naccblizzow: do you have some other package installed that maybe is "watching" eni?00:00
blizzowIt's a fresh install with the only thing selected during the install being openssh server.  To be fair, this is happening via ansible.  I copy /etc/network/interfaces containging a static ip into place, and the next command ansible tries to run fails because it can no longer connect to the host.00:04
naccblizzow: i'm not sure if ansible would be interacting there. I woudl maybe try it without ansible (seems like it would be trivial to do)00:06
naccblizzow: that is, fresh install, ssh in, change eni (or more appropriately, maybe eni.cfg/...00:07
blizzowI copied a new /etc/network/interfaces over manually and it won't change over now. Like I said, it's 50/50 for me so far and I can't figure out rhyme or reason as to how ubuntu is dealing with the change of /etc/network/interfaces.00:15
naccblizzow: well, like I said, it's rather unexpected to me (and I've never seen that), so I'm not convinced it's ubuntu doing anything yet. AFAIK, various tools might write to eni (and ifup/ifdown read from it), but it doesn't happen spontaneously00:16
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TylerWhitneyHi good ubuntu folks. I attempted to upgrade my server from 14.04 to 16.04 tonight and the installation failed. When I try to get things working again with the "apt-get -f dist-upgrade" command to the packages it fails on "util-linux" package with "insserv: Service mountdevsubfs has to be enabled to start service hwclock" ... while I have a backup, I figured I'd play around with this botched system as a learning experienc02:12
sarnoldTylerWhitney: odd indeed. could you file a bug against util-linux and initscripts about that?02:21
sarnoldTylerWhitney: for your own playtime this may be helpful  : find /etc -name '*hwclock*'  and  find /etc -name '*mountdevsubfs*'02:22
TylerWhitneyI will file a bug, in my original searches I did see a similar mention of this, but I'll have to go back to google to make sure it was filed as a bug02:24
TylerWhitneysarnold: With those find commands I see init scripts for both of them02:24
TylerWhitneyIf I try to run the script for mountdevsubfs I get the message "Can't open /lib/init/tmpfs.sh"02:25
sarnoldTylerWhitney: the S symlinks say when to start the service during the boot; the K symlinks say when to shut down the service when changing runlevels or shutting down02:25
sarnoldstrange, I don't have that file either02:26
TylerWhitneyappears to be called on line 26 of the init.d file02:27
TylerWhitneyI created a quick and dirty tmpfs.sh script there that creates a loopback on a tmp file and mounts it02:30
TylerWhitneywhen I run the init script it says mountdevsubfs is running, though I get the message still when trying "apt-get -f install" that it hit a problem with util-linux because "Service mountdevsubfs has to be enabled to start service hwclock"02:31
TylerWhitneyvery odd02:31
sarnoldnow try the 'update-rc.d mountdevsubfs enable'   -- maybe with a -n to prevent it from doing anything, so you ca nsee what it intends to do first02:35
TylerWhitneyhmm "update-rc.d: error: cannot find a LSB script for mountdevsubfs"02:37
sarnoldtry with mountdevsubfs.sh ?02:42
TylerWhitneyYes, that was the issue I think.02:43
TylerWhitneyI also tried removing it with the update-rc.d command and then setting it with defaults02:44
TylerWhitneyThat seemed to get traction02:44
TylerWhitneyI still got an error with "apt-get -f install" but the command "apt-get -f dist-upgrade" is working and installing packages now...02:44
TylerWhitneyThis seems promising.02:44
TylerWhitneyBut you were right I forgot the .sh at the end when I first ran it, hence the not found error02:45
TylerWhitneyI think I also know what caused the issue in the first place now.02:45
sarnoldoh? :)02:47
TylerWhitneySo, I had a really old custom written init script in the init.d directory02:47
TylerWhitneyI think because it didn't conform to standards when it came to updating it somehow failed starting/restarting all the services02:48
TylerWhitneyI'm more of an application developer that dabbles in this stuff, usually when things go awry I just restore from backups... I'm a lazy sys admin02:48
TylerWhitneyBut figured tonight was a good time to play on a broken system... you never learn as well as you do when fixing broken stuff02:48
sarnoldI'd hope it would take more than that to send it awry, but maybe that was it. :)02:49
TylerWhitneyYes, I could be very wrong02:49
TylerWhitneyI saw an error relating to trying to start that old service that no longer existed when I ran "dpkg --configure -a" and thought... oh damn that doesn't exist anymore02:49
TylerWhitneywell I made some progress and now we fail on mysql-server02:50
