minasotaI have to ask myself a few things. Is it necessary? Will I use it as a hobby or as an alternative for communication during a crisis? Will I use it to help during an emergency?00:12
minasotaOr will I just have a room full of really cool looking stuff I have no idea how to use? lol00:13
cyberangerThere's likely a ham radio club in your town, actually pretty sure there's two or three in the area.00:17
minasotaI work with a guy that is involved. We coached STEM together. I'm going to talk to him tomorrow00:19
cyberangerThat'll be a fun day00:26
minasotaHa, this guy's truck is a mobile command center... antennas everywhere. A raspi he's configured to control certain screens inside etc...00:30
minasotaI'm thinking he might be able to help ;)00:31
cyberangerOh yeah, sounds right00:31
cyberangerBeen messing with modified wifi and want to test it across Lake Erie sometime soon00:32
cyberangerOr Lake Ontario more likely00:33
minasotaWhy a lake?00:33
cyberangerThree reasons, helps to have a level area, and those lakes meet that goal easy. lower signal to noise ratio (since nobody lives on the lake, nobody interferring with their own signal)00:35
cyberangerand third, it crosses an international boundary (not really necessary, but adds a coolness factor to it)00:36
minasotaproof of concept for what may I ask?00:37
cyberangerGeneral knowledge00:39
cyberangerBut also useful to spread info past a communications blockade00:39

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