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carakaMy new launchpad branch is trying to import from a git repository using a bzr command and failing. I did tell launchpad it was a github repo, but I cannot find any place to check or correct that.06:42
carakanvm Must specify branch by name when importing from github.07:09
dobeycaraka: you don't need to specify a branch really (master is the default), but you do have to include the ".git" at the end of the https URL13:00
HeOSHello! Looks like, you have a problem with Launchpad. I can't add my comment to a bug.14:09
HeOSI mean the following bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/fuel/+bug/1447604.14:09
ubot5Error: launchpad bug 1447604 not found14:09
dobeyHeOS: it's presumably a private bug which you don't have access to see, then14:20
HeOSdobey, I have access to the bug and I see, that all if fine right now.14:20
dobeywell i can't see the bug, nor can the bot. so why can't you add a comment to it? what is the error?14:21
dobeyis there an OOPS id?14:22
HeOSdobey, yes, I saw an error with an advice to try to add my comment some later.14:22
Odd_BlokeWe're seeing "Cannot initiate the connection to ports.ubuntu.com:80 (2001:67c:1562::11). - connect (101: Network is unreachable) [IP: 2001:67c:1562::11 80]" relatively regularly in livefs builds.14:46
Odd_BlokeIs ports.u.c having problems, or is it because we're resolving an IPv6 address, (or something else)?14:46
cjwatsonOdd_Bloke: any particular subset of architectures?14:53
Casspeaking of archs why would one particular arch of only one series fail to build: https://launchpad.net/~deluge-team/+archive/ubuntu/develop/+packages14:56
CasI tried rerunning it but failed the same14:56
Odd_Blokecjwatson: Looks mostly to be powerpc, I think.14:57
cjwatsonCas: Because amd64 is the only one that builds the Architecture: all part of your package, and that part of your packaging is evidently buggy (perhaps only with yakkety's toolchain, I don't know).  Should be reproducible locally using sbuild -A (or dpkg-buildpackage -b)14:58
cjwatsonOdd_Bloke: Sounds like some kind of firewall or routing issue that you'd be best off chasing up directly with IS, then14:59
cjwatsonHeOS: Without an OOPS ID I can't say for sure, but it's probably the usual occasional problem we have with some bug summary update triggers being a bit too slow; if it's that then it really does go away if you wait a bit and try again15:00
Cascjwatson, would that require testing on yakkety distro15:02
Casoh yeh I can use pbuilder15:06
HeOScjwatson, I had no OOPS ID there, unfortunately.15:17
Odd_Blokecjwatson: Cool, will do; would that be #webops or #is?15:18
cjwatsonOdd_Bloke: probably start with webops15:31
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Akulii created an ubuntu one account for reporting a bug and i can't log into it17:07
dobeyAkuli: just paste the OOPS error id in here, not a screenshot of it that we can't copy/paste the text from17:21
dobey(also friendly bot in here converts the id to a useful link for us to see what went wrong)17:22
tewardextracted from their screenshot17:22
cjwatsonthe OpenID identifier appears to be out of sync with the account for that email address, although I haven't yet worked out why17:24
cjwatsonAkuli: did you try to create another account today?  you already had one from a year or so ago17:24
Akuliyear ago?17:24
Akuliim not sure if thats me17:25
Akulihow can i log into that?17:26
cjwatsonI don't know SSO quite well enough to work this out; asking for help17:28
Akuliseems like i'm given a password restore link anyway17:28
Akulii still keep getting oopsies after a password reset17:30
tewardAkuli: what cjwatson is saying is something is up with the auth backend and things're out of sync - he's poking someone who understands the SSO stuff a bit better for some assistance,17:31
tewardpatience is advised.17:31
teward(for that 'account')17:31
Akulii mean, i just want to send a 3-line bugfix to ubuntu developers and i need to play with these things for over an hour?17:32
dobeyyour sitaution is not normal17:33
cjwatsonI'm sorry that there's a problem and I understand that you're frustrated, but I can't really make people who are able to track down the single-sign-on bug appear faster no matter how much you shout at us17:33
cjwatson(I can't find where the SSO logs currently live, which isn't helping)17:34
Akulilets see if i can delete my account and make a new one17:37
cjwatsonAkuli: don't do that yet17:37
cjwatsonroadmr: ah, hi17:37
Akulitoo late :(17:37
roadmrhey cjwatson!17:38
cjwatsonroadmr: could you have a look at https://oops.canonical.com/?oopsid=OOPS-b91f275f5ce0122b919c14496912074b please?  the OpenID identifier recorded there does not match the one in LP for that account17:38
Akulibut this guy is still there https://launchpad.net/~akuviljanen1717:38
cjwatsonroadmr: I'm trying to work out how SSO could have got itself into that state17:38
cjwatsonroadmr: Akuli just deleted their SSO account it seems before I could tell them to stop, but hopefully there are still some traces around17:39
roadmrcjwatson: let me see if logs say something17:39
