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* slangasek waves15:00
pittislangasek: can I go first/early today? I'm currently in a train station, travelling back from the sprint; but I need to leave in ~ 10 min15:01
slangasek"A goedendag (also rendered godendac, godendard, godendart, and sometimes conflated with the related plançon) was a weapon originally used by the militias of Medieval Flanders in the 14th century, notably during the Franco-Flemish War."15:01
slangasekpitti: ack15:01
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pittislangasek: uh, that was sarcasm at the extreme, I'd say :)15:02
slangasek[TOPIC] Lightning round15:02
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slangasek$ echo $(shuf -e barry doko bdmurray slangasek caribou infinity sil2100 robru cyphermox pitti tdaitx xnox chiluk mwhudson)15:03
slangasekrobru slangasek barry bdmurray tdaitx xnox chiluk doko mwhudson caribou sil2100 cyphermox pitti infinity15:03
slangasek... but pitti goes first15:03
pittiMon-Wed: mini-sprint with seb128, Laney, and tedg for converting session startup from session bus/upstart to user bus/systemd; good progress, some bugs/holes found (no surprise), see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/convergence-y-replace-upstart for current status15:03
pittilxd: debug failure on mounting the root fs (#1602192)15:03
pittidebug and propose a fix for networking restart/ssh deadlock (#1584393)15:03
robru* verbose britney logs for debugging purposes15:03
robru* status job is 99% done, unit tests are done, just a few rough edges to sort out and more testing needed15:03
robru* check dest archive first for supported arches before falling back on main_archive.15:03
slangasek * prepped for this week's snappy sprint15:05
slangasek * ubuntu-image: we have an image that can boot to grub under UEFI; more refinement needed15:05
slangasek * working through bug reports around the secureboot policy change in latest kernel SRUs (LP: #1604873 et al)15:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1604873 in shim-signed (Ubuntu Xenial) "MokSBStateRT strictly inferior to /proc/sys/kernel/moksbstate_disabled" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160487315:05
slangasek * mid-cycle planning15:05
slangasek * some work on un-sticking transitions in proposed-migration; haskell almost got there, then got wedged on an unreproducible (on porter box) armhf build failure halfway up the stack15:05
slangasek * travel swap day tomorrow; mid-cycle next week in .nl15:05
barryall ubuntu-image all the time15:06
bdmurrayresearch into how hwe support works in update-manager15:06
bdmurrayforward port of hwe support to Trusty, Yakkety15:06
bdmurrayubuntu-release-upgrader bug triage15:06
bdmurraytested LP: #1603436 (python2.7 Xenial regression-update bug)15:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1603436 in python2.7 (Ubuntu Yakkety) "Regression in python2.7 SRU breaks python-cassandra" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160343615:06
bdmurray✔ done15:06
tdaitx= OpenJDK security update15:06
tdaitx- Packaged, tested, and released OpenJDK 8 package for the security team for Xenial and Wily; a Yakkety package is also available15:06
tdaitx- Backporting security patches for OpenJDK 7 ongoing15:06
tdaitx= Merges15:06
tdaitx- isc-dhcp onhold while I worked on the security update15:06
tdaitx= Other15:06
tdaitx- Will be away today afternoon and tomorrow the whole day (finally moving to a new place)15:07
tdaitx- There's a good chance I will be working from a shared office or similar next week while I wait for an ISP technician to check service 'availability15:07
xnox* 16.04.1 iso testing, ubiquity, SRU finalisation15:07
xnox* zua - fixing apparmor/libvirt/qemu integration15:07
xnox* opencryptoki upgrade for s390x15:07
xnox* mdadm with raid fixes in debian (to fix fallout bugs & to merge into ubuntu)15:07
xnox* mdadm isms is outstanding15:07
xnox* btrfs upload pending15:07
slangasekchiluk: ?15:08
bdmurrayxnox: have you seen bug 1599428?15:08
ubottubug 1599428 in mdadm (Ubuntu) "checkarray doesn't work" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159942815:08
xnoxbdmurray, yes. among others... failure to boot currently higher on my list.15:09
bdmurrayxnox: okay, that sounds important. ;-)15:10
slangasekdoko: are you back today, or not until tomorrow?15:10
