mparilloright click in the panel > Task Manager settings00:52
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jonahHi can anyone help. I can't get into my desktop/plasma - i type my password at the login screen and then nothing happens, then after 10 seconds the login screen refreshs and asks for a password again....07:41
jonahah startx seems to have got it going again after a few tries.07:43
soeejonah: what Plasma version are you on ?07:46
soeealso what Kubuntu version ?07:46
jonahsoee: kubuntu 16.04 - not sure on the version of plasma, will try check for you. Just rebooted and still acting very flaky and not starting plasma07:47
soeejonah: press ALT + F2 and type info07:47
soeeand see what plasma version this Info module shows you07:47
jonahsoee: thanks but info doesn't seem to show plasma listed07:50
jonahsoee: but it is installed...07:50
soeewhat? :D07:50
soeetype in terminal: apt-cache policy plasma-desktop07:51
soeend tell me what version is installed07:51
jonahsoee: ok. version 4:5.6.607:52
soeejonah: ok seems like you are on 5.6 so the newest available for Xenial07:58
jonahsoee: just trying apt-get install --reinstall on it08:01
jonahsoee: what version are you running - I wonder if anyone else has problems on Kubuntu with 5.6.6?08:02
soeejonah: i had no problems08:03
soeei am on Neon atm. though08:03
jonahsoee: do you know how I can downgrade to the previous version? Just try apt-get install plasma-desktop= but it complains that it depends on plasma-desktop-data ( etc08:08
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jonahsoee: ok just removing the backports ppa and seeing if it will downgrade08:14
BluesKajHiyas all10:17
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Guest29375Есть кто?15:11
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skritehey all16:36
dubisDolphin with KDE plamsa does not play media in information panel mp3 or avi .. Does someone have a idea?16:52
dubisAnd Dragon palyer does not read any movies avi or mkv16:52
BluesKajdubis,  install kubuntu-restricted-extras and ffmpeg17:01
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dbromHello everyone17:28
dbromI am getting rid of all my collection of Movies but I fist want to make a mkv file from them. Any ideas17:30
dubisdbrom You've to use matroska This is not a soft from kde suite17:32
dubisthanks Blueskaj17:32
dubisBlueskaj Ubuntu team recomended us to use avconv in place of ffmpeg17:34
dubisI rebooted17:39
dubisBlueKAj that's work17:41
dubisBluesKaj avconv is not enought in place of ffmpeg??17:46
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user|57633olá pessoal17:53
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[Relic]does 16.04 have dual monitor problems with nvidia cards?18:13
sick_rimmitHi Folks19:03
sick_rimmitKubuntu Party19:03
sick_rimmitRoom 119:03
sick_rimmitPassword: welcome19:04
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dubisHi .. Is it normal that the menus are passing under the video movies with DRagon player19:17
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cucujoideahello, help with this question: http://askubuntu.com/questions/788924/update-message-in-kubuntu-16-04 would be appreciated20:28
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