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zakihi Kilos 06:34
Kiloshi zaki 06:35
zakihow are you? 06:37
zakiubuntu 16.4.1 is released , know about it?06:37
Kilosok ty and you?06:37
zakisame here. :)06:37
Kilosill stay on 14.04 for a while longer yet06:38
zakioh. :D 06:38
Kilosto go 16.04 would mean 1.2g iso download and the all the updates every day06:39
zakii'm planning on move to kubuntu. 06:39
Kiloslots of mobile data06:39
zakikubuntu 16.406:39
Kilosim on kubuntu 14.0406:39
zakii have unlimited bandwidth. :p06:39
Kilosthen enjoy it06:40
zakignome uses too much memory. :|06:40
zakianything from pavlushka?06:42
Kiloshe was here for a while last night06:42
zakihmm. 06:43
RemonShaihi.... Kilos08:26
Kiloshi RemonShai 08:26
zakiwb RemonShai 08:27
RemonShaiyaaahoooo I'm back.08:27
zakihow are you?08:27
RemonShaifine.. u?08:27
Kiloshaha good to have you back RemonShai 08:27
zakifine. :)08:28
Kilosyou guys must hang around. things could start happening soon08:28
zakiyes.! 08:28
Kilosi need this channel with many guys here08:28
RemonShaiarrest guys & put them in this channel..... hahahahahah08:29
RemonShaiits my stupid idea... lol208:30
Kilosnono you guys must bring them from fcebook and other users you know08:30
RemonShaiyea... Kilos, its positive idea.08:31
Kilosi have a massive job getting things sorted and cant do it alone08:32
zakiRemonShai, নাম জানতে পারি?08:32
RemonShaibut I've none a single friend, who interested in ubuntu. :(08:33
RemonShaizaki, রিমন সাঈ08:33
zakioh. ! :) thank you08:33
zakiwhere are you from? 08:33
RemonShaizaki , wc...08:34
Kilosthen encourage the fb people to join here and learn how ubuntu really works and all the places they can get involved and serve the community better08:34
RemonShaiTangail, Dhaka08:34
zakioh. good. 08:34
zakiRemonShai, study level? 08:36
RemonShaiKilos, I'm trying but not successful. :( most of my friend afraid to heard command line.08:36
RemonShaizaki, math honoue08:36
RemonShaizaki, hon's in math.08:37
Kilosthe thing is to help them into it gently, you can use ubuntu without using command line08:37
zakiRemonShai, than show them how you use.08:37
Kiloscommand line is just easier and faster for those that know how to use it08:37
RemonShaiKilos,  I know that but I can't understand them better (I think)08:38
Kiloshere we will teach them08:39
zakithere are other ubuntu flevors. with awosome graphical interface. :)08:39
Kilosyes and all are welcome here08:39
Kilosin za we help all linux users08:39
zakinice. (y)08:40
RemonShaiI tell them once more time.but failed08:40
Kilosthe secret is to let them see how easy you do things on your pc08:41
zakiRemonShai, are you from around tangail MATS? 08:42
RemonShaizaki, yea... 7/8 km around (08:43
zakioh.. i have friends there. :) 08:43
RemonShainame please..?08:43
zakiin 3rd year. 08:45
RemonShaimr. zaki ,  where're you from...?   3rd year means?08:46
zakidid you know anyone named রিপন।  08:46
zaki3rd year in tangail mats08:47
zakioky, i'm from chittagong. :)08:47
RemonShaiও, আচ্ছা।  না, চিনি না /08:47
zakishow your friends how easy to use ubuntu. mainly tell them you don't have to use any anti virus. :D 08:48
zakibtw which version of ubuntu you are using now? 08:49
RemonShaiআমার ভার্সিটিতে সব্বাই জানে। লিনাক্স লিনাক্স করে চিল্লাইয়া বন্ধুদের মাথা খারাপ করে দিছি। তবুও কাজ হয় না। সুযোগ পেলেই বলি মাগার কাজ হচ্ছে না তো :(08:50
zakiwhich university? name please08:52
RemonShaiআমার ডিপার্টমেন্টের শিক্ষক থেকে শুরু করে দপ্তরী পর্যন্ত সবাই জানে। আমার শিক্ষকও বলেন, এত ঝামেলার দরকার নাই।08:52
zakiha ha..!08:53
RemonShaigovt. saadat college, karotia, Tangail08:53
zakiis this the 1st college in bangladesh?08:55
RemonShaizaki & Kilos , some of my varsity friend called me #pain_box . only for Linux08:55
zakiestablished in July 1926, nice. 08:56
RemonShaibut I like to hear it more & more08:57
RemonShaizaki, yea08:58
zakiRemonShai, are you a member of ubuntu bangladesh facebook group? you can find more ubuntu user from there. and can convince them to help you.08:59
RemonShaizaki, division ranking 4 or 508:59
zakisorry, you can find more user arround you, in tangail.*09:00