TylerWhitneySeems to be a known bug http://askubuntu.com/questions/760724/16-04-upgrade-broke-mysql-server02:56
TylerWhitneyI did an "apt-get remove --purge mysql-server mysql-server-5.7" then deleted everything in the /etc/mysql directory and did an "apt-get install mysql-server mysql-server-5.7" and it worked like a charm02:56
TylerWhitneyAnd... thats it, we're back to normal and 16.04 it appears!02:57
TylerWhitneysarnold: thanks for the push in the right direction02:58
TylerWhitneyI was not familiar with all of the update-rc.d commands02:58
sarnoldhopefully we'll be rid of update-rc.d some day02:58
TylerWhitneyWell, that was certainly the issue... the MySQL server thing appears totally isolated and separate from the first02:58
sarnoldyeah it probably is02:58
TylerWhitneythis was a production server, I like living on the edge!02:59
TylerWhitneyIts a minor server and I schedule the downtime for tonight though ;-)02:59
sarnoldahhh at least it happened on your terms. sortof. :)02:59
TylerWhitneyHaha! Now the real deal, lets see what happens when I reboot03:01
TylerWhitneyI have the backup image ready if need be.03:01
TylerWhitneyThe right way would probably be to install 16.04 fresh, install the required packages, then restore files from backup.03:03
TylerWhitneyBut then, what fun would that be.03:03
sarnoldthe mysql issue seems annoying. Doing the purge approach to fix it seems needlessly brutal ..03:04
sarnold'cause now you've got to deal with the mysql configuration from scratch.03:04
TylerWhitneyluckily my configuration wasn't all that customized03:13
TylerWhitneyI seem to have run into more issues with PHP considering it seems php7 is now default.03:13
TylerWhitneyGot everything working again, but had to manually install some packages that were there before trying to upgrade03:14
sarnolds/default/only php/03:14
TylerWhitney /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER TylerWhitney oqvrpwipphlb04:20
ndeewhen the OOM-killer is invoked, is it possible to execute a script? Since I know for 99% which services would need to be restarted.06:19
andolndee: You can probably hack something together by have something watch the kernel log, but I don't think there is any explicit reliable way to hook a script in there.06:22
ndeeandol: ok, since normally, it's always mysql and apache that needs to be restarted and the server would function again but I'm not sure on how to achieve that.06:23
andolndee: Depending on circumstances, I'm otherwise partial to have the kernel panic-and-reboot in case of an OOM.06:23
andolYet, in case this is a common problem for you, it sounds like the first thing you should do is to tune the memory usage of Apache and Mysql.06:25
zboubyhi all i have this problem after upgrade from ubuntu 12.04 ==>14.0406:27
zboubydpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of libapache2-mod-php5:06:27
zbouby libapache2-mod-php5 depends on apache2 (>= 2.4); however:06:27
ndeeandol: I just checked, in apache, the processes just started to rise and rise until 256 and then remained there until the restart of apache. How could I avoid that?06:29
ndeethe keepalivetimeout is set to 5 and the timeout in general is set to 300. The number of processes rose over a time of 6 hours06:31
andolndee: Was a while since I spent some serious quality time with Apache, but if I remember correctly you might want to tune your MPM settings, regarding how many childs and threads to allow, etc06:33
andolndee: But really, now I'm mostly shooting from my hip, so you should probably rather get your advice from someone who does this stuff for real.06:35
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FManTropyxwill 14.04 systems be getting automatic upgrade soon?10:35
Odd_BlokeFManTropyx: Yep, for some value of "soon". :)10:37
FManTropyxokay, I remember hearing today's date previously10:38
sveinseIsn't it safe to uninstall mdadm and lvm2, when its not needed? I have ubuntu-server installed, and these two packages are depended upon11:01
sveinseI find the message "W: mdadm: /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf defines no arrays." a real annoyance11:01
patdk-lapmust have picked the install everything option, instead l minimal install11:04
patdk-lapI actually find having openiscsi installed to be more annoying11:04
sveinsepatdk-lap: I haven't noticed that one actually. How is it bothersome?11:06
rbasakjcastro: hey, do you know if there's a PHP webapp charm? I need to set up a LAMP stack for a non-work project but I couldn't find one.13:21
jamespageddellav, coreycb: ceilometer and aodh are now blocked on cotyledon13:21
jamespagewell for post b2 anyway13:21
