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jeffrey_fa bit off topic, which is why I'll ask: can someone answer a question on python and mysql-connector in a private message?01:18
pepeehttps://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=67&t=108492  2012, still present...02:07
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thialfiHi guys, anyone online to help me with a weird issue?07:05
thialfiI've just installed the plasma desktop on top of a regular ubuntu to test if I want to use it instead of that or gnome, and I really like it. I've just got one issue, maybe one of you can help me with it: Whenever I open a Menu in an application (the menu bar), there are weird blue artifacts as I move the mouse over the opened menu. Sometimes it's07:07
thialfijust a bit weird, sometimes it renders the menu illegible and useless. Any idea what may cause this?07:07
thialfiThis seems to happen to qt5 applications only07:11
YankDownUnderthialfi: Try "qtconfig" - see if that helps.07:21
thialfithat shows a qt4 config dialog, does it?07:22
thialfiI think I might have found the reason. my system uses nouveau for plasma. The driver settings dialog is stuck at the "collecting information about your system" loading page. Weird. I'll see if I can set the video driver to nvidia and check if that solves my issue07:24
YankDownUnderthialfi: When that hangs, you can try this in a termina: sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall07:25
thialfithe nvidia-361 driver is installed already. autoinstall changes some packages, though07:26
thialfidpkg returned an error code. hang on while I try to fix this07:27
thialfiit looks a lot like my video driver was somehow broken. I'm just reinstalling the latest version from the graphics drivers ppa. let's cross our fingers ;) I'll be back after a reboot07:46
thialfithis particular problem is solved with the latest driver.07:52
thialfiIf I now can get the window title bar back to a reasonable size and the external montior working properly, I'm a happy man07:55
soeereasonable size ?07:55
thialfieverything around my desktop is scaled up. It looks like I'm on a 1024x768 screen07:56
YankDownUnderthialfi: The other day someone had the same issues - it was a matter of resetting the properties in the display settings for KDE/Plasma07:58
thialfihow would I do this?07:59
YankDownUnderthialfi: Also, I was going to mention before you rebooted, did you do anything further with Plasma - like adding the "backports" PPA's? Just wondering.07:59
thialfilet's check. I may have tried something alike a while ago and if it stuck in my apt sources... let's see07:59
thialfikubuntu-ppa-ubuntu-backports-xenial.list looks a lot like I did, right?08:00
YankDownUnderthialfi: Yes.08:00
thialfishould I undo this?08:01
thialfihow stable is this backports ppa?08:01
YankDownUnderthialfi: No, no - not at all...that gives you the latest version of Plasma08:01
YankDownUnderthialfi: They're quite stable and usable.08:01
thialfithat was probably why I did it in the first place08:01
thialfiso, my screen is set to full hd, scaling is set to 1, yet the (how is the bottom left start-menu-thing called in plasma) menu reaches all the way up to the top of the screen as if it were a tiny screen. the font size in the task bar is also scaled up accordingly. many other things are, too08:03
YankDownUnderthialfi: Check the "Accessibility" settings.08:05
thialfievolution and gedit are fine, kate and kmail are not.08:06
YankDownUnderthialfi: You said it was an NVidia card yeah? Have you tried "apt-get install nvidia-settings" - or do you already have that control panel utility installed?08:06
thialfiit is installed08:07
thialfithe resolution is fine08:07
YankDownUnderthialfi: http://blog.davidedmundson.co.uk/blog/high_dpi_again08:08
thialfiNope. Checked that. the Scaling setting is 108:10
YankDownUnderthialfi: Not done yet...read: https://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2016/07/multi-screen-woes-in-plasma-5-7/08:11
YankDownUnderthialfi: Another thing that has been done (as of recently) was to "blow out" the configuration for the external monitor, and then recreate it. If you understand what I mean. Either which, mull over all of that...going to eat now. Cheers.08:14
thialfiit seems like I've just started some longer configuration marathon for myself :D thank you a lot08:16
MrokiiHello. I have set both Alt-keys to activate the 3rd-level of a key (things like [,{ or ~). That works via system settings, but the problem is, when I choose that option, other combinations like "Alt-F1" for Kubuntus' Application Launcher don't work anymore. Is there a way to have both things working? 3rd-level via alt keys *and* Application Launcher and such?11:35
user|21246Hi all, I've just installed gnu octave 3.8.1 and several octave packages including qtoctave onto kubuntu 14.04. When I launched octave the command window displayed the following. "wwarning: dx does not seem to be present some functionalities will be d12:06
user|21246isaHi all. I've just installed gnu octave 3.8.1 and several octave packges onto kubuntu 14.04.12:06
user|21246Oops, i thought that I had lost the previous text. The warning should read :- "warning: dx does not seem to be present some functionalities will be disabled".12:08
user|21246Does anyone know what this dx is ?12:09
user|21246I've looked at the octave faq but no it is not mentioned there.12:10
