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Mirvseb128: hi! would you have time to give your ideas regarding the first proposal at bug #1604744 ? (technically qtcreator in the PPA would also need binNEW pre-ack-review but it's the complete solution that matters)08:15
ubot5bug 1604744 in ubuntu-touch-meta (Ubuntu Xenial) "RM: src:qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu - SDK will be distributed separately" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160474408:15
seb128Mirv, hey, I can try to have a look today but quite busy, was at a minihackfest and trying to catch up with backlog now08:17
Mirvseb128: ok well at first I'll ask sil2100 (hi sil2100!) and if I agree with him on a solution I'll be back to you for the binNEW and you can also at that point flame the whole idea down :)08:17
Mirvzoltan liked the idea so I have SDK team's support for the solution, but this is really about Ubuntu archives08:18
sil2100Mirv: oh! Hi! What's up?08:18
seb128Mirv, k08:19
Mirvsil2100: of course assuming you'd have time... check the bug report above and give your thoughts on the proposal. the diff to ubuntu-touch-meta (package descriptions) is still missing, I'll attach it.08:19
sil2100Mirv: oh! The removal of the sdk from the touch seeds! It was on my TODO list somewhere, great that you're working on that now08:21
sil2100Didn't have the time to pick that up yet08:22
Mirvsil2100: it's just hard to wrap my head on being certain which solution is the best. this one would deprecate 3 of the 4 meta packages, and also kill src:qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu while offering two locations where instructions to guide people to correct Ubuntu SDK location (package descriptions of ubuntu-sdk-libs and qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu transitional package from src:qtcreator)08:23
Mirvsil2100: I need to have new qtcreator before I can have new Qt, because the old qtcreator doesn't work with new Qt, so there's my motivation to remove the plugin that is not ported to any new stable release but just in progress for development series :)08:24
seb128Mirv, I didn't look much at the sdk layout and phone for a while, I'm unsure I'm much insight/opinion on those changes, I think sil2100 is better placed to comment there08:24
Mirvsil2100: diff in qtcreator regarding the transitional package http://paste.ubuntu.com/20286151/08:26
sil2100Let me take a look at that in 5 minutes08:26
Mirvrvr: tsdgeos: now recreated the success log for https://trello.com/c/M75g1XTv/3428-1630-ubuntu-landing-001-qtdeclarative-opensource-src-qtdeclarative-opensource-src-gles-sil2100-tsdgeos09:07
Mirvok so I'm doing 6 different things right now at the same time, time to tune down a bit09:07
tsdgeoshe he :)09:08
jgdxMirv, thanks for that backport =)09:14
Mirvjgdx: you're quick to thank, let's see if it compiles :D can you test it if it compiles, and do you have idea of interest parties that might be affected by newer qtquickcontrols?09:15
Mirvjgdx: ok, it does not seem to compile as is (against Qt 5.4.1), Private/qquicktreemodeladaptor.cpp:734:11: error: ‘qInfo’ was not declared in this scope. I wonder how much hacking it'd need.09:17
jgdxMirv, uitk, unity8, uss, usc are at least heavy users of the qq layouts plugin :)09:17
jgdxMirv, ah, qinfo is that new loglevel09:18
jgdxis that the only one?09:18
Mirvno idea, I'll try patching that out, only two occurences in the source code09:19
Mirvjgdx: mmh, Private/qquickstyleitem.cpp:818:41: error: ‘AA_SetPalette’ is not a member of ‘Qt’ is the next problem09:36
jgdxMirv, aaah, okay. Seems less trivial already.09:37
Mirv"this is escalating quickly". I'll add qtbase to the mix with https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/109625/ but if this is only getting worse we might need to rethink.09:39
jgdxMirv, right. It's super nice to have, not critical.09:40
Mirvjgdx: let's recheck in 3 hours or tomorrow after qtbase has built with AA_SetPalette09:45
jgdxMirv, okay09:58
Mirvsil2100: bzoltan: http://people.ubuntu.com/~timo-jyrinki/updatenote.png wdyt?09:58
sil2100Mirv: woo!10:05
sil2100Mirv: +110:05
sil2100Mirv: how would that work? When would it be visible?10:05
Mirvsil2100: after upgrading to new qtcreator, if one had Ubuntu SDK (qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu) installed before upgrading10:07
Mirvand the action there (button) is to open developer.ubuntu.com in x-www-browser10:07
