giovanni%n kiwi00:15
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ajg4M3l5Evening all. I had some questions about Ubuntu Mate and Chromebooks if someone has some time. I could use some pointers in the right direction.04:56
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ouroumovhi ubuntu-mate09:55
ubuntu-matei need a help09:55
ubuntu-matei want to install ubuntu mate in my windows tab currently am running live os from usb im my tab but the problem is touch is not working09:57
ouroumovtab, you mean tablet?09:57
ouroumovWhat's the model of the tablet?09:58
ubuntu-mateiball i70109:58
ouroumovWell that's a tough one. What size is your USB drive?10:01
ubuntu-mate8 gb10:02
ouroumovAnd the tablet's internal storage is 16GB?10:02
ubuntu-mateplease check this link to know more about my tab10:03
ubuntu-mateit hardware configuration10:03
ubuntu-mateyes 1610:03
ouroumovHow are you talking to me? From another device?10:03
ouroumovOr do you have an USB keyboard?10:04
ubuntu-mateI am talking to you from the same divice that is iball i701 that is running on live ubuntu mate10:06
ouroumovyes but according to you the touchscreen is not working, so how are you tying stuff?10:07
ouroumovtyping *10:07
ubuntu-matei just tring to install because i have watch some windows tab just similar hardware n software configuration with working touch in ubuntu os10:10
ubuntu-matehave you any idea to install addition driver or software that work to use touch screen10:11
ouroumovOkay ubuntu-mate. You're able, let's say using magic for now, to type stuff. Assuming you also have a pointing device. So perform the installation of the system, then use the Welcome splash screen to install the Drivers & Firmware packages. I can't promise it will work, but there might be magic there too.10:12
ouroumovI'm gonna go eat, it's lunchtime here, good luck.10:12
ubuntu-matehummm ok i  will try thnx...10:14
ouroumovFreaking x2x11:21
nick__i installed ubuntu mate with windows xp am very happy with it and now want to have only ubuntu on my pc which is the best way ?thanks12:31
ouroumovHi nick__13:07
ouroumovnick__, it depends if redoing the installation of the computer is an option13:08
nick__should i uninstall everything and do a re install13:13
nick__i have all my old stuff on memory drive and ubuntu reads it all13:14
ouroumovEasiest way is to copy all the data you want to save from both Ubuntu and Windows onto an external HDD, then do a complete reinstall this time using the whole disk during the partitioning step, when the installer asks you what you want to do you'd pick "Erase disk and install Ubuntu MATE"13:16
Akulinick__, one way is to just change your partitions from a usb stick13:16
Akulino need to reinstall anything13:16
ouroumovIf you don't want to reinstall it's possible but it involves formating some partitions during a boot of the Live USB13:16
Akulino need to format anything13:17
Akulithe only problem is that you probably have the windows partition before your linux partition13:17
Akuliyou could add a home partition over what is now windows, a reinstall is probably easiest13:18
nick__thanks guys you have been a great help it will be easier for me to re install  am not that good with pc i just use it for my finances again thanks13:19
block707عاوز اسم برامج لتوزيع النت من اللاب الى الموبايل14:50
ouroumovhi mase-tech14:51
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chasmy first time. is anyone watching?18:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:24
chasthanks so much or correcting me. but i am new at this18:26
chasis their support for the raspberry camera available18:29
kosimowie kann ich programme aus dem sofware center installieren18:29
alkisgkosimo: english please...18:30
kosimohow can I install programs from the software center .There always comes the error message2Please check the spelling and check if the package is activated218:34
alkisgkosimo: which software center are you using? The MATE Software Boutique?18:35
alkisgCan you upload a screenshot of the error?18:37
chasgood Bye18:38
kosimoive trying to instal tor.  Package tor isn't available18:39
tewardkosimo: you have to install the Tor repository first, and then install the Tor Daemon or the Tor Browser Bundle via that18:40
tewardkosimo: the 'tor' package in the repos I think was removed because it's ancient and goes obsolete at the first update upstream18:40
tewardoop i lied it's still there18:40
tewardbut it's an old version18:40
tewardkosimo: use the terminal, and use `sudo apt-get update`, then do `sudo apt-get install tor`18:41
tewardbut you should strongly consider using the Tor Project repos for Tor instead to keep getting it up to date as they update.18:41
kosimothank you18:42
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auto784321I googling for best 64GB for ubuntu portable flash drive22:21
auto784321I can't chose onr can you offer some models!?22:22
bekksJust choose the one you like.22:22
auto784321I concern about quality and life spin, added to using for ubuntu, I decide to use it for my galaxy tab as backup storage22:24
bekksIf a backup storage fails, just replace it, since you have the source data on another device.22:24
auto784321a-ok, logical.22:27
auto784321It is possible to install minimal ubuntu mate with ubuntu minimal cd!?22:28
auto784321just same as xubuntu core(minimal installation)?22:29
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