lazyPowermagicaltrout :)00:06
magicaltroutlazyPower: as a  non employee showing those slides of mark makes my life so  much more entertaining ;)00:08
magicaltroutironically i was the last talk of the night00:08
jrwrenbrexit was cool if all you care about is your currency purchasing power when you visit UK.00:10
magicaltrouthey jrwren i get paid in USD... if i ignore the political side of it, i'm fine ;)00:12
magicaltrouti dont' visit the uk either, I live there.. being english n'all ;)00:12
jrwrenso... if you live in UK and get paid in USD... you got a pretty hefty raise when the pound sunk?00:15
magicaltrouti voted remain..00:15
magicaltroutshows what i know00:15
blahdeblahAnyone around to give me some initial feedback on https://code.launchpad.net/~paulgear/charm-helpers/nrpe-service-immediate-check/+merge/300682 ?01:23
blahdeblahI'm not quite sure if I've updated the test suite correctly.01:24
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stubarosales: I have already set up a new nrpe upstream - https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/160389105:14
mupBug #1603891: Promulgate cs:~nrpe-charmers/nrpe <Juju Charms Collection:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603891>05:14
stubgnuoy: There is nothing to review in the prereq branch - it is just pulling in updated charmhelpers05:17
stubcory_fu, bdx : That charm is just cs:trusty/storage (the storage subordinate) with an updated series. I use it for testing PostgreSQL with Xenial.05:18
bdxstub: does it currently support aws ?05:42
stubbdx: I don't know. I just use it for testing locally. The storage subordinate (cs:storage) is dumb. The actual backend integration is done by https://jujucharms.com/block-storage-broker/. So whatever it supports.05:54
stubIt claims to support EC205:55
bdxstub: I can't seem to get it to work .. no one else can verify that it works ... would you mind giving it a wherl using aws if you get a chince?06:03
stubI'm not setup for aws.06:06
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gnuoystub, merged. Shall I create a mp for updating maintainer in metadata.yaml ?07:16
stubgnuoy: That is https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/1603891 really.07:16
mupBug #1603891: Promulgate cs:~nrpe-charmers/nrpe <Juju Charms Collection:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1603891>07:16
gnuoystub, ok. Are you going to sync the lp branch over to the github one since I've just merged your mp into the lp branch?07:18
stubgnuoy: There is a github branch? I created a git branch on lp.07:19
gnuoystub, oh, sorry, misread the bug07:19
stubI can resync07:19
stub(or can I?)07:19
gnuoystub, Are you going to sync lp-bzr branch to lp-git branch ?07:19
gnuoysorry, out-of-sync07:19
stubI was hoping to have this promulgated last week07:20
stubgnuoy: resynced08:00
parad0xzis there any tutorial how to install juju on maas on ubuntu 16 xenial?10:00
parad0xzbecause as I understand things have changed10:00
parad0xzhow to setup juju on maas 2??!!10:54
ShruthimaHello Team,11:35
Shruthimacan anyone suggest on these issue https://github.com/juju/amulet/issues/141?11:36
ShruthimaHello Team, Can anyone suggest how to resolve these issue  https://github.com/juju/amulet/issues/141 ?12:05
Shruthimatvansteenburgh: Hi, Can anyone suggest how to resolve these issue  https://github.com/juju/amulet/issues/141 ?12:24
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shruthimaHello Team, Can anyone suggest how to resolve these issue  https://github.com/juju/amulet/issues/141 ?13:15
lazyPowershruthima - The tool merges referenced in that bug are still in flight and have not landed as best i can tell. We will certainly update bug 141 on amulet when everything has landed and is easy to install/upgrade. right now its a manual process and unless you know what you're doing can leave you in an inconsistent state.13:18
mupBug #141: Revisions created with baz 1.1 are corrupt after archive-mirror <Baz (deprecated):Won't Fix> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/141>13:18
lazyPowerthanks mup13:18
