MooDoomorning all05:17
elachecheAny LC members around?11:15
tsimonq2!lococouncil | elacheche 11:24
ubot5elacheche: The LoCo Council is coolbhavi, PabloRubianes, nhaines, wxl, svij, and lunapersa - they are here to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com11:24
elachechethx tsimonq2.. :'( 11:30
tsimonq2elacheche: hm?11:31
tsimonq2elacheche: why the cry face?11:31
elachecheKilos understands me x)11:32
Kilosthey are all ignoring him11:36
svijelacheche: how can I help you?12:17
elachecheHello svij :)12:21
elachecheI was wondering, if the LC think about reviewing the rules to run a LoCo, and try to make it easier if it's not.. 12:25
Kilosohh my, are there rules12:25
* Kilos needs a copy12:25
elachecheOr & make them clear (better) on wiki.. So new locos & people don't misunderstand them.. 12:25
elachecheKilos: things like monthly reports, etc.. 12:26
Kilosoh ya12:26
svijthere are rules?12:26
tsimonq2svij: approval rules12:27
tsimonq2for a LoCo to be approved it has to have X Y Z12:27
tsimonq2which kind of translates to be the rules to run a LoCo12:27
svijwell, approval rules are not that hard. You just have to show that there are active people, active community and active projects12:28
tsimonq2really? I thought it was WAY more complex12:28
tsimonq2there's a wiki page somewhere12:28
svijyeah there's a page…12:28
elachecheYep, that's it! Of course every new LoCo (or new loco  member) want to get it's loco approved, so they start applying those ruels, after months, they give up or get busy and no one do them.. So I think it's time to review them and make things more clear & simple on the wiki12:29
tsimonq2I agree12:29
tsimonq2we have people in the Wisconsin LoCo and that's kinda what happened12:29
tsimonq2every so often someone sends something to the mailing list and we all talk12:30
tsimonq2but other than that we don't have a lot of projects, meetups, or meetings12:30
* Kilos agrees with elacheche12:30
svijtsimonq2: in that case: does this LoCo *has* to be approved?12:31
tsimonq2svij: no it doesn't12:32
tsimonq2but I was just sort of stating my experience12:32
elachechetsimonq2: We used to have events & reports & meetings (irl/irc), but after years new guys don't like to write reports or those activities, so I find myself writing everything down everytime, sometimes I ask Na3iL to do that.. People don't like to manage the community in a "processed" way, so I find myself doing that as well.. At the end I feel like I'm losing it.. 12:32
tsimonq2I agree with elacheche 12:33
svijelacheche: now I understand what you mean12:33
svijwell you don't have to write down *everything* to get approved12:33
tsimonq2but the threshold is pretty high12:34
svijour german LoCo is rather simple, every two years we check what we have done in the last two years: It's mostly ~2 ubucons, one active community portal with forum, wiki etc. and that's mostly it12:34
svij(and mostly there are people who blog about it anyway)12:35
elachecheToday I was shocked by our ML.. Last time I sent a mail for an urgent & important irc meeting only 2 persons replied ( Na3iL & an other guy).. Only those 2 showed up.. Today, someone sent a test mail to the ML and asked people to tell him if they got his email.. 25 replies.. I feel so sad12:35
Na3iLelacheche, I was shocked too to see 25 replies 12:35
* svij doesn't personally like MLs12:36
svijbut right know I don't think the threshold is too high12:36
svijanyway, can you send a longer explanation with your ideas, problems etc to loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com, elacheche? So others can answer as well12:37
* svij still needs to answer Kilos email ;)12:37
Kilosyes svij 12:37
Kilosjust give me the biggest hammer you can find and ill bash everything back into shape12:38
elachechesvij: I am planning to.. I need to take a 60min breack of everything, clear my mind then restart thinking about everything from scratch.. I'm so confused right now12:39
svijyeah me too ;)12:40
* svij is currently at work12:40
Kilosthink it all out nicely elacheche and make your ideas easy to implement12:40
Kilosand ill support you12:42
Kilosi wont leave to to fight battles on your own like some people do12:43
* Kilos hides12:43
elachecheKilos: Do you havee a choice?? :D 12:45
* elacheche kidding :p12:45
Kilosso cheeky12:45
Kilosi dont have much choise because i cant make up good excuses like some people12:46
Kiloslike fasting or getting married etc12:47
elachecheloool.. 12:47
* elacheche hides12:48
belkinsaJust jumping in here, the main problem that I see with LoCos dieing is that leadership is not being passed down.14:01
* Kilos agrees14:01
belkinsaAnd also not saying that they moved on to social media.14:02
Kiloslol. yes some just got too busy with other things14:02
Kilosthe old fire burned out14:03
Kilosim hoping i dont get like that14:03
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Kilosso much cuter without the dragging tail pleia2 16:23
Kilossvij you here?16:35
svijKilos: yo16:38
Kilossorry svij had to go eat17:02
Kiloscan you support me in the mail from rt please17:02
Kilosor just hear who in the lc is against my actions17:03
Kiloshopefully everyone is happy17:03
svijKilos: I don't even know which domain/community is the one you want to help17:04
Kilosi am a bit out of my depth with all this stuff i think17:04
Kilos-bd and -pk17:04
Kilos2 of them17:05
svijah ok17:05
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Kilosnight everyone19:18

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