dokofirst day back in Berlin (good timing, all SRU regressions already fixed ;p), catching up on email15:10
dokoso, nothing more15:10
slangasekok :)15:10
caribou Bugfix:15:10
caribou  dpkg status file corrupt15:10
caribou  - Investigating landscape LDS15:10
caribouLaunchpad & Public15:10
caribou  Multiple makedumpfile bugfix15:10
caribou  LP: #1570093 - multipath-tools sponsor15:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1570093 in multipath-tools (Ubuntu Xenial) "multipath-tools update introduced syslog messages about partx" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157009315:10
caribou Paid Timeout15:11
caribou& I'm off for the next three weeks on vacation as of friday15:11
caribou ☑ Done15:11
sil2100- Landing team work, silo coordination, preparing landing e-mails15:11
sil2100- RTM status meetings15:11
sil2100- OTA-12:15:11
sil2100  * Sanity-checking all rc image contents15:11
sil2100  * Announcing and discussing the additional delay requested by the manufacturer15:11
sil2100- Touch xenial:15:11
slangasekPaid Timeout?15:11
sil2100  * Noticed additional missing packages in arm64 xenial builds15:11
sil2100  * Wrote a separate script checking for unbuilt binaries for arm6415:11
sil2100  * Prepared, tested and landed silo with multiple packages rebuilt for arm6415:11
sil2100  * Investigating further build failures in the rootfs15:11
sil2100- Discussing OTA-13 release dates15:11
sil2100- Looking into the KPI instrumentation PPA implementation15:11
caribouslangasek: PTO or whatever you wan to call it15:11
sil2100- Prepping a bileto pre hook for address-book-app to unblock it from yakkety15:11
sil2100- Adding missing devices to commitlog generation15:11
sil2100- Looking into the goget-ubuntu-touch new landing15:11
sil2100- Helping Timo in reviewing some code and proposals for moving SDK off the seeds15:11
slangasekah :)15:11
sil2100- SRUing the xorg-server arm64-enablement bits we published to xenial-overlay15:12
sil2100- Backporting recent per-device-redirect changes to the s-i testability branch15:12
slangasekcyphermox is out15:13
slangasekpitti has already gone15:13
slangasekinfinity is at the snappy sprint this week15:13
slangasek<infinity> snappy sprint, arm64 ISO, self-loathing, illness, snappy sprint, 16.04.1 release.15:13
slangasek^^ summary :)15:13
slangasekany questons?15:13
xnoxand 16.04.01 is out 20 minutes ago =)15:14
slangasekyes but the website is not updated yet15:14
barryinfinity's reports are so uplifting15:14
slangasekThe underrated sequel to the Hunter S. Thompson classic, "snappy and self-loathing in Heidelberg"15:15
slangasekseeing no questions...15:16
slangasek[TOPIC] AOB15:16
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slangasekanything else for today?15:16
slangasekfeature freeze coming up, everybody feeling good about yakkety?15:16
barrypretty good from the python side15:18
slangasekgcc6 test rebuild looks only moderately awful compared to the baseline15:18
slangaseka bunch of build failures still because of debhelper compat 4 being declared obsolete15:18
slangasekhopefully we'll pick up fixes for most of those from Debian (especially for main); please stay on top of merges to make sure we pick up any fixes15:19
slangasek[LINK] http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20160701-yakkety.html15:19
xnox#webops working on the website deployment15:19
barryi'll take a look at the relevant main failures (we need a new dh-python in debian to fix the zope.interface one)15:21
chiluksorry slangasek.. nothing from me ... I've been distracted with maas 2.0 cases lately, so nothing you guys care about.15:22
slangasekchiluk: ok :)15:22
slangaseksounds like that covers us then for this week15:22
slangasekvolunteer to run the meeting next week, since I'll be sprinting?15:23
slangasekxnox: thanks for volunteering!15:24
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slangasekthanks :)15:25
caribouthanks slangasek & see you in August15:25
xnoxslangasek, &> pitti15:25
tdaitxthanks all!15:26
pittislangasek: ugh, FF already? time flies :)16:29
pittislangasek: FYI, I got a name for the network YAML thing and approved config paths, so this is unblocked16:29
belkinsa#startmeeting Community Council Check-In16:59
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belkinsaWho is all for the meeting today?17:00
belkinsa#chair czajkowski17:00
meetingologyCurrent chairs: belkinsa czajkowski17:00