shruthimaoh k Thankyou lazypower :)13:19
godleonhi all, is juju 2.0 + OpenStack with HA ok now ?13:20
lazyPowergodleon - juju 2.0 is still in beta13:20
godleonI just tried to deploy mitaka openstack with HA(use HAProxy) by juju 2.0 and maas 2.0, but it seems not worked properly.13:21
godleonlazyPower: so......not suggest use juju 2.0 to deploy openstack ?13:21
lazyPowergodleon - we dont currently recommend production deployments for 2.0 until its released as GA13:22
lazyPowerotherwise, go for it :)13:22
godleonlazyPower - ok, but...... can juju 1.25 deploy OpenStack mitaka with HA ?13:23
lazyPowerI do believe we have several mitaka HA deployments in the wild deployed with 1.25 yes13:23
godleonlazyPower - oh......do you have bundle configuration could be reference.....?13:27
lazyPowergodleon - there's a couple options here. you can use autopilot (this ships with landscape) to build and deploy a custom openstack configuration. Or you can use the openstack base bundle  - https://jujucharms.com/openstack13:29
godleonlazyPower - yap, I have tried base bundle, it can work. But I can not find OpenStack with HA example on charm store. So I tried to add haproxy charm for every openstack service, but the result did not work properly.13:31
godleonlazyPower - So that's the reason I ask if there is Openstack with HA bundle configuration for reference.13:32
lazyPowerWell that's the rub godleon, some of that is highly dependent on your infra and how that is setup. A bundle for ha I don't think is one size fits all. We could use more examples sure but I know a lot of effort has been taken with autopilot to make modeling that easy.13:34
lazyPowerIf that's not an option, I would recommend mailing the juju list to see if someone can share their bundle or lend a hand. I'm pretty sure we have some write ups on this subject but my Google fu is failing13:35
godleonlazyPower - hmm... got it. Thanks for your suggestion. I will talk about this with my coworkers. :)13:41
lazyPowerGodleon: np. Highly recommended you ping the list though. A lot of our open stackers are still busy with the rollover from becoming an official project upstream. So chances are your question will be answered there once they see the post13:42
lazyPowerAnd as always were here to help and guide you in the mean time :)13:43
godleonlazyPower - Good point! I'll take your advice, thank you very much! :)13:44
godleonCan juju 1.25 combined with MAAS 2.0 rc2? I can not even bootstrap after setting the environment.13:59
lazyPowergodleon - juju 1.25 does not support maas 2.014:02
lazyPoweri missed that portion of your question, i apologize. When you asked if 1.25 would work with mitaka i didn't connect you were using a maas 2.014:03
godleonlazyPower - oh......my....god... :(14:03
magicaltroutnow you've gone and done it lazyPower .....14:03
godleonlazyPower - that's ok. I can reinstall MAAS 1.9.314:04
lazyPoweri know, this is all clearly my fault magicaltrout14:04
lazyPoweri should be flogged14:04
magicaltroutin the stocks for you!14:05
magicaltroutthats making me dizzy14:06
* lazyPower underlines the text 14:08
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magicaltroutwoop after 3 weeks of messing around with stupid sysadmin rules we finally have our docker based CI/CD environment setup on our Genomics project14:29
magicaltroutnow I just need to convince them to use Juju ;)14:29
lazyPowernot bad magicaltrout14:31
lazyPowerwhat did you backend it with? swarm, k8s, or dc/os?14:31
magicaltroutswam for now14:31
magicaltrouti have a DC/OS  plan in the works but I need to get onsite to chat with the guys so i'll probably try and figure that lot out when Im out in pasadena14:32
magicaltrouti had a chat with Bill today, this type of stuff is exactly what projects like this one I'm on need. I need to be able to deploy the same stuff on my laptop, on another developers laptop, in the public dev system or in production without changing loads of stuff14:33
magicaltroutwhether thats done with Juju, LXD, Docker etc, doesn't really matter, but until we did this there was just the worlds largest puppet script and a 30 minute build to dev only system14:33
