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vjacobhi all. is there any way to check from within linux, whether or not a certain PCI(e) slot is taken or not? I've looked at /proc and at lspci but none of these seem to offer a clear output00:06
naccvjacob: maybe lshw says?00:07
vjacobnacc, seems a nice tip, thanks, I will look into it00:08
naccvjacob: i think slot information generally requires some help from a lower layer to actually provide that data, i doubt it's done commonly00:08
naccvjacob: ah, dmidecode might do it00:09
naccvjacob: the "current usage" field for each slot00:10
naccvjacob: sorry for the misdirection on lshw00:13
django_anyone know how to install brave browser00:13
vjacobnaw man, that was awesome, cheers nacc!00:13
vjacob-dmideco +dmidecode00:13
naccdjango_: go to their website and follow the instructions?00:14
naccdjango_: not supported here, though00:14
django_it didnt work00:14
naccdjango_: then ask them?00:14
vjacob"Current Usage: Unknown". Perfect.00:14
naccvjacob: hrm, i wonder what tha means00:14
vjacobi take it that means free00:14
naccvjacob: i get either "In Use" or "Available"00:15
vjacobbut then there is also "Current Usage: Available", so maybe not...00:15
naccvjacob: it might imply an out of date BIOS (as I believe DMI information is basically stored in a table)00:15
naccvjacob: could also mean a partially or mis-seated card?00:15
vjacobnacc, yeah, apparently my bios is a bit screwy according to dmesg00:15
naccvjacob: ah ok00:15
vjacobold bugger of a system (2007/2008)00:15
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Bashing-omvjacob: Old hardware, depending on the problem .. consider '  man update-usbids ; man update-pciids ' Updating the tables may help .00:32
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fullstackquick way to install X11 on Ubuntu Server? apt-get install x11?00:52
linos__what is the simplest way to connect linux VM to windows PC?00:52
fullstacklinos__, samba and depending on your VM software might be built in00:52
linos__fullstack, I have VirtualBox00:53
fullstackis there a menu option for sharing files between machines in VirtualBox?00:53
linos__fullstack, do I need to modify my smb.conf file?00:55
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b-yeezilinos__: No you shouldn't need to change smb.conf01:03
b-yeeziif you have virtualbox guest additions installed, you should be able to check a box in settings to share a folder. You can indicate which folder01:05
linos__b-yeezi, can I uninstall and reinstall samba?01:06
linos__b-yeezi, I think my smb file is screwed up01:06
b-yeeziOf course you can, but I don't know if that will fix your problem. What is the problem?01:07
YankDownUnderlinos__: You can use "dpkg" to reconfigure Samba if you think you've screwed it up.01:07
naccfullstack: probably xserver-xorg is what you're looking for (or something similar)01:07
naccfullstack: although installing X on a server makes me want to know why you need it :)01:08
nacclinos__: what are you trying to do ('connect linux vm to windows pc' is rather general -- do you mean you want remote desktop? do you want to share files?)01:09
vjacobBashing-om, thanks for the tip, tried it, doesnt change the situation on this configuration, but it might be useful ahead01:16
jeffrey_fa bit off topic, which is why I'll ask: can someone answer a question on python and mysql-connector in a private message?01:19
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fullstackthe #mysql channel is pretty chatty01:21
jeffrey_ffullstack: python is too......thanks01:21
fullstacknacc, I'm on super slow DSL and the only USB drive I had with Ubuntu installed on it was 14.04 LTS Server01:22
dragonkintrump for president01:22
fullstacknacc, and I just got a new laptop today (Ideapad 300 ) and got rid of Windows01:22
fullstackso now I am half way done installing Xwindows and Fluxbox. it also supports VMX01:23
fullstackI will install Kubernetes, VS Code, Intellij IDEA Webstorm, and node.js/angular stuff I need01:23
fullstackI need to figure out the Intel driver for X11 in a bit. Hopefully there's some automatic detection command :)01:24
YankDownUnderfullstack: Just wondering - you *do* know that you can install a complete desktop if you so desire, right? Just wondering...01:24
Bashing-omvjacob: :) Little things can be good to know .01:24
fullstackYes I just don't have tha patience to download the USB Image for the full desktop. Like I said I'm on slow DSL, it would take over night.01:24
YankDownUnderfullstack: You don't need to download the full USB, mate...you can do an "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" kinda thingo, eh...01:25
linos__is there a reason I cannot reinstall samba?  I'm receiving error: E:Internal Error, No file name for samba:amd6401:25
fullstackYankDownUnder, that's good to know01:25
pilapodapostacheCan I get a hand? I installed an application called Platformio (based off Atom text editor) and I can't uninstall it. I can't find a "add remove programs" derivative a la Windows...01:27
xanguaAnd you installed it how...?01:28
pilapodapostacheI believe it was a downloaded package from their website01:28
pilapodapostacheIt was a while ago, I can't remember.01:28
pilapodapostacheStuff like this I'd reinstall Ubuntu but I'd like to at least keep this os for a while longer01:29
pilapodapostacheGoogling brings up their documentation where I type in terminal "platformio platforms uninstall PLATFORM" but my terminal doesn't recognize "platformio"01:29
YankDownUnderpilapodapostache: Is it safe to assume you've read the docs on their website as to how to remove the package - since in most instances "Installation instructions" also come with "Un-installation instructions"?01:30
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pilapodapostacheThey also mention for uninstalling I run "pip uninstall platformio" but I don't have pip or python even installed.01:31
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neo_ping what01:34
pilapodapostacheoh god. I just discovered I can go into the software center thing and go to "installed". I've never used it before. That's neat how if you install a third party application, it goes into the central package sorter-thing... :)01:35
ninguis it possible to install lvm on the boot device or do I have to have access to it from another boot device?01:40
Guy1524guys, at what time can I expect to install 16.04.1 tommorow01:40
xanguaGuy1524: if your are using xenial and are up to date with security updates, you're already running it01:42
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thane1my pc crashes a lot01:43
thane1after update01:44
Guy1524xangua: how do I tell if I am up to date w/ security updates01:44
Guy1524nvm Im updating from software right now01:45
ahrc333ffGuy1524: sudo apt-get update -y && apt-get dist-upgrade -y <-- Note: the '-y' option will automatically insert 'yes' for you in response to all the questions. so, if you don't want that, don't use the -y option01:46
Guy1524ahrc333ff: ok thanks (:01:46
thane1my pc encounters a kernel oops too often, plz help01:46
fullstackhow do i upgrade to kernel 4 in 14.04 LTS? is that even possible?01:47
thane1all programs crash anytime, anybody having similar issues?01:48
thane1with recent update01:48
YankDownUnderthane1: What exactly is going on? I'm not clear on what you're saying aside from "everything is crashing"?01:49
thane1my pc encounters a kernel oops too often01:49
ahrc333ffthane1: can you provide context, or an example?01:49
dave0x6dIs there a reason why ports.ubuntu.com seems to go down so often?01:50
YankDownUnderdave0x6d: Either high traffic or DNS...01:51
thane1like firefox closes, ubuntu goes inpanic mode, crash reports are generated01:51
dave0x6dYankDownUnder: the IP didn't change and it was completely rejecting connections -=\01:51
YankDownUnderthane1: Not very specific - however, something that I would be wondering is if you've got the proper video drivers installed, and as well, if you've got all the required "third party" drivers installed...01:52
thane1yes, have a look http://ctrlv.in/80767601:52
YankDownUnderdave0x6d: If it's rejecting connections, then that tells you that the server had reached it's maximum amount of connections, hmm...01:52
dave0x6dheh, I guess.01:53
YankDownUnderthane1: That would be telling me that there is something missing - as in a driver that allows the kernel to communicate to the CPU...hmm...01:53
thane1its not that, its working fine for years01:54
ahrc333ffthane1: this isn't a specific fix, but have you made any recewnt installrs or updates?01:55
ahrc333ffit might be worth apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade01:55
YankDownUnderthane1: Let's be logical for a moment, shall we? What has been installed/changed/modified since it was "working fine" to this point where "everything is crashing"?01:56
thane1yes,which came with deault updates, thats it01:56
ahrc333ffthane1: maybe something was corrupted in that process...01:56
thane1YankDownUnder: recent update maybe01:57
YankDownUnderahrc333ff: Sounds like a "bingo!" in that, eh....01:57
ahrc333ffYankDownUnder: maybe so :) I'm still pretty noob and just throw crap at the wall until it sticks. The fun is the journey!01:57
YankDownUnderthane1: Here's some things to quickly think about doing => 1.) In a terminal run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade" => 2.) Reboot. After that, in a terminal, type: "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" => follow any directions, probably reboot again...01:58
ahrc333ffOh, also add the '-f' option to fix any broken packages.01:58
thane1ahrc333ff: i think problem is with new kernel update01:58
thane1i'll do01:59
TylerWhitneyHi good ubuntu folks. I attempted to upgrade my server from 14.04 to 16.04 tonight and the installation failed. When I try to get things working again with the "apt-get -f dist-upgrade" command to the packages it fails on "util-linux" package with "insserv: Service mountdevsubfs has to be enabled to start service hwclock" ... while I have a backup, I figured I'd play around with this botched system as a learning experience02:10
TylerWhitneyany thoughts?02:11
YankDownUnderTylerWhitney: If anything,  you might want to pose this question in the #ubuntu-server channel...I'm fairly certain you might get a better/faster response there, hmm...02:12
TylerWhitney@YankDownUnder: thanks for that suggestion, I just cross-posted it over there02:12
YankDownUnderTylerWhitney: And is it safe to assume that you've re-traced your upgrade/update again - starting from the beginning - just to make sure, hmm...?02:13
TylerWhitneyYankDownUnder: do you mean re-running each command? For instance, I started with a "do-release-upgrade" which "succeeded" but with errors it stated02:15
YankDownUnderTylerWhitney: Right oh - was just confirming that, mate.02:16
TylerWhitneyYankDownUnder: Yes, I went through each again, of course now it thinks its at 16.06, which technically it is, but with packages/apt in a half installed state02:17
YankDownUnderTylerWhitney: And you've also done a "sudo apt-get -f install" - just to see if that assists in repairing the installation/upgrade?02:18
TylerWhitneyYankDownUnder: Yup! Tried that one too. Same error as when I tried "apt-get -f dist-upgrade"02:19
YankDownUnderTylerWhitney: Fair enough.02:20
KeithWeissharwill ubuntu 16.04.1 fix the live session bug on skylake and maxwell gpu?02:22
goddarddo you ask about snappy packages here?02:27
bazhang#snappy goddard02:28
MononaI'm trying to connect to a database using MySQL Workbench and I get this error:  http://pastebin.com/TBJR62ag  Am new to MySQL and databases, so any help appreciated.02:38
chasinglogicMonona: can you show me the output of netstat -tulpn02:38
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Mononachasinglogic: http://pastebin.com/cFmTXa0702:40
antonio2Hey everyone.  I'm having a hard time getting my laptop to load.  I think it's the latest version of Ubuntu.  It loads till the purple Ubuntu loading screen...then it goes blank. Here's a video I just recorded. https://youtu.be/-6hvcafJivY02:40
chasinglogicMonona looks like mysql isn't running are you on 16.04?02:41
Mononachasinglogic: 14.0402:42
KeithWeisshardo i need ubuntu 16.04.1 to prevent flickering on skylake during live session?02:43
chasinglogicMonona ok they run this: sudo service mysql start02:43
Mononachasinglogic: I get "start: Job is already running: mysql"02:44
chasinglogicantonio2: try using esc to get the grub menu and loading the older kernel or recovery mode02:44
KeithWeisshardo i need a new iso for llvmpipe bug on skylake cpu?02:45
chasinglogicMonona then it's using a unix socket and not the port. give me a moment to figure out how to fix that config02:45
chasinglogicantonio2: if none of that works esc will stop the plymouth display and give you the systemd output which could provide additional info02:45
chasinglogic(plymouth is the Ubuntu logo with the dots you see while booting)02:46
antonio2Chasinglogic: it got me to the menu...trying a normal resume now02:46
chasinglogicMonona https://dev.mysql.com/doc/workbench/en/wb-mysql-connections-methods-socket.html02:47
chasinglogic^ That should get you going with workbench using the unix socket02:47
ningucan I install ubuntu server on a machine where I have root access to it via netboot, but can't boot into the installer?02:48
Guest90834some idiot told me to use sudo rm -R /tmp/. I know shouldn't have listend to him. Is there a way to fix it?02:48
Ben64Guest90834: reboot02:49
Mononachasinglogic: Great, that seems to work.  What's the difference between using a socket and the port?02:49
Guest90834how do I restore my tmp folder?02:49
Guest90834Ben64: I did reboot it gives me an error: call to lnusertemp failed (temporary directories full) check your installation :(02:50
Guest90834the guy lied and i didn't know better02:51
Ben64what gives you the error02:51
Guest90834logging in02:51
Guest90834when I try to log in it gives me the error in a little window in the upper right corner02:51
Ben64use recovery mode or a console to do "sudo mkdir /tmp"02:51
Guest90834Ben64: I tried to recreate but it doesn't fix it02:52
Ben64did you create the directory02:52
Guest90834I used sudo rm -R /tmp/02:52
Guest90834went into tty and typed mkdir /tmp02:53
antonio2Chasinglogic: I'm now at the recovery menu. What should I try?  Resume normal didn't work.02:53
chasinglogicMonona a unix socket is essentially a file that can "simulate" (for lack of a better word) network communication, it's only available locally. A port can be used over a network02:53
chasinglogicantonio2 an older kernel didn't work?02:53
Ben64Guest90834: and... did it make the directory02:53
Mononachasinglogic: Got it, thanks.  I'm going to be using this locally, so that's cool.02:54
Guest90834Ben64: yes it did02:55
Ben64Guest90834: now reboot02:55
Guest90834Ben64: It did. I see the /tmp folder but it still gives me the same error02:55
Guest90834check installation02:56
Ben64then its not a problem with /tmp02:56
Guest90834when I try to log in. I'm on a second pc now02:56
Ben64for fun, what is the output of "ls -ld /tmp"02:56
Guest90834call to lnusertemp failed (temporary directories full) check your installation02:57
antonio2Chasinglogic: should I try using an older kernel?02:57
chasinglogicantonio2 if it's available02:58
chasinglogicthat's just my first guess but if you ran updates and it stopped like you said in your video that's my gut reatcion02:58
Guest90834Ben64: still there can you help or not?02:59
Guest90834Ben64: drwxr-xr-x-4 root root 4096 "date" /tmp03:00
Ben64Guest90834: depends if you post what i asked for03:00
Guest90834I had to write it down first sorry03:00
Ben64sudo chmod 777 /tmp03:01
Guest90834ok wait03:01
khizarhow to install softether client in ubuntu03:02
Guest90834ok i'm restarting now03:02
antonio2Chasinglogic: it should be available with the options for recovery, right?03:04
chasinglogicif you don't see one then your kernel didn't get upgraded so it's not that03:04
khizarhow to install softether client in ubuntu plz tell me03:04
Guest90834Ben64: thank you you are a god. it worked. you saved my day. at least one good person out there. the other person lied to me03:04
rypervencheGuest90834: You should do: sudo chmod 1777 /tmp03:04
Ben64Guest90834: be more careful with sudo03:04
antonio2Chasinglogic: 87-generic, 86-generic, etc?03:05
rypervencheGuest90834: Do that now. No need to restart.03:05
Guest90834why now 1777?03:05
rypervencheGuest90834: It puts the sticky bit back on /tmp03:05
Guest90834i did sudo chmod 777 /tmp03:05
chasinglogicYeah it will be beneath the default option and before the recovery options03:05
salohostHello, guys. Is it safe to install random deb package if i do not plan to run it as root?03:06
rypervencheGuest90834: The sticky bit doesn't let other users delete your files. It's set that way on all distros.03:06
Guest90834okay the same thing as before just with 1777?03:06
Guest90834i'll be more careful with sudo03:06
Ben64especially with recursive and deleting stuff03:07
Guest90834okay I did this now. I better do a restart03:07
rypervencheGuest90834: No need to restart after the second command.03:08
Guest90834rypervenche: I still want to see just for me03:09
rypervencheAll righty.03:09
Guest90834okay I believed him cuz it's just the /tmp you know temporary folder. and I thought it would be recreated03:10
Guest90834but thx guys. he just wanted to ruin my day and have a good laughter out of it03:11
rypervencheGuest90834: Nope, but it's just a normal folder with 1777 permissions on it, usually. Sometimes it's in RAM.03:11
Ben64maybe he said /tmp/*03:11
rypervencheGuest90834: Yeah, he could have just been mistaken.03:11
Ben64still weird to do03:12
Guest90834Ben64: No I asked how to unblock a person from skype. and i was already wondering why something like this would end up there. well I was naiv03:12
MononaI don't seem to have access to the import wizard in MySQL workbench.03:12
Guest90834But you guys saved me thx so much. will be more sceptical about sudo commands in the future03:13
Guest90834I owe you one03:13
antonio2Chasinglogic: which one should I choose?  http://imgur.com/DnnpndE03:18
antonio2Whoops..wrong picture03:18
chasinglogicantonio2 lol03:18
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m5wguest-VcEFUS: So, I tried installing the nvidia driver with Additional Drivers, and I installed bumblebee* nvidia-prime. Fortunately, I can suspend and logout with no issues. However, whenever I try to use optirun, I get the message that it can't access secondary GPU. I looked on the wiki, and it said to add a BusID line to the xorg.conf.nvidia, but the line was already present with the correct value03:20
m5wbut hey, better than X crashing all the time...03:20
antonio2Chasinglogic: here http://i.imgur.com/P0cZ8AT.jpg03:20
chasinglogic3rd one down 3.13.0-86-generic03:20
KeithWeissharwhy is system76 selling pc with ubuntu 16.04.1 even though the .1 release is not released yet03:20
KeithWeissharwhy is system76 advertising ubuntu 16.04.1 lts even though the .1 is not released until tomorrow?03:21
antonio2Chasinglogic what's up?03:21
chasinglogicantonio2: 3rd one down 3.13.0-86-generic03:22
chasinglogicsorry my brain is shutting down03:22
chasinglogicit's getting late here03:22
antonio2I've tried that one.  Does the same thing.  Goes to the Ubuntu purple screen...with the 5 "status" lights...and then nothing.03:23
chasinglogictry the 85 one then just to satisfy my sick curiosity then, and if that doesn't work then I'm wrong and I'll need the systemd output03:24
antonio2There is no 85 one.  87 86 7903:24
virtuosojAny gtk themes that are particularly well integrated to Unity? 16.0403:27
chasinglogicantonio2 79 then03:27
BlueProtomanI'm using Ubuntu 16.04, with an Intel HD Graphics 5000 and a nVidia GeForce 520M tied together with Optimus.  How do I ensure that my nVidia chip is being used?03:27
chasinglogicvirtuosoj numix almost always looks good03:27
chasinglogicBlueProtoman https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bumblebee <- this will have the info you need. I unfortunately don't know a ton about it since I've never used it myself03:28
ibrumfieldBlueProtoman, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics03:29
antonio2Chasinglogic nothing.03:30
chasinglogicsad panda is sad03:30
antonio2Yes...sad panda03:31
chasinglogicantonio2 boot the original then (the top one) and get the systemd output (you can do this by pressing esc after getting past the grub menu) if you record a video of it that would be optimal. Unfortunately it's past my bedtime so I won't be able to look at it tonight03:31
antonio2Doing it right now03:32
BlueProtomanI'm trying to use Bumblebee on Ubuntu 16.04, with a nVidia GeForce 520M and Intel HD 5000, but when I run "optirun glxinfo" I get the error "Cannot access secondary GPU - error: Could not load GPU driver".  Any tips?03:34
Guy1524BlueProtoman: I know this is stupid, but are you sure you have the driver installed03:36
BlueProtomanGuy1524: 99% sure, but just to be safe how can I check?03:36
Guy1524apt search nvidia-*03:37
Guy1524and see if any are installed03:37
Guy1524or see if you have the nvidia xserver settings application03:37
Guy1524that usually comes w/ the drivers03:37
Guy1524or go into additional drivers gui and see if you have them installed there03:38
BlueProtomanGuy1524: Yes, I have it.03:38
Guy1524ok, well im not sure whats wrong then ):03:38
antonio22Chasinglogic: here you go for later https://youtu.be/foANSNKwi9w03:40
Guest90896well I actually wanted to know were do I unblock people on skype? on linux skype03:41
Guest90896if there is a way to unblock them I know you can do it on windows. but they are 2 different skype's03:42
Guest90896I cannot find the option to do this03:43
antonio22I can't seem to get ubuntu to load up to the desktop.  It stops at the Plymouth screen.  Here is the systemd output.   https://youtu.be/foANSNKwi9w03:44
chasinglogicantonio2 you're on 14.04 so it's SysV init (my fault I thought you were on 16.04 for some reason) based on what I saw it's boiled down to X11 not starting right, when it gets to the black screen try pressing ctrl+alt+F(try a couple of the Fkeys) and see if you get a text log in prompt, if not then you'll need a Live CD to troubleshoot further. Ok I'm for real gone this time.03:46
antonio222Thanks :)03:48
antonio222Can anyone help where Chasinglogic left off?03:49
YankDownUnderantonio222: Without me having to read heaps up in the logs, what is the issue you're having, mate?03:51
antonio222Yankdownunder ubuntu loads to the purple screen...then goes black03:53
antonio222Yankdownunder: this is my message earlier with a screen shot of the systemd output03:54
antonio222(antonio22) I can't seem to get ubuntu to load up to the desktop.  It stops at the Plymouth screen.  Here is the systemd output.   https://youtu.be/foANSNKwi9w03:54
antonio222This was chasinglogics last reply to me " (chasinglogic) antonio2 you're on 14.04 so it's SysV init (my fault I thought you were on 16.04 for some reason) based on what I saw it's boiled down to X11 not starting right, when it gets to the black screen try pressing ctrl+alt+F(try a couple of the Fkeys) and see if you get a text log in prompt, if not then you'll need a Live CD to troubleshoot further. Ok I'm for real gone this tim03:55
EvilEpochGreetings to all, I am The EvilEpoch03:55
YankDownUnderantonio222: What was installed/updated/changed since you last booted properly?03:56
Guest90896antonio222: :(03:56
EvilEpochThe EvilEpoch wants to know if there is a tool which lets me split my screen? The EvilEpoch has a widescreen display and a tool exists under windows provided by LG but none for the Linux03:57
baymanhow do i check all services enabled to start automatically at boot on 16.04?03:58
antonio222Yankdownunder: I don't think anything was installed.  Work fine yesterday.  Broken today.03:58
YankDownUnderantonio222: Something to consider - this being a laptop - have you thought to go through all of the BIOS settings - just to make sure that the CMOS/BIOS settings are not corrupt - sometimes batteries (CMOS batteries) tend to freak things out when they're dying...and as well, is there anything plugged in whilst you're booting that should not be plugged in?03:59
madsabayman, you can look in /etc/systemd/system/multi-user.target.wants04:01
madsaanything symlinked there will start on boot04:01
madsathere's probably a better way though...04:01
antonio222Yankdownunder: nada04:03
YankDownUnderantonio222: Therefore, firstly, power off the machine, and carefully look through your BIOS. Secondly, when you boot up, hit "Esc" so that you see the initial Ubuntu boot menu...see if you're booting into the correct kernel...thirdly, if things continue to "hose up", then there is a rescue that can be done, eh? Hmm.04:05
YankDownUnderantonio222: Patience and process.04:06
ubuntulalais there a way to put the desktop install into text mode like the server installer so i can partition my software raid properly?04:06
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antonio222Yankdownunder how can I check in bios for cmos errors?04:11
YankDownUnderubuntulala: Why not use the LiveUSB to do the partitioning, and then do the installation after that - or, as well, during the installation you're given the option to manually partition drives...hmm?04:11
ubuntulalai can't see a way to set up software raid with LiveUSB04:11
ubuntulalawhen you install server in manual mode it gives the raid option, i don't see that anywhere in desktop install04:12
YankDownUnderantonio222: Mate, I don't know your machine - YOU should know your machine - check all the settings - make sure they're proper - when you're happy with that, obviously, save the settings and test booting into your system If that fails, then reboot, and hit "Esc" so that you see the actual Ubuntu boot menu (grub2) - and make sure you're booting into the right kernel...04:12
ubuntulalathe desktop manual mode is crippled, it doesn't have the raid option04:12
ubuntulalamaybe i just have to install server and add desktop manually04:13
antonio222Yankdownunder how can I make sure its loading the right kernel?04:13
antonio222The one at the top is 3.13.0-7-87-generic04:14
YankDownUnderantonio222: If anything, there would be several different kernel versions listed.04:14
YankDownUnder3.13? Mmm...04:14
YankDownUnderantonio222: So you've tried booting again and it did the same - it hung - or are you going to try that now?04:15
cburke_hey ! i have an emulator that outputs video04:15
cburke_and i want to pick said video back up04:15
