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BluesKajHiyas all13:03
pauljw_vmhi BluesKaj13:03
BluesKajHi pauljw_vm13:04
pauljw_vmi did try kvm-qemu, but prefer vb. :)13:13
OerHekswhat bank allows personel use mint?13:30
DArqueBishopOerHeks: that's just one of many things about his story that make me wonder if he's trolling us.13:34
BluesKajDArqueBishop, who's story ?13:35
DArqueBishopBluesKaj: pleaseeheelp in #ubuntu main.13:35
BluesKajDArqueBishop, perhaps , but I was having a similar problem with X a few days ago, but this was on yakkety13:37
* DArqueBishop nods.13:38
OerHeksoke, i am still on 15.10 too ...13:38
OerHeks :-D13:39
BluesKajnever did figure out what it was , a reboot worked13:39
BluesKajdidn't bother with logs , there are so many little bugs happening13:39
DArqueBishopOerHeks: yeah, but 15.10 isn't EOL. ;-)13:40
DArqueBishopIf I'm running a Linux distro on a laptop for work, you can be sure I'll be running a version that isn't EOL.13:41
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naccOerHeks: DArqueBishop: you've got a week :)15:38
DArqueBishopnacc: the Ubuntu VM I have running is 16.04. ;-)15:40
naccDArqueBishop: :)15:40
nacchave we seen a lot more noise in #ubuntu today with 16.04.1 out?15:40
DArqueBishopIt seems to be the same as before.15:48
naccgood :)15:49
OerHeksno real 14.04 upgrade issues yet, brace yourselves16:03
pauljw_vmjust received my email from System76 advising me that 16.04.1 is now available and approved for upgrade.  Not going to do it, but thought I'd pass that along... :)17:20
Bashing-ompauljw_vm: Yepper .. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#Official_flavours . Awaiting all the mirror sites to sync up .17:22
BluesKajyeah, today is upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 day, officially17:27
BluesKaj16.04.1 actually17:29
Bashing-omgonna wait some more to install 16.04.1 .. 1) Have not purchased the SSD, 2) Wait for the pounding on the servers to lessen .17:31
BluesKajrain, hail and wind warnings here...it's so dark I can barely read the KB17:31
Bashing-omHeber Springs, AR: Temp: 94 F (34 C) ~ Clear ~ Heat index: 110 F (43 C) ~ Humidity: 60% ~ Alert: Heat Advisory ~ Observed: Thu 21, 11:5617:32
BluesKaj it was 29C , dropped to 25 very quickly17:33
BluesKajBashing-om, ugh!17:33
Bashing-omThe AC is my new best friend :)17:34
BluesKajyup, can't live without it17:35
Bashing-omBluesKaj: We are at the end of the power grid .. and there are those times there is no enough amperage left to run the AC .. yuk !17:37
BluesKajBashing-om, bummer :/17:38
ducassewhy is it that people who can't use a pastebin think they are qualified to 'tune' their systems?17:39
BluesKajwe don't see temps much over 30C/87F17:40
Bashing-omHonestly, I had some experience with softwares when I migrated to (k)ubuntu; I have broke my 'buntus a bunch re-learning .17:43
ducasseBashing-om: remember when i started out with slackware, repeatedly broke my system in truly horrible ways - great learning experience :)17:45
pauljw_vmsame when i started17:46
ducasseemptied out /dev once, that was fun.17:46
Bashing-omducasse: I also messed about with slackware as a server install .. - a friend introduced me to (k)ubuntu desktop .. I have never had other thoughts than 'buntu since . So much easier .17:48
ducasseagree, it's a lot more streamlined. i still love slackware, though.17:49
pauljw_vmi couldn't get thru my thick skull the importance of sticking with what was in the repos...  broke pclinuxos so many times i can't count, then i learned how to build from source and was able to play without total destruction.  built vmware and have been hooked on vm's ever since.17:50
BluesKaj.discovered kubuntu in 2005 , stuck with the kde desktop ever since , even on other distros17:50
Bashing-omMe minimalistic minded .. KISS .. Only have what I use .. and use what I have .17:51
pauljw_vmnothin' wrong with that17:52
Bashing-omThus far, I have been fortunate .. or unlucky .. Have yet to have the need in 'buntu to compile from source .17:53
pauljw_vmhey EriC^^17:53
EriC^^hey pauljw_vm :)17:54
pauljw_vmBashing-om, i haven't either17:54
Bashing-omEriC^^ EriC^^ , he's our man .., comes to EFI booting ... if he can not do it .. no one can .17:55
EriC^^lol Bashing-om17:55
EriC^^you are great poet17:55
Bashing-ompauljw_vm: I have grown to learn .. installed applications .. if there is a need " it's in the repo " .17:56
EriC^^a little exaggerative but poetic and nice, ty17:56
BluesKajhey EriC^^ keeping the new recruits happy ?17:57
Bashing-omEriC^^: Plagurized (sp) .. I think I can get away with that in this instance .17:57
pauljw_vmBashing-om, i agree, linux has come a long way in the last decade.17:57
EriC^^BluesKaj: not really, i haven't been that active in the channel lately though i miss it17:58
BluesKajEriC^^, guess I should have said, new recruits in #ubuntu18:01
EriC^^BluesKaj: yeah that's what i meant :)18:02
BluesKajok :-)18:02
BluesKajbeen mucking about with a rpi 3 here, can't make up my mind what to use it for ...mostly experimentation with different OSs so far, but nothing really grabs my interest up to this point18:04
ducasseBluesKaj: did you look at riscos? i thought it was kind of charming :) (in a retro way)18:06
BluesKajperhaps make it a kodi box, but my vpn .ovpn config files error out and I don't want the exposure that the addons give your IP18:07
BluesKajducasse, was checking riscos yesterday but it's over a yr old18:08
ducasseBluesKaj: they're probably short on developers..18:09
BluesKajlibrelec isn't nearly as good at connecting to sites , over 80% of them fail18:10