magicaltroutyou couldn't stand this stuff up locally14:33
magicaltroutand there  are 100's of projects like this that would benifit wildly from CI/CD container development14:34
magicaltroutas  a slight aside lazyPower you know you can run k8s on DC/OS?14:37
lazyPowerin a meeting, bbiaf14:37
magicaltroutno one to talk rubbish to14:37
jrwrenmagicaltrout: i'll listen. so... why would I run k8s on dc/os? does it use dcos features? what features?14:39
arosalesstub: gnuoy for nrpe we still need to add a series to the metadata yaml, then ping in here to have a ~charmer promulgate once you have pushed you latest version14:40
magicaltroutjrwren: i don't have a real answer as for the "why", choice I guess :)14:41
magicaltroutthey did write a pretty good blog post about it14:41
jrwrenwhoa, 10 months ago!14:42
jrwreni'm so behind the times.14:42
magicaltroutdon't worry i havve this presentation at mesoscon in a month with charms that don't fully work yet14:43
magicaltrouti'm the one behind ;)14:43
lazyPowermagicaltrout - its typically for marathon support14:56
lazyPowerpeople are in love with that scheduler14:56
lazyPowersorry jrwren ^14:56
lazyPowermagicaltrout - there's an interesting crossover opportunity here, we could take the current k8s bundle and gank the scheduler in leu of marathon and release another bundler with both our work, whicih mightbcool14:57
magicaltroutyeah i was wondering that the other day lazyPower14:57
magicaltroutsee how much of a crossover we can get14:57
lazyPowerwe can do it all G-funky, it just takes time14:58
jrwrenwe could also make juju the best way to deploy dcos14:58
magicaltroutjrwren: we already have one of their guys interested for DC/OS MAAS deployments14:59
magicaltroutso there is certainly an opportunity there14:59
bladernrHye, what's the trick for making juju 2.0 talk to MAAS 2.0?15:00
bladernrISTR there was something specific you had to do to enable it...15:00
bladernrbut can't remember what that was.15:00
magicaltroutjrwren: apart from some random config stuff i need to put into actions, the only real big issue with my charms currently is the unscalablility of master, other than that they work. But i need to get mesosphere on the hook to help with the packaging because I had to munch up their really weird installation procedure to build a deployable package15:01
lazyPowerbladernr - unless i'm mistaken, beta-12 once you've added the cloud it just works with maas 2.0-rc215:04
bladernrlazyPower, I followed this https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/clouds-maas#defining-maas-clouds15:05
bladernrbut when I do an add-credentials, it complains that oauth is not supported15:05
bladernrERROR auth type "oauth" for cloud "maas" not supported15:05
bladernrhaha, nevermind... sheesh.  oauth != oauth1.  head->desk15:08
lazyPowerbladernr  :) glad we got it sorted15:10
bladernrYeah, I should probably put my glasses back on :/15:11
lazyPoweralso, cool nick :) how do we know you're not a replicant?15:11
bladernrThat IS the question... I'm pretty sure the sheep I dream of are not electronic.15:11
bladernrbecause I like puppies?15:12
lazyPowerI'll reserve judgement until you submit a charm/bundle for review15:12
lazyPowerthat'll tell me if you originate from the Tyrell corp or not15:13
bladernrHeh... my charm is weak.  All it does right now is install one package.  It needs some enhancement.15:26
lazyPowerbladernr - if you're interested, we do office hours and it might b fun to have an interactive session during the office hours to peek at your charm and make suggestions. get some real time engineering support/face-time with charmers15:27
bladernrperhaps, we'll see what happens (I'm about to go on vacation, so focusing on this is becomming difficult).15:28
magicaltroutcome to pasadena \o/15:28
lazyPoweri completely understand that too15:28
lazyPowerand as magicaltrout suggested, there's also a charmer summit coming up - http://summit.juju.solutions15:28