cburke_preferably in python. what's the straightforward way to do this?04:15
cburke_it outputs right to an avi file. should i repeatedly read it and check for new frames?04:16
cburke_if this is not the place for such a question, sorry, where is?04:16
YankDownUndercburke_: Patience.04:16
baymanhow to see all apt packages installed?04:16
antonio222Yankdownunder222 IV04:16
cburke_YankDownUnder, OK04:17
antonio222Yankdownunder I've tried numerous ones from that screen.  None are working. Chasinglogic said it looks like x11 isn't starting up properly04:17
madsabayman, run dpkg -l04:18
cburke_YankDownUnder, I do not know IRC etiquette. Last time I was on an IRC channel I trolled until I was b&04:18
YankDownUnderantonio222: If "X" is not starting properly, try this...let the system boot to where it appears to be "hung"...then hit "CTRL+ALT+F1" - see if that takes you to a console login...hmm?04:18
baymanhow to check available packages from my distro?04:19
antonio222It does take me to a text login.  Tried that earlier04:19
YankDownUndercburke_: The "idea" is to state  your issue, then, well, wait.04:19
cburke_YankDownUnder, OK, what am I waiting for? Is there a 'bump' on irc?04:19
YankDownUnderantonio222: Right...so it DOES take you to a text...right...well, what would be the presumably best thing to do then - is to "login" at the console...can you do that now?04:20
antonio222Yankdownunder: here's what happens https://youtu.be/aF_j4f5eT2804:23
YankDownUnderantonio222: ARgh...I don't want to watch videos, bro...I *am* taking the time to try to help...please, just login if you can, hmm?04:23
antonio222How do I login?04:23
antonio222With my ubuntu login?04:24
YankDownUnderantonio222: When you're at the "console" login, yes, your Ubuntu login stuff...04:24
antonio222Telling me login is incorrect.  I haven't changed my password in 2 years04:25
cburke_antonio222, is there a prompt that lets you log in or is it just spamming that message about disks over and over?04:25
cburke_antonio222, audio quality is very difficult to hear what you're saying, btw04:26
YankDownUnderantonio222: And you're using your proper username, proper password, hmm?04:26
antonio222If I hit enter it goes to Pam-laptop login:04:26
antonio222If I don't type for a while they asking for cache data failed message pops up04:27
YankDownUnderantonio222: The system requires a username and a password. Unless you know the "root" login password...04:27
antonio222My account is the main account.  I use my password anytime I need to use sudo in terminal04:28
YankDownUnderantonio222: Read through this, please: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode04:28
antonio222Yankdownunder doing that now04:32
antonio222Yankdownunder: went through all of that.  What was that suppose04:35
antonio222To do*04:35
YankDownUnderantonio222: To rescue your system - which, I would have assume, after reading, you would have tried...hmm...04:36
antonio222I've already gone I to04:37
antonio222I've already gone into recovery mode...nit sure what to do04:37
YankDownUnderantonio222: Ok, you're not really telling me heaps...I am blind, so if you don't tell me exactly what you're doing, or where you're at, I can't really "see". Hmm. So, that being said, please do tell...04:38
antonio222Im in the recovery mode...rescue, clean, dip, etc.04:39
antonio222Where do I need to go from here?04:39
YankDownUnderantonio222: are those commands, or choices?04:41
YankDownUnderantonio222: Choose rescue.04:41
antonio222Damn...I meant resume...not rescue...eyes suck now04:42
antonio222Resume, clean, dip, failsafex, Fuck, grub, network04:43
antonio222Root and system summary04:43
antonio222.2% non contiguous...35605717/37475840 blocks....04:45
=== rafael is now known as Guest25025
YankDownUnderantonio222: Let it run. Go make a coffee/tea/drink...04:45
antonio222It already finished...didn't say anything04:46
YankDownUnderantonio222: Did you have to type in the command, or did it run the command for you...?04:48
antonio222It ran it for me04:48
YankDownUnderantonio222: Right. Now try "failsafe"04:48
antonio222"Running in low graphics mode...your screen, gfx card and input device settings could not be detected properly.  You will need to configure these yourself..."04:50
YankDownUnderDoesn't matter - just get logged in...most important...04:51
antonio2224 options...run in low gfx for just this one session...reconfigure graphics...troubleshoot the error...exit to console login...04:51
YankDownUnderantonio222: Do you know what graphics driver you use? If so, then do the "reconfigure graphics", hmm...04:52
antonio222Wtf!  It won't let me change the options04:55
YankDownUnderThen just continue in low graphics mode...get to the desktop.04:56
antonio222Trying that...thanks so far04:56
YankDownUnderantonio222: You're welcome...04:57
antonio222Just saying stand by while the display starts...04:58
antonio222If I click on ok it takes me back to the recovery menu04:59
YankDownUnderantonio222: So we can deduce at least two things from this - right now - your "display manager" - i.e., "lightdm" is malfunctioning - and your graphics drivers are malfunctioning...that much we know right now...05:01
YankDownUnderantonio222: So, what would be the best thing to do is to get back to the recovery console...hmm?05:01
antonio222The only option is troubleshoot05:03
antonio222Yankdownunder Im completely at a loss for what i can do next05:05
YankDownUnderantonio222: Are you back at the console?05:05
YankDownUndercan you type: "apt-get update" and tell me what happens?05:06
antonio222Should I drop to root shell prompt?05:06
YankDownUnderantonio222: Yes.05:06
antonio222Trying to enable networking05:07
YankDownUnderantonio222: Right...so do your networking stuff...then repeat...05:08
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
antonio222<Warn> couldn't find support for device at Sys/devices/pci etc etc...05:10
antonio222Not supoorted by any plugin05:10
=== bildramer1 is now known as bildramer
antonio222Yankdownunder (antonio222) <Warn> couldn't find support for device at Sys/devices/pci etc etc... (antonio222) Not supoorted by any plugin05:12
YankDownUnderantonio222: Lovely. Right oh. This is turning into something painful. And you're absolutely sure that NOTHING was changed in between the time it worked last, and the time you encountered this error...?05:12
antonio222Nope.  My gf turned it off last night like normal.05:13
antonio222She never installs shut05:13
ahrc333ffThis is usually when my desire to learn how to fix something is outweighed by my impatience and reinstall. ^_^ lol05:14
YankDownUnderantonio222: Right. Well, since you've done an "fsck" on the system, please, let's try this. Power the machine off. OFF. For at least 15 seconds. Power the machine on again. Proceed as though it was going to "act normal", hmm? Let's see if the "fsck" actually did anytihng - sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't...05:14
antonio222Nada :(05:17
YankDownUnderantonio222: So it's just sitting there, right? Just at the point of hanging, right?05:18
YankDownUnderantonio222: Hit "CTRL+ALT+F1" - and try to login, please.05:19
antonio222My laptop name is Pam-laptop.  When it says login: do I type that?05:20
YankDownUnderantonio222: You don't know the username? That's not good...05:20
antonio222Im in root now05:21
ahrc333ffThe username can be found. The password on the other hand... if you don't know the username, hard to know the password. lol05:21
antonio222Im at Pam@pam-laptop:~$05:22
YankDownUnderantonio222: Right - so you're logged in as root...05:22
YankDownUnderantonio222: SO, please type: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && apt autoremove && apt autoclean05:23
antonio222Do I need a connection?05:24
ahrc333ffThose are commands that require internet connection.05:25
YankDownUnderantonio222: Are you  asking, or are you doing?05:25
antonio222I have no connection.  Im in root.05:25
YankDownUnderantonio222: Lack of communication increases the amount of energy necessary to accomplish a simple task.05:26
ahrc333ffis it physically connected to a network?05:26
=== bozonius is now known as Guest6024
antonio222Yes its connected via etherner05:28
ahrc333ffping -c 2 google.com05:28
YankDownUnderantonio222: Yes...ping something...05:28
ahrc333ffthen you have a connectoin05:28
ahrc333ffecho "Testing" || nc termbin.com 999905:29
antonio222Haha...wasn't fully plugged in05:29
ahrc333ff7 layer OSI model starts with the plug :)05:30
antonio222It updated most of them05:30
antonio222Should I try restarting now?05:31
YankDownUnderantonio222: ARe all the updates done? Everything is done? Yes?05:31
ahrc333ffif you did hte apt-get update and lots of lines went by without giving errors, it should be. lol05:32
YankDownUnderantonio222: If it all appears DONE, what you can type is merely "reboot" -> when that's done, let's see how far it gets...05:33
antonio222Fingers crossed05:33
antonio222I think its working...05:35
antonio222Thanks so much05:35
antonio222Oh damn...only 19.7mb of free space...haha05:36
ahrc333ff19.7 mb of free space? haha. that might cause problems.05:36
cfhowlettahrc333ff, have you removed old kernels?05:36
antonio222Haha...no kidding05:37
ahrc333ffcfhowlett: thx, but antonio222 is the one having the trouble. i was just commenting :)05:37
cfhowlettahrc333ff, ah!  sorry. mis-nicked you there.05:37
YankDownUnderantonio222: If it all works, then you're all set, you're a hero to your girlfriend - and you can buy me 1 litre of quality coconut water. Hmm.05:37
cfhowlettantonio222, remove older kernels??05:38
antonio222You Dont want coconut water from here...its shipped in from Vietnam ;)05:38
YankDownUnderantonio222: as long as I don't have to leave the house, I don't care where it's from, really.05:39
abhinavwhy all unity scopes / lenses want to connec to Internet?05:39
YankDownUnderabhinav: Because they're based on "web" applications.05:39
cfhowlettabhinav, because you authorized it.  turn it off.05:40
YankDownUnderRight oh...since there ain't no coconut water, it's coffee time. Have a lovely arvo, antonio22205:40
abhinavcfhowlett: thats too much NSA like talking. I did not authorize any of my apps to connect to internet except firefox and irssi.05:43
abhinavYankDownUnder: Please explain how is Shotwell a web application05:43
abhinavand others in that list05:43
cfhowlettabhinav, actually, if you check your system settings, you will find that you, in fact, authorized internet access of scopes.  the cure?  1.  go back to system privacy settings and disable  or 2. do not use unity.  installing an alternate desktop environment without scopes is so easy a caveman could do it.05:44
neil_I installed the 'mate-desktop' but I don't get a graphical login... how do I fix that?05:50
cfhowlettneil_, how exactly did you install the mate-desktop?05:50
cfhowlett!mate > cfhowlett05:51
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message05:51
abhinavcfhowlett: thats too much NSA like talking. I did not authorize any of my apps to connect to internet except firefox and irssi.05:53
abhinavYankDownUnder: Please explain how is Shotwell a web application05:53
cfhowlettabhinav, actually, if you check your system settings, you will find that you, in fact, authorized internet access of scopes.  the cure?  1.  go back to system privacy settings and disable  or 2. do not use unity.  installing an alternate desktop environment without scopes is so easy a caveman could do it.05:55
abhinavcfhowlett: how will caveman install it without electricity and internet?05:55
abhinavcfhowlett: all these are default settings. not done by me.05:55
cfhowlettabhinav, see the cure?  try the cure.05:55
neil_cfhowlett, I installed by ppa http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mate-dev/xenial-mate/ubuntu and installed it on a basic server installation.05:56
=== abelur__ is now known as abelur_
cfhowlettneil_, what version of ubuntu do you hav?05:58
neil_cfhowlett, 16.0405:58
cfhowlettneil_, huh.05:58
bizolosHi there. Does someone know how to downgrade Mysql server to 5.5 on Ubuntu Xenial?05:59
cfhowlettbizolos, might ask #ubuntuserver channel06:00
bizoloscfhowlett, thanks06:00
cfhowlettneil_, the mate wiki doesn't show install instructions for 16.04 --- not certain that the install method you used is the best practice.06:00
YankDownUnderneil_: After the installation, did you try simply "startx" ?06:02
neil_YankDownUnder, yes I did... nothing happened06:03
YankDownUnderneil_: Ok...did you install a "display manager" yet? Like LightDM or SDDM or anything else?06:03
neil_YankDownUnder, not explicately... I was wondering if I needed to do that.06:05
YankDownUnderneil_: Yersh...a good thing to do...06:05
YankDownUnderneil_: apt-get install lightdm06:06
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
neil_YankDownUnder, that sure wants to install a lot of extras06:09
cfhowlettneil_, you might prefer the ubuntu-mate-core   only rather than the full desktop package06:12
neil_cfhowlett, ok ... I might have to restart the installation.. I will see.06:13
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
slingamnwhen does 16.04.1 come out?06:23
YankDownUnderslingamn: Er...today.06:25
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
slingamndo you know what time? i'm wondering if i can start the LTS upgrade process now06:25
YankDownUnderslingamn: I'm in Australia. No - I have no idea what time - however, it has been suggested that if you've already been daily updating, it's a done deal...but that doesn't help you, does it? As such is the statistics of the situation, if you wait 24 to 36 hours, well, you should have no issues...but that's all your choice, your option.06:27
slingamnlegit, thanks06:28
YankDownUnderslingamn: All good.06:28
indie__any suggestion on xml editor06:31
indie__any one on06:32
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
somalihello anybody there?06:44
somalio no,why are you do'not speak06:45
somalicome on , i want to talk to someone06:45
Ben64this is the support channel06:46
cfhowlettsomali, ask your ubuntu questions06:46
xdxdwhat can i help ?06:46
somalino question ,just for testing^_^06:47
somalithank you06:47
cfhowlettsomali, please stop.  test elsewhere06:47
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...06:47
cfhowlett!testing | cfhowlett06:48
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message06:48
somali  ok  this is my first time to use mate ,i just try everything.06:48
somalisorry for testing06:48
cfhowlettsomali, welcome to ubuntu.  no worries.06:48
cfhowlettsomali, there actually is a more general chat channel at #ubuntu-offtopic06:49
somaliit is make me happy to use mate , i only have a quetion ,  can i make it on my real pc06:49
cfhowlettsomali, errr. how are you using it now if not on PC?06:50
somalimy english is not so well ,you konw ,i play it on virtual machine.06:50
cfhowlettsomali, nice!06:51
cfhowlettsomali, how much RAM memory do you have??06:51
cfhowlettmate should be quite happy with 8gb06:51
urand0mhow do i get php7 in my repos?06:51
orlockRAM memory?06:52
* orlock twitches06:52
somaliwhat i warrid about is the support of drivers,i scared that if i work mate on my real machine there will be no run where06:53
somalinot be running well06:53
cfhowlettsomali, what drivers worry you?06:54
cfhowlettthat is, what are your system specs?06:54
ToAruShiroiNekoI am following this06:55
somaligraphic card06:55
ToAruShiroiNekowoops wrong place06:55
somaliit can support it well ?06:55
cfhowlettsomali, intel GPU is well supported, Nvidia pretty good, AMD improving.  easy test for you: create an ubuntu USB and boot it to test things.06:56
somaliyeah ,i06:57
somaliknow it,thank you very much06:57
somaliyou nice man06:58
Dead_OfficeHi, I receive an odp template for LibreOffice from the CEO of the company that I work on. I have been trying to enable spellcheck on this particular template but I couldn't. Can I anyone help me with that ?07:02
Dead_Officereceived *07:02
cfhowlettDead_Office, check with the libreoffice team for that kind of specific issue07:02
Dead_OfficeThanks will do07:02
frudorecently i faced issu regarding disk space and df -h says disk is full but when i identify its not ..07:05
orlockfrudo: how much is left? also, try df -i07:05
cfhowlettfrudo, df -h | pastebinit here please07:05
frudodf -i shows here "/dev/xvda1      524288 64011  460277   13% /"07:06
cfhowlettfrudo, line 5  100%07:06
frudocfhowlett: you can also 3) number du -sh /*07:07
cfhowlettfrudo, what were you doing to trigger "out of space" error?07:08
frudostill hanged..07:09
cfhowlettfrudo, have you cleaned out old kernels?07:09
Triffid_Hunterfrudo: what's "identify" ?07:09
frudono i didn't do anything after launch this mahchine07:10
Triffid_Hunterfrudo: why is your root partition only 8GB? seems rather skinny..07:11
frudoyeh i know but data not stored in /07:11
cfhowlettfrudo, just for fun: sudo apt-get autoremove07:12
Triffid_Hunterfrudo: base operating system can easily exceed 8GB when you've got graphical stuff installed07:12
frudothis ubuntu server can't access gui mode07:13
cfhowlettit's a server.  servers don't need gui!  (strokes neckbeard sagely ...)07:13
EriC^^frudo: try also du -sh /var/log07:13
ugurHi I created a new user but I cannot connect over ssh using that account. It says Permission Denied (Public Key)07:14
Triffid_Hunterfrudo: sudo du -csxh /* and start finding what's eating all your space07:14
EriC^^ugur: you don't get a password prompt?07:14
EriC^^ugur: put your ssh public key in his ~/.ssh/authorized_keys07:15
frudodu -csxh /*07:16
ugurI don't want to use a public key but just plain password authentication07:16
mcphailfrudo: remember there may be around 10% of space reserved for root disaster recovery, and a finite number of inodes (so lots of tiny files can use them up whilst there is still physical space on the disk)07:16
ugurI can connect using a key no problem there07:16
EriC^^ugur: sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config07:16
EriC^^put the passwordauthentication to yes07:16
frudoi restart that machine its 5.6 gb avialable ..strange07:16
frudoi the hell was stored07:17
falisergiojoin #ubuntu-es07:17
EriC^^ugur: then sudo service ssh restart07:17
EriC^^frudo: maybe stuff was deleted from /tmp?07:17
frudoi have another one also it seems like react ..07:18
ugurEric^^: Thanks it worked07:18
EriC^^ugur: great, no problem07:18
frudoguys : look this one http://pastebin.com/pViYnauJ07:30
ikoniawhy ?07:30
ikoniawhat's the problem07:31
IndustrialMy font sizes outside of Unity are too large07:31
IndustrialIt's the Chrome menu's07:31
IndustrialAlso other apps do this07:31
IndustrialAre there services I should run to fix the font sizes? Something to do with GTk settings?07:32
Hoffmanhow do I set the grub prefix with grub-install?  currently grub-install sets it to /boot/EFI/ubuntu/ instead of /boot/EFI/grub/07:37
frudoi still not catch up which process eating disk space?07:42
=== jatt is now known as Guest15230
frudoafter restart why it fixed..??07:44
frudoand how07:44
=== jat-clone is now known as Guest39754
ikoniafrudo: what are you talking about07:50
ikoniafrudo: I don't actually see a problem in your pastes,07:50
ugurHi I enabled password authentication for ssh but now public key authentication gives this error: "Permission denied (publickey,password)."07:51
DevAntoineI need help, I don't know what shortcut I just hit but now the entiere screen is zoomed on all application07:53
DevAntoinewhen I move the cursor it moves the screen oO07:53
DevAntoineI guess I can just reboot but I don't want too :D07:53
frudoikonia: really..so where used 5.4 GB07:54
ikoniafrudo: you've not stated a proble07:54
ikoniafrudo: you're just saying words, try to build a sentence that explains your problem07:54
frudoikonia: /mnt is mounted with another its not in root07:54
ikoniafrudo: so ?07:55
ikoniafrudo: you've got /mnt on a seperate device....what's the problem07:55
toni1Hello, I have a pretty severe problem. For a while now, I've been having trouble installing packages, and there are certain packages (libreoffice e.g.) that I can't get to work at all.07:56
toni1So I decided to try reinstalling all my packages.07:57
toni1Problem is, I can't reinstall debconf, and it tells me that the package is in a bad way07:57
ikoniawhy are you re-installing all your packages07:57
ikoniathats never going to work07:57
ikoniajust fix the packages that are broken/causing conflict (no doubt from a PPA)07:58
frudoikonia: if some reason root disk full but not to identify its serious problem...07:58
toni1the problem is, whenever I try installing a package, it tells me it canÄt be configured. I then have to manually remove the scripts in /var/lib/dpkg/info and then redo the install07:59
toni1which worked for most packages, but not for all07:59
ikoniatoni1: so the package logs will normally show you why it can't be configured07:59
Guido1I'm looking for an dublicate finder for ubuntu which allows me to select folders to search in and delete all found files with one click. any sugestions?08:00
ikoniafrudo: /dev/xvda1                 7.8G  5.4G  2.0G  74% / root is not full08:00
frudoikonia: i know it happened with me last night .. its was full..after restart its showing free space 5.4 GB..08:01
ikoniafrudo: this is AWS isn't it08:01
toni1ikonia: how do I access the package logs?08:01
ikoniatoni1: in /var/log08:01
frudoikonia: yes its aws machine08:01
ikoniafrudo: what image08:01
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ikoniafrudo: which one08:02
ikoniafrudo: exactly which ami08:02
frudoikonia: its based on hvm and Root Device Type08:03
ikoniathats not what I asked08:03
toni1ikonia: I don't see a log for debconf, e.g. There's a dpkg log that I looked at, but it only says "status half-configured debconf:all 1.5.58ubuntu1"08:05
urand0mhow do i get php7 into the ubuntu repos?08:06
frudoikonia: so i had created ubuntu 14.4 machine and than make AMI...and instance launching from.08:06
frudotelnet towel.blinkenlights.nl08:08
ikoniatoni1: it should show you in the dpkg log why it's failing to configure it08:08
ikoniafrudo: so it's your own personal ami08:08
frudoikonia: yes08:08
DevAntoinewhen I move the cursor it moves the screen oO08:10
DevAntoineis this some kind of zoom?08:10
DevAntoineif so how do I revert it?08:10
ikoniafrudo: ok - I'm not supporting your personal AMI's08:10
frudoikonia: ;) hmmm08:10
toni1ikonia: I went through todays log. Started out with me wanting to install sqlite, it literalle says: install... status half-installed libsqlite0:amd64 2.8.17-12fakesync [...] status triggers-pending man-db [..] trigproc man-db:amd64; startup packages configure; configure python3-uno; status half-configured python3-uno... etc."08:15
ikoniatoni1: ok, so manually issue a configure for it08:15
ikoniasee what it says08:15
bst1I need some dictionary for stardict can anyone help08:16
=== krystal is now known as irinix
toni1ikonia: debconf: "Package is in a very bad, inconsisten state. You should reinstall before trying to configure"08:17
MrokiiHello. How can I configure bash so that when I type something like "ls " and hit the "arrow up"-key it goes back to the last occasion I used that particular command? Unfortunately I don't know what the function is called so I don't know what to look for on the web.08:18
\9Mrokii: you can do that with ctrl+r08:19
geirhayou bind up and down to history-search-backward and history-search-forward, respectively08:19
ikoniatoni1: and what happens when you try to remove it08:19
Mrokiigeirha: Thanks, I'll look into that.08:20
EriC^^Mrokii: http://askubuntu.com/questions/59846/bash-history-search-partial-up-arrow08:20
vltI know that behaviour from zsh. Maybe you can find the name reading about it there. In bash I use Ctrl+r but that matches not only from the beginning of the command.08:20
vltMrokii: ^08:20
MrokiiEriC^^: Thank you, sounds good.08:21
MrokiiThanks guys for the suggestions.08:21
toni1ikonia: "Some packages could not be installed. This could mean that you have requested an impossible situation (or..) The following packages have non-fulfilled dependencies..."08:21
toni1ikonia: E: Error: Stops through pkgProblemResolver: Resolve started; this could have been caused by packages that have been held back08:22
ikoniatoni1: ok - so you need to start working that through08:22
ikoniawhat are the conflicting packages, what are the deps that can't be fullfilled, what package wants them08:22
toni1ikonia: Sorry for the weird language, my system language is German, and I'm translating on the go. Really appreciate the help.08:22
ikoniait's fine08:23
toni1ikonia: should I try removing the dependencies?08:23
tombeeHi, does anyone have any tips on how to figure out what is causing Ubuntu to crash?08:24
EriC^^tombee: /var/log/syslog /var/log/kern.log08:24
EriC^^tombee: ~/.xsession-errors08:24
tombeeCool okay, thanks.08:24
ikoniatoni1: no, remove the packages that depend on the missing/failed dependencies08:24
ikoniatoni1: I suspect this is because you've used PPA's08:25
toni1ikonia: I tried this. It said "fontconfig depends on fontconfig-config", so I checked that fontconfig isn't essential and tried removing. But it returns an error code for debconf still: "status half-configured debconf:all 1.5.58ubuntu1"08:27
Seveasdebconf being half-configured sounds like a recipe for a lot of problems08:28
Seveastoni1: please pastebin the output of: dpkg -l | grep '^.\?[A-Z]'08:30
Seveasthat'll show all packages that are in a broken state08:30
toni1Seveas: http://pastebin.com/YJ0sxth808:31
ikoniatoni1: I suspect you're reading the output wrong08:31
toni1Seveas: It shows only debconf08:31
ikoniahow is debconf in a broken state.....08:32
Seveastoni1: try apt-get install --reinstall debconf08:33
toni1I'll pastebin the output of sudo apt-get --reintsall install debconf.08:33
toni1Seveas: http://pastebin.com/84ft7s1m08:33
Seveasok, you royally screwed up your system08:35
toni1Seveas: This is what I figured. You think reinstalling would be easier?08:35
Seveasat this point: yes. Unless you manage to get python-minimal and python3-minimal installed in this state08:36
ikoniaI'd like to know how debconf got broke08:38
ikoniawhat did you do that broke that08:38
toni1Saveas: The weird thing is that it says both python-minimal and python3-minimal are already newest version.08:39
Seveasikonia: I've learned over the years that too much curiosity can be dangerous. I *don't* want to know what he did :) I got scared at:08:39
Seveas[09:56] <       toni1> | Hello, I have a pretty severe problem. For a while now, I've been having trouble installing packages, and there are certain packages08:39
