philipballewtheShirbiny, yeah, and I am in charge of the community part now00:01
theShirbinycool, you should develop some kind wordpress and other CMSs migration tools00:03
philipballewtheShirbiny, about how hard would that be to do?00:04
theShirbinyI guess it depends on how different your database structure/storage backends from other CMSs00:06
philipballewtheShirbiny, so there is a bug for that.00:07
theShirbinybug for what?00:07
philipballewI am just gonna set the domian manually now00:08
theShirbinyoh yeah00:08
philipballewsomething with tha dns00:08
theShirbinyyou guys using AWS?00:09
philipballewphilipballew, Google00:10
theShirbinyhighlighting yourself xD00:10
philipballewtheShirbiny, haha, its been a long day man00:11
philipballewStartups will do that for you00:11
theShirbinyI'm not into startups anymore, they're fun as hell, but I don't have the time for that!00:13
theShirbinyyou should change the twitter url on your home page lol00:16
philipballewtheShirbiny, im 24 so I needed the job out of university00:16
philipballewhaha theShirbiny thats not good.00:18
philipballewthanks for the info though. We have some things to make better00:20
theShirbinyyw :)00:22
philipballewtheShirbiny, We havent officially launched the beta yet00:28
theShirbinyReally great value, I like the idea of marketing focused CMS00:32
philipballewtheShirbiny, yeah, thats what the idea is. I think they want to leave Wordpress for people who do serious blogs or news sites00:38
philipballewIf you see anyone who could use it, let them know00:39
philipballewWe are always down to expand into Northern Africa00:39
philipballewtheShirbiny if you build and launch a site also, I will probably blog about you00:40
theShirbinywordpress and other CMSs sure can do that, but the market has been about how fast can i get a value from X not whether it can do it or not00:42
theShirbinyI'll let them know for sure :D00:42
philipballewtheShirbiny, Sorry i went offline earlier16:44
philipballewI hae to run quickly16:44
theShirbinydon't worry about it19:58

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