bladernrYeah, I actually would LOVE to attend a charmer summit (I missed the one in Feb)15:28
=== lazyPower changed the topic of #juju to: Welcome to Juju! || Docs: http://jujucharms.com/docs || FAQ: http://goo.gl/MsNu4I || Review Queue: http://review.juju.solutions || Unanswered Questions: http://goo.gl/dNj8CP || Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/jujucharms || Charmer Summit Sept 12-14th http://summit.juju.solutions || Juju 2.0 beta-12 release notes: https://jujucharms.com/docs/devel/temp-release-notes
bladernrbut that one happens to end the day before I fly to .EU for a family trip15:29
magicaltroutsod the family... ! ;)15:29
lazyPowerbummerrrr, scheduling conflicts :(15:29
bladernrmagicaltrout, I could say that, but my wife would be ... displeased... besides, charmer summit in Pasadena vs 5 days in London and 6 days in Malta?  really no choice there.15:29
magicaltrouthmm malta seems acceptable15:30
magicaltroutI can vouch for london being nothing special ;)15:30
bladernrWell, she's never been to London.  I can agree with you there.  But I LOVE Malta, I'd live there if I could.  heh15:31
magicaltroutmight have to pay it a visit then15:31
magicaltroutLondon's okay, Im just messing, I live about an hour outside. Certainly there is plenty to do for families15:31
magicaltroutall the free museums, old stuff etc15:32
lazyPowerMalta is tons of fun15:32
lazyPoweri really enjoyed our sprint there15:32
bladernrYeah, I actually like London, it's fun, but ulitmately, it's just another large city.  They're all basically the same, with different wrappers and accoutrement15:33
bladernrlazyPower, yeah, me too, I spent an extra week after just to explore it.  Hence the trip back now with the spousal unit.15:33
lazyPowerAll the Tolkein bars ^_^  but i think thats around oxford15:34
lazyPowermagicaltrout - i'd like to be pro-active about talking to you re dc/os efforts. when your schedule has settled to where we can find a half hour to kick off, we should do that. I'd like to bring along mbruzek too as he's my co-pilot with containers15:41
magicaltroutindeed lazyPower sounds good15:42
magicaltrouti'll get this master charm squared away so its usable, and then we can figure out where to go next15:42
lazyPowerwell i have ulterior motives to try and fold you into the /u/containers namespace :)15:44
lazyPowerbecause we <3 community contributions15:44
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mattraehi, with juju 2.0 is it possible to deploy a service to a controller? previously with 1.x i could deploy --to 0 which would put services on the controller17:21
bladernrmattrae, I was about to ask that exact question.17:25
bladernrI tried with --to=<controller name> but that didn't seem to work17:26
bladernrit accepted that, but failed to deploy...17:26
mattraebladernr: ahh cool, i haven't tried that yet17:26
mattraebladernr: ah ok i'm getting an error as well 'cannot run instance: No available machine matches constraints: name=jumpiest-yuko'. the node is already deployed and its not realizing its the controller17:31
lazyPowermattrae  you can17:41
lazyPowermattrae - juju switch admin && juju deploy foo --to 017:41
lazyPowermattrae - in juju 2.0, the admin model is a reserved case, we dont recommend colocating on the controller, but if you want to - thats how you can do it. Note: you cannot relate anything to this application unless it too is deployed in the admin model17:41
mattraelazyPower: thanks! we plan to have 3 controllers, but we want each of those controller nodes to have some services because they are big machines17:45
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bladernrlazyPower, i'd prefer to run instances on the bootstrap node as well. I only have two physical nodes, and need to run one servince on one, and one on the other, and relate them.18:16
bladernrso juju switch admin && juju deploy foo --to 0 && juju deploy bar?18:17
bladernrwhich I think means foo goes on bootstrap node and bar goes on machine 1?18:17
bladernrlazyPower, thanks18:32
