memguydoes anybody know what the difference between /dev/dri/card0 and /dev/fb0 i have used the framebuffer before but i never used the /dev/dri/card0 before from the looks of it they both uses the same LKM i91500:13
memguyto drive it00:13
naccmemguy: well, i mean one is a framebuffer and one is a direct rendering interface (different semantics)00:29
memguyyeah but i am wondering what one does over the other or are they the equivalent of  just create a different name for the same major and minor number... i was wondering the difference in operations or features00:31
naccmemguy: welll, they are different major and minor numbers?00:31
naccmemguy: did you mean to ask in #ubuntu, btw; it's really a better question for ##linux00:31
memguyso i would imagine different internal functions are called that have different code00:31
memguyDo you know of any sample code that uses dri/card0 device  with its ioctls00:32
daftykinssounds like an ace question for #linux00:34
memguycurious is there a package to apt-get for make for the bsd makefiles not gnu make?04:59
daftykinswhy not search and see?04:59
daftykinsalso that's a support question, which as per topic is not really on here05:00
lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:32
daftykinshello stranger :)05:33
Bashing-omNo longer holding my attention - slow - .. going horizontal for the duration . later .05:33
lotuspsychjehey daftykins05:45
lotuspsychjeall ok with you?05:45
daftykinsyeah not bad cheers :) getting by as always05:46
daftykinsstill on the fast track to becoming a top chef? :)05:46
lotuspsychjeim very needed in the kitchen05:47
lotuspsychjea few of co-workers already quitting05:47
lotuspsychjebut in september i need less hours, so i can focus in my business aswell05:48
daftykinsah har, september is go time05:51
lotuspsychjei hope05:52
daftykinslotuspsychje: would you mind typing out your address to me in PM again, just having trouble reading it from the envelope and still want to gift you some fudge :>05:54
lotuspsychjeoh sure05:54
lotuspsychjedaftykins: did you have uncle jobs again recently?05:55
daftykinsnah nothing since i found out his 20/1 ADSL2 wasn't fast enough to host OpenVPN05:56
daftykinsi got given a few old PCs to fix up though, got the best ones on a local trade site for sale now05:56
daftykinsi'll PM you the link for a glance ;)05:56
lotuspsychjelookin good!05:57
daftykinsno contacts yet sadly05:59
daftykinsmight have to drop the prices :> they are quite old05:59
lotuspsychjemy website is getting there slowly05:59
lotuspsychjemy admin has alot of work05:59
lotuspsychjedefault skin to work with06:01
daftykinsooh neat :>06:02
daftykinsa wild EriC^^ ! hey sir \o06:02
EriC^^hey daftykins :D06:02
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^06:03
lotuspsychjehave to go breakfast and work guys06:05
lotuspsychjelater ; )06:06
ducassemorning, all!06:26
ducasse\o daftykins, still here?06:28
daftykinsyep didn't even sleep XD06:28
daftykinsgetting in a shower now06:28
ducassei had to get some sleep, hope my friend who didn't want a wm is gone :)06:28
daftykinsi wish you luck!06:37
ducassedaftykins: dear god, he's back.07:38
daftykinsfor yours and the channels benefit, ignore :)07:45
ducassei'm doing just that - i can hardly understand him anyway. "Nested Xserver its how?"07:46
daftykinsoh dear that sounds like translator assistance for sure07:48
ducassei don't think so, his sentences are rarely longer than four or five words.07:51
ducassehe's obviously been given some sort of task at work, and is now trying to get someone one irc to hand-hold him through the entire process. every time a problem is fixed he jumps straight to the next one, he doesn't even try himself.07:55
ducasses/one irc/on irc/07:55
daftykinsi helped someone like that once and only found out at the end, i felt bad08:01
ducassepeople like that can d**n well put in a little effort themselves.08:04
