sforsheegQuigs: I just posted a test kernel to the bug that should fix the nfs problem13:49
gQuigssforshee: thanks! will test13:49
gQuigssforshee: that works, thanks!14:03
* gQuigs has trouble posting it to LP though... 14:07
sforsheegQuigs: exellent14:13
sforsheegQuigs: would you mind adding a comment to the bug stating that the kernel fixed the issue for you?14:25
gQuigssforshee: worked this time.  LP was timing out before14:25
sforsheegQuigs: yeah I've been having that problem all week :-(14:26
apwsforshee, is that only affecting xenial ?14:33
sforsheeapw: yes14:35
sforsheeI'll be sending the patch momentarily14:35
apwsforshee, and how serious is it, what nfs features are affected14:35
sforsheeapw: it affects the situation where the client side tries to automatically mount an exported submount of another exported fs14:37
sforsheeif that makes sense, it's kind of hard to explain14:38
apwyeah it makes snese, i have no feel for how common that is :/14:38
sforsheeapw: me neither. It does require a special option in the exports file14:39
gQuigsmy test box connects to an IBM AIX NFS server, not sure if that''s more common there (nor do I have an idea of how common that is)14:41
sforsheeapw: patch sent14:44
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