petevgcory_fu, kwmonroe: I made some PRs for binding kafka to a non default interface, and kicked the ticket into review. I still need to write the same thing, but for Zookeeper, but I'd appreciate some feedback on the Kafka side. Does my approach look correct?19:02
kwmonroepetevg: got a pr link for me?  me too lazy to open the board19:27
petevgkwmonroe: there are three PR links, which is why I pointed you at the board :-p  Hang on ...19:28
kwmonroeno no petevg, i'm there now :)19:28
lazyPowerbladernr mattrae - ah, for clarity, post beta-10 (i think) the admin model was renamed to 'controller' to better clarify that it's intended for juju internals. i just ran list-model and realized i was stale :)19:43
magicaltroutlike an old biscuit19:47
bladernrSo, dumb question, but how do you debug a hook in 2.0?20:22
bladernrAIUI, juju debug-hooks <unit> <hook> would open a tmux session in the unit in the hook context, yes?20:23
bladernrall I get now is just a root session and no ability to run hook tools or hooks manually.20:23
magicaltroutwhen the hook fires20:27
magicaltroutyou'll drop into it20:27
magicaltrouti don't believe it's changed20:27
bladernrHrmmm, ok.  All I get is a root login, and not dropped into it.20:30
bladernrhrmmm... ok, worked when "start" was called, but took several minutes before that happened.  How can you trigger a hook (outside of the debug console)?20:52
magicaltroutyeah so stuff like that works on a 5 minute timer20:53
magicaltrout... and i'd tell you how to trigger it manually20:54
magicaltroutbut the dev server i have isn't responding and its not in my bash history :):20:54
magicaltroutlazyPower: help me out here20:54
* lazyPower reads backscroll20:55
lazyPower1 sec, in/out of a meeting thats almost done20:55
magicaltroutjuju run --unit ss/0 "hooks/install"20:55
magicaltroutor whatever20:55
magicaltroutis what you want bladernr20:55
bladernrmagicaltrout, aiii, thanks20:56
lazyPowerok back20:57
* lazyPower reads backscroll for real this time20:58
lazyPowerahhh no20:58
lazyPowerjuju run is executed in an anonymous hook context20:58
lazyPowerthat'll work for primary hooks like install/config-changed et-al20:58
lazyPowerbut you wont want to try a relationship hook that way, it'll fail on you every time, as it doesn't have the env setup for the conversation20:59
=== natefinch is now known as natefinch-afk
lazyPowerbladernr - typically what we do, is either "break a hook" (not ideal) or attach and wait for the next hook execution. Its much easier to intercept the hoook you're intended to debug, if you break that hook so you can attach and juju resolved --retry application/unit.  We've got some older bugs referencing requests to execute hooks like so: "juju debug-hooks mysql/0 upgrade-charm" and it drops you in the upgrade-charm hook context, but it21:00
lazyPower hasn't been addressed yet. Maybe some day when we're less focused on stabilizing 2.0 and putting the tint and chrome on the release.21:00
lazyPowermagicaltrout - but decent hack :) i like it21:06
magicaltroutyeah i believe it came from cory_fu and kwmonroe21:07
lazyPowerbig data holding out on the good tricks these days eh?21:08
lazyPowertypical cory_fu and  kwmonroe - silently genius21:08
magicaltroutthats lies21:08
magicaltrouti know that trick21:08
lazyPowerlies, damn lies, and statistics21:08
magicaltroutbecause kwmonroe kept telling lies when writing the pdi charm21:09
magicaltroutand breaking stuff21:09
lazyPowerwell, i do a fair amount of breaking myself21:09
lazyPowerjust to be fair21:09
kwmonroei didn't lie magicaltrout, i just made stuff up about how python worked.  totally different.21:11
kwmonroehey petevg, the change to BIGTOP-1624 on bigtop base is just to bring it in-line with what we had upstream, right?21:14
petevgkwmonroe: correct.21:14
petevg... and in line with the patch that is in master.21:14
petevg... though the patch in resources/master should go away, now that we have it merged.21:15
bdxhow does  __init__.py make it into lib/ on `charm build` ?21:35
bdxit seems, if lib/__init__.py doesn't exist in any layers included by the charm being built, then it never makes it to build/<charmname>/lib21:37