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soeeuhm i never used that12:20
soee!info octave12:20
ubottuoctave (source: octave): GNU Octave language for numerical computations. In component universe, is extra. Version 4.0.0-3ubuntu9.1 (xenial), package size 1454 kB, installed size 4536 kB12:20
soee!info octave  trusty12:21
ubottuoctave (source: octave): GNU Octave language for numerical computations. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.8.1-1ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 829 kB, installed size 2946 kB12:21
soeeuser|21246: seen that http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9255286/warnings-after-octave-installation ?12:22
soeesee the last comment12:22
user|21246@soee: thanks for the link12:29
user|21246@soee: just implemented the edit shown on the stackoverflow page and all is well. Thanks again for the help.12:37
BluesKajHiyas all13:03
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plata_Hi. I'm having the problem that my update applet does not show updates when they are available. I have to run apt update manually, then the applet will show up. Any ideas?13:54
soeeplata_: what Kubuntu version are you running?13:55
plata_sorry 16.0413:55
soeeplata_: do you have backports enabled ?13:55
plata_uhm. need to figure out what backports is called in German. One sec13:57
soeeplata_: backports ppa13:59
soeeplata_: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-6-5-and-frameworks-5-23-now-in-backports-for-kubuntu-16-04/13:59
soeeso chekc if you have that extra ppa added13:59
plata_no. don't have the ppa. I thought it was only the check in software sources as described here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports#Enabling_Backports_on_Kubuntu14:00
plata_wait. it's actually in my sources.list14:02
soeeso you have Plamsa 5.6.5 ?14:06
SmurphyPNo - Plamsa :)14:07
plata_no 5.5.5. Don't know why14:08
soeeand you are sure you have backports enabled ? :D14:10
plata_I can see xenial-backports when I run apt update but it doesn't seem to find the 5.6.514:10
soeekubuntu backports14:10
soeesudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports14:10
plata_omph. I'm sorry14:10
soeesudo apt update14:10
plata_thank you14:10
soeesudo apt full-upgrade14:11
plata_once you do it right it works :P14:12
soeeupdate packages and see if the problem is gone14:12
plata_I will. thanks so much soee. should have really been able to figure this out myself... somehow didn't think about kde not beeing updated with the ubuntu repos14:14
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ryszardHello. Does anyone know when the Plasma 5.7 will be available on the Kubuntu Backports?15:39
soeeryszard: no ETA yet15:42
acheronukryszard: but it is being actively worked on :)15:54
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b7171HI I have not used Kubuntu in ages, n00b question, where is the package manager or does it not come as default??17:41
BluesKajmerdan, do you have a question?18:18
merdanwhats this18:19
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde18:19
merdanhey guys18:20
merdani have a question18:20
merdanwhere i can find programs which i downloaded and installed18:20
merdani have downloaded teamviewer18:21
BluesKajin the K menu18:21
merdanand installed18:21
merdanbut i cant find18:21
YankDownUndermerdan: Is it possible to type everything on a single line instead of nine thousand lines with three words on them?18:21
BluesKajright click on the dektop , choose run command , type teamviewer18:22
merdani dont understand18:22
BluesKajYankDownUnder, ???18:22
YankDownUnderBluesKaj: It's entirely annoying to try to scroll back through the logs - the conversation - when three words are typed on a line - multiple times - where they could all be conjoined into a single sentence.18:24
merdanok, how to download and install metasploit18:24
BluesKajYankDownUnder, which irc client?18:25
YankDownUnderNearly any IRC client created since 1988...18:25
BluesKajin konversation you can right click in the text and choose "find text" a boc pops up and type the the 3 words in to search18:27
YankDownUnderBluesKaj: I'm using Konversation...the point I was trying to make to "Merdan" was that he could very well type all of what he was trying to say on a single line instead of multiple lines...I do believe I'm fairly aware of how to use the applications at hand - as I've kinda used a fair whack of different clients since 1991...it wasn't a point of trying to figure out how to use Konversation...but thanks all the same for the tip.18:30
BluesKajoh I thought he was just trying to see if he was in a chat18:32
YankDownUnderBluesKaj: I believe that was the case as well...I'm just annoyed this morning - a vast amount of stupidity and "lack of thinking" across heaps of channels...my patience for younger people has already worn quite thin for the day - and it's not yet sunrise...therefore, it must mean I need more coffee.18:34
BluesKajinsomnia will do that :-)18:35
YankDownUnderBluesKaj: Not insomnia, my friend - I awake very early - daily...tis my routine..."early to bed, early to rise" as it were.18:35
BluesKajunderstood , I'm usually up by 6:30AM since retirement 17 yrs ago...I'm on in yrs so i think I know how you feel about the "vast amount of stupidity"18:39
