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mupBug #1605124 opened: When querying the node event log, domain and hostname are not preserved in prev and next URIs <MAAS:In Progress by allenap> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605124>08:46
eeemilHi! I'm trying to set up a MaaS-cluster. I have access to a couple of servers within a network that currently are being DHCP:d along with a number of other servers that should _not_ be MaaS:d.09:27
eeemilI'm thinking of installing an additional network interface and create a private 192.168.*.*-network for my MaaS-servers, and allow the servers to be internally DHCP:d on the private network.09:27
eeemilAre there any drawbacks to this solution? The servers should still be publicly routable on the public network interface, right?09:27
eeemil(On a complete other note: what the terminology for a MaaS-server? Is any machine managed by MaaS a MaaS-server? Or only the main server that manages all additional machines?)09:27
sivaHi. I am using MAAS Version 1.8.3 (+bzr4053). MAAS failed to Commission. Log files link:  http://paste.openstack.org/show/538979/. Could you please provide me the solution11:58
sivaHi. How do we set MAAS Commission time?12:17
brendandsiva, what do you mean by commision time?12:30
eeemilCould you _please_ try to keep this page up to date with current terminology and such? http://maas.io/get-started (Also, I'm still looking for answers to my questions asked 3.5 hours ago)13:05
sivaHi. I am using MAAS Version 1.8.3 (+bzr4053). MAAS failed to Commission. Log files link:  http://paste.openstack.org/show/538979/. Could you please provide me the solution13:15
sivaHow can we edit commission time manually?13:16
roaksoaxsiva: hi! your log doesn't provide information as to why it failed to commisison. you need to provide the console log while the commissioning is happening. That said, however, 1.8 is no longer supported and it is not available on any PPA. 1.9 is still supported in the 1.9 series13:18
roaksoaxerr 1.x series13:18
roaksoaxeeemil: -> http://maas.io/get-started 1.913:18
roaksoaxeeemil: -> http://maas.io/get-started -> MAAS 1.913:18
sivabrendand: Hi. For commissioning nodes , MAAS will take some default time. i.e, 10 min or 20 min. How can I change that manually?13:19
roaksoaxsiva: you can't change the time it takes to commission13:19
brendandsiva, do you have reason to believe it might work if the timeout was longer?13:20
roaksoaxsiva:Jul 21 16:22:35 maas maas.node: [ERROR] slave2: Marking node failed: Node operation 'Commissioning' timed out after 0:20:00. this is telling you that something went wrong13:20
roaksoaxsiva: and it didn't finish commissioning13:20
brendandsiva, there's really no reason why it should take 20 minutes. commisioning should be very fast13:20
brendandas it doesn't install anything13:21
sivaroaksoax: Ok, Thank you. I will use MAAS 1.9.13:22
sivabrendand : Thank you. may be something went wrong. I will try to resolve. If not better i will use MAAS 1.9.13:23
eeemilroaksoax: are you telling me that the get-started link is for an old version? I'm running MaaS straight out of the ordinary repo for 16.04, wouldnt expect the documentation to be this inaccurate...13:23
roaksoaxeeemil: you are using MAAS 2.0rc2 -> RC13:24
roaksoaxeeemil: the get started is for 1.913:24
roaksoaxeeemil: that will be updated once 2.0 is final13:24
roaksoaxeeemil: but I'll file a bug, since that's managed by the web team, not the maas team13:25
eeemilSure. However, one could question why 2.0 is in the LTS 16.04 release then. I skipped adding the dev ppa simply because I wanted to avoid this kind of hassle...13:31
mupBug #1605253 opened: [doc] maas.io/get-started refers to 1.9 and not 2.0 <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605253>13:32
eeemilDo you know of any 2.0 instructions on how to get started then, btw?13:36
brendandeeemil, this is a bit more detailed but is definitely accurate: http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs2.0/install.html14:45
eeemilBtw, I asked earlier if there are any drawbacks if all servers in my MaaS cluster has two network interfaces: one with public routable IP:s, managed by a dhcp I don't control, and one with private IP:s (192.168.*.*) which I dhcp through MaaS14:48
roaksoaxeeemil: not at all15:01
roaksoaxeeemil: if you are doing that with MAAS 1.9+ that is15:01
eeemilroaksoax: how do you mean? Are there any drawback in doing it with MAAS 2.0?15:06
eeemilI'm really confused by the version leap from 1.9->2.0. I've been reading documentation all week and always thought everything was stable (as I'm running LTS and not interested in bleeding edge-stuff right now). Are there any "changes from 1.9 to 2.0"-page? Will I be able to run Juju without hassle on MaaS 2.0?15:11
brendandeeemil, juju 2, yes15:13
mupBug #1605312 opened: Unhandled failure in updating lease. django.db.utils.IntegrityError: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "maasserver_staticipaddress_ip_key" <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605312>16:32
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mupBug #1605278 opened: Merge python-django 1:1.9.8-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main) <upgrade-software-version> <MAAS:New> <python-django (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605278>19:06
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