valoriehuh, aborted while I went to fertilize plants00:17
valorieI'll resume when I get back from dinner00:17
ahoneybunso I updated the icons on a few pages of the website03:09
ahoneybunalso changed UDS to Akademy03:09
valoriethank you ahoneybun!03:16
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> It was bugging me too lol03:17
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> So np03:17
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Its 11pm here03:17
valorieweird, the install aborted with no error message03:32
valorietrying again without downloading updates etc.03:33
ahoneybunyea I've seen that break things03:35
valorieI think I'll throw away this VM03:35
ahoneybunwe should update that email from riddell03:35
ahoneybunon the contribute page too03:35
valorieand start over afresh03:35
Mirvacheronuk: indeed. and luckily many of the build problems now have a solution at least. Plasma should be working soon if the rebuilds of those goes fine, as Qt modules start to be now built.04:22
sgclarkclivejo: yofel 16.04.1 needs to be tested if you guys could make a call or something06:41
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acheronukMirv: good to hear. have been resolving probs and doing builds this end using Qt 5.6.1 I backported from debian an put in a ppa, but I guess the sooner we can mirror what might actually be going in the YY archive the better06:55
valorieby the way, I was unable to install 16.04.1 in a vbox07:46
valorieprobably something in how I set up vbox07:47
soeeany errors ?07:47
valorieit just aborted each time07:47
acheronukiso url? I'll have a go07:48
valoriehttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/363/builds -- testers wanted07:48
acheronukiso downloading07:56
* acheronuk wishes for fibre07:57
acheronukvalorie: when did it abort?08:05
valoriethe first time, dunno because I was outside08:08
valorielocked up the computer08:08
valorieafter that it wanted to resize and never finished 08:08
valoriewhich is why I think it's vbox08:09
acheronukinstall under way here, so shall see 08:09
yofelmight very well be vbox. I had lockups thanks to that in the past08:09
acheronukvbox 5.0.x or 5.1?08:10
valorie$ apt-cache policy virtualbox08:12
valorie  Installed: 5.0.24-dfsg-208:12
valoriewhatever was in the YY archive08:12
acheronukvbox have 5.0.26 on their site, or 5.1 which was released a week or 2 ago08:14
acheronukvbox is constantly having to bugfix against new kernels/X etc, so I try to use the latest from their site. sometimes even their dev testing snapshots if I hit a specific problem08:15
soee_the Continue button is not clickable 08:17
yofelsoee_: there is no continue button in that screenshot?08:17
soee_yofel: well in the installer :)08:18
acheronukall installed and booted http://i.imgur.com/JXmbZZM.jpg08:18
soee_brobably something with VB configuration that prevents from pressing that button08:19
yofelacheronuk: please remember to say so in the testcase08:19
acheronuksoee_: too small virtual hard disc space allocated? that can prevent you being able to click to continue IIRC?08:20
soee_acheronuk: it is 8GB08:20
soee_and Neon Dev installs fine08:21
acheronukI used 16GB as overkill, as Xenail refused install with 8 GB and guided install the other week08:21
acheronukNeon installs less08:21
* yofel tries to run some i386 testcases08:24
soee_acheronuk: indeed, increasing vdi size allows me to install system08:36
santa_good morning everyone08:44
soee_plasmashell crashes during install but probably due to VB09:16
soee_it restarts and installer finishes fine09:17
soee_yofel: we dont have any app on favs list right?09:19
yofelno we don't09:20
clivejoanyone with a disposable YY box?  I would like a test install of Plasma 5.7.2 and what it wants to remove10:36
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> I can setup VB after 13:0010:44
acheronukclivejo: can in a bit11:07
acheronukclivejo: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20297147/11:12
mamarleyclivejo: I actually already installed it.  It didn't want to remove anything on my system.11:12
* acheronuk seriously pondering upgrading to YY11:13
mamarleyI did a couple months back and I don't have any regrets.11:13
acheronukmain reason for holding back was I had half a mind to run Neon on this box for a while11:14
acheronukso would need to stick with a xenial base11:14
