20:46
Chucaraakik: Thanks, the username was it. It is mounted now (permission denied, but reading up on it)20:46
akiktatertots: pasting documents from another distribution is just asking for trouble20:46
avis-it may be trouble, but its not work if transcribed, and functional20:46
avis-or is it ?20:46
tgm4883tatertots: please stop20:47
avis-its completely theoretical.  and practical. thats always a win.20:47
DarkwellI accidently managed to do an rsync of /etc from a boot sdcard for rasperry pi (raspbian) onto /etc on my ubuntu laptop (running 14.04 desktop). Now I wonder how I could most rasy/efficient recover my laptop from this...I havent turned it off yet20:47
k1l_avis-: what is your technica support issue?20:47
KiritoDarkwell, just /etc probably didn't cause too much damage, review the history and see which files were modified as a start20:49
avis-k1l_, aside from assisting others ?  i'd like the most awesome sound system.  i have VERY CHEAP speakers.  they had to be "desk" worthy.  i further wonder why i'm so limited in snap packages per my ubuntu one account.  i have one.  i think of it as -- credit.20:49
tatertotswhat's the link to ubuntu's / canonical 'official' customer facing technical documentation?20:50
hggdhtatertots: please stop20:51
tatertotsstop what hggdh...is that not a valid ubuntu question to ask in a ubuntu forum?20:51
hggdhtatertots: all I can see you doing is noise. Please stop.20:52
avis-i lose wifi support until install but i have a router using dd-wrt i run as repeater bridge so i can install both ubuntu, and you never know.  other -- operating systems.  it works until your wifi works thats for sure :D20:52
ChucaraHmmm.. Changing a users UID and GID is a terrible idea, right?20:52
mirak_how can i transfer my deja-dup settings to another user ?20:52
mirak_or same account but cleaned20:52
alexmhtatertots, http://lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+official+documentation does that work?20:53
tatertotsasking for a link to technical ubuntu documentation is noise now hggdh?...oh okay...nevermind20:53
tgm4883!google | alexmh20:53
ubottualexmh: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.20:53
tgm4883tatertots: official documentation would be the wiki and the server guide20:54
=== destr0yr81 is now known as destr0yr
k1l_!documentation | tatertots20:54
ubottutatertots: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf20:54
k1l_tatertots: and now stop the noise. thanks20:54
mirak_<Inga> First need remove temps: sudo rm -R * /tmp/20:56
mirak_can you please ban this idiot ?20:56
meteorwhat is the difference betw putting an export statement in .bashrc vs .profile in ubuntu?20:56
tatertotsthanks for the 'official' ubuntu documentation links k1l20:57
mirak_is there an admin here ?20:57
OerHeksmirak_, it was not posted here, was it? ignore the PM then.20:58
alexmhtgm4883, understood20:58
mirak_OerHeks, it was intented to people that are here20:59
mirak_OerHeks, people are targeted from this channel, so this Inga should be banned for sending such PMs21:00
k1l_mirak_: i already kicked him. he is a known troll. thanks for reporting. next time better report directly to #ubuntu-ops21:00
mirak_k1l_, ok thanks21:01
DarkwellShould I use a live usb to resque/reinstall ubuntu again? I mean /etc is pretty much jumbled up21:01
OerHeksDarkwell, the installer gives an option to reinstall.21:03
Bashing-omDarkwell: My take only . If a system file directory is meesed up .. even if I were to fix it ... I Would not have further confidence in the operating system .21:04
=== msodrew_ is now known as msodrew
Guy1524how long does it usually take for someone to answer your question on askubuntu?21:06
Guy1524ive been waiting for about 2 hours21:06
OerHeksGuy1524, someting between minutes and months. good time to look again if there are simular posts.21:07
IonutVan_minutes, hours, months, never21:07
DarkwellWhat installer? In the liveCd ? I am downloadin 14.04 to dd it onto an usbstick , since the leptop has no cdrom21:07
Guy1524OerHeks: I have been looking for someone w/ the same problem for days21:07
KeithWeissharif i buy a preloaded orange usb stick from the ububuntu shop, is it still writable so it can be updated to future versions21:08
Bashing-omGuy1524: Forum ettiquite .. 12 to 24 hours . As the world turns .21:08
