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duflurobert_ancell: Could just about do another Xmir release now. The most important bugs of the moment are fixed. I'm just trying to figure out how to fix up launchpad git so that 1.18 is the default branch...?08:04
robert_ancellduflu, I've changed the default08:05
duflurobert_ancell: Thanks. I assume I couldn't see it without admin08:05
robert_ancellIt was https://code.launchpad.net/~xmir-team/xorg-server/+git/xmir/+edit08:06
robert_ancellprobably admin required08:06
dufluNope, I just lacked the URL08:06
duflurobert_ancell: I do want to try for more Xmir fixes but no need to wait... I might achieve zero more in the short term08:07
robert_ancellok, I'll upload to Yakkety08:07
duflurobert_ancell: Ha. I just landed another one, but not important08:21
robert_ancellduflu, I just noticed... :P08:21
dufluWell nobody else ever noticed that one but me. So you don't need to include it this time08:23
alan_ggreyback: https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/add-mir_surface_spec_attach/+merge/300202/comments/77417208:31
greybackalan_g: replied. MirPlacement wfm08:45
alan_ggreyback: ta08:46
alan_ggreyback: I'm looking into exposing output changes in miral and was wondering about miral-qt/src/platforms/mirserver/screen.h - are any of the second block of methods actually used anywhere? Or are they just there because its easy?09:14
greybackalan_g: scale, formfactor, etc?09:15
alan_gI'm mostly thinking of pixelFormats(), modes() which I don't see used in the project and are not overrides09:17
greybackalan_g: mostly because they were easy09:18
greybackpossibly cruft left over09:19
greybackI don't see any reason to keep them09:19
alan_gThere's no "magic" access to them then from downstream?09:19
alan_ggreyback: thanks, if I don't need to support them (yet) I won't.09:21
greybackalan_g: not that I'm aware of09:22
greybackalan_g: hey, from miral::WindowInfo, how can I distinguish a window having a parent or not? WindowInfo::parent() returns a Window, but it could be null10:54
greybacki.e. default instantialized10:55
alan_gI use "if (auto parent = info.parent())" a lot10:55
* greyback never likes that syntax. I read the operation as assignment, which I never think of as being able to fail10:56
greybackalan_g: ok, that'll work10:57
alan_g1. it isn't assignment, 2. the result of assignment isn't success/fail10:58
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alan_ggreyback: how close are we to having something we can demo rendering using Qt?10:59
greybackalan_g: I have rendering, I'm working on the surface positioning now11:01
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alan_gIsn't that just implementing the "advise_xxx" hooks?11:03
greybackalan_g: yep, but child window positions not correct, digging into why11:05
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alan_gif you need help I'm interested11:06
greybackalan_g: ack11:06
* alan_g has been fixing "window positions not correct" reported from toolkits for a couple of weeks11:07
greybackI think it's my issue, as miral-shell is working correctly11:10
alan_gIt *could* be missing "advise" calls - I found a few11:10
* alan_g remembers he wanted to provide an optional logging wrapper around the WMP11:17
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* camako sees that 0.23.4 has landed13:00
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