dufluMorning hikiko05:09
hikikoMorning duflu :-)05:09
ali1234Mirv: i'm trying to compile the Qt5.6 package from landing ppa 011 for the raspberry pi with videocore eglfs support. i got it all to compile in a ppa but then all the tests fail because the ppa builder does not have videocore graphics hardware. is there some way i can work around this? (like disable the tests)06:04
ali1234here's the log https://launchpadlibrarian.net/274404982/buildlog_ubuntu-xenial-armhf.qtbase-opensource-src_5.6.1+dfsg-3ubuntu1~xenialoverlay1~4ppa1_BUILDING.txt.gz06:05
ali1234and here's the ppa: https://launchpad.net/~a-j-buxton/+archive/ubuntu/qt5-raspi-eglfs06:06
Mirvali1234: edit debian/rules so that override_dh_auto_test: section is empty (that is, an empty line after that and then override_dh_auto_clean: starts already)06:20
pittiGood morning06:22
ali1234Mirv: thanks, i hope it works this time :)06:27
TheMusoHey pitti, andyrock.06:34
robert_ancellLaney, are you adding the origin_hostname support for snap to gnome-software?07:01
Laneyrobert_ancell: not doing anything on gnome-software right now08:03
robert_ancellLaney, ok08:03
Laneyrobert_ancell: I would look at PK 1.0 and slimming down the apt plugin first of all08:03
Laneyunless you or someone else does first08:03
Laneybut not for a week or two08:03
robert_ancellI'm busy on snap / paid support at the moment08:05
pittihey Laney08:10
Laneyhow are you?08:12
pittiLaney: quite fine, thanks! went for a run yesterday evening still, felt much better after that and a shower08:14
Laneydid you have to sit on a train for ages while it was stuck?08:14
pittiLaney: no, just in Cologne, I went to the lounge08:15
pittiI have a frequent traveller card for the Bahn and thus can use them for free08:16
pittiso, more time for hacking :-)08:16
pittiLaney: hmm: [laney] port session-migration: TODO → this is done, isn't it?08:17
pitti(at least in git)08:17
pittior is there something missing for that?08:17
Laneypitti: I didn't upload s-m itself yet08:19
pittiLaney: right, I meant that functinoally it is working in the s-g-s git08:20
Laneyif that's DONE, then DONE08:20
pittiI set it to (in git): INPROGRESS, like the others08:20
Laneyok, thanks08:21
Laneydear libvirt, please enable your units08:22
* Laney screams at its rules file08:23
seb128hey Laney pitti08:24
seb128& robert_ancell08:24
robert_ancellseb128, Guten Morgen08:24
Laneytag seb12808:24
Laneyhappy friday to you08:24
pittibonjour seb128 !08:25
pittihey robert_ancell08:25
* seb128 was out of bread and yogurt so went outside to grab a snack and coffee08:26
seb128robert_ancell, did you investigate g-s/snap/store icon issue?08:26
robert_ancellseb128, no08:26
seb128to figure out if the bug is on the g-s side or the store one08:26
robert_ancellActually, I had a quick look before I left for here. My thought was the store side08:27
robert_ancellOr the snapd side at least08:27
seb128which was my feeling as well08:27
robert_ancellWe pretty much just do whatever snapd tells us08:27
seb128but the store guys dimissed it08:27
seb128e.g bug #158838508:27
ubot5bug 1588385 in Snappy "icon urls no longer listed" [High,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/158838508:27
seb128so if we don't bounce it back their way it's not going to be look at I think08:28
robert_ancellseb128, we talked about making a libsnap-glib lib. I think that will make it much easier to hack up little progs to test these things.08:28
seb128pitti, you reverted the GNOME_SESSION_ID workitem from done to inprogess, was that wanted?08:34
seb128hey Trevinho, how are you?08:51
Trevinhoseb128: hi seb128, allright... Had a free day yesterday, some local sightseeing. There's always things near your place that you don't expect it exists ;-)08:53
pittiseb128: I saw, fixed again, thanks08:54
seb128pitti, yw!08:54
seb128Trevinho, ah, nice, didn't take friday off as well to just do a long and relaxing w.e? ;-)08:55
