dholbachhey hey06:01
tsimonq2D A N I E L06:04
tsimonq2! ! ! ! !06:04
tsimonq2dholbach: how are you? :)06:04
Kilosmorning tsimonq2 dholbach svij and other peeps06:05
svijmorning all06:05
Kilosim ok ty, how are you06:05
tsimonq2o/ Kilos and svij :)06:05
dholbachhey hey06:06
dholbachgood good :)06:06
dholbachhow are things? :-)06:06
tsimonq2great dholbach :)06:06
tsimonq2? *shrug*06:06
tsimonq216.04.1 lands today! :D06:07
tsimonq2dholbach: are you still on Xenial? :)06:08
dholbachtsimonq2, I am :)06:39
tsimonq2dholbach: then \o/ 16.04.106:40
tsimonq2my computer keeps randomly shutting off :(08:13
tsimonq2I really hope it's heat-related, I can't afford another power supply :(08:14
tsimonq2checking syslog08:14
dholbachyeah, keep an eye on syslog08:16
dholbachand maybe do a memory check08:16
dholbachdoes anyone else have any other ideas?08:16
Kiloscheck temps08:17
tsimonq2I'm gonna do a test. I'll put a fan blowing into the case, I'll go do something, then if I come back and it's off I'll do a memory check08:18
tsimonq2if it's on, I need better ventilation08:18
tsimonq2FWIW my case ventilation isn't the best, I could use another fan08:21
Kiloscheck if the cpu heat sink fins arent full of dust and the graphics cards heat sink and fan08:22
Kilosive thrown my graphics card out because it was always giving heat probs08:25
tsimonq2I'll try once I go back up there08:27
* tsimonq2 is making some food08:27
tsimonq2YES! still running08:33
tsimonq2I'm cooking now so I'll have to wait a bit before I go back but still08:34
tsimonq2on that subject, I saw a Chef Ramsay video where he showed the correct way to dice an onion08:35
tsimonq2making something with onions08:35
tsimonq2hello from my computer!08:47
tsimonq2Kilos, dholbach: so I guess it is heat related then08:47
tsimonq2meanwhile my dish tastes really good! onions, bologna, mozzarella cheese, and a hint of tabasco08:48
Kilosif possible used compressed air to blow the whole motherboard and the psu clean08:52
tsimonq2well it's almost 4 AM, I don't think the neighbors like the sound of the air compressor08:53
tsimonq2Kilos: well like I said before, I need another case fan08:56
Kilosyes but it worked ok till now so after a good blow job it will run fine till you can get one08:57
Kilosi dont even have my extra case fan connected08:57
Kilosthere are temp monitors in the repos08:57
tsimonq2there was one in here, but the bearings were shot and it was annoying me, so I found a calmer one that I have in there with scotch tape08:58
tsimonq2it falls off about once a month though08:58
Kilosmost likely just dust covering everything inside08:59
tsimonq2well I haven't had this computer for that long :P08:59
Kilosamazing the amount of dust pcs collect09:00
tsimonq2I built it last September09:00
tsimonq2and I cleaned it out in April09:00
Kilosbetcha plenty dust inside09:01
Kiloslook at the psu fan from outside for starters09:01
Kilosif there is dust inside has more09:01
Kilosand at 4 am you should be sleeping09:05
tsimonq2wow lol09:09
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest80334
dholbachall rightie... I call it a day - see you all tomorrow again!16:20
czajkowskipopey: ping are you with the desktop team?17:04
czajkowskithey have a CC catch up now17:04

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