Seveas                         (libreoffice e.g.) that I can't get to work at all.08:39
Seveas[09:57] <       toni1> | So I decided to try reinstalling all my packages.08:39
Seveastoni1: well, bits of them are missing. try reinstalling those packages08:40
=== gms is now known as Guest81405
ikoniayeah, the "reinstall all my packages" is the bit I don't understand08:40
toni1my system now tells me that it managed to configure debconf...08:40
Seveastoni1: nice. Now apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and apt-get -F --fix-policy install08:41
Seveasthat should reinstall missing packages08:41
ugurHi I used mysql_secure_installation after installing mysql but now I cannot login with root password locally08:42
pawhen is the 16.04.1 iso going to appear online?08:43
Seveaspa: when it's ready08:44
paSeveas, wasn't it supposed to be today?08:44
toni1Seveas: it tells me that debconf does not have any data in /var/lib/dpkg/info/debconf.list08:44
Seveastoni1: well, you said you were manually messing about with files in there. Maybe reinstalling debconf again will restore that file.08:45
Seveastoni1: generally, when you mess about in /var/lib/dpkg/info, you will break things. Don't do it.08:46
toni1Seveas: This was the solution on the German wiki, but duly noted. I figure reinstalling the system is less hastle than fixing it at this point. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the help!08:47
Seveastoni1: well, that solution is pure rubbish :)08:47
toni1I figured the wiki would be well maintained, but lesson learned!08:48
rigel_[lubuntu] Dropbox daemon only has a black box with a forbidden sign on it in the panel. in Xubuntu this problem was solved by setting DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS="" how do i solve this problem in lubuntu?09:07
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=== Nishikino-Maki1 is now known as Nishikino-Maki
roryHow can I create a user which can be used to create an SSH proxy, but is not allowed to actually log on and have a shell?09:21
NikogdaCMso strong they shine09:23
NikogdaCMbright white09:23
NikogdaCMwhoops old thread. Oy09:24
leroides@search lindnord09:25
plsheeeelpPlease help me my laptop wont boot, it hangs on the purple screen after I restarted it...09:26
vltrory: I think you can set /bin/false as their shell in /etc/passwd09:26
k1lwhat did you do before the restart plsheeeelp ?09:26
plsheeeelpkll: nothing just some programming for work, that was yesterday. Today I was going to work from home because I got a bit sick and it just wont boot now09:27
vltplsheeeelp: Mabye your BIOS enables SecureBoot somehow. Happened to me once when battery was dead.09:27
vltplsheeeelp: *enabled09:27
k1lplsheeeelp: not installed anything? like video drivers or kernels or such? then boot without "quiet splash" and see where its stopping09:28
plsheeeelpwhen I power on the laptop it goes into grub asking if i want to go ubuntu, advanced options for ubuntu or system setup09:29
plsheeeelpif I choose ubuntu it hangs on the purple splash screen09:29
plsheeeelpwell how do I turn off splash? I go into the root prompt09:29
k1lpress e there when highlighting the ubuntu line. then remove quiet and splash from the kernel line09:29
k1lin grub you press e09:29
plsheeeelpok I did remove it09:32
plsheeeelpthen i press F10 to boot and it goes to the damn purple screen again ;(09:32
plsheeeelpcrap I'm a contractor I won't get paid for doing no work ;(09:32
k1lare you sure you removed that from the kernel line? because removing splash qould have removed the purple screen09:33
plsheeeelpthere is this line that goes ... ro noprom\pt persistent quiet splash $vt_handoff09:34
plsheeeelpi remove the quite splash so it is ro noprom\pt persistent $vt_handoff09:35
plsheeeelpthen press f10 to boot and it goes to the purple screen :P09:35
k1lit needs to start with linux. there can be more lines including splash09:36
plsheeeelpk1l: unfortunately there arent any09:37
plsheeeelpk1l: any other ideas?09:37
FelishiaI don't know if there's a problem with the app or with the kernel09:39
plsheeeelpmaybe I should do something with the recovery mode or something09:41
psychoplsheeeelp what linux distro are you trying to load09:42
plsheeeelppsycho: ubuntu09:42
drale2ki have created a stick with ubuntu on so i can boot with it. Now i want to put a file (a ruby script) on it and have it avail in the OS when i boot but i don't know where to put it09:42
k1lplsheeeelp: its hard to say what you should do. because you changed nothing and we cant get any clue what is going wrong.09:42
drale2kwhen i put it just on the stick root it is not there after boot. I can't find the home dir etc on the stick09:42
psychoplsheeelp,now you running livecd?09:43
plsheeeelppsycho: no, its installed on the disk09:43
plsheeeelppsycho: on the ssd09:43
psychobut now from what OS you writing this? from another linux?09:44
plsheeeelppsycho: from my macbook pro, but its a personal computer, and the one that died is my work one09:45
alkisgdrale2k: when you boot with the stick, you can then access its root contents in the /isodevice folder09:47
psychoplsheeelp, you must boot from ubuntu livecd, and see what happened with grub.cfg, its located in /boot/grub09:47
DesuFelishia: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html09:47
drale2kalkisg: ah thanks09:47
psychoplsheeelp, because maybe you havent normally install ubuntu, without normal partitioning09:49
k1lplsheeeelp: can you boot a live-usb/dvd on that machine? because its very hard to tell what to do wihtout any hint. i guess you did more to that machine than just reboot.09:49
psychoplsheelp, in boot menu you havent many lines, its my linux/vmlinuz-4.4.0-28-generic.efi.signed root=UUID=8db58864-219b-4613-874d-a792897b1433 ro  quiet splash $vt_handoff09:49
plsheeeelpnano /etc/default/grub09:50
plsheeeelpi can open this file09:50
plsheeeelpvia recovery root prompt09:50
k1lthen remove quiet and splash there. then run "update-grub" and let the config renew09:51
plsheeeelpk1l: here i see the line grub_cmdline_linux_default="quiet splash" i09:52
plsheeeelpi replace quiet splash with text09:52
Felishiagit is not working on ubuntu 16.04 LTS09:52
k1lplsheeeelp: no. dont replace it. erase it09:52
plsheeeelpk1l: but i cant save the file, it says readonly file system09:53
psychoplsheeelp, just remove quiet splash, than save file09:53
alkisgdpkg-reconfigure grub-pc, allows for updating the cmdline with a text dialog, without editing files09:53
plsheeeelpk1l: what do i do about that?09:53
k1lplsheeeelp: yes, you need to remount it as rw09:53
plsheeeelpk1l: can you please tell me how? I suck at this09:53
k1lmount -o remount,rw /09:54
alkisgselect "enable networking" at the recovery dialog, it'll remount rw09:54
plsheeeelpfuck yes it worked09:54
k1lplsheeeelp: honestly: if you tell us what you did before the restart we could fix that more easily09:55
anonymoushow to install vpn for linux09:55
plsheeeelpk1l: I was writing some scala code and comming to remote repo, nothing that should matter09:55
=== anonymous is now known as Guest97272
plsheeeelpk1l: i ran update grub09:55
Guest97272how to install vpn for linux09:56
plsheeeelpk1l: anyway I belive I did not restart this computer for weeks maybe so ;P09:56
MonkeyDust!vpn | Guest97272 start here09:56
ubottuGuest97272 start here: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN09:56
psychoguest97272 openvpn09:56
k1lplsheeeelp: ...09:56
plsheeeelpk1l: what do I do after update-grub?09:56
k1lplsheeeelp: does an older kernel still work when selected in grub under advanced options09:56
plsheeeelpk1l: sorry I'm not a devops :) Im a java/scala guy09:56
k1lplsheeeelp: reboot09:57
energizerI'm trying to get my pidgin IRC working correctly. Can you see *this* message?09:57
Guest97272how to open vpn for linux09:57
alkisgenergizer: yup09:57
MonkeyDustenergizer  we see you09:57
energizerperfect. thanks09:57
plsheeeelpk1l: unfortunately it hangs on the purple screen again, this is a nightmare09:57
=== pi__ is now known as kromwell
plsheeeelpim still getting a blank purple screen :( I think there's no hope10:00
alkisgplsheeeelp: what happened and caused that?10:01
plsheeeelpalkisg: restart ;) and probably updates, though I did not migrate to a new version10:01
plsheeeelpof ubuntu10:01
alkisgplsheeeelp: did you remove any software before the restart?10:02
plsheeeelpalkisg: no I did not10:02
alkisgThe easiest way to troubleshoot it now would be by booting with a live cd/usb stick10:02
plsheeeelpalkisg: I've deleted the quiet splash and verified that its deleted(saved) but I still get the damn purple screen10:03
alkisgplsheeeelp: you can press "e" in grub to delete it10:03
alkisgIn the grub menu10:03
alkisgAnd then f10 to boot the modified entry10:03
k1lplsheeeelp: did you try to boot an old entry for ubuntu with another kernel?10:04
plsheeeelpalkisg: its already deleted there, but when i press f10 i still get the purple screen10:04
plsheeeelpk1l: i did not10:04
rigel_[lubuntu] Dropbox daemon only has a black box with a forbidden sign on it in the panel. in Xubuntu this problem was solved by setting DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS="" how do i solve this problem in lubuntu?10:04
k1lsomething is wrong if you still get the purple screen because if one removes quiet and splash there will be no purple screen. that is the point in removing those to entries10:04
plsheeeelpk1l: which kernel should I try? any other than the default one?10:06
=== mquin is now known as ISO3103
plsheeeelpim going with 3.19.0-30-generic10:06
k1ltry the others if someone of them boots10:07
plsheeeelpit says loading initial ramdisk10:07
plsheeeelpwill see how it goes, but im loosing hope ;(10:07
plsheeeelpanyway im grateful for the help you guys provided10:07
plsheeeelpwell I think it froze on loading initial ramdisk ... _10:08
* alkisg suggests using a live cd/usb stick again...10:08
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LibertyWeNeedI had wine installed and I have since removed it through the synaptic package manager. How do I get rid of icons of programs that were installed with wine from the dashboard?10:09
plsheeeelpalkisg: which distro shall I download?10:10
alkisgLibertyWeNeed: the normal way to do it is to reinstall wine, then use its remove programs dialog to uninstall all the apps you've installed10:10
alkisgplsheeeelp: whatever you like, i'm using ubuntu-mate myself10:10
LibertyWeNeedI tried but it won't let me10:10
LibertyWeNeedremove the programs i mean10:10
felicity_any pine64 users out there?10:11
alkisgWhat message does it show when it doesn't let you?10:11
MonkeyDustfelicity_  that's a yes/no question, better ask your real question10:13
plsheeeelpalkisg: the download will take 25 mins10:14
plsheeeelpalkisg: will you still be here? :)10:14
alkisgplsheeeelp: not sure. don't you already have the cd with which you installed ubuntu?10:14
plsheeeelpalkisg: that was well over a year ago10:14
felicity_I want to know the best web browser for pine6410:14
MonkeyDust!find pine6410:15
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 17 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pine64&searchon=names&suite=xenial&section=all10:15
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k1lplsheeeelp: best is to get a live-usb. load that and look what the logs on the installed system say why the boot stopped.10:22
LibertyWeNeedalkisg, no message just nothing happens when I click on modify/remove10:22
alkisgLibertyWeNeed: the appropriate place to ask would be in #wine. Here's a hackish way to remove them: find .local .config -name '*wine*'10:33
alkisgLibertyWeNeed: this only displays the files. You can then add "-delete" at the end to remove them.10:34
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jasondockersis it possible to get the subpixel smoothing of TrueType in Ubuntu? I have mscorefonts installed.10:54
Triffid_Hunterjasondockers: should be, I've have it on my (non-ubuntu) linux desktop for years10:55
jasondockersI'm also using Monaco and Segeo UI, however they're quite ugly. There's no smoothing / anti-aliasing.10:55
BloodhandHey guys can you help me ? I have a problem I can't install phpmyadmin because I get the same error every time ( "E: Unable to locate package phpmyadmin" )10:56
jasondockersTriffid_Hunter, any idea how to go about it?10:58
MonkeyDustBloodhand  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue10:58
MonkeyDustBloodhand  it phpmyadmin sits in the universe repo, make sure you activated that repo11:00
GoScrewYourSelfUAnyone have Ubuntu 16.04 with latest package updates and able to install Gnome from official repos? does anyone understand what I'm asking here?11:06
t-askHI, I have probelms with the Ubuntu Phone and video playback. Which is the right place to ask for help?11:07
MonkeyDustGoScrewYourSelfU  better change your nick and ask your question more friendly11:07
=== GoScrewYourSelfU is now known as ILoveUbuntuDontY
=== ILoveUbuntuDontY is now known as ILoveUbuntuYou2
ILoveUbuntuYou2Sorry Monkey, super annoyed right now, my bad.11:07
bazhang!phone | t-ask11:07
ubottut-ask: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch11:07
ILoveUbuntuYou2Anyone know how to get Gnome working on Ubuntu 16.04 with latest packages installed? Greeter broke, Unity wont stop can't switch to Gnome11:08
ILoveUbuntuYou2Trying to help a friend switch away from Unity11:08
ILoveUbuntuYou2sorry not trying to be shitty on that11:08
bazhangILoveUbuntuYou2, do you mean gnome-shell or what11:08
DesuILoveUbuntuYou2: journalctl -b -u gdm11:08
bazhangILoveUbuntuYou2, no cursing here please11:08
Desuor lightdm or whatever you use11:08
ILoveUbuntuYou2Sorry bazhang11:09
ILoveUbuntuYou2Tried lightdm tried gdm11:09
ILoveUbuntuYou2looked up bugs and looks like its all broken?11:09
ILoveUbuntuYou2Can't choose DE from Ubuntu symbol after installing Gnome11:10
BloodhandMonkeyDust  Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS \n \l11:10
ikoniaILoveUbuntuYou2: explain the problem11:10
ikoniaILoveUbuntuYou2: you're just saying unclear statements,11:10
ILoveUbuntuYou2Ok so here's the issue... brand new System76 system Oryx Pro11:10
ILoveUbuntuYou2Latest 16.04 packages11:10
ILoveUbuntuYou2sudo apt-get install gnome gnome-shell11:10
ILoveUbuntuYou2asks to switch DM11:11
ILoveUbuntuYou2choose LightDM11:11
ILoveUbuntuYou2Broken Greeter11:11
ikoniadefine broken greeter11:11
ikoniasaying "broken" helps no-one11:11
ILoveUbuntuYou2Can't choose DM11:11
ikoniaexplain clearly11:11
ILoveUbuntuYou2from ubuntu symbol11:11
ikoniaso is the greeter launching yes/no11:11
ILoveUbuntuYou2when logging in background is black, had to use Gnome Tweak tool "show icon on desktop" to return background11:12
ILoveUbuntuYou2Greeter does not allow choice of DM11:12
jasondockersxfce is kind of hideous. is openbox still being developed?11:12
ikoniaanswer the questions11:12
ikoniais the greeter launching, yes/no11:12
ILoveUbuntuYou2greeter is launching11:12
ikoniaILoveUbuntuYou2: is the greeter the greeter application you expected yes/no11:12
ILoveUbuntuYou2can I preface this by saying that I'm a seasoned Gentoo and Arch user and a Technical Solutions Engineer...11:12
ikoniaILoveUbuntuYou2: and yet you seem unable to clearly communicate a problem to the point where we have to use yes/no responses11:13
ikoniaILoveUbuntuYou2: is the greeter the greeter application you expected yes/no11:13
ILoveUbuntuYou2sorry for the attitude I was hoping to help my friend but it seems package versions or some crazy Ubuntu thing is just... I duno.. frustrating.11:13
jasondockersikonia, stop attacking him.11:13
ikoniajasondockers: no-one is attacking him, I'm trying to get info11:13
ILoveUbuntuYou2I used to run Ubuntu but kept having problems like this, brought back my Windows PTSD11:13
ikoniaILoveUbuntuYou2: you keep talking - and not answering the questoins I'm asking11:13
ikoniaI will no longer attempt to help you11:13
ILoveUbuntuYou2because you're trolling me :)11:13
ikoniai'm not11:14
ikoniaI'm trying to get solid info11:14
ILoveUbuntuYou2so anyways... anyone have latest 16.04 and install Gnome?11:14
ikoniaI run gnome on 16.04 for compatability testing with other gnome releases on other distros11:14
ILoveUbuntuYou2or KDE for that matter?11:14
DesuILoveUbuntuYou2: I would get the errors and fix the actual problem with the greeter first11:15
mcphailILoveUbuntuYou2: have you installed the ubuntu-gnome-desktop metapackage?11:15
DesuILoveUbuntuYou2: or switch to gdm11:15
ILoveUbuntuYou2you want me to fix the Ubuntu problem?11:15
Triffid_HunterILoveUbuntuYou2: heh I'm a gentoo user too, I find ubuntu rather frustrating as well..11:15
* joelio runs gnome fine - I use ubuntu-gnome-desktop metapackage11:15
ILoveUbuntuYou2GDM displays a grey screen with nothing to do11:15
ILoveUbuntuYou2I drop to TTY and restart GDM nothing... after literally 2 hours of journalctl -xe and debugging I end up with unintelligible issues that aren't just a simple fi11:16
ILoveUbuntuYou2I'm guessing outdated packages?11:16
ikoniayou're guessing wrong11:16
ILoveUbuntuYou2well definitely outdated packages just whether or not that's the problem is undetermined :)11:17
ikoniathey are not out dated11:17
ikoniaI'm not laughing11:17
ILoveUbuntuYou2you should be11:17
ILoveUbuntuYou2ok so I'm assuming no one here is successfully running Gnome on Ubuntu 16.04?11:18
ikoniaalready told you "yes"11:18
joelioI just said I awas11:18
ikoniaand there is the ubuntu-gnome release11:18
ILoveUbuntuYou2ahhh that's right there's an ignore command lol11:18
Triffid_HunterILoveUbuntuYou2: ubuntu always has outdated packages, in the name of 'stability'11:18
mcphailILoveUbuntuYou2: it sounds as if you have reached the bounds of your competence. If you want Ubuntu to configure gnome and greeter, run the ubuntu-gnome-desktop metapackage. If you feel you can configure it yourself, just install the gnome package11:18
ikoniait's not outdated11:18
ILoveUbuntuYou2mcphail: ... not trying to be rude or mean I'm just extremely frustrated... if the bounds of my competency are installing and configuring a Gentoo system or Arch from bare bones to full blown but I can't simply "sudo apt-get install gnome gnome-shell lightdm && sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm && sudo systemctl enable lightdm" and it works then wtf is going on?11:19
joelioI deployed it to over 100 desktops at old job - it degfinitely works11:20
joelioif you use the metapackage too - even better11:20
ILoveUbuntuYou2pardon the language... when you hide complexity and make choices for the user there are consequences and those consequences are... things not working11:20
joelioor you could install the right pacakage11:20
ILoveUbuntuYou2joelio: thank you for some good feedback, I will have him try the meta packages11:20
mcphailILoveUbuntuYou2: you have been given your solution. ubuntu is not arch or gentoo, and you should not expect it to behave the same way11:20
ikoniabeing able to type "emerge" does mean you are skilled or experience11:21
ILoveUbuntuYou2well its hard to tell what the "right" package is when everyone and there brother has an ubuntu forum with "the way to install Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 16.04" would prefer a single cohesive manual or set of instructions...11:21
ikoniaso the quicker that stops getting posted as bragging rights, the quicker you'll move forward11:21
ILoveUbuntuYou2I don't expect it to behand like Arch or Gentoo I expect to install gnome via a package manager and it works :)11:21
joeliohttp://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/ubuntu-gnome-desktop is what you want11:21
rahtgazILoveUbuntuYou2: don't mind the apologists, you are right. Ubuntu makes it hard to change the underlying DE and that's just a fact. HOwever, it does so for the good reasons. BUt in any case, that's that11:21
joeliono, it really doesn't - just install the right metapackage and away you go11:22
mcphailILoveUbuntuYou2: ubuntu follows the "debian way", which predates arch and gentoo11:22
joeliothere are preseed multiselects that wrap up all that too11:22
ILoveUbuntuYou2thank you rahtgaz I appreciate the sentimate. Feels my pain :)11:22
joelioso you can easily install wheatever desktop11:22
joelioit's not that hard, just use the right installer11:22
joeliothe live will just give you unity11:22
joelioso either use alternate and install gnome, or use live and install gnome using the http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/ubuntu-gnome-desktop pacage11:22
ILoveUbuntuYou2If I were physically with my friend (he's 3000 miles away and affraid of a terminal) I would just grab gnubuntu or ubuntu gnome or whichever and install it via USB and be done with it all11:23
ILoveUbuntuYou2but in that event I would instead install Arch so he could have more choice and help him manage it.11:23
joeliosure, well I've told you the easy way to do it11:23
ikoniaand yet you've just said he's scared of the terminal11:23
ikoniaILoveUbuntuYou2: the quicker you stop this arch bragging nonsense and focus on giving info on your problem and working wiht people the better you'll be11:24
rahtgazif that was so easy, we wouldn't need lubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu-mate ubuntu-gnome, etc. But you know... it's always easy, until it breaks and you are left on irc channels trying to fix your easy installation. God, I hate easy advice11:24
ikoniaif you want to continue to use this arch is great stuff, do it in another channel11:24
mcphailCan we consider this question closed and move on, without having a debate on packaging philosophy?11:24
ILoveUbuntuYou2ubuntu-gnome-desktop package will be good yes? Is there a way to "switch" from one Ubuntu to another for instance from "Vanilla" to "Kubuntu". Is this the meta package you are refering to?11:24
joeliorahtgaz: those distros *are* the metapackages essentially.. just bundled up11:24
ikoniait's just the desktop11:24
ILoveUbuntuYou2I'm sorry mcphail I'll try to keep my questions more specific and un-opinionated. Frustration is just at a peak. My apologies.11:25
ikoniakubuntu-desktop ubuntu-gnome-desktop xubuntu-desktop11:25
ILoveUbuntuYou2Thank you joelio for being so helpful and "dealing" with my frustration. It is much appreciated.11:25
mcphailILoveUbuntuYou2: how it all works out for you11:25
christian_Hi is it advisable to install Xfce 4.12 in Xubuntu 14.04.3?11:25
ikoniachristian_: what do you mean ?11:26
ikoniachristian_: is there a package for xfce 4.12 ?11:26
ILoveUbuntuYou2I'm really refraining from what I want to say, this is another reason I'm so frustrated. Because I want to be that a-hole troll that bashes Ubuntu but it is "good" for the average user who doesn't want to switch out the "underlying" DE.11:26
christian_I saw a tutorial in linuxscoop on how to install the latest stable 4.1211:27
ILoveUbuntuYou2I swear I'm not normally like this :) Just when I start having my Windows PTSD all over again.11:27
ikoniachristian_: I advise you stay clear of that11:27
ikoniachristian_: I advise you to use the packages xubuntu provides for you11:27
christian_ikonia_: would something happen if I install 4.12?11:27
ikoniathere is no promises it would work, be compatible and it certainly wouldn't be supported11:28
ikoniachristian_: use the packages provided by xubuntu11:28
EriC^^!info xfce11:28
ubottuPackage xfce does not exist in xenial11:28
ILoveUbuntuYou2Christian, I'm assuming ikonia is trolling you but I wouldn't know because I ignored him. /ignore ikonia if you are being trolled too11:28
EriC^^!info xfce411:28
ubottuxfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.12.2 (xenial), package size 4 kB, installed size 16 kB11:28
EriC^^christian_: why don't you upgrade to 16.04?11:28
EriC^^it has 4.12 by default11:28
mcphailILoveUbuntuYou2: please behave11:28
christian_I have issues in the kernel 16.04 uses11:29
EriC^^what issues?11:29
christian_yes I know its installed by default11:29
mcphailikonia: thanks11:29
christian_in wine when I installed 16.04 there is something wrong when Im playing AOE3 and NFS MW(2005)11:30
EriC^^christian_: did you try a mainline kernel?11:31
christian_so Im keeping linux kernel 3.19 installed in Xubuntu 14.04.311:31
christian_EriC^^_: Like the latest kernel?11:32
MonkeyDustchristian_  also: .4 is the latest 14.0411:32
EriC^^!mainline | christian_ yes11:32
ubottuchristian_ yes: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds11:32
christian_MonkeyDust_: Yes but it uses kernel 4.2 from Ubuntu Wily HWE... But still it causes ugly glitches in Wine when I play them said games11:34
Cisco3560-48PS-SHello, I am here to troll the channel.11:35
christian_ubottu_: I dont know how to install them mainline kernel11:35
ubottuchristian_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:35
ILoveUbuntuYou2Welcome Cisco! troll away! :)11:35
ILoveUbuntuYou2but only Ikonia11:35
HelpMePLZHow install Minimal Ubuntu with OpenBox?11:36
christian_EriC^^_:I would probably install 16.04.1 when it comes out11:37
JustLoveUbuntuOkHows everyone doing today/tonight/this-morning?11:37
EriC^^christian_: these are the mainline kernels http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/?C=N;O=D11:38
christian_EriC^^_: How do you install them? Are they in a certain repositry that they could be auto updated by the moderator/maintainer?11:39
EriC^^christian_: you download the .deb files and install them using dpkg, they'll remain on the pc and the normal kernels keep getting updated too11:40
EriC^^but you'll be using the one you installed, unless you keep manually updating, personally i'm using 4.6rc6 cause i had suspend issues with 16.04, haven't really upgraded it since the install and it's working good11:41
christian_EriC^^_: And the kernel packages will then get synced with my repos right?11:41
AlphaAndOmegaIs snappy available for desktop?11:42
EriC^^there won't be conflicts11:42
EriC^^christian_: you need to install the headers package though, it's very important for other software11:43
pleaseeheelpk1l: ok I have got the liveusb11:43
pleaseeheelpk1l: can you help please :)11:43
christian_EriC^^_: Im reading the new release of graphics stack in Intel Linux page11:43
pleaseeheelpGuys I'm getting a purple screen when booting my laptop11:44
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: did you try booting with nomodeset?11:44
christian_the probably fix the i965 bug that causes glitches in my wine games11:44
pleaseeheelphow do i do that11:44
EriC^^!nomodeset | pleaseeheelp11:44
ubottupleaseeheelp: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter11:44