zakiits easy to work in group. :) 09:01
RemonShaiI'm in.... but around 7/8 km from me, there no ununtu user (my view)09:01
zakiRemonShai, https://remonshai.wordpress.com/ is this your personal blog? 09:03
zakinice. :)09:03
RemonShaiyeh....  but not write about Linux :(09:04
zakiKilos, you can take a look here. https://remonshai.wordpress.com/09:04
RemonShaiu can find me on Twitter, Facebook, G+, telegram, github >>>> @remonshai09:06
zakiyes, i already tracked down you in facebook. :p09:07
zakithats ok, some day you will write about linux/ubuntu. :) :D 09:07
RemonShaiin a very very little as you know. cause I know very little....09:10
zakiha ha.. :D 09:10
zakisend you a friend request in facebook. 09:11
zakiKilos, are you there? 09:11
Kilosjust got back09:11
Kilosgimme a sec09:11
zakihad launch?09:12
Kilosno working outside as well09:12
zakibusy? hah? 09:13
RemonShaizaki,→ Kilos my old bro. only play on IRC.09:14
zakioky, you know what? my karma point is 261 today.! :P09:14
Kilosi have blogs as well09:15
Kilosthats good zaki 09:15
RemonShaioh my friend... ohh no no..., my old friend...!!!09:15
zakiha ha... 09:15
Kilosoh zaki found my old blog09:15
zakiKilos, :)09:15
zakiwhere? 09:16
Kilosdid you see the new one zaki 09:16
zakinice one.09:16
Kilosoh i thopught you did find it09:16
Kilosonly half is there still, i deleted lots09:17
zakii did see both of your blog.09:17
Kilosoh yes09:17
zakinot this one. :( 09:17
zakioky , i have a virus. :D09:18
zakinice. (y)09:22
zakimissing pavlushka. 09:23
zakiQA, where is pavlushka?09:23
QAzaki: Not a clue, sorry09:23
KilosQA seen pav09:23
QAKilos: I don't know who pav is09:23
KilosQA seen pavlushka09:23
QAKilos: pavlushka was last seen 15 hours, 6 minutes and 51 seconds ago in #ubuntu-bd on freenode [2016-07-21 18:17:00 UTC], and has been offline on freenode since 2016-07-21 18:55:46 UTC09:23
zaki15 hours! oky.09:24
RemonShaizaki, only 15 hour.. so, we say he( pavlushka) not die....  hahahahahaha09:26
zakiRemonShai, which version of ubuntu you are using now?09:29
RemonShaizaki, 16.0409:29
zakioh. canonical released it latest version last night.
zakidid you updated? 09:30
RemonShaizaki, no... my net package is limited. :(09:32
Kilosits only being enabled next week09:32
zakioh. 09:32
Kilosstill some bugs being sorted09:32
zakihmm. 09:32
RemonShaiafter buying net package, I'll update...09:32
zakiKilos, may be i will set up kubuntu this wk. :P09:33
zakiwatching reviews in youtube. 09:33
RemonShaievery time they update fast.... I see09:34
zakiRemonShai, is this nick registered?  09:37
RemonShaizaki yea..09:40
zakinice. :)09:40
zakiwb Tuhin :) 09:52
Kiloshi Tuhin 09:55
Tuhinhow is evthing?09:55
Kilosall ok and you?09:56
zakiKilos, http://linuxday.org/index.php?category=201609:59
Kilosthats good10:00
Kilosi wish toshahed would come back here as well10:00
zakiQA, coffee on10:13
* QA starts grinding coffee10:13
KilosQA coffee please10:14
QAKilos: Sure10:14
zakibrb, tea time. :D 10:15
QACoffee's ready for zaki and Kilos!10:17
KilosQA ty10:18
QAOnly a pleasure Kilos10:18
zakiQA, thank you10:37
QAzaki: my pleasure10:37
zakiha ha.10:38
zakiyou updated it?10:38
Kilosno it has a few answers10:38
Kilosdepends what mood it is in10:38
KilosQA botsnack10:38
zakiha ha. :D 10:38
QAKilos: botsnack is :-) <310:38
zakiKilos, time to go out.11:15
zakitalk to you later. 11:15
Kilosgo well11:15
zakiand pavlushka. 11:15
zakibye. 11:15
zakiKilos, 13:49
Kiloshi zaki 13:49
zakiwaht are you doing? 13:50
Kilosnot much13:50
Kilostrying to give up smoking13:50
Kiloshard work13:50
zakireally hard. :313:51
zakii know that. :|13:51
zakihey open food facts owner invited me to there team at slack.13:52
zakihe already opened a channel there yesterday #bangladesh13:52
Kilosinvite him here as well13:54
Kilosthats how channels grow13:54
zakiyes 13:54
zakislack is like irc. but i asked him to tell me if they have any irc channel here in freenode 13:56
zakioky they don't have any irc channels.14:16
zakionly mailing lists, slack and the wiki14:17
zakithere aim is to create the Wikipedia of Food,products from all countries,with ingredients, calories,so you can scan food products,and get instant information. 14:19