belkinsaLet's wait five minutes for the rest to come.17:01
belkinsaWe need members from the Desktop and the Developer Membership Board teams.17:01
sil2100I'm here o/ (from the DMB)17:02
belkinsasil2100: thank you for coming.17:02
czajkowskisil2100: thanks17:02
sil2100But I think we were supposed to be here officially in 30 minutes17:02
belkinsasil2100: that is true, but if none from the Desktop team come, we may have to start with you.17:03
sil2100Should I try pinging the rest of the DMB?17:03
belkinsaYes, please.17:04
tsimonq2Community Council, could we please get a date for the next Lubuntu check-in?17:04
czajkowskitsimonq2: it's not on the list will get it amended after the meeting17:04
tsimonq2thank you czajkowski :)17:05
belkinsaczajkowski: I pinged the desktop team in their channel.17:05
czajkowskisil2100: any more DMB folks?17:05
sil2100Poked them on #ubuntu-devel, but it seems everyone was waiting for 17:30 UTC17:06
* micahg is here17:06
czajkowski#topic DMB check in17:06
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czajkowskigreat :)17:06
belkinsaAre you both of Desktop team?17:06
sil2100micahg, rbasak: thanks for popping up!17:06
belkinsaOkay, perfect.17:07
czajkowskithanks for coming folks17:07
belkinsaAnd thank you, czajkowski.17:07
czajkowskiso micahg rbasak sil2100 how are things in the land of DMB ?17:07
czajkowskicare to catch us up17:07
rbasakSo I'm new on the DMB, still learning the ropes.17:07
micahgwe've actually had a nice stream of applicants recently17:07
micahgnot a full agenda, but usually we have at least 117:08
rbasakI feel that we're a little slow in getting stuff done for people after approvals, partly because most of us are learning the ropes, and partly because some approvals need a TB member to make them actually happen, and we have only one (very busy) overlapping person.17:08
rbasakI'd like to do that better, but I think we will as we get the hang of things.17:08
* belkinsa nods17:08
sil2100I guess it happens for those more complicated applications17:09
czajkowskirbasak: do you guys discuss before hand or wait till the meeting, is thre a channel for you to discuss items ?17:09
sil2100Since we did have a few core-dev applications that just went through smoothly, with all permissions given on the same day17:09
rbasakYes, the straightforward ones are pretty quick.17:09
rbasakOn another note, I feel that we barely made quorum on almost every meeting.17:10
czajkowskirbasak: is there a way to move things to email as I know it's hard to get everyone online at one time17:10
belkinsaIs it because we all have lives or is there another problem?17:10
sil2100I apologize for this week, I actually joined the DMB meeting place a few minutes before it starting but then got preempted by life17:10
rbasakczajkowski: we have a private channel, but don't use it much.17:10
czajkowskiI know online meetings like this are useful but you can see even now it's hard to get all the CC online17:10
czajkowskisil2100: life is very complicated at times ;)17:11
belkinsaIndeed, we only have two of us here at the meeting.17:11
sil2100I guess ;)17:11
rbasakczajkowski: we can defer to the ML, yes. I don't think we've had to do that yet. We would have had to at the last meeting had the applicant also not forgotten to show :)17:11
czajkowskirbasak: so we in the CC have a channel we idle in and that has really helped over the last few years to get togeter catch up and leave feedback17:11
czajkowskimayeb to encouraage folks to become more idle on there?17:11
belkinsa+1 on the idle idea17:12
* rbasak idles in there already17:12
micahgwell, I still need to process the doodle poll results for meeting times, that should help with quorum17:12
czajkowskirbasak: yes that can be hard, we do try and reach out adn send reminders, but again life kicks in, do you email out before hand to remind people17:12
rbasakIt's much easier for me though, since I'm full time paid by Canonical to be on IRC basically.17:12
sil2100rbasak: what's the channel name? I'm a newbie and probably missed the channel name somewhere17:12
rbasaksil2100: #ubuntu-dmb17:12
czajkowskiwhat has helped the CC this last few months is having our meetings in a google calendar we can subscribe to and get notifications17:12
sil2100rbasak: could you invite me? It seems invite-only ;)17:13
sil2100rbasak: thanks!17:13