pleaseeheelpI tried disabling splash screen11:44
pleaseeheelpbut im still getting it11:44
christian_EriC^^_: thanks sir11:45
EriC^^christian_: no problem11:45
pleaseeheelpEric^^: after booting I choose ubuntu and the screen goes blank/purpleish11:45
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: ubuntu hasn't been installed yet on the pc?11:45
pleaseeheelpEric^^: I've disabled the quiet splash and it still goes to that damn screen11:46
christian_EriC^^_: Thats the only thing stopping me from upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04 is the graphics glitches Im experiencing in wine11:46
pleaseeheelpalthough it shouldnt11:46
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: try adding "nomodeset" instead of quiet splash11:46
EriC^^or try booting into recovery mode from advanced options and troubleshoot from there11:47
tomoguiGreetings everyone. I have a little problem here and wonder if you guys/girls might be able to help me.. I just recently installed ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop. I have a problem connecting with the Wi-Fi. When I try to connect to my network i get prompted to enter the key, but after that nothing happens and it won't connect. Can any of you help me out?11:47
pleaseeheelpEric^^: it has been installed, I was working on that laptop yesterday with no problem, but today after restarting it it doesnt work anyomre11:48
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: it's probably a graphics issue11:49
EriC^^did you update or do anything else?11:49
christian_EriC^^_: I thought probably they removed the driver of intel 965q gpu in kernel 4.411:49
AlphaAndOmegaAnyone have success using SDDM on Ubuntu?11:49
pleaseeheelpEric^^: I'm not sure I just installed the automatic update stuff11:49
pleaseeheelpEric^^: aside from that I didn't do anything that could have caused that, just some programming11:50
AlphaAndOmegaI haven't tried SDDM yet but I've used it before and liked it11:50
EriC^^christian_: no idea about that11:50
pleaseeheelpEric^^: so should i try this NOMODESET?11:50
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: yeah11:50
EriC^^christian_: newer kernel is worth a shot i guess, it's easy to install and if it doesn't work out just a matter of purging it11:51
AlphaAndOmegaSo are Snappy packages available on Desktop? I like the idea of snaps. Are we switching to them soon and ditching debs or what?11:51
christian_EriC^^_: Ok sir I would try that11:51
MonkeyDust!snappy | AlphaAndOmega11:52
ubottuAlphaAndOmega: Ubuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/11:52
AlphaAndOmegaAren't snaps kind of like Appliance firmwares where the application is like an "image" that isn't changeable?11:52
k1lAlphaAndOmega: yes, since 16.04 they are available and no, they are not going to remove debs11:52
AlphaAndOmegatransactional updates! thats the words I was looking for.11:52
AlphaAndOmegaThanks ubottu!11:52
AlphaAndOmegathanks to you too k1l !11:52
AlphaAndOmegaTransactional updates are amazing. Does this mean snappy packages are newer then too? newer then normal LTS packages anyways?11:53
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EriC^^trolling season11:55
pleaseeheelpEric^^: eric the problem is that I can login on livecd just fine11:56
pleaseeheelpEric^^: its just the old disk installation that I have problems with11:56
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: an update probably broke it then11:56
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: are you on the live usb right now?11:56
pleaseeheelpEric^^: no but I can be in 1 min11:57
pleaseeheelpEric^^: thanks Eric11:57
quorzomanyone else experiencing connection issues with Wi-Fi on Ubuntu 16.04?11:57
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: no problem11:57
k1lquorzom: that depends on the used wifi hardware11:57
quorzomk1l: well tomogui has some problems, as far as I know he sees all the networks but cannot connect to them11:58
pleaseeheelpEric^^: btw I', wrting this from my personal computer, the one that is broken is from the company i contract for ;P11:58
pleaseeheelpEric^^: ok im on liveusb11:58
pleaseeheelpEric^^: what do i do11:58
k1lquorzom: tomogui?11:59
pleaseeheelphi k1l11:59
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: lspci -k | grep -A4 VGA | nc termbin.com 999911:59
pleaseeheelpI've got the liveusb :)11:59
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: and sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999911:59
quorzomk1l: that's another user here, he wrote something about his issue like 10 minutes ago11:59
quorzomand looks like nobody responded so far11:59
pleaseeheelpnc temporary failure in name resolution Eric^^12:00
=== pauljw_vm is now known as pauljw
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: lspci -k | grep -A4 VGA | curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us12:01
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: do you have internet connection?12:01
EriC^^termbin is working here12:02
pleaseeheelpEric^^: yep just connected computer with wire12:02
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: ok12:03
pleaseeheelpok I ran lspci -k | grep -A4 VGA | curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us12:03
pleaseeheelpremember that this is from the livecd, not the dead system that i have installed right12:03
pleaseeheelpEric^^: http://sprunge.us/RKOC12:07
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: ok and sudo parted -l | curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us ?12:07
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: you only have intel graphics? no nvidia or amd?12:08
k1lquorzom: what hardware is it? some hardware manufacturers ship really bad standard drivers so the user needs to tweak them.12:08
pleaseeheelpEric^^: yes12:08
tomoguiGreetings everyone. I have a little problem here and wonder if you guys/girls might be able to help me.. I just recently installed ubuntu 16.04 on my laptop. I have a problem connecting with the Wi-Fi. When I try to connect to my network i get prompted to enter the key, but after that nothing happens and it won't connect. Can any of you help me out?12:09
pleaseeheelpEric^^: http://sprunge.us/fgDj12:09
captainpicardI have Ubuntu 16.04 in virtual box. I removed my video card, and now the gui won't load. The window just resizes about 3 or 4 times and the screen goes black. So I ctrl-alt-f1 to a terminal and login. I tried reloading unity, loading gnome, restarting gdm, but nothing.12:09
k1ltomogui: what wifi hardware is it? lspci or lsusb will tell12:10
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt12:11
pleaseeheelpEric^^: done12:12
borisetowhat needs to be changed in grub so i could make my tty (f1-f6) work again?12:12
tomoguik1l: Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM57786 Gigabit Ethernet PCIe (rev 01)12:12
tomogui01:00.1 SD Host controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM57765/57785 SDXC/MMC Card Reader (rev 01)12:12
tomogui02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)12:12
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: alias pasteit='curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us'; cat /mnt/var/log/Xorg.0.log /mnt/var/log/apt/history.log | pasteit12:13
captainpicardn/m...i turned off 3d support in vb and it loads now12:13
AtuMtomogui, you have some instructions on atheros's site for ubuntu drivers.. also the firmware is there12:15
tomoguiHmm let me check hat, AtuM :)12:15
pleaseeheelpEric^^: pasteit command wasnt found12:15
soeewould it be trouble some to have pulseaudio 0.9 in xenial?12:18
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: alias pasteit='curl -F "sprunge=<-" sprunge.us'12:19
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: then run cat /mnt/var/log/Xorg.0.log /mnt/var/log/apt/history.log | pasteit12:19
XwZhi, any reasons for naming qtmultimedia5-dev instead of libqt5multimedia5-dev as all dev's lib I have seen for Qt512:19
pleaseeheelpEric^^: ok sorry, sprunge.us/PHJd12:20
lucido-cwlHi, I lost my top and side panels after a reboot (16.04) desktop12:20
AtuMtomogui, sorry.. I have atheros killer 1535 myself.. so I found what i needed at www.killernetworking.com  - your model is not one of those, so I spoke too soon, sorry12:20
ubottuantonio_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».12:20
lucido-cwlI had to start a terminal to lunch my irc client where I write this12:20
lucido-cwlhoe can I restore my desktop envirenment?12:21
k1llucido-cwl: does the guest account work properly?12:21
lucido-cwlk1l, I will need to log out from irc to test it12:22
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: apt-get install upstart-sysv ?12:22
k1llucido-cwl: so do it12:22
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: you've run that command and it removed systemd-sysv and ubuntu-standard12:22
pleaseeheelpEric^^: I can't recall doing this12:22
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: i have no idea about it, but it doesn't seem like standard practice or something12:23
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-standard systemd-sysv12:23
pleaseeheelpEric^^: so is there any hope? :)12:23
ioriapleaseeheelp, are you on 16.04 ?12:24
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: also the only packages that seem to have been added during the update are the kernel, if you boot into the older kernel using grub it should work12:24
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: sure12:24
lucidok1l, yes the guest accoiunt works12:24
pleaseeheelpEric^^: it didnt work (booting into older kernel),12:24
pleaseeheelpok I ran the apt-get install shall i reboot now?12:24
ioriapleaseeheelp, you installed this -- upstart-sysv -- on a  systemd system ?12:25
k1llucido: ok. as the user login into terminal again. then do "mv .config .configbackup" then relogin. it should work then but would have resetted all the configs from all programs. you can move the folders in the .config folder back again for the programs you want.12:25
pleaseeheelpioria: I dont understand12:26
pleaseeheelpioria: I ran that command on liveusb terminal if thats what ure askin12:26
ioriapleaseeheelp, Start-Date: 2016-07-15  09:57:2512:26
ioriaCommandline: apt-get install upstart-sysv12:26
pleaseeheelpioria: idk, the computer was working just fine yesterday, but I might have not turned it off since 07-1512:27
pleaseeheelpioria: should I reboot now?12:27
ioriapleaseeheelp, nm, was just curious12:28
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: yeah try rebooting12:28
lucido-cwlk1l, could you paste that again, I lost the text12:29
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: unfortunately no luck, still purple screen12:29
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: if you press esc does it show anything?12:29
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: no12:29
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: when you remove quiet splash does it say any errors?12:30
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: no, I still get purple screen12:30
EriC^^you get a list of stuff loading though right?12:30
k1l<k1l> lucido: ok. as the user login into terminal again. then do "mv .config .configbackup" then relogin. it should work then but would have resetted all the configs from all programs. you can move the folders in the .config folder back again for the programs you want.12:30
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: is there a way of installing mint lets say over this instalation? without loosing anything? I have vpns, ssh configured for work12:30
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: on that computer, and it would blow to wipe all of that12:31
EriC^^you could backup and reinstall12:31
EriC^^fresh install12:31
k1lwhy mint? you removed important system stuff and made a mess to this ubuntu system12:31
k1lif have asked you 10 times this morning, what you did so this system doesnt boot anymore. and every time you said "i did nothing".12:32
pleaseeheelpk1l: I did nothing man, it was the auto updates12:33
pleaseeheelpk1l: All I do on this computer is program in a text editor, and use git via command line, and browse web...12:34
k1lpleaseeheelp: the logs showed it differently. on july the 15th you made upstart install12:34
pleaseeheelpk1l: I did not do that maybe it was some asshole coworker or something12:35
ioriaoh, please :þ12:36
pleaseeheelpk1l: do you have any suggestions to mitigate the damage? what shall I do12:37
k1lpleaseeheelp: its not easy to fix a car if you dont know what is broken.12:37
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: is upstart-sysv still installed?12:38
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: try sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt12:38
pleaseeheelpEric^^: via root or livecd?12:38
pleaseeheelpEric^^: via recovery root terminal*12:38
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: ok mounted, what now12:41
EriC^^grep -A2 "upstart-sysv" /mnt/var/lib/dpkg/status12:41
EriC^^look for status if it says installed12:42
ioriapleaseeheelp,  you're not on  vivid, right ?12:42
=== erwin is now known as easyOnMe
EriC^^which ubuntu is this btw? ^good question12:42
ioriahe's vivid ....12:42
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue12:42
easyOnMesorry to interrup12:42
EriC^^maybe not, why you say that from 3.19?12:42
easyOnMebut I just got this message: update-alternatives: warning: forcing reinstallation of alternative /usr/lib/notepadqq/notepadqq.sh because link group notepadqq is broken12:42
easyOnMewhat does that mean12:42
ioriaEriC^^, ye, no that pkg, on trusty12:43
easyOnMeI just tried to update notepaddqq12:43
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: it says package installe ok installed12:43
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: ok, remove it12:43
pleaseeheelpsudo apt-get remove upstart-sysv?12:43
EriC^^sudo apt-get purge upstart-sysv12:43
EriC^^chroot first12:43
EriC^^for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done12:44
EriC^^sudo chroot /mnt and then "mount -a" and run it12:44
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: which ubuntu is this?12:45
EriC^^type cat /etc/issue in the chroot12:45
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: ok I did mount -a12:45
pleaseeheelpi think its 15.04 or 15.10, cant really remember12:46
EriC^^apt-get purge upstart-sysv12:46
pleaseeheelpok purged12:46
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: cat /etc/issue12:46
pleaseeheelpit says Ubuntu 15.04 \n \l12:47
ioria!15.04 | pleaseeheelp12:47
ubottupleaseeheelp: Ubuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid12:47
EriC^^you need to upgrade12:47
pleaseeheelpi have got this mint livecd is this one ok?12:47
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  your ubuntu is dead, that's why you're struggling so much12:47
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: we can't know12:47
pleaseeheelpwhich one should i get then?12:48
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  no, mint is too different from ubuntu, it's not supported here12:48
EriC^^download 16.0412:48
easyOnMesorry to interrupt12:48
k1la user needing support like you should not use mint.12:48
easyOnMewhat does that mean12:48
pleaseeheelpi have ubuntu mate 16.04 iso on my mac12:48
pleaseeheelpis this one ok?12:48
easyOnMeupdate-alternatives: warning: forcing reinstallation of alternative /usr/lib/notepadqq/notepadqq.sh because link group notepadqq is broken12:49
pleaseeheelpok, so I'll turn off the notebook thats hurt, and be back in 5mins after i create the liveusb12:49
MonkeyDusteasyOnMe  notepad is a Windows thing, iirc12:49
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: but how do I perform the surgery on the patient without him forgetting everything? I mean I dont want to loose all the configs from my old ubuntu12:50
easyOnMereason I am asking because whenever I open notepadqq it still says I am using the old version even though I just gave a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade12:50
easyOnMenot it is the notepad++ equivalent for Ubuntu OS12:50
easyOnMeMonkeyDust: no it is the notepad++ equivalent for Ubuntu OS12:50
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: backup everything, and save the list of installed programs12:50
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: are you still in the chroot ?12:50
HelpMePLZI install mini Ubuntu now, and I want to install Openbox. I need Xorg, Alsamixer?12:50
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: crap eric, I just powered off that laptop12:51
HelpMePLZAnd grub?12:51
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: np, make the live usb and then backup and everything from there12:51
ioriaHelpMePLZ, you need xorg xinit openbox and a dmm, if you want12:51
=== Guest83864 is now known as rlex
ioria*display manager12:52
ioriaHelpMePLZ, lxdm or lightdm are ok12:52
HelpMePLZioria, and just sudo apt-get install openbox?12:52
ioriaHelpMePLZ,  xorg , xinit openbox12:52
HelpMePLZioria, other will be installed automatical?12:53
ioriaHelpMePLZ,  other what ?12:53
HelpMePLZxorg xinit...12:53
HelpMePLZIf Ill install openbox12:53
easyOnMeMonkeyDust: I am referring to the IDE notepadqq it is not the windows notepad12:53
ioriaHelpMePLZ,  no, you need fist xorg   sudo apt-get install xorg12:54
ioriaHelpMePLZ,   you can simulate the installation with apt-get -s install xorg12:54
MonkeyDusteasyOnMe  contact this person ... https://launchpad.net/~danieleds012:54
HelpMePLZioria, thz you12:54
ioriaHelpMePLZ,   no proble, mini.iso is tricky12:55
HelpMePLZioria, and what about Core?12:55
HelpMePLZioria, Ubuntu Core12:55
ioriaHelpMePLZ,   not familiar with it... sorry12:55
easyOnMeMonkeyDust: thanks12:56
rightshiftDoes ubuntu still support placing boot scripts in /etc/init.rd/ or /etc/rc.d/init.d as of 16.04?12:57
rightshiftOr does it now need to be Systemd?12:57
HelpMePLZioria, sudo apt-get install xorg xinit lightdm openbox ddm   Only it?12:59
ioriaHelpMePLZ,   no... ddm was a typo , i meant dm (display manager)12:59
HelpMePLZioria, oh13:00
ioriaHelpMePLZ,   sudo apt-get install xorg xinit ... then you test it , after install lightdm and openbox13:00
HelpMePLZioria, I see here list Choose software to install13:00
ioriaHelpMePLZ,   where ?13:00
HelpMePLZioria, okey13:00
HelpMePLZioria, mini install13:01
ioriaHelpMePLZ,   oh, you are still installing ?13:01
HelpMePLZ* standart system utilities only13:01
HelpMePLZioria, yes13:01
ioriaHelpMePLZ,   complete the install... i don't think you can install openbox from there13:02
ioriaHelpMePLZ,  don't add anything else or it 'll you keep you forever  ( abit slow)13:03
HelpMePLZioria, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core13:03
BluesKajHiyas all13:03
zixradoomhello BluesKaj13:03
ioriaHelpMePLZ,  as i said, not familiar with core13:04
KeithWeissharwhen is ubuntu 16.04.1 coming out?13:04
BluesKajhi zixradoom13:04
cerionhi. Why do I have a "CPU 4%" showing next to my multiload indicator in the systray , now ? I never got that never changed is config and remove it either because it is to be configurable ?13:04
ioriaHelpMePLZ,  are you installing that or mini.iso ?13:04
HelpMePLZioria, I just not see iso there13:04
ioria!mini | HelpMePLZ13:04
ubottuHelpMePLZ: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:04
HelpMePLZioria, grub installing13:05
ioriaHelpMePLZ,  you mean this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot13:06
HelpMePLZioria, no13:07
HelpMePLZioria, I installed13:07
ioriaHelpMePLZ,  i lost you ... core or mini.iso ?13:07
HelpMePLZioria, mini13:08
HelpMePLZioria, I not found iso Core13:08
ioriaHelpMePLZ, you have mini now installed... what's the problem ?13:08
KeithWeissharwhat's the release date for 16.04.1 lts?13:09
KeithWeissharat what time?13:09
OerHeksKeithWeisshar, within 24 hrs, no time is set AFAIK13:09
KeithWeisshari'm having a flickering issue with llvmpipe when i try to use it in live mode13:10
KeithWeisshari have skylake13:10
PrincessBobanyone have a url....  to help a noob set up openvpn for my vpn in mint?13:11
KeithWeissharthere is a problem when using the original on skylake13:11
OerHeksPrincessBob, the mint channel knows howto use networkmanager and vpn13:12
PrincessBoboh... therei is a mint channel?13:12
k1l!mint | PrincessBob13:12
ubottuPrincessBob: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:12
PrincessBobi didnt know that.. thats how new to linux and all that I am...13:12
PrincessBobty K1rk13:13
k1lits the standard channel on all mint irc programs. so dont be too surprised13:13
PrincessBobwell im new to the entire linux thing...13:13
HelpMePLZioria, rebooted13:14
HelpMePLZioria, I in console13:15
HelpMePLZioria, xorg xinit13:15
OerHeksPrincessBob, i would believe you, if you weren't here before, 10 times.13:15
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
HelpMePLZioria, where you?13:18
Demented-Idiotis 16.04.1 being released today?13:19
k1lDemented-Idiot: yes, sometime during the afternoon13:20
Demented-Idiotk1l thanks - im just waiting for my mirror to get hammered :D13:20
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: hey i tried once again just to reboot and now i get a different bootlader and a black screen13:20
MonkeyDustDemented-Idiot  yes, it's here, lsb_release shows it13:20
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: and now I can login to text mode via ctrl + alt + f113:22
dm_compjoin #ubuntu-motu13:22
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: the terminal looks mint-ish though13:23
k1lpleaseeheelp: what is the output of "lsb_release -d"?13:23
=== xenomader is now known as crowden
pleaseeheelpk1l: ubuntu 15.0413:24
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  your ubuntu is dead, that's why you're struggling so much13:24
pleaseeheelpk1l: but like i said I didnt do anything yet, just rebooted for the one last time after we fiddled with my mint livecd13:24
pleaseeheelpMoneyDust: But I just need it to work its my 'job' laptop not private one13:25
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  that doesnt make it less dead13:25
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: you mean you can't upgrade?13:26
pleaseeheelpEriC^^: I can upgrade if i wont loose any data13:26
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: and the person you're contracting for? some programs might lose configs etc13:27
EriC^^some might not even be available anymore13:27
pleaseeheelpEric^^: im contracting for a large bank ;)13:27
EriC^^how's that relevant13:27
OerHeksif you don't have backups of your data, it is not important.13:27
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  then your bank uses an ubuntu that doesnt get security updates anymore13:28
pleaseeheelpEric^^: I have nothing of value on the computer because everything is backed up, but I have got the configs that allow me to work from home, and i wont be back at work till monday13:28
HelpMePLZUbuntu Installer can install and configure at the same time, and Ubuntu Mini can't do it, here need to configure and only then need install.13:28
pleaseeheelpMonkeyDust: It doesnt use it, I myself have chosen the distro etc.13:28
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: then use it til monday13:29
pleaseeheelpMonkeyDust: I cant as it doesn't boot up13:29
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  fair enough, but still, get a supported ubuntu release, then ask again13:29
pleaseeheelpMonkeyDust: Ok so my question is how to i upgrade without loosing my stuff13:29
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: your stuff is as vague as it gets13:29
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  backup first13:29
pleaseeheelpMonkeyDust: is there such a way?13:29
EriC^^you should know13:29
HelpMePLZFailed to start session13:30
MonkeyDust!eolupgrade | pleaseeheelp13:30
ubottupleaseeheelp: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:30
HelpMePLZioria,  Failed to start session13:31
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: from tty1 if you do sudo service lightdm restart what happens?13:32
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: try to boot the older kernel this time13:32
pleaseeheelpEriC^^:  after sudo service lightdm restart13:33
pleaseeheelpEriC^^:  i get a window saying system problem detected13:33
DArqueBishoppleaseeheelp: don't you have backups of the remote access config files?13:34
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: ok, autologin is enabled?13:34
pleaseeheelpEriC^^:  it is not, but I athenticate myself when i press ctrl + alt + f1 for the text mode13:34
kappa1I connected my android phone with an sd card to my computer. How can I see what dev it is?13:35
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: ok, type DISPLAY=:1 startx unity13:35
tme5ubuntu is kill?13:37
DArqueBishoptme5: beg pardon?13:37
pleaseeheelpEriC^^:  it worked13:37
tme50% [Connecting to gb.archive.ubuntu.com (] [Connecting to archive.canonical.com (]13:37
EriC^^pleaseeheelp: ok13:37
tme5ah, i'm back up13:38
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  are you in? if so, first backup personal data to a safe place13:38
HelpMePLZioria, whare you?13:39
kappa1how can I completely wipe an sd card?13:39
pleaseeheelpEriC^^:  there is this xterm window though that if i close, i go straight back to text mode13:39
HelpMePLZI in Openbox but Menu no work13:39
Thinker_may i ask a question about libre office here?  I think pro users could helpme out13:39
MonkeyDustThinker_  libre office has its own channel13:40
Thinker_kappa1, using disks tool13:40
kappa1Thinker_, what tool?13:40
Thinker_MonkeyDust,  they are less active than this channel, I think nobody speaks there13:41
Thinker_kappa1,  Disks13:41
Thinker_its name of the took kappa113:41
pleaseeheelpMonkeyDust: is there some software to help me to create a 1 to 1 backup of everything including configs13:41
kappa1Thinker_, the problem is that the sd card is inside my android phone, which is connected via usb to the computer, and disks is not detecting it13:42
Andrzejpleaseeheelp: dd , rsync , depends for what13:42
k1lkappa1: that will not work. you need to wipe it from android then13:42
DArqueBishoppleaseeheelp: if you have networking working on the laptop, rsync will work. Otherwise, if you have an external drive, "cp -a" works too.13:42
kappa1k1l, how?13:42
k1lkappa1: #android will help13:42
ubuntu-matehey, i am new here, can some one tell me if it is a good idea to dual boot my win8.1 and ubuntu mate ??13:43
