marunhi i have problem with vulkan on intel HD460005:49
maruni enabled dri305:49
maruncat /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-intel.conf  Section "Device"    Identifier  "Intel Graphics"    Driver      "intel"    Option      "DRI"    "3" EndSection05:49
tjaaltonnoone cares about intel anymore, yakkety switched to modesetting05:51
tjaaltonand the vulkan ppa is dead05:51
tjaaltonmesa 12.0 with vulkan will arrive soon, i hope05:57
tjaaltonstuck in new queue05:57
tjaaltonfor yakkety05:58
marunis it good idea to use oibaf ppa? it has mesa 1205:58
maruni was off trying oibaf ppa but it didn't work either06:29
marunis there any hw setup that could run vulkan?06:30
tjaaltonwhy do you need it?12:29
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