YankDownUnderBluesKaj: Nearing the "age of rest" myself - fastly so - however, I shan't bow under...I shall merely change tack. I'm supposed to be "semi-retired" now, but that merely means that I do less physical work and more mental work...and as far as "collective ignorance" - aka stupidity - things have gotten vastly worse on IRC in the past few years...vastly...therefore, sometimes my patience wears thin quicly...18:42
BluesKajYankDownUnder, the instant gratification generation will hav e to learn about the benefits of patience sooner or later if they wish to survive, but it can't come soon enough18:44
YankDownUnderBluesKaj: Hehehe...yeah, don't get me started...I can rant on this topic all day...and longer... :)18:46
yosiHello, I am visually impaired and looking for some screen magnification tools, I installed compizconfig and enabled screen zoom but it isnt zooming when I press those keys. Is there a channel I can join to figure out why?18:46
rattkingI know there is a kde magnifier called kmag maybe you will have better luck with that, as compiz is a whole new desktop compositor18:49
BluesKajyosi, kmenu>computer>system settings>desktop behaviour>desktop effects>zoom18:51
rattkingoh and kde can do that its self. checkout system settings / Desktop behaviour / desktop effects zoom and or magnifier..18:51
rattkingyeah that18:51
yosiBluesKaj: ok lemme try :)18:52
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yosiwhen it says 'meta' which key is that?18:54
soeefunction or windows18:54
YankDownUnderyosi: Bear in mind that there is also #compiz => if you wish "compiz" advice...18:54
yosiIm also in there18:54
yosithat works perfectly18:55
BluesKajyosi, sorry i just know it's there, never had occasion to use it18:55
yosiI aslso installed xzoom but that was not very user friendly18:55
yosithe meta + meta - works awesome thank you all18:56
cucujoidehello, recently i postet a question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/788924/update-message-in-kubuntu-16-04 . the problem is not completely solved yet (how to switch to plasma-discover-updater?)19:12
Not_a_RobotDoes anyone here uses KMail, please?19:34
clivejoNot_a_Robot: I use kmail as part of the PIM suite20:08
Not_a_Robotclivejo: hi, thank you. Do you know how to filter the Inbox like always?  I want to have the newest message on top and the oldest at the bottom, without any group, just messages. Do you know how to do that?20:11
clivejoView>Message List>Sorting By Time/Date and also check the Most recent on top20:13
clivejoand View>Message List>Aggregiation  Activity by Date, Flat20:14
clivejoyou can have it threaded but I dont like that20:14
Not_a_Robotme neither clivejo, let me test please!20:16
Not_a_Robotclivejo: Flat date view is what I was searching for! Thank you soooooo much, really20:28
clivejono problem :)20:28
clivejowhat version are you running?20:28
Not_a_RobotLatest Kubuntu so.. let me check20:29
Not_a_RobotKMail Version 5.1.320:29
clivejonot got backports installed then :)20:29
Not_a_Robotclivejo: is that something bad or..?20:30
clivejonope not bad20:30
clivejoIm running 5.2.320:31
Not_a_RobotYou downloaded the sources or something, clivejo?20:31
clivejowhich is available via KDE Apps 15.04.3 which should be in backports20:32
Not_a_Robotbtw clivejo, do you know how to check error messages? KMail says my server doesn't support LOGIN but the little popup I see with that message is not enough and I can't read the complete message.21:05
clivejowent you set it up you should be able to probe it21:06
clivejoand select a method it does support21:06
Not_a_Robotclivejo: I'm not sure about which method it supports. What is not working is the SMTP and I don't see where to check if it works21:11
clivejowhat mail service is it?21:12
Not_a_Robotclivejo: 1and121:12
clivejodid you use the wizard to set it up?21:14
Not_a_Robotclivejo: no, manually21:14
clivejohave you added a receiving and a sending account?21:15
Not_a_Robotyes clivejo21:15
Not_a_Robotthe problem is in the SMTP configuration I guess21:15
clivejoand mapped them together with an ID?21:15
clivejowhat happens when you try to send an email?21:16
Not_a_Robotclivejo: The popup appears21:16
Not_a_Robotand I can't read the whole message..21:16
viewer|75602Hello. Anybody is here?21:19
viewer|75602I have a problem with my kubuntu 16.0421:19
clivejoover 200 people are here21:20
viewer|75602I can't join any wifi network.21:20
clivejohow long have you had this problem?21:21
viewer|75602I've installed kubuntu yesterday21:21
clivejowhere from?21:22
viewer|75602from official site21:22
clivejotry the new 16.04.1 release -> http://kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/21:23
clivejoIt was released today and contains a lot of bug fixes21:24
viewer|75602i will try. hope it will help21:24
clivejoNot_a_Robot: try looking in .xsession-errors in your home directory21:25
clivejokontact logs some stuff there21:25
viewer|75602thx. i have to go now. bue21:27
Not_a_Robotclivejo: Nothing, I thought running KMail from the terminal would output somthing but nope..21:27
viewer|75602can i update my system? or it is necessary to download the system from official site?21:29
clivejoyou should be able to update, but have you an internet connection to do so?21:29
viewer|75602yeah. i have LAN21:30
viewer|75602wire, i mean. i don't know how it's called right21:32
viewer|75602Good night21:32
clivejodo a distribution upgrade21:33
workHello, How to remove pannel program stacking? example http://i.imgur.com/BPPLLFJ.png23:26

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