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mardy_DanChapman: hi! Got a minute?12:03
DanChapmanmardy_: hey!12:03
mardy_DanChapman: did you see my last comment on bug 1421923?12:04
ubot5bug 1421923 in Dekko "No notifications for new mails" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142192312:04
DanChapmannot yet. Looking now12:04
DanChapmanmardy_: oh that push helper shouldn't have been shipped in the release clicks :-/. It's just a dumb binary i was using for playing with the push service a while back. Would re-using the gmail webapps one suffice for now? if so i'll sort that out now.12:09
mardy_DanChapman: yes, that makes the notification appear12:11
mardy_DanChapman: then if I click on it, Dekko opens, but for some reason it says on the folder; it doesn't open the message12:12
mardy_DanChapman: but that's something which can be fixed later12:13
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DanChapmanmardy_: ok, thanks! Yeah it was previously rather difficult to actually open the message with how the old imap model worked. Should be much easier now though. I'll file a bug for it after lunch.12:21
* kalikiana smiles a happy smile seeing the notification bug being picked up13:29
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subetHey there,  I've got a short question: How do I make an app open its store page?14:03
pmcgowansubet, looking at how uappexplorer does it, you can open t in the scope with scope://com.canonical.scopes.clickstore?q=appname15:25
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subetpmcgowan: Thanks19:29
subetIt's not possible to directly open the store page instead of "only" searching for the app, is it?19:30
pmcgowanthat url will open the app description in the scope19:30
pmcgowanthere is no store page per se, just the metadata19:30
subetYeah, it will search for the app name but it doesn't opens the details page for the app where the user can install it directly.19:31
pmcgowanoh right, there should be a way19:32
subetdo you know if there's a bug report for that?19:32
pmcgowanone sec let me grab someone who may know19:32
pmcgowansubet, can I ask what you are trying to do? get a second app installed from a first app?19:34
subetNo, I just want to have an about page with a button like "rate" which should  direct the user to the store page.19:34
pmcgowanoh nice19:35
pmcgowansubet, no way to do it and I am told surprisingly not easy to provide, but you could add a bug on unity-scopes-shell19:48
subetpmcgowan: okay, thanks for the information! I'll file a bug.19:48
subetpmcgowan: Is this okay? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-scopes-shell/+bug/160575219:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1605752 in unity-scopes-shell (Ubuntu) "Possibility to open an app's store page using a link" [Undecided,New]19:54
pmcgowansubet, yep thanks19:54
subetokay, thank you19:55
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subetQuestion: Is it possible/wanted/legit to have a `Donate` button in an app using the new in-app-purchases?20:15
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