bdxthis causes `charm build` to fail21:38
kwmonroebdx: there's an __init__.py in layer-basic: https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-basic/tree/master/lib/charms/layer21:38
bdxdarn it21:39
kwmonroebdx: you're talking crazy.. what's wrong?21:39
bdxkwmonroe: it needs to be in lib though right?21:39
kwmonroecharm build will pull it in21:39
bdxto lib/ ?21:40
bdxfrom where?21:40
kwmonroeassuming you include layer:basic in layer.yaml21:40
kwmonroewait, you mean lib/__init__.py or lib/charms/layer/__init__.py?21:40
=== redir is now known as redir_afk
kwmonroehm.. bdx where are you seeing __init__ in ./lib?  is it possible you have a local layer-basic that didn't stick it in ./lib/charms/layer?21:42
bdxkwmonroe: omp, I'm grabbing you debug output21:43
bdxkwmonroe: paste.ubuntu.com/20366435/21:45
kwmonroebdx: thanks for not making that link clickable21:46
kwmonroebdx: blow away /home/bdx/allcode/charms/builds/kibana first.. if you can21:49
kwmonroethen charm build it21:49
bdxkwmonroe: that worked21:50
bdxkwmonroe: thx21:50
bdxmy bad21:50
kwmonroebdx: please deposit $11 into my paypal account21:51
bdxI didn't want to blow it away, bc its my .bzr21:51
bdxkwmonroe: you rock21:52
kwmonroebdx: if you want to keep a built charm in bzr, i suggest you 'bzr branch <foo> foo-bzr"21:53
kwmonroethen after every charm build, cp -a foo-bzr/.bzr foo21:53
bdxyea, thats where I figured this was headed ... ok21:54
kwmonroethat's not real syntax, but basially, copy the .bzr dir from your bzr charm to the output dir of your 'charm build' and you'll be able to bzr commit that21:54
bdxthanks man21:55
petevgkwmonroe: darn it. I think that I rebased my kafka-bind-address branch from master this morning, when I was troubleshooting, and that means bad things for merging back to the kafka branch :-(21:55
petevgTime to brush up on cherry picking ...21:56
kwmonroebdx: consider the value of keeping a built charm in bzr (or any vcs).  we're not ingesting anymore, so when you 'charm push', you are basically preserving a copy of your charm..21:59
magicaltroutno one really wants to use  bzr...... ;)21:59
lazyPowerbdx - yep kwmonroe is on to something there. The current charm push model is very much akin to an image based workflow, where your image is the assembled charm you've versioned in your namespace's charm stream.22:01
kwmonroeright, especially with layered charms.. the layer lives under some VCS, but the output of 'charm build' is what you 'charm push[; charm publish <x>]' to the store and is therefore locked to a point in time when you want that charm to be available.22:04
kwmonroepetevg: please don't worry about re-syncing the kafka branch with master22:09
petevgkwmonroe: that's exactly the opposite of what I'm worrying about.22:09
petevgI'm working on getting a version of my branch that won't introduce a bunch of muddled stuff from master.22:09
petevgI think that I have it -- cherry picking turns out to be simpler than I've always thought it to be.22:10
petevgI'm just re-running tests before I push, to make sure that I'm not introducing new bugs.22:10
kwmonroepetevg: i think the crux of the issues happened because master's 1624 patch wasn't in sync to begin with22:11
petevgkwmonroe: That's one of the problems, yes :-)22:11
kwmonroewhenever i find myself in these types of problems, i just commit, force rebase, take a few days off, and cory_fu seems to have it cleaned up when i return.22:12
kwmonroei think he likes it22:12
petevgkwmonroe: new PR. It's a thing of beauty: https://github.com/juju-solutions/bigtop/pull/2822:12
petevgkwmonroe: I guess the other question is whether the puppet changes should still get merged to master or not (https://github.com/juju-solutions/bigtop/pull/27/files).22:14
petevg... and that also ties into the discussion on the bigtop mailing list about how hard it is to figure out how to review our merges, with things split between PRs containing charms, and PRs containing patches to the puppet scripts.22:15
petevgFor now, though, I've gotta EOD -- I'm on deck for dinner tonight. Catch ya later!22:16