k1lkappa1: you need to put the sdcard into a device running ubuntu if you want to wipe it with ubuntu13:43
MonkeyDustubuntu-mate  sure, if you like both13:44
ubuntu-mateyea cuz i cant play my games on um but i like this design13:45
kappa1ok, thanks13:45
rafalcpptrusty is a creepy name for a distribution, it sounds like a guy telling you to get into his van  ;P13:47
zacktuI have installed postgresql 9.3 (the default for Ubuntu) on a Ubuntu 14.04 system.   I thought that the install script included setting up a user named postgres and starting the server.  If I enter "sudo su postgres" the error message is "No passwd entry for user 'postgres'".  What to do now?13:48
SchrodingersScatI had a package I was using that had a bunch of dependencies.  I want to remove the package but keep the dependencies (for a more manual install) and was wondering what the easiest way to do that was (so it doesn't autoremove)13:48
HelpMePLZOpenbox menu no work13:51
nikolarkzacktu: sudo pg_createcluster 9.3 main --start13:51
OerHeksSchrodingersScat, i think 'dpkg -r <package>' does the trick, else 'dpkg -r --force-all <package>'13:52
zacktunikolark: I tried that and get the message "User postgresql does not exist"13:52
zacktunikolark: I tried just now13:53
SchrodingersScatOerHeks: great, thanks, i'll read the man page13:53
nikolarkzacktu: mayby try reinstall13:54
nikolarkapt install postgresql --reinstall13:54
nikolarkand look for errors13:54
=== NoobsFlyRNAV is now known as NoobsFlyVFR
HelpMePLZOpenbox menu no work Mini Ubuntu13:57
zacktunikolark: OK here goes ....13:59
v1sI am running 16.04 trying to do internet connection sharing but cant seem to get any of the clients to see past the lan. Here is my iptables script http://pastebin.com/XAcyTH1i any idea what I am doing wrong ?13:59
MonkeyDustpleaseeheelp  there's rsync on the command line, and grsync, if you prefer a GUI14:00
cireb1925hello world14:03
HelpMePLZHow to install Openbox/14:04
DolanTrumphelp huuge problems14:04
ubottuopenbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox14:04
zacktunikolark: I used your statement -- no errors -- I've been redirecting output to a file so I could look for errors.    I have the same messages when I try to start postgres.  Last night I watched a youtube video and saw that the install creates a postgres user and starts the server.  BTW in order to make certain I was starting from scratch I followed instructions for removing postgresql...14:04
zacktu...completely: rm -rf /etc/postgresql; rm -rf /etc/postgresql -comon; rm -rf /var/lib/postgresql.14:04
SchrodingersScat!ask | DolanTrump14:04
ubottuDolanTrump: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:04
DolanTrumpI want to upgrade a 14.10 unicorn ubuntu to a newer version but all the repositories dont exist anymore14:05
DolanTrumpi get only tons of errors14:05
SchrodingersScat!eol | DolanTrump, yeah, you're a bit late on that14:05
ubottuDolanTrump, yeah, you're a bit late on that: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:05
MonkeyDustDolanTrump  backup and fresh install 14.04 or 16.0414:05
SchrodingersScat!14.10 | DolanTrump14:05
ubottuDolanTrump: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 23rd, 2015. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic14:05
DolanTrumpdoes a fresh install remove all my data?14:06
OerHeks14.04 > 15.04 (eol) > 15.10 ( few days left) > 16.04 ... i would do fresh install, DolanTrump14:06
MonkeyDustDolanTrump  backup, first14:06
OerHeksif you don't have backups of your data, it is not important.14:06
DolanTrumphow about downgrading to 14.04 htats still supported right14:06
OerHeksDolanTrump, no, never was supported.14:07
OerHeksdowngrading = fresh install too14:07
DArqueBishop14.04 is supported, but downgrading is not only not supported, it's a Bad Idea in general.14:07
DArqueBishopBack up your data, then wipe/reload.14:07
DolanTrumpok, well then, but it sucks how they just delete the repositories14:07
MonkeyDustDolanTrump  yes, 14.04 is supported until 2019, 16.04 is supported until 202114:08
=== Player_ is now known as Bucky
OerHeksDolanTrump, 'just' was months ago ..14:08
=== Bucky is now known as Bucky_
mcphailDolanTrump: there has been a lot of time to upgrade14:08
=== Bucky_ is now known as Buckyy
MonkeyDustDolanTrump  otherwise, everyone should be familiar with all the different old releases14:09
DolanTrumpi dont get though why it would need the old repositories when I want to upgrde to 16.0414:10
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:11
OerHeksthis is a old-release trick, but only for upgrading or test purpose.14:12
OerHeksi would do fresh install, 3 times upgrading takes a whole day14:12
v1sis there anything in 16.04 thats blocking connection sharing by default?14:13
DolanTrumpmaybe i just save my data and try that eolupgrade trick worst case I have to do fresh install which i would have to do anyways14:13
mcphailDolanTrump: if you have backed up your data, you can try a simple reinstall of a newer version. It will attempt to preserve the contents of your home folder14:14
dippui need command to install vlc14:15
MonkeyDustdippu  apt install  vlc14:15
fl0k1sudo apt-get install vlc :D14:15
OerHeksdippu, open softwarecenter , search vlc14:15
dipputhank you14:15
nikolarkzacktu: what does `id postgres` say?14:23
v1sis there some way to see whats blocking access from the lan to get out?14:25
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest80334
ouroumov_v1s, traceroute 'll show you the successive gateways14:28
zacktunikolark: id: postgres: no such user14:28
zokkohi guys14:32
zokkodoes anyone have PAGE_SIZE 64k in Ubuntu?14:32
zokkois there any ready-for-it kernel?14:32
nikolarkwhat about `grep postgres /etc/passwd` and `grep passwd /etc/nsswitch.conf`14:33
zacktuthe first grep gives nothing -- the second one give "passwd:         compat"14:35
MonkeyDustzokko  what's page_size 64k14:36
joeliozacktu: what does 'apt-cache policy postgresql' say?14:36
zacktujoelio: http://paste.fedoraproject.org/393565/11195014/14:39
zacktuMonkeyDust: That happens to be the paste link suggested for another group.  I see that this group suggests paste.ubuntu.com.  I'll use it.14:42
joeliozacktu: so, to recap, you've purged it out previosuly and tried to reinstall? As part of the dpkg installation the postgres user is created.. however I've ran into issues before when doing similar when not purging all the packages (postgres is a metapackage, so may not have removed postgresql-server etc). Also the dbconfigure can happen and if not pruged, then never reran, even after a reinstall14:45
bulletxthi, does someone know if I can instlal deb packages of 3.16.36-trusty on ubuntu 10.04?          http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.16.36-trusty/14:46
joeliozacktu: if it's possible, try a 'dpkg -l postgresql*' and purge out all the files it's listed as 'ii' in the first column14:47
joelioapt-get purge postgresql* - could do it14:48
MonkeyDustbulletxt  10.04 is dead14:48
bulletxtMonkeyDust: my server is alive14:48
xanguajoelio: no, also 10.04 is unsupported14:48
bulletxtxangua: so I can't install those deb on 10.04?14:49
MonkeyDust!10.04 | bulletxt14:49
ubottubulletxt: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.14:49
bulletxtmy server is alive, I need to know if those deb can  be installed on ubuntu 10,0414:49
bulletxtits either yes or no14:49
OerHeksbulletxt, is this for real?14:49
bulletxtOerHeks: sure14:50
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
zacktujoelio: I've purged postgresql, but not with the asterisk.  I'll do that.  BTW postgresql works fine on another computer.14:50
bulletxtI just need an updated kernel, not sure if those packages are compatible. Ill check them out anyways14:52
OerHeksno more zombie servers on the internet, please14:52
neil__why does the 16.04 ltsp-build-client try to install grub?  how do I get it to not error and finish?14:53
joeliozacktu: yea, that's another computer, it works fine on mine too :) Try that purge out.. then reinstall.. that process shoudl rerun the dpkg hooks needed to create the user14:54
rattkingbulletxt yes that should work, however you really should consider upgrading to a release still getting security patches.. also you may or may not notice some things missing from the upstream mainline packages14:54
=== precise is now known as cryptic2
bulletxtrattking: it should? dependencies are ok?14:55
rattkingI dont think the kernel images have much for dependencies.. usually just linux-firmware14:56
=== cryptic2 is now known as precise
bulletxtrattking: ok ill try intsalling it in a bit lets see what happens15:00
=== morgobin is now known as morgbin
SchrodingersScatOerHeks: seems to have moved them into autoremove ;(15:01
SchrodingersScatOerHeks: i'll just install them15:02
OerHeksSchrodingersScat, loose dependencies?15:02
OerHeksSchrodingersScat, that would be logical, i guess.15:03
HelpMePLZHow to install Openbox?15:04
Danne-Hi! anyone here that rocks on mdadm? I have a problem with a exisisting array. mdadm has set 2 of my drives ad removed (RAID 6) and i cannot add them to the array again, anyone has sugestions?15:04
ubottuopenbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox15:04
zacktujoelio: The purge worked.  The install created a cluster and started the server.  The command "sudo su postgres" started a new shell with username "postgres".  Thank you.15:05
=== Krystal__ is now known as irinix
joeliozacktu: any time dude :15:10
samadhi_Hi there, Can anybody tell me one tool for recorder my session and put messages, its for a videotutorial, Im using Kazam15:12
samadhi_ But I dont have idea whith what tool can I put messages for a guide inside the recorder15:12
jfcaronI installed Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on a desktop and I am surprised by the “automatically unmount your home directory” feature.  How can I turn it off?15:14
MonkeyDustsamadhi_  you can use any vieo editor to add comments15:15
samadhi_MonkeyDust, Like openshot?15:15
MonkeyDustsamadhi_  guess so15:15
joeliosamadhi_: do you need them to be live on screen, or add them later post-production?15:15
neil__why does the 16.04 ltsp-build-client try to install grub?  how do I get it to not error and finish?15:16
samadhi_joelio I need make a videotutorial for a software, Imagine that put messages is a good idea for a user guide15:16
vltDanne-: Can you show us /proc/mdstat?15:17
MonkeyDustsamadhi_  in openshot, i see no option to add text balloons15:17
mcphailsamadhi_: obs studio is a good one15:17
Danne-vlt: it shows clean,degraded and active sync on all but 2 drives that shows as "removed"15:17
samadhi_mcphail, thanks I 'll see it15:17
Danne-vlt: superblocks seems OK, and everything else seems OK15:18
Danne-vlt: i hope that i can just add tem to the array again15:18
vltDanne-: To me that doesn’t look like the output of `cat /proc/mdstat`15:18
SchrodingersScatOerHeks: oi, all messed up now ;(15:18
Danne-vlt: there isnt mutch more thats important?15:18
samadhi_MonkeyDust, me too I dont see the option, I'll follow searching15:18
vltDanne-: Fine.15:18
SchrodingersScatOerHeks: nevermind, it's fine, thanks.15:20
DarkwellHey there , I choosed other install option to be able to install ubuntu 14.04 again after an accedental overwrite of /etc... I picked partitions as it was before... Now I wonder if the instsller will overwrite the /home dir or if its just safe ?15:21
joeliosamadhi_: yea, so if you don't need OSD live, then record desktop using tool of choice (personally I'd go ffmpeg, but that's not a massive issue). Then use a non-linear editor to add captions. Lightworks has a free license now http://www.lwks.com/, but others (LiVES, Openshot etc) could work15:22
xanguaDarkwell: do you have a separate partition for /home?15:22
joeliosamadhi_:  Pitivi is the gnome one15:22
Danne-vlt: sent it over in pm to you15:23
DarkwellThe /home has too much data for mu usb stick to backup , so i picked non formatting install15:23
samadhi_joelio, thanks for the answer, I 'll see the non-linear editor for add captions15:23
DarkwellXangua only /usr /tmp swap and /15:23
Thinker_can anybody tell when is first point going to release for 16.0415:24
MonkeyDustThinker_  i already have it, should be available for you, too, soon15:24
joeliosamadhi_: of course, things like Youtube have built in tools for that - but then it's proprietary15:24
DarkwellDoes the installer run any rm- rf ?15:24
Thinker_ok thanks MonkeyDust15:24
MonkeyDustThinker_  any moment now, i guess15:24
nrdbThinker_, it always happens when the next release happens ... that is after 6 months15:24
Thinker_MonkeyDust,  not listed on website official15:25
Thinker_nrdb,  official roadmap tells 3 months, that is 21 aug15:25
Thinker_21 july15:25
Danne-vlt: seems to be ok to me15:25
MonkeyDustThinker_  lsb_release -d ... Description:Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS15:25
=== jat-clone is now known as Guest74540
nrdbThinker_, ok15:26
DJonesThinker_: In theory, today according tothe planned release schedule15:26
Thinker_thanks all15:26
HelpMePLZHow to install Openbox?15:30
MonkeyDustHelpMePLZ  suo apt install openbox15:30
ubottuopenbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox15:30
MonkeyDustsudo *15:30
HelpMePLZnot work15:30
HelpMePLZmenu no work15:30
HelpMePLZmouse right click on the desktop15:31
MonkeyDustHelpMePLZ  do you want to install it, or to configure it15:31
HelpMePLZMonkeyDust, I installed it15:31
HelpMePLZMonkeyDust, but menu no work15:31
HelpMePLZMonkeyDust, what to do?15:31
joelioopenbox needs (generally) a lot more configuration15:31
HelpMePLZMonkeyDust, I added odconf and other packages15:32
MonkeyDustHelpMePLZ  read some more about openbox15:32
HelpMePLZMonkeyDust, I readed15:32
HelpMePLZMonkeyDust, nothing no help to me15:32
HelpMePLZMini Ubuntu15:33
strayArchwhere does xorg-server-source install to15:34
joelioHelpMePLZ: did you read the ubuntu page on it?15:34
ubottuopenbox is a lightweight window manager. For instructions and more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox15:34
nrdbI have been trying to setup ltsp ... why does ltsp-build-client try to install grub? ... when it tries to setup grub it errors, and fails.. how can I stop it.15:34
joelionrdb: is that as part of the automated process? the debconf questions allow you to skip it usually (I have done it this week in fact on a headless box)15:36
naccnrdb: i wonder if it has to do with thin client pxe booting, or something?15:37
=== precise is now known as precise|lunch
nrdbjoelio, it is part of setting the network booting thin client... the client downloads the environment setup by ltsp-build-client does all the setup for this to work.15:38
HelpMePLZOpenbox not work15:39
naccstrayArch: /usr/src/xorg-server.tar.xz15:40
strayArchnacc, thanks ^_^15:40
naccstrayArch: in the future `dpkg -L <pkgname>` or `apt-file list <pkgname>`15:41
=== anonymous is now known as Guest49803
=== asgharpolo is now known as linuxlove
nrdbI have been trying to setup ltsp ... why does ltsp-build-client try to install grub? (surely it is needed)... when it tries to setup grub it errors, and fails.. how can I stop it.15:49
joelionrdb: this is for ltsp-build-client - a fat client?15:51
joelioas a fat client will need grub.. a thin won't as it'll PXE boot15:51
nrdbjoelio, it build the environment for a thin client.15:51
joelionrdb:  what commands are you running, I'll run in a vm15:52
nrdboops my small mistake15:52
nrdbI have been trying to setup ltsp ... why does ltsp-build-client try to install grub? (surely it is not needed)... when it tries to setup grub it errors, and fails.. how can I stop it.15:52
joelionrdb: ok, sure, but what commands have your run?15:53
joelioneed to reproduce to check15:53
nrdbI tried to setup a blacklist for the grub packages in the chroot but that didn't appear to work.15:54
nrdbjoelio, I did an "apt-get install ltsp-server-standalone" ... "ltsp-build-client --arch i386"15:55
gdev which filesystem should i go for mainly video content and pictures?  (80% ubuntu in use, 20% other, should be able to watch on win7 aswell).  Ext3/4?  I thought of not using NTFS because it slows down on lnx machines16:10
naccgdev: NTFS is a windows filesystem16:10
Fuchsgdev: if both have to read and write: maybe ExFat, recent Ubuntu versions can do that ootb with a userspace driver, Windows newer than XP should be able to do it ootb as well16:11
rypervenchegdev: You can do ext4 and then create a samba mount to access it from Windows.16:11
Fuchsgdev: to access Ext on Windows you'd need an additional driver16:11
Fuchsgdev: in either case: do not use any of these for partitions that are used by linux, such as the / or /home ones16:12
naccgdev: oh you meant the same machine booted to either ubuntu or windows?16:12
gdevno, no boot partition, or fixed mount.   its about videos, pictures, transcoding, and copying/writing files16:12
gdevexfat: can most systems nowaday handle that? mix of ext3 and fat32?16:13
sloppijoI am having network problems.  Wireless connection is strong, but Internet signal comes and goes randomly.  It's an office router set up with WEP.16:15
=== precise|lunch is now known as precise
FredTheNoobHi, I'm wondering if gnome 3.20 already is on Ubuntu?16:22
ikoniaFredTheNoob: https://www.gnome.org/getting-gnome/16:23
krabador16.04 have gnome 3.1616:23
OerHeksFredTheNoob, no, only available by PPA:gnome3-team http://www.webupd8.org/2016/04/how-to-install-gnome-320-in-ubuntu.html16:24
FredTheNoobthks guys16:24
OerHeksbut then you are on your own16:24
krabadordistros with default gnome 3.20 , are rolling , or fedora16:24
FredTheNoobdo you know when will release an official16:24
naccFredTheNoob: an official what?16:25
FredTheNoobgnome 3.2016:25
ikoniaFredTheNoob: it won't happen16:26
ikoniait will be a later ubuntu release16:26
FredTheNoobhow's that? won't happen?16:26
naccFredTheNoob: it appears to be in debian testing/unstable, so maybe 16.10, maybe 17.0416:26
FredTheNoobOhhh i see16:26
naccFredTheNoob: released version of pacakges aren't upgraded (so 16.04 will be 3.18 forever)16:26
FredTheNoobok ok16:27
ikoniaFredTheNoob: do you really need 3.20 ?16:27
ikoniaor do you want it because it's "later"16:27
SonikkuAmericaDoes 15.10 reach EOL today as well? It's been 9 months...16:28
gdev3.20 breaks everything again, like every time..16:28
naccSonikkuAmerica: 1 week from now (or so)16:28
OerHeksSonikkuAmerica, no, 1 week to go16:28
FredTheNoobthings like mail options, etc.. I already have... but  I remember that on 3.18 are not working well16:29
FredTheNoobSo i gonna install an fresh ubuntu on new drive.. "remember" because actually can't use it16:30
FredTheNoobthks guys16:31
mrinalmy laptop won't shutdown automatically16:34
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu16:35
mrinalplease suggest accordingly16:35
Fuchsmrinal: hi, define "automatically"16:35
Fuchswhat command are you trying?16:35
Fuchsand what does it do instead?16:35
mrinalfrom the GUI16:35
Fuchsso you do hit shutdown, but it doesn't?16:35
mrinalor even tried from the bash prompt16:36
mrinali have to manually press the shutdown button16:36
mrinalearlier that wasnt the case16:36
Fuchswhich command did you try in the bash prompt?   sudo shutdown -h now16:36
mrinalyup. tried that16:36
mrinaldidnt work thou16:37
MonkeyDustmrinal  sudo init 016:37
mrinaltried that16:37
MonkeyDustmrinal  then start from the beginning, ubuntu version, what have you tried, what are the symptoms, etc16:37
mrinalsurprisingly, ubuntu starts without complaining about an unclean shutdown16:38
mrinali'm using lubuntu 14.04 LTS16:38
mrinaltried to mess with some config files without proper info16:39
mrinalcan i reinstall without loss of data ?16:40
MonkeyDustmrinal  backup, first16:40
OerHeksgood start to debug shutdown/acpi problems https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingACPI16:40
mrinalya, true16:40
mrinali'll check that16:40
MonkeyDustthe ubuntu.com homepage should show 'backup first', in capitals16:40
mrinalcant any expert suggest the remedy here ?16:41
mrinalBTW, is HDD better than SATA ?16:43
GnomeKrisDoesn't 16.04.1 roll out today?16:43
MonkeyDustGnomeKris  yes, i already have it16:44
compdocmrinal, hdd is sata16:44
compdocyou might mean ssd16:44
GnomeKrisI just checked for it and It's not showing up. I have Long Term Updates option chosen in Software and Updates16:45
mrinalnope, HDD is PATA16:45
MonkeyDustGnomeKris  yes, any moment now, it will be available for you too16:45
compdocno, pata is gone. all hdd are sata now16:45
GnomeKrisSo just keep checking back then. Thanks16:45
mrinalmaybe i'm wrong here16:45
mrinalok, thanx16:45
nullsignanyone an NTP expert?16:45
ioriamrinal, sudo halt -p   works ?16:46
compdocsata faster and better than pata16:46
nullsignneed to know how to define a standard time between synchronizing its system clock with the authoritative time server as “at least hourly”16:46
nullsignwith NTP conf16:46
nullsignalso, need to set a max allowable difference between system clock and authoritative clock16:46
mrinalok, is semiconductor storage better than HDD ?16:47
mrinalif so, how ?16:47
compdocssd is much faster, but moreexpensive and smaller. hdd is still good for large storage16:47
GnomeKrisI personally have one ssd for my OS, and have two HDD's. One for data, one fore steam games16:48
mrinalok, but i'm told that SD storage wastes space16:48
GnomeKrisGuess which has more stuff on it. hahaha16:48
compdocif you get an ssd, install your system on it, and boot from it, you computer will be so much faster it will seem new16:48
mrinalbut eventually, it'll slowdown16:49
mrinalsure, lemme try16:49
compdocmaybe if you fill it so that theres no room left. then it might slow down16:49
mrinalcan we hot swap SD ? i think not16:50
compdocI dont even hot swap hdd. never had the need for that16:50
mrinalhmmm.... just curious16:50
mrinalcan someone suggest good FTP sites for downloading ebooks ?16:52
mrinalhi abhi16:53
paranoidabhiIs there a better way to achieve unattended upgrades than one I have tried here https://github.com/abhigenie92/unattended_upgrades_repos?16:53
paranoidabhiI basically want to upgrade everything regularly.16:54
ducassemrinal: there is nothing that prevents you from hotswapping an ssd16:54
mrinalok.... thanx for the info16:55
mrinalbut my problem remains16:55
mrinalhow can i shutdown my laptop automatically in ubuntu 14.04 LTS16:56
paranoidabhimrinal, I made mistake of buying hdd laptop. The boot time with kubuntu is frustrating. Will also swap but the reinstall makes me reluctant.16:57
paranoidabhimrinal, what do you mean by automatic?16:57
mrinalby automatic i mean not touching the power off button16:59
mrinalearlier it used to shutdown "automatically" but i edited some config file and now it does'nt17:00
paranoidabhimrinal, shutdown --help?17:00
mrinalok, lemme try17:00
ducassemrinal: have you heard the expression "you break it, you get to keep both pieces"? :)17:01
mrinalno, i havent17:01
mrinali've heard, "you break it, its yours"17:02
DMAI came here last week because after updating 12.04 the wifi of my aunt's laptop stopped working. I figured out it was the driver. As Ben64 recommended, I changed the software updater to LTS only and managed to upgrade to 14.0417:02
paranoidabhiducasse, hahaha.17:03
DMAThe problem now is that every time after logging in, various error messages appear. I'm getting the exact error mesage now.17:03
mrinalwhats so funny abhi ??17:04
ducassemrinal: that's pretty much the situation you're in. you broke it, and you can't tell us how.17:04
mrinalbut 1 sec17:06
ducassemrinal: do you remember _which_ files?17:06
mrinali can check the cmd history in bash17:06
ducassemrinal: (files you edited, that is)17:06
mrinallemme check17:06
Bashing-ommrinal: Perhaps in 'history' you will see what action you took that broke the system .. and can revert the change ?17:07
supfcdsguys what irc clients do you use or can advise me ?17:07
ducassesupfcds: weechat17:08
rypervenchesupfcds: For GUI, maybe hexchat. CLI, I love weechat.17:08
supfcdsok i note that17:08
paranoidabhisupfcds, hexchat17:08
supfcdsweechat better than irssi ?17:08
rypervenchesupfcds: It's colorful and has nice scripts/plugins that can do useful things.17:09
Bashing-omsupfcds: I am happy with irssi for my client . (terminal based ) .17:09
thomas_25what is the recommended way of hardening Ubuntu 14? I've developing a server that orchestrates forking other processes. But apparently, it's not doing very well at orchestrating them as system becomes unresponsive.17:10
thomas_25is there a convenient way of hardening ubuntu for such scenarios other than me manually tweaking ulimit parameters17:10
sloppijonetwork connection strong, but internet is slow and unpredictable17:11
Ice_StrikeI have Ubuntu how to upgrade php 5.6 to 7? I use nginx17:11
ducasseIce_Strike: which ubuntu version?17:11
Ice_Strikeducasse I forgot, let me check17:12
paranoidabhimrinal, one extreme solution. If you know which packages' config files you edited. Purge it and reinstall.17:12
Ice_Strikeducasse 1417:12
ducasseIce_Strike: upgrade to 16.04.17:13
ducassemrinal: did you add something to the kernel command line? what is it now?17:13
Ice_Strikeducasse and then?17:13
mrinalhow do i do that without losing my data17:13
ducasseIce_Strike: that will upgrade php.17:13
Ice_Strikeducasse How do I upgrade to 16?17:14
mrinali did but unfortunately i dont remember what it was17:14
paranoidabhimrinal, what is exactly the problem?17:14
ducasseIce_Strike: 16.04.01 wa released today, so as soon as it hits your mirror you should be prompted if you want to upgrade.17:14
mrinali was trying to find the number of cores my processor has and edit the config files to match that17:14
thomas_25is there be a channel for linux security?17:15
ducassemrinal: why?17:15
paranoidabhiis 16.10 coming with a new qt version?17:15
mrinali remember typing "cpucores=4" in one config file17:15
mrinali was trying to speed-up my system17:15
compdocsounds like its time to start over with a fresh install, then leave it alone17:16
mrinali keep doing silly things all the time17:16
ducassecompdoc: +117:16
ubottuUsers of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.17:16
mrinalso, reinstalling will erase ALL my files ?17:16
ducassemrinal: just reinstall. backup first.17:16
mrinali'll do so17:17
BluesKaj that's today btw17:17
mcphailmrinal: a reinstall can try to keep /home, but always have a backup anyway17:17
mrinalcan i keep /home ??? that'll be great! but how ?17:18
mrinala back-up is simply a copy+ paste operation right ?17:19
DMAmrinal: if it's on a specific partition, you can tell the installer to mount it on /home, if you have it inside the partition where / is mount, gotta make an external backup17:19
