smosermgagne, thank you.01:19
smoserprettier at http://paste.ubuntu.com/20390677/01:19
smosermgagne, it'd be nice if you could open a bug.01:37
smoserhave a test case showing failure based on your json.01:37
smoserthank you.01:37
smoserhere is test case http://paste.ubuntu.com/20392738/01:37
smoserrharper, ^ . if you're sitting there doing nothing.01:37
smoseri suspect this is related to not using 'id' as name01:37
smoseri go now.01:37
smosergood night.01:38
boolmansmoser: thx for confirming06:46
boolman(lock_passwd: False)06:47
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powersjsmoser, is there a good time to do a hangout today? or would Monday work better?15:40
smoserpowersj, today is fine with me. what works for you?15:42
powersjanytime in the next hour, or after 1pm mountain15:43
smoserpowersj, 5m ok ?15:50
smoserpowersj, https://hangouts.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/hangout-smoser16:00
smoserpowersj, so16:13
smoser https://gist.github.com/smoser/f112518132f2849443f8edfcf292c8ec16:13
smoseris some stuff i just had when i was doing some testing16:13
smoserit builds and hacks in the cloud-init into the container16:13
smoserpowersj, http://download.cirros-cloud.net/daily/20150923/README-lxd.txt shows how youc anlaunch lxc with user-data16:21
smoserlxc launch xenial x2 --config=user.user-data=$(cat user-data)"16:22
smoseryou can also use --config=user.data=- < foo16:22
mgagnesmoser: so I fixed the name attribute issue. Now it's getting a bit worst.16:39
mgagnesmoser: eth0 and eth1 are configured and enslaved to bond0 while eno1 and eno2 exist and should be used.16:40
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smoserhm... what did you change ?17:00
mgagneshould post first17:03
mgagnenow I'm trying to up the bond and slaves aren't configured even if bond-master is configured properly. I see that slave interfaces have bond configuration too (bond-mode, bond-miimoo, etc.)17:04
mgagnelast time, I had to enslave manually even if I followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBonding17:06
mgagnewill continue to debug and make sure it's not something on my side17:07
mgagnealso, auto bond0 is missing from generated config17:20
mgagnethat's why network failed to start17:20
mgagnesame for slaves interfaces17:20
mgagneto summarize: cloud-init creates and tries to enslave eth0/eth1 while eno1 and eno2 exist (and are stil configured by cloud-init?), auto stanza is missing from bond0 and slave interfaces17:22
larsksArg, brpm does a recursive rm of ~/rpmbuild.  Bad build script! Bad!18:07
smoserlarsks, wow. that is bad.18:56
smosershame on harlowja_at_home18:56
smosermgagne, i suspect that you didnt update the json completely.18:57
mgagneupdate the json?18:58
mgagneI'm not sure what you are referring to18:59
smoserso http://paste.ubuntu.com/20475020/18:59
smoseri think you  meant you updated the openstack to build and include 'name'19:00
smoserbut could you post the complete json there ?19:00
mgagneit is not part of the spec, not part of my implementation nor the upstream one19:00
mgagneI posted it already yesterday19:00
mgagnelet me check19:00
smoserwell what did you mean by http://paste.ubuntu.com/20475020/19:00
mgagnelooks like 'name' is optional in links http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/sources/helpers/openstack.py#L547 but later is mandatory: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/net/network_state.py#L28419:01
mgagneso I forced name to exist by using the id instead so I don't have to refactor network_state.py19:01
smoserright. but i suspect your force didnt' do it right.19:04
smoserso i wanted to see that 'forced' json with 'name'19:04
mgagnedon't change a thing, I will put the id anyway19:04
mgagneand name isn't part of the spec so I won't add something that shouldn't exist in the first place19:05
mgagneI think there is a wrong assumption here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/net/network_state.py#L31919:07
mgagneor something needs to be translate before it comes here19:07
mgagnebond_interfaces contains the link_id19:08
mgagneand I think later it can't find the actual interface in the parsed interfaces19:09
mgagnemaybe because physical aren't renamed to eth0/eth1 properly earlier or something like that.19:09
mgagnewill try that render tool and see that happens19:14
smosermgagne, is 'id' going to be sane ?19:18
smosershould i i use it?19:18
mgagnewell, the question is: why bother with a name?19:19
smoserversus veth234234 that id gest for link veth19:19
mgagnecan't it be bond + auto_increment?19:19
smoserwell, eys of course.19:19
mgagnethen default to that if name isn't provided.19:19
mgagnebut as stated, name will never be provided unless someone provide a change in the spec19:20
smoserbut if the user provides networking information and says "this is what i want the bond link to be called". then its better to have it called that then creating one myself.19:20
mgagneso we are adding dead code19:20
mgagneI think we already talked about that19:20
mgagneok so I managed to make that render tool work19:22
mgagnesame behavior19:22
