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pittiGood morning06:19
tsimonq2o/ pitti, how are you? :)06:44
pittitsimonq2: quite well, thanks! back home now. how about yourself?06:46
tsimonq2great :)06:46
mwhudsonis there a way of producing the changelog merge-o-matic produces locally?07:36
mwhudsonah maybe ~rbasak/ubuntu-git-tools/git-reconstruct-changelog07:41
mwhudsonno, more git-reconstruct-changelog07:43
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rbasakmwhudson: also git-merge-changelogs? That's probably the trickier bit.08:04
jamespagedoko, hey - my recent uploads for ryu address your original MIR review points for bug 150095008:26
ubottubug 1500950 in ryu (Ubuntu) "[MIR] ryu" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/150095008:26
jamespageit would be nice to get that worked through if possible to unblock neutron from proposed migration08:26
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pittidoko: is the python3-defaults in https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+queue?queue_state=1 still actually relevant? bug 1348954 does not have a trusty task for it nor a description of the changes, and the changelog doesn't say either09:25
ubottubug 1348954 in python3-defaults (Ubuntu) "update Python3 for trusty" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134895409:25
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xnoxon a side note - i really hate libvirt & qemu source code12:55
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jtaylorspeaking of it in 14.04->16.04 apparmor prevents libvirt from starting, missing capability net_bind_service14:47
xnoxsarnold, ^14:54
semiosisOdd_Bloke: hey i was real busy with $dayjob yesterday and didnt have a chance to reply.  i'm really excited to see the merge accepted.  let me know what the next steps are if I need to do anything for the xenial SRU.  thanks!!!15:21
Odd_Blokesemiosis: So if you'd like to, I was hoping I could convince you to prepare the SRU patch. :)15:21
Odd_Blokesemiosis: (I have a sprint week of meetings next week, so will be unlikely to get to it any time soon)15:22
* semiosis arm doesnt take much twisting15:23
semiosisi'll do it!  is there a doc I can read about the process?  any tips?15:23
Odd_Blokesemiosis: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates is the documentation.15:24
Odd_BlokeYou'll need to get someone to target https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-images/+bug/1565985 to xenial (I don't have the powers, unfortunately).15:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1565985 in cloud-images "vagrant vb ubuntu/xenial64 cannot mount synced folders" [Undecided,In progress]15:24
semiosisOdd_Bloke: thanks I'll read the docs.  how much longer will you be around today in case I have questions?15:29
Odd_Blokesemiosis: Around 90 minutes, though I'll probably see pings in IRC after that. :)15:31
lfaraoneI'm intending to make update-initramfs reference https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/RemoveOldKernels if the disk is full -- should I link to it directly (moved out of Lubuntu) or reference some other URL redirector?15:48
lfaraoneI'm intending to make update-initramfs reference https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/RemoveOldKernels if the disk is full -- should I link to it directly (moved out of Lubuntu) or reference some other URL redirector?15:48
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sarnoldjtaylor: that seems surprising, I've used libvirt remotely on 16.04 LTS without having to do anything.. got a bug number?17:30
jtaylorsarnold: do you have that cap in your apparmor file?18:01
sarnoldjtaylor: no, there's no net_bind_service. Now I'm insanely curious..18:06
jtaylorsarnold: and its in enforce?18:09
sarnoldjtaylor: yeah, and I can't spot any DENIED entries in my logs18:11
jtaylorsarnold: I'll try my desktop18:12
jtaylorhm I got a different apparmor profile18:15
jtayloroh no it was just reorded by aa-logprof18:17
jtaylorand it works which is weird18:17
jtaylormaybe an upgrade from 14.04 leaves some configuration file which triggers some other behavior?18:17
sarnoldit could be you've got a different libvirt config, I'm surely not a power user..18:23
jtaylorme neither, i'll file a bug with the logs18:34
jtaylorsarnold: bug 1605727, ubuntu-bug was run on my desktop so its not the same as the affected machine18:43
ubottubug 1605727 in libvirt (Ubuntu) "libvirt-bin start prevented by apparmor" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/160572718:43
sarnoldjtaylor: do you have "network netlink," in your profile?18:45
jtaylorsarnold: the apparmor profile?18:46
jtayloryes its in there18:47
sarnoldah, good. hmm.18:49
naccAkuli: how did you decided on 50?18:55
naccAkuli: are you 100% sure there are no commands that are 50 characters?18:56
tewardnacc: I think we need to clarify "command" here18:56
Akulijust a random number18:56
naccAkuli: that's probably not a suitable fix then :)18:56
naccteward: it's whatever is passed to "command-not-found" afaict18:56