Guy1524Bashing-om: ok thanks21:09
OerHeksKeithWeisshar, the iso is read only, but sure, you can write a newer version over it.21:09
MonkeyDustGuy1524  as soon as someone reads your question and it rings a bell, he will most probably answer21:09
KeithWeisshari mean the stick itself21:11
KeithWeissharthe stick that they sell from the ubuntu online shop21:11
OerHeksthe iso on that stick cannot be updated, you can write a newer version over it.21:13
KeithWeissharubuntu sells the bootable usb stick for 5.99 pounds21:13
OerHeks*complete newer iso21:13
KeithWeisshardo they use rufus or dd?21:13
KeithWeissharis the orange usb stick preloaded using standard dd commands21:15
KeithWeissharis freenode closing21:17
KeithWeissharsomeone is spaming breaking news21:17
tomawsomeone is spamming.21:17
neil_when doing a "ltsp-build-client --arch i386" I get the error message "error: LTSP client installation ended abnormally" ... this seems to be caused by "Setting up grub-pc (2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.1)" which complains about "/dev" not being mounted... as far I can see an ltsp client would never need grub ... why is it being installed?21:17
Guy1524wait, is freenode actually closing?!?!21:18
hggdhGuy1524: come on, please do not pay attention to trolls21:18
Guy1524k good21:18
akikKeithWeisshar: what do you mean? using dd to write the ubuntu iso to a usb stick is a valid method21:18
akikKeithWeisshar: rufus i think is mainly used to write a windows iso to a usb stick21:20
Bomber4Chatsanyone have experience with hiDPI laptops?21:22
alexmhBomber4Chats, I have a 4k screen21:22
neil_Bomber4Chats, lucky21:22
Bomber4ChatsI'm having a rear-load of issues with various linux apps :-/21:23
Bomber4ChatswxWidgets, wine21:23
Bomber4Chatswell, wine I gave up on21:23
Bomber4Chatssome other gtk stuff.21:23
alexmhBomber4Chats, haha make sure to either down-res to 1080p, or ensure that the scaling is set higher, or have you already done that?21:23
Bomber4ChatsI'm getting a little pissed about it :-/21:23
Bomber4ChatsI've scaled *221:24
Bomber4Chatsfirst app I want to have scaled properly is audacity21:25
gelsonsoy nuevo21:27
gelsonsi me ayudan con informacion les agradesco+21:27
Bashing-om!es | gelson21:28
ubottugelson: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:28
KeithWeissharrufus also has dd mode too21:33
swenssonAnyone know any good book for Linux users? Any book that's related to linux is OK21:35
MonkeyDustswensson  "ubuntu linux toolbox"21:36
timypubuntu linux toolbox?21:38
timypis that like a rescue disk21:38
swenssonMonkeyDust thanks :) Gonna get em both :)21:39
Bashing-omswensson: http://search.oreilly.com/?q=linux <-Books, anything linux .21:39
swenssonBashing-om that site wasn't for me, thanks anyway =)21:40
MonkeyDusttimyp  it's a book21:44
timypoh man wish i could read21:44
MonkeyDusttimyp  a very long time ago, people actually read paper books ... http://www.stcuthbertsmill.com/surfaces/4/27/500_someset-book-image-used-for-surface.jpg21:46
swenssonWhat's the differense between service apache2 restart and systemctl restart apache2?21:47
Bomber4ChatsSo who with 4k screens was able to scale up qt apps?21:47
=== Golbat is now known as GitGud
mcphailswensson: the "service" syntax is becoming deprecated for the systemd way of doing things (i.e. systemctl)21:56
avis-i think ubuntu needs stricter regulations due to its territory and adversaries21:56
SebthreeBQM10HDavis-,  why what for what, I just joined here21:57
swenssonmcphail ahh thanks for the info ;D21:57
* swensson Im off to bed now, gn ppl21:57
avis-i'm kewl.  its uk.  there's ton's of evil in the uk.  that means every nook in that winding roads thats been looked down and memorized is not uncomprehendable21:57
* SebthreeBQM10HD thinks a car rental company is called Avis :d21:57
jimyou're sticking your tongue out at your eyes?21:58
k1l_avis-: its enough now. you got a too long track record to make your games in here. stick to the guidelines or leave the channel21:58
oezsoyanyone can help to me this python21:59
oezsoyanyone knows python21:59
oezsoy<oezsoy> i have a problem21:59
oezsoy<oezsoy> gui tkinker dont work on python21:59
oezsoy<oezsoy> from Tkinter import *21:59
oezsoy<oezsoy> root = Tk()21:59
k1l_oezsoy: better ask in #python ?22:00