techsayanHi, I was trying to assign group permissions in my server, can someone help me out setting up group permissions on the system level rather than file/directory level?13:50
cpaelzerrbasak: hey, I'm not sure yet if I find the time - but atm I'm kind of blocked on almost all ends I worked on, so would you pick 1-3 bugs depending on their compexity for me to work on?14:13
rbasakcpaelzer: I don't have many prepared, sorry. I need to fill the backlog again. How about bug 1594202? Or just take a look around for one?14:17
ubottubug 1594202 in dovecot (Ubuntu) "apparmor messages everywhere" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/159420214:17
jgrimmcpaelzer, or knock through some more merges too14:18
rbasakcpaelzer: see "List of recently modified bugs in packages looked after by the server team" in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/KnowledgeBase14:18
cpaelzerjgrimm: do you still have the generated list for the merges that could identify candidates other than just looking around?14:21
coreycbjamespage, ok and as for MIRs I think we're just blocked on aodhclient and ryu14:21
jgrimmcpaelzer, i have a script now!  but really its easy enough to just look at MOM14:23
cpaelzersure, can do that in case I run dry again :-)14:23
jgrimmcpaelzer, maybe rbasak would hand off exim4 to you? i know that's been on his backlog for a long while?14:23
jgrimmcpaelzer, and i'm quite certain rharper would let you take strongswan14:23
cpaelzerI didn't want to grab something too big before vacation as surely curtin, dpdk and the open merges are soon suddenly full of work once unblocked14:24
jgrimmfair enough, plenty of those too!14:24
jgrimmcpaelzer, logwatch and amavisd-new are probably trivial14:27
cpaelzerrbasak: nacc: so to be ready for safety if one could make available for the importer: exim4, logwatch and amavisd-new - that would be great no matte rwho takes it eventually14:27
coreycbjamespage, ddellav: zigo's working on cotyledon.  we'll need to MIR that as well.14:28
rbasakcpaelzer: sure, I'll import now.14:28
ddellavcoreycb ah ok, good news14:28
jamespagecoreycb, ack14:29
jgrimmrbasak, 'at' and memcached too please14:29
rbasakjgrimm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/usd-importer/+bug/160528014:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1605280 in usd-importer "memcached cannot be imported" [Undecided,New]14:33
jgrimmrbasak, :) thanks14:34
coreycbjamespage, ddellav: aodhclient MIR approved14:38
fricklercpaelzer: if you are looking for a bug to solve, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/percona-xtradb-cluster-5.6/+bug/1574509 would still be a good one for me ;)14:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1574509 in percona-xtradb-cluster-5.6 (Ubuntu) "mysqladmin-5.7 fails to set password for percona-xtradb-cluster-server-5.6" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:42
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jgrimmrbasak, fyi->https://bugs.launchpad.net/usd-importer/+bug/160528015:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1605280 in usd-importer "memcached cannot be imported" [Undecided,New]15:50
jgrimmerr meant nacc ^^ sorry15:51
naccjgrimm: yep, i'm reading and working on it now15:52
jgrimmnacc, cool. tx15:52
zetheroohow do I stop a tty instance and disable it in Ubuntu as is done here for CentOS: https://mrkmg.com/posts/2015/07/proxmox-centos-7-console-showing-two-login-prompts/15:52
ddellavcoreycb lp:~ddellav/ubuntu/+source/ceilometer and lp:~ddellav/ubuntu/+source/openstack-trove ready for review/push. FYI: Trove had quite a few dependency updates. I'm not sure what you want to do about that but i added them.15:55
jamespageddellav, coreycb: newton-proposed passed tempest smoke - pushing to updates now16:00
coreycbddellav, ceilomter is pushed/uploaded16:09
coreycbddellav, for openstack-trove the only dep that should need updating is oslo.concurrency>=3.7.1, which is ok.16:13
ddellavcoreycb there was a bunch that were out of sync. Do we just ignore those?16:13
coreycbddellav, that's the only one I noticed was different between 5.0.0 and 5.1.016:14
ddellavcoreycb thats correct but if you manually diff the requirements.txt and d/control there are many differences16:15
ddellavcoreycb https://cl.ly/2s2u331N1D0A/Image%202016-07-21%20at%2012.15.28%20PM.png16:15
coreycbddellav, gotcha, so we missed updates to d/control on previous changes.  /me looks again.  as long as they're in the archive for xenial it should be fine.16:17
coreycbddellav, yep looks good16:19
ddellavcoreycb ok, then it's good to push :)16:20
coreycbddellav, yep, builds ok I assume?16:20
ddellavcoreycb yessir16:20
coreycbddellav, trove pushed/uploaded as well.  for ceilometer I asked arges to reject our previous mitaka point release that was in the review queue since this one overrides it.16:25