DMAIn any case, backup17:19
mrinali'll do that to another system17:19
mrinalok, i will17:19
mrinalbut how can i reinstall without losing /home ?17:20
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compdocbackup home17:20
mrinala backup is only a copy, right ? so, it'll take-up an equal amount of space on my HDD17:21
BluesKajif you upgrade from 14.04 it can be done over the 'net17:21
mrinalwell, thats OK17:22
BluesKajno need for clean install17:22
ducasseBluesKaj: he's screwed up his system.17:23
paranoidabhiI want to change from hdd to sdd with no extra drive to backup to. I am looking for a simple tutorial that prevents reinstall.17:23
mrinalany specific option to select ?17:23
mcphailmrinal: the installer can try to keep /home, whether or not it is on a different partition17:23
BluesKajducasse, ok , I should have guessed17:23
=== voltage is now known as elohim
mrinalok folks.... thanx for your help... its late here.... gotto get some sleep.... bye17:25
ducasseparanoidabhi: are both drives connected at the same time?17:26
paranoidabhiducasse, Right now I am running the laptop via a hdd. I think can connect the sdd via a usb. So yes.17:27
mrinalabhi r u there ?17:28
ducasseparanoidabhi: then partition, format, rsync everything over, edit uuid in fstab, update grub.17:28
mrinalthe files i edited are: boot/grub/menu.lst AND  /etc/init.d/rc17:30
ducassemrinal: you aren't likely to speed anything up without thoroughly understanding what you're changing.17:30
mrinalvery true17:30
mrinallearnt my lesson17:30
mrinalnow can we get back to solving my problem17:31
ducassemrinal: sure, did you change /etc/default/grub?17:31
mrinali guess so17:31
paranoidabhiducasse, Can you tell more on the rsync if possible.17:32
ducassemrinal: can you pastebin it?17:32
mrinalubuntu kungfu panda recommended it and i did so foolishly17:32
ducasseparanoidabhi: there are tons of tutorials out there, google "rsync root filesystem to another drive" for example.17:33
mrinali'm sorry i forgot my pastebin password17:33
ducassemrinal: you don't need one, just use any pastebin out there.17:34
ducasse!paste | mrinal17:34
ubottumrinal: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:34
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mrinali'm sorry whats pastebin ?17:34
ducassemrinal: read what ubottu said.17:35
mrinali may need some time.... please bear with me17:36
LJHSLDJHSDLJHubuntu 16.04 : all application's title bar don't display the name of opened documents.17:39
paranoidabhiducasse, thanks is this good rsync -ax / /target/directory/mountpoint? Should I exclude something?17:40
ducasseparanoidabhi: i use 'rsync -avxHAXW --numeric-ids --progress' i think.17:41
ducasseparanoidabhi: at least that is what is in my notes.17:42
mrinalsorry folks.... my brain is out.... hope to catch-up soon17:43
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paranoidabhiducasse, thanks, can more on edit uuid in fstab. Is this in the fstab on the new sdd?17:44
OerHeksLJHSLDJHSDLJH, what applications exactly?17:45
OerHeksLJHSLDJHSDLJH, you didn't answer our questions last time you have asked17:45
ducasseparanoidabhi: yes, set it to the new root.17:45
paranoidabhiducasse, can you provide more details on this. This is my fstab right now http://paste.ubuntu.com/20334815/. How can I find the UUID of the sdd, and what should I edit17:47
Tanadd-apt-repository : command not found17:47
=== Tan is now known as Guest99860
=== Guest99860 is now known as tan2
tan2add-apt-repository : command not found17:48
LJHSLDJHSDLJHOerHeks: sorry I didn't see your last time question! ... ALL applications indeed are not showing the names, e.g. pinta, pdf viewer, libreoffice etc17:48
k1ltan2: apt-get install software-properties-common17:48
ducasseparanoidabhi: just swap the old uuid out for the new one, get it from blkid.17:50
felicity_hello, (noob alert) why don't apps appear in "applications" panel when I use sudo apt-get install command to install them?17:52
EriC^^felicity_: maybe it requires a logout and login17:52
EriC^^felicity_: which apps17:53
OerHeksLJHSLDJHSDLJH, it does here, can you post a screenshot? ( without sensitive data)17:53
felicity_generally in all apps17:54
felicity_but I didn't try logout login17:54
EriC^^felicity_: that's odd17:54
felicity_with synaptic17:54
felicity_they appears17:54
EriC^^shouldn't make a difference17:54
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pooodhey guys do you know how to clone a disk?   http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/297446/how-to-clone-an-entire-linux-disk-and-boot-it18:07
MonkeyDust!clone | poood start here18:13
ubottupoood start here: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate18:13
jerichowasahoaxWhat's the correct way to tell apt to never ever touch a specific file on my filesystem, regardless of what packages say to do18:13
MonkeyDustjerichowasahoax  i guess 'pinning' can do that18:13
MonkeyDustjerichowasahoax  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto18:14
jerichowasahoaxMonkeyDust: thank you18:14
pooodubottu: wow.18:14
pooodapt-clone sounds great18:14
pooodMonkeyDust:  i need to clone the entire system and many other files18:15
jerichowasahoaxMonkeyDust: Actually, this looks like it handles packages, not files18:15
ducassejerichowasahoax: what kind of file are you talking about?18:16
jerichowasahoaxducasse: /bin/true and /bin/false (they don't need --help or --version functions, i'm replacing them with my own)18:16
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ducassejerichowasahoax: set them immutable, maybe?18:17
ducassejerichowasahoax: or dpkg-divert18:17
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tan2I installed Ubuntu Miniml and Openbox. Ubuntu start I enter in Openbox but menu there no work. But If I run startx in other X then all work18:19
tan2How to config OpenBox?18:19
jerichowasahoaxducasse: dpkg-divert just moves it aside, but hey, close enough for my purposes :V18:20
ducassejerichowasahoax: thought so :)18:21
OerHekstan2, you will need to make these files to get a classic login , from the manual https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox#Creating_a_Openbox.2FGnome_session18:22
ducassejerichowasahoax: if you really have to, use chattr +i, but i  guess the package system will be unhappy.18:22
jerichowasahoaxducasse: i try to avoid directly contradicting the package system without at least trying to tell it first18:23
jerichowasahoaxducasse: just so it doesn't overwrite my changes with a system update (or worse, self destruct and leave my entire operating system in ruins)18:23
ducassejerichowasahoax: which was why i should have mentioned dpkg-divert first, not the immutable flag.18:24
tan2OerHeks, its no helped18:30
ducassetan2: how do you start x?18:35
tan2ducasse, Alt + F218:36
tan2ducasse, Alt + Ctrl + F218:36
ducassetan2: do you mean you don't get the menu when you start openbox from the display manager?18:37
=== gadget is now known as Guest75632
tan2ducasse, yes lightdm18:37
ducassetan2: but it works when you use startx?18:39
tan2ducasse, Yes18:39
tan2ducasse, Gray screen menu firefox terminal leafpad...18:40
gadget593Software updater is only telling me 15.10 is available, is anyone else getting this?18:40
tan2ducasse, and there Blue screen18:40
ducassetan2: i don't understand you.18:40
tan2ducasse, I said yes18:41
tan2I thonk need cnange lightdm to lxdm18:41
ducassetan2: yes, but what about the blue and gray screens?18:41
MonkeyDustgadget593  15.10 will soon be dead ... what's the output of   cat /etc/issue18:41
therealtbedoes anyone know how to resolve this annoying findfont warning/error?  https://paste.pound-python.org/show/TENhaarToU1DmqsYJiUc/18:41
tan2ducasse, Gray screen that work18:42
ducassegadget593: the mirror needs to be updated.18:42
tan2ducasse, startx and I see GrayScreen18:42
gadget593MonkeyDust how do I check that?18:43
gadget593ducasse does that mean I have to wait?18:43
tan2ducasse, can openbox start without lidhtdm ?18:44
ducassegadget593: yes, but just a few hours.18:44
ron__yes :)18:44
ducassetan2: sure, you can use startx instead of lightdm.18:44
MonkeyDustgadget593  open a terminal, and type   cat /etc/issue18:44
tan2ducasse, I want auto18:45
ducassetan2: or you can start the menu from your openbox config file.18:45
gadget593MonkeyDust it says Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS \n \l18:45
nikkkkkehello, how do I dist-upgrade from 15.10  to 16.04? I had the option open but it disappeared...18:46
MonkeyDustgadget593  ok, you want the lts > lts upgrade ... i suggest you wait one or two more days18:46
tan2ducasse, I cant remove lightdm, Ubuntu want install gnome what to do?18:46
gadget593MonkeyDust ok18:46
ducassetan2: i thought you wanted lightdm, you said 'i want auto'18:47
tan2ducasse, no it not work for mr18:48
tan2ducasse,  me18:48
tan2ducasse,  or need config18:48
ducassetan2: just start the menu from the openbox config, i'm sure it can autostart programs.18:49
tan2ducasse, what?18:49
nikkkkkehello, how do I dist-upgrade from 15.10  to 16.04? I had the option open but it disappeared...18:50
tan2ducasse, how?18:51
ducassetan2: i don't use openbox, read the documentation to see how you can autostart programs.18:52
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=== clone is now known as i-
nikkkkkesudo do-release-upgrade18:53
k1lnikkkkke: yes, do-release-upgrade on terminal will upgrade to 16.0418:57
LJHSLDJHSDLJHOerHeks: some screenshots https://snag.gy/DKasnw.jpg  https://snag.gy/vweZfp.jpg   https://snag.gy/dk74ic.jpg19:03
aeiro_hi. i am trying to install xubuntu 16.04 lts. i installed a version of xubuntu before and i would like to continue using my /home partition. i am in the installation wizard right now and formated my root partition to use it as a new one. how can i specify my current home as my future home partition19:05
YankDownUnderaeiro_: Did you back up your /home directories prior?19:07
MisterMomaeiro_, select it as your home partition just dont format it and make sure your / and home are the same format ext3 or ext4 or wharever you are using19:07
MisterMomyes and backup is good idea19:08
CodeMouse92I'm looking at an Ubuntu 16.04 (Toshiba Satellite) laptop, up-to-date. The mouse (any mouse - not hardware related) is intermittently not working, in that one cannot click. The mouse still moves in those cases. How do I fix this?19:08
OerHeksLJHSLDJHSDLJH, 1st url is full screen F11, and no open document? last screen evince ? here it gives a name on the panelbar fine19:08
YankDownUnderCodeMouse92: The "glide pad" mouse? Or an external mouse?19:09
CodeMouse92But mainly external mouse, regardless of actual mouse or port.19:10
CodeMouse92It started about 4 days ago.19:10
YankDownUnderCodeMouse92: Chrome running?19:10
YankDownUnderCodeMouse92: There ya go.19:10
CodeMouse92Really? Will the same problem occur with, say, Opera?19:10
aeiro_YankDownUnder: i made a backup19:11
YankDownUnderCodeMouse92: No - it seems to be an issue with Chrome/Chromium - however, something *I* have found is that IF the bluetooth is turned off whilst Chrome is working, the mouse appears to work "normally" again...19:11
YankDownUnderaeiro_: As per what MisterMom stated...follow that path19:11
CodeMouse92YankDownUnder: So - a possible interaction between Chrome and Bluetooth19:12
akikMisterMom: there's no requirement that / and /home need to be the same file system type19:12
CodeMouse92YankDownUnder: No dice - Bluetooth was already off.19:12
aeiro_MisterMom: somehow i think i am not able to select this partition as my home... i am able to select a file system for it, but i am not quite getting it how to continue - https://img3.picload.org/image/rraiwpwr/bildschirmfoto_2016-07-21_18-1.png /dev/sda6 is my home, /dev/sda5 is my root19:12
YankDownUnderCodeMouse92: Chrome - definitely yes - and it's not just "on linux" as it affects Mac OSX as well...oddly enough...19:12
CodeMouse92Weirdness. Okay, I'll put Opera on there :\19:13
CodeMouse92Thank you for the info!19:13
YankDownUnderCodeMouse92: It's worth a "Google" - as you'll find this issue is NOT new, nor is it "isolated"19:13
akikaeiro_: use "benutzen als" and select your file system type19:13
aeiro_akik: although my home is already an ext4?19:14
akikaeiro_: then select ext4 ?19:14
aeiro_akik: this will not damage anything?19:14
akikaeiro_: no, it will just mount the partition at /home. just don't forat it19:14
aeiro_akik: ok, thanks19:17
aeiro_and for bootloader installation i can just use /dev/sda how it is specified by default?19:17
guest-pb5mciHello! My little toddler logged in as guest and I can't log out nor can I reboot nor shutdown. How can I log out in terminal? I'm using lubuntu.19:18
YankDownUnderguest-pb5mci: Try "CTRL+ALT+F1" => login as yourself, then do: sudo reboot19:18
akikaeiro_: on a uefi installation i used the efi partition for boot loader. is that a gpt table?19:19
guest-pb5mciYankDownUnder: Thanks, I'll try that!19:19
aeiro_akik: it is the table of the installation wizard (live dvd)19:20
Karrdeso I'm on 14.04, and do-release-upgrade says 'No new release found' although news sites are saying 16.04.1 is out .. wait moar?19:20
akikaeiro_: if it's for mbr boot then /dev/sda is correct19:20
aeiro_akik: ok, thanks19:20
alkisgKarrde, what's the output of this? grep Prompt /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades19:21
LJHSLDJHSDLJHOerHeks: could you please be more specific what you mean by first and last url? the screenshots are taken from LibreOffice Base, vmplayer and evince ... none of was full screen although they were maximized. I didn't ask about panelbar, I asked about titlebar19:22
Karrdealkisg: Prompt=lts19:22
alkisgKarrde: and your mirror is the global one, or some local one?19:22
ducasseKarrde: wait for the mirror to be updated19:23
Karrdelocal. ok.19:23
elichai2need advice, I want to put google-chrome's cache dir inside /tmp(RAM)19:23
elichai2and if I use mkdir(and Symlink it) it will just get removed after reboot19:24
alkisgelichai2: /tmp isn't in ram, did you put it in ram?19:24
ducasseelichai2: make a wrapper script for chrome that makes the directory before starting it19:25
elichai2`tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,noatime,size=2G,mode=1777 0 0`19:25
alkisgOK then maybe just create a wrapper in /usr/local/bin/google-chrome to do what you want, and then exec /usr/bin/google-chrome "$@"...19:25
dr4c4nis anyone familiar with setting up bind for internal dns?19:25
YankDownUnderdr4c4n: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto19:26
YankDownUnderdr4c4n: And this is probably even better: https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-configure-bind-as-a-private-network-dns-server-on-ubuntu-14-0419:27
dr4c4nYankDownUnder: when you have a pfsense firewall running unbound, is that where you specify the dns to forward it to?19:27
dr4c4nYankDownUnder: ps ,thanks for the references19:27
elichai2I'm thinking about just Symlinking the cache dir into /tmp (with no inside directory)19:28
elichai2ducasse, alkisg19:28
YankDownUnderdr4c4n: Not familiar with pfsense - however, that would appear to be the logical process19:28
alkisgelichai2: TMPDIR=$(mkdir -d); ln -s $TMPDIR .cache/google-chrome etc etc19:28
alkisgmktemp -d, sorry19:29
elichai2alkisg, I didn't understood :\ what does that line does?19:29
dr4c4nYankDownUnder: I'll try the digital ocean one. It's good, but it's part of a 7 part series, and the wealth of information confuses me as to what I should be creating19:29
alkisgelichai2: mktemp -d creates a temp dir for you, with a unique name, so you can use that instead of /tmp directly19:30
YankDownUnderdr4c4n: The entire "series" is worth a read. "Plan the work, work the plan." :)19:30
elichai2so where should I put that line?19:30
elichai2(because i'll need to rerun it every time)19:30
elichai2maybe i'll just add `mkdir /tmp/google-chrome` inside .bashrc19:30
alkisgIn the script that we proposed, (10:25:26 μμ) alkisg: OK then maybe just create a wrapper in /usr/local/bin/google-chrome to do what you want, and then exec /usr/bin/google-chrome "$@"...19:30
dr4c4nYankDownUnder: thanks19:31
ducasseelichai2: or put the script in ~/bin, then you can back it up with the rest of your homedir on reinstalls etc.19:32
jamie_1hey i cant seem to get libqt4-gui installed on ubuntu gnome 16.0419:42
ducassejamie_1: that is not in the 16.04 repos, afaict.19:43
jamie_1ducasse: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+package/libqt4-gui19:44
ioria!info libqt4-gui trusty19:44
ubottulibqt4-gui (source: qt4-x11): transitional package for Qt 4 GUI runtime libraries. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:4.8.5+git192-g085f851+dfsg-2ubuntu4.1 (trusty), package size 6 kB, installed size 130 kB19:44
jamie_1its part of the qt4-x11 package19:45
ducassejamie_1: yes, but that does not mean it is in the repos.19:45
jamie_1only thing is... if that is an x11 based package it wont work on gnome19:45
jamie_1ducasse: how would i go about adding it so i can meet dependencies?19:46
jamie_1when i go to install it i get no installation candidate19:46
dj_Hello, I have a problem. I want to create another name of a lib link. The current is : -lboost_system. I want that too:  -lboost_system-mt.19:46
ducassejamie_1: what do you need it for?19:46
jamie_1ducasse: i need it to run vidyo19:46
akikjamie_1: qt apps work under gnome if all the dependencies of the app are satisfied19:47
ducassejamie_1: wait for an updated version that works with 16.0419:47
jamie_1akik: i am running on 3.2 with the wayland instead of x1119:47
jamie_1and ducasse i cant, i need it for a meeting19:47
ducassejamie_1: then find a ppa or build it yourself19:48
jamie_1and for the other two meetings i have every week that i have been using my phone to do which keeps overheating my phone19:48
jamie_1ducasse: that is what i was asking if anyone knew where i could find the ppa19:48
ducassejamie_1: but anyway you do it will be unsupported and at your own risk.19:48
ducassejamie_1: search launchpad19:49
jamie_1ducasse: i know, wouldnt be anywhere near the first time i have done this kind stuff.. hell i have a patch job make shoved in currently so i can build b2g19:49
jamie_1make 4 cannot build android based platforms19:51
ducassejamie_1: where does android come into it?19:52
jamie_1ducasse: i was just saying i understand i had to force a different make into my system to build b2g19:52
ioria!info libqtgui419:54
ubottulibqtgui4 (source: qt4-x11): Qt 4 GUI module. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.8.7+dfsg-5ubuntu2 (xenial), package size 4250 kB, installed size 12690 kB19:54
ioriajamie_1, i think has been renamed, check the content19:56
jamie_1ioria: i dont have a clue, i cant even locate the ppa url for any of them just the package on launchpad19:58
alkisgjamie_1: http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/libqt4-gui doesn't contain any files (except for the changelog), are you sure you need that transitional package? Maybe installing its dependencies is enough?20:05
jamie_1alkisg: it is telling me i cannot install vidyo without it, and i dont know how well forcing is going to go... ususally never ends well20:06
n3tn0is this working?20:08
YankDownUndern3tn0: Which part?20:08
n3tn0YankDownUnder ok thanks20:08
n3tn0YankDownUnder nice user btw, i totally get it xD20:09
YankDownUndern3tn0: Cheers for that20:09
acidchildI am using fluxbox as my WM. When i click on any application that "opens in filemanager" i.e. owncloud client, etc. it fires up Gnome (unity?) in the background. how do i change the default filemanager or stop this behavior?20:09
alkisgjamie_1: is vidyo a proprietary software? Can't you tell them not to depend on libqt4-gui?20:09
jamie_1alkisg: http://www.vidyo.com/ not really20:10
YankDownUnderacidchild: Would that not be a question best asked in #fluxbox?20:10
acidchildnope YankDownUnder.20:10
alkisgjamie_1: I doubt that they won't want to support ubuntu 16.04... especially when it's something as easy as modifying a dependency20:10
acidchildI'd assume it's a MIME type thing, maybe a dpkg-reconfigure maybe.20:11
alkisgjamie_1: it shouldn't be hard to create a fake package that does that though, if they won't do it for you20:11
YankDownUnderacidchild: It would be MIME, and that might be the resolution to the issue...20:11
alkisgjamie_1: it's just 4 dependencies, like 10 minutes of work to create that...20:11
jamie_1alkisg: for now i might just add the 14.04 sources so i can install qt4-x1120:12
jamie_1also is that is part of x11 or works with x11?20:12
jamie_1alkisg: ^20:13
alkisgjamie_1: I don't know what that package does, I just checked its dependencies. I guess it's the source package where the binaries are compiled from...20:13
bulletxt|2hi, upgrading from10.04 keeps failing, after reading repos it will just abort saying it will restore previous settings. any clues?20:14
naccbulletxt|2: 10.04 ?20:14
bulletxt|2nacc: yea20:14
naccbulletxt|2: 10.04 has been eol for a while now20:14
bulletxt|2nacc:  I put the EOL repos20:14
jamie_1alkisg: was just asking due to i dont use x1120:14
bulletxt|2nacc: it says it can find 12.04 but then just stops and restores previous apt sources20:14
naccbulletxt|2: can you pastebin the output?20:14
bulletxt|2nacc: how can I in screen mode?20:14
nacc!paste | bulletxt|220:15
ubottubulletxt|2: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:15
Ben64bulletxt|2: honestly, at this point it's probably easier to install 16.04 fresh20:15
alkisgjamie_1: if vidyo depends on it, it sounds like it's using x1120:15
alkisgjamie_1: so while you might be using wayland, vidyo will still use x1120:15
bulletxt|2nacc: I mean, the do-release upgrade starts in screen mode and I dont' know how to scroll20:15
jamie_1alkisg: im on gnome3.2 which uses wayland by default now20:15
bulletxt|2Ben64: what if I instll 12.04 without formatting? will that work? will I use the OS users?20:15
TroelsLHey - I'm in a bit of a pickle and wondered what the right (or possibly easiest) way of solving the following is: I'm trying to rsync from an Ubuntu server to my nas for backup. I've setup my usr@ubuntu with passwordless ssh to the nas. However, the stuff I'm trying to back up is not readable by usr as it will be created by various services. How would you solve this?20:15
Ben64bulletxt|2: 12.04 is old now too, 16.04 is what you want20:16
alkisgjamie_1: ok, but of course not all apps support wayland, and vidyo sounds like it still supports only x1120:16
bulletxt|2Ben64: but will it work? or will I use my users in the OS?20:16
jamie_1alkisg: most of everyone doesnt support wayland yet :/20:16
Ben64bulletxt|2: backup, install 16.04, restore user data20:16
alkisgjamie_1: yup, and it's a good reason not to get too excited about defaulting to wayland yet :)20:16
bulletxt|2but I cant stand 10.04 doesnt upgrade to 12.0420:17
bulletxt|2I cant read the erorr its giving cause I cant scroll in "screen" mode, any clue?20:17
naccbulletxt|2: well it probably would have if you had done it when it was still supported :)20:17
Ben6412.04 is still old, you'd have the same problem in 9 months20:17
bulletxt|2I followed the EOL tutorial20:17
jamie_1alkisg: i like wayland, its smooth now and uses a lot less cpu, also i didnt swap it, when i upgraded to gnome 3.2 from gnome 3 it changed everything on its own20:17
nacceolupgrades (to me) are iffy at best20:17
Ben64just install 16.04, you'll save so much efforty20:17
bulletxt|2Ben64: lets fix the current problem, then Ill upgrade 12 too20:17
Ben64how about you install 16.0420:17
bulletxt|2Ben64: no20:17
bulletxt|2its a server its not a toy20:18
Ben64right so stop messing around and get it done20:18
naccit's a toy if you let it go unsupported :)20:18
jamie_1funnily i didnt even notice it was on wayland till i went to run obs20:18
bulletxt|2there are reasons, now I need to upgrade eol and canonical says you can20:18
Ben64any reasons you have aren't worth it20:18
YankDownUnderbulletxt|2: Have you asked in #ubuntu-server yet?20:18
bulletxt|2no I wasnt aware of that channel20:19
bulletxt|2let me check20:19
Ben64you let the server go EOL for 15 months, and just now you're very concerned?20:19
tatertotsnewer isn't always better..especially with servers...track record and stability are priority20:19
bulletxt|2Ben64: you make no sense, that's not an excuse for eol not working while canonical says it does20:19
Ben64you didn't keep it running properly, and now you're way behind. jump up to 16.04, learn from this, and keep things working20:19
tatertots16.04's track record is how long now?20:19
bulletxt|2he makes no sense20:20
Ben64you let the server go unsupported for 15 months, you don't make sense20:20
tatertotsbleeding edge is great for desktop/toys but servers/enterprise not so much20:20
naccbulletxt|2: this is not a canonical channel, btw20:20
Ben64tatertots: 16.04 is hardly bleeding edge20:20
jatt16.04 is production ready20:20
naccbulletxt|2: so not sure what you're referring to20:20
tatertotsfor servers a products track record is key...keyword being 'record'20:20
Ben64tatertots: you have no idea what you're talking about20:21
nacctatertots: i feel like that's neither here nor there20:21
RNevilleHello everyone, just used Clonezilla to make an image of my harddrive onto a second installed HD20:21
tatertotsat least ask if a person might be a amd proprietary driver user before quickly nudging them to 16.0420:21
YankDownUnder"In a perfect world" - one would assume it's best to have a server "auto update"...but "perfect world" does not really happen in real life...hmm...20:22
alkisg(1) He should have upgraded before going EOL. (2) do-release-upgrade should still work and if it doesn't it's a bug that needs fixing. Why can't you agree that both of those can be true?20:22
Ben64tatertots: it's a server20:22
jane_I need help with ubuntu desktop 16.0420:22
jane_anyone on?20:22
Ben64jane_: ask your question, providing as much detail as possible20:22
YankDownUnderjane_: Shoot20:22
RNevillerunning Ubuntu 14.02 , and now I can get my primary boot drive to boot up - grub wants to boot secondary drive (that's an imagine of primary) no matter what I tell bios boot loader to do20:22
nacctatertots: anyone who installs a new version without reading the release notes is already asking for trouble ...20:22
jane_I want to host a public website on ubuntu desktop on my home computer (I will only use it as my hosting) but I am not sure if it'll be secure, what are your thoughts?20:23
