diddledanthis "xen" fella doing the rounds on various ubuntu mailing lists seems to have a vendetta00:12
diddledananywho, I'm off to bed. nn00:14
mappshi all03:22
daftykinsa bloody Aussie with the same name as me has bought wine and signed up my personal email to it!03:24
daftykinsdebating how unpleasant to be03:25
daftykinsgonna phone him :) got a # here on the account03:32
ali1234i'm still getting junk email from america03:35
ali1234after the job search they moved on to get rich quick schemes, and then gambling websites :/03:36
ali1234you can almost feel the desperation03:36
daftykinsjust heard the guys message saying my name as his in an aussie accent!03:38
ali1234imagine if it turned out google had a bug, and actually loads of people had the same email address03:39
daftykinsnah, i went through the process once before with a woman in the midwest US, she had numbers after the "dkins" equivalent and just chose to sign up like an idiot03:40
daftykinsfor a time she even began to use me as a human spam filter, as i kindly forwarded them... until i decided to take no more, reset her account password and cancelled her order.03:40
daftykinsthere was something really satisfying about receiving an email which said "hello ma'am here is a copy of your email where you asked us to cancel your order" naturally sent to my address.03:42
ali1234the only time i ever did that is when someone posted a craigslist "personals" ad using my email03:43
zmoylan-pii picked 2 random words for an email account that vaguely describe me, a few years later i find a german metal band with the same name...03:46
daftykinsdick und doof03:47
* daftykins runs03:47
* zmoylan-pi trips daftykins 03:47
daftykinsno... no... NOT THE PI!03:47
daftykinsah nice, he did it already! i'm no longer reg'd to naked wines aus03:52
daftykinsneat he's emailing me XD03:55
zmoylan-pigo with english is your second language in your responses... :-P03:58
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MooDoohello all06:58
diploMorning all07:47
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davmor2Morning all08:24
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Thursday, and happy Junk Food Day! 😃  🍔  🍟08:36
daftykinsawww and i'm fresh out :(08:36
davmor2JamesTait: just remember you did this to yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pgPq4FGWfk08:38
davmor2JamesTait: this one might redeem though https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK3ZP6frAMc cinema junk food :)08:40
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:17
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gingwhat is the best thing for screen casting on ubuntu these days?09:27
gingthe ubuntu wiki seems out of date09:27
gingit says xvidcap09:27
gingbut it's not there in 14.0409:28
davmor2ging: kazaam/recordmydesktop are the two I've used they seem to work09:33
davmor2popey: did you get home in the end?09:34
gingthanks davmor209:35
gingit's popey's fault, anyway it says he last updated the ubuntu wiki about screen casting09:35
gingin 200909:35
gingi know people who weren't even born then09:36
popeydavmor2: ya09:36
popeyging: simplesxreenrecorder or vokoscreen09:37
davmor2popey: thank god for small mercies :)09:37
ging:( but i've just started installing kazam09:37
gingcan any of them do a specific windows and audio?09:38
davmor2most can09:39
ginglooks like kazam can09:39
popeydont use kazam09:46
popeyothers are better tgese days09:46
Myrttiwhat kind of screencasting?09:47
ginghow many kinds are there?09:49
gingi'm trying to record what i do on my screen into a video09:50
gingwith audio09:50
gingi thought that was the only type of screencasting09:50
MyrttiInternet live (a la Twitch), interactive (a la VNC and friends) and recorded (a la screencapture)09:50
ginglive screen casting seems like a really bad idea09:51
gingi would need to purge my laptop of all bad things first09:52
Myrttiwell, a lot of gamers do it09:52
gingdo i count as a gamer now if i play a bit of pokemon go?09:53
gingwell turns out i need a new microphone to do it anyway, all this picks up is noise09:55
gingbut kazam seem to be ok for recording09:56
gingwhat do the others do better?09:56
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Myrttioh dear14:35
diddledanello Myrtti14:37
Myrttiello ello14:37
diddledanoh dammit, I didn't yell14:37
davmor2Myrtti: you forgot the "and what's going on 'ere" bit, you'll never pass for an English copper if you don't use the whole phrases ;)14:38
diddledandavmor2: that and pissing by the door14:39
diddledanzootropolis is fun18:11
knightwisehey diddledan18:15
knightwisezootropolis or zootopia ?18:16
zmoylan-pizoolander isn't bad either...18:16
knightwiseZoolander i s awe-some18:17
diddledanthe recent disney film18:21
knightwisediddledan: indeed. Great inside jokes, and some pretty strong message in the storyline too18:25
knightwise without getting too muchy18:25
diddledanI love the dual message that anyone can achieve anything AND that we shouldn't discriminate18:31
knightwiseAND the snarky referral to "Frozen"18:35
Thudthrone /msg NickServ identify <145?JuiceBox145>18:40
zmoylan-pidouble whoops18:40
knightwiseThudthrone: Ouch18:41
knightwisetime to reset that pw18:41
knightwiseWould anyone like a juicebox while we wait ? :p18:41
zmoylan-pidibs on the itunes account... :-P18:41
Thudthronehaha luckily i don't re-use pw's for this exact reason18:42
knightwiseNah :) how bout teh Gmail one18:42