mamarleyIt was really tempting to install Neon on my boxes too, but the reason I ended up not doing it was because I didn't want to be stuck on a LTS.11:15
soee_yeah that is the only issue with Neon :D11:15
soee_well for some :D11:15
mamarleyIn addition to the latest KDE krack, I also like to have the latest Xorg and kernel crack. :P11:15
shadeslayermamarley: you can get the latest Xorg and kernel crack11:16
shadeslayeryou just install the backported LTS packages11:16
mamarleyTrue, but there are a bunch of other applications that I like to stay up-to-date on as well.11:17
shadeslayeryou said kernel and xorg :P11:17
shadeslayerI have been decieved, noooo11:17
soee_shadeslayer: The 16.04.2 and newer point releases will ship with an updated kernel and X stack by default for the desktop. Server installations will default to the GA kernel and provide the enablement kernel as optional.11:18
soee_so only when doing fresh install ?11:18
shadeslayeryeah I guess?11:18
acheronukEven if I tried Neon for a while, I would still have switched to YY on release at the latest11:19
acheronukor ZZ ;)11:19
acheronukIs this failing just because of the symbols? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274219533/buildlog_ubuntu-yakkety-amd64.kwayland_4%3A5.24.0+p16.10+git20160721.0402-0_BUILDING.txt.gz11:34
tsimonq2seems like there are still some 16.04.1 tests that need to be done, tackling them now11:41
santa_acheronuk: it seems so, yes11:50
acheronuknot sure whether to update them for a CI build, and if so what version to use11:52
acheronukoddly it builds fine in Neon from the same source, and I can't see they have done any updating of the symbols11:52
yofeltsimonq2, acheronuk, valorie, soee: images are good enough, thanks for testing11:54
yofel(and thanks to whoever I forgot)11:54
tsimonq2yofel: alright, then nevermind :)11:55
clivejoI guess kde-style-qtcurve-qt5 needs a NC rebuild11:56
* tsimonq2 does a set of Yakkety Daily tests11:56
tsimonq2wait, you guys participating in Alpha 2 next week?11:56
acheronukclivejo: yep11:57
clivejofancy doing it ?11:57
acheronukI use qtcurve, as I dislike breeze a bit11:57
clivejoIm just getting some lunch and then off to get robbed by th dentist11:58
soeeyofel: do we participate in alpha 2 ?11:58
yofeltsimonq2, soee: probably not11:59
acheronukclivejo: I have a few things to do this afternoon also, so I would suggest whoever gets to it first and feels like it11:59
* clivejo wonders when the Ubuntu Health benifits kick in11:59
yofelnot much in the archive as we depend on qt 5.6 being in there11:59
tsimonq2alright yofel 11:59
tsimonq2another thing I wanted to ask, I'm learning some packaging, is there anything simple I can do?11:59
acheronukyofel: if I updates those kwayland symbols for unstable, would you use the labelled 5.24 of the build for the version, or the 5.25 that it's actually producing in the build12:01
acheronukI guess the latter?12:01
yofelacheronuk: I think we did the former usually (i.e. 5.24+gitfoobar, without the ubuntu/ppa suffix)12:02
clivejoin the past I have just used the KCI version12:02
yofelthere should be some examples in the symbol files12:02
soeetsimonq2: you want to package something simple ?12:02
tsimonq2yep soee 12:02
soeetsimonq2: did you packages something already?12:03
acheronukyofel: ok. I'll have a look later then12:03
clivejotsimonq2: did you manage to get the freeciv snap working?12:03
tsimonq2clivejo: no :(12:03
clivejoId love to see how that works12:04
tsimonq2soee: I'm very familiar with the process, but I don't have experience :)12:04
soeeclivejo, acheronuk will you be able to lead tsimonq2 a bit?12:04
acheronukclivejo: the qtcurve git snapshot in YY is newer than XX, so I presume build that version for both?12:05
clivejotsimonq2: could you do a no change rebuild of kde-style-qtcurve-qt5 ?12:06
tsimonq2clivejo: in Ubuntu Yakkety?12:06
clivejoah acheronuk might be on it12:06
clivejoyeah, well both XX and YY if possible12:07
acheronuktsimonq2: can do it if they want12:07
tsimonq2yeah I'm up for that12:07
tsimonq2do you guys have archive access for when I have it ready?12:08
clivejoyou need to grab the source, bump the ubuntu version and upload it to your PPA12:08
clivejoIll have a look and copy it to our staging area12:08
clivejoacheronuk: this is Simon, from the party/dojo12:09
tsimonq2yep :D12:09
