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magicaltroutargh balls10:20
magicaltroutas if i'm  double booked for juju talks10:20
magicaltrouthow is that possible?!10:20
rcjIs there a charmer who could do a quick review of an MP to restore function in the bip charm lost moving from precise to trusty?  7 line diff @ https://code.launchpad.net/~rcj/charms/trusty/bip/lp1604759/+merge/30058513:37
stubbradm: You're listed as maintainer of that one13:55
stubrcj: I've reviewed and merged it. It won't get in the charm store until the promulgation dances are done, which I think requires bradm since he is listed as the maintainer.14:00
rcjstub, thanks14:01
ryebotIs there some juju 2 command that will allow me to recover a registration key given a user name? e.g., if the originally provided key is lost15:01
ryebotAlso, is there a way to delete a user? Not just disable; I want to be able to reuse the name for testing purposes.15:02
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petevg@kwmonroe, @cory_fu: Pushed revised PRs for https://github.com/juju-solutions/bigtop/pull/27 and https://github.com/juju-solutions/bigtop/pull/28  lmk if they look good (I did re-run the tests, and they still pass.)15:34
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balloonsthere's two juju-core packages sitting in -proposed for xenial. Could the package from 7/18 be rejected, and the package from today be accepted?16:40
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bdxmbruzek: how are you installing bundletester? - I can't get past the cheetah dep on trusty or xenial ... `pip install bundletester` fails17:56
bdxon the cheetah dep17:56
bdxmbruzek: hmmm, ok, a fresh trusty container, and it installed correctly .... strange18:03
bdxmbruzek: I'm guessing bundletester doesn't work with 2.0 yet either, so I need to get a 1.x env setup .... grrr18:22
tvansteenburghbdx: it'll work next week18:23
tvansteenburghit actually works now if you run it in charmbox:latest18:23
tvansteenburghlazyPower: is that the right tag? ^18:23
lazyPowertvansteenburgh - its in charmbox:devel, but he'll need to grab the deps. we didnt publish a tag18:24
tvansteenburghoh ok18:24
bdxtvansteenburgh, lazyPower: on it, thanks guys18:29
lazyPoweri should do that though19:08
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kwmonroewait wat?  lazyPower, charmbox:devel will soon have bundletester back?19:49
lazyPowerkwmonroe - well, it technically has it now... but you have to manually upgrade some components19:49
lazyPoweri was going to push a tag release so we could hack with it until it gets in the right spots and it just shows up in devel19:50
lazyPowerkwmonroe https://github.com/chuckbutler/charmbox/commit/9e917fb4d43e91149870e3fdf6070b708d641a6519:52
lazyPowersorry kwmonroe - i cleaned that up for legibility -- https://github.com/chuckbutler/charmbox/commit/cfa3b42b0ed74fded798f0b172881dedf2a202bc19:55
lazyPowerbdx tvansteenburgh - i just pushed lazypower/charmbox:beta-12 -- if you want to test with bleeding edge, that was just pressed ~ 5 minutes ago20:03
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bdxmarcoceppi: I think I have some stale controllers bootstrapped in my aws charm dev account, would you mind clearing them for me?21:13
bdxhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/20507893/ :-(21:14
marcoceppibdx: I will later tonight, thnaks for the heads up21:38
bdxthank you21:53
bdxlazyPower: amulet22:06
bdxamulet hasn't been refactored for 2.0 yet has it?22:07
lazyPowerbdx - i have all the latest deps put together for you in a container already :)22:07
lazyPowerbdx  lazypower/charmbox:beta-1122:07
lazyPowerer beta-1222:07
bdxlazyPower: I'm running it22:08
lazyPowerotherwise, you'll need to fetch tip from the following:   bundletester, amulet, deployer, jujuclient22:08
lazyPowerand install them in that order22:08
lazyPoweradditionally, if any of your amulet tests do something like apt-get install amulet or pip install amulet, the house of cards falls apart22:08
bdxahh, so https://github.com/jamesbeedy/layer-kibana/blob/master/tests/tests.yaml22:09
bdxwould bring her down22:09
bdxok, thats whats up then22:10
lazyPowerso, you can comment that out or just rm it while you get on with life until it lands in stable next week22:10
lazyPowersorry its hinky but we're mid-flight, packaging solves this22:10
bdxfor the sake of finishing what I set out to do today22:10
bdxno worries.22:11
bdxthanks for your help today22:11
lazyPoweranytime :)22:11
lazyPoweranything else before i run off for the weekend?22:11
lazyPowermagicaltrout - get some rest :) Big weeks coming up for you. Try to enjoy your weekend22:12
bdxnah, I'm going to try to take some time away from the screen myself this weekend22:12
bdxthanks tho - enjoy22:13
lazyPower:) awesome. see you on Monday then22:13
linnnWith juju Relations between charms what's the convention when a port needs to be exposed?22:54
linnnI have a website charm and a database charm, so when I add the relation between the two the database port needs to be open.22:54
linnnIs there a way to expose ports in relation hooks?22:55

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