tsimonq2argh I'm stupid11:18
tsimonq2playing with a PPA and I accidentally copied a package to the Lubuntu Desktop PPA11:19
tsimonq2I right away went and deleted it11:19
tsimonq2...but I'm stupid :P11:19
rindolfHi all! I found some typos in http://lubuntu.me/ - "enery" should be "energy" and "easy-friendly" should be "easy-to-use and friendly" and in http://lubuntu.me/support/ "Development an QA coordination" , 'an' should be 'and'.12:36
tsimonq2rindolf: hi, let me take a look13:06
tsimonq2rindolf: wow, thanks a lot for pointing that out :)13:06
tsimonq2rindolf: it will be corrected soon13:06
rindolftsimonq2: thanks!13:08
tsimonq2rindolf: let me know in the future if there are any more to correct13:10
rindolftsimonq2: sure.13:11
tsimonq2rindolf: but otherwise, done13:12
rindolftsimonq2: thanks! And - you're welcome.13:13
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