smoser http://paste.ubuntu.com/20492837/19:23
mgagnesmoser: ok, I updated the JSON to the actual physical interface names (not the link ids) are in bond_links. it now works19:23
mgagneso I think cloud-init doesn't translate the bond_links (link id) to physical name19:24
mgagnesmoser: with oeth1, you should see that 4 physical interfaces are configured.19:25
mgagneyea, that's exactly the problem19:25
mgagneand auto stanza is missing19:25
mgagneso network is never started properly19:25
smoserwell, i'm not sure that is it19:27
smoserdi dyou open a bug ?19:27
mgagnenot yet19:27
mgagnewill opennow19:28
mgagnehow can I link to a specific line of a specific review in LP/bazaar?19:32
smosermgagne, i dont know.19:35
mgagneok, will link to latest for now19:35
larskssmoser: these are the changes I'm working on for moving to github: https://github.com/larsks/cloud-init/compare/feature/move-to-git19:37
larsksI  haven't tackled the build scripts yet.19:37
smosermovign to git19:38
smosernot git hub19:38
larsksOh yeah?  See, I though we were going to use the existing cloud-init/cloud-init repository on github.19:38
larsksJust git on launchpad?  That is also fine.  I will just need to fix hacking.rst really; nothing else cares about where things are hosted.19:39
mgagnehere we go: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/160574919:43
larskssmoser: well, I've updated the docs and put my changes on launchpad @ https://git.launchpad.net/~larsks/cloud-init/?h=feature/move-to-git...20:03
smoserlarsks, ok. thank you.20:04
larsks...but of course I can't propose them for merging against a bzr repository, and it doesn't look like LP allows diffing between arbitrary revisions.20:04
smoserlarsks, thanks.20:10
smoseri can figure out how to diff two trees20:10
larsksI figured :)20:10
* smoser googles :)20:11
larsksIf you move the existing cloud-init repository into git, we could make this the first merge request...20:11
smoserlarsks, still there ?20:38
smoserso your master is straight import ?20:38
larsksI think so.  Does it look like not?20:39
* larsks checks. Seems to be.20:39
larsksThe last change in my master is "mcollective: add tests, cleanups and bug fix when no config in /etc."20:40
smoserjust was checking.20:40
smoserhow did you do export / import ?20:41
larsksUsing git-bzr-remote...20:43
larsksWell, that's mostly just import.  bzr->git.  If I had to go the other way, I would probably just using 'bzr branch', and then generate and apply a patch or something.20:44
smoserno you're good.20:45
smoserharlowja_at_home, had done somethign and had to mess aroudn with some tags...20:45
smosertrying to find that20:45
larsksI've just updated the git.launchpad.net/~larsks/cloud-init with all the tags, in case those are useful.20:46
smoserhe had done this20:48
smoserok. let me see.20:48
larsksI'm not sure what's going on after line 30 with with the rebasing or with any of the tag deleting, but the basic bzr fast-export --plain | git fast-import looks fine.20:50
larsksPersonally, I just ran 'git clone bzr::lp:cloud-init', and then pushed it wherever...20:51
smoserwow. git just has that. i didn't know that.20:52
smoserso if i do that, mine will differ on shas right ?20:53
larsksThat should be substantially the same as the fast-export | import.20:53
larsksActually, I think you should end up with the same shas.20:53
smoseryeah, i do20:54
smoserok. i'm going to push this imported branch20:54
smoserlarsks, thank you for your patience20:54
larsksfyi, Also 'git push --tags'20:54
smoseryeah. and i will first delete the ubuntu- tags20:55
smoserand updated https://code.launchpad.net/cloud-init20:59
smoserlarsks, so you can submit yours as an MP now20:59
smoserlarsks, link ?21:03
larsksOh, sorry, I thought you'd get a notification of some sort.  https://code.launchpad.net/~larsks/cloud-init/+git/cloud-init/+merge/30095321:03
smoserwell, i might ave.21:03
powersjnow we see if CI continues to work...21:04
smoserpowersj, whoops :)21:04
powersjI'm glad you did this to cloud-init first21:04
smoserlarsks, thanks. i'm just about EOD also... so21:05
larsksMe too.21:05
larsksGotta go perform child transportation, in fact.21:05
smoserharlowja_at_home, ^ larsks got done in like 3 days what you've been trying to do for like 2 years!21:05
* smoser notes that what was actually accomplished was getting smoser to stop being lazy21:06
smoserthank you both.21:06
larsksWell, keeping in mind also that the build scripts are currently broken :)21:06
larsksHave to take off.  See y'all on Monday....21:07
powersjA bunch of CI jobs may launch in 3-4 mins. harlowja_at_home apparently wasn't allowed to launch ci jobs21:33
powersjI've added the cloud-init-bugcontrol and cloud-init-dev groups to the allowed users21:33
powersjsmoser, So the branch name changed from lp:cloud-init to cloud-init:master (see last entry) if you look here: https://code.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+activereviews23:02
powersjThe trigger job ain't happy with me just switching to the new name, so still investigating.23:03

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