acheronukah. right. was trying to place the name. now that makes sense!12:09
clivejobottom right under Rick T12:10
acheronukyep, I got that. 12:10
clivejoLOL that capture of Mario makes me giggle12:10
tsimonq2I've rearranged my room since :P12:10
* tsimonq2 updates his schroots12:11
acheronukthe webcam on my laptop has it's kernel module disabled. on purpose. lol12:11
clivejomaybe Rik can help Simon while Im away getting robbed?12:11
acheronukI'm out for about 2 hrs as well.12:12
clivejooh dear12:12
tsimonq2I'll just ping you both when it's uploaded to my PPA :)12:12
clivejodo you understand the task?12:12
acheronukI've rebuilt it locally more than once. It shouldn't cause probs....12:13
acheronuknot from the YY sources anyway12:13
clivejooh wait, it will build with YY Qt12:14
clivejoah but I can copy source only and rebuilt in our staging12:14
clivejothat should work ok12:14
acheronukor/and simon could add one of the staging ppas with qt 5.6 as a temporary ppa dependency on his12:15
soee!info pulseaudio xenial12:16
ubottupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:8.0-0ubuntu3 (xenial), package size 743 kB, installed size 3920 kB12:16
soee!info pulseaudio 12:16
ubottupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:9.0-1.1ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 744 kB, installed size 3916 kB12:16
tsimonq2I can't build the package...12:16
tsimonq2dh clean --parallel --list-missing --with=kf512:16
tsimonq2dh: unable to load addon kf5: Can't locate Debian/Debhelper/Sequence/kf5.pm in @INC (you may need to install the Debian::Debhelper::Sequence::kf5 module) (@INC contains: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.22.2 /usr/local/share/perl/5.22.2 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl5/5.22 /usr/share/perl5 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.22 /usr/share/perl/5.22 /usr/local/lib/site_perl /usr/local/l12:16
tsimonq2ib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.22.1 /usr/local/share/perl/5.22.1 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl-base .) at (eval 11) line 2.12:16
tsimonq2BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at (eval 11) line 2.12:16
* tsimonq2 creates an LXD container12:17
acheronukneed pkg-kde-tools installed on the build machine?12:18
santa_tsimonq2: ↑ install pkg-kde-tools12:18
acheronukor test in pbuilder12:19
tsimonq2THANKS santa_ :D12:19
acheronukright I gotta go.12:20
santa_acheronuk: you need it even if you are doing source only builds so if you want to produce a *.dsc file to be fed in pbuilder...12:20
santa_see you12:20
tsimonq2done, uploading now12:20
acheronuksanta_: yes? I don't think I've ever tried without it being installed, so I'd not have noticed that12:21
acheronukok. really going. have fun12:21
BluesKajHiyas all13:03
tsimonq2acheronuk, clivejo: sorry, got sidetracked, all built! \o/ https://launchpad.net/~tsimonq2/+archive/ubuntu/testing/+packages13:48
clivejoyofel: ping13:51
yofelclivejo: hm?13:54
acheronukthe -3 on the end was the debian revision I think, so for ubuntu it would have been more appropriate to append to that rather than bump it?13:54
clivejoyeah, thats what I wanted to ask yofel13:54
acheronuklol. all arrive at once!13:54
clivejowith a debian synced package13:54
clivejohow do we version a no change rebuild?13:54
yofeldch -R13:55
yofel-> -3build113:55
clivejowhen would it become 3ubuntu1?13:57
clivejoif we started maintaining it?13:57
* clivejo thinks he made a boo boo pyqt13:58
clivejowith pyqt13:59
* clivejo downs a litre of chilled water14:00
BluesKajI'm a bit disappointed that the sddm logion page on yakkety no longer accepts jpegs for background, the loader ewxpects some generic image*/ file with not other options, I hope this is just an oversight and not a deliberate restriction to make us download "approved" images 14:16
yofelclivejo: it would on every actual modification. buildX means stricktly only a new changelog entry14:18
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> Ah. I see14:25
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* yofel uploaded the download links on the website15:13
yofelit would be nice if someone culd double-check that15:13
acheronukdirect DL links and torrents seem to be pointing to the correct places for me15:17
santa_clivejo: fix for ffmpegthumbs here https://code.launchpad.net/~panfaust/kubuntu-packaging/+git/ffmpegthumbs/+merge/30078816:26