Akulibut the akuviljanen17 account is still around17:39
Akulino Akuli account17:39
Akulitrying to restore an account with my email address it just says that no account associated with it17:41
roadmrAkuli: what's your email address?17:47
roadmrcjwatson: do you have the openID for the existing LP account? the old one (and the old account) seem to be gone for good17:54
roadmron SSO, that is17:54
roadmrthanks :)17:55
cjwatsonroadmr: you have it in /msg17:55
roadmrcjwatson: thanks, just saw it, checking17:55
Akulican someone tell if its email address is mine?17:56
Akuliyes or no17:56
cjwatsonAkuli: it matches the oops you gave17:56
Akulilike my email address?17:56
Akulithats weird17:57
Akulilike i said, trying to restore an account with my email address just says theres not such account17:57
Akuliby the way, are launchpad accounts same as ubuntu one accounts?17:58
Akulii guess not17:58
cjwatsonsort of17:58
cjwatsonit's possible to have an SSO (aka "Ubuntu One") account without a Launchpad account, but not vice versa - or at least the other way round is not meant to be possible17:58
Akulii just realized that i probably deleted my ubuntu one account18:00
Akulithen again, i could never log into launchpad with it anyway so shouldn't matter18:00
cjwatsonmy guess is that it would make debugging easier if you left well alone for a while18:00
cjwatsonhard to debug moving targets18:01
Akulii haven't done anything after deleting the account and saying too late, but ok18:01
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cjwatsonAkuli: did you explicitly select the username 'akuli' somewhere?  if so can you tell us exactly where?18:05
Akuliwell, i think thats the username of my ubuntu one account18:05
Akulithey didn't accept Uppercase names, so thats why18:05
cjwatsonright - but that's one you explicitly specified?18:05
Akuliwhen i created my ubuntu one account about an hour ago18:05
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cjwatsonAkuli: ok, so roadmr has kindly reactivated your previous deleted account, which is the easiest path forward here; what you should do now is go through the "Forgot your password?" link on https://login.launchpad.net/, using the exact same email address as you used just now18:14
* cjwatson -> dinner18:20
AkuliThanks! :) everything's working.18:24
cjwatsonsorry about that, seems to have been a weird corner case somewhere18:24
Akulino problem18:27
naccAkuli: glad you got sorted! :)18:42
Akulioh, you came here too :)18:42
naccAkuli: i'm around a few channels :)18:42
Akuliis it normal to add a solution to the bug in the report?18:43
Akulisolution as in code to change18:43
naccAkuli: yes, as a debdiff18:43
nacc(aka patch)18:43
Akuliso not just a filename and content to change?18:43
naccyou can do that too, if you're not comfortable making a patch, but it's easiest if you can make the patch yourself18:43
Akulii'm definitely not comfortable turning a simple three-line edit into something more complex18:44
tewardAkuli: it's really not that hard, me and nacc can help you18:44
tewardor i'm happy to steal credit and make the patch/debdiff myself :P18:44
tewardforget I said that :)18:45
tewardjust saying, it's not that hard to open the file on your computer, and run a diff on the new code vs. the old.18:45
Akuliright now my report looks like this http://dpaste.com/0ABZ1PS18:45
Akuliare they ok with just one file's diff?18:45
Akulilets do it then18:45
tewardif you can create the .diff and attach it, someone else can do the debdiff, or they can do it themselves18:46
Akulii can do the diff18:46
tewardthen create the bug and attach the diff as an attachment.18:47
Akulishould it be 'diff old new' or 'diff new old'?18:48
tewarddiff old new.  But, I prefer to use `diff -Naur old new` instead.  Gives the output like this, which I seem to like more (more like git diffs...)18:49
dobeygit format-patch :)18:50
tewardbut note I tend to work on whole dirs, so...18:50
naccAkuli: usually, you'd use two directories18:50
naccAkuli: one which is the pristine original version18:50
Akuliwell i only have one file to change18:50
naccAkuli: and one which is your modified version18:50
tewarddobey: heheh, nice18:51
Akuliso which is more appropriate? diff -Naur old new or diff old new?18:51
naccthe former (-Naur or -urpN)18:52
dobeyreally needs to be a unified format diff18:52
dobeyand really should be against the source tree, not installed files18:52
Akuliin that case i'll let someone else do the diff for me18:53
naccdobey: +118:53
Akulii'm not going to download the source package for three lines18:53
naccsigh, ok18:53
Akuliand we have a bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/command-not-found/+bug/160573218:55
ubot5Launchpad bug 1605732 in command-not-found (Ubuntu) "Entering a long, invalid command to the terminal freezes the system" [Undecided,New]18:55
dobeyand really, this discussion belongs in #ubuntu-devel now as it's not about launchpad :)18:55
Akuliam i going to get notified in my email about that?18:55
tewardnotified in email about what?18:56
Akuliif people comment the bug report18:56

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