diddledanThudthrone: don't feel bad about it. I'm sure it's a common occurrence given the number of servers and respective channels18:48
zmoylan-piit is a weakness of irc that you see passwords like that regularly18:48
diddledanin other musing, that's a pretty impressive password, too18:49
diddledanthe problem is it's so easy to accidentally have one or more space characters before the /18:49
ali1234freenode supports identifying via AUTH so you can just put your password into your irc client. you don't need to msg nickserv18:50
Thudthronehaha yeah it's a pretty ridiculous method of authentication18:50
diddledanit'ld be nice if the clients or even servers would protect against it18:50
diddledanali1234: you need to know that though, when you register with nickserv it doesn't tell you about it :-(18:50
ali1234well now you know18:51
zmoylan-pian ascii art version of clippy popping up and saying 'it looks like you're about to leak your nickname password, would you like to continue?'18:51
diddledanI knew anyway. I mean for newcomers18:51
diddledanzmoylan-pi: awesome idea18:51
Thudthronei new it was only a matter of time before i messed it up.18:51
diddledanI'm gonna have to unsubscribe from https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/157340818:53
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1573408 in gnome-software (Ubuntu Xenial) "GNOME Software does not install third-party .deb packages" [High,Fix released]18:53
diddledanrandom folk keep commenting on it saying that it still isn't fixed despite it being so18:54
diddledan(I've tested on a fully-updated install and everything is normal)18:54
ali1234it's broken in the installer image. people install then immediately try to install chrome and it fails18:56
diddledangotta love linkedin - just got an email about someone starting a forum topic whose title I can only read in a Jamaican accent: "Suggest me Wordpress Theme And Important Plugins to Build E-Commerce Website "18:57
diddledanI would have expected the .1 release yesterday to have rectified that. maybe it hasn't18:57
ali1234it should18:57
diddledandoes anyone have multiple monitors and ubuntu 16.04? I recently installed fresh onto this version and can't seem to get the "sticky edges" setting to actually change anything - the switch toggles but the edge between my monitors still catches my mouse19:28
DJonesdiddledan: I do, I don't have any problems with sticky edges - Mine was upgrade from 15.1020:11
diddledanDJones: does toggling the switch change anything?20:12
DJonesGive me a few minutes, will need to go and start the machine up in the office20:12
diddledanlol, take your time :-)20:14
diddledanI'm not going anywhere. ever20:14
* diddledan warns20:14
DJonesJUst realised when I booted up, its still on 15.1020:19
DJonesI know what I'll be doing tomorrow.  Upgrading :)20:20
DJonesI'll have a look tomorrow after I've upgraded & let you know20:21
diddledanupgrades FTW20:28
zmoylan-piunless it's windows 10... but that's a given...20:32
diddledaneesh that snowden movie looks terrible22:56
diddledanref: https://youtu.be/5OVHjPCOb3c22:57
zmoylan-piname 3 hollywood movies about hacking that weren't terrible23:00
diddledanblackhat *ducks*23:00
diddledan*ducks again*23:01
zmoylan-pihackers only worked as 1) angelina jolie 2) angelina jolie... umm sound track23:01
diddledanangelina's jolies were good23:01
diddledanthat leather thingy23:01
zmoylan-piand the best hacking movie was madee in australia and has no computers in it...23:01
* daftykins ignored her and still enjoyed it23:02
zmoylan-pisneakers i really liked too23:03
diddledanremember risc architecture is going to change everything23:03
zmoylan-piangelina was right about that23:03
diddledanexcept it was johnny that said it23:03
zmoylan-piall those iphones can't be wrong23:03
diddledanno you're right23:04
diddledanjohnny just agreed "yeah. risc is good"23:04
zmoylan-pigee, none of the filemanagers in last 30 years used a filing cabinet as an icon...23:06
zmoylan-pioh wait...23:06
daftykinsi thought ubuntu with unity did right now :>23:07
daftykinsoh i see, didn't read23:07
diddledanall the links in one file for shell scripting: http://www.mssmallbiz.com/ericligman/Key_Shorts/MSFTFreeEbooks.txt23:12
diddledanfor i in $(cat textfile); do wget $i; done23:13
diddledanor `(while read i; do wget $i; done) < textfile`23:14
diddledanI think that will do it23:14
zmoylan-pibetter off downloading bash scripting ebooks and getting it running under windows... ditto vim and manuals for same :-)23:16
daftykinsnah i saved the text and did "wget -i file.txt"23:17
daftykinsinput file23:17
daftykinsmines mooching away23:18
zmoylan-pithou shalt not allow a moocher into thy hut - homer23:19
diddledanoff to bed. nn23:25
daftykinsdiddledan: but it's early!23:26
diddledanyeah. gotta be up in the morning23:26
zmoylan-pinot as early as it will be in 4 hours...23:26
daftykinswe need a new third member :<23:26
zmoylan-piwe should get the band back together... ::reaches for sunglasses::23:26
zmoylan-piwe're on a mission for linus...23:27
daftykinsi'd prefer Tux23:28
zmoylan-pitux is in black and white outfit... that would work...23:29
zmoylan-piwe're on a misson for tux...23:29
daftykinswget -i file.txt --trust-server-names # even23:34
zmoylan-pia lot of llamas wandering about the room tonight...23:43
daftykinsMark Llama, Gerbil Farmer.23:44
zmoylan-pii'd hate to harvest gerbils... those buggers can bite23:45

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