madsi have a problem with broadcom controller anyone help me?02:34
chasinglogicmads: generally it's better to just ask your question and give as much info as possible02:37
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Dark_WitcherHey, guys, morning07:38
ouroumovHey Dark_Witcher07:39
Dark_Witcherquick question, I accidently zoomed in my login screen and have no idea how to zoom it out?07:39
ouroumovIn your login screen?07:40
ouroumovI didn't know that was possible07:40
ouroumovDid you try CTRL + - ?07:40
Dark_WitcherDue to that now everithing is just bigger on the login screen. I'm on Mate 64-bit 16.0407:40
Dark_Witcherouroumov, yes I did07:40
Dark_Witcherand that didn't work07:40
ouroumovDark_Witcher, are you talking about the Lightdm greeter login screen or the screensaver login screen (The one you get to when hitting CTRL+ALT+L) ?07:40
ouroumov(The lightdm screen is the one you get when you start your computer)07:41
ouroumovDark_Witcher, I'm gonna have to jump off the Bus in a little while. So I just wanted to mention that if it's the lightdm lock, there's a settings for the size of the fonts under System -> Administration -> Lightdm GTK+ Greeter settings07:44
Dark_Witcherouroumov, Yes, I'm talking about the Lightdm GTK+'07:49
Dark_Witcherouroumov, the only thing that works from there is reducing the size of the font, but even at 1 it is still to big.07:52
ouroumov_Dark_Witcher, there should be an accessibility menu in lightdm, icon is a little white dude on a blue circle, maybe you've triggered something in there by accident?07:56
alkisgDark_Witcher: what's the output of: sudo ls -lhaR /var/lib/lightdm08:47
Dark_Witcheralkisg, I fixed it, turned out I had accidently pressed F109:04
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t3kg33kgreetings all12:48
t3kg33kI guess there are issues with the forums? I've seen people post on G+ with issues.12:56
hoverbootsAnyone knows how can i get new panel applets for MATE desktop?13:36
ouroumov_t3kg33k, with our forums?14:22
ouroumov_( https://ubuntu-mate.community/ )14:23
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t3kg33kAnyone here know how it will take to see 16.04.1 released for Ubuntu Mate now that it is available for Ubunutu?16:30
t3kg33k*how long it will take16:30
nomicask on forums16:31
nomiccos this place isn't that busy16:31
nomicall time16:31
alkisgt3kg33k: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-mate/releases/16.04.1/release/17:04
mate-newbI'm running Ubuntu Mate 16.04. I installed x-tile using apt-get but when I run it, it segfaults. Does anyone else have this problem?17:36
alkisgmate-newb: the normal way to go would be to report the issue, preferably using the crash dialog that should automatically pop up17:42
alkisgIf it's already reported, it will show you the bug number17:42
mate-newbThere was a crash dialog, with a checkbox for sending in the data. I didn't uncheck that. So this means the bug has been reported and I have nothing else to do right?17:45
alkisgNo, if you haven't reached the point where you see the bug report, it means that the report failed17:47
alkisgE.g. you need a launchpad account to report the bug, if you don't have one it will fail17:47
mate-newbOh, okay I will try to get this crash dialog again17:48
mate-newbThank you17:48
alkisgTry this to get it again: apport-bug /var/crash/*17:49
mate-newbDo I need to setup a launchpad account first in the preferences or something? Because in this window I have the options: Leave Closed and Relaunch, neither will open some sort of issue tracker even though 'Send an error report to help fix the problem' is checked17:52
mate-newbThanks :) and sorry hehe17:55
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:35
Guest62871i'm new on irc, sorry19:36
developerhi guy19:40
developeri have problem with ubuntu-mate19:40
developerreally hard to boot to login screen :( it usually crash while booting19:41
developeranyone know this error?19:42
t3kg33kdeveloper: what is the error?19:53
tewardt3kg33k: he left lol20:05
alkisgWe didn't answer in 13 seconds, shame on us...20:06