tewardnacc: "If I enter an invalid command that is a few thousand characters long"  <-- what's the likelihood of this?18:56
Akulibut that part is easy to change, preferably it should be in a setting file18:56
Akuliwell if someone else like me feels like hey i have boring lets try that :)18:57
tewardnacc: right, but what's the likelihood of something thousands of characters long really being paseed through to the command-not-found?18:57
dobeyteward: cats do it all the time18:57
Akulitoday i froze my system twice with that so18:57
Akulithere you go18:57
tewarddobey: cats. :P18:57
naccteward: it's any arbitrary string you type at the terminal, i think (by default)18:57
tewardAkuli: not my point18:57
naccteward: i'm *guessing* it's a page overflow18:57
dobeyAkuli: why were you trying to type an arbitrary string that's so long into the terminal?18:57
naccor some other buffer overflow18:58
tewardnacc: right, but what's the practical likelihood that someone's going to have to type in 2000+ characters18:58
Akulii have no idea :)18:58
Akulii don't think its a buffer overflow18:58
naccteward: practically, no, but it shouldn't crash the system if you do, right?18:58
Akulii mean. its python18:58
naccthen why is it crashing your system?18:58
Akulibecause there's no check for the length18:58
naccyou mean it OOMs your system?18:58
dobeyits' not crashing the system18:58
* teward grabs a lorem ipsum string 3000 long18:58
Akulihas spaces18:59
dobeyit's making the system unusable18:59
Akuliwon't do18:59
Akulidobey, indeed unusable18:59
naccdobey: ah, ok18:59
Akuli5 minutes of fighting with running out of ram18:59
sarnoldfour seconds of looking four the executable /usr/src/linux-headers-4.4.0-21/tools/testing/selftests/rcutorture/bin/kvm-recheck-rcu.sh18:59
dobeywell really, it should have a length equivalent to that of the filename length restriction18:59
naccsarnold: :)19:00
tewardE: Cannot Reproduce @ 1000, 2000.19:00
Akulii have no idea what that is, people who know that better than i do can change that19:00
naccdobey: ack, that seems most appropriate for a true fix19:00
dobeyteward: you have too much RAM19:00
dobeyteward: cat /dev/urandom | command-not-found19:00
Akulii think their command searching function should be O(1) anyway19:01
sarnold*snort*  /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ubuntu-system-settings/private/Ubuntu/SystemSettings/SecurityPrivacy/UbuntuSecurityPrivacyHelper19:01
Akulinot O(n) like it seems to be19:01
naccdobey: is that 255 characters still? or is that the best common default (iirc, it's fs-specific)19:01
tewarddobey: i'm doing this in a 512 RAM VM?19:01
tewardat 6500+ and not able to reproduce19:01
tewardwith that low resources it should die off19:02
Akuliit needs to be command19:02
Akulinot arguments19:02
dobeynacc: 255 sounds good to me19:03
tewardit took 35 seconds for my 8GB system to run, and only took 400MB19:03
dobeyAkuli: i think that's well understood :)19:04
tewarddobey: 255 sounds good to me too, because what sane command would be more than 255 characters long19:04
tewardexcluding malware executable strings19:04
dobeyteward: nothing sane is even that long19:04
Akuliwhat sane program name would be more than 255 characters long19:04
tewardAkuli: none.19:04
tewarddobey: then could we not use even less than 255?>19:05
dobeyones in german might have a "name" that long, but the exectuable command shouldn't be :)19:05
tewardI really think this is a 'corner case'19:05
dobeyteward: very certainly a corner case19:05
naccit's a usability issue, arguably19:05
dobeyteward: well i think the limit should match what is allowed by dpkg19:05
Akulinacc, you have a syntax error in your code19:06
naccAkuli: bah19:06
Akuliunbalanced parenthesis19:06
tewarddobey: what's the upper limit there then?19:06
naccAkuli: --^19:06
tewardbah almost out of power >.<19:06
teward(on my laptop)19:06
dobeyteward: i'm not entirely sure. it would be whatever the tar format limit is, for the tar format version being used19:06
nacci dont' think it's accurate to print 'command not found' as it wasn't searched for19:06
dobeywhich i /think/ is 25519:06
nacci mean, 255 is a sane limit; there might be more optimal choices19:07
Akulinacc, it was19:07
Akulibash searches the command before command-not-found runs19:08
sarnoldsomeone should hunt around java applications that install things into /opt. if anyone's going to have ultra-long command names that seems like the group that would do it :)19:08
Akuliwithout command-not-found it would print 'command not found' no matter what19:08
dobeywell it wasn't found and it's not going to be searched for in the package archives, either19:08
dobeysarnold: but they have to all get wrapped in a shell script with a shorter name, becuase it's the arguments to java that are long, there19:09
Akulii tried that in a virtual machine, and it started attempting to kill command-not-found19:10
Akulibut the vm is frozen anyway19:11
Akulireading the code more, the fix is actually pretty awful19:17
Akuliit ignores options.ignore_installed19:17
dobeythat's a bit rude19:18
dobeyno, i mean your statement is19:18
