Kilosmorning all06:16
magespawnHi Kilos06:31
Kiloshi magespawn inetpro theblazehen thatgraemeguy and others lurkers06:31
pavlushkaMorning everyone!07:00
pavlushkahello Kilos 07:00
chesedomorning Kilos magespawn thatgraemeguy pavlushka07:08
pavlushkaMorning chesedo !07:08
pavlushkaChanServ: how it is going there for you?07:12
simpleircHi I am strugglung sars docs now.  ubuntu gnome 16.0407:23
simpleirccannot submit sars07:24
pavlushkachesedo: :oops! how it is going there for you?07:33
chesedopavlushka: great, just started new semester of studies, and you?07:39
pavlushkachesedo: wow, thats great, way to go, me, napping!07:39
Kiloshi chesedo 08:05
Sicelopdf XFA sucks (re - simpleirc's problem)08:07
Sicelogood morning  friends08:08
Kiloshi Sicelo 08:10
Kiloshi bhara7 08:10
Kiloswelcomer to ubuntu-za08:11
Siceloyou're well Kilos?08:16
Kilosim ok ty Sicelo and you?08:16
Sicelogood too :)08:16
Kiloshi dlPhreak 08:36
dlPhreakHow are you Kilos ?08:36
Kilosok ty and you dlPhreak 08:36
dlPhreakNot bad thanks Kilos 08:47
dlPhreakHas winter subsided yet over there?08:52
Kilosnot really08:53
Kilosdays a bit warmer08:53
dlPhreakFor about the last 2 weeks we've had some very nice and sunny days.10:50
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest80334
Kiloshi chesedo seems that one site was turned off in 201315:08
Kilosor nothing added since then15:08
Kilosnot to worry yet ill do more research first15:09
Kilostoo much learning new stuff15:10
magespawnhome time chat later all16:01
Kilosi go eat16:40
inetproKilos: What is the Ubuntu 16.03, 16.05, 15.11, etc?17:22
Kilosim lost17:23
Kilosyes i know that .1 etc is used for point releases17:25
Kilosbut dunno the other things17:25
Kilosyou want to mess with my head again17:25
inetproThese are monthly snapshot-releases corresponding to the milestones for the next official Ubuntu release. They are the product of the time-based release cycle used by Canonical for Ubuntu since version 13.0417:26
Kilosoh my17:26
inetprono worries, first time I see this as well 17:27
inetprovery confusing and a bad idea if you ask me 17:30
Kilosso what is 16.03 actually17:35
Kilosis that still part of 16.0417:36
Kilosinetpro what does triaged men.is the bug then fixed or what?17:42
Kilostoo much to worry about17:47
MaNItriage basically just means to "classify" and/or assign17:53
MaNIso given a priority, and a person to attend to it etc.17:54
Kiloswas so nice and warm today, now its freezing again17:57
Kiloshi SEptic 18:10
SEptichey Kilos18:10
pavlushkaAhoy ZA!18:11
SEpticai captain18:13
Kilosnight all, sleep tight19:13

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