TrevinhoNaaa... I've to use my holidays for some seaside too :-P08:56
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Laneyall software should be banned from having directories that start with 'de' and sort before 'debian'10:36
* Laney writes to ftpmaster10:36
pittiLaney: like "debconf"? :-)11:07
pittior debhelper11:07
pittiLaney: are you still working on the two gnome-keyring-* jobs?11:13
pittiLaney: I'm currently looking at openssh, and these two jobs need to coordinate (gnome-keyring-ssh must come Before=ssh-agent.service)11:13
pittiso that g-k wins (if enabled)11:14
Laneypitti: No, I finished, and I did that already :-)11:14
* pitti hugs Laney11:14
pittiLaney: you still want to wait with the shutdown patch until upstream reviews it, I take it?11:16
pitti(we have this pkill workaround for now)11:16
Laneypitti: yeah, your hack is okay for the meantime11:16
* Laney is going to switch to working on some of the last 3.20 bits now11:17
pittiLaney: +ExecStartPre=/usr/bin/test -z "${SSH_AUTH_SOCK}"11:17
pittiLaney: this is a bit of a wart, as the unit would fail if this command fails11:18
pittisame for the grep11:18
pittiI think this is better moved into the /bin/sh11:18
pittiLaney: I'll take care of it, so you do the 3.20 bits11:19
Laneypitti: I know, there's isn't a Condition type thing for this11:21
Laneyif it actually matters then of course you can move it11:22
pittisomething like http://paste.ubuntu.com/20440267/, testing now11:24
Laneyrelated to this11:24
LaneyJul 22 12:24:58 yakkety-systemd-session systemd[2493]: [/usr/lib/systemd/user/gpg-agent.service:12] Invalid escape sequences in line, correcting: "/bin/sh -ec '     out=$$(gpgconf --list-options gpg11:25
LaneyJul 22 12:24:58 yakkety-systemd-session systemd[2493]: [/usr/lib/systemd/user/gpg-agent.service:17] Invalid escape sequences in line, correcting: "/bin/sh -ec '     out=$$(gpgconf --list-options gpg11:25
Laneysystemd is complaining about something in these multi line scripts11:25
pittioh thanks, will look11:25
Laneyin addition to them being ugly11:26
pittiprint \$1011:27
pittithis presumably11:27
* pitti grabs some lunch and then does these three11:27
pittihmm -- no pancakes or Broedje Vermeer today, just plain bread *sob*11:28
pittiseb128: ^ can you telegram some?11:28
Laneypitti: is a failed unit a problem other than cosmetic?11:28
pittiLaney: mostly cosmetic, unless some other unit Requires= it11:37
LaneyI liked having a way to specify preconditions11:38
seb128pitti, need to invent pancake-over-ip11:38
pitti           ├─gnome-keyring-ssh.service11:38
pitti           │ └─2364 /usr/bin/gnome-keyring-daemon --start --components ssh11:38
pittihmm, this isn't the intended daemon11:38
pittiJul 22 13:37:54 pid1 gnome-keyring-daemon[2112]: ** Message: couldn't access control socket: /run/user/1000/keyring/control: No such file or directory11:39
pittisame as with the upstart unit, this smells fishy; anyway, post-lunch problem11:39
Laneythat's supposed to be made by the pam thing11:39
ksamakhi all12:19
ksamakanyone knows what could interfere with the background transparency of the popup from switcher module?12:21
ksamakin one case "custom build" i have access to the 'background color' option, in a .deb package from same project i don't12:21
ksamaki mean, i have access to it but it doesn't change anything12:22
seb128ksamak, what switcher?  the compiz/unity alt-tab? Trevinho andyrock hikiko might be able to help you with that12:37
sverdyhikiko, hi. lool installed -proposed in a VM to test the low-gfx mode and his unity desktop doesn't work anymore. The launcher doesn't appear, the only thing that displays is the screen background. Any idea what might have happened? And how can he get back to a working desktop? unity --reset doesn't help...12:43
loolhikiko: it's likely that the breakage is unrelated but rather a set of settings that my system can't recover from because of hard crashes after trying the proposed stuff12:44