DJonesJust as a heads up, if people ask about why they don't get 16.04.1 offered as an upgrade yet, although the iso's & files are there, apparently the release doesn't get added to http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release for about another week until they're sure that no upgrade bugs show up09:25
ducasseah, good to know - thanks.09:33
daftykinsmmm the factoid potential is strong with this one09:36
BluesKajHiyas all10:17
ducassemorning BluesKaj10:23
BluesKajHi ducasse10:24
BluesKajso what's happening today ?10:25
ducasselots of people wanting to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 being disappointed :)10:27
daftykinsi'm starting to develop a feeling that skipping every other LTS release can work10:28
daftykinsi did 10.04 -> 14.04 - maybe i'll leave 16.04 too and just await 18.04 for my servers :)10:28
daftykinsnaturally i don't mean upgrades there, but clean install migrations10:29
* ducasse likes xenial - especially zfs10:32
daftykinsstill rocking hardware RAID here, but it can't address newer than 4TB disks i think so maybe there's a ZFS setup in my future10:35
ducassezfs <310:35
ducassesoooo nice :)10:35
daftykinsfolks would often say run mdadm, but the thing is, when the drama times come... when you're really in a pickle... do you want to be staring at logs and making sense of things, or do you want a lovely hardware controller holding your hand? i know what i preferred, but the time may come to venture out10:36
daftykinscan't say i understand the benefits to all that snapshotting business, it seems like a box of magic to me at the moment :D10:37
ducasseit kind of _is_ magic - that's the beautiful thing :)10:38
daftykinsright, i must visit someone and press a couple of power buttons10:39
daftykinsit's tough work, but someone's got to do it!10:39
daftykinscatch you later \o10:39
ducassehope you get paid ;)10:39
daftykinsoh i do!10:39
naccwhy are people installing 15.10 now all of a sudden?...16:16
OerHeksnacc, that, i wondered since 15.04 went EOL, upgrding from 14.04 brings 15.10 ...16:35
OerHeksxangua too, he noticed it first16:36
naccOerHeks: ah could be as 16.04.1 may not be rolled out yet16:41
OerHeksfor some mirrors i guess16:41
OerHeksbut users do funny things, because 'someone told them to'16:42
nicomachusI apparently have it here, don't know when that upgrade happened though.16:42
nicomachusI was on 16.04 yesterday. ran update and upgrade this morning but not dist-upgrade, and not I'm on 16.04.116:43
naccnicomachus: yeah, the in-band update is normal16:43
naccnicomachus: and that's just an lsb_release update, iirc16:43
daftykinsooooh man those buttons got pushed.17:01
daftykinsducasse: don't worry, everything is safe now17:02
daftykinsthe things are on.17:02
ducassepush all the buttons! yay! ;)17:03
daftykinshey there's a song for that (not necessarily to my taste)17:03
Bashing-omDo not worry about the horses, just load the wagon .17:03
ducassedaftykins: have you ever heard of andrej nebb?17:03
daftykinsducasse: no sir17:03
ducassedaftykins: he dropped a piano from 30m in oslo, because "he wanted to hear all the notes at once"17:04
daftykinsah har17:04
ducassea proper artist, imo :)17:04
daftykinsare you getting similar users in #ubuntu today?17:04
ducasseno, it's too hot for me to worry about them. i just drink tea and go somewhere else for a while :)17:05
ducassei'm prepping my zfs server for the upgrade to 16.04, i'm _really_ nervous about it not handling it well.17:07
daftykinsnow that is a skill i could never develop17:07
daftykinssudo walk-away17:07
ducassesome of them you can spot from a mile off.17:08
daftykinshehe, could you take a clonezilla image so you can revert in case bad things happen?17:08
ducassei'm basically doing a reinstall, the root disks smart status isn't entirely kosher.17:08
ducasseit also doubles as mail server, so i'm kind of dependent on it not being down for long.17:10
daftykinsyay google apps :>17:10
ducassei'm too paranoid :)17:10
ducassenot really, i just like having the control over things i depend on.17:11
* tsimonq2 hides17:12
daftykinsthat's fair enough17:24
ducassedaftykins: big job today, or just power-cycling? :)17:29