jimoezsoy, theres #python22:00
jim(btw you got silenced because you flooded a little22:01
jimoezsoy, so about that... you can pastebin the output of an arbitrary command by running "anArbitraryCommand | nc termbin.com 9999"22:02
jimyou can also apt-get install nopaste or pastebinit and use those in place of ns term...999922:03
surfnhi, i'm having trouble ssh -X into my ubuntu box.22:03
avis-i'm apologize and assure you that by the strictest english standards i was only looking after a companies best interests.22:03
surfn"Could not initialize OpenGL"22:04
jimmaybe you don't have opengl installed? or some part of it?22:04
aroonianyone here used duply/duplicity to backup your files?  i'm setting it up now and could use some help22:05
surfndammit, that's a mac problem, not an ubuntu one.22:05
surfnthanks jim22:05
surfnI'll see what I can do22:05
mambobuona sera .. app center non mi da nessun server in seleziona server migliore e quelli che ci sono non lo fanno funzionare22:10
k1l_!it | mambo22:11
ubottumambo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:11
rexwin_i cannot ping nor connect ssh from my ubuntu machine to the centos machine.22:16
rypervencherexwin_: Sounds like a firewall issue or networking issue.22:19
rexwin_firewall is off22:19
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rexwin_ifconfig gives eno16777736 and not eth022:20
=== TheKingOfPorn is now known as eclipse
rypervencherexwin_: It is not supposed to give eth0 anymore.22:24
=== eclipse is now known as B0hemianHacks
=== B0hemianHacks is now known as eclipse
MihasiHi guys22:40
MihasiDoes anyone have experience running hybrid graphics on Ubuntu? I'm trying to get nvidia-prime to work and I'm *almost* there, but there's one last issue I can't figure out. For some reason, I have to reboot after I switch GPUs. Otherwise, after logging out, it won't let me log in again and stays stuck at the login screen.22:42
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
MihasiI've found some forum posts about it (for 14.04 and 15.10), but the only solution seems to be installing Bumblebee. I'd like to avoid that for now, as this is not my primary partition and I'm more interested in understanding why it doesn't work.22:44
StefanosteraGood evening everybody. Could you tell me if 16.04 lts programs third part has been solved?22:45
naccMihasi: i think bumblebee is deprecated or not needed anymore, based upon other people's help in this channel22:46
naccMihasi: i don't know anything more though :(22:46
naccStefanostera: what does "third part" mean?22:46
tewardStefanostera: erm, you'll have to be more specific?  (There's always bugs in every release, they aren't always fixed)22:46
Mihasinacc, I've heard similar things, but then I've also heard that Bumblebee 4.0 is coming out soon, so I have no idea what to believe. :P22:46
naccMihasi: :)22:46
StefanosteraI mean that in 15.10 you can install .deb file..... 16.04 makes an error22:47
MihasiStefanostera, it should still be possible to install .deb files in 16.04, if I'm not mistaking. What errors are you getting?22:47
xanguaStefanostera: "an error"what error? What debian file(s)?22:48
naccStefanostera: any arbitrary .deb file? that's certain possibly in 16.04?22:48
naccStefanostera: let's say that you're not describing it clearly enougha nd this is not some common bug that we can tell you the answer yet :)22:48
Stefanostera.deb files starts installation with Ubuntu Software  Center page but than it generate an installation error22:49
MihasiGive the man some time to answer guys. :P22:49
xanguaStefanostera: what error? What files? Why are you installing stuff outside of official repositories?22:49
StefanosteraWhenever I double click a deb file, it'd be opened in software center. However, when I click "install" button, it'd change to "installing" for a second but then turn back to "install" and nothing happens22:50
MihasiStefanostera, I've noticed this to. But in my case, usually the package is installed anyway, even though the button turns back to install.22:51
xanguaStefanostera: What Deb Files? Where Did You Get These?22:51
StefanosteraTeam viewer, Skype22:51
StefanosteraI've tried sudo apt install gdebi but gdebi does not work22:51
