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elopiois it possible to rename launchpad.com/webdm to launchpad.com/snapweb ?12:56
cjwatsonelopio: yes, but could you file a question on https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad requesting this so that we have an audit trail?12:57
cjwatsonelopio: (also, you're aware that this will cause lp:webdm to stop working and users will need to change their checkouts to lp:snapweb?  will probably affect tarmac too)12:57
cjwatsonelopio: I can leave an alias in place if need be12:58
elopiocjwatson: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/299499 thank you!12:58
elopiocjwatson: yes, I know. An alias would be nice, but I don't care about people getting 404 on the old name.12:59
elopiowe really don't have any users or contributors, yet :)12:59
elopiocjwatson: the code was moved to github, so tarmac is no longer used. We need this for the bugs.13:00
cjwatsonaliases don't seem to work for this13:00
cjwatsonbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "Cannot create 'zr'. Only Bazaar branches are allowed."13:00
cjwatsondone, anyway13:01
elopiothis import is failing: https://code.launchpad.net/~snappy-dev/snapweb/master14:25
elopiois that a know issue, or is it because I did something wrong? I'm not sure how to correct, in any case.14:25
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dobeyelopio: you need the .git at the end of the url; you just put in the web site url, which isn't the url for cloning the repo14:29
elopioI'll delete it because I don't see how to edit it.14:30
cjwatsonNo don't14:32
cjwatsonI can edit it14:32
cjwatsonBah, you already did it14:32
elopiocjwatson: oh, sorry.14:33
cjwatsondobey: It's not so much that it's not the URL for cloning the repo (you can clone it perfectly well with the non-.git form if you're using git itself); it's that GitHub does User-Agent sniffing and does the wrong thing when approached with bzr-git14:33
cjwatsonAdding .git disambiguates14:33
dobeywell right. it's not the url for cloning with bzr-git :)14:34
elopioit seems to have worked. Thanks for the tip anyway.14:34
dobeyyou need to disambiguate14:34
dobeycjwatson: hmm, if i have two launchpadlib scripts both making a request to the server at roughly the same time, from the same host, using the same oauth token, any idea why one of them would get a 401 while the other succeeds?14:57
cjwatsondobey: not off the top of my head15:04
cjwatsondobey: I can look at logs if given slightly more detail (IP address, time)15:05
cjwatsondobey: could be an app-level unauthorized response, i.e. you aren't authorized to do that thing15:05
dobeycjwatson: afaict, that's not the case. it's a bot, and the bot is in the necessary teams to perform the actions it's doing (launchpadTrigger script in jenkins-launchpad-plugin being run)15:07
dobeycjwatson: a time is 15:04:07-0915:08
dobeycjwatson: https://jenkins.canonical.com/unity-api-1/job/lp-storage-framework-trigger/lastSuccessfulBuild/console15:10
dobeycjwatson: so coming from a VM in scalingstack15:12
cjwatsondobey: That looks like a 401 talking to the Jenkins API, not a 401 talking to Launchpad15:22
dobeycjwatson: oh hrmm, yeah i guess so. been looking in the wrong place. thanks15:24
Casthe launchpad PPAs now stop you uploaded to unsupported series e.g. utopic. But is there a command to get the up to date list of supported series?20:06
tewardCas: I always refer to the wiki - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases - for the list of current releases, EOL releases, etc.20:07
Cassure but I am hoping to script it20:07
dobeyCas: https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/1.0.html#distribution20:12
Casish :)20:13
Casthanks I'll take a look20:13
dobeyyou have to loop over the series for the distribution20:13
dobeybut yeah, would be nice if there was a getSeries or something20:14
dobeyto easily only get the "Supported" series20:14
cjwatsonIn theory we could export something, but [s for s in lp.distributions['ubuntu'].series if s.status not in ('Obsolete', 'Future')] isn't that hard so it's probably not worth the extra code20:29
Casyou are right it was not difficult, this is what I ended up with https://gist.github.com/cas--/f0a33566739be9075f3c851dbc94534e20:50
Casnow I need to remember what I was doing before ending up down this rabbithole...20:51
dobeytea party?21:06
Casoh gosh indeed :D21:07
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