Akulii meant, it doesnt do anything with options.no_failure_message19:19
Akulisorry i was confusing two things19:19
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dobeyi meant, you called nacc's work "actually pretty awful" when the time was taken to help create a patch for your problem, which was only reported today, and is really an extreme corner case, while you refuse to "download the source for a 3 line change" to make a patch19:23
dobeyie, it's rude :)19:23
Akulii made the original implementation19:24
Akulinacc just changed one number19:24
Akulioh wait..19:24
Akulihe changed much more than i thought he did19:25
Akulithat looks great to me19:25
emanuel7how is php 7.1 plans ?19:34
emanuel7need an rebuild everiting ?19:35
emanuel7another transition, and bug everyone againg for ftbfs ?19:38
emanuel7ups, I mean again19:39
naccemanuel7: there aren't any php7.1 plans right now?20:33
naccemanuel7: i don't think it's packaged in debian or ubuntu yet20:34
emanuel7thanks for rapid feedbak, @nacc20:37
naccemanuel7: np, i think php7.1 is still in beta anyways20:39
naccemanuel7: let me see if debian has anything cooking20:39
naccemanuel7: with the understanding that if it exists anywhere, it would be 16.10+, probably 17.0420:39
emanuel7you are the packager ? also in debinan ?20:39
naccemanuel7: i did the php7 transition (with help) in ubuntu20:41
naccemanuel7: and work with the debian maintainers a bit20:41
naccemanuel7: https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-php/php.git/log/?h=master-7.1 looks like they have some stuff in git, but not yet packaged/published20:41
emanuel7it will help to pan early...20:43
naccemanuel7: what version of ubuntu are you referring to?20:43
emanuel7of course the latest one20:44
naccemanuel7: 16.04 will never have php7.120:44
naccemanuel7: unless you mean 16.10?20:44
naccemanuel7: that's why i asked.20:44
emanuel7I mean the developing one 16.10, and of course debian unstable20:46
emanuel7or testing20:48
emanuel7look at golang20:48
naccemanuel7: debian unstable has no php7.1 either20:49
emanuel7they get testing20:49
emanuel7at beta now20:49
naccemanuel7: i'm not sure what you're saying20:50
naccemanuel7: there is no packaged php7.1 in debian or ubuntu20:50
emanuel7ok golang is not the latest version20:53
emanuel7now is rc320:53
naccemanuel7: i thought you were asking about php?20:53
emanuel7the same about php20:54
naccsame what?20:54
emanuel7why not testing the latest version ?20:54
nacc!latest | emanuel720:54
ubottuemanuel7: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.20:54
emanuel7there are fixes for bugs, not changes in language20:56
emanuel7and that is all I will say about20:56
naccemanuel7: you are saying random statements, I'm having trouble following.20:57
emanuel7@nacc usually the newer version is better, fixes bugs, etc.21:03
udevbotError: "nacc" is not a valid command.21:03
naccemanuel7: php7.1 is not bc with php7.0 necessarily, they add features, etc. It's not just bugfixes, if you simply glance at the NEWS file upstream.21:07
naccemanuel7: and, again, php7.1 is not yet published in debian, so we don't have it in ubuntu21:07
emanuel7that is why I made an parallel to an other language like golang.21:08
naccand just like php5, php7.0 will presumably continue to get bugfixes21:09
dobeyand you're free to build newer versions in a PPA to test if you need to21:10
naccdobey: +1, good point21:10
dobeyor get involved with the packagers of php in debian if you want more testing of it in unstable.21:11
dobeybut you need to go to the debian channel for that, not here :)21:11
emanuel7what I want to say is deep respect to people doing the transitions, tons of work going unnoticed21:17
naccemanuel7: ^5, it's a pain :)21:19
naccemanuel7: i wills ay, i don't think php7.1 will be the same21:19
naccemanuel7: what will probably ahppen is php7.1 will be an alternative in the metapackages (e.g. php) and it will "just work"21:20
naccthat's an eventuality, though21:20
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semiosisOdd_Bloke: the SRU -- https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/livecd-rootfs/+bug/160579523:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1605795 in livecd-rootfs (Ubuntu) "[SRU] livecd-rootfs ubuntu-cpc vagrant image builder" [Undecided,New]23:20
Unit193flexiondotorg, infinity: Know what's up with the whole -core thing?  Not heard anything about it for a while is everything still pending on the reviewers?23:22
infinityUnit193: Yeah, I need to revisit it.  Especially since flexiondotorg bought me beer.23:29
Unit193Hah!  What type?23:29
infinityUnit193: Whatever random hefeweizen the hotel bar had on tap. :P23:30
Unit193infinity: FWIW, core is pretty popular with our users, got an email about a point release too. :P23:30
infinitys/core/base/ ;)23:31
infinityAnd noted.23:31
infinityHopefully I can find some down time when I get home.23:31
Unit193Right now it's pretty well known as 'Core', though it seems it'll get renamed soon™  Thanks, hope you do get time.23:32

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