circ-user-alwPEhi: i have a pretty solid ubuntu 16.04 host, and i run ubuntu 16.04 guests using the latest virtualbox .  but i have a few issues which i think are down to my graphics card.  should i expect problems with a radeon hd 4650 (rv730 pro) ?20:23
bulletxt|2anyways, does some know how to scroll a "screen" window?20:23
alkisgbulletxt|2: I've seen do-release-upgrade fail numerous times, and in some of them I ended up manually updating the sources to the last version, and just running apt dist-upgrade.20:23
rudysbbqi'm on ubuntu 16, is there a way to disable the minimize animation effect on metacity?20:23
TroelsLI can ask my question another way: Why will 'ssh rsync@nas' not prompt for password, but 'sudo rsync@nas' will.20:23
YankDownUnderjane_: Dynamic DNS...?20:23
naccTroelsL: ssh and sudo are completely different commands20:24
bulletxt|2alkisg: you mean i should put 12.04 repos in my 10.04 and do apt-get dist upgrade^20:24
TroelsLnacc: Ahem. 'sudo ssh rsync@nas'20:24
Ben64bulletxt|2: make sure you backup so if/when that breaks your system you can install 16.0420:24
jane_I'm going to be making the domain go to CloudFlare which will go to my IP and use portforward to allow it to work on ubuntu desktop, will this be secure?20:24
Ben64TroelsL: why would you sudo ssh?20:24
SmilerutHi. When I was unpacking some archives with Ark and when I tried to unpack the next one I got an error saying "failed to locate program unrar on disk". Can anyone help me?20:24
naccTroelsL: is the 'sudo ssh rsync@nas' asking for your local user's password (meaning it's sudo asking for a password not ssh)?20:24
Smilerutthis happens with every archive now20:24
Ben64Smilerut: sudo apt-get install unrar20:25
alkisgbulletxt|2: first, backup everything. Then, if it completely fails, I would try directly with 16.04, not 12.04 => 14.04 => 16.04.... so that I don't have to do the same manual fixes 3 times. If it doesn't work, restore the backup and try to get do-release-upgrade fixed.20:25
SmilerutBen64: ok, but, why did it work but then stop working?20:25
Ben64Smilerut: who knows20:25
circ-user-alwPEwhat is a recommended, cheap but well support graphics card for occasional video playback and virtualbox use?20:25
TroelsLBen64, nacc: I'm using rsync for backup. Added authorized_keys to nas to avoid password prompt. But I need elevated permissions locally to be able to read the files I'm rsyncing. (unless there's a better way)20:25
TroelsLThe goal is to setup a cron job to rsync daily20:26
alkisgTroelsL: ssh-copy-id copies the user id to the server, so that ssh doesn't ask for a pass. "sudo ssh-copy-id" would copy the root ssh id, if you had one, so that then "sudo ssh" would work without pass.20:26
YankDownUnderjane_: Are you using or planning to use dynamic dns for this?20:26
alkisgTroelsL: you can use `crontab -e` to create per-user cron jobs20:26
SmilerutBen64: it works now, anyway. Thanks!20:27
akikTroelsL: you need the higher permissions on the source side20:27
bulletxt|2alkisg: if I install 16.04 on top it will desroy all my settings , users etc20:28
jane_do I have to use that??20:28
Ben64bulletxt|2: so can upgrading20:28
akikTroelsL: so maybe "sudo rsync -e ssh ..."20:28
bulletxt|2Ben64: you have no idea of how many ubuntu I upgraded with 0 problems20:28
alkisgbulletxt|2: I usually boot with the live cd, then move * to srv/10.04, then install 16.04, then put back /srv/10.04/home to /home, so that user settings are preserved. For user accounts, I have a tool that migrates them, but sorry it's greek-only.20:29
tatertotshow would i go about getting a older version of smbd on my 16.04 system?....it has smbd version 4.3.9-Ubuntu right now and i need smbd 4.220:29
Ben64bulletxt|2: well good luck then20:29
TroelsLalkisg: already did sudo ssh-copy-id (all keys skipped because they exist). It tries to copy my local users keys again, not the ones in /root/.ssh20:29
nacctatertots: no official way20:29
YankDownUnderjane_: I'm asking you if that's what was part of the plan - either which, if you want to host a website on your machine (local), you'll have to install Apache - as a base...and then you'll have to figure out the rest for DNS (Domain Name Services) - so that your "dns" can be found on the net - does that make sense?20:29
alkisgTroelsL: try: sudo -i. Then, ssh-copy-id etc.20:29
tatertotshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/LikewiseOpen requires smbd version 4.2 and not a version higher20:30
jane_Yeah, I will be doing that..20:30
YankDownUnderjane_: Good read: http://www.instructables.com/id/Set-up-your-very-own-Web-server/20:30
Ben64tatertots: have you tried it and it failed?20:30
jane_I am making it where my IP will be accessable to the public, however, I've installed xampp on windows and it got hacked, so if I use ubuntu desktop and just install apache and whatever else I need, will this be secure?20:30
nacctatertots: where does it say that?20:31
circ-user-alwPEis there a way of testing if my graphics card is supported by ubuntu?20:31
hanjollyinfowhat's the command to see a package's info and desscription? the pkg is not installed?20:31
tatertotsFound smbd version 4.3.9-Ubuntu Unsupported smbd version 4.3.9-Ubuntu20:31
nacchanjollyinfo: apt-cache info <pkgname>20:31
magkneetoehey everyone20:31
YankDownUnderjane_: You're going to have to learn how to configure your router/modem - and then, as well, make modifications to your internal firewall (UFW)...but it's actually easier than it sounds.20:31
TroelsLalkisg: Thank you! That worked.20:32
jane_I've updated my router so it will allow other people to access it but its the part where I need to to be secure so people can still access the site as a web hosting but cannot gain access to the server20:32
hanjollyinfoapt-cache info flightgear20:32
hanjollyinfoE: Invalid operation info20:32
tatertotsif you join ubuntu 16.04 to a corporate domain with PBIS and attempt pbis samba interop it fails because it only supports smbd 4.220:32
magkneetoeIf i install 16.04 alongside 14.04 can i then look into the files from the other bootable version?20:32
nacchanjollyinfo: sorry, show not info20:32
alkisgTroelsL: you're welcome20:32
Ben64hanjollyinfo: policy or show20:32
Bassemhow can i fix this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/20356601/20:32
hanjollyinfoInstalled-Size: 17785 what are the units?20:33
jane_is lamp more secure than xampp on windows?20:33
nacctatertots: well, that page is horribly out of date and only applies to precise (afaict)20:33
YankDownUnderjane_: Read up on the Apache installation and configuration - that will be a huge help...and then read up on "UFW" - easy.20:33
YankDownUnderjane_: Yes.20:33
jane_Alright thank you that is all I needed to know.. :)20:33
jane_have a good day!20:33
YankDownUnderjane_: Cheers.20:33
ducassejane_: every time you expose any service to the internet, there is a chance of being hacked. but the default setup is pretty secure.20:33
hanjollyinfoanyone knows the units of the installed size apt-cache show pkg ?20:34
hanjollyinfonacc, know the units?20:34
jane_ducasse: << idk how that works lol but xampp, apparently had a httpd exploit that allows people to access the files.. Is lamp more secure than xampp so that won't happen? I know theres a chance of getting hacked but is lamp more secure so its harder??20:34
alkisghanjollyinfo: apt show package => also has units20:35
ducassejane_: it totally depends on what you do with it :)20:35
jane_ducasse: I'll be hosting a game site on it20:35
ArexHow to add Xorg to autorun?20:35
jane_that uses mysql, phpmyadmin, etc20:35
nacchanjollyinfo: https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-controlfields.html#s-f-Installed-Size20:35
ducassejane_: the default is pretty secure, but if you change things you need to understand what your changes do.20:35
jane_okay thank you!20:36
OerHeksjane_, don't hang it on the internet :-)20:36
jane_So it's more secure than xampp and don't have many exploits??20:36
ducassejane_: you can run your lamp stack in a vm or container to isolate it further from your host.20:36
tatertotsif there's no 'official' way to get smbd 4.2 on 16.04 so the ubuntu 16.04 can have the full functionality of PBIS and samba looks like i'm better off with Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04...wait ooops that 14.04 has too new of a version of smbd also....looks like 12.04  would be the only applicable ubuntu version for the corporate domain and PBIS20:36
hanjollyinfomy ubuntu 16.04 keeps on freezing and did so 4 times today,even though i have new install,on desktop i have 64bit,20:36
nacctatertots: it would appear you should ask PBIS about that, afaict20:37
jane_ducasse: I have a desktop computer that I do not use that I want it as just a hosting server, which is why I was asking if lamp is secure so I can switch to ubuntu from windows20:37
ArexHow to add Xorg to autorun?20:37
tatertotsalready did..they suggest 12.04 also20:37
nacctatertots: ... ok, sounds like you have an answer; hopefully they come up with a better one w/in the next 9 months.20:38
hanjollyinfoshall i use apt upgrade or apt-get upgrade? apt shows in brown color and i am confused whats the difference , and which is better for me? ncc20:38
hanjollyinfoshall i use apt upgrade or apt-get upgrade? apt shows in brown color and i am confused whats the difference , and which is better for me? nacc20:38
nacchanjollyinfo: `apt` is the newer tool, generally recommended now over `apt-get`20:38
ducassejane_: if you use php scripts, for example, those scripts need to be secure also. apache itself is pretty secure, anything you add is the big risk.20:38
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
jane_Yes I am aware of that, however, last time I got hacked, xampp had an exploit where they could view the files and mess with them, which is why I want to be 100% sure that lamp is secure by default and do not have a huge exploit like that.20:39
Bassemhow can i install java20:39
hanjollyinfook nacc,so i guess i will use that20:39
alkisgArex: provide more details, how did you end up with xorg not running? Did you start with the server installation?20:40
hanjollyinfoapt install javac Bassem its there in the askubuntu20:40
ducassejane_: when security holes are found they are typically fixed right away. just keep it updated.20:40
jane_Okay thank you :) I will try it and hopefully won't get hacked again..20:40
jane_I suggest to everyone here not to use xampp if you are right now..20:41
Bassemhanjollyinfo, E: Unable to locate package javac20:41
jane_have a good day!20:41
Arexalkisg, just how to do it please?20:41
ducassejane_: but there is _always_ the chance of unknown holes. the best you can do is update every day.20:41
ducassejane_: good luck! :)20:41
magkneetoeIf i install 16.04 alongside 14.04 can i then look into the files from the other bootable version?20:42
ducasseArex: you need to answer the questions you are asked.20:42
ArexHow to add Xorg to autorun?20:42
alkisgArex: the question by itself doesn't make sense, when a desktop environment is installed, xorg autostarts, so you'll have to provide more info for us to understand what is wrong with your setup20:42
OerHeksmagkneetoe, if you don't encrypt it, technically yes ( after a few commands)20:42
asgharpolohi , i am using ubuntu 16.04 , when i connect to intenet my system goes down and i cant do anything. but when i am disconnect every things goes well. i didnt have this problem in ubuntu 14.04. what is the problem of ubuntu 16.04?20:43
hanjollyinfoBassem, if i were you i would simply search ubuntu site,and am sure internet search answers all20:43
ducasseArex: how did you install?20:43
alkisgBassem: http://tecadmin.net/install-oracle-java-8-jdk-8-ubuntu-via-ppa/# ==> the 3 commands there20:43
Arexalkisg, only xorg20:43
hanjollyinfoBassem, let me search that for you and tell you20:43
Arexalkisg, no wm and de20:43
magkneetoeOerHeks: so i can not click through folders instead of thru terminal?20:43
bunjeeisn't Guayadeque music player available in Kubuntu?20:43
Arexalkisg, minimal iso20:43
Bassemalkisg, thanks20:43
hanjollyinfoBassem, u need java compiler ? or javajdk-jre,plugins20:44
OerHeksmagkneetoe, i think the 2md install has its own partition, those can be visible in your filemanager i think20:44
asgharpolohi , i am using ubuntu 16.04 , when i connect to intenet my system goes down and i cant do anything. but when i am disconnect every things goes well. i didnt have this problem in ubuntu 14.04. what is the problem of ubuntu 16.04?20:44
alkisgArex: what do you want xorg to show when you start it? that's what window managers + DEs are for... those would create /etc/X11/default-display-manager for xorg to start with it...20:44
Bassemhanjollyinfo,  i get this error http://paste.ubuntu.com/20356601/20:44
hanjollyinfoBassem, u need java compiler ? or javajdk-jre,plugins20:44
Arexalkisg, and what config?20:45
asgharpolohi , i am using ubuntu 16.04 , when i connect to intenet my system goes down and i cant do anything. but when i am disconnect every things goes well. i didnt have this problem in ubuntu 14.04. what is the problem of ubuntu 16.04?20:45
Bassemhanjollyinfo, i guess it will be javajdk-jre,plugins20:45
ducasseArex: if you want x to start automatically on boot, install a display manager.20:45
ArexI want Xorg only20:45
alkisgArex: xorg with what? a terminal? a browser? There's no point in plain xorg with a mouse...20:46
hanjollyinfobassem java-gcj-compat-headless20:46
hanjollyinfono that's compiler20:46
hanjollyinfoyep https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java20:46
Arexalkisg, apps20:46
hanjollyinfothat has java20:46
alkisgArex: there are DMs that allow you to run what you want, e.g. "nodm", while taking care of launching xorg and your app20:46
hanjollyinfobut it is horrible idea to install java from a security perspective.20:47
ducasseArex: you use a display manager to start x automatically, otherwise you need to log in on a terminal.20:47
alkisgArex: I don't think you understand what you're asking20:47
Bassemhanjollyinfo, is it compiler or plugin?20:47
hanjollyinfoBassem, why would u want to install java? it makes your PC  less secure20:47
Bassembecause when i try to install xdman i get this errors Package default-jre is not installed.20:48
Bassem  Package sun-java6-jre is not installed.20:48
Bassem  Package sun-java7-jre is not installed.20:48
Bassem  Package openjdk-6-jre is not installed.20:48
Bassem  Package openjdk-7-jre is not installed.20:48
Arexalkisg, not I enter in login and enter command: startx20:48
Arexalkisg, an I want auto all it20:48
Arexalkisg, now20:48
alkisgArex: what do you see when you run startx? gnome? a terminal? a script of yours?20:48
ducasseArex: then you need a dm.20:48
hanjollyinfoapt install openjdk-9-jre bassem20:48
nacchanjollyinfo: no, that's bad advice20:49
naccBassem: use openjdk-820:49
Arexalkisg, xinitrc config20:49
naccBassem: openjdk-9 is not yet ready, afaik20:49
Bassem8 or 9?20:49
hanjollyinfouse 820:49
Arexalkisg, DISPLAY=:0 xterm20:49
Bassemnacc, sudo apt install openjdk-820:49
naccBassem: i don't know what you are needing, it soundsl ike you just need a JRE20:49
naccBassem: so openjdk-8-jre20:50
alkisgArex: install "nodm", this can do what you want, if I understood you correctly20:50
hanjollyinfowhy are both 8 and 9 given in the distro? thats crazy20:50
naccBassem: but i can't tell from your ouptut20:50
ducasseArex: are you trying to use x without a wm?20:50
alkisgArex: it allows you to launch xorg and run your own xinitrc inside it20:50
Arexalkisg, I need just rn script on boot20:51
Arexstartx and only20:51
alkisgArex: yes, that's what nodm is for20:51
Arexalkisg, and in default?20:52
alkisgWhat default?20:52
Arexalkisg, witout add soft20:52
alkisgI don't understand. Ask again with more words.20:52
Arexalkisg, without additional soft20:53
hanjollyinfonacc how can i enlarge tty fonts using the tty??20:53
ducasseArex: don't you listen to what people tell you?20:53
hanjollyinfousing the command line? nacc20:53
Arexalkisg, hot to just run any script on boot?20:53
hanjollyinfoor anyone knows how to change the tty fonts?20:53
ducassehanjollyinfo: install the console font you want, and run dpkg-reconfigure console-setup20:54
alkisgArex: you can put a script in /etc/rc.local, but it's the wrong way to do it, the correct is to use a minimal dm like nodm.20:54
ducasseArex: any script you put in rc.local will run as root, don't do that.20:55
Arexany user?20:55
ducasseArex: listen to what you're being told and just use nodm, that is the right way.20:56
ArexAnd tomcat?20:56
ducassewhat about it?20:57
_adbhello. i'm trying to mount an nfs drive with the -o intr option, but according to the manpage (http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man5/nfs.5.html), this option has been deprecated. is there a recommended alternative?20:57
Arexno need20:57
kittykittyanyone know why i cant upgrade to 16.04.1 through the update manager yet? Its out now so it should be on right?20:57
xanguakittykitty: what release?20:58
ducasseArex: 'no need' what? please use full sentences.20:58
kittykittyxangua, im on 14.04 right now20:58
ducassekittykitty: your mirror might not have it yet.20:58
kittykittyducasse, should i use the main server?20:58
_adbdo newer kernels (than 2.6.25) not suffer from hanging issues that older systems could, removing the need for interruptible nfs operations?20:59
ducassekittykitty: why not just wait a few hours?20:59
Arexalkisg, I installed nodm20:59
Arexalkisg, what now?20:59
kittykittyducasse, i have work to do tomorrow so ill not be able to do it for like, 4 days ahaha20:59
kittykittyjust seems a bit weird20:59
ducassekittykitty: then use a mirror that has been updated.21:00
kittykittyducasse, checking with the main server now21:00
kittykittytried it 5 hours ago or something and it wasnt up so idk21:00
ducassekittykitty: it's not weird that mirrors are not instantly updated, they're usually updated every 24 hours21:01
Arexalkisg, and I not want systemd21:01
alkisgArex: now you need to configure it, I think its configuration file is in /etc/default/nodm21:02
alkisgGoogle it if it's not there, it shouldn't be hard, it's just a text file21:02
bulletxt|2Ben64: you see, I finally found where do-release upgrade stores logs21:03
bulletxt|2and now Im discoverig what shit is happening21:03
bulletxt|2the error is ""It was not possible to authenticate some packages. This may be a transient network problem. You may want to try again later. See below  for a list of unauthenticated packages.21:03
Arexalkisg, and how to without it?21:04
alkisgArex: use full sentences, this doesn't make sense again21:04
Arexalkisg, any alternatives?21:05
alkisgArex: I don't even know why you're asking for alternatives, so I wouldn't know what else to propose21:06
ducasseArex: alternative to what?21:06
alkisgnodm does exactly what you asked so far21:06
Arexalkisg, what is VT?21:07
Arexvirtual terminal?21:07
sazakanI need some help about ubuntu 16.04. DOes anyone help me?21:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:08
Arexalkisg, and Xsession need configure it?21:08
alkisgArex: you put your session to /home/arex/.xsession21:08
alkisgArex: see a small tutorial: http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=2964321:08
sazakanMy mouse speed is so much. I searched on web to find solution. I found some but they are not permanend i have to do them every startup21:09
Arexalkisg, so need chanhe patch to t?21:09
alkisgArex: editing a file is not called "patch"21:09
alkisgYou just need to put your user name there so that nodm knows which user to launch xorg with21:10
meetI was looking for a clipboard similar to ditto in windows. Anybody know one?21:10
meet*clipboard manager21:10
ducassemeet: clipit, maybe? but i don't know what ditto does.21:11
SquabblerCan someone help me figure out why I'm receiving invalid permissions when trying to use a symlink from /var/www/html to /home/dev to usb/dev ?21:12
ducasseSquabbler: you can't symlink cross-device.21:12
meetducasse, ditto allows me to set up a shortcut key, which popups up the recently copied items list, allows me to search those entries instantly, and pastes the entry on pressing enter.21:13
Arexalkisg, I not see .xsession in home21:13
ducassemeet: then try clipit :)21:13
Squabbler@ducasse: So it works when navigating folders, but apache can't?21:14
meetducasse, thanks :). btw it seems on sourceforge that it hasn't been updated since 2013. should that be a subject of concern?21:14
ducassemeet: some programs don't really need updates, but there are others - like parcellite. install from the repos, not from sourceforge.21:16
GuidovanPossumhi waiting for the 14.04 -> 16.04 update today and the suspense is building, is it still on, anyone know a time?21:16
ducasseSquabbler: i think i'm misunderstanding you, what are you trying to achieve?21:17
Arexalkisg, !?!?!?21:17
ducasseGuidovanPossum: wait for your mirror to be updated.21:17
ducasseArex: create it.21:17
Arexducasse, and what into it?21:17
ducasseArex: whatever you want your x session to start.21:18
Arexducasse, and xinitrc?21:18
Squabbler@ducasse: okay, so apache looks at /var/www/html, which has a symlink to /home/dev/projects, which has a symlink to /usb-drive/dev/projects. In the browser it works from html dir to home dev dir (as expected). But I receive a 403 in the browser when I add the symlink to the usb21:19
ducasseArex: if you have .xinitrc i don't think you would need .xsession21:19
SquabblerEssentially, I would rather host my projects on external usb drive, instead of home folder.21:19
nibblynHi! HDMI secondary display output not working (no signal) after fresh install of UbuntuMate 16.04 with nvidia driver. Works with the very same hardware, driver and x version under 12.04. Nouveau working properly. Any suggestion please?21:19
SquabblerBut localhost throws a 40321:19
Bassemhow can i clean my ubuntu?21:20
ducasseSquabbler: odd, but symlinks are not supposed to work cross-device.21:20
Bassemfrom any unnecessary files or packages21:21
Squabbler@ducasse: That's interesting because the symlink inside of /home/dev when opened *will* open /usb-drive/dev/projects - but apache throws 403 in browser21:21
rattkingI think symlinks can cross devices its hard links that can not.21:21
Arexalkisg, ? :(21:21
ducasserattking: you may be right. sorry.21:21
ducasseBassem: by doing it manually and understanding exactly what you are doing.21:22
Bassemducasse, i'm new to ubuntu21:22
ducasseBassem: then you shouldn't try.21:23
Bassemducasse, wont that take big space of my harddisk21:23
ducasseBassem: you are likely to just break something. clean stuff in your homedir and data drives, the system takes care of itself.21:24
_adbBassem: sory, don't think i understand. do you mean removing old cached versions of packages that havesince been upgraded, or removing unnecessary packages that came with the system?21:24
OerHeksbassem read about clean, autoclean, autoremove, lots of tools for different purpose21:25
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bulletxt|2nacc: just to let you know, http://askubuntu.com/questions/425355/error-authenticating-some-packages-while-upgrade fixed my problem!21:25
Bassem_adb, removing old cached versions of packages that havesince been upgraded21:25
Arexducasse, its not work no autostart :(21:25
aryanHello people21:25
ducasseArex: have you configured it correctly?21:26
_adbBassem: then OerHeks is correct: clean, autoclean, autoremove are useful21:26
Arexducasse, I added startx to this file21:26
ax562can someone help me out with this error please? "libmtp error: Could not send object"21:26
ducasseArex: which file?21:26
CarlFKI just installed wily (because melt 6.3.0 isn't in the repo and the build one won't run on xenial).. and now I have a box with a 4.4 kernel but only /lib/modules/4.2.0-16-generic (so nfs fails because I guess it can't find the 4.4 module21:26
ax562on ubuntu 16.04 lts 64-bit21:26
Arexducasse, .xsession21:26
aryanI am trying to perform a PXE boot where I have connected my target PC with my TFTP server via an ethernet cable. But the problem is, I don't get my LED lights glowing in the NIC.21:26
aryanso, the PXE is not working at all.21:27
Bassem_adb, how can i use those commands21:27
CarlFKis there some trick to installing the 4.4 modules (I would have thought it came with the kernel package21:27
ax562when I try to copy files to my samsung tab 3, this error randomly happens and will not let me copy the files21:27
_adbBassem: man apt-get :-)21:27
ducasseArex: no, that's wrong. see https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Nodm21:28
james1138Hello all. I back. Very minor question about Thunderbird mail client. Is there any way to make rss feeds without icons in the menu on the left?21:28
CarlFKaryan: you won't get pxe anything until you have link lights... so ...21:28
Arexducasse, what there?21:29
ducasseArex: just read it.21:29
Arexducasse, i readed21:30
naccCarlFK: how did you put a 4.4 kernel in wily?21:30
ducasseArex: then do what it says. you need to configure nodm properly, that page explains how.21:30
urand0mhow do i get php7 in the ubuntu repos?21:30
ax562can someone help me out with this error please? "libmtp error: Could not send object"21:30
naccurand0m: it's in 16.04 (just install php)21:31
Arexducasse, yes?21:31
Arexducasse, I see there Arch21:31
Arexducasse, I configured /etc/default/nodm21:31
CarlFKnacc: I have no idea... other than run a few scripts that I wrote that do apt-get update things, but I assure you I didn't do nuthing with kernel stuff21:31
urand0mnacc, im running ..21:32
naccCarlFK: well, there's no 4.4 kernel pacakge in wily ...21:32
naccCarlFK: how did you "install wily" ?21:32
Arexducasse, I after that I configured /home/user/.xsession21:32
naccurand0m: you'd have to use a ppa to do so, which is unsupported here (but you can read)21:32
nacc!ppa | urand0m21:32
ubottuurand0m: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge21:32
Amm0naryan, do you have a switch between host and target? If your NIC doesn't support Auto-MDI-X you propably need a crosscable.21:33
CarlFKnacc: I picked this option from my PXE installer https://github.com/CarlFK/veyepar/blob/master/setup/nodes/pxe/shaz/var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg/default#L59 ubuntu-wily-amd64-handsoff21:33
urand0mnacc, can you help me find the official ppa?21:33
CarlFKnacc: note.. the late.sh in my repo is behind what is on my live box here... but I am not doing anything 'funny'21:34
Arexducasse, and?21:34
OerHeksurand0m, there is no *official* ppa for php7, but ondrej is the most used one https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php?field.series_filter=trusty21:35
