rigel_Dropbox daemon only has a black box with a forbidden sign on it in the panel. in Xubuntu this problem was solved by setting DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS="" how do i solve this problem in lubuntu?09:05
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thehodappHello, my version of Lubuntu is on trust still. I would like the new LTS- xenial. Why hasn't the updater prompted me to update to it yet?16:22
thehodapp*is on trusty16:22
tsimonq2thehodapp: sudo apt update && sudo do-release-upgrade16:23
tsimonq2thehodapp: in the terminal16:23
thehodappOkay interesting. It seems to think wily is the latest update. Is that correct?16:26
thehodapp@tsimonq2 Does it have to do with my software sources? How can I fix it?16:38
tsimonq2thehodapp: what's the output of lsb_release -a ?16:39
thehodappDistributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS Release:14.04 Codename:trusty16:40
thehodappI removed the LSB Version section16:40
tsimonq2what happens when you run sudo do-release-upgrade -d ?16:41
tsimonq2just, what's the output?16:42
tsimonq2is it really saying wily?16:42
thehodappit's doing something...16:42
thehodappseems to be hitting xenial repo on the archive.ubuntu.com16:43
tsimonq2then you can upgrade successfully!16:43
thehodappNow, that is the developer release...which I'm wary of. I'd rather have a LTS release.16:44
tsimonq2no no no16:44
tsimonq2Xenial is the LTS16:44
tsimonq2Yakkety is the developer release16:44
tsimonq2Xenial = 16.04.116:44
thehodappOh good. Thank you tsimonq2!16:45
tsimonq2no problem :)16:45
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james1138Hello all. I am back. Very minor question about Thunderbird mail client. Is there any way to make rss feeds without icons in the menu on the left?21:30
wxljames1138: no clue, frankly. i'd try irc://irc.mozilla.org:6697/thunderbird https://wiki.mozilla.org/IRC22:01

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