santa_have you looked kdelibs?16:26
clivejoI think yofel was looking at them16:29
soeeshall we add some info about 16.04.1 at http://kubuntu.org/news/ ?17:09
clivejoyofel: if YY has -3build1 what do we call XX version?17:16
acheronukthe XX one is not a rebuild surely, as that version was not in XX before?17:31
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Life is Strange is on Linux now17:38
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> soee17:38
IrcsomeBot<marcinsagol> What is it?17:54
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> Not sure just that its a episode style game18:07
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> We need to get a release page out for 16.04.118:07
blazedoes anyone know when mesa 12 will hit YY?18:26
jimarvanhey peeps19:13
IrcsomeBot<yofel> clivejo: XX sounds like a backport. So go with the regular backports versioning19:46
IrcsomeBot<Clifford> 3build1.1?20:06
clivejoyofel: 3build1.1?20:18
IrcsomeBot<yofel> No. 3build1~ubuntu16.04~ppa120:19
* acheronuk stares at plasma-workspace in CI..... BUILD!20:26
acheronukyea. built for xenial, and hopefully YY should next time it gets retried20:33
* clivejo pokes plasma-workspace YY build20:37
acheronukhave been gradually picking fixes in CI to try to fix the plasma build chain on there, to get plasma-desktop to build in the end20:38
acheronukover the last week or so20:38
clivejoyeah, but it doesnt help when LP or KCI crap out in the middle of it20:39
acheronuknope. it doesn't20:39
clivejoanything you want poked?20:39
clivejohave you tried to log into KCI?20:40
acheronukyep. and I've done a bit of prodding myself20:40
acheronukjust carefully!20:41
clivejoneeds kwin-dev20:41
acheronuk^^^ KCI trying to panic me! that was an earlier one20:42
acheronukoh yes, kwin should build in YY now.20:43
clivejoif there are packages still red in the upstream projects they should be resolved first20:43
acheronukforgot that while being pleased for the plasma-workspace20:44
acheronukyes, I know. that's what I've been doing20:44
acheronuktrying to fix that build chain step by step20:45
clivejodh_install: plasma-desktop-data missing files: usr/share/appdata/org.kde.plasmashell.metainfo.xml21:53
acheronukclivejo: yep, it moved. trying fix21:56
clivejoif you push to unstable it should auto-merge and trigger the two builds21:59
acheronukalready done21:59
clivejoso efficient!! 22:00
acheronukIf it breaks in another way, I'll have to sort that tomorow..22:01
acheronukand the few others. didn't expect it to all automagically fix at once22:02
acheronukall good practice :)22:03
clivejoits fun for a bit22:03
clivejountil it breaks stuff for no reason22:03
acheronukalways a reason. just sometimes the reason is not within your comprehension or control22:05
clivejoout of memory on KCI22:06
clivejoor Launchpad is temp unavailable22:06
acheronukwell, everything in life has a few ways to kick you22:07
clivejoLP has more than a few!22:07
valoriethus the "affectionate" name Lunchpad22:07
acheronukI expect I'll get most of that to build, and straight away the KDE devs will make sweeping changes!22:07
acheronukvalorie: haha, yes. 22:08
valoriewe can just take the official release note and put it on the website, correct?22:09
valorieand make it Kub specific22:09
valorieah, I see we usually just do a two-liner22:12
acheronukooh. plasma-desktop built on XX KCI22:20
valorieahoneybun or whoever is around -- I c/p/fixed the article, and put in the links, but I don't know how to make them "proper" links22:25
valoriecan someone fix that22:25
valorieit's saved as a draft22:25
acheronukkwin build "out of memory", so workspace then fails. grr...22:33
* clivejo nods22:33
clivejoso annoying22:35
acheronukif I can get kwin to build, I'll come back to the rest tomorrow22:36
clivejoshould I try clearing the workspace?22:37
acheronukkwin is now building22:37
acheronukon a retry22:38
clivejoany ideas why it randomly throws that out of memory error?22:38
clivejoonly seems to be doing that recently22:38
acheronuknot a scooby22:38
acheronukis that still running on bluesystems?22:40
valoriefailing memory unit?22:43
acheronuk"make: *** Cannot allocate memory.  Stop."22:45
acheronuk6 fixes in a row seems a good point to say goodnight22:54
valoriethanks for your work acheronuk!22:56

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