qenghohi hi ki ko05:22
seb128hey Laney! had a good trip back?08:07
Laneyhi seb128!08:09
Laneyit was fine, the flight was delayed by 15 minutes08:09
Laneybut I got a whole row to myself so that was nice08:09
Laneyand I took one in "business class"08:09
Laneynot sure that means much on those small planes08:10
seb128other side of the curtain? ;-)08:10
Laneyhmm there was a curtain but I was behind it08:10
Laneyprobably more leg room...08:10
Laneyhow was your afternoon/evening?08:10
seb128we had diner behind the town hall on the big square08:12
seb128got the mussels, that was good ;-)08:12
seb128it was a bit colder than the other day, quite windy08:12
seb128otherwise we just had a short walk and a tea home before going to bed08:12
seb128Laney, btw the polkit patch works now, I had a copy error/thinko in my version the other day, better once that's fixed ;-) (thanks Simon who reviewed the patch/pointed the error out)08:15
Laneyseb128: oh nice08:16
Laneywas the patch to that other place?08:16
seb128the one you suggested08:17
seb128thanks for that ;-)08:17
seb128I also figured out the virtualbox theming issue08:17
seb128pitti is looking at it08:17
seb128xsession-init.conf does a initctil set-env of GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID08:18
seb128which qt uses to tell if it's under GNOME08:18
Laneyoh I remember this08:19
Laneywe set it to this-is-deprecated08:19
seb128qt only checks if it's defined08:19
seb128doesn't care about the value08:19
seb128well old qt08:20
Laneyxsession-init.conf:    [ "$SESSIONTYPE" = "gnome-session" ] && initctl set-env --global GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID=this-is-deprecated || true08:20
Laneyit feels like 10° cooler today09:00
Laneywhich is actually still quite nice09:00
seb128yeah, same here09:00
seb12824°C is good, 33°C is too much09:01
pittihey Laney, good morning!09:03
Laneyahoy pitti!09:04
Laneyare you across the border?09:04
pittiLaney: not yet, 35 mins before Venlo09:05
pittiI only started at 9:3509:05
pittiI pushed some robustifications to git this morning, currently pondering what to do with the shutdown han09:07
Laneydo you know what's causing it?09:08
pittilogout and reboot from lightdm works fine, logout is "clean" now09:08
pittibut reboot from indicator does not stop the session first, so a lot of user dbus services keep running09:09
pittithey don't get TERMed initially09:09
pittijust KILLed after the 90 s timeout09:09
pitti:systemctl status user@1000.service" has a lot of stuff on shutdown, and that's what systemd is waiting on09:10
pittii. e. a side effect of putting more stuff into it09:10
pittiwith just the few things that run in it on current y it stops cleanly09:11
seb128hey andyrock, how are you?09:23
andyrocksetting up my new xps 1509:23
andyrockand you seb128 ?09:23
seb128I'm good, thanks09:24
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* Laney scratches chin12:00
Laneyis $GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL and/or $GNOME_KEYRING_PID actually nonempty for anyone?12:01
seb128empty for me on stock xenial12:04
Laneyguess that makes the job simpler12:05
seb128simpler is better :-)12:05
seb128Laney, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=72580112:07
ubot5Gnome bug 725801 in general "Use a predictable $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR location for daemon" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]12:07
seb128they got removed when it started using /run12:07
Laneyyes it's XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/keyring/control now12:08
seb128it sounds nicer than relying on env12:09
pittiseb128, Laney: shutdown should be fixed with 0.0.9 (also in the PPA); let me know if logout and/our shutdown/reboot is still breaking stuff for you12:43
seb128pitti, great, going to try that in a bit, thanks!12:44
* pitti is just back from some odyssey, going to be in Augsburg later12:44
Laneynice, will try soon12:44
Laneythink gnome-keyring-ssh.service works now too12:45
Laneyjust rebooted laptop instead of vm12:48
pittiLaney: whoops :)12:49
pittiseb128: confirming the GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID race, I sometimes get the var and sometimes not13:33
seb128pitti, ah, I'm not crazy, good ;-)13:33
pittiseb128: aside from the upstart job, gnome-session-binary sets it by itself; but at that time other stuff is already running which doesn't get affected13:34
seb128but gnome-session only impacts on the processes it starts right?13:35
pittiseb128: no, it also updates the dbus activation env13:37
pittibut that's too late13:37
seb128ah, makes sense13:37
pittiseb128: so I'll add the same hack as in xsession-init.conf13:38
seb128I remembered it had some gsm_update_env thing but not what that did13:38
seb128k, makes sense13:38
Laneyk, going off to town, be back in a bit to upload gnome-keyring14:00
seb128Laney, have fun!14:03
belkinsaTo the desktop team members, you have a check -n with the CC now in #ubuntu-meeting17:04
mhall119seb128: are you available for the CC checkin17:32
Laneyhax haxy hax18:48
ochosiLaney: what are you haxin? :)19:00
Laneyochosi: just pushed some systemd stuff to gnome-keyring20:02
Laneydid some debian/rules hax to turn off all of the xdg autostart files20:03
seb128mhall119, sorry but was at dinner, just for next time contacting the concerned people more than a day in advance would be nice, especially when the meeting is after work hours21:21
seb128but I replied yesterday saying that it was inconvenient and that it would be better to reschedule if possible21:22
seb128sorry for missing it, maybe next time it works out :-)21:22
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