belkinsamicahg: Are you, as a team, working on getting a better time/date to reach the quotem?17:13
rbasaksil2100: I need to figure out how to do that :)17:13
belkinsamicahg: I see.17:13
micahgrbasak: I'll take care of it17:13
czajkowskiIs there anything the CC can do to help or improve with ?17:14
sil2100czajkowski: we also have a calendar with all the meetings scheduled, and it does seem to help to some extent17:14
rbasaksil2100: we do? :)17:14
* rbasak has his own calendar entries17:14
belkinsaYou can have one that can send out reminders to the Mailing-list when there is a meeting.  Like I did for this one.17:14
sil2100rbasak: yes! I thought I added you there, hmm17:14
sil2100rbasak: yeah, looks like you're added there, at least your @ubuntu.com account17:15
sil2100I proceeded as per the fridge instructions, might have messed up something but so far it worked fine for me ;p17:15
rbasaksil2100: maybe it needs to be my @canonical.com account, as that's what Google thinks I am. But don't worry about it - I have my own entries that seem to work. We can figure out something if/when we change our times.17:16
czajkowskiso in general things are going well with the DMB ?17:16
rbasakIs there anything the CC can do to help or improve with> I can't think of anything, thanks. Unless someone else can?17:16
czajkowskimy only thinking would be if you could or maybe you do and I am not seeing it annouce new members?17:17
rbasakczajkowski: I'd say so. I'd like to do better in terms of delays for some applicants after approval, but I think we're on an improving trend17:17
czajkowskido you?17:17
rbasakIt's in our post-meeting chair checklist. I'm not sure how well it is actually getting performed (we have a rotating chair).17:17
rbasakPerhaps we should add it as a specific meeting action.17:18
czajkowskirbasak: it would be great to see it posting to the fridge or even on planet.u.c so the ubuntu newsletter could get an update - I know pleia2 is always looking for new content17:20
czajkowskiI think that would raise the profile of the DMB and applications17:20
micahgyeah, I'm notorious for forgetting to do that :(17:20
rbasakczajkowski: agreed. We should do something to make sure this happens.17:20
belkinsaMaybe use Trello?17:21
rbasakWe're quite good at carrying forward meeting actions, and nominating a DMB member to handle an applicant approval, so what if we wrote up a "new approved applicant checklist" and created an actual meeting action to complete that checklist?17:22
rbasakTrello works too if everyone is happy with that.17:22
czajkowskirbasak: fantastic :)17:22
czajkowskiI think that would be great for all to see new applications and community activity.17:22
belkinsarbasak: that also works.17:22
sil2100Yeah, I was wondering recently what happened to that17:23
rbasakI'll add an item to the agenda of the next meeting to decide what we want to do to solve this.17:23
sil2100Since I remember new members being announced in the past17:23
sil2100rbasak: thanks!17:24
czajkowskiThank you :)17:25
czajkowskiis there anything else we can help with ?17:25
rbasakI guess not.17:27
rbasakThank you for your time! I think it was useful to catch up with you. I appreciate it must take a while to get round every team.17:27
belkinsaAnd thank you for coming.17:28
sil2100How often do such catch-ups happen for a selected team?17:28
belkinsaI think once or twice a cycle.17:28
sil2100Ok, was just curious, thanks :)17:29
sil2100And thank you for your time!17:29
belkinsaNot a problem.17:29
czajkowskionce a cycle17:29
czajkowski#topic Desktop17:31
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czajkowskianyone here from the Desktop team ?17:31
belkinsaIf not, we can reschedule the meeting.  Can't we?17:32
belkinsa#chair mhall11917:32
meetingologyCurrent chairs: belkinsa czajkowski mhall11917:32
mhall119will's not online, I pinged seb128 but no reply yet17:34
belkinsaAlright, I already added it to here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda17:34
czajkowskibelkinsa: need to add lubuntu also17:35
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meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2016/ubuntu-meeting.2016-07-21-16.59.moin.txt17:35
czajkowskithanks folks17:35
belkinsaThanks everyone for coming.17:36
belkinsaczajkowski: Lubuntu is already added.17:36
belkinsaczajkowski: check-mate :D17:36
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