ducassei use an rpi2 for kodi, too bad about lack of h.265 support, though.18:10
BluesKajkodi by itselfd is much better in my experience18:10
ducassewhat do you run kodi on? ubuntu?18:11
BluesKajI'm thinking of going back to raspbian with kodion it18:12
BluesKajI had kodi on kubuntu for a while, but it really is a clunky app IMO18:13
ducassei've been thinking of some sort of minimal setup with just autologin + kodi, but openelec works well enough so far.18:14
BluesKaji prefer to use a vpn with kodi ,. sure hope I can fix that version problem I have with .ovpn files on raspbian18:17
ducassei can get that, but mine just reads files from my zfs server.18:18
BluesKajI just wanrt kodi for internrt tv feeds , i prefer to have direct access to te outboard media filed drive.18:30
BluesKaj...it's dark in here the thunderclouds are sticking around18:31
OerHeksfeel the force, luke18:34
ducassei rarely use kodi for internet tv, but it seems to work. we were expecting thunder here from today and out the week, but it's still fine..18:35
Bashing-omducasse: Buy them books, send them to school ( tan2 )... and what do they do ???18:38
pauljw_vmeat the covers...18:41
ducasseBashing-om: this is like pulling teeth...18:41
Bashing-omYeah ,, got one similar on the forum .. been 3 days just to get an edit to grub .18:49
ducasse"just autostart it from the openbox config" - "what?"18:51
ducassewth do you mean, "what"?18:51
ducasseit's like trying to tell my cat not to walk on the keyboard.18:51
ducasse...and then he just left.18:55
OerHeksbye cat18:55
OerHeksupgrade disappears, yeah right18:56
ducassemuch like the famous "i did nothing, this just happened"18:58
Bashing-omducasse: I go through the trouble to hunt up a opennox tutorial, and come back .. gone ! .. sheeshhh . Oh well .18:59
ducasseBashing-om: me too, i was just about to paste link on openbox autostart...19:00
Bashing-omGood exercise, I reckon ..19:01
ducassepeople _really_ don't like being told to rtfm, but in some cases that is the answer they need.19:01
Bashing-omWell .. gotta go to town .. be back soonest to the keyboard .. pick this back up then .19:03
ducassehave fun :)19:03
BluesKajok , switching to my stable install ...brb19:12
naccBen64: sorry for their rudeness20:30
naccBen64: bulletxt|220:31
Ben64people think upgrades are magical and will never cause anything to break20:31
Ben64i wouldn't want to put myself through 10.04 -> 12.04 -> 14.04 -> 16.04 right now20:32
ducasseBen64: that sounds like an excellent opportunity for a fresh install...20:34
Ben64that was my suggestion exactly20:35
OerHeksit would prove reliability20:40
daftykinsare we finding 16.04's issues to have calmed down yet?21:13
OerHekssure, only unusual man-made-issues tonight21:22
ducassedaftykins: $deity, sometimes i really want to do what got you banned.21:25
daftykinsi like to use Tux in place of that variable :)21:26
ducassedaftykins: some people are just impossible to get through to, and it's worse when they hardly speak english...21:29
daftykinsmmm, it might sound bias but i don't even touch the ones that are a foreign language speaker, or worse yet translating IRC.21:30
ducassedaftykins: i'm not a native english speaker myself :) but some people can't express themselves in english at all, but insist on using the english channel and get angry when you don't understand them.21:32
daftykins*nod* i really meant those that show a lack of ability21:33
daftykinsthose that learn English as a foreign language probably know it better than the native speakers21:33
Bashing-omducasse: Menawhile .. 2 weeks later : https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2329956 .. My patience is wearing real thin . I gather myself .. and try try again .21:34
* daftykins takes a glance21:35
daftykinsBashing-om: i like your avatar :D21:36
daftykinsmy my, that is a messy one21:39
daftykins"i did all these things, then there were colours on the screen and now i'm scared... hold me?"21:39
daftykinsyep i think the forums would be more stressful than IRC, they go off and do things themselves and you get to guess and pick up the pieces each time!21:41
ducasseargh, i give up on this guy. it's like talking to a brick wall _while_ having teeth pulled.21:43
daftykinsthat is a skilled dentist21:43
ducassenow he's claiming that his i-want-to-do-something-very-unusual problem is ubuntu's fault, not his config's...21:44
OerHekscry cry " i dont have physical access i only have shell access"21:45
OerHeks1st time on your bicycle was scary too, no?21:46
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daftykinswow just finished that thread, that guy does not follow at all21:50
daftykinsmy palm would be so worn from all the facepalming21:51
ducassei couldn't read it all, too frustrating. you're a bigger person than me, Bashing-om21:51
daftykinssame here21:51
daftykinshe has the patience of a saint!21:52
ducassenow this guy wants to use x applications, but he refuses to install a wm...21:55
daftykins"damn it ducasse, i want my cake and i want to eat it - too!"21:55
ducassedaftykins: and when i ask why, he answers 'because'.21:56
OerHeksducasse, all that efford for avoiding a wm ...21:57
ducasse"i refuse to say what i want, but i insist you fix it!"21:57
* daftykins chuckles21:57
daftykinstime to throw that fish back in the river21:57
daftykinslet the bears further down have a go ;)21:57
ducassei've got to go to bed anyway, two minutes till midnight, and i was up early.21:58
daftykinssleep well!22:00
daftykinsi wish you pleasant dreams of cooperative helpees22:00
ducassethanks :) ttyl.22:00

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