bzoltanMirv:  would it be possible to give a direct link to an info page?10:09
Mirv...and if one has update-notifier installed naturally10:09
Mirvbzoltan: give me a link to the info page if http://developer.ubuntu.com/ is not enough. I just thought that the top page is unlikely to change (url not likely to bitrot), but if there's a better url I'm happy to use it10:10
bzoltanMirv:  I think this is the ultimate page - https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/phone/platform/sdk/installing-the-sdk/10:22
Mirvbzoltan: ok, seems to be working without the /en/ too: https://developer.ubuntu.com/phone/platform/sdk/installing-the-sdk/ - I just wonder if it's possible that url could go 404 within a year or so if the site is revamped.. but maybe it's likely enough that the url will work for quite a while10:27
Mirvbzoltan: updating10:27
bzoltanMirv:  I will make sure that URL stays10:30
sil2100Mirv: approved the seed changes, you want me to top-approve or do you want to consult someone else as well?10:31
Mirvsil2100: top-approve would be welcome, it needs to be tried out anyway before anyone can say it's perfect.10:31
Mirv(thank you)10:33
sil2100yw! Thanks for picking this up!10:34
Mirvsil2100: on to a different topic: it turns out it's the image 40 from staging (ubuntu) that works, and 41 that is broken. the unfortunate thing is that the diff is huge. http://paste.ubuntu.com/20295674/ I10:50
Mirv'm not sure where to start upgrade sfrom10:50
Mirvbut I will try something regardless10:52
Mirvof course I'm not sure if it would be the custom tarballs or such10:52
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sil2100Mirv: at least we know which image we can start off from11:11
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rvrElleo: ping12:45
Elleorvr: pong?12:46
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boikotrainguards: hello, any idea on what went wrong here: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1600 ?13:45
sil2100boiko: look all ok now it seems?14:03
boikosil2100: yeah, not sure why the lock was kept there, salem_ cancelled the operation14:04
boikosil2100: thanks14:04
rvrElleo: Silo 76 is now approved14:06
Elleorvr: cool, thanks14:07
ElleoSaviq: ^14:07
rvrdbarth: mardy: This merge proposal needs review https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/libsignon-glib/unregistered-lp1593805/+merge/29809614:07
dbarthrvr: ack14:19
dbarthrvr: done14:20
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Do you have a bit of time to review the packaging changes for https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1694 and publish it if you're ok with it?14:21
sil2100ChrisTownsend: on it now!14:22
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Thanks!14:22
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Oh, seems there is already packaging feedback for that ticket.14:33
ChrisTownsendI'll work on that.14:34
sil2100I think it needs a breaks/replaces for the moved files14:34
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Yep14:34
ChrisTownsendCompletely forgot about that:)14:34
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Hey, so is this what I need for the replaces/breaks?  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/20317069/15:10
sil2100ChrisTownsend: yes, should be enough15:14
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Ok, thanks for verifying:)15:15
sil2100In this case we don't need anything else as it's basically just moving in one direction15:15
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Hey, so adding that replaces/breaks does not work as it should...apt wants to remove libertine-tools on dist-upgrade and hold back python3-libertine-lxc on upgrade16:38
ChrisTownsendsil2100: I just want all of the packages to just upgrade and no packages are held or removed.16:39
ChrisTownsendsil2100: Which is what it did before I added the replaces/breaks.16:39
ChrisTownsendsil2100: nevermind, I figured out my mistake:)16:53
dobeyso i guess this jenkins issue is that it can't talk to jenkins17:27
dobeyno idea why17:27
robrudobey: hm?17:58
dobeyrobru: oh, doh. wrong channel18:00
robrukoza: bluez isn't set up for train releases.18:01
dobeyam having a problem where the trigger job is failing to trigger the job it's supposed to trigger, getting a 401 from jenkins api18:01
robrudobey: oh, a jenkaas issue?18:01
dobeyrobru: yeah18:02

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