andyrockseb128: nautilus-desktop-canvas-view.c is not in trunk neither in a deb patch13:02
andyrockwhere do we take if from? :)13:03
andyrockseb128: i've a fix for this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/156437513:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1564375 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "Unity should take display scaling into account to avoid placement of desktop icons under launcher" [Medium,In progress]13:05
andyrockbut I'm not sure where to send it13:05
andyrocki mean would be nice to modify directly the patch that re-introduce that file13:06
andyrockseb128: ah found it13:08
andyrockin trunk is under nautilus-desktop13:08
seb128right, they moved the desktop rendering to another component13:09
seb128sverdy, those macos users ...13:09
seb128it's likely that the opengl plugin or something got unloaded, those situations are annoying13:09
seb128it took me 15 min last time to reset the right configs, ended up start ccsm from a vt with the correct display and dbus env to re-enable things13:10
loolseb128: tsss13:10
andyrockseb128: ok i think we need two different patches for y and x (if you want that patch to be SRUed)13:10
seb128andyrock, do you know what's the proper way to reset the compiz config nowadays?13:10
loolseb128: so actually sverdy made me turn off opengl acceleration exactly for this purpose, but I think it broke the overall setup13:10
andyrockseb128: nope13:11
andyrockit's not that doable13:11
andyrockbecause the way we do profiles13:11
seb128lool, yeah, the annoying part is that when the opengl plugin fails to load it desactivate itself from the config and next start have it and things that depends on it like unity desactivated13:12
andyrockmmm why it fails to load?13:12
seb128I think I ended up getting the DBUS_SESSION_BUS from gnome-session and set that to a vt and DISPLAY=:0 ccsm13:12
loolseb128: so I turned accel back on and everything work13:12
andyrocki've a branch to force unity loading13:12
loolseb128: but the whole point of sverdy was to make me test this config13:13
loolnot sure how relevant it is though13:13
seb128well dunno what you changed exactly13:13
seb128but I guess disactivating opengl != using software rendering13:13
seb128the new version is updated for software rendering13:14
loolseb128: sverdy asked me to turn off opengl accel, install proposed, and then everything stopped working13:14
andyrockunity fails to load without opengl plugin13:14
seb128try under kvm or such13:14
loolI turned opengl accel on again and everything works13:14
loolI think he wanted to show me slow rendering got faster13:14
loolunaccelerated rendering I guess13:14
seb128right, kvm an iso13:14
andyrockbtw my week is over13:14
andyrockhappy we13:15
seb128andyrock, have a good w.e!13:15
hikikosorry I didn't see the highlight13:34
hikikolool, still here?13:34
hikikothere was a problem in a past daily build13:34
hikikobecause some files weren't packed13:34
hikikobut that is fixed now13:34
hikikoit might be that if you use an outdated mirror13:35
hikikoif the crash is because of that, next release will fix the problem13:35
seb128ok, I'm dropping offline for a while, tennis and then travelling (going to north of France for the w.e), I might be offline a bit during the trip otherwise I do catchup once arrived before calling it a week14:00
seb128have a nice w.e for those I don't see again today14:00
Laneyhf seb128!14:03
seb128thanks, you too, have a nice w.e!14:04
* Laney is preparing to break the world on monday14:05
pittiLaney: hm, did the gnome ssh agent actually work for you? I did a couple of fixes and now SSH_AUTH_SOCK is correctly exported; but "ssh" still asks me for the key pwd on the CLI, not with a graphical dialog14:07
pittiI wonder if these env vars you dropped are still required after all14:07
pittisame with upstart14:08