kwmonroepetevg: i am firmly in the camp of PR 27 being redundant.22:16
kwmonroewe'll chat manana22:16
kwmonroehave a great dinner!22:16
magicaltroutdinner?!  I had a burger in the bar for the 3rd night out of 4 ;(22:33
=== frankban|afk is now known as frankban
bdxlazyPower: should I just iterate over the templates with *.spvsr.conf and extract the appname from them?22:54
bdxlazyPower: for layer-supervisor22:54
magicaltroutno one give bdx a new job22:57
magicaltrouthe asks too many questions!22:57
bladernrhrmmm... another dumb question, how do you define the default series for a charm?  is series: in metadata.yaml valid?22:57
magicaltrouti believe it is bladernr22:58
magicaltrouti still use it at least22:58
magicaltroutsome of it is all a bit weird thoug22:58
mgzbladernr: it takes a list now22:58
bladernrok.. I can keep using -s, but it makes more sense for me to learn how to do so (and i guessed that series: was a valid key)22:59
magicaltroutlike pushing a multiseries charm is funky22:59
bladernrmgz, so... series: xenial,trusty22:59
mgz  - xenial22:59
mgz  - trusty22:59
=== redir_afk is now known as redir
bladernrahhh... yeah..22:59
mgzfirst one is the default22:59
magicaltroutbdx: you planning to be in Pasadena?22:59
bdxyou know it22:59
bdxmagicaltrout: you?22:59
magicaltroutindeed. After your drunken night in ghent, i wouldn't miss it ;)23:00
bdxmagicaltrout: baha thx23:00
magicaltroutalso as a caveat although i live outside london, my office is really JPL in Pasadena, so I'm just combining a bunch of trips if  I can make it all align23:01
magicaltroutalthough my eldest kid starts school that week as well, so its going to be a rush23:01
magicaltroutas is my life23:01
magicaltroutactually bdx if you didn't see this you'll like it23:06
magicaltrouti did a presentation yesterday with Mark in the room23:06
magicaltroutand unleashed this slide23:06
magicaltroutnot sure if I'll be allowed into the charmers summit ;)23:07
bladernrYAY, charm is working!23:07
bladernrOk, before I quit for the day... one last question... is there any way to set config on a per-unit basis?23:08
bdxmagicaltrout: wow ... yea ... I was in the process of swapping out the job, woman, and house immediately before belgium .... errrgg I was hustling real hard around that time to finish school, maintain multiple openstacks, a damn dungeon dweller I was in the months preceding that event23:08
bdxI had no idea what that european vino would do to me23:08
magicaltroutwe should've got a video23:09
bladernrthe charm I wrote is for iperf3, which can be run as either a server or a client.  I suppose the proper answer is to create two charms, one for each case, rather than one charm that can do both23:09
magicaltroutbladernr: if it makes you happier i do exactly that23:09
magicaltroutbecause config options will diverge23:09
bladernrright... just wondering if two separate charms are more "proper".23:10
bladernrbecause right now, I can't just add-unit and then change the config on the new unit.23:10
magicaltroutbladernr: the other option is leader election etc, i don't know enough of what you're doing23:10
magicaltroutbut it sounds like separate charms makes sense if you have server -> client stuff23:10
magicaltroutand yeah23:11
magicaltroutscale out will screw you as you seem to have noticed :)23:11
bladernrack... I'm just happy it's finally working.  I can do more tomorrow.23:12
bladernrtonight is food, beer and then Star Trek23:13
magicaltroutnever seen star trek23:13
magicaltroutnot seen that other one...23:13
magicaltroutwhats it called23:13
magicaltroutoh yeah23:13
magicaltroutstar wars23:13
lazyPower bdx - nah that sounds too magical. I did however miss this gem https://github.com/jamesbeedy/layer-supervisor/blob/master/layer.yaml#L523:16
lazyPoweri looked in the reactive module, saw the state and status, and grinned when there was no install bits there23:16
lazyPowerand fwiw i retract that statement about moving it into the module. What you have there is bueno23:17

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