ddellavcoreycb ok, i updated the bug and the card to include 6.1.3 as well16:26
eagles0513875|2hey guys is there a reason why 16.04 doesnt require sudo when one does init 0 or what ever init command16:42
tarpmaneagles0513875|2: yes16:44
eagles0513875|2tarpman: whats the reason is it expected behaviour or a bug16:45
tarpmaneagles0513875|2: the default policy allows users with a local session to shut down the system. it's expected.16:46
eagles0513875|2isnt that a bit of a risk especially for production systems16:47
eagles0513875|2and when you say policy what do you mean exactly by policy please?16:47
argescoreycb: which one16:50
coreycbarges, yes 6.1.116:50
argescoreycb: ok done16:50
tarpmaneagles0513875|2: /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.login1.policy is the policy I'm talking about. specifically <action id="org.freedesktop.login1.power-off"> with <allow_active>yes</allow_active>16:52
eagles0513875|2ok never really looked into that stuff that is why it works and i dont touch but thanks for enlightening me :)16:53
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pooodhey guys do you know how to clone a disk?   http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/297446/how-to-clone-an-entire-linux-disk-and-boot-it18:07
dr4c4npoood: dd?18:10
poooddr4c4n: i used dd but forget the boot sector18:10
poooddon't know how...18:10
dr4c4nit shows you on the page how to backup the mbr18:14
sarnoldif you clone the whole disk you don't need to worry about a disk sector specifically; if you clone just a partition then you'll have to install a boatlaoder of some sort18:14
dr4c4nyes then run grub-install18:15
pooodsarnold: okay. thank you. let me try :)18:16
pooodmany thanks btw18:16
pooodso helpful18:16
bulletxt|2hi, im trying to upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 with do.-release upgrade20:20
bulletxt|2if finds precise 12.04 but then stops after reading repos and restores back to previous source list20:21
bulletxt|2any idea why is this?20:21
bulletxt|2I could paste the output but since its long I dont know how to scroll as the process from what I can understand is run inside the "screen" utility20:21
terjehi, I'd like to download the xenial cloud image (which I've done) and add a bunch of packages to the img file.20:22
terjeI've attempted to guestmount it, then apt install <stuff>20:22
terjebut I'm getting this error:20:22
terjeFatal Python error: Failed to open /dev/urandom20:22
terjeany suggstions?20:23
rattkingterje: are you mounting and chrooting into a image? if so you probably need to bind mount proc sys and dev into the images filesystem..20:27
bulletxt|2I found the isse in the logs, at a certain point in the do.release upgrade at the beginning it says something like21:01
bulletxt|2"it was not possible to authenticate some packages. This could be a temp problem etc"21:02
bulletxt|2any clue?21:02
rattkingI *think* the package signing keys are in ubuntu-keyring maybe you need to update that first?21:03
bulletxt|2I did that21:04
bulletxt|2a lot of times21:04
bulletxt|2I did an apt-get update and upgrade21:04
bulletxt|2I did them all21:04
bulletxt|2now I was reading this http://askubuntu.com/questions/425355/error-authenticating-some-packages-while-upgrade21:04
rattkingdid you pull in the package from the version you are trying to upgrade to?21:05
bulletxt|2its a long story, im on 10.0421:05
bulletxt|2I put the EOL repos21:06
bulletxt|2they seem to work21:06
bulletxt|2but do-release upgrade is failing21:06
bulletxt|2miserably with that log (and it took me 1 hour to find the log!"21:06
bulletxt|2but at least now I know whats happening21:06
bulletxt|2yea, http://askubuntu.com/questions/425355/error-authenticating-some-packages-while-upgrade fixed my problem21:25
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vidasovHi guys, I have problem with kvm/libvirt and apparmor. Usb-passthrough doesn't work because of apparmor profile. Question is that I can't find answer anyware, are quotes considered to be ok in apparmor profile defined by libvirt-xxx.files?21:45
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sarnoldvidasov: yes, you can quote paths with e.g. spaces in them if you need to21:48
vidasovok, sounds good but that is not a bug which bothers me than. thnx sarnold21:49
vidasovbut why some paths in libirt-xxx.file are quoted and some not, no spaces in path. I gues if quotes are ok than I should not consider it anymore....21:54
sarnoldvidasov: the paths may have been stuck in quotes by an automated tool somewhere, which didn't go to the trouble of finding out if the quotes are needed :)21:56
vidasovYes, looks like I need to oppen a bug request :-(21:57

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