sakrecoerone cpuld argue, forward is backward when participation was it. but then again, where is the youth?00:20
sakrecoersomewhere around, trying its best not to be like the elders, maybe..00:22
luisbgsakrecoer: what's the status on the RT (Real-Time) kernel branch and how much does it impact audio?09:16
sakrecoerluisbg: we use the low latency kernel. afaik we haven't planed on using the RT. My experience is that lowlatency's performance is very good but perhaps OvenWerks would be better suited to answer you with a more technical response..10:04
sakrecoeri guess it depends on your needs and your hardware, but i believe the performance gains of rt over lowlatency is minimal. 10:07
luisbgsakrecoer: just curious since rt/lowlatency was a big part of Ubuntu Studio 6 years ago10:18
zequencesakrecoer: infity asked me before if we were good to go with Ubuntu Studio11:09
zequenceSeems the release may be early today11:09
zequenceGoing to check the ready state in the qa site as soon as my browser will let me11:10
OvenWerksluisbg: low latency includes almost all the RT code thse days. I have heard that RT does help with some USB audio IF at very low latency(less than 5ms) for live work. I personally have not had any trouble with low latency kernels down to less than 1ms with a PCI (ice1712) audio if.13:53
luisbgOvenWerks: interesting, I should catch up with the low latency scheduler branch14:51
sakrecoerzequence: thanks! this morning it looked like someone had set it to "ready" already. thought it was you...17:07
sakrecoersaw the discussion now, so infinity marked it ready... i hope it's fine, it seems i'm the only one who tested it.17:10
OvenWerkssakrecoer: it should be just the same as installin 16.04.00 and upgrading17:12
OvenWerkssakrecoer: so we have been testing at least most of it in day to day use17:13
sakrecoerOvenWerks: thanks for clearing that up.. i was a littleb bit nervous about it tbh :)17:15
sakrecoeri'm not sure i will be able to update the release note today unfortunately (maybe, but really maybe i will be able), but if not i will tomorrow morning first thing.17:21
sakrecoer:) read y'all later!17:21

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