randallreally should be put in the message of the day, give us enough time to read your question and formulate an answer before you log off20:10
giovanniTrying to click on 1 pixel wide window edges is hard. Is there a way to make them wider, or turn on "gravity" around edges/corners?20:11
ouroumovgiovanni, there's a keyboard trick20:17
ouroumovgo to the target quadrant of the window, hold ALT and right click, then drag20:18
rahtgaztowards the horizontal and vertical middles you also get to just increase vertically or horizontally. It's really handy20:23
ouroumovhi ubuntu-mate21:00
ubuntu-mateI am installing this beauty system21:01
ubuntu-mateoh man, this night is warm for me, 33ºC21:03
ouroumovYeah it's warm here too21:04
ubuntu-mate:) from are you ouroumov?21:05
ouroumovSouthern France21:05
ubuntu-mateI am from Southern Spain21:05
ouroumovMust be even hotter that here :o21:06
ouroumovthan *21:06
ubuntu-mateyes xD, like 33ºc, in 'Cordoba'21:06
ubuntu-matei need fly to Russia haha21:07
ouroumovI want to leave for a mountaintop myself21:07
ubuntu-mate<3 Mountain21:08
ouroumovI also need to buy a new screen, one of the ones I'm using is radiating heat like a m*therf*cker21:08
ubuntu-mateAre you using a LCD?21:09
ouroumovI'm not sure what it is, I've inherited the screen from my brother21:09
ouroumovSamsung SyncMaster 215tw21:10
ubuntu-matemmm, i have a OKI 22"21:10
ubuntu-mateoki is very baddddd, but work21:10
ubuntu-mateand have full hd, but is OKI21:11
ouroumovHave a dual screen setup, both Samsung 1080p, but the right one is way hotter than the left one. ^^"21:12
ubuntu-mate:P nice dual screen21:12
ubuntu-matefor simulator games is the best21:13
nibblynHi! HDMI secondary display output not working (no signal) after fresh install of UbuntuMate 16.04 with nvidia driver. Works with the very same hardware, driver and x version under 12.04. Nouveau working properly. Any suggestion please?21:29
randalldoes it work as primary output?21:31
nibblynrandall, yes21:32
randalldoes your monitor work as secondary with tv as primary?21:33
nibblynrandall, thought about Fn-4 not being recognized, tried with disper (display switcher), no success. It's a laptop with an HDMI output connected to a Tv21:35
randallahhhhh, did you try using the nvidia control panel?21:35
nibblynrandall, yes. It seems to generate a xorg.conf (not used anymore theese days seems).21:37
nibblynrandall, IMHO there are two ways to setup an xorg.conf file: two separate screens or one extended. Nothing works.21:38
randallhmm, try a different nvidia driver? there should be atleast 2 in the repos21:39
nibblynrandall, confirmed, two of them. Using 304.131 (older one) because v 340.96 is pretty unstable on this Gpu even if still officially supported by nvidia.21:41
randalland you say the neuvou driver works just fine?21:42
nibblynI know pretty crazy situation :) Thanks for your reply!21:42
nibblynyep. nouveau works, in fact the install usb display pretty well a dual image on the tv21:43
randallwell my best advice is if the community driver does the trick, and your laptop isn't a gaming machine, go with that21:43
nibblyninstall usb flashkey21:43
randallnvidia drivers are only needed if you plan on playing steam games on it21:44
randallbecaus opengl 4.021:45
nibblynit is quite old, using it just for watching movies, hardware acceleration is needed for HD21:46
randallyou don't get hd from the community driver?21:48
nibblynhave been using proprietary since 2010, nouveau was quite a bit slower those days, will try how it performs now21:49
randallgive it a shot21:51
nibblynok, thanks21:52
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giovanni@ouroumov Thanks that works well. Take a while to internalise. Tossing up between ubMate and Xubuntu. Mate looks nice so far23:16
josh_ive been using mate in Vbox for a while now. i like it. anyone feel like telling me whats different between mate and officila ubuntu?23:23
ouroumovjosh_, support for the LTS is 3 years instead of 5. Default applications are not the same (most are forked from what you find in official Ubuntu) and of course, the desktop doesn't look or work the same.23:26
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