Kiloshmm... rezwan left as well14:20
zakiguest45238 is rezwan?14:39
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Kilospower  gone wbb15:12
AudaciousTUXqa tell pavlushka site abar up hoiche... http://assunnahtrust.com/site/?page_id=770  :D15:18
QAAudaciousTUX: Righto, I'll tell pavlushka on freenode15:18
AudaciousTUXQA tell pavlushka ajke dekhlam http://web.archive.org/ eo post ta ache :D15:24
QAAudaciousTUX: Okay, I'll tell pavlushka on freenode15:24
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pavlushkaSo happy to see you guys!15:45
pavlushkaI was checking the logs all day, :p15:46
Kiloshi pavlushka 15:46
pavlushkawas busy upgrading my four Ubuntu systems15:47
pavlushkaHello Kilos !15:47
pavlushkaHello AudaciousTUX zaki !15:47
pavlushkaand where is Tuhin?15:47
pavlushkaI thought we will get some more visitors coz its weekend here, :(15:48
pavlushkastill hoping, :)15:48
pavlushkaAudaciousTUX: got your message, thanks, :)15:50
zakihi pavlushka :)15:51
zakiglad to have you back. :p15:51
pavlushkazaki: me too, :)16:04
zakii have to cook now. :| 16:25
zakifor diner.16:25
Kilosdont burn the food16:26
zakiha ha.. 16:26
zakioky. bbl16:26
Kilospavlushka help me get researcher back on irc please16:29
pavlushkaKilos: how?16:29
Kilosyou are clever, you tell me how16:29
pavlushkaok, I think you are the clever one here, that idea popped from your head, :)16:30
* Kilos cries16:30
Kilosi dont do whatsapp16:31
pavlushkaKilos: please dont cry, I am doing it, but its you who reminded me. :)16:42
* pavlushka hands a handkerchief to Kilos 16:43
pavlushkaKilos: at this moment I dont have a smart phone, it needs to scan the QR code to start whatsapp in web and if I had a smartphone then I would have already done that by the phone, :|17:10
Kiloshmm... we in the same boat17:10
Kiloswe can ask zmenu in that channel to help again hehe17:11
Kilosi need your support17:11
Kilospavlushka did all your upgrades go smoothly?17:13
pavlushkaKilos: sorry who is zmenu?17:29
Kiloszmeu haha17:29
pavlushkaKilos: I noticed that, the bot even translates, wow17:30
pavlushkabe back within 30 minutes may be, need to switch system, :)17:31
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zakihi pavlushka 18:31
pavlushkaHello zaki :)18:33
pavlushkazaki: anything you need?18:34
Kiloshaha money18:34
Kiloslots and lots of money18:35
zakisetting up my roommate pc ;)18:35
Kiloszaki you whatsapped yesterday?18:35
zakinope, 18:36
Kilosoh my who was it that whatsapped researcher18:36
zakii don't do whatsapp. :p18:36
Kilosi get lost18:36
Kiloshaha like pavlushka and i18:36
Kilosbut we are happier because we have less to worry about18:38
zakimay be. :D 18:39
zakidownloaded kubuntu 16.4.1 for me. and ubuntu 16.4.1 for my friend. 18:39
Kilosi thought they said the .1 will only be ready next week18:40
zakiit's already out18:42
Kilossoon you will rock kde18:52
zakihmm. :D 18:55
Kilosnight guys, see you tomorrow19:18
zakigood night. :)19:24
lubotu2Launchpad bug 1521132 in grub-installer (Ubuntu) "Failed to install Xenial in UEFI mode, failed with "grub-efi-amd64-signed package failed to install into /target/"" [Critical,Confirmed]19:25
zakipavlushka, how to get rid off this bug? do you have any idea?19:29
pavlushkazaki: hold on, looking into it.19:30
pavlushkazaki: it shows that for Ubuntu, the bug has not been fixed yet, noticed?19:36
zakinow i;m doing a boot repair from terminal19:36
pavlushkazaki: the fix is released for Debian but might not work for Ubuntu, :(19:37
zakithe problem is with efi and uefi 19:37
pavlushkazaki: so as they pre-notified in their installation wiki that the user should turn off uefi boot mode to install Ubuntu, you have to follow that I guess, :)19:38
zakitrying again.19:42
zakii will notify you.19:43
zakievery time i try installing ubuntu, there something new happen. :D 19:43
zakiand learn new things. 19:44
zakiseems working now. :)19:54
zakiছুমান্তুর..! :D 19:55
zakipavlushka, successfully booted 16.4.1 :) thank you.19:59
pavlushkahello Tuhin !20:24
Tuhinki khobor20:25
zakigood night all :)21:51

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