pittihm, no, it doesn't export them any more, so nothing to eval14:11
Laneypitti: http://people.canonical.com/~laney/weird-things/ssh.png14:13
pittiyeah, that's what I would expect14:14
Laneyso it works14:14
pittistrace shows that ssh is talking to the daemon14:14
pittibut it doesn't even work in plain yakkety in my VM, so maybe I'm just missing some package there14:34
pitti(wouldn't know what though -- fairly standard desktop install)14:34
Laneywhat is $SSH_AUTH_SOCK?14:34
pitti/run/user/1000/keyring/ssh, as expected14:34
pittisame as on my laptop14:35
Laneydon't know then14:35
pittiand keyring-daemonm does wake up when I ssh14:35
pittiright, nevermind14:35
pittiI got the ssh-agent working, and g-k-r gets priority when it is enabled14:35
Laneyseahorse shows it unlocked?14:35
pittiLaney: no entries in "secure shell"14:36
pittiwhile I do have them on my laptop14:36
pittibut I'd think it would ask me anyway and auto-import it the first time14:36
pittiooh - I created an ECC key, maybe keyring chokes on those14:37
Laneyit did that for me14:37
LaneyI just did ssh-keygen, so whatever the default is14:37
pittiRSA works fine indeed14:39
ubot5Gnome bug 641082 in ssh-agent "Can't handle ECDSA keys" [Enhancement,New]14:39
xnoxLaney, thank you14:39
xnoxi also hate gtk theming now.14:39
pittiLaney: mystery solved, thanks and sorry for bothering14:39
xnoxdid they really change GtkProgressBar to progressbar =) #NotNice14:39
* Laney meows at xnox14:39
Laneywell, now it's documented API14:40
Laneyso "shouldn't" "change"14:40
czajkowskifolks in case you missed it, call for lighting talks at FOSDEM has opened.14:41
xnoxpitti, seb -> should i be at all be looking into android-property-bridge upstart event emitter at all to become systemd-ish?14:44
xnoxor snap-based touch will not use that at all?14:44
pittixnox: I figure we'll need a non-upstart mechanism for this either way14:44
xnoxpitti, the idea i had was to generate a template unit, and then have small daemon sitting on the system side that will toggle things on & off.14:45
xnoxand then other units could bindsto android-property-bridge@key-val or some such14:46
pittixnox: right, I faintly remember; that sounds good14:46
* xnox ponders if i should just emit things over dbus14:46
pittixnox: I figure the upstart bridge is more or less that, right? (a daemon which listens to changes and translates them to upstart events)14:46
xnoxwhat i did is tweak the bridge code slightly to work with pid1 as systemd =)14:47
xnoxi should have stub code somewhere around with it.14:47
xnoxhowever, i had no device to test that on =/14:48
xnoxdoes goldfish work at all?14:48
xnoxpitti, do you have a systemd booting phone around? i though you did have that at one point....14:48
xnox(pid1 systemd, with session under upstart)14:48
pittiI heared the ubuntu-emulator doesn't any more (but I haven't tested myself recently)14:48
pittixnox: I did, but we dropped support for dual-boot, so no ubuntu phone any more14:48
pittixnox: but I uploaded all my changes to ubuntu proper, so any ubuntu phone ought to reasonably start with systemd (unless they made dramatic changes to the upstart jobs)14:49
xnoxpitti, maybe sil2100 can bring a phone or two to the december cdo-core sprint =)14:49
xnoxpitti, ack.14:49
pittiyes, that would be useful14:49
sil2100I can bring two, but one is my main phone so only one would be for fun and play15:01
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Laneyjust what is this unity-greeter problem15:43
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Laneyi'll look more on monday17:01
ali1234Mirv: i got the package to compile but it doesn't work :(19:15
ali1234i had to remove an installation rule about /xcb/*/glintegrations because those didn't get built19:16
ali1234i think maybe i need to add a different gl integration or something19:16

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