naccCarlFK: can you pastebin `uname -a`? and `apt-cache policy linux-image-generic` ?21:35
naccurand0m: ppas are by definition unofficial :)21:35
ducasseArex: the arch wiki page i showed you tells you everything you need to do. configure nodm, and start your wm from .xinitrc21:35
aryan<aryan> but when I plug the ethernet to the router, the NIC in my target PC glows in the boot too21:36
aryan<aryan> anyone here for helping a PXE booting ?21:36
Arexducasse, need start systemd?21:36
CarlFKnacc: http://paste.ubuntu.com/20365445/21:37
ducasseArex: if nodm uses a systemd unit, then yes.21:37
naccCarlFK: it looks like you booted to a xenial kernel21:37
naccCarlFK: dunno how you did that21:37
Arexducasse, just I not want systemd21:37
pnwiseHow do you install that arm iso from the website?21:38
naccCarlFK: pastebin `ls -ahl /boot/` ?21:38
pnwiseI am trying to install ubuntu on rpi 221:38
OerHeksArex, then don't use 16.0421:38
ducasseArex: then you should not be running ubuntu.21:38
urand0mnacc, OerHeks should i just compile it from source?21:38
CarlFKnacc: I have a hunch.  ... this box has some sort of raid .. the installer didn't install grub right, so I booted a xenial rescue, fixed grub...21:38
naccurand0m: no, that's a terrible idea21:38
naccCarlFK: ah... could be21:38
urand0mnacc, how come?21:38
Arexducasse, no no work21:39
CarlFKnacc: so I guess I just need to whack some grub.conf.. um.. where is it at now?21:39
naccurand0m: 1) compiling php properly is a pain; 2) you'd have to make sure you stay up to do with security fixes, etc.21:39
Squabblerducasse & rattking: I finally figured it out. I had to set my /media/username folder chmod to 75521:39
naccCarlFK: /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?21:39
ducasseArex: what 'no work'?21:39
urand0mnacc, so in other words only do it if i truly know what i am doing21:39
Arexducasse, no autorun21:39
naccurand0m: yes, and accept that it's not supported by ubuntu (you're on your own)21:39
Arexducasse, ask login password an no run xorg21:40
urand0mnacc, i also plan on using nginx and maria db21:40
ducasseArex: most likely because you don't run systemd.21:40
CarlFKnacc: # DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE .. # from /etc/grub.d and settings from /etc/default/grub ... i'll poke around, it should be obvious...21:40
OerHeksurand0m, use a ppa or switch to 16.04 with standard php721:40
naccurand0m: not sure why you told me that?, but as OerHeks says21:40
Arexducasse, I enabled it21:40
urand0mi already have nginx installed .. should install them in any particular order? should i install php7 before mariadb or vice versa?21:40
Arexducasse, and reboot21:40
urand0mOerHeks, is there a way to upgrade my distro through the shell with out breaking anything. i dont have physical access i only have shell access21:41
ducasseArex: then something is wrong with your configuration.21:41
Arexducasse, or with Ubuntu21:43
OerHeksurand0m, if it is not a heavily tweaked VPS, or VPN, you can, but no guarantees given, and only remote access is your problem21:43
urand0mOerHeks, https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-upgrade-to-php-7-on-ubuntu-14-04 will this work? (digital ocean is not my host)21:45
OerHeksurand0m, then i cannot answer that, i gave you a ppa that is common used.21:47
ducasseurand0m: if your vps provider is any good, they have some form of console access if you break things.21:47
maelwe should not use this type of language21:47
BrochachoIs there any packages for mingw libraries? Like SDL2 etc21:47
bratchleyI have a server that won't seem to stop trying to use ipv6 when I do apt-get. I've tried single-request in /etc/resolv.conf but it seems to still be trying21:47
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bratchleyand it doesn't seem to time out any time soon21:47
Arexducasse, now work21:48
Arexducasse, and how to autorun apps?21:48
ducasseArex: good, then setup your .xinitrc to start everything you need.21:48
ducasseArex: start your wm and have that start applications.21:49
_bphello fine gentlemen. I've been having a problem with my apt sources; several 404s from archive.ubuntu.com itself21:50
_adb_bp: which version of ubuntu are you using?21:51
_bpfor example aptitude and apt insist that http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/glibc/libc6_2.23-0ubuntu2_i386.deb should be a thing21:51
Bassemhow can i update my instaled application like flashgot21:51
_bpwhereas it's not.21:52
ducasseBassem: installed from where?21:52
Arexducasse, I need apps without WM21:52
BrochachoFedora has mingw-$PKG_NAME but seems like ubuntu/debian don't have anything similar. I'd hate to have to compile them all by hand21:52
_adb_bp: which is failing, apt-get update or apt-get install?21:52
ducasseArex: why?21:52
negevhi, running 14.04 on my server, when i run do-release-upgrade it says there is no new version available but 16.04.1 was released today..21:52
_bp_adb: given the 404 when downloading the package I suppose the problem is with either apt-get update or the indexes themselves (?????)21:52
Arexducasse, cause21:53
_bpI _have_ been receiving system updates though21:53
_bp...at least some of them.21:53
Arexducasse, nano .xinitrc21:53
Bassemducasse, websites21:53
SpaceButlernegev, i'm having the same issue, looks like the http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts file hasn't been updated yet21:53
_adb_bp: try running apt-get update. if it 404s, then check your /etc/apt/sources.list21:53
Bassemducasse, like xdman and flashgot ll21:53
_adb_bp: if apt-get update does not fail, then try your install again21:53
OerHeks_bp, libc6_2.23-0ubuntu3_i386.deb  and libc6_2.23-1ubuntu1_i386.deb are current, run updates first??21:54
ducasseBassem: then you need to update manually, that is why you should use software from the repos.21:54
SpaceButlerI don't know if there is a schedule to update that file or not21:54
CarlFKnacc: thanks for the help - booted into 4.2, all is well.   I'll try to ignore the 4.4 thing for now21:54
urand0mOerHeks, i see it now, sorry my colors are not so good. this is the ppa you sent? https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php?field.series_filter=trusty21:54
OerHeksurand0m, yes.21:54
Bassemducasse, but those software are not in repos21:55
ducasseBassem: then you must update yourself.21:55
Bassemducasse, i need to remove and reinstall them or just reinstall?21:57
Arexducasse, ?21:57
urand0msomeone highlight me im trying to make it so i can see21:57
ducasseArex: what are you trying to achieve here? why no wm?21:58
minimecurand0m: ping...21:58
Arexducasse, need run app in display on fullscreen21:58
_bpOerHeks: okay, so I have downloaded and installed the -ubuntu3 package manually, so that's kind of an awkward example for me21:58
Arexducasse, 2 apps and 2 displays21:58
urand0mokay i think it stands out now21:59
negevSpaceButler: the files are all there, so i've just hacked my own updated file together to kick it off :P21:59
ducasseArex: they can still run fullscreen if you have a wm.21:59
urand0mthank you21:59
_bpaptitude and apt swear that I should be able to install notify-osd version 0.9.35+16.04.20160413-0ubuntu121:59
Arexducasse, no need wm21:59
_bpin replacement of what I have installed, 0.9.35+16.04.20151201-0ubuntu121:59
OerHeks_bp, that is not how i told you to, just updating would get the new lists and should fix all21:59
_bpOerHeks: what I'm telling you is that it is not fixing all :)22:00
SpaceButlernegev, i was thinking about doing that, but i'm a bit worried.  hopefully they'll just update the official file soon22:00
_bpoutput of apt update - http://paste.ubuntu.com/20368428/22:00
ducasseArex: then start them from .xinitrc.22:00
Arexducasse, I know but how?22:00
Arexducasse, all displays for me is 0?22:01
negevfuck it, live on the edge :D22:01
ducasseArex: you need a wm to position an application.22:01
SpaceButleri don't run LTS to live on the edge :-D22:01
Arexducasse, I need FULLSCREEN ONLY22:01
naccCarlFK: yeah, it's an oddness for sure22:01
OerHeks_bp, maybe proposed is causing this?22:01
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m5wBashing-om, guest-VcEFUS_: I noticed that X crashes my computer, regardless of what driver I'm using, only when an OpenGL application is running and is not the focused window.22:02
ducasseArex: ok, then you figure it out yourself. i have to go.22:02
m5wdoesn't matter if it's minimized, only if it's focused22:02
Arexducasse, hey :(22:02
Arexducasse, after me22:02
m5w(I'm using nvidia-361 from the main repositories with bumblebee* and nvidia-prime)22:03
_bpOerHeks: disabled. apt still thinks http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/n/notify-osd/notify-osd_0.9.35+16.04.20160413-0ubuntu1_amd64.deb should be a thing22:03
_bpIt's not the only oddity. I have an update pending for dpkg that somehow would break ufw22:04
ArexAny help please22:05
_bpdpkg could upgrade to 1.18.4ubuntu1.1 but then it also needs ufw newer than 0.35-0ubuntu2~22:05
_bpand ufw is at its "latest" version with 0.35-0ubuntu122:06
urand0mArex, what are you trying to figure out?22:07
_bpsome packages are 404ing from the repos, and some other packages that should be there are not in my package index22:07
_bpso I dunno what's up with any of this :)22:07
Arexurand0m, need configure .xinitrc and I noob :(22:07
urand0mArex, what window manager and desktop environment do you want to use?22:09
Arexurand0m, Xorg22:09
OerHeks_bp again, i see http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/u/ufw/ufw_0.35-0ubuntu2_all.deb ... i think you need to run your updates, and all will be fine.  still you *have* enabled proposed, if that update log was real., and proposed can break things...22:10
urand0mArex, you do not want to install a desktop environment?22:10
* OerHeks got to walk the dogs22:10
Arexurand0m, no22:10
urand0mArex, but you still want to run an xserver22:11
_bpso if the log is real, then I _have_ run my updates :)22:11
Arexurand0m, yes22:11
Arexurand0m, I use nodm22:11
urand0marex what happens if you run startx22:11
Arexbecause runned22:12
_bpoh look, I switch apt-get to a server that's not archive.ubuntu.com22:12
_bpand suddenly 53 upgrades are ready to install :/22:12
Arexurand0m, it work on first display22:13
ArexI have firefox there22:13
urand0mArex, how many displays do you have?22:13
Arexurand0m, standard22:13
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Arexurand0m, default mini Ubuntu22:14
Arexurand0m, but need run only 2 displays with the apps22:15
Arex2 displays - 2 apps22:16
Arexurand0m, ?22:18
Arexurand0m, :(((22:21
ArexHey any help please!22:21
InocuousI think you caught everyone at dinner Arex22:21
minimecArex: You are not really helping us... To position your software on your two screens, you need a window manager. I don't even know if nodm is capable of handling two monitors well... And you tell us that you ar an 'ubuntu noob', but you seem resistant to any suggestions and help... ;)22:23
Lokieanyone got a link for a good tutorial for either increasing the space in a live usb or for creating a persistant live usb22:24
ArexAny help plz22:24
minimecArex: I would probably install a light window manager, my preference would be e17. There you can configure everything. Then I would place these programs where I want them, even in fullscreen and set them sticky, fullscreen and prevent them from closing. I would also be able to save these settings and start them on session login (autologin).22:26
SpaceButlerenlightenment is considered a 'light' window manager now? :-D22:27
minimecArex: So my advise would be... 'sudo apt install e17' first... and then start to configure according to my needs. That's my advice to you.22:27
Arexminimec, I want Xorg22:27
SpaceButlerxorg is a x server, that's different from a window manager22:28
ArexCan I autorun 2 dispays?22:28
SpaceButleri don't know what you mean by autorun22:28
OerHekswith 2 displays, you need a DM AFAIK22:28
minimecSpaceButler: It is. I run that on a Toshiba ac100 and it maybe takes 50mb with a fully loaded and configured session with synapse launcher loaded and so on.22:29
OerHeksArex, just use a WM, like a normal setup22:29
ArexI have nodm22:29
OerHekscan nodm handle 2 displays??22:29
SpaceButlerminimec, i believe you, it's just funny from a historical perspective22:29
minimecArex: If you installed the xserver you run Xorg. Until know Xorg is default for all the window managers.22:29
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QueenslayerError seeking to offset 2147483648: Invalid argument (g-io-error-quark, 13)22:31
minimecSpaceButler: You see I run the same e17 configuration for almost 10 years now. Just for the 'historical perspective'. For a multiscreen setup it is 'the solution' besides the tiling wm's maybe.22:32
QueenslayerTrying to create image of USB onto SSD22:32
QueenslayerIs it a bug or my configuration?22:32
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ryan441I am having an issue with lamp and ubuntu desktop, whenever I install lamp, my wireless internet disconnects but says I still have a connection but I have to disconnect it completely and reconnect for it to work, and then it does the same thing 5 minutes later.. How do I fix this?22:37
ryan441I am having an issue with lamp and ubuntu desktop, whenever I install lamp, my wireless internet disconnects but says I still have a connection but I have to disconnect it completely and reconnect for it to work, and then it does the same thing 5 minutes later.. How do I fix this?22:39
orlocklamp.. as in lamp stack?22:39
ryan441lamp server22:39
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ryan441which installs apache, etc22:39
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orlockryan441: is that a package you are installing, or via a script...22:40
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ryan441I used apt-get22:40
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minimec!ops I don't know how you can stop that, but do something.... please22:43
ubottuminimec: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:43
ryan441anyone here know why ubuntu is doing that??22:43
MonkeyDustthe channel is under attack22:43
orlockryan441: None of the components of the LAMP stack should interfere with your IP networking22:45
ryan441It's apache that is causing it.22:45
orlockryan441: which is why i'm asking how, specifically are you installing the components22:45
orlockHow do you know?22:45
ryan441I just did sudo apt-get install lamp-server^22:45
Zganhello any one know how to run the wifi on ubuntu server22:45
ryan441Because I did a fresh ubuntu install and it worked fine, then I installed apache and it started it.22:45
orlockyou mean you installed lamp-server? or apache?22:46
orlockthats the "a" theres also the "m" and the "p"22:46
orlocknone of which are likely to do that22:46
ryan441I installed apache first a while ago and it caused it, so I did a fresh install and tried lamp-server and it still caused it22:46
ryan441well it's causing it for me?22:46
ryan441It did this multiple times now and it only does it after I install apache or something that installs apache.22:47
ryan441it says right now that the wifi is connected but no internet is working, if I disconnect and reconnect, it works for 5 minutes and stops again22:47
orlockdo the following when its working and not working22:48
orlockip addr list22:48
orlockip addr route22:48
minimecZgan: Without a GUI configure it manually via 'wpa_supplicant'. Looke here and go to the according section... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo22:48
ryan441it says command route is unknown22:49
naccryan441: what do you mean "no internet is working" ?22:49
ryan441nacc: meaning I cannot view any web pages, it just keeps loading.22:49
orlocksorry, just ip route,22:50
orlockyou can redirect the output to a file so you can put it up on pastebin once the internet is working again22:50
Zganminimec: thanks for the link22:51
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SpaceButlersomeone is having fun22:56
ryan441okay back22:56
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu22:56
ryan441I got the pastebin on what it said22:56
ryan441do I just send it here?22:56
pauljw_vmryan441, just put the link here.22:57
orlockryan441: also, basic network troubleshooting - in the output of "ip route" will be a line that says "default via ..." - ping the IP address thats listed22:57
orlockso in your case
naccryan441: when it's "not working" can you 'ping' ?22:59
ryan441okay I will do that now23:00
ryan441it says Destination host unreachable23:00
orlockryan441: could you ping
ryan441I did23:01
ryan441it says it is unreachable23:01
ryan441and then I disconnected and reconnected and now it says 64 Bytes from
ryan441and then 5 minutes later it will not let me connect to any sites again23:02
orlockok, sounds like your wireless is screwing up for some reason, everything appears correctl, unsure of how to debug, and there is no way that apache should be causing those issues23:03
orlockbut you could always stop apache and see if it makes a difference23:03
ryan441okay I'll stop apache and see once the internet stops working to see what it does23:03
ryan441but it only does it after I install apache that is why it's confusing me23:04
Hydr0p0nXdoes dmesg show anything when it drops ?23:04
ryan441let me see once it does it again.. It doesn't say it got disconnected or anything, it shows I have internet but then when I go to a page it keeps loading unless I disconnect it and reconnect23:05
ryan441it still allows me to view pages, still waiting for it to stop again..23:08
ax562Can someone help me with this? "libmtp error: Could not send object info"23:13
ax562happens when I try to copy files to tablet23:13
nrdbryan441, keep an eye on your default route via "route -n"23:13
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Hydr0p0nXryan441, this is a wifi connection, right?23:14
ryan441I did dmesg, what am I looking for?23:14
Hydr0p0nXjust pastebin the last 20-30 lines23:15
Hydr0p0nXyou may have the wifi adapter being put to sleep, especially if just disconnect/reconnect or restarting the service fixes it23:16
minimecax562: verify that 'mtpfs' is installed first. It may help. 'sudo apt install mtpfs'23:17
ryan441http://pastebin.com/h4KjmEya there is what I got from dmesg last 30 lines or so23:17
ryan441how do I know if its getting put to sleep?23:18
ax562minimec ------> http://pastebin.com/zeXUaD3m23:19
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minimecax562: I would first try 'mtpfs'. Next step would be 'Go-mtpfs' --> http://www.webupd8.org/2012/12/how-to-mount-android-40-ubuntu-go-mtpfs.html23:22
Bohemushow can I boot ubuntu 16.04 directly via efistub? Its the only OS on the machine.23:22
Hydr0p0nXryan441 - you can try restarting the network service, i haven't upgraded to 16.04 so not sure of the command as I've heard it changes23:22
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ryan441okay.. I will search it out then23:23
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Hydr0p0nXryan441 - you can try: sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager.service23:24
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orlockwth is with all the client quits?23:24
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orlockcan we get them banned?23:25
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minimecorlock: this nikcs are hijacked I think. They all have a different IP23:26
orlockminimec: most were from
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orlockfew others though it seems23:26
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Hydr0p0nXryan-c - if that works, you can try using Wicd instead of networkmanager, instructions for it can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD23:28
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minimecOPS! SOme IP's,,,
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ryan441okay I did that command23:30
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Tin_mani'll check back after kindergarten class is over23:30
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Hydr0p0nXryan441 - did your network come back up after?23:30
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ryan441yes its backup23:33
ryan441I am waiting to see if it'll do it again or not23:33
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Hydr0p0nXryan441 - since that works, you can try using Wicd instead of networkmanager, instructions for it can be found here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WICD , I've never had much stability with network manager + wifi23:35
jedediahI'd like to run a shell script if/when Unattended-Upgrade runs and installs packages. The default configuration has a commented example of 'Unattended-Upgrade::Mail "root";' -- is there a similar flag available for running a script instead?23:35
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ax562minimec I have all those installed already. check the pastebin http://pastebin.com/zeXUaD3m23:36
drpuritanany folks use ubuntu in ministry?23:36
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ryan441okay I will try that out23:36
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ax562anyone else have any ideas on the issue?23:36
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ax562"libmtp error: Could not send object info"23:37
ax562YankDownUnder any thoughts?23:37
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minimecax562: 'dpkg -s mtpfs' to see if the package is installed. ' apt-cache search' only searches available package. Doesn't mean that they are installed.23:39
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ax562apt-cache search mtpfs23:39
ax562go-mtpfs - Mount MTP devices over FUSE23:39
ax562golang-github-hanwen-usb-dev - CGO bindings for libusb.23:39
ax562jmtpfs - FUSE based filesystem for accessing MTP devices23:39
ax562mtpfs - FUSE filesystem for Media Transfer Protocol devices23:39
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minimecryan441: 'wicd' might indeed be worth a try, but you don't have to remove 'network-manager' in 16.04. You can just disable it with 'sudo systemctrl disable NetworkManager.service' and reboot...23:42
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ryan441I installed wicd and disabled it, rebooting now to see what it does..23:44
ax562wth is going on?23:44
ax562too much crap traffic23:44
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ax562minimec apt-cache search mtpfs23:44
ax562go-mtpfs - Mount MTP devices over FUSE23:44
ax562golang-github-hanwen-usb-dev - CGO bindings for libusb.23:44
ax562jmtpfs - FUSE based filesystem for accessing MTP devices23:44
ax562mtpfs - FUSE filesystem for Media Transfer Protocol devices23:44
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naccax562: minimec told you that apt-cache just searches available packages23:45
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naccax562: use dpkg -s23:45
minimecax562: I can tell you again and again.... 'dpkg -s mtpfs' to see if the package is installed. apt-cache search doesn't tell you whether the package is installed.23:46
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ryan441so far its working, I will let you know if it stops again23:47
orlockAnd all you did was disable the apache service?23:47
Bassemis there some thing better to programming in vb.net rather than MonoDevelop23:47
orlockthats really weird23:47
ryan441no, I installed wicd23:48
ryan441I haven't disabled it yet23:48
ryan441if it does it again I will23:48
naccryan441: so i think it's not related to apache then; but something with nm?23:48
ryan441I'm not sure, it takes 5-10 minutes to do it again23:48
ax562my minimec and nacc I thought "apt-cache search mtpfs" searched local machine. :/23:48
ryan441I just rebooted after it did it and after I installed wicd so I am waiting to see23:48
ax562sorry minimec and nacc I thought "apt-cache search mtpfs" searched local machine. :/23:48
kalenpw@Bassem yes, Vim23:48
Bassemkalenpw, is it better?23:49
naccBassem: kalenpw is sort of being sarcastic, I think; vim is just an editor. You can program in just about any language in just an editor. But I'm guessing if you're actually using VB, you want an IDE.23:50
kalenpwYeah half sarcastic vim is a very good text editor but if you're looking for an ide you're probably stuck on monodevelop unless you wanna run a windows vm with vs23:50
Bassemnacc, true im looking in IDE in ubuntu softwear23:51
Bassemnacc, im just wondering if ther's something better than MonoDevelop23:51
naccBassem: given that it's M$ stuff, mono is your best bet23:51
Bassemnacc, thanks alot23:51
Bassemnacc, what about netbeans23:52
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naccBassem: isn't netbeans for java?23:52
nrdbhas anyone gotten ltsp to work on 16.04?  I am having a lot of trouble.23:52
Bassemnacc,  really dunno23:53
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Bassemnacc, oh yes it's sorry23:53
Bluez_hey guys, anyone here using strongswan with 16.04 ?23:53
naccBassem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/6588/is-there-a-visual-studio-style-tool-ide23:53
Bluez_everything was working fine, now suddenly it’s freezing between accepting SA’s23:53
kalenpwBassem I've never tried it, but Visual Studio code is supposedly pretty good not really a full fledged ide though23:54
Bluez_no config changes etc, so it must have been some update that did it23:54
naccBluez_: i don't think strongswan itself has been updated since 16.04 came out23:55
Bluez_apt-get still uses 5.3.5.  strong swan’s latest release is 5.5.023:55
Bluez_anyway i mean some ubuntu update has caused the problems23:55
Bluez_nothing else on the server has changed23:56
nacc!latest | Bluez_23:56
ubottuBluez_: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.23:56
naccBluez_: you could look at your apt log and see, i guess23:57
naccBassem: also, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PowerUsersProgramming23:57
Bluez_yeah i did that but didn’t see anything obvious23:57
Bluez_i’m installing 14.04 now on another machine to check23:57
Bluez_it’s the only explanation i can come up with23:57
Bassemnacc, thanks alot23:57
ax562minimec and nacc thank you! I think that did it.  Sorry about the miscommunication23:58
minimecax562: No problem.23:58
ax562do you guys know why that isn't a standard ubuntu package?23:58
naccax562: why what isn't?23:59
naccax562: and what do you mean by "standard ubuntu package"?23:59

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