yao_ziyuanhere's my problem: i have ubuntu 15.10 (ask this new xps 8900 machine's video card doesn't go with 16.04), and i installed oracle's virtualbox 5.1 (not the one in ubuntu's official repo) and restarted the computer and ubuntu couldn't log in any more. then i installed xubuntu-desktop but then found the problem was to enable uefi insecure boot.22:52
=== ComodoHacker_ is now known as ComodoHacker
xanguaSkype is in the partner repository Stefanostera and about team viewer no idea22:53
yao_ziyuanso i enabled insecure boot and removed xubuntu-desktop (xubuntu*, xfce*) and reinstalled ubuntu-desktop (apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop). the problem now is the login screen is a simplistic one instead of ubuntu's original lightdm one.22:53
xangua! Partner22:53
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »22:53
yao_ziyuani want ubuntu's original login screen back.22:53
MihasiStefanostera, I just tried installing the Skype .deb, but it works fine on my machine now (the button changes to "remove"). Can you confirm that Skype is definitely not installed, even though the button says "Install"?22:53
=== cigumo__ is now known as cigumo
StefanosteraI just want to be sure to install 16.04 (now I've 15.10)... 4 days ago Ive tryed 16.04 but there was a lot of problem22:55
MihasiWell, in any case you can always try installing the .deb packages using the command line: sudo dpkg -i package.deb22:57
Stefanosterawith 15.10 I just click to .deb files and all goes without problem; with 16.04 I click to .deb file and all seems with 100000 problems22:57
MihasiIt's difficult to give you advice for "100000 problems" without knowing what these problems are. Like I said, I used to have the same issue with the new software center in 16.04 and got around it by using the command line. Now, it seems to work fine on my machine.22:58
MihasiIn general, I would say that installing third party software through .deb packages works as well in 16.04 now as it did back in 15.10, but it might be different on your computer.22:59
StefanosteraOk thank you for all... I'll try 16.04 again...23:00
BaWso ive been looking for an firewall for ubuntu, i know it has the built in one but i cant block apps23:02
BaWive done some research and http://douaneapp.com/ looks promising but idk ... has anyone used it or recommends any other one?23:02
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guapoHola alguien podria brindarme su valiosa ayuda?23:08
knox_Estoy igual23:09
guapoque problema tienes tu?23:09
knox_sabes como listar los canales?23:09
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:09
guapovale pero l amayoria es Bilingue :923:09
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
guapode unos dias para aca me dejo de funcionar el touchpad de mi equipo23:11
guapoalguien sabe como solucionarlo?23:11
guapono me responde23:11
MihasiBaW, I don't know about Douane, I've only used iptables (the built-in firewall) in the past, but it seems like it should be possible to block specific apps using that: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/104830/block-specific-application-with-iptables23:12
BaWMihasi, thank you for that i will look into that23:12
MonkeyDustguapo  stop and type /j #ubuntu-es23:13
guapoi am in the channel23:13
knox_Ok, ya ví que estaba haciendo mal23:14
guapooye amigo que hablas español23:14
guapopodrias hecharme una mano?23:15
Ben64!es | knox_ & guapo23:15
ubottuknox_ & guapo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:15
MonkeyDustknox_  you too, english only heere23:15
guapoMi touchpad de unos dias para aca mi touchpad no responde en ubunto Mate23:15
MonkeyDustguapo  use english or leave the channel23:16
knox_Hey guapo the mod of this channel stumbles if you speak spanish23:17
knox_verify the drivers23:17
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
pauljwBaW, you might also check out Gufw, a graphic interface for the ufw firewall.  Under the rules menu, you can in fact block apps.23:22
fakeabsiAny idea what is meant by mnemonics in Ubuntu?23:24
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
OerHeksmnemonics , easy to remember/recognise ?23:33
OerHekslike the same close min max button position through all programs23:34
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo

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