Bashing-omI am going to powr cycle - finish my nap - be back here soon as the nap is completed :)17:31
daftykinshehe, well it's a wealthy guy so i go up there for small things and often find other things, the first was powering up two NASs, then a 14.04 file server didn't come back after reboot - very curious problem17:31
daftykinsBashing-om: :D enjoy17:32
daftykinsit has its' network interface up and configured with a static IP, everything - it just won't send or receive packets17:32
daftykinsthis server used to have the very same identical motherboard, but with one little issue... no OS could read the MAC address for its' onboard LAN adapter, so they would randomise one on boot17:35
daftykinsi might have hardcoded it at some point to stop making the router think infinite devices kept being registered :D not sure, haven't dug into it yet as i just jab ctrl+alt+del and it comes back17:36
ducassei certainly would have hardcoded it in that situation, seems like a reasonable thing to do. the poor router might become terribly confused otherwise :)17:41
nicomachusDell has some pretty good laptop deals right now: http://www.dell.com/us/business/p/precision-m7710-workstation/pd17:43
nicomachussavings up to $350k!17:43
ducassehehe - nice laptop, but probably not worth 652k dollars :)17:46
daftykinsducasse: :D i could even read the real one from inside the BIOS o0 very strange situation17:52
ducassedaftykins: "firmwares do the darndest things"? :)17:57
=== pavlushka is now known as Guest29396
daftykinsyep! annoyingly it was on the latest and last released version too, so i couldn't even update and hope18:03
ducassethat _is_ annoying. manufacturers should be forced to provide updates for the lifetime of a device...18:04
daftykinsit's all good though, we're talking LGA775 there, we had an identical board in the secretary's system until i upgraded that to a haswell i3, so when the board died for good i just did a direct swap18:05
ducasseah, if they're that old it's understandable :)18:07
=== Guest29396 is now known as pavlushka
daftykinsit actually died when i went to change the CMOS battery, no joke18:11
daftykinspopped it out, put the new one in... never POST'd again18:11
ducassesensitive board :)18:11
nacctgm4883: quick puppet question: what's the syntax, if there is one, for me to query what puppet thinks the current 'service' provider is?18:43
* daftykins always pictures punch and judy18:43
naccdaftykins: :)18:44
tgm4883nacc: does factor provide that?18:44
nacctgm4883: Facter you mean?18:44
OerHeksdaftykins a Marillion fan?18:44
nacctgm4883: well, I don't know for sure, due to my lack of ruby/puppet knowledge. There are muliple service providers in lib/puppet/provider/ ... I can run with --debug --verbose and see it trying to see which satisfy if I tell it, e.g. `puppet apply "service { 'tftpd-hpa': ensure => stopped }"`. But really, I'm just trying to verify what puppet thinks provides "service" itself18:45
tgm4883doesn't appear to be in facter18:46
daftykinsOerHeks: *google* the band? not familiar with them!18:46
tgm4883nacc: IDK, might try asking in #puppet18:47
nacctgm4883: ok, thanks!18:47
OerHeksOn their album i first heard of Punch & Judy, not knowing it was the eq. of the dutch Jan-Klaassen & Katrijn18:47
tgm4883nacc: it's possibly hard coded somewhere for the defaults bases on OS18:48
tgm4883nacc: are you trying to do this programatically, or do you just need to know now?18:48
nacctgm4883: yeah, that's what i'm hacking (the puppet internals)18:48
nacctgm4883: basically, there are some defaultfor and confine constraints that i sort of understand; but i'm trying to get systemd to be the default provider on ubuntu if systemd is running; and otherwise if the upstart binaries are presnt, use upstart; otherwise fallback to initscripts18:49
tgm4883hmm ok18:49
tgm4883Alternatively, if you could default to systemd, users could override to upstart if they have that installed18:50
nacctgm4883: true; i wonder if we could just do that (in the ubuntu package)18:50
nacctgm4883: i'm not entirely sure if hte provider logic is used for more than just local detection (again puppet ignrance)18:51
nacctgm4883: that is, do i need to keep the existing satisfy-ing logic internally so it works to e.g., run puppet on 16.04 to manage a 14.04 node18:51
tgm4883nacc: hmm, maybe if it's configurable in puppet.conf, not sure if it is18:51
tgm4883nah, it's all going to be client side18:51
nacctgm4883: ok, so when you use puppet to run something remotely, it uses a `puppet` run on that victim?18:52
tgm4883I would bet that the client is going to decide what it's default provider is18:52
tgm4883puppet doesn't run stuff remotely?18:52
nacctgm4883: i know nthing about puppet :)18:52
nacctgm4883: i just am wanting to make sure i dont' breaking anything :)18:53
tgm4883nacc: ok, so you've got two parts, the puppet server and the puppet client. Puppet client checks into the Puppet server and asks "what am I supposed to do". Puppet server generates a catalog for the client (telling it what to do) and gives that to the client18:54
tgm4883the client then applies all those changes18:54
tgm4883That's as remote as it gets, the puppet agent (client side) is always pulling the catalog from the server and applying it18:54
tgm4883so for the provider, there are two possibilities18:55
nacctgm4883: ah! ok that clarifies quite a bit :)18:55
tgm48831) The server specifies in the catalog "Use systemd"18:55
tgm4883or 2) The server specifies in the catalog "Use <service provider>"18:56
tgm4883I would bet on the second, although the first is possible18:56
tgm4883When writing puppet code, you can specifiy the provider for a specific item18:57
nacctgm4883: right, so how does the server specify which service provider is appropriate for the client?18:57
tgm4883also, providers don't have to be systemd/upstart. Could be bash, powershell, etc18:57
nacctgm4883: well, for "service" there's a limited set18:58
tgm4883The server would know what OS the client is running already, so it could theoretically do a lookup "ah, client is running Ubuntu 16.04, so use systemd for service provider"18:58
tgm4883Although IMO, that makes less sense than to just say "client, restart this service using your default provider"18:59
tgm4883Especially since the client would have to know how to interface with the service anyway18:59
nacctgm4883: right, but in either case, the client would be used to figure that out18:59
tgm4883essentially yes19:00
nacctgm4883: ok, thanks!19:01
nacctgm4883: i mean i'll need to test this case too, just to be sure :)19:01
tgm4883Who can fix factoids on ubottu20:31
ubot5Users of 14.04 LTS will be offered the automatic upgrade when 16.04.1 LTS is released, which is scheduled for July 21st.20:31
ubot5The automatic LTS upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 was scheduled when 16.04.1 LTS was released on July 21st but was postponed for one week due to last bug testing.20:33
DJonesJust been adjusted20:34
DJonesWasn't me20:34
nacctgm4883: thanks for your help earlier; i think i finally have a "fix"; puppet is sort of annoying in that there are two providers (debian and systemd) that are very similar. And there doesn't seem to be a good way to have puppet tell me the 'suitable' providers (it can tell me all the known ones and how their suitability is determined)21:11
nacctgm4883: sorry to pester, but trying to see if there is a more elegant way; current puppet code does something (defaultfor ... :operatingsystemmajrelease => ["10.04", "12.04", "14.04", "14.10"] to detect upstart. I would like to have systemd's defaultfor be identical but invert that operator. AIUI, the => is defining a hash?21:42
tgm4883nacc: no, => sets :operatingsystemmajrelease to the hash22:32
tgm4883in theory, you could also do operatingsystemmajrelease => '14.04'22:32
nacctgm4883: yep, i think i figured it out22:35
nacctgm4883: the internals are confusing, but basically i just ad to use an { :exists => "/run/systemd/systemd" } => :false/:true accordingly22:41
nacc*had to use22:41

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